Prison Gangs Week 4

Prison Gangs Week 4

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It is NOT LEGAL to force a patient to take medicine for mental illness There are no recognized AZN prison gangs Honduras Concept of the “standard of human decency” for in custody treatment Federal government help change this standards, yet with the oversight there are still issues 1995 honduran prison Penal code is NOT your friend Population that controls prison is the prison gangs (<10% of population) Honduran prison o Houses over 3000 even though built for 1300 o Westside 18  190 gang members and each has own private bed and spot  18th street  Hollywood 18th street (from LA to Honduras)  Guy named Bullet (boss) o Sombre negra- extrajudicial deaths 3 prong appraoch for standard of human decency for in custody treatment o State o Federal o International SHU – security housing unit o Solitary, no human contact Inmates have certain rights Prisons have rules Court oversees prisoners rights Inmates point of view o Privacy issues o Peer inmates o Prison gangs What are the conditions o Probation/parole  Manges behaviours outside of prison for a specified amount of time  Reporting/home checks/drug checks  May require employment/education Majority of prisoners not in for murder Written laws allow enforcer to have a little bit of discretion Tourniquet Sentencing Gang injuntions is a civil issue

 Probation o House arrest o Day attendance centers o Electronic monitoring o Intensive supervision o Courts can revoke probation at any time .

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