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3Com Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Adaptec Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Adobe Systems Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Advanced Micro Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Affiliated Computer Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Agilent Technologies Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Akamai Technologies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Alcatel-Lucent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Alliance Data Systems, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Altera Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Analog Devices Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Appian Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Apple Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79 Applied Materials, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87
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ASML Holding N.V. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 Atmel Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96 Attachmate Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101 Autodesk, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106 Benchmark Electronics, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Black Box Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .114 BMC Software, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119 Borland Software Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .124 CA, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 CACI International, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136


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Canon Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .141 Cirrus Logic, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .147 Cisco Systems, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .151 Compuware Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .156 Comverse Technology, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .161 Cypress Semiconductor Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .166 Dell Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .171 Diebold, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .178 DRS Technologies Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .185 EMC Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .188 Epicor Software Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .193 Fiserv, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .197 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .202 Fujitsu Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .206 Garmin International, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .210 General Dynamics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .214 Harman International Industries, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .218 Harris Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .222 Hewlett-Packard Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .228 Hitachi Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .235 Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .240
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IKON Office Solutions Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .244 Ingram Micro Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .251 Integral Systems, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .255 Intel Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .259 Intermec, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .264 International Business Machines Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .268 Intuit Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .274 Jabil Circuit, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .280 KLA-Tencor Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .283


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Kofax plc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .287 Lam Research Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .292 Lenovo Group Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .296 Lexmark International, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .301 LSI Logic Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .306 ManTech International Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .310 Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .314 McAfee Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .317 MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .321 Metier, Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .325 Micron Technology Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .328 Microsoft Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .333 National Semiconductor Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .345 NCR Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .349 Network Appliance Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .353 Novell Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .357 NVIDIA Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .361 ON Semiconductor Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .365 Oracle Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .368 Palm Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .374 QLogic Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .379
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QUALCOMM Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .383 Red Hat, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .389 Research in Motion Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .393 Ricoh Company Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .399 Sage Group plc, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .402 Samsung Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .406 SanDisk Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .411 Sanmina-SCI Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .415 SAP Aktiengesellschaft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .418

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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Table of Contents

SAS Institute Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .422 ScanSource Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .426 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .430 Seagate Technology L.L.C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .434 STMicroelectronics N.V. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .439 Stratus Technologies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .443 Sun Microsystems, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .447 Sybase Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .453 Symantec Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .457 Synnex Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .461 Tech Data Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .464 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .467 Teradyne Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .472 Texas Instruments Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .476 Total Systems Services, Inc. (TSYS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .481 Trimble Navigation Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .486 Unisys Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .490 Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .494 VeriSign Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .498 Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .502 Vmware, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .506
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Western Digital Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .511 Xerox Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .514 Zoom Technologies Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .522




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Information technology is the professional field that creates and maintains the computers and related systems that keep modern society interconnected and comfortable. Commonly known as IT, technology affects all aspects of modern life, from ordinary email to the maintenance of nuclear defense systems. Contrary to the stereotype, the industry isn’t just for pasty-skinned nerds, but has room for a wide range of personality types. Historically, salaries have been generous and the possibility of making a mint in stock options has emerged as an especially delicious bonus for those brave enough to sign on with an unproven startup operation.

Dipping in the current recession
But technology is no longer an easy ride to—if not fame and fortune—a very comfortable career. The technology market in the United States has suffered major vicissitudes over the past two decades. For instance, the industry foundered after the dot-com bust and lost approximately 400,000 jobs between 2001 and April 2004, according to a report sponsored by the Ford Foundation. Still smarting from the bust, many tech companies were running lean and mean before the economic downturn of 2008, and the industry is faring better than others; according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey released in March 2009; the sector’s unemployment level is about 5.4 percent, as opposed to over 7 percent in 2001. However, some industry watchers point to the acceleration of job cuts in the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 as an indicator that the tech sector may not be a safe haven for long.

No other field like IT for intellectual fulfillment
Despite these swings in fortune, few other career paths can offer what technology jobs offer—meritocracy, high salaries, teamwork and intellectual fulfillment. For logicians, machinery-lovers and people-people alike, technology careers continue to be attractive. And while the field may suffer fluctuations, those willing to refresh their skill set find themselves continually employable.
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Chip-ing away
Although the tech industry is doing better than most industries during this gloom and doom recession, there are certainly some sectors, like the microchip industry, that are struggling to hold its own. Microchips are up there with the wheel and domesticated animals in terms of human inventions that have had a dramatic effect on history. The microchip as we know it—which consists of multiple circuits embedded in a semiconductive substrate—was invented by Jack Kilby, an employee of Texas Instruments, in 1958. The first semiconductors, which only had a handful of circuits, were initially used in highly-funded government projects, like the Apollo Moon mission and in the guidance systems for Minuteman missiles. As the production of chips became less expensive, they began their inexorable move into the realm of consumer goods during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Unlike those first microchips, which


Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Introduction

combined tens of circuits on a single chip, microchips produced today can have billions of circuits in an area that can fit on a fingertip. The semiconductor industry is highly cyclical, prone to vertiginous highs and astonishing lows, and right now it’s at a low. The volatile industry is partly due to the high cost of entry; a fab or foundry, a plant where microchips are made, can take several years—not to mention $2 billion and change—to build. As the price of chips rises, more fabs are built; as they add their capacity to the marketplace, the price of chips falls. This has already happened several times over the course of the industry’s history, notably in the 1980s, when Japanese manufacturers flooded the marketplace with inexpensive chips. The market reached a high in 1999—in time to fuel the tech boom—and again in 2004, in order to power the recovery from the tech bust. Now, Chief Information Officer of Applied Materials Ron Kifer is calling current times “the worst semiconductor downturn in history.” Kifer is experiencing these tough years first hand. In May 2009, the semiconductor manufacturer posted a $133 million dollar loss for the first quarter and stated that its new orders fell over 64 percent—one of the company’s worst quarters in its 42-year history. Other chipmaking companies aren’t faring well either; Cirrus Logic’s revenue dropped 25 percent, while rival Amtel downsized five percent of its staff.

Other tech sectors hit hard as well
The recession is hitting other technology sectors hard, too. Projects in the solar power industry have dried up and with that has revenue for solar technology companies like SunPower Corporation and MEMC Electronic Materials Incorporated. Even head honcho Microsoft hasn’t been safe from the recession. By the end of 2010, the corporation will lay off a total of 5,000 workers although the company says it will also create up to 3,000 new jobs. As of late May 2009, more than 330,000 employees in the tech industry have been pink slipped.
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“Creeping” Up
But there is still some good news. While the chips may be down—literally—others are “creeping” up with gizmos that call, play, direct, email and network all at once. Many Americans, one out of five to be exact, are ditching their land-line connections for a smarter type of phone, and lucky for them, the overwhelming trend in the tech industry is to add more features to products. The scheme is a surefire crowd-pleaser: feature-laden gadgets attract customers and sell at a premium, and adding a chip that turns a cell phone into a music player doesn’t contribute much to its manufacturing cost. This process, known as feature creep, has a downside, however. Consumers only spend about 20 minutes on average fussing around with a new product—and if they can’t figure out all the bells and whistles in that period of time, they’re unlikely to return to it. It may be easy and cheap to add more features, but it’s


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ultra-lightweight and are expected to account for 10 percent of computer sales by the end of 2009. BlackBerry has the slight upper hand selling around 3 million units more than the iPhone. netbooks are tiny. Visit Vault at www. These mini laptops are primarily used for simple tasks like word processing and email. Another tech product on the rise is the netbook. who are a feature of nearly every sizeable business. If you don’t need fancy features netbooks can be a dirt cheap alternative to a laptop. and has been known to recruit people by putting brainteasers on billboards. easy-to-use interface for the device. those much-maligned IT Career options include semiconductor design and manufacture. Starting as low as $300.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Introduction extremely difficult to design an elegant. WORKING IN THE INDUSTRY As befits such a large and diverse industry. The smartphones battle Two smartphones are clearly gaining the most in sales—Research in Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone. systems designers. Common interview questions of the non-brainteaser sort include the standard behavioral questions—“stories about leadership. however.iimcal. Prepare for odd questions Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. there are a variety of jobs to please all types—not just shaggy guys with 1970s eyewear who think it’s perfectly reasonable to wear socks with sandals. the Vault Job Board and more. dealing with for insider company profiles.000 jobs in the last four years and all though some companies might be suffering. Insiders report that interviews usually have several rounds—sometimes as many as three phone screens before a face-to-face interview. people like Bill Gates believe the tech sector will be the liberator of the Some companies in the tech industry—notably Google—are notorious for their oddball interviewing tactics. expert advice. programmers. While the battle of the applications may still be going strong.” according to one source at a major hardware company. instead of just adding more menus and buttons. conflict management. Interviews for jobs that require specific skills—like programming expertise—generally have a technical component where the job seeker must demonstrate his skills. project management. 3 . career message boards. multi-tasking. teamwork. data storage experts and. The tech industry has added almost 400. of course. Not every company in the industry uses such off-the-wall strategies. Google actively seeks out techy types that have also written books or started their own companies.

There are also internship opportunities in the field for electrical and mechanical engineers and IT divisions are frequently in need of younger helpers to patiently teach executives how to send meeting requests in Outlook. 2010 Edition Introduction Getting your foot in the door Tech companies frequently hire interns for the summer and during the school year. Customized for: Vinay ( Google interns get free nosh—morning. Other companies like Microsoft. AT&T and Boeing are firing but hiring in other growing areas like Internet and software engineering 4 © 2009 Vault. Not moving out. Inc. In addition to the cachet of a big-ticket name on the student’s resume. for instance. in the next few years.000 jobs in 2009. the company plans to hire 4. Although these jobs are moving overseas. but moving up Many workers in the tech industry are understandably worried about their jobs moving overseas. An Indian programmer is happy to work for a fraction of the cost of a programmer in Silicon Valley. Microsoft interns can get free housing and transportation to and from work. interns are showered with perks as if the tech bubble never burst. The competition for the top candidates is heating up as the number of computer science majors rose in 2008 for the first time is six years.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal. with many positions outsourced to countries like India. Americans are moving into positions that can only be done face-to-face— like sales or consulting. and Apple interns get a basic medical plan.000 new employees in divisions like and does the same work in about the same period of time. noon and night— at the company’s renowned café. IBM will cut around 10. But. To stay ahead of the outsourcing wave. employees should be flexible and keep their skills up-to-date. .

org Computer & Communications Industry Association— Nuts & Volts (magazine) PC Mag (magazine) PC World (magazine) News and trends CNET ( Visit Vault at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)— Usenix Association (Unix user group)—www. career message boards. expert resume (news about open-source) Wired (magazine) Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 5 .org Association of Shareware Professionals— Association for Women in Computing— Information Technology Association of America— Computerworld (magazine) eWeek (magazine) Information Week (magazine) Network World (magazine) The New York Times (Thursday “Circuits” section) Product reviews and Slashdot.comptia.cnet.Vault Guide to the Top Tech for insider company expert Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)—www. 2010 Edition Introduction RECOMMENDED RESOURCES Technology organizations Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)—www. the Vault Job Board and more.acm. . 2010 Edition Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.EMPLOYER PROFILES Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

Sweden Southgate. Australia • 9 .294. Israel • Maarssen.3com.3com Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA • Miami.9 2008 Income ($ mil. The Netherlands • Madrid • Mexico City • Moscow • Mumbai • Munich • New Delhi • North Sydney. • Denmark • Sofia. EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.8 KEY COMPETITORS Alcatel Lucent Cisco Systems. VA • Rolling Meadows. NY • Reading.iimcal. MA • Reston. TX • Houston. Mao 2008 Employees: Costa Rica • Amsterdam Athens • Bangalore •Bangkok • Barcelona Beijing • Bogota • Brisbane • Bryanston. TX • Los Angeles. L. Benhamou President & COO: Ron Sege CEO: Robert Y. MA 01752-3064 Phone: (508) 323-5000 Fax: (508) 323-1111 CA • St.): -228. IL • San Jose. Germany • Lisbon • Ljubljana. England • Istanbul • Jakarta • Leonberg. France • Dubai • Dublin Hangzhou. MO • Westminster. CO Alajuela. NETGEAR. Inc. Hong Kong • Taipei • Warsaw • Wellington • Vienna • Zurich THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: COMS Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Eric A. MA (HQ) Atlanta. GA • Austin.3COM CORPORATION 350 Campus Drive Marlborough. China • Hertfordshire. Malaysia Prague • Rome • Santiago. Australia • Taikoo Shing. • Italy • Courtaboeuf. Chile • São Paulo • Seoul • Singapore • Skovlunde.103 2008 Revenue ($ mil.exe?uid =odbc. • South Africa • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Cairo • Casablanca • Cologno Monzese. Canada • Petaling Jaya.pcrecruiter. Bulgaria • DEPARTMENTS Administrative • Business Development • Engineering • Executive • Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal Marketing • Professional Services • Sales • Supply Chain LOCATIONS Marlborough. FL • New York. Louis.): 1. Slovenia • Lod. Inc.

co-inventor of the Ethernet—the ancestor of modern local area networks. 3Com branched out from NICs (which very quickly became lowmargin commodities) into more sophisticated networking infrastructure equipment. such as routers. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation THE SCOOP Enterprise outfitter 3Com Corporation is a global converged-network infrastructure supplier whose stable of products includes just about everything any corporation needs to build a network. It also moved its headquarters from its longtime home in Silicon Valley to the Boston-metro area. Like many networking where the bulk of its enterprise networking business is now based. Additional gear offered by the company includes hardware firewalls. At the same time. reentering the high-end corporate networking market in 2003 (reversing an earlier decision in 2000 to abandon it) through a partnership with Huawei Technologies of China. hubs and switches. The company changed its direction and strategy several times. By 1984. 3Com offers an array of wireless networking products based on the popular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols. 10 © 2009 Vault. a PC network interface card called EtherLink. such as routers. and 3Com started cutting jobs at an astonishing rate in 2001. it has been losing money since 2000. In 1983. Inc. it also sells the wires. the company had gone public. the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IIEE) chose Ethernet as its international networking standard and the technology ultimately went on to beat out rival networking protocols. or LANs. And for companies looking to free themselves from all of that wiring. The company also offers network management software and IT consulting In the late 1980s.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. switches and hubs. in 1982. 3Com discontinued its consumer-oriented product lines. cables and jacks required to deliver a network inside an office building.” 3Com introduced its first product. Metcalfe even conceived the 3Com name with the goals of the Ethernet in mind—it is derived from the words “computer.iimcal. 3Com then capitalized on rising PC sales and established itself as one of the early leaders in network interface cards (NICs). Deep cutbacks in corporate IT spending sharply curtailed the company’s revenue. .” “communication” and “compatibility. redundant power supply systems and equipment to allow Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. This expansion was aided by a series of acquisitions that began in 1987. 3Com grows up Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. opting instead to focus solely on the enterprise market. 3Com struggled to cope with the sluggish aftermath of the millennial tech bubble bursting—in fact. Networking (pre)history 3Com boasts an illustrious past. In addition to computer hardware. having been founded in 1979 by Robert Metcalfe himself. such as IBM’s Token

3Com announced that it was acquiring TippingPoint in an effort to beef up its VoIP security holdings and compete with Cisco. The strength in these two segments. 2008). they were good: $1. “I am very pleased with 3Com’s performance in the quarter. its partnership with the Chinese firm Huawei Technologies. including Texas Pacific Group and Bain Capital. expert advice. former chairman of the Greater Customized for: Vinay ( Alan Kessler joined 3Com as TippingPoint’s new president. expert resume reviews.Y. and it earned $8 million in profit.2 billion in sales. and a further rise in profit. 3Com reaped huge rewards from H-3C. it purchased Huawei’s 49 percent of the venture in November 2006 by beating out several would-be buyers. • January 2009: Kessler for TippingPoint Bringing more than 20 years of senior management experience running entrepreneurial startups as well as larger successful organizations. After the $882 million buyout was completed. combined with stringent cost management. reporting directly to 3Com President and COO Ron Sege.4 million in the corresponding period in fiscal 2008. David H. the computing firm got total ownership of H-3C. government agencies and educational clients. Net income for the quarter was $1. 3Com reported $ for insider company profiles. with the incorporation of H-3C networking and security product profits into the end of 3Com’s fiscal year. the Vault Job Board and more.5 percent decrease compared to revenue of $336. The $430 million cash buyout made TippingPoint a division of 3Com once the acquisition was completed early the next year. made for corporations (3Com’s core customer base). 3Com’s CEO.” adds Mao. a technology it invented in 2002. At the end of its fiscal year 2008 (ending May 30. 11 . to $38 million.9 million. to $795 million. Ho. 3Com gained new ownership in September 2007 when Bain Capital purchased a majority stake. a slight 3.” says Bob Mao. especially given the current economic conditions. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation Toward the end of 2004. its R&D facilities and its profits.vault. compared with a net loss of $7. allowed us to offset weakness in other geographies and deliver substantially higher year-over-year profit.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. “Our China business remained strong in the quarter. Our TippingPoint segment achieved record revenue. The firm’s products include automatic VoIP and peer-to-peer protection.8 million in the same period the previous year. career message boards. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Just a slight revenue decrease in a crisis year! 3Com reports profits for the fiscal 2009 third quarter ending February 27. TippingPoint’s specialty is intrusion prevention systems (IPS).3 billion in annual revenue. The firm’s revenue rose by 22 percent over 2005. service Visit Vault at www. When 3Com released its fiscal 2007 results. • October to December 2008: New executives to bring in the cash 3Com announces several executive appointments in line with the company’s growth and profitability targets.7 million. 3Com’s profitless streak came to an end in 2006. 2009 of $324.

3Com also announced that France-based Adecco. Inc. including the “Good Luck Beijing” pre-event in Hong Kong. they will effectively be able to eliminate 80 percent or more of the junk email they receive. has chosen 3Com solutions to renew its LAN Guide to the Top Tech Employers.4GHz and 5GHz bands. and reduced the complexity of its network management. former chief executive officer of Worldport Communications. the venue for the 2008 Olympic’s video-on-demand-service portal. the Beijing public transportation surveillance system upgrading. The new products range from Power over Ethernet (PoE) access points to routers and The project has moved Swisscom from ATM to Ethernet 12 © 2009 Vault. In September. Customers with 3Com maintenance service contracts received a free 11n software update on each covered product. • June 2008: Super-3Com answers the call of the small 3Com released secure mobility solutions for small. • July 2008: 3Com’s Olympic participation As a leading internet architecture solution innovator based in China. a centrally controlled dual-radio PoE enterprise access point providing simultaneous 11n performance in the 2. Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company. Kathleen Cole. the new terminal building’s network for Beijing International Airport and Sohu. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. announced that it is changing to a completely 3Com network over a period of four years.4GHz and 5GHz 11n bands. • May 2008: 3Com’s X-Family unified security platform fathers a worthy anti-spam partner 3Com licensed Commtouch’s GlobalView™ mail reputation service as the 3Com® anti-spam filter service for its 3Com unified security platforms. was brought in as an independent director in December. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation China Region for Nokia Siemens Networks. was also appointed as another independent director. 3Com solutions and products. not only will 3Com customers secure their networks from internal and external attacks. 3Com’s H3C Technologies actively gets involved in a number of major networking infrastructure projects going on in Beijing. • September 2008: 3Com’s Euro tour Swisscom. a dual-radio PoE access point for SMBs that provides simultaneous operation in 2. Meanwhile. One of the new products is the 3Com® AP3950. . Inc. enabling business people to work and communicate more efficiently and productively on a wireless network than ever before. It works with 3Com’s existing Wireless Mobility System controllers and switches. a global leader in HR services. H-3C is the principal technology partner of choice on several Olympic-related projects. With the addition of the Commtouch anti-spam capability to the X-Family unified security platform.iimcal. Another release is the 3Com AirConnect® 9550. were developed and tested with Swisscom during an 18-month pilot phase. Gene Skayne joined the company as vice president of finance and corporate treasurer in October. based on industry standards.and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and enterprises.

death or disability. paid time off. chief technology office. location and job type. particularly its parallel processing technology. In addition to full-time posts. professional or at www. executive. expert resume reviews. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The four patents relate to 3Com’s pioneering network interface technology. 13 . Administrative. Interns work on specific projects that match their academic specialty with one of 3Com’s business needs. 3Com employees also have twice yearly salary reviews to ensure that pay levels are both internally equitable and competitive with what other companies are offering. GETTING HIRED Network at 3Com The last massive layoffs at 3Com happened in 2001. IT. Present plans guarantee basic financial protection against unplanned expenses due to illness.3 million for past patent infringement by Realtek Semiconductor Corporation (TSE: 2379).net/pcrbin/regmenu. finance. Though the company may continue to make workforce cuts here or there in its wide network. District Court for the Northern District of California awards 3Com $45. which improves the transfer of data between a host (such as a personal computer) and a network.pcrecruiter.3Com.exe?uid=odbc. That is to say. 3Com’s benefits program includes health plans. If 3Com is interested in an interview.3com. HR. income protection and retirement plans including a 401(k) with an employer- Visit Vault at www.vault. career message boards. legal. and the company provides individual choice and selection in meeting specific needs. Contact information for students interested in either internship or Benefits still tops 3Com has instituted a pay-for-performance compensation model that aims to compensate all of its employees fairly according to their contributions to the company’s success.S. In addition. 3Com does not discriminate between groups of individuals. the Vault Job Board and more. marketing. sales and supply chain positions are offered. a company representative will contact each applicant within 10 days of his or her resume submission. entry-level positions is posted at the company’s website.iimcal. expert for insider company profiles.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. business development. Listings may be found on the company’s careers website at www. 3Com offers internship positions to both undergraduate and MBA students. jobs are always available—for the right candidate. Applicants can job hunt by creating a login. and searching by keyword. It offers performance-based incentives consisting of either cash or equity to reward outstanding results. 3Com’s successful lawsuit against Realtek involves several claims in four patents. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation • April 2008: 3Com scores over Realtek A jury in the U.

physical or mental disability. Inc. “As a technology company. disability and dental insurance.” “3Com really likes engineers. insiders tell us. “That does not mean that an individual needs to have a strong technical background. they put 14 © 2009 Vault. Dpending upon the position. simply technology and possibly industry awareness. “I’ve seen some people lie about their technical skills. Says one contact. “Some of the [interviewers] are pretty technical. disabled Veterans and Vietnam-Era Veterans. even if you’re not an matching contributions to retirement savings accounts. skill and ability. The company’s stock purchase and other equity-sharing plan is an added way that 3Com attempts to give its staffers a stake in the success of the business. Since it is a federal contractor. color. “Know your technical stuff before interviewing. Be ready for technical questions. life.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. national origin.” this practice seems uncommon. minorities. 3Com takes its personnel decisions very seriously and states on its website that “all 3Com personnel decisions are made on the basis of merit.” Another insider adds. Although one insider says that while “some managers like to use brainteasers or riddles. though. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation matching contribution. ancestry. marital status.” OUR SURVEY SAYS Becoming a part of the team Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 3Com’s Affirmative Action Plans support the employment. Workforce diversity 3Com talks about a diverse workforce on its website. all tailored to the needs of the location in which the employee lives and works. we are very concerned with having people who are technologyliterate even in nontechnology The interview process with 3Com is usually comprised of several rounds. age. All new employees receive a grant of company stock upon their hiring. development and promotion of qualified women. The company’s standard benefits package includes a choice of health plans.” And don’t try to fake it. interviews usually last two to three hours. says one manager. sexual orientation or any other classification protected under applicable law. With an international workforce. Other perks enjoyed by 3Com employees include on-site fitness centers in certain locations and tuition reimbursement. involving meetings with both managers and potential colleagues in groups of four to six. military or veteran status. and workers may purchase additional shares for 85 percent of their market value.” says one former marketing MBA intern. . without regard to race. 3Com emphasizes on its equal employment opportunities and affirmative action.iimcal. and access to professional financial planning advice. religion. whereas others try to get a feel of your attitude more than current technical ability. I believe that the ability to learn new things is more important than what you already know.

The big companies usually look for team players.” And. “Be sure to have examples of each. “3Com has tried to minimize the class divisions of more traditional companies. “They mainly asked me about past jobs and experiences. and your interpersonal skills working in a group. open and happy.vault. but you will be supported in what you are trying to do. hardworking. However. which spans more than a decade.” does have its drawbacks: “You need to fend for yourself. 3Com’s work environment is marked by communication and teamwork.” explains one respondent. the executives’ cubicles are larger.” sums up a Boston-based colleague. but 3Com is a company that works hard to retain its employees.” Sources tell us that 3Com is good about making employment decisions soon—interviewees usually hear in a week or so. “It’s a big company. fun. and about working in a group atmosphere. and exhibits great team effort. “That means you don’t work in a small. so anyone coming here should be ready to hit the ground Everyone in the company. “Open communication is a very important part of our culture. family-like environment. they couldn’t back it up.” says a source. which one contact describes as “fraternalistic rather than paternalistic. Managers really drill on that. a newer contact reports Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” says one contact. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation something on the resume and when asked. “They want to reinforce an open-door policy for all employees. “Friendly. 15 . rather than having your manager responsible for steering your career. expert resume reviews. the company values teamwork highly.” says another. not organically.” Insiders also stress that when it comes to personal traits.” Says one techie.” says one contact. adds one product for insider company profiles. different systems I have knowledge of.” says one respondent. A little knowledge goes a long way.iimcal. career message boards. “learn about the product before you interview.” says one contact at the company’s headquarters. “This [length of employment] is somewhat unheard-of for high tech. especially the working in a group part. expert advice. I have had personal conversations with our COO and CEO about things affecting my ability to manage well. Companies this size don’t go away easy. But you may feel a little more secure compared to small startups. “There are two aspects they look at: how you deal with yourself (motivation and enthusiasm). “It is a hard-driving place. has cubicles.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the Vault Job Board and more. and running hard and fast. Understandably.” reports yet another insider. “The people here tend to be smart.” says one. Uneven culture Many surveyed note that 3Com’s company culture is difficult to define in large part because it has grown through acquisitions. The absence of hierarchy.” Says one insider of his tenure with Visit Vault at www. including the VPs and the CEO. “The acquired company is turned into a division and tends to keep their pre-acquisition culture. “Corporate culture is very open all the way to the top.” However. and when I was an individual contributor.” Says another. real people.” “The culture is very open and honest.” “The environment is very friendly with a hearty teamwork-driven flavor. but still without a door.

“The dress code is generally dress casual— by this.” And even during the workday. employees and managers” “The women here seem to be very respected.” While 3Com may have the amenities of other Silicon Valley companies.” This does not seem to be a problem.iimcal. sales and marketing sources tell us they wear suits like the rest of the world. so every employee is seen as a valued resource. However. “They want wellrounded employees who have lives outside of work.” which insiders say is “mandated.” Adds another. If you earn more you lose it because you don’t take what you’ve got. 3Com “doesn’t let employees accrue more than 120 hours. One contact says. “This industry has a higher-than-normal turnover rate due to the constant opportunities at neighboring companies. it does not mean that 3Com looks like a male WASP club. “On Fridays. according to another contact. “Most people here are hardworking but are able to draw the line between work and outside activities like family and friends.” Engineers report casual dress. etc. There is a great deal of diversity within the workforce. My old manager was a female and the current director of my new job is also female. and some complain about long hours. . many employees seem to take time off: “Many of us even exercise at lunch and then eat—it is assumed we are responsible enough to get our jobs done. “You will need to consistently put in 12 to 14 hours a day except when working on something ‘mission critical.” says one respondent.” Adds a colleague. 2010 Edition 3Com Corporation something of a disheartening hierarchy between old-timers and recent hires: “It is hard for the newcomers to connect at times with the inner circle that has been around for a while. you can wear just about anything you want.” As one source explains. 3Com employees often work quite hard. “There is a wide variety of cultures 16 © 2009 Vault. it hasn’t gone quite as far toward casual dress days.” says another. “It’s dressier than jeans. “I’ve seen representation of women in good numbers at all levels.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” This is in addition to an already whopping vacation schedule that includes a “companywide shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s. “You are quite likely to end up working with people with different nationalities and cultures. Inc. Says one product manager.” reports one staffer. I mean nice clothes—Dockers and maybe a button-down shirt for men. You’re expected to work 40 hours a who notes that.” Part of the reason employees may stay at 3Com is that they get to spend a lot of time away from the company. but a meritocracy really reigns as the overall guiding principle. recreation. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and. you work hard while you’re here and then go home or go play. Every four years.” While they’re there.” “I felt very welcome here since day one. There seems to be some favoritism along that line.’” Although many report working nine.” “This is definitely a multicultural company.” says one minority contact.” While sources say there is “no special treatment for women or minorities. “I do know many females who held high positions within our company. being a white male. others remark that “unlike the unwritten rule at many high-tech companies who really want 50 to 60+ [hours] each week.” To encourage time off. I’m almost a minority around here. staffers get an extra one-month paid “ 10-hour days.

2010 Edition 3Com Corporation but less than ‘business Visit Vault at expert advice. expert resume reviews.” As for pay. 17 .vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards. the Vault Job Board and more. most respondents report receiving above what they believe to be the industry average. Customized for: Vinay ( for insider company profiles.iimcal. “Few companies will offer more. I usually do the suit thing complete with power tie.’ When we meet to do a customer briefing.” says one engineer.

6 LOCATIONS Milpitas.asp Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.adaptec. .iimcal.ADAPTEC.): -9. 691 South Milpitas Boulevard Australia Singapore Surrey Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS Applied Micro Circuits Areca LSI DEPARTMENTS Administration • Applications Engineering • Communications • Corporate Development • Design Engineering • Engineering • Executive • Facilities • Finance & Accounting • General Hardware • Human Resources • Information Services • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Materials • Operations • Performance Engineering • Quality • Sales & Support • Software Engineering • Technical Writing • Test Engineering • Worldwide Sales EMPLOYMENT CONTACT cytiva. Inc.4 2008 Income ($ THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ADPT Stock Exchange: Nasdaq CEO & President: S. CA (HQ) Bangalore Haar. “Sundi” Sundaresh 2008 Employees: 391 2008 Revenue ($ mil. CA 95035 Phone: (408) 945-8600 Fax: (408) 262-2533 www.): 167. Germany 18 © 2009 Vault.

Adaptec grew largely by acquiring other software companies. The company purchased Future Domain. The company’s bandwidth management solutions increase the speed of data transfer. the company let go of those products after it spun off its software products group.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which home PC users could utilize to record music. Adaptec’s input/output software is compatible with all of the leading processor platforms and operating systems. which made CD-ROM connection devices. 19 . Adaptec makes hardware and software that expedites data storage and transfer between Adaptec bought Western Digital’s Connectivity Systems Group and Corel’s CD creator software. Adaptec picked up the award-winning CD-recording software. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Parallel SCSI drives. in 2001. though. He formed Adaptec in 1981. and generally made computer use quicker and easier. career message boards. Like many successful high-tech enterprises. serving on the board of directors and even stepping in as interim CEO for a brief period in 1998.” this technology connects peripheral devices to computers and is used by servers and workstations to move large files. It also purchased software maker Data Kinesis and Cogent Data Technologies. networks and peripherals. while its network-attached storage (NAS) and fast Ethernet networking devices help direct information through computer systems. Inc. The company also has several storage chip and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) lines. But Boucher was more of an engineer than a businessman and left a year after the company went public to start up another tech firm. At present. it controlled the flow of data through a computer’s operating system. and it went public three years later. images and videos onto CDs. but Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In the Corel acquisition. Adaptec offers a full range of host-bus adapters (HBAs). The company sold its first SCSI products in 1983. expert advice. California. THE SCOOP Selling more than just a bunch of disks Based in Milpitas. The company also offered a similar product for Mac users called Jam for Macintosh and a DVD software application called DVD Toast. However. and Trillium Research. Big tech firms increasingly adapted to Adaptec’s SCSI offerings into the 1990s. Adapt(ec) and expand… Larry Boucher created the SCSI interface at Shugart Associates (later known as Seagate Technology) in the late 1970s. which made networking for insider company profiles. the Vault Job Board and more. Adaptec SPG. It leads the market for small computer system interface (SCSI) technology. In 1996. he has remained friendly with his first company. Adaptec also tried to acquire Symbios. simply put. RAID controllers. pronounced “scuzzy. SCSI was a niche hit. and appliances for use with Serial ATA (SATA). In early 1998. 2010 Edition Adaptec. which made Apple-compatible connection devices.vault. expert resume reviews. Easy CD Creator Visit Vault at www.

128 to 598 employees in the span of a single 20 © 2009 Vault. Snap Server sale The board of directors of Adaptec authorized a repurchase program of up to $40 million of the company’s common stock. with CEO Sundaresh saying: “While these remain difficult times. lopping off another 20 percent of its employees by the close of its 2008 fiscal year. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Reaping awards from technology publishers Adaptec announced that it has been included in ChannelWeb’s Top 20 Strategic Storage Vendors and is Business Solutions’ Best Channel Vendor in the storage category. compared with $36. • January 2009: Difficult times ahead The company released financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year 2009.” Net revenue for the quarter was $28. which ended on December 26.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The money. • August 2008: Picking up $41-million tab for Aristos Adaptec announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire privately held RAID solutions provider Aristos Logic Corporation for $41 million in including performance desktops. abandoned those efforts after federal regulators opposed the deal (it would have given Adaptec a monopoly in the SCSI market). earning more than $30 million. . blade servers and enterprise-class external storage systems. however. CEO Sundaresh said acquiring the eight-year-old Aristos will enable Adaptec to move into high-growth RAID segments. Inc. The company decided it needed to streamline its businesses in order to focus on building its SCSI market share. it reduced its headcount from 2006 to 2007 by nearly 50 percent—a staggering reduction from • July 2008: $40-million stock repurchase. it did not collect any of the pecuniary kind as its profits began to plummet. 2008. In 2005.2 million. it incurred a $145 million loss. The company further restructured.1 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2008. Adaptec returned to profitability in 2007. although the revenue figure was the lowest in at least five years. 2010 Edition Adaptec. Shrink to save While Adaptec received plaudits for some products in the mid-2000s. Its present workforce is about 400-strong.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Indeed. Adaptec is focused on what will enable us to win in the longterm—innovating for future growth and carefully managing the business. came not so much from what the company was producing but on what it was taking away. and sold its systems business unit in October. along with many of its NAS holdings. Inc.

they did have policies in place to take care of those that would ‘play the game. and if an employee refers someone to the company. GETTING HIRED Connect at Adaptec Adaptec’s careers site. Candidates may click on each listing to access an online application.vault. expert advice. a 401(k) and flexible spending accounts. In terms of benefits. Inc. with co-pay. 2010 Edition Adaptec. Time off includes 12 paid holidays and 12 vacation days. CEO Sundaresh said the sale will allow Adaptec to focus on its Unified Serial RAID controller business. on the first day of employment. Adaptec acquired Snap Appliance for $100 million in 2004. www. the company offers medical and dental. The company also announced the sale of its NAS business. career message Hair on fire The corporate culture at Adaptec seems to be strict. never a chance to do it right the first time.’” Visit Vault at www. “During my four-year tenure with Adaptec. the Vault Job Board and more. The main page also has a “Submit Resume” link for general interest Snap Server. such as dry cleaning and oil changes. but always time to do it for insider company profiles. to Overland Storage Inc. leverage its iSCSI assets and streamline company operations. with an additional day for each year added per year after the second year of employment. gives prospective employees two search options. demanding a high employee performance level at all times..cytiva. expert resume reviews. It also offers various insurance services. The sale ended the Snap chapter in Adaptec’s book.6 million. I saw a great deal of ‘Perception is more important than Performance’ by managers that didn’t have a clue.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Adaptec will pay a bonus of $1. stating that they vary by they can search for jobs by department or location or view a complete list of openings. ‘Hair-on-fire pace’ is the norm. In spite of all this. for $3.” The corporate culture is: “Expect 120 percent at all times. OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Says a former insider.000 to $2. 21 .000! The company website also mentions on-site services.iimcal. It offers an educational assistance program.

CA • San .in) 22 © 2009 Vault. Russia • Mumbai • Munich • Noida.544 2008 Revenue ($ mil. CA • Seattle. Geschke.adobe. Australia • Copenhagen • Diegem. NY • Newton. Warnock President & CEO: Shantanu Narayen 2008 Employees: 7. Sweden • London • Mexico City • CA 95110-2704 Phone: (408) 536-6000 Fax: (408) 537-6000 www.): 871. Belgium • Dublin • Istanbul • Kista. United Kingdom • Warsaw KEY COMPETITORS Apple Microsoft Quark EMPLOYMENT CONTACT cooljobs. VA • New York. Hong Kong • Chatswood.579.8 LOCATIONS San Jose.ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 345 Park Avenue San THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ADBE Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Co-Chairmen: Charles M.9 2008 Income ($ DEPARTMENTS Administration • Business • Development/Corporate Development • Consulting • Engineering • Finance • Human Resources • Information Systems • Legal • Marketing • Operations • Product Management • Professional Services • Sales • Technical Support/Customer Service Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.): 3. MA • San Diego. WA Amsterdam • Bangalore • Barcelona • Beijing • Bucharest • Causeway Bay. John E. Inc. South Africa • Milan • Moscow.adobe. India • Osaka • Oslo • Ottawa • Paris • Prague • São Paulo • Seoul • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto • Uxbridge. CA (HQ) McLean.

Adobe’s troubles compounded over the next few years as its old friend Apple seemed to have lost its way.vault. as Adobe’s laser-printing technology complemented the Mac’s many innovations in the field of computer design. The result: the Apple LaserWriter and the desktop publishing revolution. and it lost business to Hewlett-Packard. and Adobe released its own design and illustration software. Battling through the late 1990s Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. which are universally readable under its Acrobat brand. creative solutions. career message boards. Months later. It was a neat for insider company profiles. By 1986. expert advice. where they developed When Adobe’s financial health was far from secure in the late 1990s. Visit Vault at www. forcing them to alter their path. In November 1998. principal rival Quark made an offer to buy the weakened company but dropped it after Adobe showed signs that it would fight any takeover attempt. Adobe’s ascension went hand in hand with the rise of the personal computer—specifically the Apple Macintosh. it provides quick video applications everywhere from the Web to the cell phone. its Asian customers stopped spending money during the Asian financial crisis (sales in Japan fell about 40 percent from 1997 to 1998). the Vault Job Board and more. After failing to convince Xerox to market the application. Finding their calling Adobe Co-Founders (and current Chairmen) John Warnock and Chuck Geschke first met at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). and mobile and device solutions. Apple accounted for 80 percent of Adobe’s sales. During the 1980s. 23 . 2010 Edition Adobe Systems Incorporated THE SCOOP The graphics software of choice Big in publishing. Adobe offers portable document files (PDFs).iimcal. which quickly earned the title of “Quark-killer” because its functions and features far exceeded the capabilities of Quark Xpress and sold for less than a Quark upgrade. Steve Jobs approached them to develop PostScript technology for Apple’s Macintosh. Adobe introduced its page-layout program InDesign.8 million loss in 1995. enterprise and developer solutions. caused largely by the problematic $500 million acquisition of software maker Frame Technology Group. a major problem it experienced was due to other companies copying its design. famed for its free web downloads and a favorite platform among photo and graphics geeks everywhere. who had designed a clone of the PostScript software. expert resume reviews. the following year. The company suffered an $11. the two left to start Adobe in 1982.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Adobe software is practically ubiquitous. the aptly-named Illustrator. Adobe has five main units: Knowledge Worker Solutions. Canon came out with an inexpensive laser printer before they could. and since the acquisition of Flash in 2005. a computer language that translates code into printable pages of type.

2007. and held various senior positions at Apple Inc. Enabling engagement Chizen was succeeded by Shantanu Narayen. Adobe began packaging its own programs with Macromedia applications in suites targeted at different niches. who held the position from 2000 to December 2007. a digital photo-sharing software company. Narayen joined the company in January 1998 as vice president and general manager of the engineering technology group. matching analysts’ forecasts. CEO Shantanu Narayen says company is pleased with how it managed in a tough economic environment. leading the company’s day-to-day global operations and setting Adobe’s long-term market strategies. Adobe has warned that revenue is likely 24 © 2009 Vault. including video. For the first quarter. developer of Flash technology. expanding Adobe’s software platform and Guide to the Top Tech Employers. roughly in line with analysts’ estimates.. he spearheaded the acquisition of Macromedia in 2005. Narayen previously served as president and COO. and boosting the company’s presence in key markets. Inc. He steered the firm to record revenue and profits. . Adobe also integrated Flash technology into its ColdFusion business presentation software. Prior to joining Adobe. enterprise software and mobile solutions. He also previously served as director of desktop and collaboration products at Silicon Graphics Inc. he co-founded Pictra Inc..iimcal. Narayen is expected to lead Adobe toward its goal of helping businesses and organizations address the challenge of “enabling customer engagement. Macromedia’s Breeze Meeting software—meeting and web conferencing software that provides virtual meeting sites and multimedia platforms for business customers—became Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. in 1996. 2010 Edition Adobe Systems Incorporated The Chizen one and a Macro merger Much of Adobe’s late-1990s recovery and recent success has come under the leadership of its former CEO Bruce Together with Chizen. who took over on December 1. the company’s revenue dipped 12 percent to $786.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. in the form of portable documents in PDF and FlashPaper versions. In a press release. including a huge 2005 merger with former competitor Macromedia Inc. After the buyout.4 IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Stocks up despite tough times Adobe shares soared 10 percent on the company’s announcement that it expects second quarter earnings of between 31 cents to 38 cents on sales of $675 million to $725 million. This gave Adobe footholds in the networking and mobile markets as well as a defense against the encroachment of Microsoft programs into the electronic document management sector. gobbling up a multitude of other companies along the way.

• December 2008: Pink slips for 600 CEO Shatanu Narayen announced plans to cut 600 jobs. expert advice.vault. and Home Box Office. • May 2008: On BusinessWeek’s Infotech 100 BusinessWeek listed Adobe as No. The list gathers companies whose revenue totals at least $300 million. a new service that extends the Adobe Scene 7-hosted media platform for retail.” Narayen told Reuters at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. “There are small technology companies. due to shrinking orders for design software from advertisers. • March 2009: Extending the platform The company introduced Adobe® Scene 7® Template Publishing. Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. Adobe’s main revenue source. enterprise and multichannel marketing businesses. “But we’re not bottom-feeders. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. It is the 10th year that the company has been cited on the list. • March 2009: Partners with Time Adobe and three Time Warner Companies—Turner Broadcasting System Inc. where you get some great technology and great people…We will continue to be aggressive at looking at for insider company 2010 Edition Adobe Systems Incorporated to fall below previous targets because the recession has slowed sales of Creative Suite 4.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. or about 8 percent of the workforce.—announced their alliance to develop next-generation video and rich media. 94 on its 10th annual Infotech 100. whose shares have not dropped by more than 75 percent and whose sales have not shrunk. The Visit Vault at www. The partners intend to use Adobe® Flash® Platform and video solutions to provide customized experiences for consumers of HBO. we’re looking for interesting companies that are going to help drive the future. 25 . allowing companies to decentralize uploading of corporate layouts and templates. with particular interest in software that can be used on non-PC devices like mobile phones and game consoles. Collaboration to speed up the development of digital rights management for the Web and desktop. expert resume reviews. 11 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for list. Warner Bros. eCommerce. Inc.iimcal. Entertainment Inc. metadata and audience measurement solutions to monetize content are expected to be part of their alliance. career message boards.” He said in the same interview that the company has no plans for further layoffs. the Vault Job Board and more. the latest version of its top-selling software package launched fall • January 2009: Among the best companies to work for Adobe was ranked No. The recession blunted demands for the Creative Suite line of programs. Entertainment content across multiple distribution platforms • January 2009: Shopping for startups Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen said Adobe is on the lookout to buy some technology startups.. The add-on module for Adobe Scene platform offers a hosted software for publishing customized print and crossmedia marketing materials.

searching for jobs. “The people here are very sharp-minded. director. technical and intern positions may be found at www. telecommuting and “a great many training 26 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. says an insider in Adobe’s office in India. Examples of positions offered include business architect. department and locale.000 publicly traded IT-related companies.” the software engineer says. offering flexible schedules. computer—is busy but Employee-centric culture There is no dress” “employeefriendly” place with “excellent managers. Position descriptions and openings for college-level MBA. The link also leads to a general employment application form that may be printed and completed prior to interviews. technical evangelist. allowing them to work from home. uploading resumes and viewing company benefits policies. Each job listing contains a link to Adobe’s online application process. . In addition to positions for experienced professionals.adobe. in (what else?) PDF form. Inc. Patent filing is also strongly supported by the company. technical talks.adobe. Staffers also are given virtual private network (VPN) GETTING HIRED Flash a smile at Adobe Adobe’s careers site—www. repeat logins. Adobe also lists internship and entry-level positions for college students and recent grads.html. By following the “search for jobs” link. working hours are flexible.” The same source says Adobe is one of the very few companies in India that handles high-end research and development work. 2010 Edition Adobe Systems Incorporated publication used financial data from Standard & Poor’s Compustat to come up with the top 100 from among 20. in general the firm is an “innovative. quality assurance engineer and web engineer. Finally. high IQ. all applicants may submit a resume to the company via a link that can be accessed on the main careers page just below the “search for jobs” link. and everyone gets a laptop at Adobe—a company that has repeatedly ranked among Fortune’s Best 100 Companies to Work For.iimcal.” Adobe does its best to accommodate workers. prospective employees can view a list of openings or search by keyword. According to Adobe sources. The page has links for registering a user ID and profile. OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “Innovation and creativity [are] nurtured here by means of boot camps. account manager.

” If you work best under pressure.” “The level of intelligence of the people here” is also a big draw. the Vault Job Board and more. 2010 Edition Adobe Systems Incorporated classes to get up to speed with the products.iimcal. The source recalls going through six rounds of interviews of one hour each that were very technical in nature.” and “if you know C++.” says one insider. expert resume reviews.vault. Adobe employees also get up to five weeks of vacation.” Working at Adobe is also extremely challenging: “It’s a good place to work. sales and administrative people have different work patterns. Tech professionals can start “anywhere in the high 30s. eight paid holidays and paid sick/personal days.” access to a company gym (“they even have aerobics classes”). “and just being able to talk to some of the engineers who wrote Photoshop is a perk to me.” Though they work a lot.” “laid-back company” that “knows its people are its strongest asset. Toil well compensated An insider says aside from above-industry basic pay. Insiders also feel fortunate to have “access to cutting-edge computers and Brushes with greatness Finally. “You are bound to be attracted by the intellectual capacity of the people here. “We have some incredibly artistic people working here. engineers and other technical specialists “pretty much come in when they want if they’re working on a long-term project. “but the marketing. quarterly bonuses.” Benefits are “excellent. 27 . insiders say Adobe is a “progressive. Adobe engineers’ salaries are “typical of the geek scale” (that means high). career message boards.” says one stressed Adobe for insider company profiles. full insurance and a 401(k) matched 50 percent.” quips an engineer.” a technical staffer says. expert advice. but “they have to come in by 9 and dress professionally.” says one programmer.” Visit Vault at www. and free fresh-squeezed orange juice.” “People are their assets and they hire the best in the industry.” Employees also enjoy “a great cafeteria. soda. stocks. Starbucks coffee and “various other goodies” every day. Adobe is the company for you—”most of the time is pressure time. special gifts from time to time and are rewarded with three weeks of paid vacation after five years in the company.” including “very generous” stock purchase and profit-sharing options. and pay the best in the industry.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. “One feels great after clearing the grilling interview rounds. adding that Adobe is “a good place if you wanna work with the best brains.” and get to “dress how they want. and work you will. you can make up to $50 an hour!” The corporate employees who “get away with working 40 hours a week” also enjoy good salaries.” Staffers also get educational reimbursements. “we get perks like free lunch and dinner” and “every quarter there is a group party sponsored by the company. “Our hours fluctuate between 40 and six million a week.” Customized for: Vinay ( “We run a lean company— every single one of us has the job of at least two—but it keeps us on our toes.” the insider says.” Plus.

Finland • North Ryde. PA Antwerp • Bangalore • Bangkok • Beijing • Bromma. TX • Bellevue. CA (HQ) Austin. . Sweden • Buenos Aires • Dresden • Dubai • Espoo. United Kingdom • Hong Kong • Hsinchu. France THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: AMD Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: Dirk Meyer 2008 Employees: 14.): 5. IL • DEPARTMENTS Computing Solutions Group • Design Engineering • Field Applications Engineering • Finance • Global Consumer Electronics Group • Graphics Product Group • Human resources & Talent • Information • Legal. Australia • Penang. FL • Pittsboro.amd. Corporate & Public Affairs • Manufacturing Engineering • Supply Chain Management • Marketing Communications • Operations & Administrations • Process Engineering • Procurement • Sales • Software Engineering LOCATIONS Sunnyvale. -3. Malaysia • São Paulo • SchipholRijk. Finland • Frimley. Canada • Mexico City • Milan • Moscow • Mumbai • Munich • New Delhi • Noormarkku. Taiwan • Hyderabad • Jakarta • Kanata. Malaysia • Pulau Pinang. Box 3453 Sunnyvale.O. INC.700 2008 Revenue ($ mil. One AMD Place P.amd. China • Taipei • Tokyo • Warsaw • Zone Orlytech. CA 94088-3453 Phone: (408) 749-4000 www. Canada • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT careers. Michael. NH • Orlando. The Netherlands • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • St. WA • San Diego.098 KEY COMPETITORS IBM Intel Corporation Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd. CO • Houston. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. TX • Marlborough. NC • Redmond. MA • Fort Collins.ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES.iimcal. Barbados • Suzhou.808 2008 Income ($ 28 © 2009 Vault. WA • Boxborough. MA • Nashua. CA • CA • Santa Clara. Taiwan • Kuala Lumpur • Madrid • Markham.

the firm spun off its chip manufacturing unit to form a company known as The Foundry Company in February 2009. Based in Sunnyvale. mainly for its experience with making chips for new forms of TV and image processors to display video on cell phones and mobile video game players. and is free instead to focus on developing and selling its not to mention with the high cost of keeping up with Intel. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is dwarfed by its nearest competitor. 25 in a 2005 list of chip suppliers compiled by iSuppli. As part of that. extending AMD’s already formidable reach into the graphic chipsets that power high-end personal computer gaming. Calif. Europe and Asia and collects around 70 percent of its revenue from overseas markets. THE SCOOP The other chip maker While it can claim the title of world’s second-largest chipmaker. motherboard chipsets.. Small is a good quality in the chip-making world. And. while effectively outsourcing the manufacturing process to The Foundry Comp any. is “to enable affordable.) Analysts explained that the deal put AMD on more of an equal footing with rival Intel.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. graphics Visit Vault at www. Inc. which just happens to be industry giant Intel. CEO changes and a wholesale reorganization of the firm. all of which took place as the firm sought to weather the turgid economy in 2008. Beset by falling prices in the chip market. ATI proved attractive to AMD for several reasons. the company is truly a global operation—it has manufacturing plants in the U. accessible Internet connectivity and computing capabilities for 50 percent of the world’s population by the year 2015. with about $2 billion in revenue. those struggles haven’t come alone: they’ve been accompanied by layoffs.S. 29 . computer animation and chipsets in cell phones and PDAs. boasting a product line that includes microprocessors..” AMD beefed up its interests in graphics with the July 2006 purchase of ATI Technologies for $5. (Chipsets connect a computer’s processor to its memory and other parts. CPUs and discrete GPUs.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro for insider company profiles. At the time of the sale.vault. like most firms. and the firm holds its own against such esteemed competition.4 billion. It also offers flash memory devices and support circuitry for communications and networking applications. expert resume reviews. the Vault Job Board and more. the firm has struggled financially of late. The company vision. according to its website. career message boards. meaning that AMD no longer directly owns the manufacturing units. and also takes AMD beyond computers and into the handheld device market. ATI ranked No. The deal transformed the semiconductor game overnight. expert advice.

In a filing. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.1 billion in debt to the two companies. Grose is optimistic: “At some point. The announcement came on the heels of AMD’s previous plans to further cut its workforce by 200. AMD appointed board member Bruce Claflin as chairman. while Dirk Meyer stays on as president and CEO. Hector Ruiz was tapped to head The Foundry Company once the factory’s operation goes into full swing. • March 2009: New captain at the helm Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” After all. AMD hopes to recover $45 million in revenue once the belt-tightening measures are implemented. AMD announces that it has closed its transaction with ATIC and the Abu Dhabi-based company responsible for funding The Foundry’s establishment. Inc. AMD unveiled the spinoff company’s corporate name and strategy. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Now open for business After getting shareholder approval in February to turn over manufacturing to The Foundry Company. GlobalFoundries already has a constant client in AMD. • March 2009: Restructuring is always hard In a move done with fingers crossed. but it already has market leader Taiwan Semiconductor in its crosshairs. while asset impairments and facility closures cost $7 million each. “We see this as a game changer. but it’s looking to supply the big players of the industry as well. Inc. and once he assumes the CEO position his place in the board will be taken over by Waleed Al Mokarrab. Meanwhile. Some analysts.iimcal. Upstart GlobalFoundries sees an advantage in having an operational fab that isn’t located in take this confidence with a grain of salt now that foundries all over are suffering due to little demand for their production and are losing money shoring up their business. The move—aimed at making AMD “asset-light”— sees the company effectively outsourcing the making of its chips in the future to 30 © 2009 Vault. with 300 based in the fab operation’s New York headquarters.” chief executive Doug Grose said. Now known as GlobalFoundries. The factory is expected to assume the repayment of approximately $1. $13 million to terminate programs and contracts. Claflin has been an AMD board member since 2003. AMD duly itemized how the money’s going to be spent: $23 million to keep employees and compensate those who have to be let go. .ac. the factory is relatively new to the foundry game. Out of these expenditures. this is going to turn. where Taiwan Semiconductors and other fab factories are. • March 2009: Foundry approval hammered out AMD spun off its chip manufacturing unit to form an entity known as The Foundry Company—a move that was proposed in October 2008 and approved by shareholders in February 2009.800 workers. The new venture is expected to employ 2. AMD announced that it’s going to spend $50 million to restructure the company and prevent it from bleeding out revenue throughout the year. chief operating officer of one of AMD’s investors.

meanwhile. expert advice. and fell 22 percent year on year for that drastic fourth quarter. Tech blurb aside. meanwhile.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Even that fact served to underline the inherent problems in the processor industry.2 percent. The move followed some 2. AMD received a payment of $700 million from ATIC for shares in The Foundry. The one good piece of news in the IDC report.2 percent overall. Financially.100 job cuts as well as broad-based salary reductions for staff as it attempts to stay afloat in the economic downturn. • January 2009: Yukon gold AMD launched its ultrathin notebook platform.” Offering a complete PC experience at lower price points. the Vault Job Board and more. despite a fourth quarter drop in demand of over 11 percent year on year. ATIC has also pledged up to a further $6 billion in capital to build upon the infrastructure it is purchasing from AMD in order to greatly improve The Foundry’s chip-making capabilities. Meanwhile. the platform incorporates the AMD Athlon Neo processor with ATI Radeon X1250 integrated graphics and ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 discrete graphics. operating and maintaining its factories. Salaried and hourly workers. the market has potential both in developed and developing markets.2 percent. thereby cutting the costs of owning. codenamed “Yukon. According to CNET. Under the terms of the spinoff. saw its share of the market rise to 80. plus a guarantee that ATIC will immediately provide $1. an Abu Dhabi government-owned entity—Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC)— will own a majority of The Foundry Company (65. the salary cuts will be temporary. Where the industry goes in 2009. Rival Intel.1 billion of its debt onto the new company’s balance sheets. will get reductions of 10 and 5 percent respectively.9 percent from 2007. while AMD keeps control of the remaining for insider company profiles. career message boards. portable computing.1 percent to 19. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. up 2.4 billion in funding for the new company. its former manufacturing arm. however: revenue increased by a mere 0. however.9 percent over the year. is anyone’s guess—although it’s almost certain to Inc. a figure that falls to 15 percent for all North American employees at vice president level or higher. Both CEO Dirk Meyer and Executive Director Hector Ruiz cut their salaries by 20 percent. 31 . expert resume reviews.vault.iimcal. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices. • February 2009: Chipping away at the budget AMD announced 1. while 401(k) contributions will be Embodied by a surge in demand for notebooks. was that the global processor market grew by 10 percent in 2008. down Visit Vault at www.200 layoffs announced in 2008 as cost-cutting measures. and on a sliding scale. ATIC and AMD will have equal voting rights in the partnership. Yukon can be seen as an attempt to keep up with the growing trend for low-cost.” according to a Wall Street Journal article from October 2008. • February 2009: Declining sales and market share Market researcher IDC found that AMD’s share of the global PC processor market fell significantly over the previous year. In addition to shipping some $1. meanwhile. CEO Dirk Meyer offered his opinion that the deal “will go down as the most important transaction in the history of AMD. the deal works out well for AMD.8 percent).

• January 2009: Fund-raising fire-sale Continuing a policy of selling unprofitable or underperforming units. resorting instead to reiterating that its “priorities remain clear and visible. • January 2009: Phenomenal memory AMD released the Phenom II.iimcal. That first wave represented around 10 percent of AMD’s global workforce and was widely seen as a response to the firm posting a yearly loss of some $3. AMD turned the situation to its advantage by agreeing to partner up with QUALCOMM and collaborate on improving graphics capabilities in audio and video products sold by the latter. according to some analysts. which is a tad less than the $3. following the elimination of 1. AMD sold some of the assets it acquired from ATI in 2006. The $65 million sale to QUALCOMM included graphics and multimedia units. Consistent with the policy of stripping away noncore assets. rather than bemoan the loss of the units. • November 2008: Pink slips on top of pink slips AMD announced 500 job cuts as it tried to return to profitability amidst a slumping tech market. AMD kept mum about its Q1 2009 outlook. as some 530 employees made the transition to Broadcom as part of the deal. Indeed. an engineer who joined AMD in 1995. It also reduced AMD’s workforce. Meyer served as the firm’s president and COO. who had served as the tech company’s CEO since 2002. Ruiz will remain at AMD as the company’s chairman. Meyer said that his immediate priority as CEO will be bringing about lasting profitability through focusing on AMD’s core technologies. the sale cost buyer Broadcom Corp. Like rival 32 © 2009 Vault. For those.8 million. aimed at informed consumers who know what they want from their computer or build their CPUs from scratch. Previously. • July 2008: Leadership changes at AMD Following seven straight quarters of losses. Inc. The board replaced Ruiz with Dirk Meyer. AMD posted a net loss of $3. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Given that reality—and the fact that the Phenom II is planned to unite seamlessly with both types of memory—one of its major advantages is that it offers consumers the choice in terms of if and when to upgrade. The cuts represent a second wave of layoffs at the firm in 2008. with the announcement in August 2008 that AMD had sold its digital television arm.38 billion for fiscal 2007.397 billion the company lost in 2007. The first evidence of Meyer’s approach became evident within a month of his taking the reins.” despite a depressing industry performance. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices. Inc. plus intellectual billion to secure. but still represented a mere fraction of the holdings for which AMD paid $5. to make things worse.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. AMD’s board ousted Hector Ruiz. the following information may be relevant and/or intelligible: The Phenom II is familiar enough with the DDR2 memory used in most CPUs. some $192. .650 positions announced in April 2008.098 billion in fiscal year 2008. yet it’s also flexible enough to upgrade to DDR3—exactly where the industry is going to be by the middle of 2010.

