HANSEL AND GRETEL NARRATOR- Once upon a time there was a brother and sister called Hansel and

Gretel. They lived with their father and stepmother in a tiny cottage at the edge of a huge forest. Their father was a woodcutter and he was very, very poor. One day the woodcutter said to his wife… W/CUTTER : We have no money left to buy foods. What are we going to do?

STEPMOTHER : I have an idea. Take the children into the forest and leave them there. That way we will have two less mouths to feed. W/CUTTER : Are you insane? How can you say that? Leave my children alone. I will never do that to my children. Never, never! STEPMOTHER W/CUTTER : Do it as I say, you fool! : Yes, yes.

NARRATOR : Hansel and Gretel had been listening at the door and Gretel was very frightened, but Hansel had a plan. GRETEL wood. : Hansel, I’m afraid. What are we going to do? We will be sent to the

HANSEL (To Gretel): Don’t cry Gretel. I know what to do. Don’t worry. Leave it to me. NARRATOR : Hansel crept out of the house and gathered together lots of little white pebbles which he put in his pocket. The next day, the woodcutter and his wife took Hansel and Gretel into the forest. As they walked, Hansel dropped the pebbles on to the path. After a while they came to a clearing and the woodcutter told the children to wait. W/CUTTER STEPMOTHER W?CUTTER NARRATOR GRETEL HENSEL : We are going to collect some wood. : Come on husband. Let’s go. : Oh poor Hansel, Gretel. : When they did not return, Hansel and Gretel began to walk. : Help, help! : Father, father! Don’t cry Gretel. We will find our way back home.

NARRATOR : While walking, they could see the little white pebbles gleaming in the moonlight and they followed them all the way home.

Gretel. I will not! : Yes. The moon began to shine but the crumbs had all gone. leaving Hansel and Gretel once again. just as they thought they could walk no more. He crumbled up the bread and as they walked he dropped a trail of crumbs. W/CUTTER STEPMOTHER : (knock on the door) Father.Song 1. GRETEL : Look !! that house !!. peck. H&G W/CUTTER STEPMOTHER into the forest. gingerbread! . shiny pebbles Shone. The windows and the roof. : Me too. the chimney. Peck. peck. shone in the bright moonlight. peck. The children couldn’t believe their eyes. peck. HANSEL : Mmm. you will! NARRATOR : That night Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother locked their door so they could not collect any more pebbles. TWENTY TINY. The next day the woodcutter took them deeper into the forest. But we have to keep moving. : Thank God you are save children. What could they do? Hansel and Gretel wandered further into the forest. They walked and walked. father! Open the door. NARRATOR : Then the woodcutter returned home. shone in the moonlight. NARRATOR :Then they saw a very strange house. the door and even the walls were all made from sweets and cakes. Twenty tiny. peck. peck. But the birds saw the tasty crumbs and flew down to eat them. They were very tired and very hungry. Tomorrow. Then. SHINY PEBBLES (Mary had a little lamb melody) Twenty tiny. : Come here husband. Hansel broke off a little piece of the wall and put it into his mouth. shiny pebbles Shone. you must take them much deeper : No. BIRDS : Peck. In Hansel’s pocket was a small piece of bread. GRETEL HANSEL : I’m hungry and my feet hurt.

hee. my dears. NARRATOR : Then. Let me go old witch! : The witch gave Gretel a broom and told her to do the house chores. HENSEL : Wow. THAT’S ME! (recite as poem) (Witch’s cackle) I just like to be wicked. What a wonderful house. behind hand) Hee. WHAT A WONDERFUL HOUSE! (twinkle twinkle little star melody) What a wonderful house. : Mmm.NARRATOR GRETEL H&G : Then Gretel broke off a little piece of the door. this is the most delicious house I have ever seen. please. It’s how I like to be. (Secretly. that’s me! (Witch’s cackle) HENSEL NARRATOR WITCH GRETEL ** slap** : Please. I’m going to eat you! Hee. hee. Come in. I’m a wicked witch. i have two little hungry visitors. : Get sweeping! : No way! . Being wicked is lots of fun. She put him inside a cage and locked him in. With walls made of gingerbread. hee. What a wonderful house What a wonderful house WITCH : What sound is that? Oh. Then she gave him lots of food to fatten him up. hee! Song 3. chocolate! : What a wonderful house! Song 2. Yummy. scrummy gingerbread. I’M A WICKED WITCH. WITCH : I tricked you. the nasty witch grabbed Hansel.

WITCH GRETEL : I’m going to eat you anyway! : Oh dear Hansel. the witch asked Gretel to make the fire. WITCH GRETEL WITCH GRETEL : Now. Celebrate. I’m still a kid. Sing a song. Hansel and Gretel picked it up and began to walk back through the forest. see if the oven is in the right temperature. my poor brother. In a corner of the house they could see something sparkling. Gretel gave the witch an enormous push. it’s a lovely day. Hey. The witch. hey. So. The witch fell into the oven and Gretel slammed the door shut. After many days they found their way home. Hansel put a chicken bone through the bars of the cage. Hansel and Gretel were home at last and the wicked witch was gone. CHORUS: Celebrate. The witch led Gretel to the oven and opened the door. felt the bone. : How? : How? What’s wrong with you girl? Haven’t you done any baking? : Of course you evil. the witch grew very impatient. Too thin. WITCH : Let me feel your finger. too thin! NARRATOR : Day after day the witch waited for Hansel to get fatter. They gave their father the treasure and they never went hungry again. The witch is gone! THE END . NARRATOR : The witch told Gretel that she was going to cook Hansel in her fire. Their father was overjoyed to see them and their stepmother had left. Song 4. The wicked witch is gone. How should I know? NARRATOR : The witch open he door as wide as she could and peered into the oven. However. As fast as she could. THE WICKED WITCH IS GONE The wicked witch is gone. Then she ran to release Hansel from the cage. She decided that she was not going to wait any longer.NARRATOR : Every day the evil old witch went to see Hansel to check if he was getting fatter. The wicked witch is gone. It was the witch’s treasure. who couldn’t see very well.

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