Lesson Plan and the Teaching Materials Meeting/week: 11 and 12 Subject Grade/semester Academic year Time

Standard of Competence : : : : : English VII/2 2011/2012 4 x 40 minutes (two meetings) 11 Understand the functional meaning of very simple and short written text and essays in the form of descriptive and procedure relating to the immediate environment 11.2.2 Responding to the meaning and rhetorical steps of very simple texts and essays accurately, fluently and acceptably in related to the immediate environment in the form of procedure Reading  Identifying the goal/aim to do/make something.  Identifying certain materials for doing/making something.  Identifying steps for doing/making something.  Comprehending a procedure text. Students are able to:  Identify the goal/aim to do/make something.  Identify certain materials for doing/making something.  Identify steps for doing/making something.  Comprehend a procedure text.

Basic Competence


Aspect Indicators

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MATERIALS: Procedure texts Language features of a Procedure Text Use of imperative. Open your time line. Choose your most favorite picture. Use mainly of material process/action verbs. open, drag, etc. Use of adverb of manner. Drag the corner of the transparent box carefully. Use of time connections: First, then, after that, finally, etc.

or upload a photo from your cell-phone. take a photo directly. choose the menu from which you will take your picture. open your time line by clicking your profile name. 2. You can choose your most favorite photo from your album. computer/cell-phone Steps : 1.Example: How to change a profile picture on our timeline on facebook. Next. Materials : pictures. 3. . First. Then click ‘edit profile picture’ on your profile picture.

click it. If you choose a picture from your album.4. . 5. drag the corners of the transparent box to crop the photo into your profile picture. I choose this. After that.

click ‘finished cropping’.6. Next. and display your new picture. 7. Your profile picture is already changed now. .

(The students are reading the example of the text as written in the material section). Closing Do a reflection of the lesson that day. are you on facebook? Do you know how to change your profile picture on your time line? Will you let us know? Modelling of the Text (MoT) We will learn how to do/make something today. Make a summary of the lesson. May we put the steps at random? Why? The students discuss the questions with the teacher. such as: Galang. What is the first step of the procedure? d. Main activity Building Knowledge of the Field (BkoF) The teacher asks some questions concerning to the topic. The students and the teacher analyze the generic structure and the language features used in the text. What is the purpose of the text? b. How do we tell the audience about the goal of what you will make/do? c. Give an assignment. Please read this text. The students and the teacher discuss the generic structure and the language features used in the text.STEPS OF TEACHING 1st meeting Opening Greeting/calling for the role and making interpersonal conversation. (Get the students to find similar text in pairs/group of ¾) . Ask the students these questions: a. What should you do before you display the picture? e.

ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT a. ICoT The student is doing other excercises individually. What is the first step of this job. book 1. The teacher and the students give a response to the students who are presenting the text. Indicator Technique 1. Join Construction of the Text (JcoT) The students present their assignment by showing the generic structure and the language feature of the text. What is the last step of using a headscarf? . by Mukarto. et al. Look at the 10 key sheet. 1.youtube. Read the text provided and answer the questions below it. Comprehending Written a procedure text Essay Instrument Read the text of How to Use a Head Scarf on the Video. putting on a bonnet or a headband? 4. Assessment No. Read the text of How to Use a Head Scarf on the Video. What is the goal of the text? 2.2nd meeting BkoF MoT Teacher reviews the previous lesson. Source and properties Internet English on the Sky. TV. How to do something. What does she do after folding the scarf into two? 5. What does she need to use a headscarf? 3. Comprehending Written a procedure text Form Essay 2.com/watch?v=jbsttc1Ljvc Answer the questions below. Key Score Look at the 10 key sheet. computer. http://www.

She needs a bonnet. a scarf. including: Sliced pepperoni Chopped onions Green peppers Sausage Bacon or bacon bits Chicken Olives Mushrooms Ground beef Ham Pineapple Yeast Sifted flour Warm water Edit . parmesan. romano. 5. b. 3. 4. She is putting on her scarf on her head.Keys to the answer: 1. This text tries to tell us how to use a head scarf. 2. a headband. or some combination) Olive oil (Optional) Toppings can be almost anything you like. and pins. She puts a pin on the long scarf. How to make something Goal : How to Make Pizza Ingredients Pre-made or homemade dough 1 egg (as glaze) Tomato paste Grated cheese (usually mozzarella. She is putting on a bonnet.

Steps 1.25 minutes. so that the pizza doesn't stick. depending on your oven.5 2 1. ‘Mozarella’ is a kind of … . The cheese should be a golden brown. Which material is optional? 5. 5. 7. and turn it down to about 160C or 320F degrees. ‘Mozarella’ is a kind of cheese. The answer is correct but not written in a complete sentence. Place your pizza on an oven tray sprayed with olive-oil. 2. 3 materials for making toppings are Sausage. Spread olive oil lightly over the crust to avoid burning. Bangkok. Put your pizza in the oven. and Chicken (or any others). The answer is written in a complete sentense but there is a mistake somewhere The answer is not correct. Take it out after about 15 . Spread tomato paste on your pizza dough. Olive oil is optional. Use your own judgment to tell when the pizza is ready. 2. 5. 2012 Teacher. 3. Bacon or bacon bits. Add any other toppings that you might enjoy. What do you need egg for. 2. Adding some egg around the edges of the pizza dough comes before placing the pizza on an oven tray. I need the egg for making the dough.5 1 0. making the dough or topping? 3. Mention 3 materials for making the topping. but it should not be burnt. 3. Which step comes first. adding some egg around the edges of the pizza dough or place the pizza on an oven tray? 4. 6. Minimum score Maximum score Score 2 0. Questions: 1. With a brush add some egg to glaze all around the edges of your pizza dough. Keys to the answer: 1. . March 21st. 4. Scoring rubrics: Text a and b Description Every correct answer Every wrong answer The answer is correct and written in a complete sentence. 4. 8.5 1 20 Gained score : n/20 x 100 Approved by The principal of SIB. Add a sprinkling of cheese.

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