” instructs one. have their own search engines and different ways of creating online profiles and applications. Inc. intern and co-op fax Visit Vault at www. The ATI site. this games creator encourages young people to make games that crank up their involvement in social change by taking their gaming beyond entertainment and into real-world lessons and consciousness.S. expert resume reviews. Because these are smaller microprocessors than AMD had currently been capable of making. the company finds new employees through a wide variety of channels. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro for insider company profiles. expert advice. AMD also announced that it will start making 45-nanometer microprocessors later in the year. and tuition assistance. GETTING HIRED Advance at AMD Although the two merged in 2006. 33 .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. department and keyword. The site also allows applicants to register at an online career center to submit applications and sign up for a job alert service. in contrast. In addition. has one search engine that filters openings by location. career message boards.vault. “Recruiting at AMD is done through campus interviews. • March 2008: A new chip flavor The firm introduced a new set of chips—the 780 series—which should bring new speed and graphic quality to lower-priced PCs. dental and disability plans. catching up to Intel.amd.. The U. which reached 45-nanometer production in late 2007. and access to fitness centers. and through resumes sent directly through the placement office. AMD accepts resumes through regular mail. • June 2008: Game on AMD launched Changing the Game during the Fifth Annual Games for Change Festival in New York City. life and death insurance. nonprofit organizations got a chance to make their own games with social content when AMD unveiled Let the Games Begin. like that of the U. the chip company offers its employees tickets to movies and sporting events. profit-sharing and stock purchase plans. a toolkit for AMD’s games creator. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In January 2009. through job fairs conducted at AMD and elsewhere. travel and accident plans. the firm followed up on the announcement by beginning production in November. job listings for AMD and ATI are listed separately on the AMD careers site ( Benefits at AMD include health. others.iimcal. the Vault Job Board and A wide net According to insiders. site also lists regular. The labyrinthine AMD site allows prospective employees to search by region.S. Initially aimed at the teen set. while some regions have their own job listings page.

lasting eight hours). The site also contains job listings. interviewers “don’t try to deliberately stress interviewees out simply in order to gauge their reactions. An insider describes his experience: “The interview process was rather painless.” OUR SURVEY SAYS Swift interviews Ladies and gentlemen. The interview questions were normal/typical. possibly to check personality and work attitude compatibility. etc. and email—and also through an online form available at its website.” His co-worker cautions that “Many AMD positions are contract-to-hire positions. what are your strengths.” Interview approaches are rather varied—one department asks its team to interview an Mixed satisfaction reviews Although AMD is frequently cited in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. insider reviews are somewhat mixed overall.” Those who interview on campus “may get invited for an interview at our site.” Prospects for landing a job appear bright. start your spell checkers: “AMD tends to put a tremendous amount of emphasis on the resume.’ [That is]. we certainly want and need you.” On the other hand. and probably all on the same day. in-person interview with three people. and sometimes the applicant’s sponsor is asked to participate in the panel. in general. “The nature of the interview depends on various factors. Follow-up interviews are usual.iimcal.g. what do you enjoy doing. then a two-hour. and even has a very generous tuition reimbursement program.” notes one source. .” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. I have seen both more relaxed and more stressful situations. If you’re considered for a job at AMD. e. Inc. Sometimes a contract is extended for up to three years before a full employee position is offered. there are at least a couple of rounds of interviews.” It is true that “there are many rounds and lots of technical questions if you are applying for a technical position. I also received lots of questions about working on a team and being able to navigate through different teams/organizations. It was far easier than another experience I had with a related technology company (six different interviews. One contact agrees with the external 34 © 2009 Vault.. Applicants who land an interview may have difficulty figuring out what to expect ahead of time. and that’s when you’ll be interviewed by about seven or eight people. Inc. and that was followed up with an hour phone conversation with a director.” says a source.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Hired already? One source reports that “HR does have tools for career advancement. I went through a 30-minute phone interview. “but. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices. it is ‘medium. explains one respondent: “If you are smart and

” says a contact. sharp. “It seems that AMD places a lot more value on people than other companies do.” adds another insider. “Yee haw!” Visit Vault at www. Inc. rather than cogs in a machine. “Finance is the only department I know of (that) wear ties every day.” Part of the reason for the varied responses is that AMD employees are subject to the vicissitudes of their work. [but] the work environment is very relaxed most of the time.” according to one.” Yet another says his co-workers are “not workaholics.” A people’s company Although a few sources describe AMD as “a little frantic. Another reports he spent most of a year working 9 to 5. One insider points out that the “dress code is nonexistent.].iimcal.] or 2 [a. but as his group approaches a target date. one AMDer says he’s “proud” to report that “upper management really cares what its employees think. saying “I love working at AMD and I especially enjoy my team. “We are viewed as individuals. “It’s a bit of a roller coaster financially. There is immense pride but there still is a subtle tone of second best.” Another comments that. I don’t feel unduly pressured beyond what is reasonable.vault. “When times are good.m.m.” says one. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices. the Vault Job Board and more. career message boards. “there have been quite a few people [who were] dissatisfied with their jobs in the last year and have left our group…One left because she could not get along with a certain individual—who also left.m.” “We dress very casual. assessment. the work can get done any time of day as long as it does get done.” According to yet another source. 35 .” The people-oriented atmosphere extends to the dress code. However.” “There isn’t an expectation to be at work at 9 a. which is business casual to casual.” “Today I am wearing cowboy boots. “I’ve put in 17-hour days and I’ve put in five-hour days. expert advice. “It’s less stressful than many other high-tech companies I am familiar with.” One insider describes a “tight community that’s very friendly.” His gizmodeprived co-worker adds.” One director notes.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” The “people are very committed to the job.” On the other but that’s the nature of the industry. “Although we are in a competitive industry. expert resume reviews. another source says. “Our people [are] our first asset. “getting a BlackBerry for work purposes is…difficult (they don’t want to disturb your home life). the perks are good. but you are expected to work as late/long as it takes to get work done. so AMD offers tremendous flexibility.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. It’s not uncommon to see executives walking around in jeans. “sometimes I am up ‘til 1 [ As far as bosses go. most say their bosses are flexible with their hours.” respondents generally gave good reviews of their work atmosphere. “AMD values family time…For most for insider company profiles.” This up-and-down nature is especially true when it comes to work hours and intensity. this is our daily culture and we are working hard every day. A source adds.” Another observes that the “corporate culture is largely one of an underdog.” says one respondent. as long as they get their work done. Many report wearing jeans and T-shirts.” says another.

com.” The corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale “are beautiful. Harmonious environment The vast majority of those surveyed say AMD is a diverse company when it comes to women and ethnic minorities. which offers AMD vets two extra months of paid vacation after they complete seven years.iimcal. . “I don’t think AMD can claim to be diverse. at which point your salary will double. “I guess they could pay me more.” and include a fitness center with two basketball courts.” “free workout programs. Inc.” notes one female insider. computer purchase reimbursement. they have taken huge strides to address this issue. African-Americans are woefully underrepresented.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. AMD has “a good profit-sharing program” and “1. “I have noticed that most of the senior executives—as with many Silicon Valley companies—are white males. Make some dough and rock out with the Stones Our contacts report that AMD pays industry standard salaries. but there’s a saying around AMD [that] ‘it’s near impossible to obtain a raise unless you leave the company and then come back a year later. Any variations on this theme are chalked up to the ways of the industry itself. But the most popular perk is the company’s sabbatical system. too. and “a fully paid MBA program.5 percent match on our 401(k).” says one insider. Her co-worker in marketing “I’m not sure [if] this is true.” an on-site day care center. [though] some women hold high-ranking positions. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. all is not perfect. not AMD. but then I guess I could stand to win the lottery. One engineer remarks.” Another source cautiously notes. “As far as treatment of women and minorities. have I seen this feeling justified. As with all companies.” observes a manager.” An employee stock purchase plan may turn out to be a special plus from a company “on the horizon of greatness. 2010 Edition Advanced Micro Devices. however.” “I’ve known some folks who felt discriminated against but rarely.” Other perks include “discounts for amusement parks. Inc. if ever.” Aside from the quirky wage 36 © 2009 Vault.

Mexico • Kochi. 2828 North Haskell Dallas.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. TX (HQ) Lexington.6 2008 Income ($ mil. France • Bangalore • Cebu. TX 75204 Phone: (214) 841-6111 37 . EDS EMPLOYMENT CONTACT France • Hermosillo. UT Accra. India • Kuala Lumpur • Manila • Mexico City • Montego Bay • Monterrey • Santo Domingo • São Paulo • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ACS Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: Lynn R.aspx?id=1573 DEPARTMENTS Business Process Solutions Commercial Solutions Corporate Development CSG Administration Finance & Accounting Government & Community Solutions Human Resource ITO Solutions Transportation Solutions Vertical Market Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Switzerland • Guatemala City • GuilherandGranges. PA • Salt Lake City. Philippines • Glattbrugg.acs-inc. Blodgett 2008 Employees: 70. China KEY COMPETITORS Accenture Computer Sciences Corp.iimcal.): 6. GA • Pittsburgh. Fiji • Tianjin.): 329 LOCATIONS Dallas.AFFILIATED COMPUTER SERVICES. KY • Norcross. Ghana • Asnieres. Mexico • INC.

storage solutions and transition services for human resources. insurance. supplying document sorting and preparation. The firm first gained clients in the financial industry.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. ACS claims to have pioneered the concept of providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services on a grand Texas. IT outsourcing and systems integration. network management. energy. ACS continues to gather kudos as an industry leader. followed by several in the communications. planning acquisitions ACS announced at least two contract extensions.000 people worldwide. imaging and online and offline data capture. Kiss my ACS Despite the bad publicity that comes with executive shake-ups and less-than-optimal financials. technical and customer care support services. In fact. AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies. THE SCOOP Big-league BPO Affiliated Computer Services is an outsourcing company with over $6 billion in annual revenue. ACS has been an AmeriHealth partner since 2000. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. maintaining a slot at No. The brainchild of Darwin Deason—who rallied IT pros to work with clients on IT outsourcing projects and integration services—ACS has built quite a name for itself since its founding in 1988. retail and transportation sectors. 423.iimcal. ACS has been working with Brother since 2001. serving customers in 100 countries. boosting optimism that the days of scandal and upset are largely behind it. The company has amassed a client roster of top commercial and government organizations. the firm was ranked No. inc. . In 2008. 2010 Edition Affiliated Computer Services. security services. 343 on Forbes’ Platinum 400 for the eighth year. government. The company has received numerous other awards for leadership in its industry. health care. disaster IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Renewing contracts. 38 © 2009 Vault. and also graced Fortune’s Most Admired Companies and contenders list for the ninth consecutive year. manufacturing. education. ACS joined the ranks of the Fortune 500 in 2003. It offers a suite of IT-oriented services such as data center management. Inc. $6 million contract extension with one of the United States’ largest organizations of Medicaid managed care plans. and specializes in BPO. The first is a three-year. ACS employs about 70. The second is a $13 million contract renewal with Brother International Corporation for the provision of high-level hardware. From its headquarters in

html) allows you to search openings within the company by title. management information systems or computer engineering. including project management. ACS also announced that in order to expand global delivery reach. the Vault Job Board and more. The decision to quit was made public by the directors after Cerberus Capital Management and Chairman Deason ditched the $6. The directors sought a declaration from the Chancery Court of Delaware that they had not breached fiduciary duties in how they handled the offer. 401(k) and a stock purchase plan. The firm also offers benefits for its employees’ mental growth by providing training in several areas. • November 2007: Board resignations and a failed takeover bid The New York Times reported that ACS’s independent directors quit less than a month after they accused Chairman Darwin Deason of “bullying” them over a failed takeover bid. expert resume reviews. leadership management. Benefits include comprehensive insurance. and set up new production centers in ACS said the directors have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit. GETTING HIRED Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. so the company will need to move 4.vault. career message boards. saying that the deal would have happened if he (Deason) did not hamper their efforts to find higher offers. Applicants can also build a profile and post a resume online. Mexico. Visit Vault at www. But customer belt tightening has decreased the volume of some of the outsourced work it provides.iimcal. The initiative is expected to incur $38 to $42 million worth of expenses. category. 2010 Edition Affiliated Computer Services. Lucia. Though the firm seeks mostly experienced hires for consulting roles. These internships typically run from May through August. expert advice. including jobs at international keyword and location. it is eyeing its Caribbean-based rival e-Services Group International. computer science. The directors pointed accusingly at Deason. interpersonal skills and client care.200 jobs offshore. it offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students (with a minimum 3.2 billion bid for ACS.0 GPA) who are working toward a degree in business. as the latter company will still be handled by its management team and operated by its employees at their current facilities. a company that has approximately 4. He said the money ACS saves from moving jobs offshore will be used to strengthen sales and innovation. Jamaica and Seeking experienced hires The ACS careers site ( for insider company profiles. ACS promised that there will be no workforce restructuring once e-Services has been acquired. 39 . inc.000 employees in Jamaica and St. • October 2008: Moving offshore Chief Executive Lynn Blodgett said revenue from long-term contracts helped ACS post a higher quarterly profit despite the economic downturn. Blodgett said ACS would expand capacity in the Philippines. division.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

inc. make sure you are in a revenue-generating position. not at OUR SURVEY SAYS This industry heavyweight may be on Forbes’ Platinum 400 of America’s best and biggest companies. you would think that they would be a little more understanding. says upon returning to work after back and neck surgery: “I was demoted and had a major decrease in my pay.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. but normally end up doing something entirely different and. Other insiders say that the pay varies. but if you do have talent to offer. “All employees are paid a misery and they shall thank ACS they have a job! That is the corporate policy. but employees give mixed reviews—including some really nasty ones. But one customer representative’s interview went very well.” the representative says. while an information management assistant gets $19 per hour.” the same insider adds.Vault Guide to the Top Tech plus eight hours of guaranteed overtime per paycheck.” The former insider reports being fired and losing all health benefits after missing work due to a second back surgery.” “Most people are stressed out or overworked. with “sometimes arbitrary” rates for management posts. accuracy. Inc. 2010 Edition Affiliated Computer Services. but no. this is surely the wrong place to work for. most likely. and compensation is lacking.” one ACS director says. something you don’t really want to 40 © 2009 Vault. “I gave that rat hole many years of perfection. . “If you don’t have any talent and no other options. dedication and leadership. who was injured in a car crash. “It was actually a long wait for the interview but I think it was worth the wait because I got the job.” says one manager. One fired respondent.” A vice president who was with the company until 2008 advises potential applicants: “ACS is focused on revenue. describing the process as poor and lacking in structure. If you join. One vice president reports receiving a $170. “Quite frankly I can only recommend to avoid this company. Not a support position.” the disgruntled ex-employee says. Some insiders complain of going through too many interviews.” The source adds “you typically get hired for a required function.iimcal.000 bonus.000 base pay and a $75. “Everyone was very polite and helpful. go ahead and sign up.

Inc. CA 95051 Phone: (408) 345-8886 Fax: (408) 345-8474 www. Inc.apply2jobs. CA Boeblingen.iimcal.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. CA (HQ) Colorado Springs. CA • Fort Collins. Japan • Kobe • Penang • Shanghai • Singapore • South Queensferry. CO • Newport. DE • Loveland. Germany • Hachioji.774 2008 Income ($ mil. CA • San 41 .): 693 LOCATIONS Santa Clara.): 5. CO • DEPARTMENTS Administration • Customer Service • Electronic Instruments Business Unit • Electronic Measurements Group • Finance • Global Infrastructure • Human Resources • Information Technology • Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis • Manufacturing • Marketing • Network & Digital Solutions • Business Unit • Quality • R&D • Sales • Support/Service • Wireless Business Unit • Transportation Solutions • Vertical Market Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Germany KEY COMPETITORS National Instruments Corporation Tektronix.agilent. CO • Little THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: A Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: William (Subsidiary of Danaher Corporation) Teradyne. DE • Palo Alto. EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. INC. (Bill) Sullivan 2008 Employees: 19. 5301 Stevens Creek Boulevard Santa Clara. United Kingdom • Waldbronn.AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES.

ironically. The company sold off most of its semiconductor sectors in December 2005.1-billion IPO (the largest in the Valley at the time) from Hewlett-Packard in 1999. The company continued its downward spiral that same year with a $2 billion loss. Its life sciences and chemical analysis division manufactures products such as DNA microarrays and “lab-on-a-chip” devices that are used in biotech and pharmaceutical research. such as those that result in cancer. the company’s life sciences business quietly flourished as the company introduced microarrays—tools that help researchers study gene expression by looking at human (or mouse or elephant or what-have-you) genes. semiconductor products. 2010 Edition Agilent Technologies.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.000. These tools enable scientists to study gene aberrations.000 from 47. electronics and semiconductor industries.iimcal. The early 2000s were tough years for Agilent as it suffered losses and job cuts in the thousands. it was the year Agilent was inducted into the Fortune 500. Gene-ius While Agilent’s test and measurement and semiconductor divisions muddled their way through a slack economy. That left Agilent with three main areas of business: test and measurement equipment. multimeters and spectrum analyzers. the company posted a $1 billion loss. 212. Agilent climbed back to profitability in 2004 with a net income of $349 million as the previous year’s restructuring efforts finally paid off. liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment. having been spun off in a $2. Through its electronic measurement division. measurement and monitoring devices and chemical analysis tools. Nokia. as well as tools for chemical and materials science research like gas chromatography. drug 42 © 2009 Vault. though. the company sells testing gadgetry to such diverse markets as the communications industry. unsurprisingly. . at No. Inc. Agilent sells equipment. In 2002. THE SCOOP One testy company Agilent Technologies is one Silicon Valley preteen with a distinguished family lineage.000 test. and life sciences and chemical analysis equipment. Now leaner and focused on bioanalytic and electronic measurement. Biodiversity Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Some of Agilent’s test and measurement customers include Verizon. when HP decided to concentrate solely on computer hardware and software for the consumer to the communications. Agilent has an enormous product catalog—at least 20. IBM and. such as oscilloscopes. In 2003. Agilent brought its headcount down to 29.

due to forecast revenue dips for fiscal 2009 in the company’s electronic measurement and semiconductor and board test segments. a test instrument that will aid the scientists and engineers who are trying to figure out ways to increase internet transmission rates from the current 10 Gb/s to the 40 to 100 Gb/s level. several publications and organizations have given the company more than 20 industry awards for its electronic design and measurement products.S.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. GAAP net income for the quarter is $64 million ($0. Department of Homeland Security. Therefore. 43 . • February 2009: Electronic design awards in the bag Agilent announced that. the Vault Job Board and more. and holds many of the No.31 per share) the previous year. Its net revenue in 2008 was $5. expert advice. The new analyzer is touted as an “industry-first” since it fills a gap in the capability of current instruments to analyze optical signals. However. we have no choice but to resize our electronic measurement businesses for the realities of the marketplace. which was considered among the top products of 2008 industry media providers EDN. • February 2009: Revenue in Q1 fiscal 2009 down 16 percent Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.vault.18 per diluted share) compared with $120 million ($0. expert resume reviews. while revenue in the semiconductor and board test business is expected to be down by 50 percent. “We have been very aggressive to date in addressing the downturn in electronic measurement markets. In a report to investors. Electronic Products and Microwaves & RF.700 employees will be affected by the restructuring program that has a cash cost of $160 million. business remains severely depressed. 2009) saying that the $1. and there are no prospects for a meaningful recovery in the foreseeable future. The OMA will be priced at $ Inc. Agilent is the No. Among the products cited more than once is the N5242A PNA-X nonlinear vector-network analyzer.000 for starters. President and CEO William Sullivan remarked.8 billion. Visit Vault at www. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Restructuring of measurement.iimcal. board test businesses Agilent announced that. 1 slots in the life sciences and chemical analysis industry. 2010 Edition Agilent Technologies. 1 manufacturer of test and measurement for insider company profiles.7 billion revenue for the quarter was 16 percent below the level of the same Agilent released financial results for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2009 (ended January 31.” • March 2009: Groundbreaking optical modulation analyzer The company announces that it will be rolling out in September 2009 its N4391A optical modulation analzyer (OMA). career message boards. since December 2008. Some 2. it will restructure these two businesses. The electronic measurement segment is forecast to decrease by 30 percent from its level for the same period in fiscal 2008. manufacturers and the U.

Of the company’s 19. New Jersey. Idaho and Internships offer another approach for students to get their foot in the door. • June 2008: Going Nano. Inc..Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. GETTING HIRED It’s an Agilent world after all Although headquartered in Santa Clara. identification and collection of tactical targets. computer or 44 © 2009 Vault. characterizing and quantifying nanomechanical material properties. Colorado State University. employment centers outside of California include Delaware. 2010 Edition Agilent Technologies.S.300 are based in the United States.S. mechanical.000 employees. • December 2008: Going … going … Green As a participant in the U. The company also has a strong overseas presence with facilities in 30 foreign countries. the Society of Women Engineers and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs. Penn State and the University of Illinois. industrial. According to Agilent’s website. Customized for: Vinay ( U of Agilent Agilent recruits for new talent at colleges throughout the nation. Major U. Illinois. New York. Army Communications-Electronics Research. including Stanford. approximately 11. branch offices in more than 50 semiconductors and life sciences fields. a wholly owned Agilent subsidiary.S. The Tennessee-based Nano services academic and industrial researchers in the materials sciences. facilities. Calif. department and level of experience. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Leaders program. Agilent Technologies has U. Massachusetts. “The goal of [the internship] program is to hire students into regular jobs after graduation. it will have reduced by 10 percent its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in its U. as well as at job fairs sponsored by professional organizations such as the National Black MBA Association. • October 2008: Subsidiary won $45-million contract from Uncle Sam NetworkFab. Development and Engineering Center’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate.S. . The project will entail search. won a five-year research contract worth $45 million from the U. Agilent pledged that by 2011. The Agilent website posts all open positions—both in the United States and abroad—searchable by location. Inc.iimcal. thinking BIG Agilent announced that it has acquired the Nano Instruments unit of MTS Systems Corporation to strengthen its portfolio in instrumentation for imaging.” The 10-week program is open to students pursuing undergraduate or advanced degrees in the following disciplines: electrical.

IT. prospective Agilent employees will enjoy good pay. chemical engineering. although they get pay raises and increased responsibilities. “Any career advancement requires initiative on the part of the individual. there is never time for discovering errors and correcting them.” Indeed. or you can become a politician who is paid well and contributes little of genuine value. finance and HR. career message boards. “Basically you can be a happy.” provided that they steer clear of those who want to climb the corporate ladder at all costs.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 45 . OUR SURVEY SAYS Mirroring a Dilbert panel? “The description of working conditions here sounds like a Dilbert cartoon. poorly paid engineer. materials science. quality control. According to one source. Inc. and business. IT/IS. and many offer relocation. most of us get satisfied. on the plus side. flexible hours and the chance to work with “intelligent and interesting people.” adds a source.” the contact elaborates. expert resume reviews. physics. marketing. different strokes for different folks. “Some people are in the same job for 20 years. In the end. Also. Visit Vault at www. expert advice.” However. Internships are offered in research and development. “Upper management used to be engineering. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. biology. chemistry. computer science. facilities. manufacturing. When they discuss project schedules. All internships are for insider company profiles.iimcal.” says one insider. housing and transportation allowances in addition to medical insurance. the Vault Job Board and more.vault. any change in position is small. but you can’t tell.” Another source adds that the company has “little interest in developing people for advancement. insiders seem to agree that Agilent offers few opportunities for advancement. 2010 Edition Agilent Technologies.

AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES 8 Cambridge Center THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: AKAM Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: George Conrades President & CEO: Paul Sagan 2008 Employees: 1. NY • DEPARTMENTS Account Management • Corporate Services • Discipline • Engineering • Finance • Global Sales • Human Resources • Internship • Legal • Marketing • Network Operations • Professional Services • Quality Assurance • Sales • Sales Engineering • Services & Support • Technology Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. Germany KEY COMPETITORS Level 3 Communications Limelight Mirror Image Internet EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.9 2008 Income ($ 46 © 2009 Vault. MA (HQ) Atlanta.): 145.): 790. CO • Long Beach.akamai. WA • Chicago. IL • Dallas.500 2008 Revenue ($ mil.1 LOCATIONS TX • Englewood. . CA • New York. VA • San Diego. Inc. MA 02142 Phone: (877) 325-2624 Fax: (617) 444-3001 www. GA • Bellevue.akamai. CA Bangalore • Beijing • London • Madrid • Milan • Paris • Seoul • Singapore • Stockholm • Sydney • Tokyo • Unterfoehring. CA • San Mateo.

000 employees. Dr. expert resume reviews. a professor of applied mathematics. watched the Beijing Olympics or booked a flight over the internet. In 1998.9 million. Akamai’s revenue was $790. 47 . Akamai was incorporated and had attracted a number of high-flying tech professionals. the team won the annual MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition. through which it obtained an exclusive license to some of MIT’s intellectual property. former IBM senior vice president. career message boards.vault. the company’s origin is directly tied to Dr. In 2008. a 24 percent increase over its 2007 revenue of $636. literally reaching around the world. former Time Inc. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. who eventually became the company’s chief technology officer. including algorithm writer extraordinaire Danny Lewin. This Cambridge-headquartered company “provides services for accelerating and improving the delivery of content and applications over the internet from live and ondemand streaming videos to conventional content on web pages to tools that help people transact business. the Vault Job Board and more. Fox Interactive. expert advice. whose principal members were still MIT graduate students. Basically.” and some very smart people were involved in Akamai’s creation. specifically for the speed of transferring online content. enjoying one of the best IPOs ever. Akamai’s diverse group of clients includes Audi AG.Vault Guide to the Top Tech for insider company profiles. Among them were Paul Sagan (current president and CEO).4 million. and it began the development of the company in earnest. one of the founding fathers of the World Wide Web. came up with a solution and recruited the Akamai team. In 1995. he challenged his computer science colleagues to come up with improvements on his design. Berners-Lee’s second year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). then chances are you’ve benefited from Akamai Technologies’ offerings. and George Conrades (current chairman). Within a year.iimcal. and when someone requests information from anywhere on Visit Vault at www. Adobe. more than half of them in Massachusetts. The firm has over 1. Akamai helps its customers direct web traffic so it doesn’t get jammed up. Tom Leighton. and MBA student Jonathan Seelig. the Akamai system has assembled a huge network of servers. 2010 Edition Akamai Technologies THE SCOOP All about Akamai If you’ve downloaded a song. It topped Business 2. In October 1999 the MIT startup went public. making for as quick and painless an info transfer as possible. In fact. the company estimates that it delivers between 10 and 20 percent of all web traffic. The need for speed “Akamai” is a Hawaiian word that means “smart” or “intelligent.” In other words. the famous Akamai algorithms kick in and route that content to the server nearest the requesting party. Tim Berners-Lee. InterContinental Hotels Group. MySpace and Cathay Pacific.0’s 2007 and 2008 lists of the 100 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies. It joined the S&P 500 in July 2007. president.

Akamai adapted to the changing marketplace by shoring up its CDN offerings. Any savings that come out of this action will be used to support investments in content delivery. This was followed by the December 2006 purchase of Nine Systems and its 2007 acquisition of private company Netli. Inc. enabling a higher-quality video experience for all viewers.iimcal. • October 2008: Speeding up WAYN sites Travel and lifestyle social networking site WAYN.0 (IIS7) Smooth Streaming Technology.2 million in the middle of a nasty lawsuit. The product adapts stream quality based on a user’s connection speed. increasingly through acquisitions. The most dramatic example was its 2005 acquisition of rival Speedera for $142.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. advertising industry solutions and further international expansion.D. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. partly in tribute to co-founder Lewin who was a passenger on one of the hijacked airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center in New York on September 11. The company has maintained its commitment to innovation through the years. updates of subtitles and viewer-to-viewer interaction while watching a Akamai’s stock prices fluctuated wildly. hosting and delivery of BD Live functionality for Blu-ray discs. the first service based on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7. Canada and the U. Sherman announced that. 2010 Edition Akamai Technologies In the first decade of the 21st used Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator and reported significant improvements in the speed and performance of its site in selected regions such as Malaysia. while Akamai has not changed its business outlook. 2001. application acceleration. .ac. providing true highdefinition (HD) video to those with high bandwidth and the best video quality at their connection speeds for those with lower bandwidth. • November 2008: Restructuring to reduce costs Akamai CFO J. such as Limelight and Speedera. West 48 © 2009 Vault. BD Live is a highly interactive platform that instantly connects users to the Web and enables the creation of personalized avatars. At one point during the tech boom its price hit $327 but plummeted to less than a dollar a share when the tech bubble burst. Other factors affecting Akamai’s stock performance were the commoditization of the CDN market and the entry of competitors. • January 2009: BD Live for Blu-ray Akamai teamed up with Ascent Media Group and Sofatronic to create an integrated digital workflow and distribution solution for the production. the company will restructure in the fourth quarter of 2008 in a bid to reduce operating costs. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Smooth HD-streaming to customers Akamai launched AdaptiveEdge Streaming for Microsoft Silverlight.S.

The NewsMarket will also be using Akamai’s Media Delivery solution for Adobe Flash streaming and Electronic Software Delivery to enable journalists to download video more quickly. Mass. the Vault Job Board and District Court of Massachusetts found that Limelight for insider company profiles. and more. career message boards. 49 . Stanford and UCLA. expert resume reviews.108.703) issued in the name of Akamai founders Tom Leighton and the late Danny Lewin. and awarded Akamai $45. Brown.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. patent 6. expert advice. 2010 Edition Akamai Technologies • June 2008: Delivering Olympic news The NewsMarket. JAVA developers in Washington. MIT. software engineers in Cambridge. network outages and de-peering events. debuts..thenewsmarket.html. a platform for global brands to market and deliver video to their a list of which can be found online at www. software architects in San Diego. plus interest. the firm looks for new hires at several professional recruiting events. including the company’s CEO Paul Sagan and senior software engineer Liz Borowsky. to enable faster accessibility to Olympics-related news coming from China. which stemmed from a lawsuit that Akamai had filed against Limelight in 2006. • February 2008: Taking the Limelight A jury in the U. Harvard. The report culls data from Akamai’s global server network to track global trends in attack traffic.. began to use Akamai’s Web Application Accelerator in its subscriber portal. GETTING HIRED Akamize yourself Customized for: Vinay ( Akamai participates in college recruiting events at schools that include Carnegie Mellon. a quarterly report. Recently.akamai.C. is infringing upon the content delivery patent (U.vault. Inc. Potential applicants can view current job openings and apply for them online at www.. Calif. Northeastern. The report (available for download at www. The firm’s website also features video testimonials from several current will also provide a snapshot on broadband connectivity around the world. The verdict ended a three-week trial in Boston. Visit Vault at www. • May 2008: Monitoring the Web Akamai’s State of the Internet. Additionally. the company was hiring senior developers in Dearborn. Michigan.akamai.5 million in damages. McGill.

2010 Edition Akamai Technologies Committed to having fun Akamai says the company will always work closely with customers to understand their needs.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. deliver on its commitments to stakeholders and strive for excellence. a 401(k) retirement and savings plan. Akamai’s people also enjoy fitness programs and get discounts on entertainment. It also promises to conduct business ethically. life insurance.iimcal.” The extensive list of employee benefits at Akamai includes medical insurance. another one of the firm’s governing principles is to “have fun. a pretax commuter benefit and an educational assistance 50 © 2009 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. prescription drug coverage. . an employee stock purchase plan. However. dental insurance. vision benefits. Customized for: Vinay ( France (HQ) Alpharetta.984 2008 Income (€ mil.alcatel-lucent. NJ 86 Locations internationally KEY COMPETITORS Ericsson Motorola Nokia DEPARTMENTS Administration • Business • Operations/Support • Business Strategy & Development • Communications • Engineering Services • Environmental Health & Safety • Facilities Management• Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Product Development • Professional Services • Project Management • Sales • Sales Support • Supply Chain Management EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 16. TX • San Juan.ALCATEL-LUCENT 54 rue de la Boétie Paris.173 LOCATIONS Paris. NJ • Overland Park. TX • San Antonio.): -5. GA • Highlands Ranch. 75008 France Phone: +33 1 40 76 10 10 www. FL • Murray THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ALU Stock Exchange: NYSE CEO: Ben Verwaayen 2008 Employees: 76. VA • 51 .alcatel-lucent. CO • Mirimar. KS • Plano.000 2008 Revenue (€ mil. PR • Vienna.

Alcatel-Lucent participates in 130 standardization organizations that work to create universally marketable technology platforms. The firm touts its multiculturalism. Alcatel-Lucent’s store of copyrighted ideas covers some 25.” which is fancy code for anything using IP 52 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and prides itself on being able to function on the global stage as well as in local and regional markets. constituent parts into a comprehensive and efficient whole. The firm is now significantly larger and much more globalized as the union of major European (Alcatel) and American (Lucent) forces. including Verizon and AT&T. Headquartered in Paris. the company has a reputation for quality. very much in the process of synthesizing its many new. Alcatel-Lucent set a target of trimming its costs by $3 billion through 2009. unified versions of its overlapping technologies—what it calls “end-to-end systems. one memorable protest sign read “One marriage. Employees. 2010 Edition Alcatel-Lucent THE SCOOP A marriage made in Paris If you think the name Alcatel-Lucent sounds odd.iimcal. global reach and superior facilities as reasons for its business success. and provides services to telecom giants. And with 15 percent of revenue invested each year in research and development. the brains behind a host of breakthroughs (among them MP3 technology and wireless local area networks). the new company was busy managing its newfound girth and setting an agenda for progress—a process more unwieldy than in most mergers due to the size and pedigree of the parties. Reformat Following the Alcatel-Lucent merger.000 job cuts to help attain its goal. were not pleased with the announcement of the planned patents spanning from broadband access to advanced nanotechnology to network management. It is still. so the company immediately announced 9.000. such a massive reconfiguration can’t happen without treading on some sensitive toes. globally. 9.000 funerals. Alcatel-Lucent does business in 130 countries and employs about 77. however. French labor unions showed their disdain for the massive cuts. Alcatel-Lucent struggled to develop single. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” Another restructuring challenge involved the product line. . It includes Bell Labs. particularly Parisian ones. you’re not alone—Alcatel and Lucent were competitors in the same telecommunications technology space until their merger in December 2006. Of course.

” • February 2009: Patent war A trust associated with Alcatel-Lucent sued DirectTV Group..” S&P said. career message boards. and Dish Network Corp. the Paris-based company reported an eighth-straight quarterly loss as it wrote down the value of assets by a record €3. 53 . citing the company’s financial head. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. saying that the company “has not shown material signs of a turnaround in the past year.. The new measure brings job cuts to 17. and EchoStar Corp. says company spokeswoman Mary expert resume reviews. claims that the companies are infringing on five patents related to encoding and decoding signals from moving images. including axing 1. The company says it will also eliminate 5. Memorex brand owner Imation for insider company profiles. videoconferencing systems maker Polycom.. • December 2008: Trimming costs and more jobs Alcatel-Lucent said it will cut €1 billion in costs in each of the next two years. Moody’s Investors Service made a similar downgrade of Alcatel-Lucent’s rating in February.500 since Alcatel bought Lucent in 2006. Alcatel-Lucent is a 99 percent beneficiary of the trust. most likely in the second-half of the year.91 billion ($5.vault. MPEG LA. Westinghouse Digital Electronics LLC. • March 2009: Back to profitability? Alcatel-Lucent hopes to return to net profit in the second half of 2010. and seven other companies over patented video compression technology. Standard & Poor’s forecasted as it lowered the corporate rating of the world’s largest maker of telecommunications systems and equipment by one grade to B+. the two largest U.. in violation of an earlier Alcatel agreement to share inventions in a patent-licensing pool—an allegation that Alcatel-Lucent denies.000 contractors.iimcal. satellite-TV providers. says the trust was set up two days before Alcatel purchased Lucent. Inc. which licenses patents on the industry standard for digital television broadcasting. Proview International Holdings. Inc. 2010 Edition Alcatel-Lucent IN THE NEWS • March 2009: More retrenchment expected Falling demand and restructuring costs are expected to spell further losses for Alcatel-Lucent in 2009. the patent owner.” In February 2009. Paul Tufano. Visit Vault at www. the French daily Les Echos said. the Vault Job Board and more. in 2006. expert advice. Alcatel-Lucent is “likely to record another year of highly negative free cash flow in 2009. Multimedia Patent Trust. Ltd.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.000 more managerial jobs as it tries to end losses.S. “We expect to return to profits during 2010. It says the companies were informed of the need to enter into a license agreement but they refused. That brought the company’s writedowns to about €8 billion since Alcatel SA bought Lucent Technologies. who was quoted by the daily as saying..” while “cash consumption continues at a high level.1 billion).. Vizio Inc. The seven other companies include television and computer monitor makers Pioneer Corp. with 1 percent going to charity. maker of digital set-top boxes for Dish Network.

officials said. • March 2007: Setting new horizons with Verizon Alcatel-Lucent announced a $6 billion deal in which Verizon Wireless would help extend its wireless network in North America. and Frank D’Amelio. who had once been tapped as a future Alcatel positions since the merger between Alcatel and Lucent. and reassures some investors worried about the merged company’s financial prospects. Some analysts have speculated that there will be another round of restructuring at the company. and Ben Verwaayen will become AlcatelLucent’s CEO. but CEO Patricia Russo described the twin resignations as an “evolution in leadership. This is but a small concession. and Dell. Lucent’s head of finance.” quite “natural” after a merger..6 million in June. Analysts immediately predicted further defections from the executive suite. nobody anticipated the red ink to feel so much like blood—the company lost €586 million in the period. pointing out that the firm’s 54 © 2009 Vault.. two senior executives jumped ship: Mike Quigley. Although some analysts expected as much. Verwaayen has said that the firm will focus on creating new technologies to battle competition from lower-cost Asian rivals. Before the month ended. including one that resulted in the largest patent verdict in U. by the end of 2008. which has already slashed 16. over features in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Many analysts remain wary. putting an end to the rallies. Financial terms were not disclosed. The giant companies have been fighting since 2002 when Lucent began demanding royalties from Microsoft customers Gateway. Inc. the world’s biggest software maker. The contract is the largest telecommunications agreement in both North American and Alcatel-Lucent history. • September 2008: Changes at the top Alcatel-Lucent announced that two European executives will take the two top positions at the company. history—$1. • August 2008: Losses everywhere Alcatel-Lucent announced losses for the second quarter. the new CEO has mentioned that he wants to end friction between the French and American sides of the company. Inc. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Under the proposal. . In addition.iimcal. • September 2007: Labor deal Labor unions finally agreed to the telecom company’s job reduction plans. or nearly 14 percent of the company’s workforce there. Microsoft will continue its appeal of the $368 million verdict it lost that swelled to $511. and Alcatel-Lucent said the two companies have settled most of their patent litigation. The agreement covers six lawsuits.52 billion—before it was thrown out by a judge.468 jobs in France. Frenchman Philippe Camus will serve as the company’s chairman starting October 1. the firm promised to pay “proper” severance and create almost 500 new jobs in France. 2010 Edition Alcatel-Lucent • December 2008: Making peace with Microsoft Officials of Microsoft Alcatel-Lucent planned to cut a total of 1. more than twice as much as the forecasted €275 million. Inc.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. a major labor union—immediately for insider company The company offers internships and a global exchange program through the AIESEC. but one they should have made. 55 . This brings the total to Visit Vault at www.000 layoffs. “It’s a good win.500 job cuts in February. Candidates must create a profile to upload resumes and cover letters. opportunities for students and recent grads. they can browse jobs by category and location. Employees everywhere were unhappy about the news. career message boards. BusinessWeek quotes an analyst on the Verizon deal as saying. nearly 10 percent of the company’s global workforce. the Vault Job Board and more. GETTING HIRED All aboard Alcatel Alcatel-Lucent’s careers site. engineering service jobs proliferated.” Once job seekers select one of the many companies in which Alcatel-Lucent has outposts. expert resume reviews. with marketing and sales also well represented.vault. expert advice. 2010 Edition Alcatel-Lucent wireless services outside North America are very weak while many competitors. If they hadn’t.iimcal. Alcatel-Lucent also offers classroom opportunities through its research partner program and cooperative education program. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. as well as a look at “ Each of these coordinates class work with particular challenges faced by Alcatel-Lucent in the workplace. At press time. the largest worldwide internship association. CGT—the Confédération Générale du Travail. offers information about jobs. are achieving successes abroad. it would have meant even bleaker prospects for the merger.500.” • February 2007: Labor pains Alcatel-Lucent’s first quarterly losses prompted the company to announce an additional 3.alcatel-lucent. on top of its original projection of 9. at www. but they were downright furious at company headquarters in France. most notably Ericsson. The group disrupted the company meeting in June and protested throughout the summer.

TX • Horsham.alliancedata. Louis. OH • Denver. FL • Thornton. 17655 Waterview Parkway Dallas. NE • Seattle.400 2008 Revenue ($ mil. OH • New York. CA • Schaumburg. TX • Johnson City. WA • St. OK • Wakefield. GA • Point Pleasant. GA • Bend. PA • Jacksonville. MO • Tampa. VA • Atlanta. LA • Westminster. CO • Lenexa. GA • 56 © 2009 Vault.ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS.4 LOCATIONS Dallas. MA • West Monroe. CO • Tulsa. UT • San TN • Kennesaw.alliancedata. TX 75252 Phone: (972) 348-5100 www. . NY • Norcross. Heffernan 2008 Employees: 7. NJ • Princeton. KS • Milford. CO KEY COMPETITORS American Express MasterCard Visa EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 217. TX (HQ) Arlington. CO • Ennis. INC.html DEPARTMENTS Account Management • Accounting/ Finance • Administration • Client Services • Commercial/Industry Relations • Communications • Credit Operations • Customer Relations • Engineering Services Epsilon Marketing Services • Human Resources • Information Systems • Internal Audit • Legal • Lending • Loyalty Services • Management • Manufacturing • Marketing • Operations • Planning • Product Engineering • Purchasing • Research/Development • Retail Credit Services • Sales • Transaction Services Customized for: Vinay ( THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ADS Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Mike Parks President & CEO: Edward J.): 2. NJ • Salt Lake Inc. OR • Columbus. TX • San Francisco. IL • Scottsbluff.3 2008 Income ($ mil.

underwriting. THE SCOOP Loans. The Limited.1 billion. the company experienced losses. with clients ranging from convenience store chain 7-Eleven to specialty stores like Victoria’s Secret. paired with its marketing services segment—which promotes consumer loyalty through incentives like the company’s air miles rewards program—Alliance Data delivers a one-two punch that makes it stand out in its industry. Despite growth.8 billion outflow on borrowing repayments. but it also creates and manages the little perks that will hopefully keep those same customers coming back. A strong believer in the purchasing power of that thin slice of plastic. risk management and database marketing for more than 600 clients in the retail. expert resume reviews. with a cash flow statement reflecting a $109 million deficit and $3. a healthy chunk of Alliance Data’s business came from providing private-label credit card services to the company from whence it sprung. Alliance reported that revenue for the last quarter of 2008 climbed to $2 billion and profits were up to $217 million. utility and financial industries. gave Alliance Data the go signal to provide private-label credit card services. perks and rewards wrapped in pretty plastic Wherever gift cards are given. 2010 Edition Alliance Data Systems. The company processes more than 3. The contract also includes providing Haband with consumer service functions and marketing services.7 billion more than the year before. But through the years. from $164. 57 . expert advice. • February 2009: Partnership with Haband Haband. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Growth amid economic woes Alliance Data believed that it could invest in loyalty programs and direct marketing though the rest of the business might have to take a back seat. Alliance has proven itself to be a steady business. Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Alliance Data Systems (better known as Alliance Data) handles all things transactional. including payment authorization. Alliance Data has been supplying businesses worldwide with solutions for cost-effective consumer relationships. the Vault Job Board and more.vault. Alliance Data Systems is there. The company not only handles all the details of customer purchases for its clients. processing. Both companies will also work on developing a loyalty rewards component. about $1. career message boards. Plus. one of the largest multichannel retailers in the United States. the company still sees its revenue rising to $2.8 billion transactions annually. combined with the private-label credit card program. wherever a gas bill is paid online and wherever consumer loyalty is rewarded with free movie for insider company Visit Vault at www. Initially. however. to provide incentives and reward cardholders and establish a better relationship between the Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. Inc.

76 billion merger with Blackstone in May 2007. and in particular this multi-year renewal in the retail category. the company will be allowed to get back shares in the open market and through private negotiations as well. such as travel. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. Working parents will be attracted by the backup care program. movie passes and gift cards redeemable at Hudson’s Bay locations. • December 2008: Renewing with Hudson’s Hudson’s Bay Company. The company offers the usual health benefits. But the alternative asset management company continued to look the other way when asked to fulfill OCC (U. and through the new program. through print catalogs and online.3 billion of its common stock throughout 2009.S. On April 18. Alliance Data Systems announced its privatization after agreeing on a $6. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) requirements for the merger. • April 2008: Breaking up with Blackstone The Blackstone Group LP (Blackstone) suddenly turned cold as Alliance Data Systems (ADS) shares drop 35 percent in the market. company and its customers. 2010 Edition Alliance Data Systems. which grants 80 hours of emergency child or dependant care to all associates. which will help the company buy $1. This program will be implemented alongside the $500 million repurchase program. saying. Working parents looking to adopt a child will appreciate the adoption assistance program. believes that the deal reaffirms the quality of Alliance’s products. Hudson’s has been a sponsor of the air miles reward program since 1998 and is considered one of the top 15 clients to support the program. president of Alliance Data’s LoyaltyOne business. signed a multiyear renewal contract with Alliance Data. Inc. Bryan Pearson. Alliance decided to break things up with Blackstone for breach of contract. In the previous year. it can be assumed that they know a thing or two about fostering employee loyalty as well. which reimburses 58 © 2009 Vault. a division of Hudson’s Bay Trading company. with reimbursement for gym membership thrown GETTING HIRED Further your career at Alliance Data Since Alliance Data is in the loyalty marketing business. “[t]his long-term relationship.” • July 2008: Repurchasing own stock Alliance Data’s board of directors approved the new stock repurchase program. . demonstrates the value of our loyalty program to major brands and cornerstone businesses in the Canadian The air miles program offers over 800 rewards to users.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Haband sells men’s and women’s clothes and home wares to consumers 50 years and older. Alliance already has in its hands outstanding shares worth $725 million.

you will be required to set up an account on Alliance Data’s career web page. but not one where lots of growth typically takes place. for the truly discriminating applicant. interview about three days later with an offer made the next day.” According to another insider.alliancedata. by desired salary. searchable by the flip side of the coin is that in Alliance Data “diversity is very good” and “employees come from a multitude of backgrounds and races. simply a fit and personality check if you had the relevant experience.” Another source seems to concur. 59 . expert resume reviews. There were no tricks. Upon applying. allowing you to upload and edit your resume (you also have the option of applying without using a resume).or part-time status and. the Vault Job Board and more. During the process. I met with an HR representative as well as one of the managers in the collections department. it’s as straightforward as it can get. An insider outlines. Inc.iimcal.” and points out that “[t]he dress code was lax.500 per adoption. expert for insider company Visit Vault at www.vault. There you will find listings for all open positions at the company. You can get the goods on opportunities at Alliance Data through its career site. at Guide to the Top Tech Employers. OUR SURVEY SAYS Straightaway Hiring at ADS doesn’t deal with too many hoops. he commends the company for doing “a lot of good in the community and to really care about the employees who cared about them.” However. the hours weren’t bad. One respondent describes it as “very stuffy. Other niceties include a 401(k) plan with company matching and a stock purchase program. 2010 Edition Alliance Data Systems.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “[o]verall a nice place to work. in addition to filling out online forms regarding work experience and education history. full. department. career message boards.html.” Mixed reactions It seems that the corporate culture at Alliance Data leaves more to be desired. stuck-up and highly political. but compensation was definitely not cutting edge. employees up to $2. “Application submitted on site.

Finland • High Wycombe.367. NC • Richardson. China • County Cork. Hong Kong • Osaka • Penang • San Mauro Torinese. MA • Duluth. OH • Bangalore • Beijing • Buckinghamshire. GA • Ellicott City.2 2008 Income ($ mil. Ireland • Espoo. WI • Willoughby.iimcal. Inc.altera. Italy • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen. United Kingdom • DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CEO & Chairman: John P. . MN • Portland.7 LOCATIONS San Applications Engineering • CAD/Layout • Facilities • Field Applications • Finance • Human Resources • IC Design Engineering Information Systems • Legal • Marketing • Operations • Product Engineering • Research & Development • Sales • Software Engineering• Test Engineering 60 © 2009 Vault. China • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto • Unterschleissheim. NJ • Minneapolis. EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Sweden • Kowloon. Germany • Velizy. CA 95134 Phone: (408) 544-7000 www. TX • San Diego.ALTERA CORPORATION 101 Innovation Drive San Jose.): 1. United Kingdom • Chengdu Sichuan. Inc. Daane 2008 Employees: 2. France KEY COMPETITORS Actel Corporation Lattice Semiconductor Corporation IL • Sussex.altera. CO • Chelmsford.): 359. MD• Kenilworth. CA • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ALTR Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President.760 2008 Revenue ($ OR• Raleigh. CA (HQ) Broomfield.

in) Visit Vault at www. of course. The company went public in 1988.vault. Japan constituted 23 percent of sales. 61 . and its stock price jumped from about $10 per share to $25. The following for insider company profiles. things only got better—Altera’s sales had more than doubled in 1995. telecommunications and industrial machinery. The acronym-friendly firm specializes in the manufacture of programmable logic devices (PLDs). bringing in $654 million in revenue. Because these logic devices are programmable.700 people in 19 countries. Michael Magranet. In 2008. The majority of Altera’s chips are sold overseas. and systems-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPCs). those companies rely upon Altera to keep the components humming along.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Altera acquired Intel’s PLD line in 1994. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. Paul Newhagen and Jim Sansbury. North America and Europe made up about a quarter of sales each. Four-sight Four semiconductor entrepreneurs who foresaw great things in chips founded Altera in 1983. Altera achieved revenue of $1. They are Robert Hartmann. as they would again in 1991 and 1992. increasingly in Asian markets. during which the overall PLD industry suffered. In 2006. expert resume reviews. The enigmatically named Altera is one of the largest producers of specialized computer chips used by companies in a wide range of industries. 1997 proved so profitable that the company handed out $10 million in profit shares and bonuses. while the rest of Asia Pacific represented another 27 percent. career message boards. In fact. 2010 Edition Altera Corporation THE SCOOP A leader of PLDs If the internet relies on device manufacturers such as Lucent and Cisco Systems to supply technological components. Altera’s clients can craft the chips to meet their own needs—using Altera software. Altera still managed its sixth-straight profitable fiscal year. and now employs approximately 2. from $199 million to $402 million. the Vault Job Board and more. From there. thereby increasing its market share to 20 percent. expert advice. including networking. introducing a new generation of chips that year.3672 billion.

his performance bonus is relative to the company’s operating income.28 per diluted share. sales drop Altera reported a fiscal fourth quarter increase in net income at $83 million.” says Forbes.1 million that year. . 2008.7 million.” • January 2009: Best managed Though the CEO’s base salary remained unchanged since 2003. Stratix IV GX devices target numerous applications in the communications. As the second member of the Altera Stratix IV GX FPGA family. 2008 fourth quarter sales dropped to $’s Scott DeCarlo. Cyclone III FPGA edition. 3 percent lower than 2007’s fourth quarter. Altera CEO John Daane may have had it comfortably 62 © 2009 Vault. medical and military markets. at $359. compared to $65. as the Associated Press reported that Daane’s compensation package was worth $4. “While we experienced the effects of a global economic-driven slowdown in the fourth quarter. the company’s stock declined by 13.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the company also announced the availability of its Embedded Systems Development Kit. or $0. or $0. Winners in each category were selected based on each company’s “debt-to-total capital ratio. Altera’s 2008 sales grew by 8 percent from to 2007. Altera’s 40-nm Stratix IV FPGAs received the Product of the Year award from Electronic Products China magazine.5 million. a comprehensive platform that accelerates the prototyping and development of FPGA-based embedded systems. • March 2009: Shipping high density FPGAs Altera announced the silicon availability of a high density transceiver FPGA.’s Platinum 400.5 percent. we increased our market share in the programmable logic industry for the sixth year in a row. while income increased by 24 percent. their long-term success and latest performance in a five-year period. CEO John Daane took everything with a grain of salt saying. However. Inc. Earlier this month.37 billion. 2010 Edition Altera Corporation IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Daane’s worth Though 2008 was a tough year for the semiconductor industry. named Altera the Best Managed Company in the Semiconductors Category among Forbes. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. This is the fifth time Altera has been included in the list. the EP4SGX530 is 60 percent larger than the largest transceiver FPGA on the market today. at $1. • January 2009: Profits up. whichmarked the sixth award the Stratix IV family has received since its launch in May.iimcal.20 per diluted share in the fourth quarter of 2007. broadcast.5 million.

employees only—reveals the usual spate of medical. you can opt for the veterinary pet insurance Visit Vault at www. Once you find something that piques your interest. with a summary of typical job functions and responsibilities for each. in addition to paid time off (10 holidays plus 12 vacation days per year). Europe and Asia).Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. the Vault Job Board and more. Experienced hires will find goodies on the careers site as well. you will be considered for current and future opportunities with the company. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. dental and vision insurance. An exhaustive listing of benefits—for for insider company profiles. with a jobs database searchable by department and location (Altera has facilities throughout North America. Upon uploading your resume and filling out a short application online. The company also provides 100 percent education reimbursement for full-time employees and an employee stock purchasing program. expert advice. and on its careers website (www. From here you can also explore internship opportunities—though these are typically limited to engineering positions. child care assistance and a flexible health care spending account. complete with a list of typical interview questions and a guide to proper apparel. one of the voluntary benefits offered along with a college savings plan and auto and home insurance. career message boards. If you want to keep your poodle out of the pet cemetery.altera. 2010 Edition Altera Corporation GETTING HIRED The kids are all right (with Altera) Altera is eager to woo the fresh-from-college crowd. expert resume you will find a plethora of information on how new college grads can get in with the firm. One helpful portion of the site gives a rundown of the college majors of particular use to the company.iimcal. 63 . Altera even helps you through the hiring process with its “Interview Tips” section.S.

Israel • São Paulo. MA 02062-9106 Phone: (781) 329-4700 www. WA Casa Grande. OR • Administration Engineering Services Finance Human Resources Information Systems/Technology Legal Manufacturing/Operations Marketing Research & Development Sales 64 © 2009 Vault. Ireland • Milan • Munich • Raanana. NJ • Hanover. AZ • Wilmington. Netherlands • Brondby. Inc. AZ • Circle Pines. MA (HQ) Austin. One Technology Way THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ADI Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Ray Stata President. France • Bangalore • Breda. Inc. Great Britain • Taikoo Shing. TX • Beaverton. Hong Kong • Tokyo • Vienna KEY COMPETITORS Freescale Semiconductor. Sweden Limerick.ANALOG DEVICES.): 786. ST Microelectronics Texas Instruments. Denmark • Eppegem-Zemst.3 LOCATIONS GA • Freehold. Belgium • Kista. Brazil • Seoul Taipei • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore Surrey. CT • Duluth. CEO & Director: Jerald G.): 2.9 2008 Income ($ MD • Hoffman Estates.html DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Inc. . Fishman 2008 Employees: 9.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil.analog. TX • San Jose. IL • Melville. CA • Danbury. INC. NY • Richardson.582. MN • Costa Mesa. NY • Pittsford. Box 9106 Norwood. MA • Antony. CA • Scottsdale.

Mass. In 1970.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 65 . The company’s first product was a small. The company continued product development throughout the decade. career message boards. ADI introduced 33 new ICs in 1987 alone. That same year. establishing an Asian Pacific presence for ADI. releasing several industry firsts to beef up its reputation. They first went into business with each other in 1961 founding Solid State Instruments. Stata took the company public in 1967 to raise funds for the company’s expansion into analog-to-digital (A/D) converters and ICs. They subsequently sold this company but used the proceeds to launch Analog Devices in 1965. Inc. One of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Analog Devices has a portfolio of over 10. THE SCOOP Circuiting the globe Analog How ADI made its first billion Analog opened IC test and assembly plants in Japan and the Philippines in 1981. mixed-signal and digital signal-processing integrated circuits (IC). Stata and Lorber moved into a market where they wouldn’t have to compete with the almighty IBM—amplifiers that receive and strengthen electrical signals. Inc. ADI introduced the AD550mDAC. and for the second year in Visit Vault at www. ADI was a Fortune 500 company (it has fallen to No. Massachusetts. By 1992.vault. light and sound into electrical signals used in a range of devices. ADI was listed as one of America’s most admired companies by Fortune in 2000.iimcal. it had cracked the top half of Fortune’s list of the 1. In 1969. Lorber opted out of ADI. as engineering students (and roommates) at MIT in the 1950s. a CMOS digital-to-analog converter and its analog-to-digital counterpart. modular amplifier of this kind. a design that would carry much of the company’s innovation throughout that decade. 718 as of 2008). including a high-speed operational amplifier IC. 2010 Edition Analog Devices. For ADI’s first product. 2005 and 2006. The first Japan-based sales office also opened that same year. 394 The year was A. because of differences with Stata over vision for the company. ADI broke ground on what is today the company’s headquarters in Norwood. the company had joined the New York Stock Exchange and rolled out a bunch of firsts. expert resume reviews. its first monolithic integrated circuit.000 products and employs nearly as many people—including more than 3.D. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. from CAT scanners and digital cameras to cars and radar systems.000 most valuable for insider company profiles.000 engineers at its design centers. 101 Ray Stata and Matthew Lorber met in Cambridge. sales topped $1. the Vault Job Board and more. 2001. By 1998. expert advice.. By the end of the 1970s.2 billion. It has also made eight appearances on the Forbes Platinum 400 list—most recently in 2008 at and by 1995. called the AD101. sales offices and manufacturing facilities across the globe. (ADI) makes analog. ADI technology routinely converts “real-world phenomena” such as temperature.

it powers the display and analysis functions of the AfibAlert. Mass. the company released its Blackfin processor. Inc. followed in September with the purchase of AudioAsics A/S. the company not only launched a new Blackfin electronic processor for everything from cameras to car computer systems. through its contribution to Nintendo’s popular Wii video game console—the key component of which is ADI’s three-axis accelerometer instant messaging. Jack-of-all-Blackfins ADI continued on its consumer electronics spree in 2007. The Blackfin found its way into the Litecomputer. Thus. when several of its products found new applications in the latest tech must-haves. Jerry Fishman was appointed president and COO in 1991. including the Northern Ireland-based electronic components maker BCO Technologies and Chiplogic of Santa Clara. . In 1996. the ADXL330. ADI acquired Korean mobile communications technology firm Technology for the future ADI started the 21st century with a string of acquisitions. which is designed to power the multifunctional electronics that are increasingly 66 © 2009 Vault. Calif.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. as Ray Stata decided to step down as president of the company in order to assume the role of chairman of the board and CEO. In June 2006. a row the company was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. 2010 Edition Analog Devices. The 1990s also brought about a change in leadership. but also introduced new performance-leading converter technology that reinforced ADI’s leadership position in that product category.iimcal. a low-cost PC (about $150 a pop) that offers internet browsing. In 2004. At the annual 3GSM World Conference in Spain. ADI intends to be at the forefront as the accelerometer realizes its full potential in everyday appliances. That same year. and internet-based calling without a high-maintenance hard drive. a Danish company specializing in microphone and audio signal technology. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.—a developer of high-level communications processing tools. ADI opened a wafer fabrication foundry in Cambridge. The application of the technology in consumer electronics is opening new doors for the chipmaker. The Blackfin processor is also used in the medical technology field. Inc. The chip has made cell phones and remote controls more user-friendly because it allows users to simply gesture or flick their wrists instead of poring over rows of buttons. The same year also brought a key victory for ADI. Stata passed the reigns of CEO to Fishman. a music and video media player. an atrial fibrillator that allows homebound patients to monitor their heart rates.

in) Visit Vault at www.” • November 2008: Rev it up ADI reported revenue for 2008 rose 6 percent from 2007. hardware and software from Domosys for insider company profiles. • May 2008: The scandal and the deal The Securities and Exchange Commission charged ADI and its CEO for reporting false compensation and related financial information to investors by backdating stock option grants to directors. ADI and Fishman agree Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. He added that ADI has also extended its analog technology portfolio by putting money in fast-growing areas such as radio frequency. • November 2008: Sharpening the focus CEO Fishman said for 2009. “While we exited the year faced with very difficult global economic conditions. The technology is effective for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). including ‘real-time’ pricing data. ADI plans to focus investments on its signal processing products while reducing spending in areas that offer less advantage for the company during the global credit crunch. which have the potential to be key contributors to future growth. Analog Devices got the PowerBUS RHINO technology and all related patents. compared to $569 million. • November 2008: Snipping output ADI said the company plans to cut manufacturing output as it forecasts sharply lower earnings in the first quarter of 2009 due to weak demand and rising inventories. micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) and power management. Inc. The chipmaker posted a better-than-expected quarterly profit but said next quarter earnings are likely to fall sharply below Wall Street estimates because of cautious consumer spending. Canada.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. CEO Fishman said income was boosted by the company’s strategy to have a refined product portfolio at the start of the year and intensified focus on ADI’s core businesses.” he added. to $2. demand-response actions or remote service disconnections. 67 . allowing instructions to be sent to residences for multiple purposes.vault. expert advice.iimcal.2 percent of revenue. • February 2009: Powering power line communications ADI acquired power line communications technology to add to its products for energy-metering applications. a system that “provides two-way communications. Operating income was $625 million or 24. a privately held company based in Quebec City. in 2007. or 23. first quarter 2009 revenue declined 22 percent to $477 million from a year ago. 2010 Edition Analog Devices. career message boards. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Falling fortune ADI announced that as it had expected. officers and employees. expert resume reviews. the Vault Job Board and percent of revenue. we believe this focus on our marketleading core signal processing technologies gives us a competitive advantage that will endure throughout and beyond the current downturn.6 billion.

000. directors and employees. dental and vision insurance. There’s also education assistance covering 100 percent of tuition expenses (for eligible programs).—approximately 75 percent of revenue is Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and as such goes to great lengths to win their favor. ADI was recognized as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area— an especially telling honor. are welcome pretty much everywhere.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. GETTING HIRED It’s all about the benefits ADI considers its employees to be its greatest asset. Inc. the company has some tough competition in terms of attracting and keeping employees. The company said it continues to invest in the wireless handset market by focusing in areas where the audio. going … gone! ADI announced completion of the sale of its cellular handset radio and baseband chipset operations to MediaTek. The SEC made its initial inquiry into ADI’s stock option granting practices in 2004. Following the “Engineering Jobs: What and Where?” link will get you a handy chart letting you know what facilities employ what kind of engineers. The page offers the standard job search functions. as well as certain cellular handset baseband support operations. Fishman also agreed to repay $ • January 2008: Going.iimcal. ADI executives. The SEC said during at least 1998 through 2002.S. representing benefit he allegedly obtained from selling backdated stock in 1998. Inc. to settle the charges against them. for $350 million.S. MEMS and programmable digital signal processing (DSP) technology. considering the legendary perks offered by other Silicon Valley firms. . 2010 Edition Analog Devices. in addition to a slew of life insurance options. ADI does much of its business outside the U. plus interest of $42. ADI’s career website (www. but perhaps they could learn to love Beaverton. a retirement plan with company match and a generous dollop of vacation time. The company offers extensive medical. video. In 2005. In a related civil action filed in the U. on the other hand. MediaTek acquired the assets related to the Othello radio transceiver and SoftFone baseband chipset 68 © 2009 Vault. allowing you to casually browse its extensive listings or narrow your focus to specific locations and Layout engineers. connectivity and power efficiency capabilities of wireless media devices can be significantly enhanced through innovative analog. Applications engineers can forget about finding work with ADI in the Windy City.analog.110. Oregon. new college graduates. ADI consented to pay a $3 million civil penalty and Fishman $1 million without admitting or denying the SEC’s allegations. Inc. and co-ops and interns. District Court for the District of Columbia. defrauding shareholders and resulting in undisclosed compensation for Fishman. ADI and Fishman backdated three stock option grants to price them below the market price of the stock on the date they were actually lists opportunities for experienced professionals.

at one point donating a $25 million building to the institute—then the largest such gift in the organization’s history. sneakers and T-shirt. product/test and advanced development engineering teams and are given opportunities to interact with managers. accordingly. locations and in Ireland. 69 . you will be contacted for a phone interview before a face-toface meeting. ADI has a history of reaching out to college engineering programs dating back to the 1980s. “Opportunities are abundant but in my humble opinion they seem to be more lateral. Co-ops and interns are assigned to work with design. earned abroad—and. Should you find an opening to your liking. the Philippines.” with an ethnically diverse staff. (Stata has also been a frequent donor to MIT. more than half of the company’s workforce is located at facilities in Australia. There is an “Intern Showcase Day” at the end of their internship for students to exhibit their projects. expert resume reviews. Taiwan. when it established engineering chairs at MIT (its founders’ alma mater). a marketing director says.) Student or Visit Vault at www. Japan. “Great to receive Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. strategic hiring. Internships and co-ops are also available at most U. the Philippines and the U. applications. Northeastern and Lowell University. you will be asked to fill out some basic information in an online form before emailing your resume to human resources. which are found at ADI locations throughout the United States.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. India. “I have enjoyed my years here…but need to grow beyond what Analog has to offer. great culture of no layoffs…excellent growth management. pays well and has a strong management team. flexible hours and a casual dress code that allows many to work at the corporate offices in jeans. engineers and fellow interns.” ADI has a “generally positive and giving environment” and there are a lot of smart and talented co-workers to interact with. career message boards.vault. China and for insider company profiles. the application and selection process is the same across the board.iimcal.K. If ADI likes what it sees. Inc. Soft heart for would-be engineers The website also features a section for college job opportunities. expert advice. many internal training programs and opportunity for advancement. OUR SURVEY SAYS Reviews show one of America’s most admired companies is held generally in high regard by its own.” A system engineer moving to another company attests ADI has “a people culture. Several insiders say the company provides employees a lot of opportunity for growth. A human resources manager praises its “great stock program.” the engineer says. the Vault Job Board and more. Ireland. 2010 Edition Analog Devices.

