"Learn the Bible in 2 Hours: Two Minute Summaries for all 66 Books

(Includes the full King James Bible) [Kindle Edition]

Includes a FREE King James Bible along with 66 linked Bible Summaries

"Learn the Bible In 2 Hours" is a collection of general overviews and summaries of every book of the Bible. These 66 easy-to-read summaries include the basic genres, key themes, major events, and also the major personalities found in each book. Each summary is complied and linked with a complete King James Version Bible for easy access from summary to Bible passage. As a resource and companion for Bible study, "Learn the Bible In 2 Hours" helps you "cut to the chase" by revealing the overall bigger picture of each book of the Bible. It easily lays out the contents to better prepare the reader to study each book. The overall goal is to assist the reader to better comprehend what they read and how it fits into the bigger picture of God's word. The 66 bible book summaries contained in "Learn the Bible in 2 Hours" have been masterfully written by Jay Smith. Jay has served on the international mission field and now currently works as a marketplace chaplain in the greater Cincinnati area. He has studied systematic and historical theology, apologetics, and hermeneutics and is a graduate of Liberty University, with a B.S. in Religion. He is a contributing author to biblos.com and has authored various tracts and biblical literature, which were translated into the Polish language. Jay is an evangelical Christian who is passionate about studying the Bible, and is aware of the difficulties involved in understanding God's word.