Ray Stata culture.iimcal. A design engineer in India says ADI offers good perks. . college “The wealth was shared a true.000 and a 25 percent bonus with stock options.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. brand value and opportunity for employees to understand where they fit best. But the insider says the company is a bit conservative in shifting to very new technologies. medical. while some decisions are less clear from above. 2010 Edition Analog Devices. with “a wait till everything is all right kind of approach.” the contact 70 © 2009 Vault. dental and retirement mentorship and guidance. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. the source adds.” Funds for entertainment are also low.000 salary describes pay and perks including profit sharing. A human resources representative says ADI offers a great salary as well as bonus and stock options for employees who exceed goals. a good working environment. “Overall pretty good” was how a system administrator who gets a $65.” the staffer says. One design manager has it even better: a base pay of $160. Inc.

jsp Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. VA 22182 Phone: (703) 442-8844 Fax: (703) 442-8919 . Calkins 2008 Employees: 200 KEY COMPETITORS LOCATIONS Vienna.APPIAN CORPORATION 8000 Towers Crescent Drive 16th Floor Vienna. VA (HQ) London Intalio Lombardi Software Savvion DEPARTMENTS Channels Corporate services EMEA Marketing Professional Services Sales Software Development Technology EMPLOYMENT CONTACT THE STATS Employer Type: Private Company Chairman & CEO: Matthew 71 .

the company offers consulting and professional services in the areas of BPM. insurance. Appian partnered with RAM Consulting. energy. A firm on the fast track (its growth over one three-year period exceeded 2. Its products include the Appian Enterprise.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. web services and application integration.iimcal. enterprise identity management and high-speed analytics. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Federal Express. including the Digital Consulting Institute’s (DCI) 2003 Best Internal Portal Award. The company bowed gratefully to industry applause in 2007.C. knowledge Award. Department of Homeland Security and Army. Its clients include such notable names as the U. and in its 2007 list of Best Places to Work) and the Inc 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in North America. communication and infrastructure management needs. like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for financial transparency and the Freedom of Information Act for information requests. the University of Maryland and the World Bank Group. . the e-Gov 2003 Explorer Award and the Industry Advisory Council’s and Federal CIO Council’s 2004 Excellence. Appian has received industry kudos. and other alliances 72 © 2009 Vault. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation THE SCOOP A home run Appian offers business process management (BPM) Appian has won contracts with clients spanning the retail. In addition to software. which recognized Appian as a Company to Watch. While the company’s history is not long. followed by a nod from Intelligent Enterprise. Sprint. In 2004. personalization. a tool for integrating multiple data storage. Giorgio Armani. where RAM had an established presence as an engineering and automation software provider.S. the Securities and Exchange Commission. which provides organizations with increased visibility and control over their business processes. the same is not so for Appian’s list of accolades and awards. area’s fastest-growing software company and the city’s third fastest-growing company overall. The company also partnered with Zynium in 2005 to integrate Microsoft Visio software into its Appian Enterprise suite. data warehousing. financial services. We pick…Appian! Much of Appian’s success has come from teaming up with other firms. when KMWorld named it to its list of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management for the third year running. and software suites that assist agencies in complying with legislative demands. The collaboration set Appian’s software to work in the civil construction and transportation departments of state and local government. business intelligence.000 percent). health care and manufacturing industries. Ernst & Young named CEO and co-founder Matt Calkins Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004. The company has been twice recognized by the Washington Business Journal (in 2004 as the D. a provider of custom software for the automation of government processes. Macromedia.

com for insider company profiles. Australia’s only government-owned commercial insurance and financial services provider has deployed Appian’s Enterprise BPM Suite for use in the government’s motor accidents compensation scheme. the deal takes advantage of Lemontree’s reach in Nordic markets to cull new clients for Appian. the annual list is compiled by the KMWorld network of knowledge management practitioners. According to the TIO. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: In the outback The Territory Insurance Office (TIO). text search and collaboration tools—combined with rich analytics. Appian broadened its international scope by signing a resell agreement with Lemontree. the Vault Job Board and more. Appian on demand Eager to the meet the demands of an increasingly mobile business world. 73 . Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. • February 2009: A company that matters Once again.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. Now in its eighth year. Appian reduces its own exposure to software piracy and can deploy updates more easily. the Enterprise suite is going to assist them in reducing costs and eliminating errors—in other words. Appian took its software to the internet in February 2007. career message boards. is accessed by users through their web browsers—no downloading necessary. propelling the company to record growth. Appian Anywhere is the first and only complete BPM Suite available on demand. Appian deployed a knowledgeable team to help the TIO get used to the process. a Swedish BPM firm. Meanwhile. As a courtesy to the TIO’s introduction to business process management. Appian Anywhere. with MorganFranklin and iWay Software. further augmented its offerings. All of the software suite’s capabilities—data and content expert resume reviews. Appian has been named one of the 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management by KMWorld magazine.iimcal. Its new suite of programs. delivering all the power and functionality of Appian Enterprise via a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The first phase is on time and within budget. by offering its programs through a subscriber Visit Vault at www. In addition to cementing its virtual presence. and it looks to be a promising venture that delivers strong results. Inked in March 2007. theorists. The magazine cites the comprehensive Appian Enterprise BPM Suite because it unifies process and knowledge management. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation that year. save Appian customers time and money in implementation as well as in seamless integration of process control capabilities and effective knowledge management. analysts and end users. BPM software licenses increased by a tremendous 171 percent over the year before. expert advice. Appian’s software suite is hopefully going to streamline the process of accident claims compensation.

2010 Edition Appian Corporation This is the fourth time that Appian is listed in KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management yearly roster. the Appian way In partnership with 74 © 2009 Vault. and although its Enterprise suite is still its best seller. a tool developed by OASIS that will enable Appian Anywhere to have a single sign-on service that increases centralized efforts at process and security and conforms to industry standards. customers and clients alike—unmatched in the industry. making it easier for users to determine what works best for their business and to combine people and Even the industry took note. Also. the company’s Appian Anywhere. That year has also been the highest in terms of revenue.7 Appian unveiled two new offerings to the market: the latest version of its industry leader Enterprise software and a community-sharing tool for Appian users and clients alike.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. attributes and entitlements to travel seamlessly from one entity to another. Two pluses can be seen in the domestic and foreign markets. Appian Anywhere. Appian ShareBase is a virtual community that is free to use with a client’s product license. its complete business process management suite. Fourth quarter earnings in 2008 represent the highest ever closing quarter in the company’s history. now supports security assertion markup language (SAML). partners and customers can use ShareBase as their personal social-networking site. a nonprofit organization working to establish global industry standards for information technology. Appian has also been named as a leader in the new Gartner Business Process Management Magic Quadrant. innovation in its market. and this continues with introduced support for OASIS’s SAML. is creeping up the sales charts as increased demand for the tool is seen.7 builds on the path blazed by Appian’s BPM suite series and makes its offerings even more “process”-centric. Inc. This means that a user doesn’t need to sign-in and reverify information that should already be shared between affiliated secured websites. this means that Appian Anywhere is interoperable across and its tools were able to accommodate one billion logins by users. According to CEO Matthew Calkins: Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. among other things. making it possible for a user’s identity. On the people front. Besides being recognized by KMWorld for the fourth year running. while new customers increased 175 percent over 2007. • January 2009: Off to a good start Appian released a report indicating that 2008 was a good year. In other words. streamlining the process has been one of Appian’s core tenets. with the company receiving awards for. • December 2008: Safety and security. 2009 report. This virtual repository of information is built from the ground up with Appian users’ know-how of Appian tools. After all. its newest SaaS offering. with Appian’s foreign market share contributing 25 percent to total revenue. Enterprise 5. enabling them to upload content and to review and discuss services. It comes with popular content that change from time to time. • November 2008: Introducing Enterprise 5. .

the fact that Appian is an industry leader in the business process management market doesn’t hurt.” • October 2008: Process-centric It was all about the government this quarter.7. Appian and Mega share five customers. With Appian Enterprise career message boards. expert advice. such as determining office productivity or determining who gets access to what files at the FDA. that “a-ha!”. After agreeing to combine their capabilities. which makes it easier for both agencies to streamline their processes. Appian plans to use the funds to position itself more strongly in the market and to widen the reach of its Enterprise BPM Suite as software-as-a-service. “with a little help from its friends. the FDA has entered into a three-year contract with Appian in order to improve its information technology base. Both FEMA and the FDA will use Appian’s web-based application. we are giving that community the most Visit Vault at www. as the latter is known for supporting fledgling IT companies to get their businesses off and running. On the other hand. as Novak Biddle prefers companies that have a “unique or proprietary advantage” for Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. • September 2008: Appian-Mega coordination Appian may be good at answering client needs and at being flexible about the solutions it provides. This should be good news for everyone involved. the FDA is asking Appian to upgrade its processes for a more unified approach to agency activities. Appian is tasked to streamline and automate the agency’s disaster response process. as Appian snagged contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Appian has raised $10 million. Also. yet easy-to-use. and both hope that their combined tools might open the market to a two-in-one package deal that might cement both companies’ position in the BPM for insider company profiles. Appian released its Enterprise BMP suite equipped with the Mega modeling suite. • July 2008: Filling coffers Like the Beatles song. but how could a client know if Appian’s software-as-a-service tool is working or not? The answer to that question comes in the form of Mega. an architecture enterprise company that offers analysis for business processes and their effectiveness. In return for the funding. The moment of discovery. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation “The Appian community is a diverse global network of organizations with one thing in common: they are all using Appian to drive fundamental improvements in how they operate. as Appian is expected to take in $3 million for both software-as-a-service applications for FEMA and the FDA.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert resume reviews.”venture partners Novak Biddle. Appian teaming up with Novak Biddle is no surprise. Essentially. ensuring that agency activities could be monitored and progress be tracked in real time for immediate feedback. 75 . Novak Biddle co-founder Jack Biddle sits on the board of directors at Appian. we are helping the members of that community learn from each other’s successes to speed the time-to-value of their BPM initiatives. With Appian ShareBase. came when rental car company Enterprise propounded that Appian and Mega work together—both are Enterprise’s vendors and have the company as a client. For FEMA.vault. the Vault Job Board and more. BPM platform available.

having a centralized system might decrease the attrition rates at the field level. Inc. since associates can now focus on meeting customer needs rather than getting used to the company’s processes. Archstone appreciated that Appian has come up with a system that knows its end users (read: businesspeople. Before Appian’s software suite entered the picture.iimcal. With Appian’s help. . Points are in order for Appian here. It doesn’t supplant the SharePoint interface. instead working quietly in the SharePoint dashboard. Appian announced that its BPM suite is now available for users of the program. who believes that the company “has not yet reached its full potential. More like giving order to chaos. Appian was the winner. generating a virtual paper trail that sticks to the company’s foot like a used tissue. What’s good about Appian’s offering is that it is all about support—both for SharePoint and the end user. • April 2008: Clearing the clutter for apartments Appian just had to help Archstone. but they have been shown the door by CEO Matthew Calkins. the shift to a paperless process has occurred at a snail’s since its flexibility with customer needs earned it a new client. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation long-term relationships. Fax machines were the lifeblood of Archstone. Like most companies that have been around for a long however. In addition. Appian has received offers to buy out the company. The in-house application is expected to process everything that Enterprise needs within its company. not techies). Appian’s integrated SharePoint package supports areas that Microsoft’s programs lack: business process management and workflow. This is Appian’s first entry into joint venture endeavors. • March 2008: Service is just a click away Bigger than Hertz and Avis. Using a typical Archstone business scenario as the challenge. Enterprise has established a central processing system that can be accessed online. especially since the company’s reach is far and wide and there are a few community differences it has to consider. When the dust settled. Entry forms are now a thing of the past.” • June 2008: This is SharePoint Complementing Microsoft SharePoint. Of late. designers can now have more control over the process. and every form sent had the concurrent risks of getting lost along the way or getting to its destination a little too late. vendors were asked to present a solution that works well for the company. a tool that allows data and other information to be shared across teams or offices. and analysts can look at real-time data about workflow. Enterprise’s view of its internal services department was skewed. with the company having to make do with manually receiving service requests through email. Thanks to Appian.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. from ordering a laptop to making arrangements to opening a new 76 © 2009 Vault. Appian threw its hat into the ring when Archstone called for vendors to show the company what they’ve got. rental car giant Enterprise chose Appian’s web-based business process management (BPM) suite in its internal service request system. since Appian’s web Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and designed it according to their needs and specifications.

or to the headquarters mailing address (Attn. Princeton. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation application is designed to streamline the and “indie” time for personal projects. expert advice. quarterly events and the annual corporate adventures conducted on cruise Work on the Love Boat? Appian supports what it calls a “jovial. the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. New hires with Appian are thoroughly shown the ropes with a fourweek training program in all things technical. download “Print Directions.iimcal. An IT manager from Enterprise says that the company is now able to reallocate the time saved with Appian’s application to other. the Vault Job Board and more. outside of the jovial part of the day’s grind. Adding to the glee is the free fresh fruit delivered to the office twice a week. a 401(k) program with company matching and three weeks of paid vacation per monthly gym and cell phone reimbursements. the University of Texas at Austin.” Second. choices Aside from its Washington-area headquarters. Appian is also an equal opportunity employer.K. But it’s not all tea and strawberries at Appian—employees can expect more pedestrian benefits like health. Resumes and cover letters from college students should be sent to this same email address. European headquarters or regional sales locations in nine states. For the an application form can be downloaded to prepare you for an interview. Rensselaer. the University of Maryland.: Recruiting . 77 . yet professional” work for the university visits of the season and the available openings for undergraduates. monthly happy hours. Perhaps it’s this kind of treatment that earned the company a spot on Visit Vault at www. Duke. Information about these college visits can be obtained by contacting jobs@appian. Appian recruits at a number of colleges. Dartmouth. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.New Candidates). Send this with a cover letter and resume to jobs@appian. First. MIT. and as such fosters group activities—from educational sessions and softball teams to tea and Sudoku parties—among its employees. There are two ways to apply for a job at Appian. To apply. with Enterprise employees ultimately having to just point and click their selections online. including Carnegie-Mellon. Meritocracy is the operative value in the or by visiting your career services office. GETTING HIRED Choices. Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Check out www. There’s regular interaction with top executives. one can also opt to work for its U. followed by a six-month mentoring program. applicants may find specific positions listed on the company website at www. more valuable processes within the company. dental and vision care plans. Be sure to specify the position for which you are applying. career message boards. expert resume reviews.jsp.Vault Guide to the Top Tech for insider company profiles.

Appian is recognized for creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees though a combination of employee satisfaction. innovative benefits to offer” its employees. 2010 Edition Appian Corporation Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in the Greater D.” How do nerds interview job applicants? “Be ready with all numbers— your height in meters to your SAT and GRE scores. Given this rare corporate atmosphere that fosters friendship. Seem to be disconnected from reality. Inc. the state-of-the-art equipment can only come as a bonus.iimcal. is it? All the perks just might be able to outweigh the small price to pay for getting through the interview process. along with the paid parking at headquarters. although he could see room for complaining about management. noting: “The management is kind of nerdy—the Doogie Howser types. .ac. OUR SURVEY SAYS Where you may/can/will belong “Very good group of consultants and top-notch assignments.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Customized for: Vinay ( 78 © 2009 Vault. as if all that weren’t” That’s not really so bad. Appian’s website boasts of the company’s “constantly looking for new. And.” is how one respondent put it. Area list in 2005 and 2007.C. working conditions and company culture.

479 2008 Income ($ mil. United Kingdom • Kingston. Jobs 2008 Employees: 32. CA 95014 Phone: (408) 996-1010 www. Canada • Leicester.): 4.APPLE INC. United Kingdom • Bristol • Calgary • Cambridge • Chadstone. Australia • Edmonton • Exeter • Fukuoka. United Kingdom • Solihull. United Kingdom • Liverpool • London • Manchester • Milton Keynes. United Kingdom • 79 .000 2008 Revenue ($ mil.ajs? Customized for: Vinay ( CA (HQ) Alabama • Arizona • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Hawaii • Illinois • Indianapolis • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Washington • Wisconsin Beijing • Belfast • Birmingham. United Kingdom • Sydney • Tokyo • Vancouver • WestQuay.iimcal. Japan • Geneva • Glasgow • Grays. United Kingdom • DEPARTMENTS Administrative & Clerical • Applications • Facilities • Finance • Hardware Engineering • Human Resources • Information Systems & Technology • iPhone Engineering • iPod Engineering • Legal • Marketing & Product Marketing • Operations • Retail Corporate • Retail Store • Sales • Software Engineering LOCATIONS Cupertino.): Australia • Chatswood. United Kingdom • Laval. United Kingdom • Zurich THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: AAPL Stock Exchange: Nasdaq CEO: Steven P. 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino.834 KEY COMPETITORS Dell Hewlett-Packard Microsoft EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Japan • Montreal • Munich • Nagoya • Osaka • Rome • Sapporo • Sheffield.

Most notably. both offering exclusive content in partnership with record labels and TV and film companies such as EMI music and NBC. online storage. have revolutionized both the music industry and the handheld device market. so why stick to something that’s on its way to being phased out? Prophetically. There were raised eyebrows when the candy-colored iMacs were released sans a floppy disk drive. letting them support each other’s products and software. vlogger-friendly QuickTime and—in a first for the company—Intel processors running the show. Macintosh through rain and shine Apple’s journey has been a roller-coaster ride. changing the way people listen to (and record labels distribute) music and treat their mobile phones.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. THE SCOOP More than three decades of thinking differently Apple has come a long way since 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first built their own computer. Inc. Today. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. drawing the firm’s attention to high-end electronic and digital devices and services. Apple is vindicated. have generated a zealous cult following. the iMac. the Macbook and recently the iPhone. Calif. the iPod series of digital music players. Apple creates its share of the online market with its iTunes Store and 80 © 2009 Vault. only to take a sixmonth medical leave of absence in 2009 to focus on his health. 103 on the 2008 list of the Fortune 500 and second on BusinessWeek’s 2008 edition of the InfoTech 100 (21 ranks ahead of competitor Microsoft.iimcal. Also. In the boardrooms.-based company makes a line of constantly evolving laptop and desktop computers. especially in graphic arts and The Macintosh has long been popular. among others. flash drives and CD-ROMS. Going beyond these markets. the Cupertino. as both companies entered into a cross-licensing pact. equipped with the Mac OS X operating system. The bulk of the company’s profit comes from its personal digital products and its computers. which placed 23rd). leadership changed hands and went back to square one. At the outset of the 2000s. . Apple ranked No. Apple topped Fortune’s list of Most Admired Companies for the second year in a row in 2008. Apple co-founder and CEO Jobs radically revised the company’s core identity. due in part to the flexibility and capability of the Internet. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Apple reasoned that zip drives were going to be the thing of the future anyway. then coming back onboard in 1997 to guide the company through the dark tunnel of internal issues and the global economic downturn in the 2000s. alternating between riding high on the success of its products and battling accusations of illegal corporate acts and claims of patent infringement. Calling a truce with longtime rival Microsoft in 1997 was seen as a savvy move. with Steve Jobs abruptly leaving the company he helped build in 1985.

only TV shows were available for purchase and download. as recently released movie titles will soon be added to the iTunes lineup. with users able to browse through web page histories as they would browse through songs or albums in their iTunes libraries. Other consumers have grumbled that the iPhone’s exclusive relationship with AT&T in America will deter them from buying the product. the one millionth iPhone was sold in September 2007. Despite investor worries that demand was sinking. though. shrunk in half but with the capacity to play twice as many songs as the original iPod Shuffle. all the controls are now on the earphone cord. their Mac or Visit Vault at www. career message boards. This should be good news for those who love their movies as realistically rendered as possible. • February 2009: The Safari hunt Mozilla’s fox sniffed the air. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: See that movie star’s pores up close The marriage between high definition and iTunes got going as Apple announced the availability of high-definition movies for sale in their iTunes store. 81 . Unlike the old model. its interface is similar to iTunes. the new iPod Shuffle has a voice feature that announces songs and playlists in 14 languages.iimcal. The Apple faithful lined up outside the company’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City days before the phone’s release. while Microsoft’s explorer manned the area as Google’s chrome glints in the sunlight.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. crafty consumers in other parts of the country scoped out less-trafficked AT&T stores for a chance to grab an iPhone away from the crowds gathering at suburban mall Apple stores. expert an open-source software also used in Google’s Chrome and Android browsers. for insider company profiles. iPhones have been flying off the shelves. or their AppleTV. expert resume reviews. Touted as 30 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and three times faster than Mozilla Firefox 3 in loading JavaScript. Safari 4’s speed is credited to Nitro. Also. which makes for a more accessible listening experience. although an anonymous computer hacker revealed a free open-source procedure in mid-2007 to “jailbreak” the iPhone to accommodate other wireless providers. Sad news for customers who like the old Shuffle. as the new iPod Shuffle is going to be the only Shuffle on the market soon—Apple plans to phase out the older model. whether on their iPhone. Apple entered the browser wilderness as it promoted Safari 4 Beta as the “world’s fastest.” Four times faster than its predecessor. Apple unveiled a new Shuffle. Before Apple’s announcement. In its maturing iPod line. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. their iPod. which has no display interface to look at. the Vault Job Board and more. iPhone mania The tech revolution that started with the iPod in 2001 culminated in the release of the iPhone in June 2007. only three months after the gadget’s inception. Get ready.

Following the trend on this part of the planet. The struggle has involved litigation between the two companies. has been given the go signal to head Apple’s iPod and iPhone hardware engineering teams. In Q1 2008. since it’s taken a good three months to get Papermaster over to its Investors. so neither side is willing to comment about the affair.6 percent higher than it was in the same quarter the year 82 © 2009 Vault. Mark Papermaster. IBM is going to be on its toes.” Although he’s expected to be back at the helm by the middle of the year. it remains to be seen whether Apple can weather the months without its CEO. which is a long way away from IBM’s specialty of making large computer servers.” continuing a tradition of breaking with convention and leading the revolution in the digital age. Yet.2 percent of Apple’s total fiscal Q4 2008 revenue. ready to pounce if it sees any indication that its intellectual property rights are being breached. A deal was reached in federal court. Apple introduced the unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong. most consumers in Hong Kong can partner-up Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. • September 2008: Taking a different tack in the Far East Apple customers in Asia should be surprised to learn that. Apple retains its plans to focus on “delivering extraordinary products. the media and analysts have consistently overstated Apple’s dependence on the iPod for future revenue and earnings growth. is tasked to handle the day-to-day operations of the company. customers who initially had their iPhone tied to an AT&T contract. . only focused on how iPod unit sales grew at a meager pace of 5 percent year over year. This should be good news for the where Papermaster will need to certify in July and October that he has not divulged privileged information in his work with Apple. and Apple saying that there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about since he is going to focus on personal computers and consumer devices. The matter is not meant to go public. Apple’s stock is only $4 higher than it was in November 2006. who has become inextricably entwined with the company’s public image. Tim Cook. Wall Street. • January 2009: Jobs goes on leave. Meanwhile.iimcal. unlike their counterparts in the Western hemisphere.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. choosing to disregard iPhone and Mac revenue as being the core of Apple’s future revenue growth. Apple wins Papermaster from Big Blue CEO Steve Jobs took a six-month medical leave of absence in January 2009. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. The SEC is examining Apple regarding the news of its CEO’s health to determine if investors have been misled by the company’s disclosures. a former vice president at IBM. Wall Street also seemed to disregard the fact that iPod revenue growth in Q1 is still 16. Finally. after his medical problems proved to be “more complex than [Steve] originally thought. their iPhone isn’t going to be tied to a specific mobile carrier for a set number of years. which grew at a rate of 75 percent year over year. • October 2008: iPod not the leader of the pack in terms of 2008 Q4 sales iPod sales only contributed 14. Apple’s chief operating officer. Unlike U.S. which can be activated with any wireless carrier. with IBM insisting that Papermaster take a year’s leave of absence before joining Apple.

Some speculate that cost is the driving factor behind these decisions. This release also introduces the Apps Store. says Steve Jobs at the annual Apple development conference in San Francisco. Although it might be typical Visit Vault at www. The lawsuit. “They’ve been very slow in responding. Apple said that chips in their iPhone 3G model are coming from smaller vendors who aren’t as well known but are equally capable of delivering the specifications the company demands for their products. where users can purchase and download software developed by third parties. galleries and photo sharing) website might make up for the iPhone 3G’s halved price tag. • April 2008: What do you mean you got here first? Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 83 . attorney for the claimant. if allowed to go to court. their iPhone with any mobile carrier—a SIM card is used instead of a service contract. This month and the last saw eight claims against the company. the Vault Job Board and more. expert advice. Apple chose Infineon. a paid storage and full-capability ( One particular claimant said that the company used his patented system for Flash memory connectivity in its iPod Nano and iTouch. • July 2008: No leaders. seeks treble damages and an injunction against sales of the iPod Nano and the iTouch. Samsung and TriQuint as its suppliers—all three are below industry leaders QUALCOMM and Texas Instruments. The new iPhone is half the price but twice the power.vault.” J. with Apple’s blessing. The company has been a frequent target of litigation.S. Apple ups its iPhone arsenal by releasing the second-generation iPhone. please Ignoring the big boys and major players and going after the underdogs. This is the start of the Asian iPhone explosion. the plaintiff’s counsel isn’t ruling out including the iPhone as well. Apple also announces plans to beef up the capabilities of its new iPhone so that the device can handle triband connections and be 3G-capable everywhere. expert resume reviews. but this trend has been around since Apple released its first iPhone in 2007. Michael Huget. with the website offering 20 GB of storage at only $99 a year. career message boards. said. Apple is coasting high on the waves of the iPhone and its other Mac products. mostly having to do with patent infringement. Though the lawsuit cites these two devices as infringing. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. • June 2008: Beyond the edge network In the first quarter of the month. as it’s estimated that the Apple devices available on the island of Hong Kong will soon make their way across the Pacific and into other countries in the for insider company profiles. and court dockets are seeing more and more parties levying claims against Apple. so it’s no surprise that the company has chosen to work with smaller vendors and not market leaders. Apple might be hoping the release of MobileMe. Apple bought PowerPC designer PA Semi for $278 million without informing investors or the bought-out company’s customers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company already has a reputation for going against the grain of tradition and building its own industry strategy. but it’s about to run into an iceberg of patent infringement lawsuits filed before U.iimcal. known as the iPhone 3G. district courts across the country.

hacking into the iPhone firmware to get it to run non-Apple programs on the other. are outlined on the company’s job website (www.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which provides a breakdown of necessary abilities in its overview of each job applications. Although PA has told its customers that its acquiring company (it didn’t name Apple as the buyer) is not interested in continuing production. • March 2008: The great iPhone jailbreak The iPhone has wowed. Apple fashion to acquire investments in secret. As a stopgap measure. The company also offers full-time and part-time paid internships in its engineering divisions.S. the University of California at Irvine and New York University (to name a few—a full schedule can be found at www. this has become the great iPhone When you’ve determined the area of operations right for you. Duke University. Apple is looking for candidates with skills. including pit stops at Stanford. Sweet success came to a group that calls itself the iPhone dev team when it announced on its website that its members have officially picked iPhone’s lock and can have it host non-Apple applications. Department of Defense as one of its big customers. operations and marketing. finance. some analysts indicate that PA has broken customer trust. because PA counts the U. software engineering. wooed and amazed loyal and new Apple users alike. Inc. While internships are occasionally offered in nontechnical areas like 84 © 2009 Vault. Apple promised to support PA Semi products for a while. GETTING HIRED With job openings for staid tech workers as well as recent grads in areas like hardware engineering. Within hours after the story Apple. Just what skills they need. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Find something you like? Interested parties can set up a profile on Apple’s job page and submit their résumés online. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. the next generation For the soon-to-graduate In other words. exactly. this one might be a little tricky for Apple. a listing of all open jobs for that category is available for your perusal. an almost yearlong effort (since the iPhone went on sale in June 2007) among different groups to stand up to what one writer has described as Apple’s “control-freak mindset” when it comes to developing software for its iPhone.html).com. and some customers grumbled about their future with a company no longer able to make the products they’ve been known for. many DOD contracts were cancelled. Apple makes an appearance at several campus events throughout the and public opinion on the tool’s adamant refusal to host third-party applications has both sides of the fence populated with those praising Apple for protecting its consumers from possibly risky programs and software on the one hand. . And that’s where the company hits the snag. and those protesting this exclusivist mindset and toiling away on their PCs.

these positions often go to candidates with some technical experience. Internships are offered at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino and generally last for three months during the summer. OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” coos one insider. with a very friendly culture. brilliant.iimcal. then opened the rest of the time for me to ask him questions. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. career message boards. spacious. open-ended questions is extremely important.” gushes a source in the finance department. something that’s seen as a perk by most everyone. expert advice. Still want to hightail it to Cupertino? Vault sources report going through two (or more) rounds of interviews. and it’s easy to work together when the people are willing. “[They] have appreciation for music. in fact. “Most of my peers are for insider company profiles. the company also partners with several organizations to ensure a non-homogeneous workforce. 85 .” “I can’t imagine any reason not to work here. the Vault Job Board and more. the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Society of Women Engineers. it also wants to lead the pack in terms of the benefits it grants its employees.” And one way Apple employees get to appreciate their peers is through shared iTunes libraries. Teamwork seems to be very important at the company. the company says it appreciates diversity in employee background. “ Great place to work. And you don’t have to be a bornand-raised Apple fan to fit in here. Through its FlexBenefits program. free health insurance and a casual dress code—not to mention that rarest of internship compensations: Coming prepared with five or six good. like discounts on Apple products. interns enjoy more immediately rewarding perks. with some reservations Talk to some Apple employees and you might come away with the impression that there’s no better place to work than Apple. although there are a limited number of six-month co-op positions available throughout the year. Visit Vault at www. The company also offers a 401(k) with company match. beautiful” offices “filled with comfortable couches and huge picture windows make work time a pleasure. or graphic design.vault. an employee stock purchasing program and on-site fitness centers.” Take a bite out of Apple Apple is not only driving innovation in the tech and music industries. marketing. “The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and open. Along with learning about the company and industry. expert resume reviews. finance. movies and the arts.” shares one insider.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which extends to personal computer history. Taking diversity one step further. One intern pointed out that his interviewer “asked me one question about my resume. Apple-ites can choose benefits that best fit their unique lives. relaxed” co-workers and “modern. including National Black MBAs.

maybe. a very nice cafeteria and a big indoor atrium with a cafe. “There are regular training courses available that can give you the skills you need” to get promoted or advance in the company.” One contact feels that Apple management is only “looking out for their bottom line. “Apple believes strongly in hiring from within the company.” says one programmer.” Benefits also include “same-sex domestic partner medical benefits.” though some contacts add.” saying that when the going gets tough. “Working at Apple is a wonderful experience. It’s not all sunshine and sweet dreams in Cupertino. but not the best in the Bay area. .” he adds. noting that the environment is “intellectually challenging.” Most of our contacts say they have no plans to leave Apple anytime soon.” says one insider. it’s very frustrating to see an inferior OS getting all the attention.” Insiders say. according to one administrator. Employees are generally very dedicated.iimcal. inspiring and rewarding. “There are many opportunities for advancement. There are also numerous opportunities to shift horizontally within the company as well. Comments like “absolutely no downers.” “everyone is an essential part of the team. Windows’ jihad.” could make anyone want to pack their bags for California. “the people make up for the pay. with a huge lawn in the middle.” notes another source. The dress code is in line with the company’s relaxed 86 © 2009 Vault.” another gushes. with some employees going to work in street clothes. Apple is pretty serious with its employee development.” and “Apple remains my dream company. The main R&D campus in Cupertino is “pretty posh.” most employees stay put. while the company is mostly white and male. While many admit “Apple has changed over the past 10 years. 2010 Edition Apple Inc. and it’s easy to find people who have worked here for 20-plus years who are still very happy with their jobs. Apple! Right? Well. so opportunities to advance are plentiful. “Its common knowledge that Apple’s progressive nature is a large part of its image. however.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. Think Apple is all fun and games like their products? Think again. “Yeah.” And. the tough make “drastic changes” that don’t really solve the problem. The downside of the unusually creative atmosphere is that sometimes trying to enforce a corporate strategy is like “herding cats. The hours might be long.” “The culture is the best.” one source says. A dress code that is casual “with a capital C” and a uniquely Californian “work hard/play hard” culture make up for the hours toiling at the office. but the pay is good. The pay is “not “If you put your heart into the ‘Mac vs.” Apple does look for women and minorities.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

Malaysia • Shanghai • Singapore • Suzhou. Box 58039 Santa Clara.2 2008 Income ($ mil. TX • Chelmsford. Israel • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: AMAT Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman & CEO: Michael R. Taiwan • Tamil Nadu. CA Phoenix. France • Noida.APPLIED MATERIALS.appliedmaterials. MA • Fairfield. Taiwan • Jiangsu.824 2008 Revenue ($ mil.): 960. CA (HQ) Austin. Israel • Sarawak. 3050 Bowers Avenue P. Splinter 2008 Employees: 14.appliedmaterials.8 LOCATIONS Santa Clara. India • Ontario • DEPARTMENTS Administration • Corporate Affairs • Engineering • Executive • Finance • Human Resources • Information Systems • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Materials Management • Mergers & Acquisitions • Operations • Quality & Safety • Real estate & Facilities • Sales • Technical Publications Technical Support • Technology Customized for: Vinay ( 87 India • Taoyuan.): 8. China KEY COMPETITORS Hitachi HT KLA-Tencor Lam EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Malaysia Meylan. UT • Sunnyvale. Switzerland • Dresden. Germany • Gyeonggi. Taiwan • Tianjin. CA • Alzenau. CA 95054-3299 Phone: (408) 727-5555 www. Taiwan • Tainan. China • Taichung. South Korea • Hoofddorp. China • Kiryat Gat. AZ • Salt Lake City. INC. The Netherlands • Hsinchu.iimcal. China • Tokyo • Xi’an. Germany • Bangalore • Beijing • Cheseaux.

while its technology centers are located in Japan. Europe was the region that accounted for the largest chunk. Southeast Asia and China at 9 percent. it has sales and service offices in Europe. It prides itself on being the world’s largest purveyor of nanomanufacturing 88 © 2009 Vault. Advanced Micro Devices. Inc. the company applies its display technology to solar photovoltaic cells (which harness the awesome power of the sun to run your blow dryer or coffee grinder) and energy-efficient glass.S. By catering to this specific part of the market. Taiwan. Inc. THE SCOOP Time to make the chips Applied Materials leads a large niche of the semiconductor industry. applied global services. development and manufacturing centers are based in the U. The display segment is a bit more self-explanatory—here Applied Materials manufactures equipment used to build liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for televisions and computer monitors. Korea at 7 percent and Taiwan at 2 percent. Let the chips fall where they may The Applied Materials empire increasingly stretches far beyond U.1292 billion. 2010 Edition Applied Materials. Through its energy and environment solutions. followed by North America at 26 percent. Its research. Israel. and energy and environment solutions—the company strives to meet all the demands of its wide-ranging customer base. such as IBM and Texas Instruments. South Korea. Japan. semiconductor machines were produced by the large companies that made the machines themselves. Singapore and China. Samsung.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and the largest company of its kind.. providing services to make the manufacturing process more efficient. borders. South Korea and Taiwan. of the company’s sales. Malaysia. solar modules and flat panel displays. Israel and Europe. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Japan at 17 percent. When Applied Materials first came on the scene in the late 1960s. In 2008. Toshiba and Freescale Semiconductor. Applied Materials’ silicon arm makes the manufacturing equipment that makes semiconductors. display. Applied Materials has made itself a Silicon Valley mainstay. The fab solutions department works in tandem with both the silicon and solar businesses. Through its four business segments—silicon. in addition to its corporate offices in Santa Clara. which means that it sells the machines that other companies use to make semiconductor chips. 38 percent. In Applied Materials’ biggest customers include Intel. IBM. among other products. Applied Materials’ sales revenue reached $8.iimcal.

33 billion and a net loss of $133 million. For those suffering from a resume deficiency. the company will contact you when Visit Vault at www.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards.vault. • November 2008: No longer interested in ASMI An EE Times report stated that Applied Materials was not pursuing plans to purchase ASM International N. • July 2008: Breaking more ground in Taiwan Applied Materials held a groundbreaking to expand its manufacturing facility in Tainan. the company even provides an online resume builder.000 square meters. even increased the offer to $800 million but ASMI rejected the offer.appliedmaterials. • February 2009: $133 million net loss in fiscal Q1 2009 The company released financial results for its first fiscal quarter ending January 2009 with net sales of $1. According to the report. 89 . to meet increased demand for its AKT flat panel display equipment and SunFab thin film solar manufacturing Inc. the Vault Job Board and more. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. expert advice. The alleged motive for the for insider company profiles. The expansion is worth $17 million and will increase total production area to 14. EE Times said. was to allow Applied Materials to gain access to Intel. Job listings are sorted by region and resumes may be submitted online. Taiwan. (ASMI)’s atomic layer deposition (ALD) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depostion (PE-CVD) operations despite reportedly tendering an offer of at least $400 million to buy the chip-making equipment company based in the Netherlands. ASMI’s top customer. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Among the most admired companies Applied Materials is on Fortune’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies and Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine’s 10th annual list of 100 Best Corporate Citizens. together with private equity firm Francisco Partners. 2010 Edition Applied Materials. The “job agent” function allows you to enter and save search criteria. Applied Materials. expert resume GETTING HIRED Extensive info has been Applied online Applied Materials has extensive hiring information on its website’s Careers section or • February 2009: Partnering to develop 22-nm chips Applied Materials together with IBM and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the State University of New York at Albany signed an agreement to jointly develop process modeling technology for manufacturing 22nanometer (nm) logic and memory chips.

from an outsider’s point of view. community and volunteer giving opportunities. computer science and engineering majors) as well as those with business degrees in supply chain OUR SURVEY SAYS Hero mentality? To anyone interested in or toying with such questions in their Details for all these opportunities are listed under the “College Recruiting” portion of the careers website. Nice perks Once you’re in. It is so agile in running its business that. Inc. finance.I. the Applied Materials culture does not support the hero mentality. credit union membership. employee stock purchase plans. Applied Materials’ careers site also hosts a special section for exiting military personnel. recognizing the skills gained through duty in the armed forces. A graduate fellowship program and internship and co-op opportunities accommodate those who are still in school. Some of the benefits on offer—apart from the usual health and dental insurance—include a 401(k) with company matching. Inc. wellness programs and athletic facilities. business administration and the like. while details on Applied Materials’ myriad of college campus visits can be found under the “Job Fairs” link. The company is performance-driven by quality.” But you do want to be part of one the greatest manufacturing and research companies on the planet. It’s because of efforts like this that the company earned a spot on G. “We have our processes and mission clearly outlined.iimcal. but looking to add a little corporate flavor to their lives. Designed to train and develop graduates on the ins and outs of nanomanufacturing From the classroom to the boardroom (or at least a cubicle) Recent grads should look into the company’s College to Corporate development program. this appears to be harsh. the program welcomes applicants with technical backgrounds (materials science. . the company works with local military transition centers to match servicemen and women with opportunities. open positions matching your interests come up. service awards. and tuition reimbursement. 2010 Edition Applied Materials. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. physics. Elaborates an insider. training and development through on-site learning centers and academic partnerships. right? 90 © 2009 Vault. Jobs magazine’s 2006 Top 50 Most Military-Friendly Employers list.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. accounting. Each individual knows or should know what is expected of them. a full-time paid opportunity to get your foot in the Applied Materials door. profit sharing. Applied Materials wants to keep you happy. production and innovation. Visit Vault at www. A real challenge An insider who works at Applied Materials’ finance division warns. expert resume reviews. The senior management puts in these types of hours.iimcal. because it is no ‘walk in the for insider company profiles. “It is one of the fiercest environments that I have ever worked in. so if you want to be successful. the Vault Job Board and more.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. I’m talking about 60to 70-hour workweeks. expert advice. The people that are hired are in for a real surprise.vault. 2010 Edition Applied Materials.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 91 . Inc.’ You will be challenged tremendously and will be expected to put in some real hours. career message boards. you better be right along side.

NY • Hudson. Malaysia • Administration • Communications • Customer & Support • Facility Management Finance & Accounting • General Management • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing & Sales • Planning & Logistics • Procurement • Quality • Research & Development • Training & Publications 92 © 2009 Vault. MA • Irvine.7 2008 Income (€ mil.4 LOCATIONS Veldhoven. Israel • Rousset. MN • Boise.953. VA • Pleasant Grove.V.ASML HOLDING N. AZ • Westbrook. CO • Hillsboro. CT • DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. OR • Richardson. Korea • Hong Kong • Hsinchu City. 5504 DR The Netherlands Phone: +31 40 268 3000 Fax: +31 40 268 2000 www. TX • San Jose. Korea • Leixlip. The Netherlands (HQ) Albany. France • Shanghai • Singapore • Tainan. CA • Manassas. NY • Albuquerque.): 2.asml. France • Ireland • Milan • Montbonnot.930 2008 Revenue (€ THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ASML Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President. CA • Sandston. CA • Tempe. OR • Hopewell Junction. NM • Austin. Taiwan • Tianjin. Italy • Dresden • Gyunggi-Do. Taiwan Kulim. VA • Santa Clara. China • Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS Canon Nikon EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. .): 322. TX Bloomington. De Run 501 Veldhoven. ID • Colorado Springs. UT • Portland. ME • Wilton. CEO & Chairman: Eric Meurice 2008 Employees: 6.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Canon Inc. and in following years Philips sold its entire shareholding in the company. compared to a net profit of €193 million a year earlier. sold its 50 percent stake in the venture to Philips in 1990. the Vault Job Board and more. and Nikon Corp. Sales fell 48 percent to €494 million from €955 million. ASML went public in 1995. a specialized approach and innovative business strategies. As a producer of top-shelf systems. began in 1984 as a joint venture between Advanced Semiconductor Materials (ASMI). initially known as ASM Lithography Holding. the market for lithography systems still has substantial growth potential. 2010 Edition ASML Holding N. and by maintaining a flexible business • March 2009: Pain to last longer than expected ASML Chairman Eric Meurice said the company will be able to achieve its revenue target of €5 billion within two to three years after the current economic crisis bottoms out. It boasts customers such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.iimcal. ASML had earlier aimed to hit its revenue target in 2010. the company has relied on superior engineering.. While the desertion of its parent companies seemed to indicate the semiconductor field was not a growth industry. which is active in semiconductor equipment outside lithography and does not compete with ASML. despite the fall. to stay competitive. expert for insider company profiles. well ahead of rivals Nikon and Canon. ASML is the largest chip equipment maker in Europe and a global market leader with 63 percent market share. ASMI. The company posted a fourth-quarter net loss of €88 million in January. career message boards. expert resume reviews.V. but orders fell starting at the end of 2008. Visit Vault at www. a global semiconductor equipment manufacturer. He says ASML is expected to consolidate its position after the economic crisis by investing two to three times the amount of money of Japanese rivals. such as outsourcing. 93 . ASML is king. IN THE NEWS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. one of the world’s biggest electronics firms. Samsung and Intel. ASML’s superior engineering has allowed it to weather periodic downturns quite well. and Royal Philips Electronics. THE SCOOP Wealth in wafers When it comes to advanced lithography and semiconductor solutions. in research and development. The firm makes and distributes photolithography and scanning products needed to print the circuitry patterns found on silicon wafers. These machines are the heart of the manufacturing process to produce integrated circuits (a/k/a ICs or chips) and can cost up to €30 million apiece. Meurice tells the ASML annual general meeting that.

down from an October forecast of about €530 million. “Net sales in the fourth quarter of 2008 fell just below €500 million and net bookings were very weak. ASML announced that it will begin expanding its research and development operations in Asia. down from €671 million or 17. • March 2006: Expanding East Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. or 35 cents. founded in 2002. First quarter 2009 sales will be €180 million to €250 million amid a “severe deterioration” in the order intake.Vault Guide to the Top Tech 2010 Edition ASML Holding N. The buyout gives ASML another holding in computerized semiconductor design and the advanced lithography R&D sector. Inc. ASML’s customers are ordering fewer machines and have requested to postpone deliveries as chip demand weakens. or 17 cents a share. will take between three and seven years.” Semiconductor sales will drop 16 percent next year because of the economic slowdown and lower consumer spending.3 million.000 jobs—more than 10 percent of the total—as orders slide. from €166. the company says in a statement. says researcher Gartner Inc. • December 2008: Job slashing ASML cut its sales forecast and said it will eliminate about 1. 83 percent of ASML’s customers were based in Asia but. Net income plunged to €73. The company said it anticipates sales in the first six months of next year will be “substantially lower. Sales fell 25 percent to €696. the company said in a statement. confirming the major impact of the worldwide recession on the semiconductor equipment industry.3 million ($99.iimcal. • October 2008: Profits plunge ASML said third quarter profit fell 56 percent on lower machine sales due to delayed expansion plans of chipmakers.V. historically.6 percent to €2. In 2006. estimates ASML.95 billion from a year earlier. . including training in customer support and manufacturing. • December 2006: Expanding West ASML acquired California-based Brion Technologies for $270 million.5 million for the quarter while full-year sales will drop “around’” 20 percent this year. Brion. is a leader in the area 94 © 2009 a year earlier. Income for the year stood at €322 million or 10.” said Eric Meurice. Fourth quarter sales will be €450 million to €500 million. due to weak orders and a virtual freeze in capital expenditure by chipmakers. • January 2009: More bad news ASML said its sales in 2008 fell 21.5 million). The company predicted that the formation of a research center in Asia. ASML president and chief executive officer.9 percent of sales.8 percent of sales in 2007. and no doubt because the region was already home to its main competitors Nikon and Canon. its headquarters and suppliers were predominantly Citing the need for Europe’s largest chipmaker to have a global profile.

legal. going from €311 million ($408 million) in 2005 to €625 million ($820 million) in Visit Vault at www. 95 . and the company expects the acquisition to increase profits—and ASML’s lead over Canon and Nikon—in the future. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. production and customer service.597 million ($4. especially flash memory drive pieces and PC chips. provides links to video interviews with employees.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. save or apply for the position. • January 2006: Lookin’ good The end of fiscal 2006 brought good news to ASML—it increased its market share to 63 percent. quality. FAQs and a virtual tour of an ASML cleanroom. Europe or Asia). finance and accounting. the company is looking for experienced (more than five years) physicists. and training and publications. would increase over the course of 2007 GETTING HIRED Make your mark at ASML ASML’s careers site (www. general management. Each job listing page contains links at the bottom to email. HR. expert resume reviews. of design and manufacturing solutions. country. the boom in sales worried some analysts.V. Finally. In addition. with deep knowledge about specific technologies. with record sales of €3. who predicted that.749 million). benefits and career information (“Working at ASML”) and open positions (“Vacancies”). R&D. facility management. based on decreases in cell phone. marketing and sales. ASML thought otherwise: the company predicted that sales of chip components.asml. career message boards. The page also provides links to local HR personnel (“Career Contacts”).com for insider company profiles. the firm’s net income more than doubled. procurement. the semiconductor market could be hurt by oversupply in 2007. software specialists. ASML is looking to hire hundreds of technicians for R&D. Functional areas (a/k/a departments) include administration. functional area. expert The Vacancies page allows prospective employees to search by region (the United States. up 42 percent from 2005. planning and logistics. In order to realize growth ambitions. and mechanical and electronic engineers who will support its entrepreneurial spirit and international ambitions and who have the skills to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams. 1313) for an internship search engine and information on how to apply.vault. but they can also become highly valued fellows.iimcal. TV and computer chip sales. ASML hires can also submit general applications for consideration by region. communications. global events (“Events”). In Employees can grow into management functions. service and maintenance. However. the Vault Job Board and more. and education and training background. 2010 Edition ASML Holding N. Prospective interns can visit ASML’s intern site (at www.

iimcal. Finland • Fribourg.ATMEL CORPORATION 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose.asp DEPARTMENTS Administration Support/Clerical • Applications • Audit • Corporate Marketing • Design • Facilities • Finance • Firmware • Human Resources • Information Technology • Investor Relations • Legal • Maintenance • Management • Manufacturing/Operations • Materials/Purchasing • Process • Product• Sales/Marketing • Software Customized for: Vinay ( THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ATML Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: David Sugishita President & CEO: Steven Laub 2008 Employees: 6. Israel • Heilbronn. Denmark • Hadera. France • München • Osaka • Pretoria. Hong Kong • Milan • Montigny le Bretonneux.566. TX • Boynton Beach.8 2008 Income ($ mil. United Kingdom • Espoo. MN • Colorado Springs. MA • Burnsville.): -27. FL • Braintree. IL • Novi. CO • Corona. Switzerland • Glostrup. CA (HQ) Canada • Kowloon. Germany • OR • Lakewood. South Africa • Rissne. Sweden • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Taipei • Tijuana • Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS LSI Corporation Microchip Spansion EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. .atmel. CA • Lake Oswego.atmel.400 2008 Revenue ($ CO • Lombard. CA 95131 Phone: (408) 441-0311 Fax: (408) 436-4314 www. Inc.): 96 © 2009 Vault. MI • Raleigh.2 LOCATIONS San Jose. NC • Bangalore • Beijing • Berkshire.

in) Clear horizons Based in San Jose.300 analog and digital patents. In career message boards. a former design engineer for Intel. nonvolatile memory was in high demand. the Vault Job Board and more. Europe and Asia. and test and assembly facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. The company opened a Colorado Springs manufacturing facility in 1994 and began building a manufacturing plant near its San Jose headquarters one year later. founded Atmel in 1984. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Atmel acquired Concurrent Logic. 97 .iimcal. which are used to retain memory when a device is turned off. microcontrollers. Within those units.5668 billion. and runs 39 design centers worldwide. the company’s products run the gamut from industrial image sensors to digital camera and TV processors to chips for high-security “smart” credit cards. and industrial and military applications. expert resume reviews. Calif.000 customers in at least 60 countries in North America. Atmel’s offerings can be found in consumer electronics. By 1996. Atmel sells its products to more than 60. Formed in a flash George Perlegos.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition Atmel Corporation THE SCOOP Chips ahoy! Atmel makes semiconductors for a wide range of uses: its products include nonvolatile memory devices such as flash and ROM chips.vault. which makes user-programmable chips. Visit Vault at www. logic and analog functions into a single chip. Atmel also has one of the largest libraries of intellectual property in the industry. In 1993. Its main focus is divided among four units: nonvolatile memory devices. and it has since grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of parallel and serial erasable programmable read-only memory chips (EPROMs) and EEPROMs (add “electrically” to the previous acronym). and Atmel’s revenue and profits soared—the top line nearly doubled to just over $1 billion—as it was one of the major suppliers of flash chips. Atmel penned an agreement with Paradigm Technology to license its static random-access memory (SRAM) technology used in multimedia chips. application-specific integrated circuits and programmable logic chips. Today. He took the firm public in 1991. and has recently become one of just a handful of companies capable of integrating dense nonvolatile for insider company profiles. It currently employs approximately 6. Atmel reported sales revenue amounting to $1. it is a global leader in the semiconductor business. wireless communication devices. programmable logic devices and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). expert advice. radio frequency products.. holding more than 1. Also in 1995.000 people in manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe.

.iimcal. making Atmel now the industry’s most complete wireless solution provider. a fast-rising market for microcontrollers. • March 2008: Quantum on board Atmel announced complete acquisition of England-based Quantum Research Group Ltd. .in) George Perlegos held a special stockholders meeting after his court appeal was granted and bids to replace five of the six current board members with people of his choosing.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. • December 2008: Extending its reach through China Atmel opened a new location in Shanghai. with the company recording a take of $14 million after the previous year’s loss of $33 million. a leader in developing capacitive sensing IP and user-interface solutions.67 billion. were fired by Atmel’s board after results of an internal investigation showed that the brothers had charged $406. and income crawled into the profit zone again. ZigBee PRO software and ZigBit wireless modules. who voted in favor of the new management team headed by unanimously appointed new President and CEO Steve Laub. they said Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The facility is expected to provide design and extended sales and engineering support for the company’s dynamic market in the Asia Pacificregion In 2007. 98 © 2009 Vault. brother Gust. Perlegos and his executive VP. • May 2007: He said. But Perlegos’ plan didn’t fly with shareholders. Inc. The report was delayed due to all the hoopla the company had to face with regard to the Perlegos China. President and CEO Steve Laub expressed excitement in Quantum’s value-add to Atmel shareholders and customers. 50 percent of the company’s worldwide revenue was garnered from the Asian market. 2010 Edition Atmel Corporation IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Giving its IP library a boost Atmel acquired all MeshNetics ZigBee Intellectual Property Rights from LuxLabs In August the previous year. as part of its commitment to the Chinese market for the past 15 years. • June 2007: A year worth celebrating Atmel finally filed its annual report and announced that revenue grew 7 percent to $1. Such acquisitions included BitCloud. This purchase equips the company with an advantage in touch sensing.000 in plane ticket bills to the company for members of the Perlegos family. former CEO of semiconductor firm Silicon Image and a member of Atmel’s board since February 2006.

Other benefits include life insurance. If you are applying for a technical position. three or four engineers and an HR representative. These are all searchable by department and location.” Visit Vault at for insider company profiles. Tuition reimbursement and in-house training opportunities help employees keep their divides its job pool into three sets—job openings (where you can upload your resume). “the people who interviewed me back then were either members of the team who would be my colleagues or managers to whom I would report.vault. According to one insider. the company’s career website (www. Panel interviews are the norm.” which will vary according to the level of the job. “you are sure to encounter a set of technical questions. accrued immediately upon hire. from the fresh-faced college grad to the seasoned professional. a disability plan and employee assistance.” What could fitting in to the group mean for you? Atmel employees enjoy a slew of health benefits—including medical. the Vault Job Board and more. career message boards. The interviews were not conducted in a confrontational nature nor did they consist of ‘trick’ questions. a directory of skill sets lets you know what kind of work is being done at each Atmel facility. they’ll contact you for an interview. allows them to take the edge off. the company’s “major concern when interviewing people is how well we think they will fit in to the group.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. To aid the job seeker in narrowing down a possible work location. “Expect to meet with the hiring manager. 2010 Edition Atmel Corporation GETTING HIRED At work at Atmel Atmel welcomes resumes from potential employees at every stage of their career.” In addition.atmel. Questions asked deal more with interpersonal relationships. while paid vacation. An insider shares. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” and consist of one-onone interviews of 30 minutes to one hour in length. expert advice. If the folks at Atmel are interested. 99 .in) OUR SURVEY SAYS Interviews bordering on interpersonal Hiring at Atmel is a rigorous process.” Atmel aspirants are advised to come in with “a basic understanding of what the company does.iimcal. expert resume reviews. Financial benefits include 401(k) with company matching (up to $500 annually) and an employee stock purchase plan. interviews are generally “relaxed and informal. but are not technical in nature. entry-level openings and internships. To this end. dental and vision coverage along with a prescription drug plan.

Benefits are Hours are flexible. “We also receive bonuses based on work performance— The company has no dress code and employees are allowed extremely flexible working hours. Pay is not great. such as gift cards to restaurants like Red Lobster. giving them enough time to squeeze in a second interest. 2010 Edition Atmel Corporation Laid-back work style The corporate culture at Atmel seems a bit laid-back. Not a lot of pressure. Atmel is a very nice place to work in. Adds one insider. Says a design engineer.” One financial analyst even mentions that they are also given occasional perks. The basics include a stock plan. Benefits package Packages and perks given to employees vary according to position. “Atmel is very casual when it comes to dress code and general work environment.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Very flat organizational structure. .in) 100 © 2009 Vault.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. health insurance and paid time off. apart from employee referral bonuses.iimcal. but not bad either. assistance plan. I could go on and on. Inc.

FL • Brighton. Ireland • Galway. PA • Plano. WA 98109 Phone: (206) 217-7100 Fax: (206) 217-7515 www.openhire. MO • Denver. IL • Loveland. NY • Pittsburgh. Spain • Manchester. PA • Herndon. Hong Kong • Dubai • Duebendorf. Switzerland • CA • Scottsdale. President & CEO: Jeff Hawn KEY COMPETITORS Hewlett-Packard IBM Microsoft EMPLOYMENT CONTACT DEPARTMENTS Accounting & Finance • Clerical & Administrative • Customer Service • Engineering • Host Connectivity Solutions Business Unit • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Management/Executive • Marketing • Product Management • Professional Services • Quality Engineering • Sales • System & Security Business Unit • Technical Support LOCATIONS Seattle. Netherlands • Auckland • Bangalore • OH • New York. NC • Bonita Springs. Ireland • Istanbul • Madrid. MI • Creve Coeur. Germany • Rome • São Paulo • Singapore • Staines. United Kingdom • Stockholm • Stuttgart • Sydney • Tokyo • Unterfohring. Brazil • Bryanston. VA • Houston. TX • Lisle. Germany • Vienna • Wemmel. MD • 101 . GA • Exton.attachmate. Canada • Melbourne • Mexico City • New Delhi • Ottawa • Paderno Dugnano. South Africa • Cairo • Central. CO • Duluth. TX • San Francisco. AZ • Silver Springs. Belgium THE STATS Employer Type: Private Company Chairman. France • Brasilia. Italy • Quebec • Ratingen.ATTACHMATE CORPORATION 1500 Dexter Ave North Seattle.c fm?company_id=15495&version=2 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. United Kingdom • Markham. MA Alphen aan den Rijn.iimcal. WA (HQ) Belmont.

Meanwhile. insurance. the new products were expected to bump up revenue 33 percent to $160 million by year’s end. Attachmate found itself quickly losing its foothold in the deluge of new internet capabilities and A merger and a shake-up In January 1995. Novell. Revenue continued to climb in the 1990s. Although the first years were a struggle.000 clients in 60 countries. 2010 Edition Attachmate Corporation THE SCOOP Getting hooked At Attachmate. retail and tech industries (to name just a few). Sales soared from $5 million in 1986 to $31 million in 1988. Attachmate serves more than 40. Inc. the company’s launch of the software package EXTRA!—which specialized in all the extras Attachmate’s competitors didn’t offer—gave the company the boost it needed. with profits expected to exceed $450 million by the end of 1996. Attachmate helps companies connect their web and desktop functions to centralized mainframes through its terminal emulation and legacy integration products. defense.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Pritt restructured the firm while also struggling to keep up with the changes in connectivity demands instigated by the rise of the Internet. the company bought four product lines from another software firm. Attachmate’s overall aim is to help firms maintain access to and integrity of important data despite changing office technology. Providing host-access technology to customers in the airline. Meanwhile. in May 1993. His product was “terminal emulation. from which Attachmate would emerge as the largest computer connectivity firm in the world. connectivity is the name of the game. banking. Once a company that connected new with old technology. and the company’s WinINSTALL suite eases the process of updating and installing software on PCs. in the following years. Attachmate merged with top competitor Data Communications Associates (DCA). Aimed at smaller companies with less-sophisticated technology. while also ensuring the sanctity of that connection through security and encryption software. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. An important foray into the Web came in 1999 when Attachmate 102 © 2009 Vault. Acquisitions have brought Attachmate into the software management business. along with rumors that the company would be going public.” or programs for desktops that mimic mainframe From its Seattle HQ (it is the largest privately owned software company in Washington state). then-retired Frank Pritt started Attachmate in 1982. . corporations and government in an effort to extend Attachmate’s business beyond the Fortune 500. thereby creating a common interface that would allow for the exchange of data between the mammoth mainframes and the humbler PCs. Taking the mainframe to the next level Looking to build a bridge between the old but dependable mainframe computers that stored data for banks.

The company used the combined power of its two forebears to immediately begin acting on the strategies outlined by CEO Hawn in October 2005—namely. in what Pritt called “a very strategic. Developed to assist companies using Unisys mainframes (80 percent of which already subscribed to Attachmate’s software services) to launch e-business for insider company Out with the old. which responded with layoffs that year.” emerging once again as Attachmate Corporation. expert resume reviews. decision. including the U. the company joined Microsoft’s Secure IT Alliance to ensure the security of private data. and would go on to merge the two companies into AttachmateWRQ by June 2005.000 customers using products installed on more than 16 million desktops worldwide. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CEO of WRQ.vault. the company announced another made-for-Vista program. Just a month later. a developer of software installation applications. In November 2006. innovation and acquisition. the e-Vantage software and service package took Attachmate’s signature terminal emulation know-how online and kept the company afloat through the rough seas ahead. and formed strategic business alliances with other tech firms like OpenSpan (developers of desktop integration software) and Aventail (delivering remote access technology). AttachmateWRQ acquired OnDemand Software.” Attachmate sold itself to an investment group consisting of three firms—Francisco Partners. “Selling out”—in a good way In April 2005. In March 2006. the growing company announced it would acquire systems management and security firm NetIQ for about half a billion dollars. This group had bought out Attachmate’s rival WRQ at the end of 2004. Jeff Hawn. next to IBM. took the same leadership position for the newly formed giant and Pritt finally retreated into his 20-years-delayed retirement. By expert advice. with sales expected to exceed $200 million. In mid-2002. taking that public company into the still-private chambers of AttachmateWRQ. With more than 40. That purchase brought in some big government customers. the Vault Job Board and more. Department of Justice and Air Force.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company was also quick to integrate with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista OS— Attachmate’s tried-and-true EXTRA! was the first software to pass Microsoft’s rigorous testing to gain Vista certification status. 2010 Edition Attachmate Corporation launched its e-Vantage line. Later that year. AttachmateWRQ decided to simplify just a bit in and dropped the “WRQ. career message boards. Standard & Poor’s estimated Visit Vault at www. Golden Gate Capital and Thoma Cressey Equity. in with the new In July 2006. the entire tech industry was suffering from the sudden demise of its late-1990s heyday. 103 . designed to provide secure terminal emulation for Microsoft’s latest software suites. The joined companies were the second-largest hostaccess provider. the company was forced to close its Cincinnati development facility in response to flat-line revenue and an uncertain future. Reflection 2007. AttachmateWRQ was an infant company born into privilege. also bringing that company’s award-winning WinINSTALL package into the fold. including Attachmate. but was also quick to show it wasn’t born yesterday. but personally difficult. while increasing interoperability between the firms’ software.

Melissa Liton.iimcal. the company spokesperson. as well as its ability to innovate to meet the industry’s latest trends. Still. • January 2009: A 10 percent layoff Attachmate declared a 10 percent layoff. will strengthen mainframe security. “the reductions were necessary to ensure Attachmate maintains a healthy financial structure during this difficult and uncertain economic climate. The company’s core business—providing desktop PCs with access to mainframe computers—is slowly dying off as new technology renders those hulking dinosaurs obsolete. analysts say that the company’s cost-cutting measures throughout the years. with about $370 million for 2006 despite the new moneymakers Attachmate acquired that year. Attachmate tried to innovate its way through 2007.” • June 2008: Reflection for Vista Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. a revamped model of the Vista-friendly software Attachmate rolled out in 2006. a company specializing in multiplatform file-transfer solutions. 2010 Edition Attachmate Corporation that the company’s revenue has been shrinking.0. Attachmate exhibited its product offerings designed and built for Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 systems. put it in a solid position to stand the test of Guide to the Top Tech Employers. with stepped-up security features. 104 © 2009 Vault. In March of that year Attachmate introduced WinINSTALL 9. combined with the comprehensive productivity and security feature sets found in Attachmate’s existing EXTRA!.ac. releasing updates on its software to adapt with an increasingly mobile clientele. The agreement would require Attachmate to resell Proginet’s CyberFusion Integration Suite (CFI)® managed file-transfer technology in North America to integrate CFI more broadly into Attachmate’s portfolio of secure file-transfer solutions. discharging some 120 employees. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Agreement with Proginet Attachmate announced a strategic agreement with Proginet Corporation. Reflection for IBM 2007 is Attachmate’s built-for-Windows Vista terminal emulation solution that. June 2007 brought about the debut of Reflection X. in an effort to adjust to growing economic pains. Inc. .in) At Microsoft Tech-Ed North America 2008. said that. maximize IT flexibility and provide a set of features that enhance user productivity.

expert resume reviews. career message boards.attachmate.500 a year for undergrad courses and $ for insider company profiles. employees enjoy 11 paid holidays a Attachmate likes to stay competitive by attracting top personnel with a healthy banquet of benefits. dental and vision coverage) takes care of you in the meantime. the Vault Job Board and more. Attachmate supplies a short application form and a text box into which you may paste your resume (cover letter optional). On top of that.000 a year for graduate work. The unique charms of its three main offices (in Seattle. two of which they can choose to take when they please. The company’s 401(k) plan—with company matching—allows new hires to enroll after just one paycheck to get a jump start on retirement. Also immediately available upon hire is the company’s tuition reimbursement program.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which is upgraded to 16 days after three years.vault. Washington) are highlighted in the “locations” section of the site—the Seattle headquarters overlooks Lake Union. aspiring Attach-mates can search job openings with the company by department or location. whatever it is. New hires with the company enjoy 12 days of paid vacation a year. sounds like fun! Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.htm).iimcal. Miscellaneous niceties include a charitable matching program and something called “Friday Afternoon Unwinders”—which. expert advice. 105 . while health insurance (including prescription drugs. which offers up to $3. A separate link from the careers site provides job listings at the newly acquired systems and security management firm Visit Vault at www. 2010 Edition Attachmate Corporation GETTING HIRED Getting Attached Through Attachmate’s careers site (www. Cincinnati and Bellingham. while Bellingham’s got ping-pong and air hockey! For those ready to apply.

171. OR • Manchester.): 2. Switzerland • Ngee Ann City. 111 McInnis Parkway San Rafael. Hong Kong • Warsaw • Wels. Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & CEO: Carl Bass 2008 Employees: 7.2 LOCATIONS San Rafael. Germany • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ADSKL. GA • Lake Oswego.AUTODESK. England • Istanbul • Kuala Lumpur • London • Madrid • Makati Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA (HQ) Alpharetta.300 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Czech Republic• Rome • Rotterdam • São Paulo • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Taipei • Wanchai. CA • Waltham. Australia • Ontario • Osaka • Ottawa • Paco d’Arcos. NH • 106 © 2009 Vault. Austria • Wuhan. Inc.iimcal.autodesk. China KEY COMPETITORS Parametric Technology Corporation Siemens SolidWorks Corporation EMPLOYMENT CONTACT autodesk. South Africa • Chengdu. CA 94903 Phone: (415) 507-5000 Fax: (415) 507-5100 Singapore • North Ryde.9 2008 Income ($ mil. China • Dubai • Goteborg. Portugal • Paris • Prague. FL • San Francisco. Philippines • Melbourne • Mexico City • Milan • Montreal • Mumbai • Munchen. INC. MA • Athens • Bangalore • Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Calgary • Cambridge • Caracas • Centurion. .): 356. Sweden • Guangzhou • Hampshire.

California. the company portfolio has expanded in recent years to include special effects software for the entertainment industry. Bartz blazed a trail for women business leaders in the technology industry. the engineer who builds the structure must also use AutoCAD to open and read the plans. The company then rode the PC boom. Autodesk delivers its design and imaging software in over 160 countries to more than eight million users. Although Autodesk got its start in the computer drafting field. In her executive role. leading Autodesk until 2006 when she passed her crown to former COO Carl Bass. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. AutoCAD’s success was like that of Microsoft. The firm succeeded early with the introduction of the first computer-aided drafting (CAD) program—AutoCAD—written not for mainframes but for PCs. if an architect designs a building using AutoCAD. engineers and their clients to fully visualize and analyze complex projects before any ground is broken. the Vault Job Board and more. 960 on the Fortune 1000 in 2006 and snagged second place in the computer software industry on Fortune’s 2007 America’s Most Admired Companies list. expert resume reviews.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. who held down the fort until Carol Bartz was appointed chairwoman. expert advice. 2010 Edition Autodesk. AutoCAD. wherein it dominated a particular file format.vault. president and CEO in 1992. Walker relinquished his CEO position to Alvar Green in 1989. In 2009. The company ranked for insider company profiles. the company raked in $2. Autodesk’s AutoCAD saved files in a format not shared with competitors.3152 billion in sales revenue. In its early years. Revising this format slightly every time it issues a new release of the software. going public in 1985 and acquiring interior decorating software developer Creative Imaging Technologies a year later. depicting a towering high-rise replete with swanky restaurants and beautiful residents that will soon take the place of the vacant lot before you? That hopeful vista is most likely brought to you by Autodesk—the firm creates the 2-D and 3-D design software that allows Visit Vault at www. career message boards. Out of its headquarters in San Rafael. A dozen engineers led by John Walker (who would become CEO) founded Autodesk in 1982. THE SCOOP 3-D glasses not required Ever stopped to look at those ultrasharp 3-D billboards standing at the site of soonto-be condo developments. 107 . Inc. mapping software for civil engineers and product design software used in automotive manufacturing. Autodesk prevents other companies from cracking the code. While Microsoft capitalized on DOS to transform itself into an industry titan. What a CAD! Much of Autodesk’s success came from its flagship software.

a company that specializes in products for building product manufacturers. He had also been on the senior management team of Dell and Hewlett-Packard. • March 2009: 3-D to the max Autodesk launched its latest version of its 3-D modeling. The company is supplying the digital prototyping technology and training that will help PlanetSolar to quickly and cost-effectively design and build the sailboat. animation and rendering product. The technology enables manufacturers to simulate a product before it is Dubbed AutoCAD Exchange. . Autodesk had been late in reporting its information to the SEC for fiscal 2007 (February 2006 through January 2007). Inc. which offers nearly 350 additional features for managing complex scenes with greater ease and an unprecedented level of support for software interoperability and pipeline integration.8 billion. Meanwhile. an increase of more than $300 million from the level in 2006. tools and online help. reducing the need to construct physical models. • April 2009: AutoCAD Exchange. of Canada. IN THE NEWS • April 2009: Hawkins. assets of BIMWorld acquired Autodesk acquired iLogic desktop design automation technology from Logimetrix Inc. Profit decreased by $44 million. Inc. AutoCAD 2010 launched Autodesk created an online resource for millions of AutoCAD users worldwide. including AutoCAD 2010. • June 2007: Report shows profit decrease Autodesk announced that revenue reached $1. the portal will be a source of tips. Hawkins joined Autodesk from Logitech. • December 2008: iLogic technology. the Autodesk 3ds Max 2010.Vault Guide to the Top Tech 2010 Edition Autodesk. Autodesk also announced that it had acquired the assets of privately owned BIMWorld. however. new CFO The company announced that Mark J. Autodesk also announced its sponsorship of a unique project from Germany’s PlanetSolar to produce the world’s largest solar-powered sailboat capable of circumnavigating the globe. This drew pressure from Nasdaq in the form of a noncompliance letter threatening to delist Autodesk if it didn’t file its annual report. and will also give users an opportunity to send feedback to program 108 © 2009 Vault. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The launch of the site coincides with the release of the 2010 product line. Hawkins will step in as chief financial officer and executive vice president on April 27th. where he was CFO and senior vice president for finance and IT. but this was considered healthy at $289 million.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal. the Vault Job Board and more. be a CAD Selected as one of Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2006. A full listing of slots can be found by selecting “intern” from the job function search category through the company’s main job board. just post your Visit Vault at www. Inc. Autodesk offers about 100 summer internship positions for full-time students. Autodesk wants to put its logo on your business card—it says so right on its careers site (www. and the folks at Autodesk also enjoy one paid six-week sabbatical for every four years of full-time employment. Passing the buck What makes a desk at Autodesk so desirable? The company offers its employees such niceties as a 401(k) and an employee stock purchase plan in addition to a hearty smorgasbord of health insurance coverage. computer science or similar technical majors. Openings are posted throughout the spring season and are available mostly at the company’s San Rafael headquarters. expert advice. but also for similar openings in the future. location or industry. career message expert resume reviews. no cover letters here. civil engineering. GETTING HIRED Go ahead. dinners and the like) to reward individuals or for insider company profiles. There is vacation time and a generous holiday calendar (including the week off from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day). and also apply online. The company’s “Autobucks” program awards cash and better-than-cash bonuses (theater tickets. Upon submitting your resume you will be considered for not only the job at hand. • February 2007: Errors delay reports The company announced that it would have to restate past profits by $45 million to correct errors after discovering improperly dated stock option grants three months earlier. A handy on-site resume builder helps you make the best possible impression. 109 . Customized for: Vinay ( preferably those studying mechanical engineering.vault. From there you can search for your dream job at Autodesk by job type. although opportunities do pop up elsewhere. 2010 Edition Autodesk. please.

Inc.” But at the business 110 © 2009 Vault. Indians. others say that their pay is not commensurate to their stress level. you risk a bad performance review. lunch “The salary was very low for the amount of pressure we were under. The mixture of employees is likewise diverse. “The Autodesk Business Center where I work in started out as a good place to work. 2010 Edition Autodesk. . As far as I know. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. there are Singaporeans.” which is how respondents seem to relate to their work at Autodesk. things aren’t so flexible. with a team spirit and whether it is working hours.iimcal.” While some sources in the company say that the pay is reasonable.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Germans and Chinese employees. OUR SURVEY SAYS Flexibility is key As the saying goes. not to mention having quotas for entering orders. “different strokes for different folks. Says an intern at the company. but it later morphed into an ‘all for one and one for all’ attitude and environment. “Flexibility is what you notice at Autodesk. If you don’t work overtime. We worked hard and long hours since management would cajole us to do so. etc.” explains one transaction representative. dress code. According to one transaction representative.

INC.6 LOCATIONS Angleton.2 2008 Income ($ mil.BENCHMARK ELECTRONICS.asp DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Romania Campinas.522 2008 Revenue ($ mil. TX 77515 Phone: (979) 849-6550 www.. OR Dunseith. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.): -135. MN Jabil Circuit. China KEY COMPETITORS Flextronics International Ltd. ND EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Human Resources IPO Operations 111 . Thailand Penang Singapore Suzhou. AL Sunnyvale. 3000 Technology Drive Angleton. TX Beaverton. Inc. THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: BHE Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Donald Nigbor President: Gayla Delly CEO: Cary T. NH Huntsville.bench. The Netherlands Bangkok Brasov.iimcal. Brazil Dublin Guadalajara Korat.): 2.bench. Fu 2008 Employees: 10. CA Winona. TX (HQ) Austin.

Benchmark may be able to cut costs effectively and bring its new business back in the black. the company has not been profitable since 2001. for the delivery of a supercomputer system for Oak Ridge National Laboratory which sets a new world record for computer speed. with 24 manufacturing facilities as far flung as the Netherlands. The company is taking on Pemstar from a relatively secure position—Benchmark’s profit in 2006 rose to $111 million on revenue of $2. Benchmark oversees a wide-ranging global business. testing products and telecommunications equipment.iimcal. which achieves the ranking of third-fastest supercomputer in the world. From its headquarters in Angleton. IN THE NEWS • December 2008: Strategic alliances formed Benchmark. Though the company keeps a low profile in the high-flying tech industry. through a joint effort with Silicon Graphics. The company has already absorbed much of the costs of its purchase. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. in addition to 11 manufacturing facilities and 3. Inc. medical devices. it had paid back $66 million of Pemstar’s debt. 690 on the 2008 Fortune 1000. the company was enjoying a $2. Inc. 2010 Edition Benchmark Electronics.500 employees. comprising 19 percent of Benchmark’s revenue in 2008.2 billion. Benchmark makes the parts that make computers. and it 112 © 2009 Under the blanket term “electronics manufacturing services.5902 billion sales revenue. THE SCOOP They make the parts that make the whole world run Benchmark Electronics aims to set the standard for electronics • January 2007: Wish on a Pemstar Benchmark acquired Minnesota-based contract electronics manufacturer Pemstar for about $300 million in January 2007. . Similarly. Ranked No.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. By the end of fiscal year 2008. Guidant and Medtronic.” Benchmark designs and produces circuit boards for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like computer firm Sun Microsystems—which also happens to be its biggest customer. Applied Materials and Motorola as customers. created a computer system for NASA. Inc. although Pemstar’s revenue has steadily risen to its 2006 peak of $871 million. the company forged an alliance with Cray. However. an increase of 23 percent over 2005’s $2. But it also garnered some risk. Brazil and Thailand. by March 2007. it pulls in more than $1 billion in sales a year from Asia and Europe. Benchmark also took on Pemstar’s $89 million debt. Benchmark has also won numerous supplier awards from its loyal customers over the past few years—including recognition from EMC Corporation. The purchase brought in IBM. Texas. its products are ubiquitous. after bouncing back from its own slump.9

the Vault Job Board and more. to name a few. reported quarterly earnings in July of $25. and decisions on whether an applicant will be hired or not doesn’t take that long. the company announced the beginning of a share repurchase program of up to $125 million of company stock. these can be found at the company’s careers website. expert advice.iimcal. and basks in the glory of being named as one of the Top 100 Companies in the Greater Houston area in 2006 by the Houston Chronicle. GETTING HIRED Set some benchmarks of your own Benchmark Electronics takes a minimalist approach to job listings—what you see is what you for insider company profiles. Also in July. commodity manager and group lead.9 million.” OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. to 5 p. 2010 Edition Benchmark Electronics.” Adequate salary package Salary ranges in Benchmark primarily depend on the experience of the hiree and the difficulty of work given him. you may fill out a brief application form and post your resume online. career message boards. 401(k) matches up to 4 percent. only $1. Inc. Benchmark lists new positions as they open up. paid vacations and education reimbursements. I received an offer within 24 hours. www. The dress code is casual. “I started in HR then was interviewed by the department head.. Regarding Fair place to work The working conditions at Benchmark are generally described as good with ethical and nondiscrimination policies in place. Visit Vault at www. sorted by location. Professional hiring process in place The hiring process at Benchmark is very professional. Says a senior Upon finding a role you’d like. a senior business system analyst describes it as “being a little stressful. but an employee can work flexible hours when needed. compensations are seen as adequate by employees. The company prides itself in being an equal opportunity employer. Most staff members seem to be satisfied with the benefits they’re getting.bench. million down from the same period in 2006.m.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Working hours are usually from 8 a. which include medical coverage. and what you get is a list of available openings. but management is understanding. expert resume reviews. 113 . so aspiring employees are encouraged to check back often to catch the latest opportunities.asp.

France • Saint Jean Vedas Cedex. Victoria • Singapore • Stockholm • Stuttgart • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto • Utrecht. . PA (HQ) Alabama • Arizona • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Florida • Georgia • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kentucky • Louisiana • Los Angeles • Michigan • Minnesota • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Puerto Rico • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin DEPARTMENTS ADS • Business Development • Corporate Finance • CSST • Data Services • HD IT • MIS • Resale Services LOCATIONS Lawrence. Malaysia • Hallbergmoos. United Kingdom • Basel • PA 15055-1018 Phone: (877) 877-2269 Fax: (724) 746-0746 www. Norway • Dataran Glomac.aspx Customized for: Vinay ( Mexico • Santiago • São 39.016.7 2008 Income ($ mil. Denmark • Madrid • Milan • Munich • Paris • Pueblo.BLACK BOX CORPORATION 1000 Park Drive Lawrence. New Zealand • Vienna • Zaventem. Brazil • Scoresby.blackbox. Belgium THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: BBOX Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & CEO: Terry Blakemore 2008 Employees: 4. Mexico • Reading 114 © 2009 Vault. France • Santa Cruz Atoyac. The Netherlands • Victoria.2 KEY COMPETITORS CDW ePlus Unisys EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Inc.313 2008 Revenue ($ mil.blackbox. Switzerland • Antrim.): 1. Germany • Helsinki • Koge. United Kingdom • Rome • Rungis Cedex.

By 1982. expert advice. and “Expandor” was wisely dropped in favor of “Black Box. A lawsuit launched by one upstart investor in November 2006 alleged that 14 executives. career message boards. offering its first catalog in 1977. Customized for: Vinay ( Suit optional Although Black Box’s financial future was definitely rosier. The Black Box Corporation hooks up offices with all the connectivity they need through its data and voice services divisions. 115 . long black cables and all manner of multicolored gadgets offered by the company. Black Box offered more than the paper catalog remained the main sales generator for this direct marketing firm. computers and printers.vault. Guilty or not. 47 percent of which came from markets outside of North America. The company even goes so far as to custom build devices when its 118. 2010 Edition Black Box Corporation THE SCOOP Inside the box The little black box that got this company on its feet is a device that connects office network technology such as phones. The humble publication had a scant six pages.iimcal.000 in sales.000-strong product roster doesn’t quite cover a customer’s needs. it supports a dedicated technical hotline that’s available 24 hours a day. Calls to the hotline are answered within 20 seconds—guaranteed! It’s that dedication to customer service that keeps 175. expert resume reviews. By 1997.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. with another center to open in Mexico in mid-1995.000 products from subsidiaries in 15 countries to customers in more than 77 nations. conspired to date employee stock options to an especially low price in 1996. graced by only nine products. including CEO Young. which in turn delayed annual financial statements and put Black Box in hot water with Nasdaq. little blue boxes. some industry analysts predicted that the company would luck Visit Vault at www. Despite offering its catalog online and on then-vogue CD-ROM by 1996. the company was synonymous with its popular catalog. but went on to generate $170. Mail-order moguls Eugene Yost and Dick Raub founded the company in 1976 as Expandor Inc. And it’s that customer loyalty that has made Black Box the world’s largest dedicated network infrastructure provider. it is now just one out of a multitude of little black boxes. In the 1990s.000 clients in 141 countries coming back to Black Box for all their connectivity hardware and service needs. The suit spurred another SEC probe and an internal review in February for insider company profiles. shareholders and federal investigators found cause for alarm in possible illegal backdating of stock options.” Yost and Raub sold the company to Micom Systems in 1983 for $19 million. allowing them to later sell the stock for high profit. 365 days a year. To further woo its clients. expansion followed—Black Box opened a subsidiary in Brazil in 1994. Sales that year clocked in at $232 million. the Vault Job Board and more.. Said Intertek. IN THE NEWS • November 2008: ISO all around Black Box Corporation received ISO 9001:2000 recertification for its U. The company’s fiscal 2007 statements. education and various government agency accounts. Its ISO 9001:2000 certification enables Black Box to offer its customers the assurance that it is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to its clients around the world. Texas. and networking products and solutions.. ..S. and ACS Communications Inc. were not expected to press charges. Inc. but profits improved by the smallest of margins. In 2008. Inc. provider of voice and data communication services in the southeastern swath of the U. data and hotline services to meet its customers’ increasing demands for multilocation support. According to NCT. health care and governmental persuasion. “Black Box’s organization uses innovative approaches to customer satisfaction for both external customers and the organization’s internal customers. financial. in February 2007. 2010 Edition Black Box Corporation out: while New York and California state prosecutors jumped on backdating scandals. (NCT). Black Box then acquired the Florida firm ADS Telecom. infrastructure. ADS brought annual revenue of about $14 million into Black Box’s coffers.” • October 2008: Southward expansion Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the acquisition will further its capability to “expand its offerings for existing customers and the resources to gain additional customers” by providing additional voice.-based voice and data services and product manufacturing locations.5 million from $37. the U.” 116 © 2009 Vault. released in late June. The company then exceeded the $1 billion revenue mark.3 million in 2006. the lead auditor performing the recertification Black Box Corporation announced acquisitions of Network Communications including companies of the commercial. a privately held company whose head office is in Austin. making it one of the world’s largest independent providers of communications. where Black Box is headquartered.S. to $37. ACS also expressed excitement about its new ability “to make an immediate impact riding on the success of Black Box and ACS’s own outstanding service delivery capability and broad customer base. Inc. confirmed the picture of a profitable company spending too much money on internal problems.. attorneys in Pennsylvania.. a North Carolina-based private company. Both companies have an active customer base that includes commercial.S. With its diverse client list. and B&C Telephone.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Black Box acquired AT&T’s Southeast Region NEC CPE Base.iimcal. UCI Communications LLC and Mutual Telecom Services Inc. up from the 2006 total of $721 million.

with Black Box’s history of superior customer service. product innovation and world-class engineering skills ensuring that UCI’s customers remain on the cutting edge of communications technologies. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Black Box Network Services will deploy and maintain a full suite of ShoreTel UC solutions provided by ShoreTel.vault. commented that UCI looked forward to joining the Black Box family and becoming an integral part of the Voice Services South Team. The corporate offices. hospitality. • April 2008: A BBox-UCI marriage Black Box acquired UCI Communications LLC. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Black Box Corporation • July 2008: De-fense! Black Box Corporation announced another acquisition. grounds.” Visit Vault at www. stated that “UCI has a long and well-established history of providing excellent voice and data services to its customers. Black Box. meanwhile. a company offering Unified Communications solutions. Through this deployment.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. builds and maintains complicated data and voice infrastructure systems.iimcal. education and various government agency for insider company profiles. 117 . The dividend was declared on all outstanding shares of Black Box’s common stock and was available to stockholders on July 14. as well as broaden Black Box’s worldwide implementation capabilities.” • June 2008: And now for sports news A company that designs. 2008.” and that this acquisition will enable Black Box to “continue expanding its presence in the Southeast and offer additional hotline products and voice and data services to UCI’s customers. concessions. has been chosen by the Sacramento River Cats. that services clients in the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. which include Iraq and Afghanistan. Inc. career message boards. (MTS). a privately held company based in Needham. this time of Mutual Telecom Services. a privately held company based in Mobile. with its Black Box Network Services. to deploy and maintain the ShoreTel Pure IP Unified Communications solution for the front offices and Raley Field. Shaler Houser. Mass. the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland A’ ballpark and supporting operations of Sacramento. Black Box will provide IP Unified Communications to the 14. which has an active customer base encompassing commercial. complemented by a global logistical deployment arm capable of conducting industry-leading operations in the harshest locations. American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. dugouts and bullpens of Sacramento will be covered under this deployment. security. Black Box Corporation. ballpark suites.06 per share of its common stock. expert advice. Black Box stated that “MTS has built an industry-leading voice solutions engineering and implementation capability. former UCI owner. the Vault Job Board and more. locker rooms. through its transfer agent.. • May 2008: Stockholders to receive dividends The Black Box board of directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.” and that this acquisition will “add depth to Black Box’s voice solutions engineering resources.

and click on the “Submit Resume” button. sex. team-oriented individuals” to augment its 4. Black Box’s resume builder allows applicants to create attractive and informative profiles. Black Box “offers the excitement of a fast-paced environment and a competitive total compensation package commensurate with experience.iimcal. applicants can access job openings by department or job category. Inc. copy and paste their resumes at the bottom of the page. ethnicity. providing this information is voluntary and “a refusal to provide such information will have no effect on the company’s employment decision. They go another step further saying that this data is for analysis and affirmative action only and will be kept in a file separate from an employee’s personal file. Applying online also sends resumes directly to the recruiter handling the hiring process for the open position. national origin. medical condition. flexible. or through keywords. religion. Applicants can simply complete the fields.” That is. and these types of folks are encouraged to browse Black Box’s open positions at the company’s careers site (www. And. although its job database gives you an option to fill in fields with information about your race.blackbox. disability and veteran statuses of applicants. They do go to great lengths to emphasize that the reason for the addition of the fields is that government agencies may require periodic reports on the sex. .aspx). Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” Black Box Network Services is also an equal opportunity employer. 2010 Edition Black Box Corporation GETTING HIRED Get inside the box The Black Box Corporation is looking for “innovative. color. Applicants can either submit their resumes by email or via an online form (with space provided for applicants to post their resumes) for Black Box’s job database.500-strong workforce 118 © 2009 Vault. disability or other legally protected statuses. excellent benefits and the advancement opportunities that come from being part of a growing company. sexual preference. marital status. Here. applicants are considered for positions without regard to race. sex or veteran status.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

WA • Lexington. IN • Irvine. Denmark • Bangalore Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing • Calgary • Capital Federal. NY • Pittsburgh. IL • Detroit. 2101 CityWest Boulevard mc/external/search.BMC SOFTWARE. Canada • Melbourne • Mexico City • Milan • Montreal • Moscow • Munich • Paris • Petaling Jaya. South Africa • São Paulo. INC. TX • Pleasanton. Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. TX (HQ) Atlanta. MN • New York. CA • DEPARTMENTS Accounting • Administration • Business Operations • Business Planning • Enterprise Service Management • Facilities • Finance • Human Resource Management • Information Services & Technology • Legal • Mainframe Service Management • Marketing • Product Development • Professional Services • Sales • Strategy & Corporate Development • Worldwide Sales & Services LOCATIONS Houston.): -313. France • Alges. NC • Chicago. Beauchamp 2008 Employees: 5. Finland • Vienna • Vilvoorde.6 KEY COMPETITORS EMPLOYMENT CONTACT careers. VA • Indianapolis. Portugal•Athens Auckland • Ballerup. Israel• Vantaa. M I• Herndon. Sweden • Madrid • Markham. TX • Cary. Argentina • Dubai • Dublin Frankfurt • Geneva • Hamburg • Istanbul • Jakarta • Kista.peopleclick. PA • Plano. CA • King of Prussia. CA • 119 .800 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Netherlands • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Surrey • Sydney • Taipei • Tel Aviv • Tel Hai. India • Rio de Janeiro • Rome • GA • Austin. Belgium • Wanchai.): 1.6 2008 Income ($ mil. Inc. VA • Minneapolis. MA McLean. Hong KongWellington • Zurich THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: BMC Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Robert E. TX 77042-2827 Phone: (713) 918-8800 www. Brazil • Schiphol-Rijk. MA • Warren.731. PA • Kirkland. Malaysia • Pune. NJ Aix-en-Provence.

BMC purchased PATROL Software two years later. Although the company was decreasing its reliance on sales of its mainframe management Guide to the Top Tech Employers. BMC quickly recognized the need to change. BMC’s business changed to incorporate desktops into the mix (although handling massive and complex business organizations with mainframe mammoths in their closets has remained its forte). bringing that firm’s network surveillance software into its portfolio. Inc. The business was incorporated in these divisions deliver a little bit of magic called “business service management. BMC Software makes its money helping large corporations manage their operations and information through applications. Acquisition and aggressive direct marketing (often of the tele-persuasion) led the company to grow through the 1990s. Inc. and introduced a new business strategy—business service management—in April 2003. respectively). Chairman Moores fully retired in 1992. The firm’s product offerings are divided into four primary categories of “management” service: impact. . M and C of the company’s name. Perhaps a more conceptual than tangible change. 2010 Edition BMC Software. IT service. including DataTools in 1997. BGS Systems in 1998 and New Dimension Software in 1999.” or the implementation of day-to-day business processes through technology for the greatest possible efficiency. More acquisitions followed to round out its non-mainframe offerings. it didn’t move fast enough to avoid the crippling blow suffered across the entire tech industry in the early years of the 21st century. databases and other types of infrastructural software. Under the direction of CEO Max Watson. which marked a departure from its former reliance on mainframe tech. Watson later turned over his seat to BMC’s current president and CEO Robert Beauchamp in 2001. and initially focused its energies on developing software tools for the mainframe computers used by large corporations. leaving the company totally in the hands of CEO Watson (Moores went on to buy the San Diego Padres baseball team).in) 120 © 2009 Vault. BMC went public on Nasdaq in 1988 with a selling price of $9 per share. John Moores and Dan Cloer (the B. Texan Innovation BMC grew out of a trio of computer programmers from the Houston area in the 1970s. application and IT operations. who assumed that top role in 1987 after founder Moores scaled back his involvement with the company. the new shift to connecting IT resources to business management processes was spurred by the acquisitions of service-management software companies Remedy (in November 2002) and IT Masters (in March 2003). But with the rise of the PC. Combined. Scott Boulett.iimcal. database and infrastructure. Later acquisitions—including that of Marimba in 2004 and Calendra and OpenNetwork in 2005—allowed the Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. THE SCOOP Management is their middle name As one of the world’s largest independent software vendors.

thereby creating “a unique. Department of Agriculture choose BMC to streamline its IT-related processes. a global virtualization leader. BMC continues to run with the big boys. The company press release said this partnership is a part of the move “to help BMC and VMware customers plan.7316 billion in sales revenue. drawing its customer base mainly from Global 2000 companies—the kind that need comprehensive database systems to connect and manage their sprawling and diverse operations.iimcal. expert advice. Headquartered in Houston. BMC estimates that 95 percent of the Forbes Global 100 and 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use BMC’s software to manage their enterprises.vault. 2010 Edition BMC Software. automate and fully manage their physical and virtual IT infrastructures in a • September 2008: Expanding the VMware partnership BMC and VMware. career message embedded in the UCS is a purpose-built BMC software management system that allows data center administrators to reconfigure business services and resources from a single console. Texas. Indeed. BMC has downplayed its once-encompassing focus on mainframe technology. integrated way. In a company press release. expert resume reviews. including a new reseller agreement and joint development of new integrated management solutions. 121 . for insider company profiles. With these subtle shifts in direction. announced their intent to expand their partnership.” • June 2008: Shopping for more BMC reported that it has completed the acquisition of ITM Software. This partnership promises to completely change the math in the cost of managing IT infrastructures. Visit Vault at www. including standardizing the department’s IT processes and integrating management and delivery of its IT services. control. In 2008.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. BMC reported $1. company to broaden its software line from specific programs to an entire suite of management tools. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Delivering major breakthroughs BMC and Cisco collaborated to deliver a major breakthrough in management for unified computing systems (UCS). business unit president Dev Ittycheria said the five-year agreement will deploy BMC’s Remedy ITSM v7. The agreement will allow the integration of VMware vCenter Lifecycle and BMC’s Remedy IT Service Management and Atrium Orchestrator to automate change and configuration management across datacenters. embracing up-and-coming technologies. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.S. According to CEO Beauchamp. • December 2008: Partnering with USDA The U. including the unified BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Inc. financials. integrated solution that provides customers with a single comprehensive view into project and service portfolios. the Vault Job Board and more.

government has made increasing use of its new offerings as that bulky behemoth of the people attempts to update its technology and streamline its operations. the Defense Logistics Agency and the Military Sealift Command.iimcal. .S. With the purchase. Talks of acquiring the data center automation company started in March.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. BMC combined its Business Service Management (BSM) platform with BladeLogic’s data center automation solutions. for $800 million. winning $15 million in contracts from such groups as the Environmental Protection Agency. • February 2007: Ask what BMC can do for your country As BMC’s focus changed. Inc.5 million for BMC’s services. Postal Service and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. virtualization management and 122 © 2009 Vault.” BMC believes that the acquisition is very appropriate since companies demand more visibility and control over their assets. compliance and IT demand—all the applications that an IT organization needs to run itself as a true business unit.S. while addressing the critical challenges of compliance. resources. Inc. The U.. the U. shelling out $8. vendors. 2010 Edition BMC Software. BMC senior vice president Jim Grant said that through the combination of both companies’ solutions. BMC also made headway into the government’s civilian offices following the completion of its defense obligations.” • April 2008: Buying BladeLogic BMC announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of BladeLogic. winning $15 million in contracts by June 2007 from such groups as the Environmental Protection Agency. “customers will now have 100 percent visibility into IT spending and effectiveness versus the 20 to 25 percent view allowed by our competitors’ Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc.” • June 2007: Contracts with civilian offices BMC made headway into the government’s civilian offices following the completion of its defense obligations. The Department of Defense contracted BMC for its management software. BMC says “the combined solutions portfolio will allow new and existing customers to gain a 90 percent improvement in IT operational efficiency in 90 so does its customer base. the U. including the Missile Defense Agency. Postal Service and rthe Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.S. The company had contracted to other fingers of Uncle Sam’s stern fist in recent months.

OUR SURVEY SAYS Great opportunities BMC respondents generally have only good things to say about their work place. BMC will supply you with comprehensive health coverage. including such attributes as the drive for innovation. 123 . “The competition is for insider company profiles. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Employees may also purchase company stock at a discounted rate. At its website. and a yen for customer advocacy. “Co-workers have the respect and abilities needed to develop a good work environment.” according to one source. BMC’s job database allows you to upload your resume and cover letter upon finding a position you’d like to fill.” Visit Vault at www. Even though the IT business has undergone some hard years. Once you’re in the company. describing the company as having a refined. Inc. career message boards. with offices worldwide. location and position type. you can explore just what it takes to join the business service management team. one of BMC’s managers enthuses. and great opportunities for growth are provided your study relates to the job at hand.vault. Tuition assistance is available for those still looking to learn. including a prescription drug plan and a 401(k) with company matching to get you going on that long march toward 2010 Edition BMC In a good position Asked to describe the company’s business outlook. expert resume reviews. which has impacted BMC with cuts in the number of employees. GETTING HIRED Is it in your blood? Through BMC’s careers site (www. expert advice. the ability to communicate directly and honestly. Searchable by function.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. I believe we are back on the right track and the employee morale is high. the Vault Job Board and more. the company outlines the core competencies that should already be built into the very fiber of successful applicants.iimcal. and job seekers who fit the bill are welcome to search the company’s openings. BMC is a large company. critical and analytical sense of professionalism. These are the ideals that make up BMC’s company culture. but BMC is in a good position and has a solid financial structure.

): 172 2008 Income ($ mil. Inc. Suite 100 Austin. Netherlands • Langen.7 LOCATIONS DEPARTMENTS Accounting • Advertising • Consulting • Corporate Marketing • Facilities • Human Resources • Legal • Marketing • Products • Public Relations • Purchasing • Quality Assurance • R&D • Sales • Software Engineering • Technical Support • Technology • Worldwide Field Operations Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Olsen President & CEO: Erik Austria • Madrid • Markham. United Kingdom • Canberra. GA • Chicago. Canada • Paris • Rome • São Paulo • Singapore • Sydney • Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS IBM Microsoft Corporation Sun Microsystems EMPLOYMENT CONTACT client_borland/external/search. .BORLAND SOFTWARE CORPORATION 8310 North Capital of Texas Highway Building 2. TX 78731 Phone: (512) 340-2200 Germany • Linz. VA Bangalore • Belfast • Berkshire. Australia • Hoofddorp.iimcal. CA • Reston. Prusch 2008 Employees: 879 2008 Revenue ($ mil. IL • 124 © 2009 Vault.): -215. TX (HQ) THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: BORL Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: John F.peopleclick.

even calling itself “the Open ALM company. Erik IN THE NEWS • March 2009: New CFO appointment Borland announced the appointment of Thomas Wilkas as Borland’s chief financial officer. Charles Schwab and the U. expert advice. including different CEOs. Borland assists companies in managing. including Hewlett-Packard. Borland was a relatively small company until the mid-1980s. Army. the company is focused on open application lifecycle management (Open ALM).Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the company continues to trust in the strategy. Gauntlet and SilkCentral. Borland has seen great potential in investing to support businesses through the Open ALM product strategy—which comprised 58 percent of revenue in 2006. Effective March 16th. when it began acquiring other software companies. the company serves 80 percent of firms in the Global 2000. Today. Soon the company introduced the Turbo C++ programming and the popular Quattro Pro spreadsheet. and back again (and then back again). including project and portfolio management. He and his friends took off with the Turbo Pascal under the newly christened Borland International in the market on its first month. but will still be working in Borland as the company’s acting president and chief executive officer. Calif.vault. ALM is a four-pronged strategy. 2010 Edition Borland Software corporation THE SCOOP Giving ALMs to the needy Borland Software is a company that has seen a lot of changes in its 25 years of existence—going from a programming and database software firm to a system integrations firm..” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. requirements definition and management.iimcal. the Vault Job Board and more. for insider company C++ is better than average Borland was started by Frenchman Philippe Kahn after leaving Hewlett-Packard in 1982. Borland saw many changes throughout the years. As yet. increasing revenue and enlarging its product line to include database software. Through its product line. expert resume reviews. lifecycle quality management and change management. Verizon Wireless. 125 . which includes such programs as Tempo. career message boards.S. tracking and testing the quality of the software that keeps their businesses running. undergoing drastic changes and even changing renaming it Inprise for a short while. Visit Vault at www. Currently headquartered in Cupertino. Prusch stepped down to give way to Wilkas.

will be reported in late February. Borland will still be holding $7 million worth of CodeGear accounts receivable. The handover is said to be beneficial to the CodeGear division and Embarcadero Technologies®.ac. to support apps we don’t support. We chose a new architecture. Inc. Borland guaranteed the public in an email correspondence with techworld. CEO steps down Borland laid off 130 employees as executive positions were reassigned and income expectations lowered for the recent quarter.8 million pre-tax loss for the last quarter. Borland expected a revenue jump of $38. Despite the dilemma of having to differentiate this system with typical testing applications. • May 2008: Farewell. Borland also announced that Erick Prusch. Borland also attributed its loss to the cost of reducing its workforce by 15 percent and writing off the value of facilities and software technology. • April 2008: Borland’s Silk gets an upgrade The be-all of testing products. . To do so meant either we abandon our old customers with a new product or we took more time for a new architecture. will straighten coding bumps for new applications. Among the reasons cited by the company for the loss was that it was being affected by a price war among software suppliers. This release from Borland is said to be the product’s first overhaul in two years. TeamInspector. said Borland.iimcal. “What customers have been asking us for is the ability to extend Silk. SilkPerformer and SilkCentral Test Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. test coverage and build trends. the results (risk indicators and trends) are then revealed to management in a single cross-project dashboard ensuring visibility across your entire software project portfolio. IDEs (integrated development environment) initially nursed and brought up by the company. Year-end 126 © 2009 Vault.5 million to $40 million for the fourth quarter. • December 2008: Borland takes a beating Borland suffered a $56.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Brad that while it is still part of the testing process. making sure that they run in tiptop shape. standards compliance. 2010 Edition Borland Software corporation • February 2009: New tool to streamline coding Borland promised that its new product. guaranteeing $100 million in yearly revenue.” • January 2009: Employees laid off. June 30th was the definitive date: Borland officially said goodbye to its pilot programs Turbo C++ and Delphi. chief financial officer. “TeamInspector has the capability to inspect various third-party tools related to code analysis. director for product marketing for Lifestyle Quality management. has replaced Ted Nielsen as acting chief executive officer of Borland. Despite a decrease from its earlier prediction. Turbo C++ and Delphi Embarcadero Technologies® announced its purchase of Borland’s CodeGear division. to make it more flexible. Borland-acquired Segue Software’s Silk has finally come out of its shell with major upgrades.” The Silk product line’s (SilkTest.

in) Visit Vault at www.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the company sees its new hires as an investment that will more than pay off in the future as that foundling rises through the ranks of the firm. you may fill out a “Job Agent” profile and be notified whenever a position that matches your skills does open up.iimcal. The same source adds that because Borland was “losing money. With its promote-from-within policy. Flex code and XML. 127 . which “affected some of the best and the brightest. and expanded” the company initiated layoffs. a change of focus According to one insider.html. the Vault Job Board and more. employees are kept up-to-date on the latest technological developments affecting the industry and can also become thoroughly versed in the workings of the company’s own product offerings. Through its Borland University.borland.vault. Upon finding an opportunity you like. From here. Even if you don’t find the right fit. For either for insider company profiles. such as GETTING HIRED Borland wants employees who are in it for the long haul. you can expect to fill out a short online application before uploading your resume. Openings can be found through Borland’s careers site at www. you may add it to your job cart or apply at once. OUR SURVEY SAYS Layoffs. expert advice. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Borland Software corporation Manager) new features include smooth program testing for various programming languages.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. potential Borlanders can search jobs by type or location. Borland is “at a crossroads” in terms of changing focus for the company. Management training is also available for those looking to snag a corner office. career message boards.

MN • Boulder. MI • Tampa. PR • Scottsdale. AZ • Southfield.700 2008 Revenue ($ NY (HQ) Atlanta. Christenson CEO: John A. UT• East Windsor. NJ • Framingham. AR • VA • Houston. NY 11749 Phone: (800) 225-5224 Fax: (631) 342-6800 www. TX • Portland. MO • Chicago. One CA Plaza Islandia. IL • Livermore.277 2008 Income ($ mil. INC. KS • Lisle. OH • Draper. WI KEY COMPETITORS BMC EMC IBM EMPLOYMENT CONTACT OH • New York. OR • Portsmouth. CA • San THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CA Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & COO: Michael J. TN • Herndon.iimcal. WA • Bentonville. FL • Washington. MD • IN • Irvine. NC • Chesterfield.aspx DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NH • Redwood City. CA • San Diego. PA • Plano. TX • Indianapolis. GA • Bellevue. CA • San Juan. IL • Columbus. NY • Petaluma. CA • Mason. CA • Pittsburgh. CO • Ewing.): 4. CA • Los Administration • Channel Sales • Child Care • Corporate Communications • Development • Education • Facilities • Finance • Human Resources • Legal • Marketing MIS/Corporate Information Systems • Pre-sales • Procurement • Sales–Direct • Sales–Indirect • Sales Ops • Security • Technical Support • Technology Services 128 © 2009 Vault. DC • Waukesha. Inc. CA • Leawood. Swainson 2008 Employees: 13. MA • Franklin. CT • Ellicot City. . NC • Charlotte.): 500 LOCATIONS Islandia. CO •

in 1996. a business approach revolutionized by Wal-Mart.S. THE SCOOP Think you can manage a billion-dollar baby? CA (or the firm known as Computer Associates until 2006) is a supplier of systems management.700 employees as of April 2008). Cron.277 billion revenue in fiscal year 2008 and approximately 13. in November 2004. With market growth come corporate issues CA has its roots in a Swiss company that appointed Queens College graduate Charles Wang to head its new branch in America in 1976. Jeff Clarke. later replaced by John Swainson.. as Lewis S. The company.iimcal. legal issues emerged as internal accusations of corporate mismanagement from stockholders. Meanwhile. The firm promoted Sanjay for insider company profiles. former CFO of Compaq. Department of Justice and price fixing by the SEC dominated the company landscape in mid-2001 until the end of 2002. CA continued its aggressive pursuit of acquisitions. Starting with just four employees and one product. and Kenneth D. with headquarters in the United States and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. career message boards. McCracken would Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.5 billion in May 1999. In the 1990s. information management and business management software products for hardware platforms. despite offering a hefty all-cash bid of $9. educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries Visit Vault at www. the purchase made CA the only provider of end-to-end storage management solutions. Economic doldrums and internal finance issues marked the turn of the century. As one of the world’s largest software companies (with $4. the Vault Job Board and more. signed on as COO and CFO. a Wang protégé. particularly of the “enterprise storage” type. 553 on the 2008 Fortune 1000. At the time.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. sold today under the BrightStor line of products. CA turned to other acquisitions instead. In June. Many new faces came into the CA fold. CA acquired Cheyenne Software. 2010 Edition CA. 129 . as well as government entities. The ongoing criminal inquiry into accounting practices brought about a major upheaval in corporate structure in 2004. allegations of antitrust by the billion. Africa and Latin America. which has been a major player on the software scene for more than three decades. 2007. buying Sterling Software in 2000 for a deal worth $4 billion in stock. then the largest acquisition in software industry history. a former CEO and chairman at Vivendi Universal. the company failed in its hostile takeover attempt of Computer Sciences Corp.vault. Inc. CA expanded into the Far East. and he spearheaded an acquisition philosophy away from older systems and toward network software. In 1998. as CA laid off 900 workers in 2001. to president in 1994. took over as interim CEO. picking up Platinum Technology International for $3. ranks No. a 26-year industry veteran. Ranieri became chairman of the board. Wang’s division had grown to such scale in the 1980s that it bought out its Swiss partners. CA does business all over the globe. The next year. Inc. expert advice. expert resume reviews. CA announced that William E.

Ranieri as chairman. urging the industry and the public to “Believe Netreon Inc. In October 2004. both products helping cement its position as an expert in the field. named a man from Symantec—Thomas Kendra—as senior vice president for strategy and business development and general manager of its Clarity project and portfolio management business unit. acquiring.iimcal.” said Gopal. succeed Lewis S. a portfolio management system for corporations. Baby’s back Through all the ups and downs. the company launched its largest product release ever. . Inc. business did—by some miracle—continue at CA. and proved that it could turn things around in a hurry. and a Managing On-Demand Strategy. Archiving software developer iLumin joined the party the following October. trucking out 85 products and 26 updates to older software lines. it picked up Netegrity Inc. to $3. 130 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the company unveiled a new logo and slogan the same year. with IT management software company Niku Corporation to follow a month later for $345 million. executive vice president of AC’s products and technology group.8 billion. Kendra’s focus will be on product development and technology strategies that emphasize internal growth and communication with other vendors. 2010 Edition CA. for $359 million. customer needs. the latter remaining with the company in a directorial role. to the tune of $48 million. Inc. a service management software firm. clocking in at $156 million. The new additions helped boost year-end revenue by nearly $200 To maintain its standing as the world’s leading independent IT management software company. releasing The Security Command Center. Inc. among other including taking care of market leader CA Clarity. It returned to its principal growth strategy. for $340 million the next month. another provider of security products. He reports to Ajei Gopal.” IN THE NEWS • March 2009: New lead strategy and business development Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In 2005. coming aboard in March 2006 for $374 million. and the competitive landscape. it purchased Concord Communications. CA. Despite the shake-ups that marked the first few years of the millennium. In June 2005.. in a slew of acquisitions from 2003 to 2009. Profit was back in black for the second consecutive year. CA renewed its commitment to management software. Perhaps tellingly. and Wily Technology brought up the fiscal rear. “Tom possesses a keen understanding of technology trends. which offered advanced technology to help customers manage security from a central point.. and a proven ability to execute.

as VP of software engineering and Integrated Database Management System (IDMS) product line manager. Judy Kruntorad will head up R&D at CA. Realizing this gap in the middle market. Mark Camm. 2010 Edition CA. • December 2008: Data profiling for the masses Sifting through lots of data and building a warehouse out of byte-sized pieces of information can be a monumental task if a company relies on its legacy systems and doesn’t have money to spare for a program to do it for them. throughput and efficient resource usage compared with competitive a company specializing in data mapping and discovery. Developed in the 1960s and owned by CA since 1989. the Vault Job Board and more. a software-as-a-service platform that ensures seamless company governance. CA partnered with Exeros. legislating corporate accountability. Compliance is the catchword of late. risk and compliance. thanks to its being the catalyst for the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. but for serious malware. Aimed at the budget-conscious business.iimcal. CA’s ERwin suite is a sweet deal at $4. • November 2008: CA’s malware joins America’s Most Wanted You’ve got Ghostbusters for malicious cartoon ghosts and spirits.000. to include one of its programs as part of the CA ERwin Data Modeling Suite. The host of America’s Most Visit Vault at www. CA’s program combines data modeling and profiling to provide midsized companies with a business intelligence tool that has a lot of functionality without the hefty price tag tacked onto it. The key advantages of IDMS are performance. CA’s GRC general manager.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Inc. What does this mean? for insider company profiles. expert resume reviews. with the data modeling and profiling package at $8. admitted that added legislative checks for privately held companies upped the ante for CA and other vendors to retool their software to include compliance-driven applications. IDMS is the foundation of many of CA’s customers’ most critical business applications and is now also being used as the back-end database server for modern web applications. CA’s program goes forward with planning compliance without the attendant timeline it takes for a company’s IT division to set it up. an IT-related issue that spans the boardrooms and offices of a company.0. 131 . career message boards.vault.000. It’s “data profiling for the masses. you have to call … John Walsh? That’s right. demanding more rapid deployment of checks and balances that lets business go as usual.0 Enron is either the boon or the bane of corporations now. • February 2009: A veteran for CA’s R&D next level A new name is on one of the executive rungs of CA’s corporate ladder. IDMS uses less CPU capacity and less storage to do the same amount of work • January 2009: Get ready for Compliance 2. the curse of wanted criminals in the real world. is positioned to be the Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. expert advice. and CA lends companies a helping hand with its GRC Manager. This is Compliance 2. While bigger support vendors offer data solutions in the hundred-thousand-dollar price range.” CA says. Kruntorad is to mainly oversee CA’s IDMS family of products used at hundreds of high-profile organizations around the world.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Inc. CA refocused the public lens on its Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA helps its customers pre-empt IT and legal challenges by releasing new products in its current line of programs for records and identity management and data center automation. both virtual and real. the company’s newest anti-malware program targeting phishing. CA’s Automation Manager gives customers a comprehensive view of data sources and systems.iimcal. Walsh appears as the public face of CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2009. spamming. from their desktops. • September 2008: Clarity for Uncle Sam CA officials announced that CA’s Clarity has added an earned value management (EVM) functionality package to help federal agencies and contractors conform to the ANSI/EIA-748 standard for EVM. the first to receive certification from the U. designing equipment such as vending machines and fountain dispensers that it leases or sells. CA’s move to make John Walsh the face of its anti-malware product is a keen way to capture the individual consumer market. Coke wants to add life to itself by developing new beverages. too CA Clarity for New Product Development? Yup. After becoming embroiled in accounting scandals and seeing its executives booted out of office or put in prison. adopted by the Defense Department for applying EVM systems to government programs and projects. All these programs make compliance seem less like the bogeyman that corporations assume it to be. which runs on an Oracle database. Department of Defense. Temporarily eschewing a focus on business Employees only need to access the web-based application. and as the government prepares to net corporations toeing the line of the law in efforts to stay afloat. CA stopped industry speculation about its curtain call when it implemented software upgrades to its existing programs and a more aggressive bid to get a bigger portion of the data security and management markets. On the identity management front. and more of a settling in to a new way of professional life. Inc. annoyance of cybercriminals everywhere. chronicling the stages in each development project and the “gate” points at which decisions need to be made. How? With CA software Clarity to manage the workflow of what’s commonly known as the stage-gate process in product development. 2010 Edition CA. CA Records Manager.S. CA’s Identity Manager operates a third-party program (thanks to an acquisition of IDFocus this month) that ensures sensitive data is sent only to those persons authorized to view them. spyware and viruses. is a tool meant to assist public and private agencies in complying with legal demands and government inquires. • June 2008: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over Like the hero who refuses to die. • July 2008: You can have your Coke and CA. • October 2008: Prevent violations before they happen As companies tighten their belts amid the economic 132 © 2009 Vault. and creating packaging concepts for both new and already established products. .

or upload it via PDF. GETTING HIRED Send ‘em your resume Applicants can use the online job search on CA’s career website (www. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and “baby bonds” award workers for incubating or adopting the next generation of Visit Vault at www. the Americas and the Asia Pacific region. dogs. In the past. the technology was presented in disconnected silos. the Middle East. one that CA promises to deliver in its future line of programs and software to track down open positions. and continues to really work to address the requirements of managing and securing hardware. CA offers internship opportunities to current college students in a variety of departments. In addition to the usual health coverage. Benefits for CAers include 401(k) with company matching after one year. the company is seen as a leader in virtual data management. Microsoft Word or plain text. software. Inc. In addition. cats and Employment is available the world over: in Europe. 2010 Edition CA. CA has done well with its Wily and Netegrity acquisitions. career message boards. under the “internship” job category. they didn’t seem to have a clear view of customers and the product strategy was not very well-orchestrated. the Vault Job Board and more. Job seekers can create and submit a resume to the company through the site’s online resume builder. services and networks. Africa. products. with optional pet insurance. suggesting end-to-end solutions to customer needs instead of conveniently putting solutions into neat little boxes and leaving it at that. Parents cheer for the child development centers. CA sees to the health of its workers with on-site fitness centers and even looks out for the health of its workers’ birds. where trained staff will turn your crayon-eating tot into a Mozart-appreciating genius while you for insider company profiles. “CA has made tremendous progress over the past few years. and its line of products geared toward government compliance has some customers eschewing the spreadsheet for something more automated and simpler to use. an employee stock purchase program and a pretax flexible expense plan. expert advice. These positions can be found through the main job search page. expert resume reviews.” More importantly. Judith Hurwitz of Hurwitz & Associates 133 .

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” and.. Inc. on the inside. you’re out. however. Fortune listed the company as one of America’s 50 Best Companies for Minorities in its July. select medical benefits and a “discretionary distribution”—where the company matches up to 8 percent of your base salary in a 401(k) plan. one with the “recurrence of reorganizations [such] that the strategic direction of the company changed almost quarterly. “I have found my raises accurately track what I did in the previous year. the source advises that “it’s important to be very and one respondent notes that “management has made no effort to correct this problem.” One source on the technical side reports. “my responsibilities have increased as I have asked for them to be. “as with a lot of software development teams. “They truly did have a wealth of talent.” Further. CA is “a true meritocracy.” So it may be that the culture at CA is “interesting. bordering on incestuous.” One respondent criticized CA as a “very low performance culture. 2001 issue.” The system engineer had another beef altogether. . One contact adds that.” remembers a former systems engineer. there are quite a few people that lack social skills. “the overall attitude is positive toward advancement of anyone who can generate revenue.” Innovative but cutthroat “CA was a very innovative company to work for.” but only “depending on which site you were at.iimcal. and they mined it well. The bar is set so low you can trip over at least—say.” where. “everyone has a chance to go as far as they want to.” Kicks for free CA offers an extensive array of perks. “there is a medium to high turnover rate” for those who do not meet the company’s quotas. Some insiders—salespeople. 2010 Edition CA. however.” If you can’t.” And one contact has it that “developers have very little say in product direction and only have contact with customers when problems are escalated.” There may be agreement about this positive impression on the people atmosphere at least for the period that I worked for them. such as rude emails or confrontational meetings that can be seen in CA. Inc.” This downside could result in unprofessional behavior. Either you’re part of the in crowd or not. CA maintains “first-rate” corporate fitness facilities and “fantastic” on-site child care centers in its offices all over the 134 © 2009 Vault. feel that the situation is “very relationship-driven. OUR SURVEY SAYS Meritocracy Though it tends to fight dirty on the corporate playing Insiders say CA is very open to women and minorities. but some may be quick to add that.” Moneymakers: in Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Some. including tuition reimbursement.

many still express giddy approval of the dress code in the corporate offices. It’s hardly any surprise that his co-worker adds.” notes a source. “Employee morale…is not very good at for insider company profiles. one contact notes that “Many perks have been removed. so nothing gets done. and don’t even think about losing a receipt. 2010 Edition CA. the Vault Job Board and more. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. though this may sound great to many an ear. career message boards.” Despite this. “There are high-quality employees in the company. you wear full business attire.iimcal. it can be cause for a heady complaint when “exposure to the Islandia office and other suburbia offices proved otherwise.” But those may be nothing to one who’s “part of the NYC presales/sales team. expert resume reviews.” This may be due to certain budget tightening “so that things such as training classes [are] very difficult to come by. if you don’t. Inc.” adds an engineer. The HQ gym used to be free. where everything is “fast-paced.” One insider confirms that “the perks that once made CA a good company to work for are slowly being taken away. world. you wear business casual. It was much safer to hide there and survive any rifts than anywhere else. Dissenting opinions Computer Associates was formerly ranked high on “top places to work” surveys in publications around the country.vault.” “Opportunities for advancement are slim. Recent surveys suggest a trend toward staff dissatisfaction. Software designed by committees and overburdened processes that take forever. We often called headquarters in Islandia…the ‘country club. Diversity seems also to be an issue.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. It’s not all gloom and doom.” wails one respondent.” interjects an engineer.” The lucky respondents in development and tech support outside the New York headquarters say they wear jeans and T-shirts on a regular basis. expert advice.’ and you had to have special membership there.” affirms one “Women and African-Americans are overwhelmingly underrepresented in the company. saying it’s pretty straightforward: “If you meet clients. 135 . As of this time those include: free medical and dental benefits. and free breakfast. However.” for instance. now employees are charged for Visit Vault at www. cutthroat and dynamic” and. Expense reports are completely scrutinized. “Poor integration and communication with employees. “There is a very top-heavy corporate culture that seems to be very out of touch with the remainder of the company. however.

AZ • Silver Spring. NV • Bremerton. PA • LOCATIONS Arlington. & Local Markets • Engineering • Enterprise Technologies • Executive • Facilities • Finance • Government Business Operations • Human Resources • Information Systems • Intelligence • Legal/Contracts • Logistics • Marketing • Mission Systems Business • National Solutions Business • Network/Telecom Program Management • Public Relations • Science • Security • Service • Technology • Transformation Solutions Business THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CAI Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: J. LA • Norfolk. NC • Springfield. FL • Pawtucket. NE • Orlando. 1100 North Glebe Road Arlington. FL • Valley Lee. FL • Sierra Vista.ftl?lang =en 136 © 2009 Vault. TX • San Diego. WA • Chantilly. VA • Honolulu. KY • Manassas. MD • Ashburn. SC • Charlottesville. MD • Bellevue. DC Heidelberg • London DEPARTMENTS Business • Business Communications • Business Development • Consultant • Domestic. AL • New Church. VA • Dayton. Federal & State. VA • Hanover. VA 22201 Phone: (703) 841-7800 Fax: (703) 841-7882 www. TX • Jacksonville. TX • Baltimore. NJ • Elkridge. RI • Millington.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. OH • AL • Indian Head. VA • Fayetteville. VA • Charleston. VA • Annapolis. VA • Columbia.3 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. VA • Warner Robins. VA • New Orleans. VA (HQ) Aberdeen. VA • Falls Church. NE • KEY COMPETITORS Computer Sciences Corp. TN • Montgomery.CACI INTERNATIONAL INC. MD • Irving. FL • La Jolla. Inc.): 83. VA • Rockville. GA • Washington. IN • Boise. NC • Gaithersburg. FL • Pittsburgh. NM • Alexandria. GA • Dahlgren. MD • Layton.caci. CA • Scottsdale. VA • Mechanicsburg. CA • San Francisco. VA • Virginia Beach. VA • Oklahoma City. VA • Austin. SC • Columbus. PA • Portsmouth. ID • Boulder City. PA • Lanham. HI • Huntsville. London President & CEO: Paul M. VA • Stafford. MD • Rome. MD • Vienna. RI • Pensacola. GA • Colonial Heights. FL • Oxnard. MA • Eatontown. MD • Smyrna. NH • Richmond. CA • Langhorne.P. MD • Beavercreek. VA • Chesapeake. OH • Devens.taleo.420. TX • Hampton. Cofoni 2008 Employees: 12. .net/careersection/2/jobsearch. KS • Omaha. NY • San Antonio. MD • Albuquerque. CA • Panama City. IL • Tampa. MD • Fairborn. VA • College Park. AZ • Shalimar. MD • Garden Ridge. GA • Southern Pines.iimcal. VA • Swansea. MD • Louisville.5 2008 Income ($ mil. General Dynamics Information Technology SAIC EMPLOYMENT CONTACT caci. OK • Olathe. MD • Herndon. UT • Lexington Park. OH • Fairfax.

2009. which accounted for 73 percent of company revenue in 2006. 932 ranking in the Fortune 1000.S. expert resume reviews.S.S. this now-gigantic technology firm started out very Visit Vault at www. When it’s not helping our military wage the war on terror.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. with applications especially useful to the government. CACI also enjoys gathering kudos as a leader among its peers. CACI. 1960s style Originally called the California Analysis Center Incorporated.” CACI looks out for the technological wellbeing of the U. The business that rocketed Markowitz and Karr from the park bench to the corner office so quickly was for insider company profiles. In fact. 137 . with a broad range of expertise in computers. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal.K. It could be used to build computer models of complex functions ranging from airport traffic maps to tactical military plans. That may sound like small potatoes now. $1 million constituted a much larger potato.S. expert advice. the Vault Job Board and more. IBM and the U. primarily in the U. 2010 Edition CACI International Inc. with an extra nod from Fortune as the seventh-largest information technology services company in the U. career message boards. It works especially hard for the Department of Defense (DOD). Navy. The world of SIMSCRIPT. while also keeping an eye on network management for a few large corporations. armed forces abroad. company legend has it that founders Harry Markowitz and Herb Karr used to do business from a park bench during the company’s infancy in the early 1960s. On March 17. but in 1968. is one of Uncle Sam’s primary go-to tech firms. including a No. THE SCOOP Uncle Sam wants CACI Under the guiding motto “ever vigilant. especially when served alongside lucrative contracts with the U. CACI was also included among the world’s most admired companies by Fortune. The company offers IT and communication services mostly to American government agencies. knowledge management and engineering services. and operates in four specific arenas: systems integration.vault. Commerce Department. Those are especially humble beginnings for a firm that went public and made more than $1 million in revenue by 1968. a software language the entrepreneurs commercialized and developed into their own line of simulation software. managed network services.

• September 2008: Completing stock repurchase program CACI completed its repurchase of the company’s common stock for $20 million. and we are winning more than our share of awards at the tierone level. Inc. We have a healthy balance sheet and operating cash flow. as declared by Fortune. “demonstrates the company’s growing recognition as a Tier 1 company in the federal contracting marketplace.iimcal. “CACI’s wellbalanced. delivering favorable results. repurchasing one million shares for $45. The partnership also allows CACI to be a single vendor for a variety of litigation support needs. According to Confoni.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. thanks to CACI’s joint venture with Guidance Software Inc. . In the previous year.” • December 2008: Providing government agencies with eDiscovery solution The U. Processing services will also be provided to the DOJ. Fortune’s Most Admired list serves as a “report card on corporate reputations. integrating litigation support services and forensic extraction and maximizing the operation and efficiency of the agency. The company has relied on stock repurchase as an effective strategy for growth. CACI will utilize Guidance Software’s EnCase eDiscovery to supply the agencies with electronic discovery databases.5 million.” The thumbs-up from Fortune is an indicator that CACI has garnered respect from top executives and directors from other qualified companies. net income and earnings per share. Our recruiting remains strong as we continue to hire the high-quality professionals our clients need to complete their critical missions. Paul Cofoni.” • January 2009: CACI reports Fiscal 2009 second quarter results CACI International announced results for its second fiscal quarter and six months ended December 31. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other government agencies will be receiving a comprehensive and leading-edge eDiscovery solution. as CACI’s press release states. CACI’s president and CEO. CACI made the same We believe our share Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. being recognized in this crowd of companies. along with double-digit organic revenue growth. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Fortune includes CACI among world’s most admired companies CACI gleams as the most admired company in Virginia. and even more 138 © 2009 Vault. and since this is the first time Fortune has combined American and international companies. integrated and long-term strategy for growth positions us with confidence and momentum for fiscal 2009 and beyond. 2010 Edition CACI International Inc. Our second quarter revenue was a record $673 million. comments. one of the most admired companies in the world. CACI continued to rake in accolades from Fortune as it placed fifth in its Most Admired Information Technology Services 2008. We delivered another quarter of double-digit growth in operating income. “We are extremely pleased with our strong second quarter performance. Contract awards and contract funding orders rose significantly compared to the fiscal 2008 second quarter. and a balanced and integrated financial strategy for the deployment of capital.

comprehensive health coverage and paid vacation and holidays. For the pet For those initiated into the CACI ranks. “Our employees are the best in the industry in delivering quality IT solutions and customer service. CACI’s new. For the local-yokel. a huge jump from sixth in 2007. that also means plenty of jobs within the U. then CACI can contact you when a position that could fit you opens for insider company profiles.iimcal. Bill CACI offers a pet care discount plan (pet rocks are. that can mean job opportunities in the far-flung corners of the world.” • March 2008: Placing second in Fortune’s Most Admired IT Services Companies CACI placed second in both Fortune’s Most Admired IT Services Companies list and Most Admired Companies in Virginia list. A full list can be found on its career site. expert resume reviews. expert advice. open positions are searchable by type or location. It effectively complements our proactive corporate development and acquisition program aimed at strengthening CACI’s support for the nation’s highest priorities. at www. For the globe-trotter. CACI also appears at several professional career fairs throughout the year. Seekers are encouraged to build a profile on the employment site by entering some basic information and uploading a resume. The company offers a 401(k) program with company matching. Tuition reimbursement is available through the company. career message boards. CACI president of U. the Vault Job Board and more. All of the positions at CACI’s many locations can be found through the company’s jobs site. A more cerebral “concept search” allows you to post your resume or enter keywords and find matching opportunities. The company also provides training to keep its employees abreast of the latest technology and to promote advancement through the company not covered).S. proper.S. 139 .shtml. repurchase program was a wise investment of our cash. 2010 Edition CACI International Inc. higher ratings on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list reflect our continued focus on making CACI a truly great place for talented people to build a fulfilling career. unfortunately. Visit Vault at www. as are legal services and financial planning.” GETTING HIRED Support the company that supports our troops Because of its close relationship with the DOD. CACI goes where the military goes. operations.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. life is good. If this is all a bit too impersonal.vault. attributed the acclaim to its workforce saying. Here. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.

” something that might seem a utopia for the disillusioned corporate drones everywhere. according to one insider.” A contact shares that in CACI. Inc. however. No company is perfect. there is “minimum red tape and politics is almost nonexistent.iimcal.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. OUR SURVEY SAYS Superb corporate average benefits? The upside of working in CACI. . it’s an environment that’s “upbeat. is that “fringe benefits and health care packages are average. and one of the downsides of working in CACI. hardworking and fast-paced. according to one respondent. fun.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. is a “very open and efficient” corporate culture that “encourages employees to do their best” for the company. 2010 Edition CACI International Inc.” The same contact contends that training is 140 © 2009 For another source. and believes that the company aims to use employees “for one specific project” before “letting them go.

161 2008 Income (¥ mil. FL • Mt. 30-2. KEY COMPETITORS Konica Minolta Ricoh Xerox DEPARTMENTS Corporate Intellectual Property & Legal • Policy & Economy Research • Optical Products Operations • Human Resources Management • Corporate Planning Development • Peripheral Products Operations • Quality Management • Device Technology Development • Inkjet Products Operations • Production Engineering • Corporate Planning Development • Information & Communication Systems • Global Procurement Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. PA • CA • Lake Success.): 4. MD • Salt Lake 141 . Japan (HQ) • Burlington.): 309. NJ • Chesapeake. NY • Miami.iimcal.980 2008 Revenue (¥ mil. UT 70 Locations THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CAJ Stock Exchange: NYSE President & COO: Tsuneji Uchida Chairman & CEO: Fujio Mitarai 2008 Employees: 166. VA • Conshohocken. Tokyo. Shimomaruko 3-chome Ohta-ku.CANON INC. NJ • Newport News.148 LOCATIONS Tokyo. VA • Rockville. Laurel. 146-8501 Japan Phone: (81) 3-3758-2111

fax machines. as part of its business machines product line.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.) and its cameras (digital.S. but the Canon USA slice of the pie accounts for about a third of the parent company’s sales. 51 on its InfoTech 100 in 2007 (behind rival Hewlett-Packard. including its Canon4Kids program. as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printers and fax machines.” To this end. At the heart of Canon’s values is the concept of “kyosei. handy terminals. Canon USA is not limited to just the United States. who did not make the list).com. Inc. The company specializes in all things visual and is best known for its business machines (copiers. in 2008. for However. Both golfers also placed photographs of local missing children on their golf bags during tournaments.” Canon has set specific goals to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions in inverse proportion to company sales. eagle and hole-in-one Briny Baird and Michelle McGann made during PGA golf tournament play in 2004-2005. Kyosei applies to the common good of the environment as well. like computers. it now produces “nonvisual” tools. 35. and employs more than 10. as part of Canon4Kids. calculators and electronic dictionaries. it will last longer. At Yankee Stadium in New York City. Canon dropped out of the Infotech 142 © 2009 Vault. who came in at No. printers. Through its optics arm. LCD projectors and the like). but ahead of Sony and Xerox. Canon donated money to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Through the Canon Group’s Factor 2 initiative under its 2003 “Vision for 2010.iimcal. . although the last batch of scholars were picked in Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. South and Central America and the Caribbean. BusinessWeek ranked Canon at No. This division of the company operates through more than 30 offices across North.000 people in North America alone. Canon also puts its sponsorship to good use. THE SCOOP A captivating company As one of the world’s top producers of cameras. And don’t let the name fool you. However. Canon encourages you to make lots and lots of copies of that picture. Global (heart)warming Canon prides itself on corporate responsibility. parents are offered wristbands with seating location information for their children to wear to assist security personnel in aiding lost children. Canon is involved in many social welfare and humanitarian efforts. etc. which helps locate missing children across the U. for each birdie. Canon urges you to take a picture.” most succinctly defined (by the company) as “living and working together for the common good. video. it also makes medical X-ray machines and the steppers and mask aligners used in semiconductor production. Canon USA also funds a national parks scholars program to encourage doctoral research in support of wildlife. 2010 Edition Canon Inc. Additionally. Canon’s headquarters and much of its production facilities remain in Japan.

a Canon executive. the company launched its first 100 percent recycled copier and printer paper.vault. Tsuneo Imai.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” This will provide imageRUNNER MFP users “a greatly (sic) more efficient method of quickly processing their critical documents. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Center of excellence Canon USA is a certified Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal. Nature. fast one-pass duplex capability and easy flatbed scanning.” The DR-7090C proves to have a special appeal to the government and the Visit Vault at www. which delivers “incredible flexibility. hexavalent chromium. Prism’s notes that it was “very pleased to provide the market with an easy-to-use and fully integrated method of accessing the power of DocRecord and DocSystem directly from the control panel of Canon’s imageRUNNER MFPs. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Canon Inc. mercury. • January 2009: Seeing a Prism Canon USA and Prism Software. 2007 for studies and research until 2009. Canon USA also sponsors the Peabody and 2007 Emmy award-winning public television (PBS) series. Finally. 143 . This indicates that Canon copier toner packages have since eliminated hazardous substances (for example lead. image quality and reliability at high scanning speeds by leveraging technologies from Canon’s awardwinning imageFORMULA and imageRUNNER product lines.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “Since introducing its first indirect X-ray projection camera in Japan 68 years ago. revealed the integration of Prism’s DocRecord and DocSystem applications with Canon’s advanced MEAP-enabled imageRUNNER line of multifunction printers (MFPs). Canon also uses recycled paper for the production of their cardboard boxes.” • December 2008: A scanner for everyone Canon USA introduced the Canon imageFORMULA DR-7090C Universal Production Scanner. • November 2008: Instant X-ray images on the flat panel screen! Canon USA celebrates 10 years of digital radiography service through its current line of advanced portable and general digital radiography (DR) systems and solutions at the 2008 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA 2008). notes. and also started using biodegradable plastic in its packaging for insider company the Vault Job Board and more. in 2006. career message boards. PBBs and PBDEs). Canon has been a world leader in medical imaging. cadmium. a leading provider of advanced electronic document solutions. BenchmarkPortal is the custodian of the Purdue University Center for CustomerDriven Quality database of contact center metrics. legal and financial sectors due to its two-way design. This contributes an average of 16 percent less weight per copy in 2005 than in 1995.iimcal. the largest in the world. expert advice.

com. providing the course of study is relevant to the company. Applicants can search for open positions at jobscusa. As a company. with each level receiving better and more extensive service benefits. Gold and Platinum—to qualifying members. using keyword.” Canon USA will implement the new Canon Professional Services (CPS) program beginning in early 2009.” • April 2008: Lenses sell out Canon USA announced that it has sold 40 million EF lenses. dental and vision insurance coverage. The program recognizes “the sense of urgency among Canon professional photographers in the field who know that a day without a camera is a day without revenue.” Yuichi Ishizuka. the most wide-ranging selection in the industry. indicative of our commitment to the art of photography. The company’s diverse range of EF lenses include “standard and supertelephoto zoom flexible spending account. Canon’s new EF lens lineup. from novice photo enthusiasts to advanced amateur and professional photographers. which will require all existing members to reapply. . 2010 Edition Canon Inc. and an employee assistance program. the benefits: First. image stabilizer-equipped “We recognize that our responsibilities to full-time professional Canon photographers extend beyond providing them the tools they need to support their livelihood. a 401(k) plan with company match and profit sharing. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. catering to the everchanging needs of users. and to “provide the appropriate level of service for each professional demographic. Canon will also reimburse those thirsting for knowledge for up to 90 percent of their tuition expenses. we must also provide an exemplary service and support structure for Guide to the Top Tech Employers. location or job type. senior vice president and general manager of Canon USA’s consumer imaging group.iimcal. • September 2008: Beyond tooling To better serve photographers. large-aperture lenses. Inc. has 64 models. which include a special tilt-shift mechanism that permits the manipulation of image perspective and distortion. will offer three levels of membership—Silver. its benefit programs and its diversity on the web. basic life insurance. The new CPS program. achieving a new lens manufacturing milestone.usa. says. and then apply for a spot online by uploading their resume or by building one on the career site.” GETTING HIRED Extra points for using Canon’s printers to print your resume Employment information can be found on Canon USA’s website at www. macro lenses and TS-E lenses. There is also a wealth of information about the company’s American 144 © 2009 Vault. short-term and long-term disability insurance.

again.” echoes another.” Says the assistant for insider company profiles.” says a Canon executive.” To a specialist. the Vault Job Board and more. strategic planning.” “We prefer students that are just completing their junior year. expert advice. Commission $30K to $40K.vault.” And a specialist: “$58K plus bonus.” An assistant manager confirms the inflexible hours: “9 to 5. but could be longer depending on As for salary.” Another respondent seems to offer an explanation: “Two rounds of interviews with a panel. CIS. plus the ability to work independently and as part of a team.” So did an assembler: “$10. marketing and technical issues.iimcal. career message boards. 145 . “it took a few months to be hired.” Different folks Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” And there are “excellent opportunities for advancement” albeit “over the long term. “Canon is a very good company to work for with high standards for ethics and conduct. English.” but has a “reasonable dress code. supply chain. economics.” OUR SURVEY SAYS Vacation before work “Huh?” you ask? Here’s why: “The process of getting hired at Canon is very lengthy.” Maybe a bit “inflexible regarding hours.” which is Visit Vault at www. Canon stresses that it is looking for internship candidates with “strong communication skills. all are welcome to apply. technical and/or computer skills.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. logistics. offering experience with business. 2010 Edition Canon Inc. finance. computer science. audit and compliance.50 hour. however. industrial engineering. graphic arts. It could take 90 to 120 days from your first phone interview before you start the position. Nothing unusual— regular interview. “Two interviews—HR and manager. web design.” Debating on canons To a director. Very socially responsible. The program runs from June to August and is a full-time. accounting. business administration. two weeks’ vacation. imaging technology. with “nothing unusual about” them. statistics and others. though. IT. paid internship. expert resume reviews.” Except “it took forever to make a job offer. corporate communications. as well as the opportunity “to gain handson work experience by participating in significant projects. background checks and drug screens. public relations. “Overall—cheap! Offered much less than in the city.” Potential interns can also apply online for positions in a number of different areas. legal. environmental science and product safety. MIS. Canon also offers a summer internship program for students to get “real-world experience prior to graduation. Bonuses 8 percent paid at the end of the year.” “Two interviews. it wasn’t that bad. a national account exec really wanted to share: “The total compensation package would be as follows: Base $85K to $100K. including marketing.

Is he referring to a Japanese patronage system? To the company’s playing favorites toward Japanese employees? What? A specialist says there’s this very corporate culture. 2010 Edition Canon Inc. But explain all this to a national account executive and he’d tell you that not only is the dress code for him “business casual.” and one “can transfer from one to another. get it? But “if you were a prompt and dependable employee there was room for promotion. We worked” Regarding advancement opportunities. “9 to 5 12-hour 146 © 2009 Vault. Inc.” And as for the reasonable dress code.” In fact. another way of saying. “you ‘home office’ with extensive travel. “we wore blue uniform tops and blue khaki pants. which is a vague answer.” But “ultimately this is a Japanese company.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. employees are nothing (if you have any ideas on improving things—keep them to yourself).” Bluecollar job.” he adds.” his is “not a 9-to-5 job.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. longer as needed for exempt.iimcal. “The manager is everything. . according to a specialist. the assistant manager says there are plenty of them in “many departments.” Another testifies thus: “We had a variety of employees building computer parts and components. he says.” There’s the reasonable part.

in) www.): 181.CIRRUS LOGIC. AZ Buckinghamshire.3tbe.iimcal. Cofounder & Director: Michael L.jsp?org=CIRRUS&cws=1 KEY COMPETITORS Freescale Semiconductor ST Micro Texas Instruments/Burr Brown 147 . INC.): DEPARTMENTS Administrative Support • Apex Precision Power Business Unit • Applications Engineering • Assembly/ Packaging/ Sustaining Engineering • Board Layout • Business Operations • CAD Engineering/ Development • ChipL • Component Engineering • Co-op • Corporate Communications & Human Resources • Corporate Quality • Design Engineering • Device Engineering • DSP Business Unit• Engineering Management • Failure Analysis • Finance • Foundry Engineering • Industrial Products Divisio • Information Technology • Legal • Marketing–Marcom • Marketing– Support • Marketing–Technical • Mask Engineering • Mixed-Signal Audio Division • Physical Design • Process Engineering • Product & Test Engineering • Program Management • Purchasing • Quality Assurance • Sales • Sales Operations • Software/Firmware Development • Software/Firmware QA • Supply Chain • Support Positions • Systems Engineering/IC Architecture • Technical Publications • Validation Engineering • Verification Engineering • Web development LOCATIONS rch.8 EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Hackworth President & CEO: Jason Rhode 2008 Employees: 473 2008 Revenue ($ mil. TX (HQ) 2008 Income ($ mil. TX 78746 Phone: (512) 851-4000 www. 2901 Via Fortuna Austin. United Kingdom • Hong Kong • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CRUS Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman.

and that year and the next both saw annual losses of more than $200 million. Customized for: Vinay ( billion that year. to name just a few of the company’s 2.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Still. Inc. a name suggested by Hackworth’s daughter 148 © 2009 Vault. In April that year. when Cirrus Logic beat out other firms angling to produce chips to support IBM’s new graphics displays. With applications in industrial and audio electronics. The company began suffering losses in 2000. Panasonic. the company moved its headquarters from Fremont. video and data storage. Two years later. the two men founded Cirrus Logic. resulted in at least 2. He found just the man in Northern California native Mike Hackworth. Inc. there could well be a cloud Cirrus Logic is a fabless semiconductor company—and no. with revenue falling to $410 million in 2002. 2010 Edition Cirrus Logic. that doesn’t mean the company is dull and boring. revenue and profit suffered. Calif. . Cirrus Logic’s analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) find their way into products marketed by Bose. THE SCOOP In your ear. Texas. selling $1. then a senior VP at Signetics. and quickly expanded into offering other integrated circuitry to support computers’ peripheral functions. Philips. to Austin. the foundling firm went public. fabless) to a third party. and by 1996 had earned its name—Cirrus became the fastest Silicon Valley semiconductor firm ever to break into the billion-dollar-a-year club. These disappointing returns. it just means that the firm designs and sells semiconductor hardware while outsourcing the actual fabrication of the devices (hence. An early win came in 1987. Up in the clouds Former MIT professor Suhas Patil developed an advanced computer chip THAT improved on the technology used to control computer hard drives. after the highest clouds in the sky. This saves production costs and allows Cirrus to respond with greater agility to tech advances.000 job cuts. In 1984. and needed an experienced business partner to help start a company to reap his ingenuity’s benefits. to cut costs. as well as a shift in focus from magnetic storage chips to consumer electronics. This microchip gave Cirrus a leg up in the developing 2-D and 3-D graphics market. and the company became a major supplier of graphics-supporting chips for desktop and laptop PCs. like audio. Sony and Harman International. Blue skies and gathering storms Cirrus Logic set about marketing Patil’s chip.

the firm also announced a share repurchase program of up to $20 million. or $0. At the same time. In addition. showing that revenue for the quarter was $43.9 million during the third quarter of fiscal 2008.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. According to a statement released by the company. former vice president and general manager of Cirrus Logic’s mixedsignal audio division. expert resume reviews. which ended on December 27. the Vault Job Board and more. Rhode in Jason Rhode.500 end customers globally. Given current economic conditions. • May 2007: French out.3 million in the previous quarter. Cirrus Logic focuses on providing high-value mixed-signal integrated circuit solutions for audio and industrial markets.3 million average diluted shares outstanding. including the closure of its newly acquired IC subsidiary Caretta in China. The company had suffered woes.2 million in profit during the previous quarter. compared to $48. the Texas Association of Business (TAB).7 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008.8 million. French resigned in March at the conclusion of a six-month internal company investigation on historical stock options practices. but in the end the board of directors felt that Cirrus Logic is fortunate to Visit Vault at www. 149 . expert advice. Anywhere the wind blows At present.8 million. • May 2008: Losses posted for Q4 fiscal 2008 The company posted a GAAP net loss of $ Cirrus Logic was named one of the Best Companies to Work for in Texas 2009.1 million in Q3 fiscal 2009 Cirrus Logic released financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2009. 2010 Edition Cirrus Logic. IN THE NEWS • January 2009: Net income of $2. Cirrus Logic is working to replicate this growth in other areas throughout the year as it continues to serve more than 2.iimcal. a special committee of the board of directors concluded that French knew about and participated in the selection of three stock option grant dates between 2000 and 2002. The awards program is a project of Texas Monthly magazine. 2008. third quarter GAAP net income was $2. the Texas State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management (TSC-SHRM) and Best Companies Group.vault. replaced David French as president and CEO. and $53. and legal costs in relation to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation of backdated stock for insider company profiles. • November 2008: Walk in the clouds Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “We interviewed numerous external candidates for this position. with more than 600 products. compared to a $4. career message boards.” just as they did in portable audio.04 per share based on 65. president and CEO Jason Rhode says the company believes its strategic growth programs “will help drive long-term opportunities for revenue and market-share growth.

chairman of the board. GETTING HIRED Casting call Cirrus Logic scours the world for fresh-from-college talent. That site also has the lowdown for experienced hires.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company offers summer internships and co-ops at its Austin. including a 401(k) with company matching. locations. computer science.” shares a senior Colo. who will find a comprehensive job search function that can be sifted by both location and department. and Boulder. and enjoy paid holidays and time off plus health insurance. Details on applying and meeting with company reps on campus visits are available through the careers site at www. have a number of strong leaders within the company. Getting in with this fab-u-less firm comes with its benefits.) before uploading their resume. Those ready to apply will fill out a short questionnaire (name. Interns work full time. an employee stock purchase plan. Applicant information will be saved with Cirrus Logic’s job agent. making it that much easier to apply again in the future. etc..” said Mike health insurance. Inc. 2010 Edition Cirrus Logic. OUR SURVEY SAYS Flexible and diverse Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. address. “Opportunities for advancement have dried up after numerous layoffs and organizational restructuring occurred.cirrus. Texas. computer engineering or The workforce in Cirrus Logic is described as flexible and management encourages diversity in its staff. and paid holidays and vacation time. However. on Rhode’s appointment. 150 © 2009 Vault.iimcal. Inc. opportunities for promotion seem to be nil. of course. The program is open to those who have completed (at a minimum) their freshman year and are seeking degrees in electrical engineering. .

170 West Tasman Drive San DEPARTMENTS Access Networking & Services • Advanced Development • Asia Pacific • Business Development.apply2jobs.S.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. & Canada • Customer Service • Data 8. Chambers 2008 Employees: 66. Public Sector Sales • Voice Technology Group • Wireless & Security Technology • Worldwide Operations • Worldwide Strategy & Planning LOCATIONS San Jose. Commercial Sales • KEY COMPETITORS Alcatel-Lucent Hewlett-Packard Company Juniper Networks.052 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.S.CISCO SYSTEMS.): 39. Inc EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. CA 95134-1706 Phone: (408) 526-4000 www.540 2008 Income ($ 151 . & Services • Development Organization Operations • Emerging East • Emerging Markets • Emerging Technologies • Ethernet Switching Technology Group • European Markets • Executive • Facilities • Finance • Global Government Solutions • Global policy & Government Affairs • Global Sales Operations • Global Supply Chain Management • Human Resources • Information Technology • Internet Business Solutions • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Media Solutions Group • Operations. INC. Switching. CA (HQ) Alabama • Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Louisiana • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Missouri • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Puerto Rico • South Carolina • South Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • Washington. Consumer & Small Business • CDO • Collaboration Software • Commerce Transformation • Corporate Communications • Corporate Marketing • Customer Advocacy European Markets • Customer Advocacy U. DC • West Virginia 140 International Locations THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CSCO Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman & CEO: John Processes & Systems • Quality Assurance • Research & Advanced Development • Security Technology Group • Server Access Virtualization Business Unit • Service Provider Group • Small Business Technology Group • Software Group Administration • Technical Support Services • U.

creating local area networks. data and video infrastructure. 2010 Edition Cisco Systems. But with its acquisition of Linksys in March 2003. all of which deploy large and complex networks. Georgia and North as well as in Massachusetts. Its fortunes have since slid from those lofty heights. in its fiscal year 2008. Switches and hubs connect computers to each other. . or LANs. BusinessWeek rewarded the company’s growth as well. placing it 39th on its 2008 Infotech 100 list. such as the internet. connect one network to another—for example. replacing these with a single multipurpose network. the company has major research facilities in India. Cisco is a top manufacturer of networking IN THE NEWS • March 2009: From the Middle East to Southeast Cisco announced the opening of its new office and internet data center in Bahrain as part of the company’s agreement with Bahrain’s government to boost the kingdom’s global competitiveness in ICT. Routers. The new data center also establishes Cisco’s role in developing new ICT talents to address the growing opportunities for ICT skilled workers in the region. but it applies to phone calls—enabling phone calls to bypass traditional phone lines. Its primary client base consists of large corporations. The company has also been one of the pioneers of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. but Cisco is not exactly a corporate charity case. Cisco also develops and sells the software used to manage these networks. California. educational institutions. government agencies and telecom service providers. Internationally. and the company currently holds its own at No. Texas. Inc. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Today.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Cisco Systems was among the most valuable companies in the world at its peak.iimcal. It also looks outside its own researchers for innovation. China and Israel. THE SCOOP Huge and loving it One of the brightest stars of the 1990s tech bubble. from a LAN to a wide-area network (or WAN). Cisco’s sales were almost $40 billion. Cisco dove into the small business and home networking markets as well. such as routers. switches and hubs—all devices constituting what is often called the “backbone” of the internet. The company’s goal is to eliminate the need for separate voice. 152 © 2009 Vault. Cisco has United States R&D facilities at its HQ in San Jose. 71 on the Fortune 500. Inc. with a market capitalization exceeding both Microsoft and GE. VoIP uses the same technology that enables computers to communicate with each other. having acquired over 108 companies since its inception.

Inc. • March 2009: Putting collaboration in context Cisco unleashed enhancements to its Unified Communications system. Cisco unveiled Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN). The enhancements are part of Cisco’s move to build its collaboration portfolio. Inc. Calif. The purchase would bring Cisco to the next level “as the company develops new video capabilities and drives the next generation of entertainment and communication experiences.” Cisco’s Ned Hooper. • February 2009: Going 4G At the 2009 GSM Association Mobile World Congress. 153 . “Intelligent Urbanisation” seems to be a step to fulfill that promise. the company also made its WebEx Meeting Center service available to BlackBerry. • March 2009: Taking the shots Cisco announced its intent to acquire digital camcorder-maker Pure Digital Technologies for $590 million. Further extending mobile collaboration options. Cisco completed its acquisition of middleware technology provider Richards-Zeta Building Visit Vault at www. over a million cities would be built using the “Intelligent Urbanisation” for insider company profiles.iimcal. The privately held San Francisco. This collaboration is said to transform the way companies interact in the Southeast Asian country. senior vice president of corporate development and consumer groups. the Vault Job Board and more. making it possible to participate in web and audio conferences. customers can avail themselves of the solutions anywhere. greater energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint” as companies are able to integrate IT applications with their infrastructures. TelePresence and Web 2.-based Pure Digital makes the colorful. including mobile access. expert resume reviews. optimized collaboration and accelerated decision making. • February 2009: Building “intelligent” cities Cisco launched its “Intelligent Urbanisation” project to help cities worldwide maximize available IT and network resources to improve economic conditions and the quality of life for citizens. For businesses. and Tata Communications to bring TelePresence to the Philippine public.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Nokia and Samsung 3G smartphone users. Cisco collaborated with the Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications Co.0 applications. on any device and any network. improved video collaboration and extended interoperability across applications and devices. which includes Unified Communications. its 4G mobile Internet transformation strategy that will enable consumers to experience a truly connected life through a variety of video and rich media applications and broadband services. this means streamlined workflows. TelePresence will empower organizations and businesses with its next-generation video-based communication capabilities. and view Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. This buyout promises “improved efficiencies. By 2025. expert advice. And since it’s now mobile. 2010 Edition Cisco Systems.vault. said in a statement. pocket-sized Flip Video camcorders. In January 2009. career message boards. Additionally.

as convenient and mobile as smartphones offer. Employment-seekers can submit their resume for a specific position. technological advancements and societal changes.5 percent to $9.000 cash and will be featured at the Royal Institute of British Architects for one week. keyword and job function. The winning entry gets £2. Sun Microsystems and eBay’s Skype under its umbrella. engineering. saving their job profile in for future ease of” Students are to design the “connected community of the future” guided by ecological and environmental considerations. 154 © 2009 Vault. services.iimcal. • January 2009: On a downturn? Cisco saw a striking drop in its current fiscal quarter. Either way. has a database of available jobs around the world. he said that a hiring freeze is possible. while Chambers announced that Cisco is not considering layoffs as part of these measures. and especially encourages those with degrees in sales.apply2jobs. cisco.K. • January 2009: “Connected community of the future” Cisco called on university students across the U. . town. a competition aimed to stimulate “debate around all aspects of urban regeneration. and Ireland to participate in Urban 2020.1 billion this year.8 billion in 2008. The firm’s income dipped 27 percent over the second fiscal quarter of Inc. Revenue also decreased by 7. finance and operations to apply. marketing. Inc. Those who haven’t graduated yet can work as an intern in the summer or during the semester as a GETTING HIRED See ya at Cisco! The employment section of Cisco’s site. Virtualization is starting to be a hot direction for technology systems and with VMWare’s virtualization capabilities. However. The company is already making adjustments to reduce costs and reorganize the business given the downtrend in income figures. Talks also hint that Cisco is looking to include NetApp. Cisco has special listings for recent graduates. the company could be looking into a change in how organizations warehouse and manage their data. compared to $9.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. presentations and desktops via 3G or WiFi. searchable by country. 2010 Edition Cisco Systems. • February 2009: Still eyeing more Chief Executive John Chambers said Cisco plans to continue being acquisitive even through the economic downturn. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Cisco promises a worthwhile immersion in the company environment and—better still—it pays. BusinessWeek reported that the firm is eyeing software manufacturer VMWare and its parent

” There is some turmoil in the ranks. says that “opportunities for advancement [are] good if you can network and meet the right people. the same rank it scored in for insider company profiles. of course.” OUR SURVEY SAYS Cisco’s always on Once hires come onboard. Cisco is tight with headcounts and [it] will be difficult for contractors and temps to get converted. they get to experience the Cisco culture. however. Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” adds a source. expert resume reviews. “No job is secure as everyone typically needs to go through interviews all over again to secure their roles during departmental shake-up. “The hours are flexible. “Voicemails are also a huge part of the company culture.” An executive regards Cisco as a “great company for [the] fresh graduate in terms of corporate exposure. The “work-from-home lifestyle means many Cisco employees work around the clock—we are always online. giving employees a chance to spill their two cents and participate in decision making. expert advice.” according to another The dress code is as relaxed as the working hours. whatever/whenever it takes. the Vault Job Board and more. 155 .” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Ready for your interview? One source advises that “[i]nterviews for regular employees [are] typically one-on-one sessions with department managers or directors. around 30 minutes each. Dress is expected to be appropriate to the situation. 6 spot on Fortune’s 2009 list of the Top 100 Best Places to Work. Cisco treats its employees as mature adults.vault. but they come at a price. This.” adds a respondent posted in Asia. however.” says one sleep-deprived insider. leads to days “easily much longer than standard working hours.” The good news about being constantly accessible means that the “culture is one of empowerment.” He reports going through five rounds of interviews with department staff on two separate days. as one of the biggest influences on the corporate culture. with individuals encouraged to take ownership.” One source from sales. In general. and fairly poor results with hiring and retaining women. 2010 Edition Cisco Systems.iimcal. with the primary criteria being to get the job done. career message boards. Fortune cites CEO John Chambers’ focus on collaborative efforts.” says a Visit Vault at www. but not good for career advancement. Cisco maintains the No. Another points out that the company has a “fairly good track record on hiring minorities at the Cisco corporate office (other than African-American). The company offers laptops and Treos. with one contact noting that “There is no dress code.

CA • San Diego. MI 48226 Phone: (313) 227-7300 www.compuware.): 134. VA • Merrimack. KS • Pleasanton. TX • MI (HQ) Addison.COMPUWARE CORPORATION One Campus Martius Detroit. PR • Schaumburg. .in) 156 © 2009 Vault. MA • Grandville. MA • Blue Bell. OH • Durham.648 2008 Revenue ($ mil.6 2008 Income ($ mil. WI • Atlanta. CA • Madison. OH • Irvine. PA • Brentwood. 2008 Employees: 5. GA • Baltimore. NC • Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA • San Juan. NH • Milwaukee. WI • McLean. TX • Independence. MI • Overland WA • Beverly. TN • Charlotte. WI • New York. Inc. CO • Framingham. IL • Scottsdale. NC • East Rutherford. OH • Columbus.): LOCATIONS Detroit.4 KEY COMPETITORS BMC Software.229. CA. NJ • Eden Prairie. MN • Englewood. AZ • Tampa. FL 184 International Locations THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CPWR Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President: Bob Paul Chairman & CEO: Peter Karmanos Jr. NY • Okemos.icims. Inc.iimcal. Inc. MI • Houston. IBM DEPARTMENTS Administrative • Application Development • Business & Systems Analyst • Database Development & Management • Facilities • Finance • Health Care • Human Resources • Information Technology • Management • Marketing • Network Administration • Partner/Channel Development • Product Management • Project Management • Quality Compliance • Sales • Security • Software Architecture • Software Product Development • Software Quality Assurance • Software Technical Support • Technical Documentation • Technical Support • Technology Project Management • Travel Wellness EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. MD •

The litigation drained Compuware’s coffers for three years. the Vault Job Board and more. One of its largest corporate citizens. Now serving the world's top IT companies. Compuware married Covisint’s web-based communication applications to ProviderLink’s expertise in online health care tools.3. DevPartner Java Edition 3. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.0. Innovation and recognition Compuware grew through acquisition. the company is a leading example of Detroit’s role in the technology industry. releasing OptimalView. Vantage 9. Visit Vault at www. and CARS. Software giant and perennial competitor IBM proved to be a particularly painful thorn in the company’s side. acquiring privately held ProviderLink to support Covisint’s expansion into the health care industry. Compuware sued the computer industry’s Goliath for software piracy. costing the firm $12 million in 2002. File-AID/Data Solutions 3.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. an enterprise portal. application development. the bursting of the tech bubble— dropped sales by 22 percent and eliminated 1. Compuware typically offers IT governance and management. 2010 Edition Compuware Corporation THE SCOOP Motor City/Shmotor City Detroit isn’t just about cars anymore. but paid off with a March 2005 settlement. expert resume reviews. 157 . SteelTrace. in which IBM agreed to license and purchase $400 million worth of Compuware software and services over the next four years. IBM denied the charges (naturally). The company put new technological advancements and product launches at its forefront.vault. Compuware Corporation. including more than 90 percent of the Fortune 100. career message boards. Tough times and taking on the giant Despite the accolades. a program to improve application picking up e-business service firms BlairLake and Nomex. expert advice. Compuware bought a treat for its Covisint division. claiming it had simply used public information and its own expertise to create products that lowered prices in a market formerly dominated by Compuware. service management and support More acquisitions In March 2006.iimcal. has been providing software and information technology services to businesses around the globe for more than three for insider company profiles. quality assurance. the Compuware Application Reliability Solution. With the goal of spreading technology to health organizations still based on paper. and combining them to form Compuware Digital Development Centers. $34 million in 2003 and $45 million in 2004. Compuware hit a stumbling block at the turn of the century when the pop heard ‘round the world—that is.600 jobs from the company. Another company.

Asked how the company estimated the number of people it would have to let go. MBPA’s executive vice president.” • October 2008: Going. Year after year. and beefed-up the firm’s application development management business. rather than having them read it in the paper on the way to work. Although this sounds bad all around.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but in the capacity of one of Ford’s IT vendors. Compuware cut approximately 5 percent of its workforce at its Detroit headquarters. 158 © 2009 Vault. Compuware is now calling back its troops in order to shed “low-margin jobs. with company stocks trading at 5 cents less than it was worth the previous year. 2010 Edition Compuware Corporation joined Compuware the following April. now that demand for Compuware products has forced company production to grind to a halt. “Compuware continues to excel as a great place to work. there’s actually something good in it: both companies are figuring out ways to weather the economic hurricane. . Motor City The global economic downturn claimed another victim in Ford. supporting employees of all races and backgrounds. which started in 1998 when the two companies inked a $500 million deal.” said Jennifer Kluge. Compuware folks left behind have the option of staying on at Blaming its poor performance on the economy.. The cuts came as a surprise to analysts because Compuware didn’t say anything about letting people go across the board. Compuware said that the 300 layoffs were based on workload and how many people are needed to operate the company at its most efficient. going … Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. but companies trying to shore up their bottom lines win a little victory in cutting their losses when Compuware announces that it’s pulling out of its partnership with Ford Motor Co. revenue fell by $50 This is the eighth time that the company was included in the list.” and Ford is one of the companies experiencing the loss. “The company’s longevity on our list and its excellence in diversity are attractive draws to both finding and keeping outstanding talent. but it defended its actions. and maybe saying goodbye for now is going to help them rearrange their finances and put the money where it should be. saying that the company wanted to let the employees know about it Inc. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: G’bye. • December 2008: One of the best and brightest companies to work for The Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA) honored Compuware because of its “diversity and multiculturalism” as part of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For award program.iimcal.

sitting in a tree… Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The company also hosts recruiting events. 159 . the Vault Job Board and more. but CEO Peter Karmanos Jr. is going to enable health care professionals to proactively manage their businesses. an initiative that promises to drive patient care. a Compuware product bags the top honor at the Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards. Compuware for insider company • March 2008: Entering health care Throwing its hat into the health care business. a rebirth of sorts for the company. reduce costs and determine return of investment. career message boards.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. with emphases on measurable goals and and has set up a search engine through which interested applicants can find opportunities from Australia to the United Kingdom and several places in between. Detroit loves Compuware and has increasingly shown its approval of the company. Compuware was named to Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For list. GETTING HIRED Detroit and Compuware. and readers of the local Hour Detroit voted it the very best place to work in the city.iimcal. 2010 Edition Compuware Corporation • July 2008: Best performance. expert advice. In 2006. Visit Vault at www. Compuware realigned its approach to the market. Compuware unveiled IT Service Management for Healthcare. wants something new and fresh. All the usual attributes werew included. This application. expert resume reviews.vault. Applicants can upload their resume to the career website and will be contacted if Compuware likes what it sees. VSM readers chose DevPartner Studio Professional as their favorite “Performance. like customer focus and dynamism. getting rid of the old and promising to deliver a different approach based on what the company has learned over years of existence. • May 2008: On a high note Despite the economic troubles and stocks not selling for what they’re worth. profiling and debugging For the sixth year running. Compuware announced that its fourth quarter performance is laudably strong and reliable. This is an award that should be displayed prominently at Detroit headquarters.compuware. since VSM readers are mostly developers—people who know the ins and outs of programming and know what they want in their applications.0. In line with this strong showing was the launch of Compuware 2. sponsored by the Michigan Business and Professional Association. The company posts job openings online (at www. a schedule of these is available through the website. Profiling & Debugging” tool.

Extensive training and certification opportunities keep employees’ minds razor-sharp. employees need to wear proper business attire. it sounds pretty good. Veterinary insurance takes care of Fido and a generous vacation and sick day program allows workers to stay home while Fido recovers.” says one respondentwho adds that there is no dress code but when there are client meetings. OUR SURVEY SAYS Sell. Whatever that is. 2010 Edition Compuware Corporation Compuware also touts its commitment to diversity in the workplace and was recognized for backing up that pledge in 2008. Compuware provides an employee stock purchase plan and 401(k) with company match. . according to one insider. sell Compuware is a “no-nonsense” and DiversityInc named Compuware to its list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity in June 2006. as one source labels Compuware’s corporate culture as “bad” and its advancement opportunities. No company is perfect. sell. So what is everybody crowing about? In addition to a full run of health care benefits. Employees should be motivated to earn money and the company actively encourages people to “work your compensation 160 © 2009 Vault. while health club membership discounts keep their bodies taut.” One contact adds that you have to “always try to sell more of your products at all times” to generate more commissions. Inc.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The National Black Data Processing Associates cited Compuware as a top-10 company for blacks in technology. however.iimcal. The company is also a “good learning source. “rare. The same source shares that sales reps who “achieve their 100 percent quota” will be invited to the annual 100 percent achievers Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

iimcal. NV Wakefield. INC. NY (HQ) Las Vegas. 810 Seventh Avenue New York.cmvt. MA Woodbury.COMVERSE THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CMVT Stock Exchange: OTC BB President & CEO: Andre Dahan LOCATIONS New York. NY Barcelona KEY COMPETITORS Alcatel-Lucent Nortel Networks DEPARTMENTS Accounting Business Operations & Planning Corporate Development & Strategy Human Resources Marketing Customized for: Vinay ( 161 . NY 10019 Phone: (212) 739-1000 www.

iimcal. Ulticom. the firm was known as the inventor of the voice mailbox. With well-established headquarters in the founders’ native country. . Growing through the end of the 1980s. Masters of the Comverse Founded in 1984 by an entrepreneurial trio—Kobi Alexander. Comverse grew quickly through the 1990s. In 1992. with Yemini still alongside. messaging and mobile internet advertising.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. a mobile phone roaming technology group.” The product that got the company off the ground was a small box that was connected to a user’s telephone line and that integrated voicemail. In its early days. later becoming a computer science professor at Columbia 162 © 2009 Vault. Misholi. inc. it manufactures a variety of software and hardware components for multimedia communications and information processing applications. Nokia Group. the company operates four wholly and majority owned subsidiaries: Comverse. Switzerland. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1986. Around the same time. By this point. a security and surveillance software provider. which offered the multilingual message system developed by Comverse. Starhome. which manufactures Signalware naturally—which is the world’s leading provider of telecommunications software. especially those with access to government contracts. Comverse’s original president and CEO. giving it an edge over other firms as that region opened up to outside commerce. gum-smacking. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment and information processing software for both wireless and wireline systems. gossip-mongering madam of the switchboard woefully ineffectual. Much of this is done through the company’s flagship brand—Comverse.K. 2010 Edition Comverse technology. Inc. Startel Corporation. Comverse had already cultivated distribution contacts in the U. Comverse purchased its first subsidiary. left the company in thanks to the popularity of its Trilogue mailbox message management system and its manifold offshoots. Israel. a provider of software and services enabling voice. Yechiam Yemini. Holland and Japan. and Boaz Misholi—Comverse got its name from its mission: a fusion of “communication” and “versatility. Comverse rolled out its new Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and Verint Systems. fax and other call processing functions into one system. Alexander then took the reins. Today. Comverse immediately began wooing European distributors. Comverse developed a relationship with the Finnish electronics firm. Comverse Technology makes telecommunications high tech. including call-switching programs. helping the company access exclusive markets in the Soviet Bloc.. and immediately devised a creative strategy that would enable him to survive against telecom technology giants such as AT&T. followed by a lucrative contract with industry giant AT&T. THE SCOOP A stunning Comversationalist Rendering the wisecracking. Beyond its namesake.

when it reaped $280 million in revenue in 1997. as the company snagged German firm Syborg Informationsysteme and two Israeli companies. In March 2006. but also a secret slush fund. faxes and email messages from a single mailbox. the company was able to show profitability for fiscal 2005. the company began an acquisition spree that would carry it into the 21st century. the German cellular phone company T-Mobil began using Comverse's Unified Messaging system. chairman and CEO. Israel. it felt the repercussions as both crashed. and more than doubled that feat only three years later.vault. the company launched an internal investigation into stock options granting. Standing at the intersection of the telecom and software for insider company profiles. Comverse’s co-founder. 163 . AudioDisk product line. posting a total revenue of $959 million. hijinks and slush funds. These acquisitions marked another aggressive push at overseas business. as well as two other executives. and profit was nonexistent as the company recorded a loss of $129 million—Comverse started on a recovery track. As the tech industry as a whole regained its footing. Inc. at the end of that month. The ensuing investigation revealed a corporate crime spree consisting of the usual backdating hijinks. featuring a roster of fictional employees who had gathered at least Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.. InTouch Systems and Loronix Information Systems to the Comverse family by mid-2000. Company coffers swelled appreciatively.2 billion in sales. 2010 Edition Comverse technology. its stock price dropped from $125 in January 2001 to $19 in January 2002. oh my! On the heels of its success came some surprising setbacks for Comverse. Gaya Industries and Exalink. Comverse noticed increasing demand in its telecommunications products.000. adding former rival Boston Technology. along with smaller firms Amarex. In April 2001. expert resume reviews.iimcal. which enabled high-tech phone and fax surveillance for customers in intelligence and security fields. Late in 1997. suddenly resigned. career message boards. which allows users to access voicemail.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and in December of that year it cut another 15 percent. Stock options. it announced it would cut 6 percent of its workforce. Thanks to its cost-cutting measures and well-timed acquisitions. That year also saw the disappointing public offering of Comverse’s subsidiary Verint Systems. Profit was following the same steep incline. Another 1. expert advice. and year-end results showed the company pulling down $1. Portugal.. rising to $43 million that same year. sales slumped Visit Vault at www. Argentina. Another spate of purchases followed in July 2001. Comverse inked smaller deals in 2001 in South Africa. following the acquisition of Odigo. the Vault Job Board and more. Inc. albeit a modest $62. India and Russia. The company burst through the $100 million revenue ceiling for the first time in 1994. Alexander himself. inc. Singapore. Mexico. just days before the company received a federal subpoena. Comverse then became the first foreign vendor allowed to sell voicemail and short message service programs in China in May 2001. an instant messaging service provider. in which the company continues to hold the majority of stock. After hitting a low point in 2003—sales fell to $735 million in 2003. was chosen by Spain's Xfera consortium to provide its multimedia messaging and wireless instant messaging system. were terminated in July 2002. The following May.200 jobs. or 21 percent of the workforce. as a result. In April 2001.

The company also declared that its cash reserves have fallen by $200 million in six months in its Form 8-K (Results of Operations and Financial Condition) filing with the U. Comverse’s partnership with United SA came at the heels of the company’s recognition as the top global telecom vendor. 200. It also reported $1. The Yankee Group report highlighted the critical role of converged prepaid and postpaid business models for operators. inc. cash down by $200 million Comverse Technology announced the layoff of 300 billion in cash and cash equivalents at the end of its 2008 fiscal year. launched the Comverse Voice HUB. . comprising 8 percent of the company’s workforce. at which point the company moved to the Pink Sheets exchange. 2010 Edition Comverse technology. but he has so far resisted prosecutorial efforts to extradite him to the United States to stand trial for more than 30 counts of securities fraud related to backdating stock options. In the same month. Earlier in the month. a single platform for all voice bonuses and fringe benefits that Alexander said the company didn’t give him. The company and its subsidiaries made several acquisitions through 2007. Comverse appointed Andre Dahan to the CEO position and Mark Terrell to the chairman post following Alexander’s exit.000 stock options. the company had sued Alexander for $70 million in New York State Court. based on a survey of 150 telecom carriers conducted by the Yankee Group. When the three recently departed executives were charged by federal prosecutors in August 2006. Alexander was located and arrested in Namibia in September 2007.iimcal.S. Inc. sparking an international search for the fugitive founder. Comverse announced that it was terminating Alexander and two other top executives. including IP network software firm Netcentrex in May and billing and customer management tech firm Netonomy in September. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 164 © 2009 Vault. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Pink slips to 8 percent the of workforce. for providing billing and customer management services to telecom carriers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Delayed quarterly reports resulted in delisting from the Nasdaq exchange in February 2007. Comverse also obtained the highest possible vendor rating from industry analyst Gartner. Angola’s largest mobile operator. a third of them in Israel. Inc. the financial reports of years past will have to be restated to correct for the financial liberties taken by the departed executives. • February 2009: Expanding and reaping recognitions Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. which ended in January 2009. Alexander failed to return from the vacation he was taking in Israel at the time. • January 2008: An exchange of $70 million suits Alexander sued Comverse Technology for $72 million in connection with severance pay. Unitel SA. The rating was based on Gartner’s extensive evaluation of 12 business support systems (BSS) vendors. and would pursue actions against them in connection with the stock options controversy.

com/corporate/ careers_list. It is a very traditional for insider company profiles. A listing for “Hot Jobs” is also included and provides a general job description. expert resume reviews. Hours expected vary by direct supervisor and corporation division. “Being a multinational company. On the Comverse site ( Applicants interested in Verint jobs can check out www.” an insider says. Starhome’s careers page is www. You get to travel a lot all over the world. They can click on a job opening and this links to an online application form. interested job seekers can browse locations and job categories on the main page and then do a search for specific “There is no respect for hours–you are expected to work until the job is done.ulticom. “Comverse is a company that will work you hard. but they control much of what is decided in the career message boards. but opportunities for advance in some locations are almost zero.aspx.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and is somewhat male dominated.aspx? Page=careers. especially in the U. It can happen that you work very hard for many hours. Sometimes you have to work at night.verint. but there are also periods that you are less busy.vault. expert advice. responsibilities and general qualification guidelines. Comverse also provides extensive employee training opportunities to help its Comversers develop their careers and keep abreast of industry inc. The corporate offices in Israel are better balanced.comverse.” explains a support manager. strict deadlines and is very results-driven. You get to see how good it is. Work hours range from the standard 40 hours a week to the outrageous …. that is both good and bad as you are the carrier of the task.S. 2010 Edition Comverse technology. 165 . OUR SURVEY SAYS Carrier of tasks The corporate culture at Comverse encourages hard work. Ulticom’s hiring site is www. the Vault Job Board and more.” A system engineer shares the highs and lows of working for Comverse: “It is a multinational company and so you cooperate with people from all over the world.” Visit Vault at www. Employees of Comverse proper can look forward to comprehensive health coverage beginning on the very first day of employment in addition to a 401(k) plan with company match. it also has a diverse population. GETTING HIRED Become Comversant Opportunities for employment in the Comverse Technology empire in 40 countries are searchable through its subsidiaries’ websites.starhome.S. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.cfm. Says an HR contact.

. Philippines • Cork • Hyderabad • Mechlin.J. Benhamou President & CEO: T. Inc. CA (HQ) Beaverton. CO • Lexington. OR • Bloomington.cypress. MA • Colorado Springs.cypress. Rodgers 2008 Employees: 4.8 2008 Income ($ mil. CA • Starkville. MS Bangalore • Cavite. WA • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: CY Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Eric A. NH • Round Rock.iimcal.3 LOCATIONS San Jose. CA 95134 Phone: (408) 943-2600 Fax: (408) 943-4730 DEPARTMENTS Administration • Applications Engineer • Consumer & Computation Division • Cypress Systems • Data Communications Division • Engineering • Finance • Information Technology • Marketing • Marketing & Corporate Business Development • Mechanical Design Engineer • Memory & Imaging Division • New Product Development • Operations • Product Engineer • Quality • Sales • WW Wafer Fabs & Technology Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Belgium KEY COMPETITORS Integrated Device Technology Standard Microsystems Xilinx Inc EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. VT • Cambridge.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. ID • 166 © 2009 Vault.): 765. MN • Boise. 198 Champion Court San Jose.): -430. TX • San Diego. KY • SEMICONDUCTOR ID • Nashua.

In July of the same year. as competitors made inroads into its Acquiring time! The internet age dawned in earnest in the late 1990s.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. programmable clocks. Cypress was battered by the slings and arrows of the volatile (some might say outrageous) semiconductor industry. three years after Rodgers’ first attempt. Cyprus bought Arcus Technology. 167 . T. chairman of Compaq at the time. found it worthy of investment.J. maker of timing circuits. upon receiving Rodgers’ business plan (seven handwritten pages). Networking pays off In 1979. But the following year. for $20 million. Cypress Semiconductor was born. a manufacturer of solar panels. Seven. Rosen. Next on the list was International Microcircuits. though. expert advice. bought in January 2001 for $125 million. Thanks to a swift restructuring. for $166 million. a venture capitalist who hooked him up with some friends who had money to invest. that year he met Stanley Fingerhood. The acquisition years. and Cypress responded by acquiring several companies. it was once again turning a profit the next were followed by challenges. designer of optical networking chips. The company posted losses in 2002. Seven gave Rodgers the startup capital.J. CEO Rodgers said the purchase would decrease Cypress’ dependence on memory chips and expand its holdings in the wireless RF business. introduced Rodgers to his partner. it bought IC Works. after its first year of profitability.vault. Cypress went public in 1986. and revenue had reached nearly $300 million by 1991. At the start of 1999. for $130 million. however. Sales initially took off as the computer market boomed. THE SCOOP Microchip master Cypress Semiconductor is a manufacturer of microchips for consumer electronics and communications devices. who. career message boards. image sensors and memories. Cypress picked up Silicon Light Machines. Cypress also owned a majority stake in SunPower. and the company found itself in the red. Rodgers estimated that he needed $40 million.iimcal. a producer of integrated-circuit timing equipment. in turn. and in 1982. expert resume reviews. and Fingerhood led him to Ben Rosen. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. adding to its optical networking technology cache. but he couldn’t work out the financing. Rodgers was looking to leave the large Silicon Valley firm Advanced Micro Devices and start up his own semiconductor company nearby. In 2000. There was some reprieve in 2006 Visit Vault at www. 2003 and 2005 and had to endure restructurings as a way to return to profitability. The company’s product line includes programmable systems-on-a-chip (PSoC). a privately held provider of equipment data for telecommunications. the Vault Job Board and more. Conveniently. until its spin-off on Nasdaq in September 2008. the improbably named for insider company profiles. 2010 Edition Cypress Semiconductor Corp. USB controllers.

com. to buy his buddy’s company and subsequently spent years convincing his board that buying a friend’s floundering. Rodgers also saw the 168 © 2009 Vault. had founded SunPower with an interest in engineering efficient solar-power cells.J. however. assures that a 60-day notice will be issued and severance packages given. Rodgers wrote a $750. Also. The SRAMS also boast of “3.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2010 Edition Cypress Semiconductor Corp.and 6-Mbit fast asynchronous SRAMs interface with 24-bit wide processors in audio processing. The two chums ran into each other in a Bay area coffee shop right as the tech bubble burst. something that Cypress CEO T. wireless and networking applications. non-semiconductor-related company had been a wise business decision. Richard Swainson. medical devices and more. The San Jose-based company. However. and Swainson admitted that he would soon have to lay off 40 people. SRAM! Gamers (and hospital patients) have a reason to celebrate: Cypress’s 64Mbit SRAMS are here! These SRAMS guarantee extended battery life for gaming • February 2009: Handing out pink slips Forty Cypress employees will have to find new jobs come August as the Cypress Semiconductor Design Center in Boise declared that it will close shop by then. citing the “continued strong growth of (Cypress’) SunPower division” as a main reason. when the company took in revenue of just over $1 billion. half of his entire workforce. Cypress has owned the company since 2000. . Powered by Sun Much of Cypress’ growth during 2006 can be attributed to strong results from its solar panel subsidiary SunPower.iimcal. Cypress gained with SunPower onboard. a 23 percent increase over 2005.” • September 2008: SunPower spinoff SunPower is now an independent entity as Cypress handed over shares to its stockholders. As the company has only recently closed a branch in Mississippi. The stocks distribution is estimated at $3. its net loss was $430 million. the difficulties of the early 2000s seem to be very much a part of Cypress’ life. Inc. top-of-the-line point-of-sale terminals. Rodgers was proud of.6 billion in value. an old Stanford schoolmate of Cypress founder Rodgers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. sticking with it through years of unprofitability. a spokesperson in San Jose said that announcement is “another very difficult one to make. Rodgers can be forgiven for feeling vindicated: he announced record quarterly revenue in July 2007. and posted a profit of $39 million. In 2008.000 check. while the company posted revenue of $765 million. opportunities in other Cypress Design Centers have been offered to some IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Not SPAM. On an impulse.

provides information on job openings. The move dealt heavy blows for both companies as Simtek ended its relationship with CEO Harold Blomquist. training and media strategies. including severance payments to the three. committed to Cypress Semiconductors.vault. job seekers must first create an online profile. 2010 Edition Cypress Semiconductor Corp.60 per share on July Vice President for Global Marketing and Applications Geoff Charubin believed that Chow had the chops for the job. “Alfred has the right background and track record of success to take our programs in Asia to the next level. The deal was halfheartedly closed by Simtek at $ Cypress’ careers page. • August 2008: Acquiring Simtek Corp. collateral where he was in charge of outbound marketing strategies. loaded with incentives like a bonus for publishing articles and a stock purchase plan.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Visit Vault at www. Students can check out Cypress’ pages directed at recent graduates. • March 2008: Chow’s time Cypress finally decided to tap the Asian market as it appointed Alfred Chow as regional director of marketing and Applications for Asia. It took four unidentified “suitors” before Simtek Corp. keyword and category. expert advice. career message Job postings are divided into openings in the United States and in the Philippines. and are searchable by location. the Vault Job Board and more.” Chow transferred to Cypress from Xilinx. expert resume reviews. Ahmad Chatila first made Cypress’s intentions for the semiconductor company known in February. 169 . and Cypress discovered unexpected costs from the transaction. CFO Brian Alleman and AgigA Tech head Ronald Sartore. The company offers a flexible benefits for insider company profiles. GETTING HIRED Put down some roots at Cypress Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. SunPower spin-off as an opportunity to “unlock the value of a semiconductor operation that in recent years—led by our flagship PSoC programmable systemon-chip—has become one of the industry’s leading suppliers of high-margin proprietary and programmable solutions.” he details in a correspondence with edn.iimcal. To apply. www. benefits and student opportunities. where they can view a PowerPoint slideshow concerning the company’s rotational program.cypress.

“The company never stands in the way of an employee’s advancement or career goals. “I would recommend Cypress if you enjoy the culture outlined above. “Driving towards root causes of issues is valued above all. say that the culture makes the company “a very stimulating place to work. with some excellent choices. This ethic is exercised using precision question and answering techniques that can seem curt.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. however. great pay and benefits Sources report that Cypress has a very unique corporate culture.” observes one hire. is mandatory training for all employees. Inc.” If the culture isn’t to everyone’s taste. and has made many people in the company very wealthy. however. One describes it as “a highly data-driven company where ‘the right data wins.” It “leads to a constant air of tension throughout the company. one respondent adds. 2010 Edition Cypress Semiconductor Corp. “Significant bonuses for writing technical articles and filing patents.” observes another. tense. Another member of his department adds. invasive and accusatory.” adds his co-worker. Usually the questioner just wants to arrive at the ‘real’ answer without the hand waving and window dressing.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the compensation and benefits receive few complaints. OUR SURVEY SAYS A unique corporate culture. If promotions are more to your tastes. don’t question authority.iimcal.” but if it’s not your cup of tea. others do not.” notes a source. as it’s called. “Compensation is good. PQ&A. “Benefits are a ‘cafeteria’ system. expect to wind up like this guy: “I can only speak for my morale: subterranean.” sums up one guy.” Not everyone at the company is fond of PQ& 170 © 2009 Vault. . as long as they demonstrate an aptitude for their new you will not last long at Cypress if you have a thin skin. but…really aren’t.’” His co-worker adds. People are free to move around various job functions. risk averse.” says one source.” “Some people thrive in this environment. “The company’s employee stock purchase plan is an absolute godsend. Another sums it up: “corporate culture: combative.

aspx/cor p/careers/gateway/portal?c=us&l=en&s=corp 171 . India • Halle. India • Montpellier.800 2008 Revenue ($ mil. China THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: DELL Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman & CEO: Michael S. Brazil • Hyderabad • Kawasaki. One Dell Way Round Rock. Poland • Mohali. NV • Winston-Salem.133 2008 Income ($ mil. NC Athlone. France • Panama City • Penang • Quezon Ireland • Lodz.): TX (HQ) Dell 2008 Employees: 80. TN • Miami.): 2. TN • Oklahoma City. TX • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Ireland • Bangalore • Bracknell. TX 78682 Phone: (512) 338-4400 OK • Reno. FL • Nashville. Philippines • Shanghai • Singapore • Taipei • Xiamen. Germany • Hortolândia. China • Dublin • El Dorado Do Sul.947 KEY COMPETITORS Hewlett-Packard (HP) IBM Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Brazil • DEPARTMENTS Departments Consumer Enterprise Product Management Finance Human Resources Large Enterprise Marketing Operations & Technology Public Small & Medium Business LOCATIONS Round Rock. England • Bratislava • Casablanca • Chennai • Dalian. Japan • Kuala Lumpur • Limerick.DELL INC.

ac.000 in a couple of months. THE SCOOP You’re getting a Dell! Dell is one of the leading providers of PCs. as computers moved from being a niche product to becoming a household essential up there with the refrigerator. Using its founder’s mail-order catalog sales philosophy. when his mail-order stamp business earned him $2. earning three consecutive Entrepreneur of the Year awards from the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs. The revolutionary “direct sales model” moved onto the internet in the 1990s.iimcal. and earned $34 million during the fiscal year. Inc. commercial and government market. . notebook computers and printers for the consumer. and he dropped out of college the same year to start making and selling IBM clones under the name PCs Limited. By 1984. Dell anointed President Kevin Rollins as its new Direct sales pay off Dell became the world’s leading direct seller of computers in the 1990s.000 a month in 1984. nearing $32 billion in 2001. training and installation. Dell’s company was grossing about $80.K. established in 1987 and a $32. network switches. Sales took off. In 1992. In 2004. Dell was named by Fortune as one of the 500-largest American companies. Then Dell famously began to sell IBM components out of his dorm room while a University of Texas undergraduate in the early 1980s. Its product line also includes LCD TVs. he sold subscriptions of the Houston Post with enough zeal and success to buy himself a BMW at 17. Dell is currently moving away from its direct-to-consumer sales model into the higher-margin realm of services and offers IT outsourcing. tailoring its offerings to specific customer demands and undercutting retail prices by 10 to 15 percent. and only increased in effectiveness. 172 © 2009 Vault. saving costs on manufacturing and retailing into the Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and servers and data storage. the company had gone public and international. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. Very soon. Though profits dropped and the company laid off 4 percent of its workers. the company remained in the black.4 million public offering the following year. Dell’s mail-order business was efficient and user-friendly. The subsequent burst of the tech bubble hardly caused executives to bat an eye. Michael Dell was showered with praise. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. An entrepreneur is born Some people are just born entrepreneurs. in 2006. In high school. Precocious Texan Michael Dell showed strong signs of business acumen at the tender age of 13. Dell took computer orders from its customers and then assembled the parts. with its first overseas branch in the U. but the company’s forward progress came to a screeching halt soon after. Dell Computer Corporation had 100 employees in 1985.

Dell made an official announcement of what industry insiders had suspected and investors had dreaded: the company was under investigation by the SEC. The online video was apparently accurate. when Dell admitted to falsifying quarterly returns from 2003 to 2006 and said it would restate its earnings by $50 million to $150 million. CEO Michael S.7 million laptops sold in the U. career message boards. expert advice. The following month. as the company admitted Refocusing on competitiveness and growth In its annual report for fiscal 2008. Dell revealed that federal prosecutors had contacted it for information in an expanding accounting investigation. Online footage of a Dell laptop bursting into flames began to circulate with ever increasing popularity. The other shoe dropped in August 2007. The New York Times wrote that many industry analysts were actually relieved to see the investigation resolved. Dell. and called it a “turning point” for the company. Dell previously scrubbed a meeting in April with industry financial analysts—not people who like to see signs of weakness. preventing Dell from filing its second quarter report. who had resumed the top company position just a little more than a year earlier. and another 1. citing compliance with the investigators’ requests. the U. Ominously.iimcal. the Vault Job Board and more.1 million laptop computer batteries in August—the biggest safety recall in consumer electronics industry history. said that as the company neared its 10th year. citing pictures put out by a disgruntled former Dell employee of almost 100 melted laptops returned by customers between 2002 and 2004. and canceled another analysts’ meeting. the first blow to the company’s prestige came from its good friend—the World Wide Web. though no injuries or deaths were attached to any of the incidents. Dell’s release revealed very little other than the existence of the inquiry.S. A New York Times article questioned the numbers released by the company. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. For whom the Dell tolls In November As part of the federal investigation. in fact. Burned computers and cooked books Ironically. “Our strategy wasn’t working as well as it had previously. but that there would be no conference Q&A call with company execs. its lithium-ion batteries (made by Sony) could occasionally burst into flames. as we evolved we lost focus and allowed our cost structure to become Visit Vault at www. Attorney for the Southern District of New York subpoenaed documents related to the company’s financial reporting from 2002 to 2006. The company delayed its third quarter earnings by a month. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The company said the 3Q results would be forthcoming at the end of November 2006.4 million sold abroad—about 18 percent of the company’s total notebook output between April 2004 and July 2006. Dell had documented six computers that overheated or caught fire as a result of the defective batteries. forcing the company to cancel a meeting with analysts and postpone a stock buyback strategy. though. and Dell announced the recall of 4. but it sent Wall Street into a tizzy. The batteries were installed in some 2. Moreover. 173 .Vault Guide to the Top Tech for insider company profiles. expert resume reviews.

reported in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. moving into emerging economies like India and Brazil. Inc.K. when the company announced a deal to sell PCs through WalMart. the company would focus on competitiveness and growth. 1 spot in the PC industry in the fourth quarter of 2006 and maintains its lead through spring 2007. The first step came in May 2007. flattening and revising the management structure of the company. Dell faltered with laptops because they are more difficult to customize than the traditional Dell desktop and are more expensive to manufacture. are increasingly in vogue— industry analysts predicted they would surpass desktops in U.” He said that the company had reviewed its processes and made decisions—among them saving on operating costs by reducing its workforce—that enabled the company to post $61 billion in revenue and regain its position as top supplier of personal computers in the United 174 © 2009 Vault. . prompting Michael Dell to roll out an ambitious plan to perk up business in April 2007. Dell added that in the future. the latest action in its commitment to become the “greenest” technology company on the planet. Dell also announced its plan of further reducing its worldwide facilities’ greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2015. So far. Both expect to avoid nearly 5. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. Dell also might be shifting away from its trademark sales model.000-square-foot Oklahoma City campus with 100 percent wind energy.S. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Making it to the list Dell made it to Corporate Responsibility magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2009. In this endeavor on the use of renewable energy. Dell’s four-point plan. as laptops/notebooks. Japan and Russia. climate change. as it has been (gasp!) opening its own retail stores and making alliances with major outlets to feature its computers. • April 2007: human rights. companies in the Russel 1000 index evaluate companies on seven key areas. noncompetitive. • February 2009: Going green Dell joined the “green” bandwagon by powering its 240.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and providing cost-effective consulting services. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Dell’s brand might have simply become less attractive. such as environment. employee relations..iimcal. involved making the company’s products less confusing and threatening for consumers. tons of CO2 emissions per year. Dell partnered with Oklahoma Gas and Electric. it’s not 1999 anymore! Rival Hewlett-Packard beat out Dell for the No. For this recognition. philanthropy. which was followed by similar deals in the U. the company’s emphasis on international growth appears to be working. as international shipments exceeded American shipments in the fourth quarter of 2006—a company first. financial and governance. a particular weakness of Dell’s. market overall sales by 2008.

Dell. At the time.Vault Guide to the Top Tech and the founder went back in. as sales at the company had slowed. ahead of this restructuring. Steve Schuckenbrock. as Rollins had always emphasized his close working relationship with the founder. • February 2007: Pulling the purse strings Dell’s increased input on day-to-day operations of the company meant new confidence for the company—and no bonuses for its workers. harkened back to his old dorm room days. although perhaps the move was a superficial one for the sake of Wall Street.iimcal. • February 2007: The difference is Dell Dell rounded an arguably more significant turning point—Kevin B. These changes have received mixed reviews. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. Michael Dell has hinted that he agrees with these criticisms. these services were badly in need of an overhaul. Dell announced belt-tightening companywide to make up for losses in recent years. though. and Visit Vault at www.vault. His responsibilities include sprucing up and expanding Dell’s IT service offerings. creating another position from scratch in the process. an internal memo declared that lack of profit is unacceptable and that employees should focus efforts on streamlining operations to push sales. Cannon’s time at Solectron gave him experience in manufacturing services. Rollins. including outsourcing and supply chain automation. including a suspension of bonuses for fiscal 2007. How many of these changes were voluntary is unclear. and the company hopes to use his supply chain expertise to improve Dell’s international component manufacturing. Former Solectron CEO Michael Cannon was named as the company’s first president of global operations. purchasing and distribution operations. was first hired as “head of global services. previously CEO and right-hand man to Michael Dell. the Vault Job Board and more. as 64 percent of Dell’s revenue came from North and South America. The shake-up stirred much speculation. 175 . career message boards. the company creates new posts for their international affairs. expert resume reviews. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and suggest that Dell open more stores locally to deal with customer service issues. Schuckenbrock was moved to senior vice president. As if to restore the company’s luster. As executives leave the company in droves.” With Cannon now heading the unit. After a review of the company’s performance. and industry criticisms of poorly designed computers and disastrous customer service were getting louder and louder. The board believed the company is better off with Dell in the top job. expert advice. formerly of the outsourcing pioneer Electronic Data Systems (Ross Perot’s former company). as six executives quit the company since December 2006. Dell hired an executive (from outside the company) to oversee its supply chain operations. In a call for more efficiency. though. • February 2007: Tryin’ to throw arms around the world Dell made it abundantly clear that it sees international growth as the cure to its ills. as many pundits view more outsourcing as a problem and not a solution. not to mention the company’s financial issues with the SEC and the Justice Department. outsourced customer service became a persistent complaint from Dell’s customers. was ousted from the big for insider company profiles. at one point publicly wondering whether to shift away from the company’s standby direct sales model. Michael Dell followed his own advice by reducing the number of executives reporting to him from 22 to 12.

iimcal. Only this time I have a little more capital. www.” • March 2007: “Chaotic” accounting The Feds were quite right about Dell’s financial reporting. In order for applications to stand out. the U. Dell offers a wealth of opportunities for students and recent graduates at the college and MBA levels. manufacturing and Inc. and as much industry jargon as possible in their resumes. GETTING HIRED It’s not just a career. once they have selected their career . and a healthimprovement scheme. he was quoted by The New York Times as saying. Dell advises job seekers to put as many keywords and abbreviations. In addition. discounts on gym memberships and time off between Christmas and New Year’s. Dell provides interns with company housing (including housekeeper) reimbursement for travel to the internship site. “It feels like 1984 and I am starting over again. Nice perks include adoption assistance. Internships are offered to students pursuing a major relevant to the company’s business need. discounts on company Dell also offers 176 © 2009 Vault. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. it’s a Dell! The careers page on Dell’s website. The Dell careers site for the U. and potential hires are invited to visit Dell’s representatives. vision and dental insurance.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. engineering. Dell posts a schedule of recruiting events on its website. IT. At the time. discount on Dell products and a discount health club membership. customer service. employee referral program. To apply. Dell had only reported preliminary figures for the last two quarters. Job seekers. they must first fill out a profile as well as an assessment questionnaire. and Nasdaq was even threatening to delist Benefits at Dell in the United States include health.aspx/corp /careers/gateway/portal?c=us&l=en&s=corp&redirect=1. flexible spending accounts for health care or dependent care costs. Customized for: Vinay ( Department of Justice had not yet concluded its own investigation of the company. provides information on positions available at Dell the world over. as the company’s own audit committee turned up a chaotic accounting situation and evidence of fiscal impropriety. Dell’s internships are offered to undergraduate students with at least one semester remaining.S. can search open positions by function. provides information on career paths in sales. The company also has an employee referral program. Dell also offers a 401(k) with company match and a discount stock purchase plan. and the company said its 2006 annual report would be further delayed while executives determined if any prior-period results were affected by this mistake. so job seekers are strongly advised to work their contacts to see if they know anyone at Dell. location and keyword. with programs aimed at healthy pregnancies and managing certain conditions that reward employees with money when they reach certain goals.

internships to students pursuing an MBA in the areas of marketing. career message boards. expert resume reviews. “Both the first and second rounds were behavioral. to 5 p. Expect. “You can find people from all nationalities.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Her co-worker adds. His colleague adds that “promotions and raises can be very hard to get. however.” “Networking is very important to progress.” “Questions revolved around stories for leadership. “There are lots of social activities and learning opportunities but never enough time to take advantage. there is limited use of the case method. and if you work out well and do your job.m.” “Dell is a very aggressive environment.iimcal. operations. However. once hired that “Dell is your life. is the minimum.” says a staunch For some positions. walk me through your resume.” adds a member of the sales team. finance. Lots of lunch-and-learns to keep you up to speed. which other companies was I considering. “HR is known for delays and slow turn around on hiring. ethnic groups. but if you leave at 5 p. people will talk. there are “diversity networking groups…which are very active and help you a lot in networking. project management. strategy. experience background. There is much less focus on problem-solving. “The culture and work/life balance has improved in Dell IT over the past two years.vault.” says a coworker. “It’s a “High-stress environment.” adds a source. conflict management. Dell can be a great place to work. expert advice.” reports an insider. it matters a lot who knows you rather than what you know. 6 p.” Most interviewees report two rounds of interviews.” notes one insider.” And they appear to have many members. Dell has this sort of ‘buy and try’ system worked out with a temp agency known as Spherion. Another hire cautions. dealing with for insider company profiles. program management.” notes an awestruck intern. the Vault Job Board and more. [It] screens and tests candidates and then hires them on as contract workers for a set ‘per hour’ pay from 8 a. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. you will get a permanent job offer from Dell after about four to six months of contracting with Spherion.” notes a respondent.” “You will learn more than you’d ever imagine. His co-worker adds that he was asked “traditional interview questions with qualitative focus. why Dell. teamwork. [and] genders…in large numbers. 177 . HR.” observes a member of that department. Visit Vault at www. OUR SURVEY SAYS Dude. such as corporate strategy. you’ve gotten your foot in the door! One source in sales gives the following advice: “It’s nearly impossible to get into Dell by simply sending in your resume from the street. IT. [Hundreds] of emails a day and lots of conference calls.” Getting ahead Responses about Dell’s culture were mixed. 2010 Edition Dell Inc. “No matter what people say.. around 25 minutes. and a big portion of the time for asking questions to the interviewer.m. logistics and procurement.m. multitasking. Get the e-mail and/or phone contact information for the hiring manager and keep in touch.

United Kingdom • Lima • Madrid • Manaus.iimcal. Poland • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: DBD Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: Thomas W. NC • Lynchburg.658 2008 Revenue ($ mil. GA • Chicago.170. Austria • Zellik. Poland • Wiener DEPARTMENTS Corporate Development & Finance • Customer Solutions Group • Financial Selfservice Solutions • Global Development & Services • Global Operations • Global Security Marketing • Human Resources • Programming & Technical • Sales & Support • Strategic Relationship LOCATIONS North Canton. OH (HQ) Atlanta. Belgium • Genève • Gyal. Box 3077 North Canton.): 88.O.): 3. Switzerland • Singapore • Ecuador • Rome • São Paulo • Schweiz. The Netherlands • Bangkok • Basingstone. Hungary • Hato Rey. Inc. TX • Green.1 2008 Income ($ mil.diebold. Brazil • Mapusa. United Kingdom • Bogotá • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Caracas • Cassis. France • Aix en 178 © 2009 Vault. Canada • Moscow • Pozna. India • Meduode. OH • Lexington. . VA • Princeton. IL • Dallas. INCORPORATED 5995 Mayfair Road P.DIEBOLD. Belgium Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NJ Amadora. Luxembourg • Taipei • Warszawa. Slovenia • Milan • Mississauga. France • Cuauhtémoc. Swidarski 2008 Employees: 16. OH 44720-8077 Phone: (330) 490-4000 www. Mexico • Erpe Mere. Portugal • Puerto Rico • Johannesburg • Leeds.6 KEY COMPETITORS Grg Equipment Co NCR Corporation Wincor-Nixdorf EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.

S. stores and office buildings. the company went public. Diebold’s machines were used in each of the last two U. whose cameras could be controlled by a computer. Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Georgia and California purchased Diebold voting machines. The company also manufactures and installs safes and security systems for banks. people began discovering flaws in their design. and specializing in ATM distribution in Taiwan and India. In 1964. During the 1920s. just as computers were beginning to affect Diebold’s products.and software-related. Incorporated THE SCOOP Diebold to user: do it yourself Diebold is a leading manufacturer of self-service kiosks.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal. supplying ATMs in China and voting machines in Brazil. expert resume reviews. which range in function from ATMs to automatic check-in and checkout kiosks to electronic voting machines. the Vault Job Board and more. 179 . Diebold was soon dueling with rival ATM manufacturers IBM and NCR for dominance in the fledgling ATM market. in addition to guarding countless reams of currency in bank for insider company profiles. Diebold created its own version of it. both hardware. which can easily be erased or overwritten. such as pay-at-the-pump gas pumps and self-service ticket kiosks for theaters. Diebold security systems protect the Constitution.vault. The company also sought out other markets for its self-serve kiosks beginning in 1986. From here to there Charles Diebold founded his eponymous company in Ohio in 1859 as a manufacturer of sturdy safes and vaults. Diebold has embarked on foreign ventures. In light of these issues. The first batch of dysfunctional Diebold voting machines popped up in the 2002 Georgia election. movies and trains. releasing one in 1970. Finally. Things only got worse for the company in 2003 when it accidentally released the source code for its machines on the Internet. 2010 Edition Diebold. as did Ohio and Maryland. On local shores. Presidential elections and a wealth of conspiracy theories abound (especially on the Internet) that link the company’s well-documented security struggles with specific voting machine Visit Vault at www. in 2004 California disallowed the use of Diebold voting machines in its elections. After the automatic teller machine (ATM) was invented in 1967. as well as creating custom hardware and software for its Rise (and fall) of the machines But nearly as soon as Diebold’s voting machines hit the market. career message boards. along with a hightech (for that year) security system. expert advice. Diebold specialized in large safes. and in 1964 it outdid itself by casting the doors for the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank in The problems were compounded by the fact that Diebold machines are designed to store votes on memory cards. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.

the company still successfully produces ATMs. Big enough that the California secretary of state indicated that the votes lost exceed the maximum votes that could be lost under the Help America Vote Act of 2002. the ’message didn’t specify why this action should be taken. Incorporated performance in Florida and Ohio in 2000 and 2004. Inc. As of 2007. Those votes were a big loss. In late 2005. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Oops. O’Dell stated he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to [President Bush]. the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) ranked Diebold as a global outsourcing leader for turnkey self-service solutions. If you can’t count votes. 2010 Edition Diebold. . respectively. Although Diebold sent an email to California election officials before the election suggesting a way to prevent votes from being lost. Diebold did it again! The California secretary of state released a report detailing how a programming error in Diebold machines cause 197 votes to be lost in the November 2008 general elections.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. • February 2009: Global leader for turnkey services For the third year running. the company controls about a third of the market.iimcal. Based on criteria including company size and growth. Diebold is poised to take the award based on its security solution offerings to financial institutions to maximize their potential without compromising their level of security.” The investigation is The report also contained several deficient “audit trail logs” in Diebold’s Global Election Management System. Diebold expects that the number of ATMs in India will grow 140 percent between 2006 and 2010. The market for ATMs is expected to grow briskly in the country. and is moving aggressively into supplying India. O’Dell had a well-documented history as a fundraiser for the Republican Party. and partly because credit cards are difficult to obtain and almost prohibitively expensive 180 © 2009 Vault. Instead. Customized for: Vinay ( try rupees While things might not exactly be going swimmingly for Diebold in its voting machines division. though a company statement cited “personal reasons” for his departure.” This prompted Diebold to change its executive lineup and amend its ethics policy to ban all executives from any political activity except the act of voting. management capabilities and corporate social responsibility (a first for the IAOP). partly because a larger portion of the population is keeping its money in banks. which is largely dominated by rival NCR. it suggested that “it is very important that [the officials] follow these instructions. In one August 2003 fund-raising letter targeted at the party faithful. CEO Warren O’Dell resigned.

Currency exchange is one of Russia’s most popular banking Following its foreign venture endeavors. the company offered banks and other financial institutions the ability to offer payment options and banking through a user’s mobile phone. The case was transferred to district court. who owns the copyright to the software. The malware.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. criminals need access to an ATM’s internal computer to access the code. the euro and the ruble. a company that specializes in always-on. Artifex Software filed a case against Diebold for violating a general public license by putting Ghostcript. • November 2008: Mobility and liability In partnership with ClairMail.iimcal. Visit Vault at www. customers can exchange paper and coin money from one currency to another. an open-source PDF processing software. Incorporated • January 2009: The Russian heist Diebold sent out a security update to its customers in Russia providing some details about criminals installing malware in their ATMs to intercept confidential user information and scan ATM folders for transactions handled in American. the Vault Job Board and two-way customer interaction through mobile communications. expert advice. Diebold offered mobile banking services as part of its outsourcing services. career message boards. and agreements between banks and other financial institutions prove a little cumbersome. this malware doesn’t spread from computer to computer. Unlike a virus. Without going into the meat of the issue. “It uses quite a lot of functions that are not documented. 2010 Edition Diebold. the company advised customers that lost passwords.vault. Diebold ’didn’t say in its security update how the ATMs have been tampered for insider company profiles. fortunately. guaranteed to give the exact amount back. 181 . seemed to have been the work of someone inside Diebold. This partnership is seen to be beneficial to Master Bank.” a Sophos virus researcher said. On the home front. but promised to fix the problem. • October 2008: A Russian connection Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. since banks generate little revenue and customers receive limited service. messing with the firewall and not using the Windows program that comes with Diebold ATMs could compromise the machine’s security and performance. and companies that wish to use it for their own proprietary ends need to purchase a license from Artifex. Taking advantage of ClairMail’s on-premise and managed service. Through Diebold’s Opteva ATM machines. as it transforms their list of services into a multifunctional palette of solutions for international customers. Three currencies are planned to be provided by Master Bank’s ATMs: the dollar. into one of its commercial electronic voting machines. Russian and Ukrainian currency. identified by security vendor Sophos. expert resume reviews. The open-source code is distributed for free under GNU public license. Diebold offered functional solutions to Moscow-based Master Bank to transform its ATM machines into a network of currency exchange.

Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.S. adding up Diebold’s excellent ratings run to five and a half years. has been known by the people at Diebold for 10 years. This security feature detects skimming devices to help prevent credit card fraud and financial institution loss. This snag.000 units in all.500 per unit.iimcal.K. Banco de Brasil received close to 10. and Diebold spokesman Chris Rigall reasons that election officials should have realized that this has been happening when they cross-tally the votes they count against the machine’s. Diebold’s new ATMs include skimming device technologies and an encrypted PIN pad to prevent identity and credit card theft. This award recognized excellence and innovation in the banking technology industry. . it seems.200 and $1. Diebold assured the public that they are going to remedy the problem in time for the November presidential elections. with “excellent” ratings for two years in a row. • June 2008: And the award goes to Kudos went to Diebold for incorporating features into its Opteva ATMs at no extra charge to its clients. the technical training center of Peugeot Citroen in the U. 182 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Diebold ISS has earned excellent ratings in 12 of the last 13 award periods. the Amazon? Banco de Brasil. 2010 Edition Diebold. enabling them to save between $1. the company released a list of safeguards election officials could take (like reloading memory cards the day after voting to double check • May 2008: Across the channel and vineyards Diebold crossed the Atlantic and helped Peugeot roll out a centralized security system that monitors sectors as diverse as Peugeot subsidiaries in Coventry. for example) to prevent dropped votes. and multiple sites across France. since its hometown image isn’t as squeaky clean as it likes. around the clock. both of which could amount to millions of dollars every year. Nevertheless. government is satisfied with Diebold’s services and support. Inc. the U. In the agreement. Complaints from a recent local election in Ohio spurred the company to ‘fess up to knowing about a glitch in its machines that drops votes or stops counting them after it reaches a certain point. involving a trigger that freezes the safe shut when the lock is tampered with. These ratings measure customer satisfaction—in this case. Brazil’s largest enabling the bank to reach customers and capture a new segment of the market as well. a Diebold subsidiary. For being a trusted partner and provider of security solutions. This should be consolation to Diebold. • April 2008: Pilot project at Providence The U. Diebold received the 2008 Retail Award for Delivery Channel Security from The Banker Technology Awards. For safes and locks. Diebold promised to provide electronically accessible upper cabinet ATM doors with safe-locking capabilities. chose Diebold to provide ATMs and check Army awards Diebold Information and Security Systems (ISS). Incorporated • August 2008: Next stop.

com for insider company profiles. “hard work.” agrees Morale that lasts afterhours “Most and the candidate does well. intellectual fit. job seekers must first create a profile. title and function. at www.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert resume reviews.” His coworker agrees. the candidate would take a test to determine personality etc.m. “there is no work/life balance for most of us. offering the company $3 billion so it could expand its electronic security business.” Another chimes in. 183 .iimcal. Incorporated • March 2008: Diebold [not] for sale? United Technologies Corporation made a bid for Diebold. Although there was a global economic slowdown. Jobs are searchable by location. very passionate about doing the right thing for the customer. customer focus and delivering results are probably the most respected characteristics of anyone who works here. This marked the second time that United has tried to woo Diebold into an acquisition—the company was rebuffed in 2006 when it made a similar offer to Diebold. and a staff that is. GETTING HIRED Make yourself a career at Diebold Diebold’s careers site.. there is an offer extended.” Though the “dress code is usually business casual unless otherwise specified. and “hours are flexible from 7 a. until 7 p.” says another one in concurrence.m. 2010 Edition Diebold. Moving on up What can you expect at your Diebold interview? One longtime employee fills us in: “After an initial interview (or possibly two).” OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Diebold turned down the offer. saying that the transaction is not in the company’s best interest and that the offer is too low.” “The culture is interesting. as [it] morphs into more of a high-tech company vs. If the test is administered. So “it is not uncommon Visit Vault at www. expert advice. an equipment company. working for Diebold is a good experience. The candidate must pass a background check and drug test before officially joining the company. “Good local management…some really smart people. overall. the Vault Job Board and more.vault. career message boards. “morale is very good.diebold.” according to a respondent. provides information on job openings at the company. In order to apply to a posting.” notes one source. He goes on to add that the company is “having a bit of a personality conflict right now.” notes another. undervaluing the company.

“a good year will take you to about $150.” Interestingly conservative Regarding the general business casual dress Guide to the Top Tech Employers.000 different products and services to offer clients. you can be like this sales rep: “My most recent salary package is confidential.000 only slightly topped his commission. it seems that the thing that distinguishes Diebold is its emphasis on allowing employees to move up the ranks. The sales representatives have probably close to 1. Incorporated to receive emails on Saturdays and Sundays. and you have to be with the company for a year before changing positions. No one is demanding that we work crazy hours. “most managers leave the sales reps alone to get the job done. so we tend to dress like bankers and think like bankers.5 percent of sales. with “insurance.” says another worker who’s been around a while.” But from the same respondent. for instance. I have not experienced much micromanaging over the who testifies to Diebold’s being “a conservative company. it seems a small price to pay as she notes. given the breadth and scope of all that we have to know and do. “Jobs are posted internally. so that our customers get the best possible experience.” 184 © 2009 Vault. and fuel. Many employees have been with the company for more than 20 years. laptop. That emphasis on internal growth can also translate to allowing each person to manage his or her growth. but they made me an excellent offer to return. In the sales area. A first-year sales rep can expect to make between $80K to $90K. cell phone. Oh. with commissions on a sliding scale. Our major customer is the banking industry.000 to $ Good provider As for perks. 2010 Edition Diebold. “The pay isn’t as good as it should be. but also has interest in new and diverse talented individuals. It’s a long story.” says another.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Another sales rep notes that based on a candidate’s experience. which averaged at $45.” says a senior sales rep.” echoes the sales rep. and to have work-related conversations with people well into the evening. health insurance and 401(k). consider that “there are ample opportunities to make special program bonuses. as I left the company for a few months then returned. “[The] company believes in internal grooming and growth for associates. Inc. “everything aside.000 base. .” his associate agrees. And if you’re touted as a good performer. If that sounds small.000. as his base salary of $69.iimcal.” Generous with opportunities To echo that last item. tell that to a senior female sales rep.” But there are disadvantages.000. there is a feeling that ‘we’re all in this together’ amongst the sales staff. Another sales rep agrees. The company has a rich heritage of staff that truly care about the customer. And I think that’s what keeps us all here. we all just do. Internal promotion is very good. ranging from 1 percent to 2. Diebold offers a range of $45.” And “Diebold also offers a company car.

VA • Cincinnati. NJ 07054 Phone: (973) 898-1500 Fax: (973) 898-4730 www. CO • Canada • Stuttgart. PA Bedford. MT • Prescott Valley. MD • Garden City. MD • Chantilly. MD • Bridgeport. NJ • Oklahoma City. PA • Troy. WI • Mineral Wells. VA • Washington.drs. MO • Hudson. VA • Melbourne. VA • Bethesda.drs. Germany THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: DRS Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Mark S. 5 Sylvan Way Parsippany. DC • Warner Robins. CA • Dallas. MA • Florence. NJ • Fort CT • Buffalo. OH • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.iimcal. FL • Polson. VA Chesapeake. Newman 2007 Employees: 9. NH • Milwaukee. TX • Oakland. GA • Wyndmoor. PA • Largo. CA • St. FL • Lorton. Louis.821 KEY COMPETITORS General Dynamics Lockheed Martin Raytheon Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. MO • Sunnyvale. OH • Dulles. CA • Tobyhanna. NC • Fairborn. FL • Gaithersburg. PA • Arlington. CA • Fort Monmouth. MD • Cypress. VA • Elizabeth City. MI • Vienna. NY • High Ridge. GA • Fort Irwin. United Kingdom • Kanata. MA • Huntsville. AZ • San Diego. NY • Calverton.): $2.DRS TECHNOLOGIES INC. KY • Fort Gordon. Canada • Farnham. NJ (HQ) Alexandria. FL • Merrimack. AL • Irvine. TX • Danbury.cfm 185 .700 2007 Revenue ($mil. CT • Dayton. LA • Fort Walton Beach. VA • Allentown. OK • Palm Bay. Canada • Carleton Place. CA • DEPARTMENTS Accounting & Finance Administrative Engineering HR IT Legal Maintenance Programming Quality Assurance Research & Development Systems Management Telecommunications LOCATIONS Parsippany. OH • Colorado Springs.

• February 2009: $913 million richer DRS scored another contract with the U. including the Abrams tank.S. Inc.S. engineering and logistics services. DRS intends to continue to expand through acquisitions. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.S. DRS initially equipped Navy vessels with devices that could detect submarines’ distinctive acoustic signatures without revealing where the listening boat was located. Known until 1997 as Diagnostic/Retrieval Systems. 2001. NASA. especially in the areas where the largest contractors lack expertise. forward repair activities 186 © 2009 Vault. Virginia-class submarine. as well as specialized cameras. F-15 fighter and Hercules cargo aircraft. THE SCOOP DRS is spelled D-E-F-E-N-S-E DRS Technologies provides electronic products for defense. DRS was founded by engineers Leonard Newman and David Gross in 1968. DRS purchased its way into the increasingly popular unmanned vehicle line of business. Army spare components. which provides electronic equipment for use in industrial and battle applications. computers and intelligence group provides communications and display systems for ships. control. Army’s Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) to provide logistic support of Mast-Mounted Sights (MMS) on OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed reconnaissance helicopters in the with operations divided into three segments: First. Third is the sustainment systems and services group. sensors. 2010 Edition DRS Technologies inc. training systems for air combat and electronic testing. After the terrorist attacks of September 11. sea and air. wired and infrared missile targeting systems. The contract with DTMP supplies the welding needs of the construction of DRS’s M989A1 Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer frames at its Missouri and Iowa Facilities. DRS systems are included in a number of high-tech fighting applications for land. adding another $913 million to DRS’s bank account. intelligence and data processing equipment. other defense contractors. night vision and laser sighting equipment. and on the battlefield. vehicle armor and IT. Bradley fighting DRS Technologies in the news • March 2009: DRS contracts for trailer welding DRS and Detroit Tool Metal Products (DTMP) shook hands on ammunition-trailer frame-welding services. The agreement promised the U. Aegis destroyer. After acquiring its first company in 1984. flight recorders. the British and Israeli armed forces. FEMA and members of NATO. and battleproofed computers. the command. communications. depot repairs. . The company’s customers include every branch of the Department of Defense (DOD). DRS gradually expanded its products to include optical. power systems and generators. the surveillance and reconnaissance group provides weapons targeting systems. field service. communication systems and sensors.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

expert advice. also foreseeing the possible phase-out of the MMS’s critical parts. “Bob (Mehmel) has continually demonstrated his leadership skills and strong commitment to the company's growth. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Open positions are searchable by location and keyword. expert resume reviews. Brigade and Below (FBCB2) program and Blue Force Tracking (BFT) and the USMC situational awareness requirements through 2012. Air Force The U. Marine Corps (USMC).iimcal. I am confident that his experience and successful track record of achievement will continue to serve DRS as we look to the future. Hopeful applicants must also fill out a form that evaluates their skill level and compares it that of the job description.recruitingsite. military bases worldwide. He has been instrumental in advancing the company's operations.S. Air Force awarded a $13 million contract to DRS to reinforce Tunner 60K Cargo Loader/Transporters located at for insider company profiles.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Aside from its JV5 production contract. Newman as DRS’s new president and chief operating officer. For one year.S. career message boards. (FRAs). provides a listing of job opportunities in the United States. at www. DRS will be providing U.vault. 187 . merger and acquisition activities.S. to apply. the Middle East and Southwest Asia). and abroad from January 1.S. keeping the product operating smoothly at all times. The contract. which includes field service support. Visit Vault at www. Mehmel replaced Mark S. DRS will be providing an indefinite quantity of JV-5 ultra-rugged vehicle computing and display systems to comply with the U.S.asp.S. and strategic initiatives. 2009 through December 31. Canada and international regions (Europe. program management and engineering services to bolster troops in the U.” Newman said. the Vault Job Board and more. More than 40 types of U. Army's Force XXI Battle Command. The contract also involves sustaining engineering and supplying spare parts to military bases Newman believed that Mehmel is the man to do the job. 2010 Edition DRS Technologies Army and the GETTING HIRED Exploring careers at DRS DRS’s careers site. • March 2008: Logistics support for U.S. 2013. • December 2008: $531 million contract ceiling extension A $531 million Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract ceiling extension was awarded to DRS by the U.S. job seekers must fill out a web form with contact information and a plain-text version of a cover letter and resume. bases with logistics support. included obsolescence removal. • August 2008: Mehmel named DRS President Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Robert F.S. Army and Marine Corps vehicles will hooked up with DRS’s JV5 systems.

com/careers internships & New College Hire Openings: www.emc.emc.): 2008 Revenue ($ LOCATIONS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. MA 01748 Phone: (508) 435-1000 www.6 DEPARTMENTS Administrative Services & Operations • Americas & Global Sales Programs • Content Management & Archiving Division • Corporate Security • Customer Service & Support • Educational Services & Training • EMC Cloud Infrastructure Business • EMC cConsulting • EMC Global Services & Resource Management Software Group • EMC Storage Division • Engineering Hardware • Engineering–Other • Engineering–Software • Finance & Accounting • Global Facilities • Global Marketing & Customer Quality • Global Real Estate • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing & Communications • Product Management • Professional Services • Sales • Technical Support • Technology Solutions Group • The Security Division KEY COMPETITORS Hewlett-Packard IBM Veritas Software EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Full-time openings: 188 © 2009 President & CEO: Joseph M.): 14.2 2008 Income ($ mil. . Tucci 2008 Employees: 42.iimcal.345.EMC CORPORATION 176 South Street Hopkinton.876. Inc. MA (HQ) Alabama • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Florida • Georgia • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maryland • Michigan • Minnesota • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • Massachusetts • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • South Carolina • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Washington • Wisconsin THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: EMC Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman.

These systems are used by clients as diverse as banks. switches and routers for data storage. The company also provides network attached storage (NAS) servers and a line of software. EMC’s products are based on redundant array of independent disks (RAID) arrangements which use inexpensive. In for insider company profiles. including identity verification. The most notable acquisition was that of RSA in September for $ and schools and universities. They proved to be a foundation for the company’s success— by 1995. which were less expensive. and in 1981. The acquisitions continued in 2006 for EMC. EMC took in $11 billion in revenue and made $1. where he was a former manager. customer relationship management and data protection. career message boards. but their only way into business was through distributing boards of a different kind—a friend had designed particle-board desks for computer workstations. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the company started selling data servers based on RAID formats. the company looked into acquisitions to complement its core products.2 billion in profits. Egan used his connections at Intel. internet service providers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. airlines. two friends from their college days together as engineering students at Northeastern University.1 billion. is a useful addition to EMC’s line of offerings in the age of the Patriot Act. the Vault Job Board and more. a concentrated approach to data storage that separates information along specific and variable guidelines. EMC acquired a company that specialized in data backup and retrieving data from failed systems. EMC provides information lifecycle management (ILM) services. encryption and secure transfer of data. as well as servers. The desk business provided the nascent EMC with some seed money. as security becomes an increasingly higher priority for businesses. Also in 2006. EMC’s RAID systems were outselling IBM’s data storage. 189 .in) Visit Vault at www. They wanted to manufacture circuit boards. less failure-prone and far more scalable than other storage systems then available. government entities. EMC controlled nearly 35 percent of the data storage market.vault. and added disk drives to its product line the following year. founded EMC in 1979 (they were the E and M in EMC). From there. expert resume reviews. RSA’s information security service. In 1986. EMC went public. E=MC shared Richard Egan and Roger Marino. Five years later.iimcal. to start selling memory for desktop computers there. revenue was up 15 percent over 2005. purchasing two companies in 2003 that specialized in information lifecycle management. data deduplication. expert advice. and wanted the two to sell them on the East Coast. 2010 Edition EMC Corporation THE SCOOP Information lives! A world leader in information storage and management. easily replaceable components to store large quantities of data. with areas of expertise ranging from software for content management. The following year. It bought up seven companies that year.

IBM. EMC is in fine corporate shape now.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.35 billion. In the same 190 © 2009 Vault. 2010 Edition EMC Corporation In 2007. showing that the company posted total consolidated revenue of a record $14. as it has recently recouped on its 2003 purchase of VMware shares for $635 million. It is doubling its timetable in China. EMC brings together various vendors of data warehouse/business intelligence solutions including Greenplum. Calif. • December 2008: Business intelligence competence center launched The company announced the opening of a new engineering lab in Santa Clara. directors and financial analysts across all industries. Inc. security and content development. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Microsoft.iimcal.. The rankings were derived by the magazine from a survey of executives. Through the lab. Sybase. EMC announced plans to expand its facilities in both India and China. GAAP net income for 2008 was $1. EMC is planning on investing $500 million by 2010 as demand for information management continues to grow on the subcontinent. an increase of 12 percent year over year. The partnership combined EMC’s information infrastructure solutions and Microsoft’s data center solutions and productivity applications to address customer requirements in virtualization.35 billion. a 12 percent increase year over year. • February 2009: Alliance with Microsoft to stretch to 2011 EMC CEO Joe Tucci and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a three-year extension of their alliance. or $0. EMC’s Gregg Ambulous and Pete Koliopolous are named to CRN’s 2009 list of Most Influential Channel Executives. It was the sixth consecutive year of double-digit annual revenue growth for the company. dubbed the EMC Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence/Analytics Competency Center. In India. Netezza. It’s the sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth for the company. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Reaping awards Fortune magazine included EMC as the only technology company on its list of the World’s 10 Most Admired Companies for Product and Service Quality. EMC’s report on its financial performance in 2008 shows a net income of $ planning to invest $500 million by 2013 as it establishes a facility for software development there. ParAccel.64 per diluted share. Teradata and Vertica to help customers identify the appropriate solutions for their business intelligence needs. • January 2009: Six years of two-digit revenue growth EMC released its full-year 2008 financial results. Oracle.88 billion. .

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. flexible spending accounts. EMC offers benefits “aimed at helping you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle.000 shares of VMware Class A common stock from Intel. the EMC. 401(k) with company contribution and a discount stock purchase plan. 191 . function. Applicants must have a 3. on-site cafeterias and fitness centers. commuter and work-at-home benefits. manage your finances. Job listings are searchable by business. marketing. how to apply for jobs. at www. obviously.htm. marketing. The company even has an online magazine for employees.iimcal. and will work on projects related to their major. It likewise has corporate videos on the EMC daily grind. the Vault Job Board and more. finance. paid time off and training. college admission coaching for children of staff and cash reimbursement for outside health club/health equipment/sports expenses. benefits and. sales.emc. achieve a work/life balance. expert advice. computer and educational and technical services. plan for retirement and live a less stressful for insider company profiles. career message boards. The company offers internships and co-ops for students majoring in business. provides information on entry-level and internship programs. The purchase brought EMC’s ownership of VMware’s total common outstanding stock to 84 percent. expert resume reviews. law and allied fields of study.0 GPA or above. Another interesting feature of EMC’s website is that it provides additional information on the company’s corporate culture. location and keyword. Job seekers must also pass a background check and drug test as a condition of employment. The company also offers 529 college investment plans. finance or engineering. GETTING HIRED Get some data for your search EMC’s careers Visit Vault at www.” Perks include flexible work schedules. and an associates program in customer service. electrical engineering. EMC also offers two entry-level! Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Interns are eligible for employee benefits like discounts. To apply. health and dental insurance. designed to groom the next generation of EMC leaders. candidates must first fill out a profile. a rotational program in HR. 2010 Edition EMC Corporation • October 2008: A larger slice of the VMware pie EMC announced that it has bought 500.

com. (EMC) has an exceptionally strong sales and engineering culture. Another insider says that there is a “disdain for slow decision-making and political BS. Sources universally praise the company's training.” notes another.” Hours at the company verge on the lengthy. “Very good training. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” moans a programmer.” says one hire. “Absolutely no such thing as work/life balance. EMC “provides training that is second to none. “Fifty to 60 hours is normal at EMC. 2010 Edition EMC Corporation OUR SURVEY SAYS Hop on board with EMC One programmer describes his experience: “Two rounds of interviews.” explains another.” agrees another co-worker. .” Another source points out that he found that the “hiring process was clumsy.” One less-satisfied insider observes that “there are many more VPs than necessary.” adds an 192 © 2009 Vault.” “Anyone interested in working for EMC should definitely try to get a job there. “Benefits [are] great.” wails one contact. Other benefits get high marks. Benefits also extended to gay partners. too.iimcal.” says a respondent. far too many management layers. “There are no 40-hour workweeks. “Weekly hours in the 60s. one with the HR recruiter and another with the hiring manager/supervisor.” adds one co-worker. “Tuition reimbursement is good.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

South Africa • Petaling Jaya. MA • Charlotte. Kazakhstan • Ballerup. PA • Portland. NJ • Newburgh. George Klaus 2008 Employees: 2.645 2008 Revenue ($ Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. TX • Lewis Center. KY • Minneapolis. GA • Burlington.epicor. NC • Chicago. Cyprus • North Sydney. CA (HQ) Atlanta. Denmark • Bangkok Beijing • DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Finance • Administration • Consulting • Customer Service • Executive Management • Human Resources • Information Systems • Legal • Marketing • Product Management • Project/Program Management • Sales • Software Development • Support • Warehousing LOCATIONS Irvine. Estonia • Tokyo • Tsimshatsui. CA • Seattle. CA • Parsippany. NY • Oakland. Lithuania • Warsaw • Westlands. OH • Louisville. CA 92612 Phone: (949) 585-4000 Fax: (949) 585-4091 www.): 1 KEY COMPETITORS Microsoft Corporation Oracle Corporation SAP AG EMPLOYMENT CONTACT epicor73. Petersburg • Taipei • Tallinn.EPICOR SOFTWARE CORPORATION 18200 Von Karman Avenue Suite 1000 193 . United Kingdom • Bratislava.Finland • Frankfurt • Guangzhou • Jakarta • Kiev • Melbourne • Monterrey • Montreal • Moscow • Nacka. Kenya THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: EPIC Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman. MN • Morristown. United Kingdom • Bracknell.): 487.9 2008 Income ($ mil. Slovakia • Bucharest • Budapest • Dubai • Espoo. Australia • Northcliff. WA Almaty. Latvia • Rome • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • St. IL • OR • San Diego. NJ • Philadelphia. United Kingdom • Bournemouth. Hong Kong • Vilnius. Malaysia • Poznan. Sweden • Nicosia.iimcal. Poland • Prague • Riga.recruitmax. President & CEO: L.

The stumble proved to be brief. but did not make it in 2008. who brought the company back to life. sales force automation and payroll and human resource programs to allow real-time information access throughout the enterprise. Epicor took in revenue of $384 million. Following a dip in IN THE NEWS • March 2009: ’Cause Klaus could do it Thanks to a strong sales team and reliable relationships with third-party vendors. CEO George Klaus was chosen as a 2009 Channel Chief by Everything Channel. These data items can include anything from purchase orders and inventories to marketing costs. The program essentially maps out how a company's data and applications fit together on a network. the company was also named to the fastest-growing companies lists of both Fortune and Business 2. Profits decreased. it was ranked No. 2004 and 2005 in order to expand its offerings. Timothy McMullen and Kevin Riegelsberger. collaborative sales partnerships. George Klaus as CEO in February 1996. The company was founded in 1984 by Gerald Blackie. known as Platinum. In 2006. a market research group that caters specifically to IT companies. between 2006 and 2007 on a steeper rate of taxation. a software bundle that combined resource planning. . the company brought in L.0 in 2006. 5 on the Business 2. who developed The Platinum Series. as Epicor acquired other companies in 2003. It also got the nod from Fortune on its own 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list—Epicor was No. Epicor received a number of awards in 2006. introduced an accounting application for networks.0 list of the 100 fastest-growing tech companies. the first financial accounting software for multiuser LAN-based Epicor joined the likes of Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard as the best revenue-producing 194 © 2009 Vault. Also in that year. In 57—the same year. the company announced a layoff of 11 percent of its workforce and the closure of several offices worldwide. however. an increase of 33 percent year over year. It was still on that list in 2007.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Inc. the company introduced its Enterprise Applications Interface. customer service and foreign currency transactions. In addition. In June. as an early victim of the tech downturn. “I am honored to be recognized as a 2009 Channel Chief—CRN’s acknowledgment of our channel team’s continued investment in the reseller community demonstrates the value of Epicor’s strong. 2010 Edition Epicor Software Corporation THE SCOOP The map is the business territory Epicor (formerly Platinum Software) provides companies with “blueprints” of their businesses with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In 1992 the company.” said Klaus. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. designed to run with Microsoft products.

• April 2008: The choice for Challenger Technologies In Singapore. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. supporting Microsoft technologies to enable more customized content. career message boards. Epicor was chosen by an international firm to manage its global operations. in the Middle East.” • December 2008: And one product to rule them all Customer Interaction Solutions magazine chose Epicor 9 as its Product of the Year awardee for the product’s (and the company’s) vision and innovation in the industry. “We are redefining the enterprise software experience for • March 2008: Kasian’s choice Going international in a rather global way. Epicor for Service Enterprises. Epicor 9. chose Epicor because the company’s software. senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Epicor. expert resume reviews. expert advice. Bowing down to industry trends brought about by companies seeking products from multiple vendors simultaneously. chose Epicor way back in December 2007. since it combines all existing capabilities across their product line and has a new service-oriented architecture. 195 . gives the full menu of services that construction firms need to keep their businesses going—business management. Third-party resellers of Epicor products contributed 25 percent of the company’s revenue in for insider company profiles. faster and add increased value for their businesses. Epicor’s new product promises to offer a from the cashier that records each transaction to the data manager that takes note of product deliveries. regulatory compliance and business performance analysis. • January 2009: Launching in the Middle East Epicor Software Corporation announced the launch of its next-generation ERP solution. Epicor 9 is a first for the company. Office Word 2007 and Office Excel 2007) and more—ultimately driving increased efficiency as users are empowered to work smarter.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the IT corporation. “Our history of innovation leveraging Microsoft technology continues with Epicor 9.vault.iimcal. This comes after almost four months of talks and taking care of logistics—Challenger Technologies. Headquartered in Canada. an IT products and services company selected Epicor’s end-to-end retail management suite. the Vault Job Board and more. financial streamlining. with more ways for them to interact with information residing in their ERP system—through the 2007 Microsoft Office system (Office Outlook 2007. project resourcing.” said John Hiraoka. Visit Vault at www. software-as-a-service option. 2010 Edition Epicor Software Corporation technologies sold through IT channels. Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.

epicor. Inc. Oh. at www. 196 © 2009 Vault. Positions are searchable by location. so it’s probably better to start with the company when you are young.” Epicor has a policy of promoting from within. and don’t forget to register once you get on the site. In order to apply. provides information about job openings in all of the countries in which Epicor operates. . 2010 Edition Epicor Software Corporation GETTING HIRED Grow a career at Epicor Epicor’s careers function and Customized for: Vinay ( job seekers must send a cover letter and resume to the email address noted on the job posting. get a candidate profile running and join the company’s “talentpool. consulting and management. if you’re planning to grow a career there. Epicor is currently searching for people in the areas of development.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal.

WI 53008-0979 Phone: (262) 879-5000 Fax: (262) 879-5013 www. CA • Stafford. PA • Phoenix. TX • Valley EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. CA • Nashville. WI • New Hartford. CT • San Antonio. Inc. GA • Bellevue. NY • Chicago. TX • Indianapolis. INC. KS • Glastonbury. IL • Corvallis.): 569 LOCATIONS Brookfield. TX • San Francisco. WA • Buffalo. Metavante Technologies. NY • Norcross. PA • Philadelphia. CT • Houston. GA • Norristown. WI • Melbourne. PA • Portland. WA • King of Prussia.htm 197 . PA • Lake Mary.739 2008 Income ($ mil. FL • Milwaukee. Dillon President & CEO: Jeffery DEPARTMENTS Card Services • Corporate Development • Customer Centered Solutions • Depository Iinstitution Services • Fiserv Global Services • Human Resource • Interactive Technologies • Internal Audit • IP CheckAgain • IP Compute Utility (Technology Services & Support) • IP Fiserv Solutions–Australia • IP Northern Trust • IP Operations • ITI CustomerFile Outsourcing SW Region Houston • ITI CustomerFile SE Region Bowling Green • ITI Outsourcing Central Region Brookfield • ITI Outsourcing Midwest Region Des Moines • ITI Outsourcing NE Region Alastonbury • ITI Outsourcing SE Region Atlanta • ITI Outsourcing Western Region Los Angeles • Lending Administration • Lending Automotive Solutions • Lending Easylender • Lending Elending Services • Lending Fulfillment Services • Lending Mortgageserv • Marketing • Precision Computer Systems • Technology Services THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: FISV Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Donald F. IA • Fairway.FISERV. GA • Walnut. TN • New Berlin. Inc. CO • Des Moines.iimcal. 255 Fiserv Drive PO Box 979 Yabuki 2008 Employees: 20. TX • Denver. OH Singapore KEY COMPETITORS Fidelity National Information Services. CA • Westerville. Open Solutions.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. AZ • Pittsburgh. OR • Rocky FL • Los Angeles. OR • Dallas. CA • Madison. Inc. IN • Kent. WI (HQ) Atlanta. WI • Moorpark.): 4.fiserv. PA • Various.

in) Fiserv’s strategy for its acquisitions was to buy up profitable. the leading international anti-money laundering. The downside became obvious in A key component to that success has been an aggressive acquisition strategy. property and life insurance. 2010 Edition Fiserv. as Fiserv’s revenue continued to increase.iimcal. well-managed companies in its target industries. following his accession to CEO the previous year. As Fiserv grew. when Fiserv had a patchwork of 77 more-orless nonintegrated business units. Inc. retailers.000 banks. it added related services like credit cards. On top of all that. in 2007.0 also involves offshoring some of the company’s 198 © 2009 Vault. the company was able to go public in 1986. The company is also America’s largest independent processor of checks.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. with services that include everything from benefits administration to help for employees managing chronic diseases. Then. Inc. In 2006. Fiserv offered insurance services to four million people and processed 18 billion financial transactions. stock transaction processing and data processing for the insurance industry. take two Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. anti-fraud and crime management company based in The Hague. associations/clubs. the company supports non-profits and self-insured businesses with their health benefits. and then largely leave them alone. In 2006. two of them adding to its stable of auxiliary financial products. and specialized software for lenders. Clearly. Fiserv. THE SCOOP Keeping the banking and insurance worlds going ‘round Fiserv provides more than 16. Fiserv acquired NetEconomy. including buying of supplies in bulk.0”) to reorganize the company into a lean. credit unions. investment service/communications/utility companies. all of which sourced their own supplies and sometimes competed for business. In 2006. Fiserv 2. giving executives and shareholders reason to smile. Yabuki’s plan calls for integrating the efforts of Fiserv’s 77 business units into four groups. Jeffery Yabuki embarked on a plan (cleverly called “Fiserv 2. while reaping the profits in order to buy more companies. between 1984 and 2006 Fiserv bought more than 140 other companies—the company’s $50 million acquisition of the data processing arm of Citibank in 1991 was a notable feat. just two years after its creation. the company bought seven more companies. thrifts and insurers with services ranging from funds transfer and credit card services to services for the providers of medical. mean profit-making machine. this strategy worked. allowing customers to have a single point of contact at the company and cross-selling services to boost revenue. Fiserv also offers data warehousing and printing services. Growing up so fast Success came so quickly. .com.

” • September 2008: High up there Customized for: Vinay ( BB&T says. 4 overall in the 2008 InformationWeek 500 and No.” Fiserv’s Secure Lending solution. largely because of the CheckFree acquisition. from $939 million in 2007. N. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Fiserv-ing BB&T BB&T. based in Winston-Salem. the company announced its intent for its largest acquisition yet. expert advice. with an electronic signature option. expert resume reviews. partnered with Fiserv to “easily manage workflow with compliance best practices by tracking and retaining all versions of RESPA three-day disclosures and other pre-closing documents sent to borrowers.vault. career message boards. InformationWeek magazine said it chose Fiserv as one of the top-five companies because of its “use of services-oriented architecture. 2010 Edition Fiserv.S. Yabuki predicts that by 2010. The first half of 2008 yielded $2.iimcal. Second-quarter revenue was up $1. such as the recently launched MyMoney solution which pioneers a new channel for consumer access to financial services. will “electronically deliver initial disclosures and other pre-closing for insider company profiles. • July 2008: Revenue up by 38 percent Fiserv reported that total revenue for the second quarter of 2008 increased to 38 percent. CheckFree is the leading online bill payment system in the U. processing more than one billion transactions per year. to borrowers” and will enable it to further enhance customer service with a competitive edge by “delivering the documents immediately to their clients and allowing them to instantly execute the documents using electronic signatures. outsourcing to countries with lower labor costs. the nation’s leader in electronic bill payment programming. his plan for Fiserv will save the company $100 million—in addition to bringing in hundreds of millions more in revenue. In August.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. marking Fiserv’s 25th anniversary.” Fiserv also announced that President and CEO Jeffery Yabuki would ring the bell at Nasdaq on March 11th to open the trading session.” The rankings recognize the most innovative users of technology in the U. with $152 billion in assets.61 billion in revenue. 1 in the Banking and Financial Services Industry category. as well as its innovative products. 199 .in) Fiserv ranked No. Inc.. The company said it intends to celebrate its 25th year by once again “affirming Fiserv's commitment to its clients to lead the transformation of financial services technology..S. the Vault Job Board and more.3 billion. one of the largest financial holding companies in the U.C. CheckFree. with the adjusted internal revenue growth at 3 percent in Visit Vault at www.

www.iimcal. Remember. Inc. It welcomes and encourages diversity in its workforce. Fiserv claims to hold true to two essential principles: that the client comes first. keyword and location) as well as information about benefits and company policies. • May 2008: Having a MacDonald Fiserv hired Don MacDonald as its first chief marketing officer. .htm. and people make a difference. GETTING HIRED Find yourself at Fiserv An environment where intelligence. Don’t worry if you have previously applied for jobs with Fiserv.” MacDonald was previously the vice president and general manager of the sales and marketing group and director of Intel Corporation’s global marketing division. Job openings are updated frequently. innovation and leadership are valued and rewarded. Inc. candidates must create a profile. Calif. the combined financial institution services and apply to additional jobs and perform other actions. life/accidental death/dismemberment insurance for both employees and their dependents) Fiserv’s career options page. category. Fiserv is also an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Digital Home. 200 © 2009 Vault. which is based in San Jose. and industry products segments. but commonly consist of health and dental insurance. stock purchase plan and educational assistance. so check back often. data analytics and client segmentation. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Intel Japan and others. MacDonald has also held positions in Mobile Products. it is necessary to apply online. shortand long-term disability plans. you may log in to update your profile. Fiserv may conduct credit and background checks as a condition of employment. helpfully provides a list of open positions (searchable by department. to be considered for an open position listed on its 2010 Edition Fiserv.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 401(k) with company matching and profit-sharing contribution. In order to apply to a position. whose main task will focus on “refining the company's brand and product Benefits offered by the company vary by business unit. General applications are not accepted. health spending accounts (plus pretax.

Race and age barriers are broken. 201 . However.” Despite OUR SURVEY SAYS Kind of inconsistent An insider working at the CheckFree contact center appreciates the diversity exhibited by the company.vault. When you have a single mom crying on the phone because she keeps getting mistransferred and she needs to stop a payment today. They want you to help the customer or transfer them. expert advice. the insider also added that “there are limited opportunities for for insider company profiles.” the insider adds further. all just to make our numbers look good. the insider says that “overall [it] was a good company to work for. which speaks volumes about the company’s equal opportunity policy. I find it very coldhearted to just transfer them again and hope the next person knows what they're doing and what the customer is asking for. To me that's a little ridiculous since I enjoy helping people. expert resume reviews.” noting that “as an associate your only option to progress was to a team lead then a supervisor and Visit Vault at www. they don't want you to wait on the line to ensure they get to the correct department or that the next representative knows exactly what they (customers) need even if they (poor customers) have been transferred around six times. the Vault Job Board and more. [It] was very diverse (in terms of race as well as age). Inc. 2010 Edition Fiserv.iimcal.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. “To them it is more about volume and time. career message boards.” “It does not seem to matter that you are giving the best customer service you can.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.

TX 78735 Phone: (512) 895-2000 www. China • Tokyo • Toulouse. IL • Phoenix. Scotland • Guadalajara • Herzelia. . Israel • Kuala Lumpur • Munich • Noida. AZ • Tempe.jsp?nodeId=0678436804 DEPARTMENTS Accounting • Analog & Sensor • Corporate Strategy • Electrical Engineering • Finance • Human Resources • Marketing • Networking & Multimedia • Process Engineering • Research & Advanced Technology • Sales • Security • Software Engineering • Strategy & Business Transformation • Supply Chain Management • Technology Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.): -7.): 5.FREESCALE AZ • Lake Zurich. 2008 Income ($ mil. Brazil • East Kilbride. France KEY COMPETITORS National Semiconductor Corporation STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments Incorporated EMPLOYMENT CONTACT w. Inc.900 2008 Revenue ($ mil.939 LOCATIONS Austin. 6501 William Cannon Drive West Austin. India • Sendai. TX (HQ) Chandler. AZ Bangalore • Beijing • Bucharest • 202 © 2009 Vault.iimcal. Japan • Shanghai • Suzhou China • THE STATS Employer Type: Private Company Chairman & CEO: Rich Beyer 2008 Employees: 22.

Much to Motorola’s chagrin. BMW. wireless and networking industries. both considered purchasing the increasingly profitable company. The 250 employees in Noida will be engaged in R&D and in the manufacture of systems on a chip. the division pioneered computer for insider company profiles. Two teams of investors.4 billion in 2006. the rest will follow Freescale Semiconductor is a major player in the microchip arena.6 billion was accepted. Cisco. and the newly minted Freescale Semiconductor went on to post gains almost as soon as it was cut loose.7 billion. rumors started flying that Freescale was a possible candidate for a buyout.000 chips primarily for the transportation.000 jobs since 2004. Its success that year didn’t come without sacrifices. Freescale chips can be found in products from Sony. providing a catalog of 14. and has already established a facility in Bangalore. bringing in revenue of $6. expert resume reviews.vault. THE SCOOP Free your mind. Later. Freescale opened a facility in Visit Vault at www. Freescale is a key supplier of microchips to the automotive and communications industries. of course. expert advice. the company’s revenue was pegged at $5. whose business still accounted for over a quarter of its revenue. In fall 2006. Apparently 50 years was long enough for Motorola to play the faithful spouse.iimcal. the other by KKR. The company has nearly 1. 203 . In 1965. as revenue fell each year.4 billion. as Freescale has cut 1. Blackstone’s bid of $17. the wireless and mobile industries caught fire immediately after the sale. In 2007. the company began to develop chips that could process radio signals (a forerunner of the chips in today’s cellular phones). the Vault Job Board and more. Freescale should have sent a thank-you card to (guess who?) Motorola. Inc. India.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Freescale existed as the microchip-making arm of Motorola for five decades. Bose. Whirlpool. one headed up by Blackstone. Such a slump hit Motorola’s semiconductor division from 2000 to 2003. though. resulting in losses of $4. 2010 Edition Freescale In September 2006. career message boards. the industry constantly weathers slumping sales and predictions of its demise. Freescale was suddenly a hot stock and investors could only stay away from it for so long. In the same year. GM and former parent company Motorola. supplying Apple with the chips it would use for the revolutionary Macintosh. Free to be you and me Freescale isn't immune to the cyclical trends that often plague microchip companies. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and it spun the division off as a separate company in October 2003.000 employees in India.

location and type. 204 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. . SigmaTel is a privately held provider of analog intensive. provides information for students and experienced job Freescale and SigmaTel jointly announced that latter’s acquisition by Freescale for $110 million. WiMAX as well as emerging standards like LTE and Multicarrier GSM.iimcal. Fitch said Freescale has enough liquidity to support its cash usage over a two-year period. keyword. 2010 Edition Freescale Semiconductor. to apply. Jobs are searchable by department. GETTING HIRED Set your career Free Freescale’s careers site. • February 2008: Freescale acquires SigmaTel Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. Freescale says it is speeding up the delivery of these new communications processors and volume deliveries may be expected in the second half of 2009. The company said these processors may help reduce cost and power consumption levels for 3G and 4G broadband infrastructure equipment. • February 2009: Next generation transmitter designs Freescale introduced its next generation of laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) RF power transistors to meet the growing demand for reduced power consumption in cellular forecasting a negative free cash flow for Q4 2008 and the whole of 2009. These devices are primarily engineered for high-data rate applications such as W-CDMA. at www. mixedsignal ICs for the digital multimedia market. Despite this rating. The company’s cellular IC division had been in dire straits with fourth quarter 2008 sales skidding to $64 million from $344 million in the immediately preceding quarter and from $303 million in the comparable period a year ago. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: OEMs sent 45-nanometer comm processor samples Freescale sent OEM companies samples of its new communications processors based on 45-nanometer technology. • November 2008: Credit rating lowered from B+ to B Fitch Ratings lowered Freescale’s credit rating to B from B+. candidates must first create a profile. • January 2009: No buyers for wireless IC unit CEO Rich Beyer said that there have been no buyers for Freescale’s wireless handset IC unit and so the company may be forced to sell the beleaguered unit piecemeal to several parties instead of a single buyer.

in) Visit Vault at www. To qualify for an internship or co-op position. wherein management is never wrong. “I highly recommend Freescale as one of the better places to work if you have small children or plan to have them soon. and why so many of them are women. on-site fitness centers or subsidies for off-site gym memberships. The empowerment to do one’s job is a huge plus for employees. Internships last 12 weeks and interns receive benefits and housing assistance. Freescale is very flexible for the most part. I enjoyed working with 90 percent of the employees. one in engineering and one in sales. 205 .ac.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. The company offers two rotation programs. concierge service. This is from the company that created Six Sigma. Rochester Institute of Technology. Freescale posts online a schedule of its recruiting junket—stops on the tour occur at such fine institutions as Texas A&M. the Vault Job Board and more. it was because you did it yourself or you cajoled someone else to provide you with the information. and.” In general. This is one of the main reasons why Freescale has such longtime employees. expert advice.0 or higher and be studying finance. there seems to be a lack of accountability across the company. smart and experienced. Reflects a former product marketing engineer. which includes “digital Six Sigma”– a method of taking people and their tendency to make mistakes out of a process for fewer mistakes and more reliability. This creates work for people that could be solved much easier with some good IT. They also have more women employees than many other companies in the industry. Some disclosed that salaries leave something to be desired. Nice perks offered by the company include sponsorship for professional organizations (if necessary). students must have a GPA of 3. radio frequency and mixed-signal applications. Inc. However. If something slightly out of the ordinary needed to get done. “The people are terrific. “Freescale tends to throw people at a problem rather than technology (or automation).iimcal. the company’s strength is in its people. Carnegie Mellon and Arizona State.” Creativity and innovation are encouraged. The student careers section of Freescale’s site provides a précis of the company’s internship and rotation programs. 2010 Edition Freescale Semiconductor. A former insider states. career message boards. However. but are still competitive. as long as the real work gets done and the objective is met. sales. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. of course. bonuses for good performance—of the employee and the company. with flex-time and work/life balance policies. bonuses for patents. The women who worked there with me were hard workers.” says a respondent. OUR SURVEY SAYS Insiders say that Freescale’s culture is political. jobs seem to be loosely defined at Freescale. expert resume for insider company profiles. accounting or engineering on a full-time basis. and relocation assistance that includes everything from finding a place to live to shipping things. for recent graduates majoring in electrical engineering or computer science with backgrounds in wafer manufacture or chips for wireless.

com. China • Nassau • Oslo • Osterreich. Mexico • Riga. NJ • Honolulu. Brazil • Scarborough. Malaysia • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Skopje. Philippines • Pathumthani. Barbados • Sydney • Taichung. United Kingdom • Middlesex. United Kingdom • Milan • Mississauga. South Africa • Samutprakarn. Indonesia • Bedfordshire.000 2008 Income (¥ mil. Canada • Selangor Darul Ehsan. DC Abu Dhabi • Akashi-shi. Canada • Montreal • Moscow • Munich • Nanjing. Thailand • São Paulo. Macedonia • Sofia. Inc. HI • New York. TX • San Jose. Switzerland • CA • Washington. Austria • Paris • Parit Raja. Taiwan THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: 6702 Stock Exchange: TSE Chairman: Michiyoshi Mazuka President: Kuniaki Nozoe 2008 Employees: 173. Latvia • Rivonia. Japan • Amsterdam • Aomori. Japan (HQ) Edison.): 4. CA • Sunnyvale. MI • Richardson. Germany • Bangalore • Bangkok • Batam. Trinidad and Tobago • Pozuelo de Alarcon. . Japan • Aomori-shi. Spain • Prague • Regensdorf. Bulgaria • St. NJ • DEPARTMENTS Administration • Consulting • Corporate • Industries & Distribution Solutions • Marketing • Planning • Products Business Group • Sales • Services • Solution Business Support Group • Ubiquitous Product Solutions LOCATIONS Tokyo. Michael. 105-7123 Japan Phone: +81-3-6252-2220 www.000 KEY COMPETITORS IBM NEC Toshiba EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. China • Nantong.733 2008 Revenue (¥ Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.700.): -20.FUJITSU LIMITED Shiodome City Center 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi Minato-ku Tokyo. NY • Japan • Athens • Bad 206 © 2009 Vault. Thailand • Port of Spain. Malaysia • Pasig City.

career message boards. first for the government (the first was delivered in 1951) and later for industry (in 1954).vault. It was also still releasing supercomputers—the latest installment arriving in 1992. expert advice. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. often working hand in hand with the government to further the state of Japanese industry and technological advancement. 2010 Edition Fujitsu Limited THE SCOOP Everything IT Fujitsu is one of Japan’s flagship From Tokyo to Cyberspace Fujitsu was founded in the 1930s as an offshoot of the Fuji Electric Company. the Vault Job Board and more. IBM introduced the first transistorized computer in 1959.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. an Internet service for businesses. The company’s customers include everyone from governments and Global 500 companies to small businesses and consumers. Fujitsu worked to expand sales abroad in the 2000s and also focused on hot new tech areas such as flash memory. In 1949. of course it also makes and sells computers. Fuji created Fujitsu in 1935 to oversee its production of telephones and automatic exchange equipment such as switchboards. servers. Fujitsu’s offerings range from consulting and IT services (including outsourcing) to software for managing online transactions and Fujitsu moved into the Internet Age of the 1990s with a vengeance. point-of-sale systems and electronic parts such as memory chips and capacitors. Fuji itself began that same decade as a joint venture of the Japanese Furukawa Electric Company (founded 1884) and the German Siemens AG (founded 1847). Fujitsu will proudly be handing over a three-headed computing hybrid that consists of the SPARC Enterprise Visit Vault at www. and its level of advancement sent shockwaves through the computer industry. it is second only to IBM in computer manufacturing. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Empowering Nagoya Fujitsu Limited announced that it will boost Nagoya University’s Information Technology Center with a new supercomputer. 207 . outsourcing and systems-on-a-chip. In 1994. Fujitsu’s progressive policies in regard to the environment and its employees have earned the company a place on both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and London’s FTSE 4Good index. and followed with for insider company profiles. it came out with InfoWeb. A major player in many areas of the high-tech industry. Fujitsu went public and subsequently began to manufacture computers during the 1950s. a user-friendly and portable way for people to access information and software on the internet.iimcal. expert resume reviews.

Germany. ranking 335 on the 208 © 2009 Vault.iimcal. The new data center boasted of its own PalmSecure palm vein biometric authentication system and an extensive range of prevention features such as fire and water-leak detection systems. • June 2008: Making it to the Top500 List Fujitsu’s supercomputer systems are included in the 2008 edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers. owing its reputation to the technology and operational know-how gained from an expanding network of 80 Fujitsu data centers found in 16 countries worldwide. This move by Fujitsu Limited foresees Eudina’s growth as it aids Sumitomo in catering to its large customer base.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. while the second will be in October of the same year. .ac. Until then. • March 2008: New Thai Data Center Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) Ltd. Fujitsu Siemens Computers (Holding) B. based on the basic agreement. mixed with superior systems integration technology. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. This 60-teraflop system will serve not only Nagoya University. • November 2008: Buying out Siemens Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG reported that by April 1. the HX600 technical computing server and the FX1 high-end technical computing server.V. Until April 1. Fujitsu will have acquired Siemens’ 50 percent share in their joint venture. Siemens CFO Joe Kesser agreed. 2010 Edition Fujitsu Limited M9000 UNIX server. The completion of the transfer occurred on April 1. The data center in Bangkok promises high-quality data center services. Inc. but several other research institutions. “We continue to focus our company on the strategic sectors energy. Fujitsu Siemens Computers still operated as a joint venture. spare power lines and a private power generator also make sure that computer systems operate at all times. (Eudina) shares to Sumitomo Electric (Sumitomo). industry and health care. A UPS (uninterruptable power supply). 172 on the list and Supercomputer System (PRIMEQUEST 580 Mission Critical IA Server). Three of the recognized supercomputers were the T2K Open Supercomputer (HX600 Technical Computing Server) which ranks 34 on the list. May 2009 will be the first of two stages of operation. announced at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) 2008 in Dresden. the Supercomputer System (PRIMERGY RX200 S3 PC Server). Bangkok and caters to Japanese companies based in Thailand.” he said. 2009. The TOP500 list proves that Fujitsu is capable of unleashing its hardware’s full potential through high-performance software development technologies. • December 2008: Turning over Eudyna Fujitsu Limited has decided to reallocate Eudyna Devices Inc. Fujitsu president Kuniaki Nozoe said the purchase is a move that strengthens their global growth strategy. opened a new data center in Bang Na. We are happy that our joint-venture partner Fujitsu will acquire our stake in Fujitsu Siemens Computers and will take the company to its next level of success. 2009. negotiations are still underway.

” One insider notes that.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. limited career advancement Being a multinational company. Fujitsu Computer Systems. Fujitsu boasts of a diverse workforce.vault. Positions are searchable by category.” Another that left the company due to “(career) growth reasons” seems to agree. OUR SURVEY SAYS A diverse mix of cultures. the cultural diversity “provided a healthy environment. expert resume reviews. Fujitsu Microelectronics America. In the section that deals with careers in North America.iimcal.” The same contact added that at lunches.” provides information about opportunities at the company’s global locations. Fujitsu Transaction Solutions and Fujitsu Consulting Holdings. According to a source. career message a knock on this is that. To apply. another contact contends that the company is “too heavy on male-led management. the Vault Job Board and Visit Vault at www. 2010 Edition Fujitsu Limited GETTING HIRED Connect with Fujitsu Fujitsu’s global careers site at for insider company profiles. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. candidates must first create a profile. 209 . location. there were “few career advancement opportunities. they were given the “opportunity to taste different types of food. company subsidiary and keyword. expert advice.” even as they are “attempting to promote diversity and are taking steps to improve. job seekers will find a list of openings at Fujitsu America. even though the company is heterogeneous as a whole. due to micromanagement and office politics.

): 732.V. Netherlands • Seven Hills. INC. Inc. KS 66062-3426 Phone: (913) 397-8200 Fax: (913) 397-8282 www.1 2008 Income ($ Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Australia • Shijr.): 3. Taiwan • Southampton. 1200 E.919 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Germany • Houten. Portugal • Grafelfing. 151st Street Olathe.8 LOCATIONS Olathe.GARMIN KS (HQ) Salem. OR Badalona. United Kingdom KEY COMPETITORS Magellan MiTAC Digital Corporation TomTom N. Spain • Brussels • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: GRMN Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & COO: Clifton Pemble Chairman & CEO: Min Kao 2008 Employees: 8. DEPARTMENTS Administrative Aviation sales/Support/Training Cartography Communications Customer Support/Call Center Engineering Executive Facilities Finance Human Resources Industrial Design Information Technology Legal Manufacturing/Customer Repair Marketing/Sales/Communications Operations/Planning/Purchasing Quality Assurance Warehouse Worldwide Sales EMPLOYMENT CONTACT 210 © 2009 Vault.

quality. GPS for everybody! Garmin will look to integrate the Nautamatic system with its existing line of nautical GPS solutions. an IT market research firm.Vault Guide to the Top Tech The company’s automotive division grew by 170 percent. fish finders. while profits were up 65 percent. Garmin posted revenue of $1. the parent company of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent-A-Car to put GPS devices in its vehicles. expert resume reviews. Garmin will tell you where you are. 211 . the company has yet to make one small enough for a keychain. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. motorcycles. More people choose the product to guide them to their destination over any other Garmin competitor. we believe that our higher market share Visit Vault at www.iimcal. and the devices will also allow consumers to experience a Garmin system firsthand. calories burned and other useful bits of telemetry. heart rate. The company provides a device so consumers can equip nearly everything in their lives that moves—bikes. The company is a leader in the market for aftermarket automotive GPS.) Garmin’s receivers come with other features. while the fitness division brought in year-over-year growth of 20 percent. ease-of-use and support. according to Canalys. value. from feet and cars to boats and planes. Garmin has been committed to bringing its customers industry-leading innovation. “For 20 years. Garmin acquired Dynastream. It scored a coup in 2007 when it inked an agreement with Vanguard Car IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Good old news Garmin maintainED its position as a global provider of GPS. dogs—with its own GPS receiver. the Vault Job Board and more. heart rate monitors and Bluetooth connectivity. as they will usually be driving in unknown environments. like MP3 players. career message boards. for $36 million. Revenue increased 72 percent over the preceding year. (unfortunately. Rental car drivers should appreciate them. and that’s good news for Garmin CEO Cliff Pemble. Garmin integrated Dynastream’s athletic technology into a new generation of GPS devices for runners and bikers that can monitor distance. but its products include GPS receivers for work and play—for every manner of transport. Revenue’s right turn In 2006. Despite these difficult economic times. Inc.vault. expert advice. THE SCOOP All who wander are not lost No matter how far you go. That same year. manufacturer of wireless monitoring equipment for for insider company profiles. 2010 Edition Garmin International.8 billion with a profit of $514 million.

Even so.. The Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the company authority to issue supplemental type certificates (STCs).iimcal.A. validates our approach and are confident that we can continue to offer best-in-thebusiness products to attract more customers in the years ahead. a partner distributor in Portugal. . but the company’s Nuvi 205 sure is pretty nifty considering the capabilities it packs into its little body.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” said Gary Kelley. Meant for general consumption and appreciation.” • September 2008: GPS at a bargain Garmin can’t claim to be the first to offer personal navigation devices (PNDs) at a bargain. • June 2008: Cycling ‘round Garmin Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” • November 2008: ODA approved The Federal Aviation Administration gave Garmin official authorization to conduct activities on the administration’s behalf. despite the fact that Slipstream never guaranteed that its athletes did not do drugs (Slipstream has one of the more rigorous testing cycles around. “The ODA designation continues that legacy and reflects the high standards and experienced staff at Garmin. Garmin’s vice president of The product comes equipped with a touchscreen feature and optional services like FM radio and news from MSN Direct. fans and the media amidst the doping scandal that has plagued the cycling world. • August 2008: Acquiring distributor in Portugal Expanding its reach in the European market. Inc. the product clocks in at $199 (minus accessories. 2010 Edition Garmin One of the only two American teams competing in 2008’s Tour de France is picked up by Garmin. Garmin didn’t any chances. and the company’s sponsorship is seen as fortuitous by sponsors. approving installations of Garmin avionics in aircraft. a company specializing in designing chipsets for 212 © 2009 Vault. S. value and service. Team Slipstream-Chipotle became known as Team GarminChipotle. • April 2008: Garmin goes digital In a partnership that “presents the convergence of high performance technologies. quality. DiBcom. The company was renamed Garmin Portugal and continues operations at its current headquarters located near Lisbon. “Garmin has a long history of working well with the FAA. like an adapter for the car and windshield mount hardware). We are very proud to receive this ODA designation because it confirms our core principles of innovation. Inc.” Garmin chose a French company as an internal complement to its navigation systems. Garmin acquired SatSignalEquipamentos de Comunicações e de Navegação. with their athletes required to submit urine samples every couple of weeks)—the contract had a clause indicating that Garmin was going to withdraw sponsorship if widespread doping in the team is proven.

htm. the company’s focus on navigation might just change the game. aircraft certification. operations and quality assurance.garmin. Although it’s probably too early in the game to say whether the Nuvifone will join the smartphone big league. This was good news for Garmin. • February 2008: Going up against the biggies Throwing its hat into the smartphone game. Thanks to DiBcom. In order to apply. and satisfying our customers. mobile TV reception. “These figures validate our associates’ hard work and commitment to innovation. candidates must fill out a web-based form. 401(k). accounting.html) provides information about job opportunities and benefits at the company. Benefits at Garmin include health and life insurance. stock and barrel as it announced that it sold more devices in 2007 than any other manufacturer. GETTING HIRED Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.garmin. the Vault Job Board and more. value. This application lets friends stay connected and gives users directions on how to get to a friend’s location. sales and marketing.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 213 . engineering. Inc. The Nuvifone has two variations. MIS. marine and outdoor and a bonus for this little device is Ciao!. Jobs are offered in the areas of administration. paid vacations and holidays. The G60 model has all the reliable navigation capabilities that Garmin devices are known for. both models have a GPS heart beating at its Put your career into orbit with Garmin Garmin’s careers site (at www8. but what was even sweeter was that the count didn’t include the company’s hold in the aviation. HR. a Taiwan-based Garmin unveiled the Nuvifone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. and the Nuvifone makes great use of Garmin’s knowledge in the personal navigation device industry. 2010 Edition Garmin International. Visit Vault at IT.iimcal. The company’s first foray into the market was in partnership with AsusTek. customer repair. will have its front-end receiver incorporated into Garmin’s line of Nuvi portable navigation corporate communications. which just might make Garmin sales go through the roof. fitness. tuition reimbursements and discounts on company merchandise.vault. Positions are listed by function at my. expert advice. Garmin’s customers won’t just know where they’re headed and how to get there. cartography.” said CEO Cliff Pemble. However. career message boards. which is like a social networking site tacked on the back of a for insider company profiles. now they’ll be able to watch TV shows while trying to get there! • March 2008: Global leader in Portable Satellite Navigation Garmin owned the personal navigation market lock. manufacturing. according to independent IT research firm Canalys. each made and designed with a specific audience in mind. Questions or comments can be sent to jobs@garmin. expert resume reviews.

Wayne. Inc. PA • Quincy. Maintenance. Canada • Hasting. MD • Woodbridge. FL • Taunton. AR • Hattiesburg. MI • Needham. FL • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. AZ • Warren. AZ • Spokane. MA • Newton. Hardware • Computers. MI • Tallahassee. United Kingdom • Calgary • Dartmouth. WA • Atlantic Beach. DC • Westminster. MA • Tempe. FL • Tampa. NM • Lima. IN • Hampton. MD • Chantilly. Canada • London. NE • Linthicum. MA • Rock Falls City. WA • Sterling Heights. United Kingdom • Kaiserslautern. United Customized for: Vinay ( VA 22042-4513 Phone: (703) 876-3000 Fax: (703) 876-3125 www. VA • Charlotte.gdcareers.cfm?pg=se arch Kingdom • Vienna 214 © 2009 Vault. Canada • London. VA • North Kingstown. AL • Arlington.): 29. MS • Middletown. AL • Jericho. MI • Washington. NC • Ft. VA (HQ) Aberdeen Proving THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: GD Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Nicholas D. VA • McHenry. VA • Colorado Springs. VT • California. MD • Marion.300 2008 Income ($ mil. GA • Las Cruces. CO • Columbia. VT • Kings Bay. FL • Bath. MA • Burlington. .ac. AZ • Sierra Vista. Suite 100 Falls Church. Entertainment & Media • Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts • Banking • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical • Building & Grounds Maintenance • Computer Services • Computers. Mining & Trades Consulting Services • Consumer Products Creative/Design • Customer Service & Call Center • Electronics • Energy/Utilities • Engineering • Environmental Services • Finance/Economics • Financial Services • General Management • Government & Policy • Health care • Human Resources/Recruiting • Information Technology • Installation. RI • Orlando. MI • Pax River. NY • Saco. GA • Scottsdale.): 2. NC • Norfolk. Chabraja 2008 Employees: 92. Germany • Kanata. HI • Pittsburgh. & Repair • Insurance • Internet/Ecommerce • Land Systems • Law Enforcement/Security Services • Legal • Manufacturing & Production • Operations Management • Ordnance & Tactical Systems • Personal Care & Service • Product Management • Project/Program Management • Publishing/Printing • Purchasing • Quality Assurance/Safety • Real Estate/Mortgage • Research & Development • Sales • Science • Telecommunications • Transportation & Warehousing • Waste Management Services 2008 Revenue ($ mil. VA • Anniston. CA • Savannah.300 DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Auditing • Administrative & Support Services • Advanced Information Systems • Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations • Airlines • Architectural Services • Arts. PA • Fairfax. MS • Huntsville.459 KEY COMPETITORS Boeing Corporation Lockheed Martin Corporation Northrop Grumman Corporation LOCATIONS Falls Church. MD • Pearl Harbor. NC • Chesapeake. MD • Annandale. RI • Montgomery. MD • Eynon. ME • San VA Ashchurch. AL • Muskegon.iimcal. OH • Lincoln. Software • Construction.GENERAL DYNAMICS 2941 Fairview Park Drive. United Kingdom • Madrid • Ottawa • South Wales. VA • Fort Bragg.

combat systems.vault. despite receiving orders for submarines from England and the U. expert resume reviews. expert advice. other federal authorities were beckoning for the company’s help. and a number of other subsidiaries landed a slew of contracts totaling $107 million.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Diversification began in earnest as soon as the war ended. big profits Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided steady sales of GD combat systems. and as of The September 11 attacks put defense spending back into a higher gear. Stryker debuted at the beginning of the 2003 U. The company adopted the General Dynamics brand name in 1952.000 of them. both manufacturers of business and military aircraft. invasion of Iraq. It started manufacturing submarines and surface ships as The Electric Boat Company over 100 years ago. career message boards. as federal authorities were blocking GD’s bid to buy NNS. purchased Canadair in 1946 and Convair in 1953. to reflect its focus on contracting beyond the scope of boats and submarines. and started diversifying its business platform during the Cold War. John Jay Hopkins. but primarily devoted itself to cargo ships thereafter. allowing it to further diversify with the acquisition of Chrysler's combat division in 1982. In October 2001. CEO at the time.S. expeditionary combat systems. GD's combat systems unit's revenue and profits have tripled. 2010 Edition General Dynamics THE SCOOP One if by air. With David and net sales and earnings each jumped by 18 percent from 2005 to 2006.S. Since the 2001 attacks. respectively. GD’s National Steel and Shipbuilding Company got a $700 million contract to build a new class of logistics ships. at the helm from 1971 to 1985. the Vault Job Board and more. The company focuses on four specific business areas: aerospace. business aviation. and information systems and technology. These divisions account for. Electric Boat sold submarines to the adversarial parties during the Russo-Japanese War. its electric boat and land systems subsidiaries received contracts totaling $90 million for a variety of projects. Lewis Jr. Long war. 215 . during World War I. two if by sea General Dynamics Corporation is a force to be reckoned with in the armaments market. the company's revenue quadrupled. Engines of war General Dynamics traces its roots back to 1899. Now it is an all-purpose defense contractor. submarines and surface ships (still manufactured under the name Electric Boat). significantly quickening the pace of new contracts. when John Holland started The Electric Boat Company. and specialized IT products for defense and law-enforcement customers. marine systems. such as the eight-wheeled Stryker armored for insider company profiles. Visit Vault at www. the company has made about 2.

axle components. suspensions. 2010 Edition General Dynamics Wireless post-war GD is preparing for a slowdown in weapons spending. Justice and Homeland Security to communicate securely on a common network. VoIP technology will also be installed in the Pentagon as part of the PENREN (Pentagon Renovation) project. in form with the company’s business model over the last 50 General Dynamics completed acquisition of AxleTech International from private equity firm The Carlyle Group.000 agents of the Departments of Treasury. and in France and Brazil.3 billion.S. • January 2009: Axles to open doors Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Mike Mulligan of General Dynamics said the purchase opens doors to a market General Dynamics has never treaded before. “We look forward to maintaining and strengthening the relationships that AxleTech International enjoys with its existing customers. planetary axles. Full-year 2008 revenue totaled $29. for which GD is a main contractor.5 billion.18 billion) from Dreamliner Lux 216 © 2009 Vault. It first focused on IT as an avenue of growth in 1997. and information systems has indeed become the company's fastest-growing unit— its revenue increased more than 34 percent from 2004 to 2006. IN THE NEWS • January 2009: Outstanding 2008 General Dynamics reported fourth fiscal quarter and full 2008 financial figures.9 billion from 2007’s $7.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.42 per share. for several governmental agencies. and collaborating to create new products and pursue new markets together. Inc.45 billion (about $2.” said chairman and CEO Nicholas Chabraja. and the system will be adaptable to advances in wireless technology. GD won a contract (with an estimated value of $5 billion) to provide a wireless communication network (Voice over Internet Protocol. breaks and aftermarket parts for military vehicles. .ac.iimcal.2 billion.6 percent from 2007’s $ Fourth quarter revenue climbs to $7. AxleTech manufactures and supplies axles. operating earnings grew significantly faster than revenue and free cash flow from operations totaled 106 percent of net earnings. or VoIP). The project will allow 80. the April 2007 news that GD had edged out No. It employs 1.” Mulligan said in a press release • November 2008: Shopping for flights General Dynamics announced complete acquisition of business-aviation services firm Jet Aviation for CHF 2. Talks between the companies started in November 2008.62 per share. “For the full year of 2008. 1 defense contractor Lockheed for the next large governmental contract was especially welcome. all four business groups generated increased sales. or $1. Earnings from continuing operations come in strong at $630 million. up by 7. Therefore. to almost $9 billion. or $1..000 workers globally and has facilities throughout the U. against the previous year’s $578 million.

vault. painters and HR managers at other divisions. combat systems. British. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” adds a respondent.gdcareers. OUR SURVEY SAYS Join the General One hire says that his interview was “very easy. expert resume reviews. production workers. provides job seekers with information about hiring at the company. 217 . “Lots and lots of red tape in this company…it can take forever to get something small done. One formal interview. etc. the company was seeking accountants and engineers at Gulfstream. more relaxed.r. database analysts. A brief review of where I was stationed in the military and what jobs I held. General Dynamics chairman and CEO Nicholas Chabraja said the purchase enables the company to “capture additional growth opportunities in the business-aviation market. the Vault Job Board and more. One informal conversation with HR rep over the phone. information systems and technology.” wails an insider. Another points out the “flexible benefit package and the option to work a compressed workweek to get every other Friday off.l. The website also stresses the company’s commitment to equal employment and diversity in the workplace. the main website does have a searchable list of jobs throughout the company.” GETTING HIRED Have a Dynamic career General Dynamic’s employment site. training and taking external courses. at www. program managers.” “The company is very big on career development.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert advice. 2010 Edition General Dynamics S. Fridays.” “Many of the employees are ex-military (Canadian. and accountants. When Vault network technicians and financial analysts in the IT Visit Vault at www. Each of GD's four main business units (aerospace. “Business casual dress code. Cube environment.a. it is often difficult to hire people who have just immigrated to Canada. and marine systems) operates its own independent hiring and recruiting for insider company profiles. career message boards. The companies began talks about the purchase in August. Many layers of management as a result.” adds a source. Once in the office.). contacts report that the company has “very much a military culture.” says a coworker.” an insider points out.” “Due to required security clearances through the Canadian government.iimcal.

Augsburger Chairman & CEO: Dinesh C. INC.HARMAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES. WI • Rancho Cucamonga. France • Chester. IN • Middletown.iimcal.aspx 218 © 2009 Vault.694 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Germany • Kvistgaard. CT 06901 Phone: (203) 328-3500 EMPLOYMENT CONTACT DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Finance Business Electronic System Integration Engineering Marketing Operations Planning Process Engineering Product Engineering Quality LOCATIONS Stamford. United Kingdom • East London. CA • Sandy.): 4. NY Brussels • Chateau du Loire. Germany • Wales • Woerth-Schaidt. CA • Phoenix. Switzerland • Salzburg. Austria • Seoul • Shenzhen. DC • Woodbury. Paliwal 2008 Employees: 11. Inc. Finland • Vienna • careers. Hungary • Tijuana Vantaa. Suite 1500 Stamford. 400 Atlantic Street. Germany • Hertfordshire. Sweden • Nagoya • Regensdorf. South Africa • Motola. United Kingdom • Karlsbad. China • Singapore • Straubing. MA • Burbank. AZ • Prairie du Chien.8 KEY COMPETITORS Bose Boston Acoustics Pioneer Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.harman. CT (HQ) Bedford. NJ • Washington. IN • Farmington Hills. Denmark • Midrand. Germany • Szekesfehervar. South Africa • Groot-Ammers. CA • El Paso. MI • Franklin.5 2008 Income ($ mil.): TX • Elkhart. CT • Northridge. Holland • Gyeonggi-do. . Korea • Hamburg • Heilbronn. UT • Upper Saddle River. Germany THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: HAR Stock Exchange: NYSE President: Blake W. KY • Martinsville.

It started to acquire small. the company was taking in annual profits of $9. President Jimmy Carter appointed Sidney Harman as his Undersecretary of Commerce. Consumer products include iPod-compatible speakers and speaker systems for travel. Semper fidelity Harman-Kardon made an important leap in high-fidelity marketing in the 1970s by selling its products separately. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Harman also makes aftermarket parts for car stereos so that consumers can add features like DVD players. Mercedes-Benz. Lexus. expert advice. Infinity and Revel.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. By 1976. An implicit invitation for purchasers to assemble the disparate pieces themselves. 2010 Edition Harman International Industries.1 million. as Harmon-Kardon was ahead of its competitors in offering separate and interchangeable stereo technology. Visit Vault at www.iimcal. Soundcraft. JBL. the professional and the automotive industry. Lexicon and Studer. Toyota and Porsche. Professional products include mixing equipment for recording studios. and who served as its chairman until 2008. the Vault Job Board and more. BMW. The company’s professional goods are sold under the brand names JBL Professional. quality-oriented companies. expert resume reviews. Sidney Harman. Henceforth. Harman watched from Washington as his company was nearly run into the ground. largely leaving them alone to manufacture their luxury stereo The political animal The next year. Inc. and Harman sold a controlling stake in his company to the large Chicago corporation Beatrice Foods. home and boating. The marketing gambit paid off and revolutionized the culture of home stereos even more than the company’s work in the 1950s. but it was much smaller than three years before—only about 60 percent of its former operations remained. THE SCOOP Turn it up! Harman International manufactures stereo and entertainment equipment for the consumer. the company would be known as Harman International. As soon as he was out of office in 1980. Crown. And it was good for business. it actively encouraged customers to become aficionados of the latest sound equipment. The company’s brands include Harman-Kardon. navigation systems and louder speakers. career message boards. and its continued survival was far from assured. who brought the company back from the brink of extinction in the late 1970s. loudspeakers and audio systems for theaters. headphones and microphones. Harman’s very existence owes much to its namesake. 219 . igniting many an amateur debate over which equipment resulted in the best sound. he gathered an investment of $55 million and repurchased for insider company profiles.vault. Cars with Harman systems include Audi. Mark Levinson.

as the team expands. Harman cut him a $3. then 70 years old. In 2008. Harman named Dinesh Paliwal. The strategy was successful in keeping the company alive and growing throughout the 1980s. when he was about to turn 90. Inc.” said Dinesh C.” said David McKinney. former CEO of ABB North America.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Harman retired from the board and recommended that Paliwal assume the post of chairman and CEO. Raymond and Kit all provide more depth to the company. “I am delighted to welcome Todd Suko to our senior executive Harman. selling the company's wares in mass retail outlets such as Circuit City.8 million severance check!) Bernard Girod. only four months after being hired. “Eric.8 million in 1991. but a recession resulted in losses of $19. promptly fired the president of the company and took over himself. agreed to step in until another CEO was found. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: New team members to Asia field office Harman appointed several new staff members to the Harman Pro Asia team in an attempt to capitalize on their success with partners in Asia. Not so perfect Harman-y? The company’s boardroom is far from a well-oiled machine: CEO Douglas Pertz abruptly left in August 2006. Kit Roche and Raymond Tee. The Kuala Lumpur-based Harman Pro Asia office enhanced their team with three new additions: Eric Goh. Latin America and Canada. Paliwal. our distributors and customers will experience a stronger and more engaged Harman professional presence across the region. Summers remains with Harman. I am pleased that Ed Summers will continue his service to Harman from our location in Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. as its new CEO and president. the company’s top attorney since 1998. (In what must be some sort of record for return on a company’s investment.iimcal. “His legal expertise is a natural fit with the company's strategy for optimizing our global footprint. expanding to new global markets. moving to California to focus on the company (taking him across the country from his wife. as vice president. This will help us in our goal to offer first class support to our distributors and partners in Asia. general counsel and secretary. who was elected to Congress in 1992). 2010 Edition Harman International Industries. and in May 2007. senior director of sales (Asia). Harman's chairman and CEO.” • September 2008: New general counsel appointed Harman International announced that Todd A. and building a best-in-class team. his immediate predecessor as 220 © 2009 Vault. Inc. playing a senior legal role reporting to Mr. Suko will succeed Edwin Summers. Harman merged 21 small subsidiaries into five main divisions and turned away from the high-end market. . “They each bring different qualities and experience to the Harman Pro team. We are already seeing the benefit of being located in Kuala Lumpur and now.

To apply. located at www. 2010 Edition Harman International Industries. Inc. A respondent describes the company as “very progressive” when it comes to helping employees improve Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards.vault.aspx. The deal will affect Harman information technology operations in 10 countries across the Americas. Northridge. provides information for job seekers on open positions in the company. the same contact adds that there is a full-time nurse that attends not only to employees. Additionally. expert resume reviews. but also to family members.” • May 2008: Outsourcing to Wipro Technologies Harman signed an agreement with Wipro Technologies to transfer responsibility of the former’s information technology infrastructure to the latter. Wipro’s scope of supply includes help desk operations. administration of desktop systems. OUR SURVEY SAYS Good health care benefits Harman seems to put great value on the health of its for insider company profiles. leveraging the contribution he has made to the company these past 10 years. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 221 . servers and networking. job seekers select their country and then proceed to create a profile. free flu shots and blood screening are also thrown in.iimcal.harman. California. In fact. GETTING HIRED Harman calling Harman’s careers the Vault Job Board and more. expert Visit Vault at www. Europe and Asia.

VA • Las Cruces. MD • Atlantic City. CO • Boeing General Dynamics Raytheon EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. NM • Mason.harris. President & CEO: Howard L. OK • O'Fallon. Inc.html 222 © 2009 Vault. Lance 2008 Employees: 16. United Kingdom • Ottawa THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: HRS Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman. VA • Colorado Springs. VA • Sunnyvale.iimcal. VA • Eagan. NJ • Washington. NC • DEPARTMENTS Administration • Broadcast Communications • Civil Programs • Corporate Communications • Corporate Development Corporate Relations • Defense Programs • Engineering • Finance • Financial Services Government Communications Systems • Government Relations • Human Resources Information Technology Services • Internal Audit•Investor Relations • Legal • Marketing • National Programs • Operations • Program Management • RF Communications • Sales • Supply Chain Management • Technical LOCATIONS Melbourne. VA • Annapolis Junction.): 444. . VA • Chesapeake.2 KEY COMPETITORS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NE • Chantilly. CA • Tinton Falls. CO • Herndon. FL • Sterling. MN • Emeryville. NH • Norman. FL • Reston. CA • Golden.500 2008 Revenue ($ mil.): 5. CA • Satellite Beach. OH • DC Calgary • Berkshire. FL 32919-0001 Phone: (321) 727-9100 www.harris. VA • Rochester. CO • Denver. NJ • IL • Palm Bay. AL • Morrisville. FL (HQ) Alexandria. OH • Bellevue.employment. NY • San Diego.HARRIS CORPORATION 1025 West NASA Boulevard 2008 Income ($ mil.

2010 Edition Harris Corporation THE SCOOP Can you hear me now? Harris is provides broadcast and communications technologies for use in peace and war. expert resume reviews. career message boards. one of their initial studies of the Harris printing technology led directly to electronic newsroom their first successful invention was an automatic sheet feeder for printing presses in 1890. incorporated in 1895. expert advice. 72 on its InfoTech 100. Census. When not providing baubles for the ladies of Niles. It purchased General Electric’s broadcasting division in 1972 and moved into data processing the same year with the purchase of University Computing Corporation for $20 million. Inc. Two years later. and the corporate headquarters was moved to Florida. 223 . its customers include the Department of Defense and a wide range of government agencies—including the FAA. This device. The brothers’ company quickly became a worldwide leader in manufacturing printing equipment. which could work 10 times as fast as a human. and their examination of Harris’ technology soon resulted in a breakthrough—indeed. Harris-Intertype acquired Florida-based Radiation. including the first commercially viable offset lithographic press and the first two-color offset press. In 2008. a provider of hot metal typesetting. Radiation was a very successful government contractor that provided communications technology for the burgeoning American space program. Harris had found the right partner to modernize its technology. the Vault Job Board and more. a number of other acquisitions led Harris ever further away from its mechanical origins. NSA and NOAA. as Radiation’s focus in electronics soon became the norm. but it had wanted to move into the commercial sector for some time. Harris Automatic Press merged with Intertype Corporation. Harris soon made other breakthroughs. It was stocked with many accomplished engineers.. to form Harris-Intertype. to electronic means of communicating. On the cutting edge of communication since 1895 Harris was founded in 1895 by two brothers in the jewelry business. in a deal worth $56 million. Visit Vault at www. the company changed its name to Harris Corporation while divesting itself of the last traces of its corrugated Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. became the foundational technology for the Harris Automatic Press Company. Charles and Alfred Harris. The company’s commercial segment customers include domestic and international broadcasters and public and private telecommunications companies. That year. Throughout the 1970s. BusinessWeek ranked the company No. the company decided to expand its focus to types of communication beyond the printed for insider company profiles. Soon. but it was more of a merger between the two companies. In 1957.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. In the government arena. Bound for Florida groves By 1967.

vice president NASA Programs at Harris Government Communications Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Hawaii. In March 2006. In 1999. “Harris has a rich history of SDR development dating back to 1988. Navy to provide information security for classified wireless networks in various military applications. NMCI is one of the world's largest internal computer networks. I’ll process your data The company was highly interested in data processing as an avenue of growth and grew throughout the 1980s and the company underwent major restructuring. competent enough for the Navy Harris Corporation announced that its SecNet 11 family of products has been certified for use by the U. instead reverting to traditional paper forms. and in April 2008.iimcal. The company was to provide handheld computers to enumerators. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez announced that the Census Bureau would no longer use the handhelds to count households. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Multimillions.S.” • December 2008: Good enough. and also purchased Datacraft Corporation. But the project has been beset by repeated delays and cost overruns. multimillion-dollar contract to develop Ka-band capable radios as part of the Communication Navigation and Networking reConfigurable Testbed (CoNNeCT). and sold off its semiconductor business (then called Intersil). . infrastructure. We are committed to helping NASA realize its vision for the next generation of space exploration. 2010 Edition Harris Corporation paper machinery. which will be installed onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Harris was awarded a contract worth $595 million by the Census Bureau. and its commercial fax and printer business (Lanier Worldwide). CoNNeCT is currently scheduled to be launched to the Space Station via a Japanese H-II launch vehicle in 2011. further broadening into data processing. which will define the next generation of space radios for use on a variety of launch and exploration vehicles.” said Frank Van Rensselaer. care of NASA NASA awarded Harris Corporation a 14-month. with nearly 700. and operations and maintenance services for NMCI through its IT Services business. “We are excited to participate in this initiative. Harris is currently providing information technology 224 © 2009 Vault. who go door to door counting households that do not return census forms. as well as in the astronauts' space suits. The Navy has approved deploying SecNet 11 as part of the classified Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) wireless solution at Pearl Harbor and Camp Smith. with pursuits ranging from semiconductor operations to telephone equipment to television communications.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and we have supported major NASA programs since the 1960s.000 users dispersed around the world. Inc.

an international communications and information technology company. state-of-the-art video and display conference facilities.iimcal.” • August 2008: Increase in quarterly dividend The board of directors of Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS).” said Peter Challan.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert advice. Census Bureau to upgrading the FAA's communications network and providing avionics for the F-35 Lightning II. “These prestigious award wins highlight the success of our strategy of providing next-generation products that support content throughout customers’ entire workflow chain. The new Harris facility features encrypted wireless access. and today support nearly 300 diverse government programs— ranging from modernizing communications and IT systems for the U. “We reported excellent financial results for fiscal year 2008. Our track record of improving financial performance over the past five years has allowed Harris to provide consistent annual dividend increases. Visit Vault at www.” said Howard L. compared with a 6. D.S. • October 2008: Opening a couple of new facilities in D.21 rating in 2007. 2010 Edition Harris Corporation • November 2008: Harris bags awards Harris Corporation bagged two Outstanding Product Awards for its newest broadcast technology solutions at the Beijing International Radio.S. New orders and a robust pipeline of opportunities in the markets we serve are giving us confidence that fiscal 2009 will be another year of strong financial performance. “We are very pleased to announce this substantial annual increase in our quarterly dividend. government customers. The company was rated a 7. Harris Corporation moved into two new facilities in the Washington. Harris won the awards for its Maxiva ULX series of liquid-cooled transmitters for high-power UHF applications and the X85 enhanced all-in-one processor..” said Tim Thorsteinson. the Vault Job Board and more. president.S.” • March 2008: Most admired according to Fortune Harris Corporation was named one of the most admired U. “For more than 40 years.C.S. companies in an annual survey by Fortune magazine.C. “Harris is expanding its presence in the Washington. has increased the quarterly cash dividend to 20 cents per share. expert resume reviews. two multimedia customer briefing centers and a rooftop deck.. compared to the previous quarterly dividend of 15 cents per share. and CEO. president of Harris Broadcast Communications. long-term Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.vault. career message boards. government.C. Harris ranked as the fourth most admired company in the “Network Communications” category—up from seventh last 2007. Lance. 225 .com for insider company profiles.01 on the 2008 survey. Harris ranked second in the industry in financial soundness.S. with strong earnings and cash flow. we have been a leading supplier of communications and information systems to the U. China. area to handle its ongoing expansion and to provide better proximity to its growing base of U. vice president of Government Relations for Harris. government departments and agencies that we D. Film and Television Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) in Beijing. area as part of our ongoing commitment to the U. This dividend increase further demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to increasing shareholder value.

The company hires people for both administrative (contracts.S. In addition to recruiting through its website. level of education. health and dependent spending at www. Harris offers its employees a tuition reimbursement plan that allows them to pursue advanced degrees and access to over 500 specialized courses in-house. including University of Florida. aerospace and defense. Juniper Networks and QUALCOMM.harris.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. dental and vision Harris seeks experienced hires at a number of job fairs aimed at people with security clearances and an interest in engineering. finance. North Carolina State University. Harris allows job seekers to search for jobs based on department. In order to apply. benefits and job 401(k) with company match and some locations arrange schedules to allow for three-day weekends. business. and third in the industry for quality of products and services. College students shouldn’t feel left out. logistics. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Florida Institute of Technology and the Rochester Institute of Technology. 2010 Edition Harris Corporation investment and social responsibility. quality of management. though. manufacturing. and use of corporate assets. To make the shift from all-night study sessions and beer pong to neckties and morning commutes as easy as possible. provides job seekers with information about career opportunities at the company. job type and location. Other companies in the top five for the category were Cisco Systems. The campus section of Harris’ careers site also provides information on career paths in engineering and finance at the 226 © 2009 Vault. testing) positions. Corning. Harris offers internships to undergrads in engineering and business related disciplines. Harris offers a program called GRAD (GRaduate Acclimation and Development). software. Inc. as Harris makes stops at several universities across the U. Carnegie Mellon.asp. . marketing sales) and engineering (mechanical. Auburn University. procurement. The program gives recent graduates a chance to socialize and network while attending sport events and performing community service projects. Benefits include medical. seeking students with majors in engineering. Cornell. Georgia Tech. GETTING HIRED Communicate your interest to Harris Harris’ careers site. job seekers must first create a profile. electrical. accounting and allied disciplines.

a great company to work for Harris is a great company to work for. career message Visit Vault at www. the Vault Job Board and more.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault.iimcal. Who wouldn’t? However. 2010 Edition Harris Corporation OUR SURVEY SAYS Overall. expert resume reviews. that’s why it’s no wonder that employees “tend to be loyal” to the company.” The same contact adds that there are also opportunities for advancement. expert advice. 227 .ac. one respondent warns that the company is “not very diverse.” Customized for: Vinay ( for insider company profiles. says one source.” as the majority of engineers are “typically white males. The environment is “laidback” yet “very professional.

FL • San Juan.000 2008 Revenue ($ THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: HPQ Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman.): 118. CEO & President: Mark Hurd 2008 Employees: TX • Miami.): 8. PR 172 International Locations KEY COMPETITORS IBM Dell Fujitsu Siemens DEPARTMENTS Administration Business Planning Engineering Engineering Services Finance Human Resources Information Technology Learning & Development Legal Marketing Operations Personal Systems Public Affairs & Communications Quality Real estate & Workplace Services Sales Sales Operations Services Supply chain & Operations Technical EMPLOYMENT CONTACT hp. .ftl?lan g=en Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. CA (HQ) Houston. CA 94304-1185 Phone: (650) 857-1501 Fax: (650) 857-5518 228 © 2009 Vault.HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY 3000 Hanover Street Palo LOCATIONS Palo Alto.364 2008 Income ($ mil.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 229 .000 jobs. expert advice.iimcal. Hewlett-Packard is ranked No. Its computers range from desktops and laptops to handheld computers and calculators. career message for insider company profiles. and makes networking products and software to tie everything together. The 2002 acquisition of longtime competitor Compaq vaulted Hewlett-Packard into the upper echelon of hightech companies. stipulating changes such as the hiring of an expert to review the company's investigations and board appointments. Throughout the years. HP is reducing its expenditures and moving into new business areas. The company produces printers. This culminated in California’s Attorney General looking into the matter and board members resigning left and right. Of more pressing concern to the company. It founded HP Laboratories in 1966 to conduct basic research in the fields of physics. Therefore. 30 in the 2008 edition of InfoTech pretexting (a form of identity theft that involves leaking personal information to phone companies in exchange for phone records) and snitching surfaced in 2006. HP’s move to manufacturing printers and copiers was a natural step. expert resume reviews. provides IT and consulting services. Japan and Europe. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. it was the worst of times Despite the scandal and intrigue. and ink Visit Vault at www. Loose lips sink ships (and computer chips) Scandal rocked the boardrooms of HP when accusations of identity theft. the settlement affects HP’s internal conduct until 2011. Also. and the company also courted international customers by beginning to market itself in Canada. electronics and medical and chemical instruments. medical electronics and analytical instruments. surpassing IBM. and BusinessWeek recently ranked it No. 2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company THE SCOOP Colossus bestride the industry Hewlett-Packard is the top player in the PC industry. The company operates its printer division on a blade-and-razor business model. whereby printers are sold near cost. HP has acquired a string of smaller. the Vault Job Board and more. HP paid $14. The Gutenberg method An established player in the consumer printer market. shareholders have impelled the company to seek out ever larger growth opportunities. having beaten out rival Dell in 2006 in terms of market share. The company began a restructuring program in late 2005 that called for the elimination of over 15. 14 on the 2008 Fortune It was the best of times.5 million to settle the lawsuit brought by the state of California. Ultimately. HP is also moving to reduce its number of data centers from 85 to six and has been closing or consolidating a number of other offices to reduce its real estate expenses. digital cameras and servers. startup businesses and moved into new markets such as graphics recorders.vault. HP’s revenue increased and placed it as the world leader of the technology market.

allocate and consume technology resources. The deal. On the home 230 © 2009 Vault. businesses that keep a lot of data can either forego keeping everything or delete a portion of the data every few months or so to save space. The bottom line is that HP will help the bank dispose of old assets in an environmentally friendly way by simplifying the lifecycle management process of information technology. What’s more. just a room) a virtual storage capacity is needed. HP won a contract with the South Korean Shinhan Bank for technology solutions to help the bank manage its operations and maximize business which allows companies to keep and analyze vast quantities of data. priced at a hefty $50 million. and since the operating system is open source. Also in 2007 it opened Neoview.6 percent market share. The company isn’t just pinning its hopes on rivers of ink. as access to and management of storage platforms can be easily achieved. cruising by with a comfortable 41. which should help sell more canisters. Welcome to the HP revolution. it looks like HP is clinging strongly to its share of the market. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Gone to Korea and back Expanding its Korean connections. has a saleleaseback of Shinhan’s information technology assets as its centerpiece.iimcal. a company with technology that makes printing web pages easier. where the company is pushing for changing how companies produce. • February 2009: Coming out of the closet After years of offering Sun operating systems on its servers. Going after Dell and IBM has proved fruitful. The products are flexible enough to handle nonHP vendors. HP hopes that these products reduce virtual waste and maximize efficiency. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company cartridges make up the bulk of profits. This formal announcement of partnership means that HP will offer support for Solaris-run systems for a fee. HP dominated the market for the second year running. In 2007. bagging 37 percent of it based on revenue in the second quarter of 2008. its data warehousing service. HP is one of Solaris' early supporters. and getting HP to formalize their relationship makes Sun's lineup of all the major server makers behind their operating system complete. . HP customers who wish to run it can do so on their servers. and storage capacity can be adjusted for how big (maybe a building full of data?) or how small (OK. and plans to improve how HP software interacts with Solaris is in the works. however. Enter Virtual Array 6400 and 8400 from HP.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. • November 2008: Overtaking IBM According to the IDC’s server report.8 percent lead over competitor IBM’s 37. it acquired Tabblo. HP formally announced its partnership with Sun Microsystems.

once it gains full working capacity. with some submissions hailing from Russia and China. expert advice. renewable for a total of three years. From human internet agents who could predict future events (a process called “prediction economy”) to quantum physics having the key to the next generation of semiconductors. career message boards. Frankenstein and Igor in HP's Innovation Research Awards from HP Visit Vault at www. HP’s first annual Photonic Interconnect Forum showed what was brewing in the company's R&D labs. according to HP. HP still had an ace up its sleeve—an ace taken with a camera phone. but HP’s algorithm can create high-quality images out of relatively ordinary lens and pixels. Using silicon photonics (nanoimprint lithography) instead of metal connectors to connect blades. a company that makes electronic modules for cell phones.vault. Intellectual property rights to image processing algorithms have been licensed to formally started the construction of a manufacturing facility in St. 2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company • August 2008: Let the research begin! There were no jabs about Dr. • May 2008: Breaking ground at home and abroad HP and Foxconn. enabling HP to churn out more chips in its manufacturing plants in less time. If this venture proves successful. a joint venture agreement to pour $50 million into Russia. which has 10 offices in Russia and a research lab in for insider company profiles. boards. the Vault Job Board and more. and HP gets paid in royalties for licensing their rights. 231 . Flextronics incorporates the algorithm in their modules.iimcal. Apparently. these 41 proposals came from a wide range of knowledge bases and academics. chips and cores on the same chip is something HP has been working toward achieving. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The invention. if HP and its partners get around to making it. it will have worked in concert with another company to develop the first optical interconnect technology on a microchip. is going to be a lot more efficient than traditional chip manufacturing. • July 2008: HP’s parting shot Just because HP turned away from the digital camera market owing to its poor business growth didn't mean that the company quit entirely. is expected to churn out up to 40.000 personal and commercial desktop PCs every month. Russian demand is driving the project. Researchers sifted through more than 450 proposals it received from universities across 28 countries to choose 41 recipients of research grants that could reach a maximum of $100. HP hopes that by 2009.000. The factory. Back at home. Those out in the market compromise quality for smaller lens size and maximum pixel ratio. Petersburg. it might well be that HP becomes singlehandedly responsible for the push toward more realistic images taken with a camera phone.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert resume reviews. Russia. A complex microchip that usually takes 60 hours to create could take just 30 minutes with the use of nanoimprint lithography. a Taiwan-based manufacturer of electronic products. Petersburg. perhaps leading the way for more products like digital media players and gaming consoles to license HP's algorithm.

the user's mobile device and sensors. Australia. counterparts. personal systems (consumer goods). a platform developed by researchers working with their U. imaging and printing (printers and scanners).com/jobsathp/content/ home. if it graduates from the research lab and is manufactured for mass consumption. or $13. provides information for new and experienced job seekers on company organization and culture. Blogging might be a new experience altogether.www1. The site also offers a fairly extensive list of common positions in the company. If the deal goes through. Said senior researcher Patrick Goddi.” blurring the line between the physical and virtual worlds. the R&D arm of the company. The glue holding together the fragments of digital media and the real world is GPS. pawning your dudes.iimcal.hp. • March 2008: Acquiring Tower Software Tower. located at h10055. This wasn’t the first time that HP tries to snag a consulting firm. technology solutions (servers and other equipment for large businesses). Mediascape is going to transform gamers into “a mouse and a gamepad. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. benefits and job There’s a whole host of implications for this technology.9 billion.asp?Lang=ENen&jumpid=hpr_R1002_USEN. a document and records management software company based in Canberra. including sales. and HP Labs. which is just in time. Inc. • February 2008: Waaay cooler than the Wii Who would’ve thought that GPS had the potential to outwit the Nintendo Wii and displace it from wish lists everywhere? That’s what HP plans to do when it unveils a business model for Mediascape. and the line “I’m in your base. was in talks with HP about a prebid agreement for HP to acquire Tower. business development and 232 © 2009 Vault. what with the wraith of Enron still haunting corporate America and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act rules and regulations that companies must follow. it made a bid for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 2000.” might just jump over to reality. .in) GETTING HIRED Compute your options at HP Hewlett-Packard’s careers site. HP is organized into five different groups: customer solutions (sales and customer service).ac.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but was forced to drop it due to the economy and protests from Wall Street.K. The acquisition might well put HP a little behind main competitor IBM in a market yet to be entered by the company—the outsourcing and the services sector—since EDS already has an established presence in that industry. 2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company What likely was the biggest news that quarter was HP acquiring Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for $25 per share. HP will add electronic records management to its arsenal of products.

Others are less enthusiastic. One contact reports that HP has a “very diverse workforce. bureaucracy is pervasive.” sums up one respondent.iimcal. seeing as there are over 300. In the U. too. bureaucratic processes. etc. “Culture is easygoing overall and the people are welcoming and friendly. but many workers feel overwhelmed by the size of the company.000 people working for the company internationally. adoption and tuition assistance and discounts on HP merchandise. and backgrounds.” Which is just as well. one regularly sees employees from different cultures. One gripes about the “slow.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.)…and a very teamwork-oriented culture. Of course. Chummy culture. “Diversity is really good. the Vault Job Board and more. and flexible health plan..” boasts a sales contact. Job openings are searchable by location..vault. function and keyword. candidates must first create a profile. Options include a 401(k) with company match. expert resume reviews. with a company the size of HP. and a lot of it Culture at HP gets good marks.” notes an insider. then an in-person interview with my direct manager and two peers.” says another source.S. expert advice. HP also offers opportunities for interns and recent graduates. race and sexual orientation. stock purchase plan and a retirement medical savings account for medical expenses during the golden years. “[We have the] ability to work from home. 2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company engineering. employee discounts. flexible hours. career message boards.” concurs a co-worker. OUR SURVEY SAYS Submit your resume on an HP machine Ready for your interview? An insider reports that “Questions are behavioral—for example:…describe a time when you had to deal with an aggressive negotiator who would not share necessary information with you? With follow-up questions like— would you change your approach in the future or how could you have improved that interaction?” “All I did was have a phone interview with the HR rep. to apply. Another contact adds that HP pushes for supporting differences in “gender.. 233 .ac. Visit Vault at www.a sea of employees strolling long walkways in jeans and tennis shoes on their way to places hidden by mazes of walls.” Customized for: Vinay ( for insider company profiles.” says a coworker.” notes a former intern. “[We have] strong senior management…a keen focus on the future and [know] exactly what the competitors are doing. However. HP employees are given a budget with which to purchase benefits. wellness programs. size has its advantages. benefits upon start date (which include matching pension.” “The culture of this large organization results in easy anonymity. “Without question. Employees can also select between various health plan offerings.

2010 Edition Hewlett-Packard Company Hours are the source of many gripes: “60+-hour weeks are the order of the day. has come to mean a place where work is no longer nice and friendly. made-to-order salads to traditional Tex-Mex and burger entrées. . can find the time for a workout in the gym and take part in the available nutritional services and online healthy-living plans. adding that sometimes management doesn’t realize that they are turning quality people away with the way they lead the team. Rocking the boat With the recent economic downturn though. from hand-tossed.iimcal.” notes one overworked respondent.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. “There is no security. Most people.” Promotions are apparently rare.” notes a member of the finance department. Inc. and downsizing.” advises an insider. “The Houston HP campus has a great gym with lunchtime classes and extended daytime operations. With constant reorganizations. Another co-worker agrees: “Long hours (50 to 55 hours). and so much depends on reorganization. sneakers and T-shirts. Some habits die hard. There are some perks. there is little room for career growth. if they wanted to. “No clear paths for advancement seem to 234 © 2009 Vault. Others complain about management. “Opportunities for advancement are virtually nonexistent. The campus also has a three-mile enclosed. Many employees walk “the loop” during lunch or as a break in the afternoon.” Expect the daily grind to go on a while. though.” says another.” a contact points out. One respondent says “all that management cares about is making their numbers and they treat employees like [L]egos or units of labor. according to one source.” a company slogan. air-conditioned walkway with glass floor to ceiling walls that look out at extensive landscaping and beautiful trees. although in many offices you will likely see shorts. while local restaurants are available in all the nearby strip malls. “Political alliances are often the key to Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. One insider reports that “gone is the everyday cheer that rules the day. “Dress code is officially business casual. “the HP way. the campus itself has at least two cafeterias with pretty good food.” according to a contact.” In fact. too many meetings if you are in the business units.” adds a source. some HP insiders are feeling the crunch.

100-8280 Japan Phone: +81-3-3258-1111 Philippines • Manchester.HITACHI LTD. NJ • Cupertino. Canada • Kuala Lumpur • Makati Japan • Kanata.125 LOCATIONS Tokyo (HQ) • Basking Ridge. KY • Hillsboro. IL • Pleasanton. China • Chennai • Dalian. NY • Wixom.): -58.iimcal. China • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Xi'an KEY COMPETITORS Fujitsu Panasonic Corp. Marunouchi 1-chome Chiyoda-ku.226. TX • Farmington Hills. OR • Lawrenceville. President & CEO: Takashi Kawamura 2008 Employees: DEPARTMENTS Approximately 97 different departments. CA • Santa Clara. CA • White Plains.735 2008 Income (¥ mil. China • Duisburg. CA • Schaumburg. NY • San Diego.752 2008 Revenue (¥ mil. CA • United Kingdom • Milan • Mississauga. MI Apodaca. 235 . France • Chengdu. MI • Harrodsburg. Chairman. Canada • Mumbai • Munich • New Delhi • North Ryde. Mexico • Bangalore • Calgary • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: HIT Stock Exchange: NYSE Representative Executive Officer. CA • San Jose. Australia • Paris • Qingdao.): 11. OK • Peoria. Tokyo. Germany • Guangzhou • Hanoi • Hong Kong • Jakarta • Kanagawa-Ken. CA • Roslyn Heights. IL • Torrance. NH • Norman. GA • Manchester.html Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Toshiba EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.

Its interests include everything from silicon to copper Lumbering giant The 1980s and 1990s were tough on 2010 Edition Hitachi Ltd. A 1915 order for turbines provided a breakthrough for the company. while the following decade saw an emphasis on heavier machinery. Toshiba Corporation. where it is involved in a wide variety of industries. with speeds topping out at 170 mph. Hitachi added scientific pursuits to its diverse resume. and it moved from the fans they were then making to bigger pursuits. as the company was forced to weather another period of stagnant and even declining sales after the Japanese economic bubble burst in the late 1980s. whose name means “rising sun. the company opened a microchip manufacturing facility. turning out an award-winning electron microscope in 1958 and a computer in 1959. Simply put. In 1993. THE SCOOP Microchips and what have you Hitachi. elevators and escalators. . In the 1950s. and performed experiments with nuclear fusion six years after that. electric plants that derive power from nuclear. In 1949. including hydroelectric generators and construction equipment. 236 © 2009 Vault. Hitachi was incorporated in 1920 under the name Kabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho. Inc. Its profits dropped 71 percent from 1991 to 1994. cast iron and cast the company was still focused on mature industries that put a premium on engineering and not on maximizing sales. but it soon moved to manufacturing small electric motors. The company moved into the manufacture of elevators and refrigerators during the 1930s. and four years later it was producing electric trains. Hitachi came out with a new bullet train. The dawn of Hitachi Hitachi was founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira as a repair shop for electrical equipment. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and NEC Corporation. the company is considered one of Japan’s five main electrical/electronics companies. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The company built a nuclear reactor in 1961 and cars for a bullet train in 1964.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the other four are Fujitsu Limited. Ten years later. thermal or hydroelectric sources. Sometimes called the General Electric of Japan. and a slew of consumer products from cell phones to LCD screens to white goods (domestic appliances). The company also provides logistical and financial services. and the Japanese economy was not helping. the company had its IPO.iimcal.” is a major conglomerate in Japan. electronics equipment and microchips.

com for insider company profiles.2 billion budget for the acquisition of the majority of machine tool maker Hitachi Koki and ¥10.vault.8 billion annual loss forecast due to a reduced demand for electronic products and its struggling chip operations. Despite these efforts.5 billion chip-making equipment manufacturer Hitachi Kokusai. The loss was said to be the biggest ever by a Japanese company. declared a ¥16.iimcal. attempts that are foreseen to cut ¥200 billion in fixed costs by March 2010. 237 . and the only thing we can do in such times is to cut fixed costs and try to generate cash flow. The company spent several of the following years cutting jobs and restructuring operations in order to put the company on a firmer financial footing. In recent years. Hitachi will be a bit more pensive— as its reputation dictates—about its investors’ determination to ditch some of its poorly performing businesses. posting a loss of $3 billion in 1999.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message the company posted a loss again in 2002. The Asian economy experienced a crisis starting in 1997 and Hitachi was eventually hit very hard. Aside from internal restructuring. hard drives and car parts. expert resume reviews. Hitachi said that the plant did not meet promised quotas. as he is compelled to sell parts of a company he took part in nurturing for 47 years. hoping to bounce back from a $7. expert advice. such as its flat screen and semiconductor ventures. 2010 Edition Hitachi Ltd. the Vault Job Board and more. Hitachi has been attempting with more urgency to streamline its operations and divest its less profitable sectors. and that orders for plasma screens have dropped within the past six months. • March 2009: Kawamura assumes top post Takashi Kawamura has to bite the bullet after coming back to work as the new head of Hitachi Visit Vault at www. the company will also undergo a major shuffling of responsibilities. Along with Kawamura’s appointment.” Hitachi Senior Vice President Toyoaki Nakamura said. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Hitachi to close Czech plasma TV plant Hitachi announceD plans to close its plasma television manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic. • January 2009: Big chunks Hitachi Ltd. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “It's hard to foresee the future these days. • February 2009: Losses in third quarter Hitachi reaffirmed its $7.1 billion loss. Hitachi’s proposed save would be letting go of unprofitable businesses. The shutdown will cost 800 employees their jobs. and is pursuing opportunities in more profitable areas such as data storage. shutting down plants and internal restructuring.

“We feel the JMN team brings us the critical skills. chip maker.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. real estate and insurance San Francisco-based JMN provides business and technology strategy. Intel will be working hand in hand to develop potential hard disk drive successors called solid-state drive (SSD) memory devices. until now. He also added.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. has not committed to SSD technology. Samsung and LG. believed that this move by Hitachi will play an integral part in Hitachi’s future growth. Hitachi’s hard drives compete with Seagate Technology and Western Digital Corp. a leading provider of consulting services to the financial services. has acquired JMN Associates. compared to the $174 million loss it incurred the year before. organizational change. project management and regulatory compliance services to its clients. Hitachi Consulting. The company’s hard drive success is its third straight quarterly profit. The agreement states that the SSDs manufactured will be developed by both companies while Hitachi covers the marketing. Inc. mainly as servers and computer storage systems and that it would not follow Toshiba in manufacturing SSDs for laptops and consumer-based applications. process improvement. financial services industry. • September 2008: Flat TVs taking a backseat Flat screen TVs will be taking a back seat as Hitachi decided to cut down on plasma panels and to purchase them from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. • March 2008: Hitachi acquires financial services consulting firm Hitachi’s consulting company. This indicates a strategic shift by Hitachi since the company. The company has been grappling for three years from flat screen TV losses and still has to face fierce price competition from Sony. Sharp.. experience. with the first batch to be shipped in 2010.S. 2010 Edition Hitachi Ltd. as the company hopes to reduce losses from its flat TV production. Analysts said that Hitachi’s move to purchase plasma panels from Matsushita might be the company’s way of slowly withdrawing from the flat screen TV business. Michael Travis. president and CEO of Hitachi Consulting. . and clients to enrich our offerings for the U. • July 2008: Hard drives bring home $50 million in bacon Hitachi’s hard drive operations raked in $53 million for the company from April to 238 © 2009 Vault. • December 2008: Entering solid-state memory business with Intel Hitachi and Hitachi said that the SSDs would cater to businesses.

239 . for insider company profiles.html. Hitachi Software Engineering America.). (the headquarters in North America for parent Visit Vault at www. Hitachi Data Systems. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.vault. paid vacation and a 401(k). 2010 Edition Hitachi Ltd. Hitachi Electronic Devices and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. a joint venture between Hitachi and Mitsubishi for the production of microchips.iimcal. GETTING HIRED Add some sun to your career Hitachi provides a directory of its subsidiaries’ careers sites at www. These divisions’ careers sites provide information on job openings and benefits. the Vault Job Board and more. which generally include health insurance.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which is involved in the production of printed circuit Renesas. expert advice. expert resume reviews. career message boards. Of particular interest are Hitachi America. Hitachi Computer Products America. Applicants can submit their resumes and cover letters to the indicated email address on each site.

2 Zihyou Street Tucheng THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: 2317 Stock Exchange: TPE CEO: Terry Gou 2008 Employees: 240 © 2009 CA Fullerton. Inc.html Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO..000 LOCATIONS Tucheng . CA Harrisburg.foxconn. Taiwan (HQ) Cypress. CA KEY COMPETITORS ASUSTeK Flextronics Jabil EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. LTD. Taiwan 236 Taiwan Phone: +886-2-2268-3466 PA Santa Clara.

the company is exploring options in nanotechnology and environmentally friendly manufacturing.. within another five years it was Taiwan’s leading private sector computer company. The device. Visit Vault at www. Hon Hai Precision Industry ranked 17th on BusinessWeek's InfoTech 100 list. In 1981.). Its customers include Apple. Motorola.vault. and Terry Gou (with a net worth of $6 billion) was ranked third by Forbes magazine's Taiwan's 40 Richest. Hon Hai Precision industry has the inside line on all this—literally. out-earning most of its closest competitors (and customers) by several billion dollars annually. engendered demented levels of anticipation among Apple fans. which went on sale in June 2007. Ltd. all-dancing. Its areas of expertise include heat transfer and wireless technology. Knobs and buttons Hon Hai Plastics Corporation was born to make television parts in Taiwan in 1974. The rechristened company’s first order of business was to begin making plastic connectors for the rapidly growing PC industry. The company makes parts for computers and communications devices (mainly cell phones) and other consumer electronics. adding to the confusion. 241 . it manufactures the electronic guts of the iPhone. although it shortly thereafter changed its name to Hon Hai Precision Industry. Apple announced the impending arrival of the iPhone. Hewlett-Packard. it moved into the manufacture of computer cases for such clients as HP and IBM. Although the company attracted criticism for its secrecy and lack of financial transparency. its all-singing. Nokia and Sony. expert resume reviews. the Vault Job Board and more. Foxconn International and Foxconn Technology Co. 2010 Edition Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. In for insider company profiles. Hon Hai went public in 1991. five years later. expert advice.iimcal. THE SCOOP The source for outsource Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry is the major player in consumer electronics contract manufacturing sector. the company started fabricating wires to go between its Inside the iPhone In early 2007. the firm has two publicly traded subsidiaries. career message boards. wireless-internet enabled cell-phone/iPod combo. In 2008. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the company’s founder Terry Gou (a/k/a Kuo Tai-ming) shifted the company’s focus to computers and adopted the trade name Foxconn (although Hon Hai Precision Industry is the company's legal name. and has ramped up its production lines. Currently.

• January 2009: Increasing its capital Hon Hai Precision revealed its plans to increase capital by issuing up to $650 million in global depositary receipts (GDRs). a Reuters article says Hon Hai’s third quarter result was still higher than the expected T$16. as the company endures increasing costs in China. Hon Hai's shares dropped more sharply than the broader market. including the design and testing of electronic parts and assemblies for large computer makers. “We need to look at the longer term rather than quarter by quarter.. On the other hand. . “We definitely won't lose money this year.87 billion of third quarter 2007. he did not specify if his outlook applied to the Taiwan-listed Hon Hai Precision Industry. plants. • October 2008: A weaker third quarter Hon Hai reported a drop in net profit for the third quarter compared to a year ago.74 billion profit. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: A better outlook for 2009? Hon Hai expects a profitable year in 2009. • December 2008: Cutting down Hon Hai said it has plans to cut its global workforce by 3 to 5 percent as the economic slowdown worsens more than expected. Ltd. The company is silent about the reasons for the fall. Hungary and Guadalajara. despite the constant drop in sales due to the global economic downturn. as well as handling returns and repair • June 2008: EU gives the go signal The European Commission gave the green light to Hon Hai Precision to buy electronics company Sanmina-SCI Corp. against T$ The $80 million to $90 million deal involves EMS.” Chairman Terry Gou tells the press. “The worst has not come yet.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Inc. The commission said the purchase “would not change significantly the position of Foxconn on the EMS market. Mexico.000 worldwide.” 242 © 2009 Vault.’s Szekesfehervar. Hon Hai employs more than billion ($540 million). According to an announcement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.” Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said in a statement.iimcal. The company posts a net profit of T$17. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the company said it plans to issue no more than 370 million ordinary shares for a GDR offering. 2010 Edition Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. based on analyst surveys. or its parent.” However. the unlisted Hon Hai Group.

Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. marketing and human resources) who are fluent in Chinese and are willing to work in and around China. At press time. Interested candidates can email their resume. purchasing. the Vault Job Board and more. Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industries seemed to be searching for managers (in the fields of R& for insider company profiles. stating the desired position. quality Visit Vault at www. production and planning.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. supply chain. operations. 243 . expert resume reviews. GETTING HIRED Looking for a Fox Hole? Prepared to realize your Foxconnian ambitions? The company’s careers site provides a list of job opportunities searchable by location. expert advice. to career message boards.

United Kingdom • Brockville. Hickling Chairman & CEO: Matthew J. United Kingdom • Fort McMurray. AL• Huntsville.ikon. Canada • Kitchener. Inc. PA 19355-0989 Phone: (610) 296-8000 www. Germany • Lethbridge. Canada • London. Canada • London. Canada • Lloydminster.ikonrecruiting.6 2008 Income ($ mil. AL • Hoover. Germany • Inverness. Canada • Burnaby. United Kingdom • Kelowna. Canada • Koblenz.iimcal. Canada•Montreal •Munich •Munster. Canada • Fort hjobs. AL • Mobile. United Kingdom•Mannheim •Mexico City •Milan •Mississauga.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Canada • Calgary. Germany THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: IKN Stock Exchange: NYSE President & COO: Jeffrey W. United Kingdom • Maidstone. United Kingdom • Geneva • Grande Prairie. Canada • Leeds Leipzig. United Kingdom•Manchester.. Canada • Frankfurt • AL • Montgomery. 70 Valley Stream Parkway Malvern. United Kingdom • Bristol. Canada•Moncton. Espe 2008 Employees: 24.): EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. United Kingdom • Dartmouth (Halifax). INC. Denmark • Aberdeen • Amsterdam • Barcelona • Barrie. Germany • Laval. Germany • Hamburg • Hannover. Canada • Dublin • Düsseldorf • Edmonton • DEPARTMENTS lAdministration Customer Service/Support Executive Management Finance Global Strategy & Communications Human Resources Information Technology Legal Operations Sales/Marketing LOCATIONS Malvern. . AL Aarhus N.): 91. United Kingdom • Exeter. PA (HQ) Gadsden. John. Canada • Cardiff • Coulsdon. Canada • Bellshill.166. Canada • Hagen.aspx 244 © 2009 KEY COMPETITORS Canon HP Ricoh Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.IKON OFFICE SOLUTIONS.

including IKON Service ExcellenceSM and the IKON TRAC SolutionSM. IKON reported revenue of $4. as well as the industry’s broadest portfolio of document management services. Inc. IKON offers systems from its mother company. the Vault Job Board and more.. its investors filed a lawsuit claiming that IKON allegedly manipulated its books to finance its acquisition IN THE NEWS • January 2009: Enter world-class firms IKON has been selected by leading international law firm Fried. IKON was originally the office supplies distribution division of a conglomerate known as Alco Standard. IKON had swallowed up roughly 200 companies and gained an enviable market position with 1. while profit increased by $46 million. Although it had many profitable enterprises by the summer of for insider company profiles. D. THE SCOOP Princes of print IKON Office Solutions. or by $15 million. In 2006. expert advice.2 billion. IKON began an aggressive acquisition spree in 1996 to expand its position in the IT and high-end office technology markets. Revenue actually decreased 3 percent. offices. 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions. career message boards. IKON will leverage its portfolio of comprehensive document management technologies and on-site managed services. IKON had the second-largest network of its kind.100 copier and office technology sales centers in North America and Europe.iimcal. Shortly before the spin-off. By 1998.vault. with a profit of $106 million. behind Xerox. Frank. is the world’s largest independent distributor of copier and printer technologies and services. 245 .. IKON chose to settle with its investors for $111 million rather than go to court. leading manufacturers like Canon and HP. Shriver & Jacobson LLP to deliver a comprehensive enterprise management solution for the firm’s New York and Washington. the division was spun off in 1997 and renamed IKON Office Solutions. It seemed that IKON was heading towards financial solvency when the merger with Ricoh was finalized in October 2008. a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Americas Corp.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Harris. Visit Vault at www. IKON was saddled with debt and many of its distributors were performing poorly. These financial results were mostly the product of prudent cost-cutting measures. expert resume reviews. To compound the company’s financial problems. The company has a worldwide team of service professionals who offer assistance with everything from on-site copy and mailroom management to off-site outsourcing of document services. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.C.

with consistent 1200 dpi color output coupled with 90ppm speed. 2008. and a comprehensive set of litigation support services to best meet the needs of law firms and corporate counsel. As a result of this redemption and the redemption of $50 million on May 7. awarded its 2008 Leadership Award for Service Excellence to IKON. 2008.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and responsiveness to VHA staff and members. The transaction was done through Ricoh’s wholly owned plus accrued and unpaid interest up to. 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions. • May 2008: Best in Canada The STAPLES Business Depot in Canada presented IKON with its Best Category Management for Business Services award at the Staples Global Conference.7 million loss from the early extinguishment of debt in the third quarter of fiscal 2008. a national health care alliance. former shareholders of IKON will receive $17. a strategic group that will leverage the company’s full portfolio of document management technologies. The redemption price will be 100 percent of the principal amount. along with extensive workflow solutions and finishing options at an affordable price. • October 2008: Ricoh completes acquisition of IKON Ricoh Co. the company will incur an approximate $5. but not including.. • December 2008: Introducing RICOH Pro C900 IKON announced the addition of the RICOH Pro C900 digital color printer to its production portfolio. • May 2008: Redeeming its worth IKON announced that it will redeem for cash the remaining $100 million in aggregate principal amount of its Senior Unsecured Floating Rate Notes due 2012. Pursuant to the merger agreement. ending June 30. distribution subsidiary. overall customer satisfaction. completed the acquisition of IKON for $1. was recognized for its outstanding contributions. The company. • May 2008: For service excellence and more VHA Inc. Inc. Candidates for the 2008 VHA Leadership Award for Service Excellence are recommended and selected based on sales interactions with VHA members. • September 2008: Going legal IKON forms IKON Legal Enterprise Solutions.iimcal. the redemption date of June 30.6 billion. Inc. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. along with four others. The RICOH Pro C900 redefines industry standards in the production print marketplace. a web-based print ordering and workflow solution that provides the backbone of STAPLES Business Depot’s online print procurement system.S.. STAPLES Business Depot honored IKON with the award for the IKON WebPrint. 246 © 2009 Vault.. . 2008.25 in cash for each share of IKON common stock. support and commitment in helping VHA members achieve their supply chain goals. on-site and off-site managed Ricoh Americas Corp.

77. color systems.asp. saving time and potential GETTING HIRED Have a career at an industry IKON IKON-ic hopefuls can click their way over to IKON’s careers page. The solution is designed to make print order and delivery more efficient and cost-effective. expert advice. and a production audit trail helps to measure and manage performance. part. the Vault Job Board and more. Open positions are searchable by keyword. training.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Because of the agreement. scanners and fax machines.vault.iimcal. Customers can modify or cancel orders at the click of a button. naturally. they will find information about benefits. the United States’ largest buying cooperative for higher education. Inc. there is no hardware to buy and no software upgrades are needed. Visit Vault at www. candidates must first fill out a web-based form. and can check a project’s status online. 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions.ikon. universities.500 tax-exempt colleges. E&I members can now utilize IKON’s Professional Services “to assess their document workflow and provide a blueprint for improving efficiency and managing costs. • November 2007: Payback time IKON announced that its board of directors has approved the repurchase of $500 million of its common stock. which includes copiers. 247 . prep for insider company profiles. To apply for a position. career message boards. IKON intends to repurchase up to $295 million of its common stock through a modified “Dutch Auction” self-tender offer at a price of not less than $13 per share or more than $15 per share.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. printers. located at www.or full-time E&I members in the United States can now have access to contracted pricing on IKON document management solutions and services. medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations. job openings. Because the IKON WebPrint is hosted by IKON and accessed via a web browser. • September 2007: E&I-KON partnership IKON entered an agreement with E&I Cooperative Purchasing. In addition. diversity and. thereby reducing phone calls and interruptions to the print center and further improving productivity. IKON WebPrint allows print operators to see order summaries and track jobs. hospitals. There. an ASP web-to-print solution for copy/print center operators. expert resume reviews. to provide document management solutions and services to its members—more than 1. • March 2008: Efficiency is key The company launched the IKON WebPrint. category and location. The minimum tender price represents a premium of approximately 21 percent over IKON’s closing stock price of $10. including IKON’s full portfolio of Canon products.

248 © 2009 Vault. for example. IKON’s benefits include health. The interviews consisted of the usual behavioral questions–nothing out of the ordinary. “My interview process involved a telephone interview as a screening call. etc. Inc. It just seemed a bit much to have to interview so many times for the position. 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions. flexible spending accounts for medical expenses and day care. why I wanted to change I also had to answer a list of questions via email.iimcal. The source reported. unfairness. an interview with the potential boss and an interview with a potential coworker. After that. however. I had to come back for another interview with a different manager. The next interview was with my direct supervisor and one of my future co-workers. The company is also committed to supporting diversity and was named to DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2006 in recognition of its efforts in this arena. wrong business processes and zero chance for professional growth. Most insiders like the casual atmosphere in the workplace.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Then. experience. OUR SURVEY SAYS Interviews left and right IKON’s recruiting process usually consists of a phone interview by the company’s HR personnel. I had a face-to-face interview with the Flat-lining professional growth The general attitude among IKON-ic respondents is dismay. that the hiring process most often depends on the department and manager involved. an employee stock purchase program and tuition reimbursement. IKON has been hailed as one of America’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine and was included as one of the 50 Best Companies To Sell For by Selling Power magazine.” Another source had a much easier experience. An insider relates. Interviewed approximately 15 days later via telephone. went through several rounds of interviews. dental and life insurance. as it was named to Training Magazine’s Top 100 for the fourth year in a row in 2006. but this is negated by perceived inadequate compensation. . a retirement savings plan with company matching. “I had one telephone interview with the recruiter.” There are indicators.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. An exasperated source who was interviewed for a supervisor Next I had an interview with two managers. This interview pretty much focused on my general background– education. I was offered the job about two days later and started about seven days later. Inc. IKON’s training programs are also highly regarded. “I applied for the role.

“It’s a good firm to work for if you don’t have a higher degree of education. but from there–basically nowhere. economy fell in 2008. A recruiting specialist in the company states. but may do so by slimming down expenses and human capital. expert advice. Upper management has the option to work from home occasionally. You do scanning. with disabilities. which is considered The annual pay increase in IKON in recent years is 2.8 percent of the 2008 salary. in other departments. consistent path for advancement. “The base salary was $56. dependent on company performance. Promotions are based upon who you get in good with or how much kissing up you do. Management has no concern for the atmosphere or morale of the employees. You can move from faxes to scanning. complains about the discrepancy of workload between departments. Inc.” A CSR answers. However. The idea is that you manage your business.” A supervisor.iimcal. A third week comes at the five-year mark.” A key accounts representative griped. Vacation time for employees less than five years in service is two weeks. To stay afloat.vault. for insider company profiles. but due to the limited number of jobs done by the company.” Salary and incentives Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the company has delayed merit “The dress code. hours and diversity was awesome! My colleagues were beautiful. There is not a clear. Everything else was terrible. including four-day workweeks. there is not much space to grow. 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions. This can easily be done from the comforts of your own home. people remain in the same position for years before advancing (if ever). “The company seems to focus their work/life balance efforts on hourly employees and upper management.650 which reflects a 3 percent increase over last year’s salary. the Vault Job Board and more. Population is very diversified–people from different countries. expert resume reviews. and laid off employees. Supervisors. meanwhile. There is some advancement available. decreased bonuses for senior leaders.” Visit Vault at www. People are friendly and treat you fairly. A financial support analyst says. which standardizes the year-end bonus. different ages. The position was a pay grade 10. cut back on travel. The company offers tuition reimbursement based on grades. The company will weather this economic storm.5 to 3 percent according to the survey. career message boards. are expected to work long hours in the office and take their laptops home with them to work even more. “IKON is doing OK in terms of staying afloat during these tough economic times.” A supervisor explains that. printing. Hourly employees enjoy flexible schedules. “The work culture is pretty laid-back. even before the U.” The supervisor adds. the bonus was 90 percent of 12 percent or 10. 249 . In 2008. instead. “Opportunities for advancement are better in some departments than others. The bonus for grade 10 is up to 12 percent.

iimcal. Ricoh is solidly positioned to succeed in the industry if the economy recovers in the next year. The company is restructuring to become more efficient and there will be some jobs cut due to the realignment. People on the corporate level are still wrestling with multiple taskings due to the restructuring so there is some apprehension about what the end result is going to be. Inc. Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but this may be a rough year for profits if the economy stays down for long. “The company was acquired by Ricoh in November 250 © 2009 Vault.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. months after the 2010 Edition IKON Office Solutions. An insider .

Denmark • Budapest • Cham.): 34. Brazil • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT phx.zhtml?c=98566&p=irolaboutIMCareers 251 . United Kingdom • Montreal • Mumbai • Munich • North Shore City. FL • Millington. Australia • São Paulo.500 2008 Revenue ($ mil.9 KEY COMPETITORS Arrow Synnex Corporation Tech Data Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Australia • Melbourne • Milton Keynes.362. New Zealand • Osborne Park. Italy • TN • Mira Loma. Mexico • Barcelona • Birkerod. Hong Kong • Matraville.INGRAM MICRO INC. Australia • Anahuac. Hong Kong • Singapore • Toowong. Box 25125 Santa Ana.O. CA • NY • Carol Stream. PA • Memphis. Australia • Heerlen.): -394. Finland • Vienna • Vilvoorde. TN • Miami. Sweden • Kowloon. NY Adelaide. Switzerland • Christchurch • Eastwood. Belgium • Wellington. Spierkel 2008 Employees: 14. Andrew Place P. Australia • Toronto • Vancouver • Vantaa. TX • Harrisburg. Australia • Oslo • Perth • Rosebery. IL • Dallas.2 2008 Income ($ mil. PA • DEPARTMENTS Business Development • Channel Marketing • Corporate Communications • Corporate Strategy • Data capture & Point-of-Sale Division • Finance & Accounting • Government & Education Sales • Human Resources • Information Technology & eCommerce • Investor Relations • Legal Affairs • Marketing • Marketing Communications • Media & Community Relations • Sales & Vendor Management Services • Strategic Divisions • Strategy & Communications LOCATIONS Santa Ana.corporateir. New Zealand THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: IM Stock Exchange: NYSE President & COO: Alain Monié CEO: Gregory M. St.iimcal. 1600 E.ingrammicro. CA (HQ) Buffalo. Netherlands • Kista. CA 92799-5125 Phone: (714) 566-1000 www. New Zealand • Wiri.

DBL Distributing is a $300 millionper-year company specializing in the fast-growing market for consumer electronics. reverse logistics. The combined company. . which is based in Santa Ana.000 products to independent retailers. Ingram Micro has connected technology solution providers with vendors worldwide. a privately held alliance of 12 companies distributing high-tech home goods like LCD TVs and computers for media and gaming. 252 © 2009 Vault. 69 on the 2008 Fortune 500 list. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. As a vital link in the technology value chain. contract warehousing.. product pack out and cartonization. and gives Ingram a leg up in the consumer market. It primarily distributes about 17. product procurement. technical support. a provider of AIDC and RFID equipment. Europe. Ingram Industries became a majority stockholder of Micro D in February 1986 when it acquired all common stock held by the company’s founders and then all remaining Micro D shares in March 1989. the company acquired SymTech Nordic. At present. credit and collection management services. outsourced logistics services. Ingram Micro had expanded to Canada.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. transportation management. identifying markets and technologies that shape the IT industry. In 1979. Since its beginnings. In 2006. Calif. the husband-and-wife team of Geza Czige and Lorraine Mecca founded Micro D.iimcal. and it became a publicly traded company three years later. is the world’s largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales. It ranked No. customer care. In 2005. Ingram Micro creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs. was renamed Ingram Micro at that point. 2010 Edition Ingram Micro Inc. as part of its global strategy to expand into adjacent technologies. Ingram Micro expanded further in the consumer electronics sphere with its acquisition of DBL Distributing for $96 million. and other value chain services. listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. the company made its foray into the world of consumer electronics by acquiring AVAD. Ingram Micro provides customizable services for order management and fulfillment. Latin America and Asia through a series of acquisitions. The company serves 150 countries and is the only global IT distributor with operations in In 2007. contract marketing and logistics company. Inc. THE SCOOP IT products for the whole family Ingram Micro Inc. Micro-expansion By 1993. financial services and product

to deliver the IT channel's first digital signage deployment kits supported by ongoing managed services. the company announced that Ingram Micro’s Digital Signage Division has expanded its alliance with BroadSign International Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards. Ingram Micro North America's product database now Visit Vault at • December 2008: Micro portal for mobile solutions launched IGNITION. the Vault Job Board and more. a business of Tyco Electronics Corp. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Restructuring of Nordic operations Ingram Micro announced that it will restructure operations in the Nordic countries to position the company for greater profitability.. notebooks and monitors based on 51 environmental performance criteria. The award. • February 2009: Company bags distinguished IBM Tivoli VAD Ingram Micro earned the IBM Tivoli VAD for overall contribution as a value-added distribution partner (VAD). Under the terms of the new distribution agreement. is an environmental rating system that evaluates desktop computers. was presented to Ingram Micro during IBM's Pulse 2009 conference. was launched by Ingram Micro. At the same for its revenue growth and ongoing commitment to teaming and business partnership. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. a leading worldwide provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for managing digital signage networks. Support for Verizon Wireless is underway. the Ingram Micro Data Capture/POS Division will support.iimcal. to include North America. • March 2009: POS portfolio expanded The company expanded its business relationship with IT leader Elo TouchSystems. which recognized Ingram Micro U. and the closure of the company's broad-based distribution businesses in Finland and Norway. an online activation portal designed exclusively for IT solution providers who sell wireless activations as part of their mobile solutions. The new portal makes it easier for IT solution providers to manage commissions and activate wireless carrier services from the industry's major carriers including AT&T and Sprint.. Through the restructuring program.S. managed by the nonprofit Green Electronics Council. market and resell the complete line of Elo TouchSystems touch monitor products including LCD touch monitors.vault. IGNITION is free to Ingram Micro channel partners. • August 2008: Giving back to Mother Earth Ingram Micro launched a service to help resellers easily identify "green" electronic products. touch computers and custom solutions to channel partners throughout North America. 253 . EPEAT=(Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool). the supplier will focus its broad-based distribution operations on the Swedish market while further developing its data capture/point-of-sale (DC/POS) business in four Nordic countries. The restructuring will entail the sale of Ingram Micro's broad-based distribution business in Denmark. 2010 Edition Ingram Micro Inc. expert advice. expert resume for insider company profiles.

“There are a variety of developmental opportunities for employees if you want to pursue them. Inc.zhtml?c=98566&p=irol-aboutIMCareers. perks and PTO were also very good. To apply to a posting. 2010 Edition Ingram Micro Inc. Silver or Gold—along with other product data to enable resellers to easily identify environmentally preferable computer 254 © 2009 Vault. uptight and competitive.” says an insider assigned to human resources. OUR SURVEY SAYS Sources say that Ingram Micro is tops when it comes to pay. particularly at the management management training. this would be a good fit. other in-house training classes that are very good— that is definitely a strength of the company. I would describe the corporate culture (at least in the Buffalo office) as being very conservative. candidates must first create a profile. includes EPEAT ratings information—rankings of Bronze. the online home of Ingram Micro careers. the culture can be “very cutthroat” and only highly competitive types may fit in well. there was definitely an ‘air’ of competition amongst colleagues.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal. While a lot of people were nice. “For someone who is very competitive and likes a cutthroat culture. “Overall.” says another contact. location and keyword. They offer Six Sigma “Salary was very good and more than I probably would have made in a similar role at another company.corporateir.” the source adds. . No complaints about the salary/benefits package. The annual bonuses are also very good.” says an insider. Benefits. Available positions can be sorted by function. incentives and in-house training opportunities. The site provides information about careers in the 39 countries in which the company keeps offices. GETTING HIRED Catalog your options at Ingram Micro Aspiring employees can point their browsers to phx. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.

integ.iimcal. Higginbotham 2008 Employees: 569 2008 Revenue ($ THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ISYS Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: John M. VA Colorado CO El Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.2 2008 Income ($ mil.): 160. 5000 Philadelphia Way 255 .2 LOCATIONS Lanham.INTEGRAL SYSTEMS.): 18. MD 20706-4417 Phone: (301) 731-4233 Fax: (301) 731-9606 www. MD (HQ) Chantilly. Albertine CEO & Director: John B. INC. France KEY COMPETITORS General Dynamics Corporation Lockheed Martin Corporation Northrop Grumman Corporation DEPARTMENTS Commercial Division Government Division Human Resources New Business Development & Technology EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.integ. CA Toulouse.

Inc. about 82 percent in 2008. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Integral picked up a software company specializing in data processing and another involved in satellite communications. Previously. The company opened a European office in Toulouse. in 2001. satellites are never far from the “mind” of Integral Systems Incorporated. The company continued to perform well and had more than $160 million revenue in 2008 despite constant changes in the CEO 256 © 2009 Vault. It was the first company to offer an integrated suite of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products for satellite command and control: the EPOCH integrated product suite (IPS). In 2002. The company provides software and hardware that allows satellites to send data to ground-based systems. and acquired a number of companies involved in its industry in the following Integral Systems’ ace up its sleeve is its flexible software. who joined the company in July 2008. meteorological and Earth resource applications. as opposed to other satellite-control software. including telemetry and automatically generated information about the statuses of onboard Integral had $116 million revenue in 2006. The company has supported more than 205 different satellite missions for communications. and its business took off. of the Space Foundation. The majority of Integral’s business. now director emeritus.iimcal. and it purchased satellite-related assets from Jackson & Tull the next year. Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Integral developed its one-size-fits-all approach to satellite control during the early 1990s. It was one of Forbes’ Top 200 Small Companies in America in 2008. which can talk to a variety of satellites. either. Higginbotham. 1982: A space odyssey The company was founded in 1982 and went public in 1988. 2010 Edition Integral Systems. which must be built from scratch for each device.S. THE SCOOP Keep your eyes on the sky While they may be hundreds of miles from Earth. came from the U. he was the founder and former managing general partner of SpaceVest Capital (now Redshift Ventures). science. He was formerly chairman. France. . government. a premier nonprofit organization supporting space activities. The technology isn’t a one-way street. as it lets satellites receive commands about orbit adjustments from down below as well. Integral is now under the helm of John B. space professionals and education.

an intergovernmental organization with 21 member countries. including all required telemetry and command processing. Integral Systems' EPOCH IPS will provide a highly precise. control and communications ground system for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).in) Visit Vault at www. jammers and unauthorized users to ensure quality of satellite service. Air Force and other Integral Systems offerings. expert advice.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.S. In its government dealings. The satID product line and services will become a part of Integral Systems' Space Communications group. career message for insider company profiles.vault.1 million contract option to complete the modernization of the Polar Acquisition and Control Subsystem (PACS) command. the company plans to manage and monitor satellite flight. another Integral subsidiary. Integral was awarded a $1. • February 2009: Buying satID IP Integral purchased intellectual property and other assets relating to the satID product line from U. and handle communications between the ground station and the satellite.-based QinetiQ Group PLC. 257 . PACS. Inc. has provided automated control of NOAA's polar satellite fleet for over 15 years. the Vault Job Board and more.K. making Telesat the fourth-largest commercial fixed satellite services provider in the world. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Mitsubishi selects EPOCH Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Satellite operators around the world use satID to geolocate the source of satellite interferers.iimcal. originally built and delivered by Integral. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In concert with Newpoint Technologies. integrated environment for DS2000 satellite operations and mission analysis. Integral also announced a contract with the French National Space Agency to provide telemetry and communications support for the Venus Satellites from Loral Skynet were added to Telesat’s count: 11 satellites operated for Telesat and 14 satellites were run for other parties. Integral completed the initial phase of support activities for satellite fleet operations. expert resume reviews. Integral Systems utilizes the satID capability in the RAIDRS program for the U. • May 2008: Canada calling In partnership with Telesat. selected Integral Systems' EPOCH Integrated Product Suite (IPS) to support its DS2000 satellite platform. • November 2008: Ground support A European subsidiary of the company inked a yearly renewable deal to support the Polar Mission Control System (MCS) over the next 15 years with the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). memory management and orbit analysis. 2010 Edition Integral Systems. Upon completion of the effort. Canada’s national satellite communications company.

provide a list of open positions with accompanying job descriptions.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Job seekers may choose to send their resumes to 2010 Edition Integral Systems. there were a number of open positions in engineering. systems or apply online by creating an online Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. At the time Vault visited the site. Inc. GETTING HIRED Take your career higher Integral’s bare-bones careers pages. at www.integ. Inc. accounting and the legal department. .in) 258 © 2009

FL • Cambridge. CA • Fort Collins. IL • Chandler. GA • Oakbrook Terrace. NH • New York. IN • Irvine. CA • Schaumburg. Ltd. MA • Albuquerque. NM • Aloha. AZ • Seattle. MD • Austin. PA • Boca Raton. IL • Scottsdale. IL • San Diego. IL • Phoenix. TX • Danbury. OR • Annapolis Junction. WA • Washington. NY • Norcross. WA • El Segundo. CT • Dupont. AZ • NC • Rio Rancho.iimcal. NC • Champaign. CO • Columbia. TX • Beaverton. CA • Bloomington. MA • Cary. Inc. PA • Raleigh. PA • Woodbridge.586 2008 Income ($ DEPARTMENTS Administration • Engineering Facilities & Site Services • Enterprise Services • Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing & Supply Chain • Marketing • Materials/Planning/Purchasing • Professional Services • Public Affairs • Sales • Security/Safety LOCATIONS Santa Clara.900 2008 Revenue ($ mil. CA 95054-1549 Phone: (408) 765-8080 www. Sony Corporation Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: INTC Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Craig CO • Lakewood.): 5. Otellini 2008 Employees: 83. CA • Lafayette. VA • Colorado Springs. NM • Riverton. TX • Hudson. CA • Nashua.INTEL CORPORATION 2200 Mission College Boulevard Santa 259 .292 KEY COMPETITORS Advanced Micro Devices. CO • Milpitas. AZ • Chantilly. MN • Blue Bell. UT • Rockton. Barrett President & CEO: Paul S. WA • Berkeley. CA (HQ) Acton. NJ 119 International Locations. OR • Houston. CA • Farmington MI • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 37. OR • Bellevue. CA • Santa Ana. VA • Hillsboro. CO • Fremont. SC • Dallas. (AMD) Samsung Electronics Co. DC • Wexford. CA • Herndon. MA • Indianapolis.

Inc. designed for enterprise-class.8 billion in 2005—but profits were dwindling. IBM chose the company’s 8088 chip to power its first PC in 1981. His efforts have included an overhaul of the company’s logo—which hadn’t appreciably changed in three decades—and a new motto. Leap years ahead Intel started varying its offerings beyond PCs in 1999. Otellini’s moves were met with skepticism by many Intel personnel. This compatibility.iimcal. helped make the x86 architecture an industry standard.” He also hired Eric B. He embarked upon the revision of Intel’s business model. In 2006. the product was beset with manufacturing problems. The 286 processor developed by Intel in 1982 was the first that was backward compatible with software written for older chips. “leap ahead. all former employees of Fairchild 260 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but the line of products were discontinued in 2001. 2010 Edition Intel Corporation THE SCOOP The best chips you’ll never taste Not only is Intel the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductors. rather than to consumers. Gordon Moore and Andy Grove. in 1971 to run Busicom scientific calculators. digital cameras and Internet radios.” which replaced “Intel inside. and introduced the “Intel inside” logo. For a company that sells the vast majority of its products to other businesses. Company revenue continued to grow steadily through the 2000s—reaching a high of $38. the man responsible for building up Samsung’s brand name. It unveiled prototype versions of its 64-bit Itanium processor. It unveiled the world’s first microprocessor. it has also become one of the world’s best recognized high-tech brands. However. Kim. the 4004. Needless to say. Intel was founded in 1968 by three legendary electrical engineers: Robert Noyce. But the company’s marketing efforts have paid off. causing consumers to actively seek out products that advertise their Intel insides. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In 1991. the profit of Intel fell to $5 billion. Intel’s processor chips had become powerful enough to spawn the personal computer (PC) industry. from a high of $10 billion in 2000. In spring 2006. .ac. along with Intel’s decision to license the design to other semiconductor manufacturers. such widespread name recognition is unusual. The company’s first products were dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) memory chips. the company began to stress the importance of its chips for computer performance. Intel also began offering consumer electronics such as toys. Intel named Paul Otellini its new CEO—the first non-PhD and nonengineer to run the company. high-end servers. and the full-scale Itanium rollout did not occur until 2001. By the

The restructuring will also affect the 200mm wafer fabrication facility in Oregon and wafer production operations at the D2 facility in Santa for insider company profiles. nastiest computing chores (yes.vault. 261 . Visit Vault at www. Intel has churned out the Viiv and Centrino processors designed for home entertainment and mobile PCs. Philippines Intel announced the shutdown of two of its assembly test facilities. Otellini has also gone to lengths to cultivate a friendship with Steve Jobs. Though Global Foundries spawned from the AMD shareholders pen. • January 2009: Shutdown in Malaysia. one in Penang. however. remained steadfast with a vision for Intel to explore untraditional markets. Maybe a further line about it would clarify it. expert advice. The processor boasts unique features with names seemingly taken from Japanese super sentai series (think Power Rangers) like turbo boost technology and Intel hyper-threading technology. Intel says that it is not considered a subsidiary under terms of contract. that includes homework). and another in Cavite. career message boards.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Philippines. • November 2008: Power up! Customized for: Vinay ( Intel launcheds what it touts as the world’s fastest processor for the desktop PC ever: the Core i7 processor family.5 billion in China and will open a factory there in 2010. Malaysia. which is beyond the 2001 patent cross-license agreement. respectively. Intel has also invested about $2. (AMAN: This sentence seems out of the blue. Intel also claims that the meat of the agreement between AMD and ATIC invades a confidential portion of the Intel-AMD deal. The turbo boost technology assures users that they can always go overdrive with their PCs without having to worry about overheating. there’s more! Desktop PCs can have that much power in an eight-core chip. expert resume reviews. Amidst layoffs of close to 10 percent of its workforce. meaning there are already eight threads for 16 separate engines to tackle anybody’s dirtiest. But wait. The breach entitles Intel’s forfeit of AMD’s rights and licenses with the company. to restructure some of the company’s manufacturing operations and ensure that its manufacturing capacity is still at par with current market conditions. Calif. and was rewarded when Jobs decreed that future Macs would use Intel’s chips.iimcal. 2010 Edition Intel Corporation Otellini. the Vault Job Board and more. and unexplained.) IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Intel warns AMD of patent deal violations Micro Devices (AMD) might be headed for the chopping block as Intel warned the company that it might have violated a 2001 patent cross-license agreement.

bonuses.” GETTING HIRED Inside. believed that these tiny crackerjacks will be “unleashing new innovation across the industry. to participate. To apply for a job. Intel’s Core 2 Duo now comes in pocket sizes with Intel Atom and Intel Centrino Atom (previously christened Silverthorne and Diamondville). the general manager for Intel’s LAN access division said that the acquisition will give Intel its needed boost to the company’s current Ethernet efforts.iimcal. . location and keyword. Intel’s benefits for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). equipping them with the best internet experience consumers can—literally— pocket. student opportunities and benefits. maybe not. candidates must first submit their resumes to the company. providing solutions like iWARP. and high-performance Network Interface Card products. an employee stock purchase plan. choice of health and dental Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. There are also explanations of an assortment of career paths at the company. and server compute clusters. leap ahead into a career Intel’s careers site. Intel’s vice president and chief sales and marketing officer. candidates must first create a profile. These and seeks hires at diversity fairs like the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE).com/jobs/index. located at www. including server virtualization.-based hires include stock for new hires and recently promoted 262 © 2009 Vault. Swinford added that the combined power of the two companies’ Ethernet technologies will “address our customers' most important 10 Gigabit Ethernet needs. Tom Swinford.S. low-powered processors are specifically designed for MIDs (mobile internet devices) and a new breed of internet-centric computers coming in late 2008. 2010 Edition Intel Corporation • October 2008: Intel gets a boost Intel acquired NetEffect for $8 million.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but think of having the same capacity as the PC you’ve installed WoW with in the palm of your hand. Intel recruits at a number of colleges throughout the United the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and Women in Technology International (WITI). Sean Maloney. an Ethernet substitute for InfiniBand. finance and marketing." NetEffect was a company that specialized in Ethernet technology. Intel generally screens applicants by phone before they are invited to an office location for a face-to-face interview. convergence of network and storage traffic. • March 2008: The new size that matters Imagine playing WoW on your cell phone—well.htm?iid=ftr+jobs. Intel also holds virtual recruiting events on its website. provides information about job openings. Inc. Opportunities at Intel for students include internships and entry-level positions in engineering. Open positions can be searched by function.

career message boards. I believe it to still be that way. If you end up in a situation where you have a bad manager. These are compounded by a seeming lack of professional advancement opportunities in the United States as more and more work is outsourced to overseas affiliates. 401(k) with company contribution. OUR SURVEY SAYS Changing company culture. The challenges now are around politics. employee morale has noticeably dropped in recent years. a sign of the times? For 40 years. who started working for Intel when he was 16. the Vault Job Board and more. and still Visit Vault at www. but as you work up the ranks it can be more flexible.vault. 263 . especially those who have been with Intel for a long time. Some individuals dress in jeans. one of the most desirable corporations to work for. I feel fortunate to have learned so much on the job and having real world experiences while also having Intel pay for my education.” A source.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but most are in semiformal attire. and you won’t be disappointed after joining Intel. Intel is not strict about hours.” an insider says.” However. Longtime and new employees. however. After seven years of employment. on-site exercise facilities and flexible schedules. who has been with Intel for close to 20 years. “The corporate culture is relaxed but not entirely informal. Intel has been. employees are eligible for an eight-week paid sabbatical. “For many engineers. The company also offers tuition reimbursement for career-related courses and internal training. Disgruntled workers. you are pretty much out of luck. expert advice. “It was an amazing opportunity and I finished high school and college while working there. Hours are generally 8 to 5. in different ways. 2010 Edition Intel Corporation plans. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and offers work-from-home option. This coincides with necessary layoffs and other cost-cutting measures that present CEO Otellini oversaw. The dress code is informal. and even former ones. Another source adds that the company is suffering from plummeting morale and poor leadership. so I can wear my traditional outfit. “It used to be a fun and challenging place.” A recent hire from the design team apparently dreamed of entering Intel. working at Intel is a dream for insider company profiles. praise the company’s relaxed. but challenging and nurturing environment. A former insider. The one thing I can say is that the ranking and rating process is a complete joke.iimcal. which saves [a] lot of gas. said. can’t help but compare the chip giant’s halcyon years (late 1980s to early 2000s) to the company’s current situation. expert resume reviews.

INC. Byrne 2008 Employees: 2. WA 98203-1264 Phone: (425) 348-2600 Fax: (425) 267-2983 www. Sweden • Dubai • Düsseldorf. Brazil • Kuala Lumpur • Lorenskog.): 264 © 2009 Germany • Itajuba. WA (HQ) • Arlington. FL Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing • Brisbane • Chatou Cedex. OH • Sunrise. Norway • Madrid • Melbourne • Mexico City • Montreal • Nijmegen.): DEPARTMENTS Corporate Strategy • Finance • G&A • Human Resources • IT • Marketing • Mobile Solutions Business Unit • OPS • R&D • Sales • Service • Global Supply Chain Operations Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. (acquired by Honeywell Corporation) Motorola. VA • Charlotte.intermec. The Netherlands • Oslo • Reading. Zebra Technologies Corporation EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. England • São THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: IN Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Allen J. .7 LOCATIONS Everett. 6001 36th Avenue West Everett. Brazil • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Sydney • Toronto • Wanchai. France • Milan • Danderyd. Inc. Inc.9 2008 Income ($ mil.070 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Hong Kong KEY COMPETITORS Hand Held Products.iimcal. NC • Fairfield. Lauer President & CEO: Patrick J.

expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Intermec. Western Atlas spun off Intermec.iimcal. having worked for 24 years with Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. Three years The Intermec board of directors elected Patrick Byrne as its new president and CEO in July 2007. only four months after former CEO Larry Brady announced his retirement. Through the WLAN. In the restructuring. expert advice. The company’s name is a shortened version of its original moniker. The board also used the occasion to name a new chairman. selecting Allen Laurer. and soon began contributing to bar code technology and other interface products. and he sits on the board of Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. awarded Intermec a contract to enable its postal delivery team with CN3 mobile computers and add-on Visit Vault at www. Byrne has a background in engineering. which had been renamed Unova. as a separate company.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. NASA. Navy contractor Litton Industries acquired Intermec. 265 .vault. Intermec’s technology is used to organize everything from doughnuts to retirement plans and its clients include Krispy a director with the company since 2004. Saudi Post. In 1997. In 1991. THE SCOOP A vital link in the supply chain Intermec helps companies get the right stuff to the right people at the right time. the company had invented the first computerized cash register. By 1972. Intermec is also collaborating with NASA in researching and developing new automatic identification tracking (AIT) system technologies that can have practical applications in space. Intermec was established in 1966 as Interface Mechanisms. automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) labels and readers. NASA can easily locate any piece of its ground support equipment (GSE) in seconds anywhere within its vast 47-square-mile facility. the Vault Job Board and more. Its products are portable computers. the world’s largest. Unova became Intermec for insider company profiles. Inc. and radio frequency identification (RFID) products. in 2006. Interface Mechanisms. the New York City Department of Sanitation and the Social Security Administration. Intermec was among those tapped to comprise Western Atlas. career message boards. Litton spun off Western Atlas to work on more commercial applications. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Saudi Post awards contract to Intermec Saudi Arabia’s leader in mail and parcel delivery. Keeping track of business Intermec built NASA’s wireless local area network (WLAN).

. Net earnings also rose to $35. Dreissnack officially assumed the position in January 2009. Lyons previously served in the HR units of Roche’s Palo Alto Research and Development Center. Driessnack is expected to bring in his financial expertise and experience in global electronics manufacturing to Intermec’s business. AM International and Coopers & Lybrand. 2010 Edition Intermec. instead of the previously forecasted $227 million to $232 million. Inc. a press release said former CFO Lanny Michael left to pursue other opportunities. about 11 percent of its workforce.’s executive vice president and CFO Eric Draut. strong earnings and cash flow. or $0. The layoffs were part of the company’s move to consolidate service depots to streamline its production line. and reflects Saudi Post’s commitment to implement the most advanced technology available to improve delivery efficiency and provide enhanced services for its customers.iimcal. compared to $849 million the previous year. “Our fourth quarter completed a strong year for Intermec.40 per share. • December 2008: Driessnack sits as new CFO Intermec named Robert Driessnack senior vice president and CFO. Meanwhile. delivering record revenue. compared to 2007’s $24.3 million. Going forward. The contract is a core component of the strategic partnership between the two organizations. Draut also serves as chairman of the board of nonprofit Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. 266 © 2009 • July 2008: Making ends meet Intermec cut 260 Aside from his responsibilities at Intermec. The company expected a $216 million to $218 million range of revenue. • February 2009: Strong 2008 closing Intermec released its fourth quarter and full 2008 financial results. Draut has served Duchossois Industries. KLA-Tencor and Cisco. • October 2008: Additions in the family Jeanne Lyon joined Intermec as the company’s new vice president for human resources. Fiscal 2008 revenue climbed to $891 million. Another addition to Intermec is Unitrin.” says Intermec President and CEO Patrick Byrne in a press release.5 million. who is elected into Intermec’s board of directors. we are focused on our customer's priorities of improving the productivity of the mobile worker and the performance of their global supply chains.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. IP30 handheld RFID readers. at $0.58 per share. and lowered its second quarter forecast due to declining shares.

expert resume reviews. career message boards. 267 . career opportunities. at www. expert advice. employee testimonials. GETTING HIRED Integrate your career with Intermec Intermec’s careers site.aspx. The page has links to four subjects that may interest a potential job applicant: Intermec for insider company profiles. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Openings in the company are located under the career opportunities and co-op and Internship Program links.intermec. the Vault Job Board and more. provides information on company ethics and job openings. To apply. 2010 Edition Intermec. Inc. interested parties must fill out a web-based form and upload their resume. Jobs are searchable by location and Visit Vault at www. and co-op and internship program.

Democratic Republic of Congo • KEY COMPETITORS Accenture • Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) • Microsoft Corporation EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 12.. Honduras • Tokyo • Trinidad • Tunis. Luxembourg • Ho Chi Minh City • Istanbul • Jakarta • Johannesburg • Karachi. Michael. Latvia • Saint Denis Cedex. Lyngby. Bermuda • Hampshire. Cameroon • Zagreb. Sri Lanka • Curacao. Cote d'Ivoire • Abu Dhabi • Algiers • Almaty. Mauritius • Prague • Quarry Bay. Germany • Hesperange. Inc.334 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. Djibouti • Douala. Tunisia • Victoria Island– Lagos. Italy • Warsaw • Wellington • Windhoek. . Bulgaria • St. France • Saint Jean de Braye. Philippines • Quito. France • Giza • Halandri. Croatia • Zurich DEPARTMENTS Consulting & Services • Development & Manufacturing • Engineering • Finance & Accounting • Global Business Services • Global Sales & Distribution • Global Services • Global Technology Services • Human Resources • IT & Telecommunications • Legal • Legal & Regulatory Affairs • Manufacturing • Marketing & Communications • Operations Research • Sales • Software Development • Systems & Technology Group THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: IBM Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman. Slovenia • Madrid • Managua. West Bank/Gaza • Uruguay • Moscow • Nairobi • Nassau • New Caledonia. Nigeria • Vienna • Vilnius. Barbados • Stockholm • Taipei • Tallinn. Tahiti • Paramaribo. Macedonia • Singapore • Sofia. Suriname • Petach-Tikva. President & CEO: Samuel J. Peru • Libreville. Ecuador • Ramallah.html 268 © 2009 Vault. France • Bratislava. Netherlands • Andar C. Denmark • Kiev • Kingston • Kinshasa. Israel • Port-Louis.630 2008 Income ($ mil. Uzbekistan • Tegucigalpa. France • New South Wales • Nicosia. Brunei • Seoul • Serbia. Slovakia • Brussels • Bucharest • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Caracas • Casablanca • Guatemala City • Colombo. Hong Kong • Quezon City. Lithuania • Vimercate. NY (HQ) Abidjan. Estonia • Tashkent. Greece • Hamilton. Gabon • Lisbon • Ljubljana. France • San Jose. Netherlands Antilles • Cyprus • Ontario • Oranjestad. Senegal • Djibouti.): 103. United Kingdom • Hanoi • Helsinki • South Africa • Santiago • Santo Domingo • São Paulo. Aruba • Panama City • Papeete. 1 New Orchard Road Palmisano 2008 Employees: Cameroon • Dubai • Dublin • Fort de France. Namibia • Yaounde.455 2008 Revenue ($ mil. NY 10504-1722 Phone: (914) 499-1900 www. Kazakhstan • Amsterdam. Honduras • San Salvador • Sandton. Costa Rica • San Pedro Sula. Macau • Bangalore • Bangkok • Beijing • Belgrade • Bogota • Boigny-surBionne. Italy • Selangor Darul Ehsan. Pakistan • Kgs. Brazil • Segrate. Nicaragua • Mexico City • Montevideo.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES LOCATIONS New York. Norway • La Molina.

2010 Edition International Business Machines Corp. a distinction it has maintained continuously since 1992. In February 2007. Tivoli. supercomputers and outsourcing. IBM announced its software division’s revenue had grown 13 percent from the previous quarter.e. though. Brazil. A most prolific patent filer. who stressed this sort of collaboration. expert advice. it's an entire social networking system set up to encourage intra-office relationships (former CEO Louis Gerstner. 269 .IBM also continues to make its computer engineering forefathers proud.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. as it recently announced a dramatic new advance in manufacturing microchips. intended for the business world. but as that market has become increasingly low margin. to $4. It is also expanding into video game chip design and nanotechnology. Its Look out. and raises the ante for Intel to develop equally fast technology.621 patents in 2006 alone. It sees India as not just a source of inexpensive labor. the company touched off alarm bells at Intel when it announced the development of the fastest computer memory in history. individual profiles and community pages. The now-impressive returns on its services offerings earned the company a No. For many years. DB2 Rational and WebSphere names. business consulting and business software under the Lotus. in India. The program.vault. it provided computer hardware.8 billion. China. include activities. THE SCOOP Big Blue IBM is a dominant player in the tech industry. MySpace IBM made a splash in the social networking sector with the January 2007 announcement of its Lotus Connections software. expert resume reviews. like Lotus Notes.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Moreover. Lotus Connections is more than a blog.. would be proud).com for insider company profiles. On to India In 2006. Apparently. the connections software. it plans to employ some 60. The company even went so far as to hold its annual investor conference in Bangalore in June 2006. notes pages (called "dogears"). in addition to a blog. Russia and other growth markets). 13 rank on BusinessWeek’s 2008 edition of the InfoTech 100. career message boards. the Vault Job Board and more. is designed to afford corporate clients the kind of virtual world that other services (like MySpace and Facebook) have heretofore provided. the old master still has It also supplies servers. In July 2006. At 10 times the performance level of current PCs. will Visit Vault at www. will be dispersed worldwide (i. but part of what CEO Samuel Palmisano calls a "globally integrated enterprise" where sophisticated functions. its efforts were rewarded with 3.000 people in India by the end of in 2007. the breakthrough is loaded with potential for the computer industry. IBM committed itself to an almost $6 billion investment in its Indian operations over the next three years. IBM has moved into the more lucrative areas of offering IT services. such as product design. the most awarded to any company.

in) 270 © 2009 Vault.200 more from its systems and technology group worldwide. The initiative allows the creation of an “Innovation Board. refers to “a variety of ways in which technology companies offer computing services over the Web from remote data centers. then what does that mean for other potential buyers?" said Revolution Partners technology banker Peter Falvey. "Cloud computing. compete with Microsoft. A Reuters report said the halt in negotiations would hurt Sun as the buyout was supposed to be a means of survival for its falling market value.” • January 2009: Layoffs and fuming workers IBM cut jobs at several units. There were also several layoffs Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. national coordinator of IBM employee association Alliance@IBM/CWA Local 1701 reported that the company has laid off 2. to social services. Italy.” Parma." IBM Vice President Sean Poulley said. instant messaging and file-sharing programs. IBM says it will cost companies some $10 to $45 per user per month for its software suite. in what would be its biggest effort to sell software as a service. Lee Conrad. as quoted in the report.800 employees from its software. which includes contact management. collapsed as Sun rejected IBM’s $7 billion bid. 2010 Edition International Business Machines Corp. to “create a Smart City. sales and distribution units and 1. Ray Ozzie. It should be interesting to see the architect tackle his old creation. Inc. Microsoft Exchange. seemingly from the cloud of the internet.” on which IBM will serve. which it will host at its own data centers and deliver via the Web. "What you are seeing are the beginnings of the whole IBM company moving toward cloud computing. a modern city. which aims to better the quality of life by “infusing intelligence into the world's systems. after which is releasing its own social networking system soon. IN THE NEWS • April 2009: Falling out Talks to acquire Sun Microsystems Inc. "If IBM got under the covers and didn't like what they saw. has around 200. processes and infrastructure.iimcal." which is one of the latest innovations in Silicon should be familiar with Lotus Notes. he did create the technology.000 residents and is famous for its unique culture. “This board has the mission of finding innovative citizen services solutions leveraging new technologies: from info-mobility to security. Parma’s goal is parallel to IBM’s Smarter Planet vision. • April 2009: Building a smart city IBM partnered with the city of Parma.” Parma Mayor Pietro Vignali said. Microsoft’s current chief software architect (and one of the heirs apparent to Bill Gates). completed a deal involving a package of web-based collaboration software for businesses.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” • March 2009: "Cloud computing" IBM. .

IBM became the first-ever company to top 4. IBM has been silent about its intentions. career development and benefits. • November 2008: Nine straight IBM’s “Roadrunner project” supercomputer placed No. IBM scans the resumes it receives. The company also nearly tripled the patent total of rival Hewlett-Packard.” IBM also said it will take full advantage of Encentuate’s audit and reporting capabilities that help in documenting efforts to meet governance and compliance requirements.515 patents. career message boards. earning 4.. This also marked the 16th consecutive year that IBM has led the field in U. which was issued yearly. EMC. Conrad added. • March 2008: An acquisition towards better authentication technology IBM acquired Encentuate for insider company profiles. • January 2009: Patents all around In another record-setting performance. and submissions should be in plain Visit Vault at www.186 in 2008. or more than 3. far from secondplace Samsung. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition International Business Machines Corp.iimcal. expert advice. Microsoft. which seeks to capitalize on the former’s ability to “track and facilitate identity usage while helping to increase user productivity. IBM also had more than 20 other systems in the top 50. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.000 patents in the new employees in everything from accounting and data warehousing to Internet applications and software development. Google and Accenture. and exceeded the combined patents of HP. and more than 30 in the top 100. IBM said it plans to increase the number of technical inventions that it publishes to about 50 percent. IBM hires more than 15. 1 in the rankings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers for a record ninth-straight time.S. The GETTING HIRED Dive into the Blue During a typical year. Not surprisingly.” Encentuate will become part of IBM Software Group’s Tivoli division.S. the Vault Job Board and more. which has increased employee anger within the Big Blue. The organization noted that the top-20 most energyefficient supercomputers were those from IBM. 271 . Oracle. patents. in a single year.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. located at the Los Alamos National Lab. which provides information on job openings. a California company based in Redwood City that provides “identity and access management software focused on single sign-on and strong authentication technology. from various IBM research groups.vault. remains the world speed champion and was the first in the world to operate at more than one quadrillion calculations per second while using roughly half the electricity as the second place machine. In a move to make inventions freely available to others. Hopeful IBM-ers should consult IBM’s careers page (at www. The semiannual ranking is released by the World's TOP500 Supercomputer Sites.

HR. IBM also sponsors Project View and Project Able. computer science. accounting. who could be swiftly sent to help rebuild software systems after Hurricane Katrina. Benefits include a bonus program. level and type. And rather than standard corporate philanthropy. and another entails the ground-up creation of IT training programs for a Vietnamese tech firm. where they will work on specific technology solutions for local companies (the “business machines” part). electrical engineering and logistics departments (though other opportunities sometimes open up as well). allows executives to apply for trips to overseas locations (the “international” part). necessary degree. programs that recruit diverse and disabled hires. respectively. engineering and allied disciplines. candidates must fill out a web-based form and upload a resume. 401(k) and discount stock purchase plan. IBM’s “Corporate Service Corps” program. marketing. IT. generous vacation. Inc. which launched in 2008. a hotbed of IBM innovation. 2010 Edition International Business Machines Corp. IBM recruits at the College of William and Mary. IBM has entry-level positions in accounting. . IBM has an international development program that lives up to the company’s name (International Business Machines).iimcal. text format. To apply.S. MBAs and students of software development are welcome to apply to the Extreme Blue program. finance. locations and costs that allows it to assemble teams to serve clients quickly. IBM maintains a database of employee functions. master’s and PhD 272 © 2009 Vault. the company provides opportunities for co-ops and interns pursing bachelor’s. For college students interested in joining IBM. Cornell. the Corps’ work is very nuts and bolts—one project involves IBM employees helping entrepreneurs in Turkey seek out microloans. choice of fully paid health and dental plans. Living up to its name For managers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and highly regarded management training programs. educational leave of absence and tuition reimbursement. Job openings are searchable by IBM seeks students studying business. consulting. For example. among other well-known institutions. flexible schedules. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NYU and the University of Pittsburgh. the database was used to locate employees in the Southern

the Vault Job Board and more. expert advice. The same contact adds that although working at IBM is somewhat “prestigious.iimcal.” employees have to hold the position for several years before being considered for promotion.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards.” The same insider contends that in terms of “designated promotions. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.vault. 2010 Edition International Business Machines Corp. mixed feelings A developer in IBM’s Toronto lab criticizes the company’s attempt to try to be “fun” (via themed “oasis areas”) because the fun “gets sucked” out of the work since employees follow “tight and strict” guidelines.” the thought “clearly wears out” when employees are faced with really tight for insider company profiles. OUR SURVEY SAYS Diverse backgrounds.” The respondent also adds that since the firm is still growing in India. 273 . the “opportunities for advancement” are huge “in terms of additional Visit Vault at www. expert resume reviews. One delivery manager in Bangalore says that the corporate culture at their India office is “still

AZ • Waltham. CA • Woodland Hills. Canada • North Sydney • Singapore • CA • San Francisco. OH • Clifton.100 2008 Income ($ mil. CA 94043 Phone: (650) 944-6000 Fax: (650) 944-5656 www. .000 2008 Revenue ($ 274 © 2009 Vault. CA • Tucson.): 3. Inc. CA • Cleveland. MA • Washington.INTUIT INCORPORATED 2632 Marine Way Mountain View. CA (HQ) • DEPARTMENTS Administration • Business Development • Consulting • Contact Center • Customer Service • Documentation • Engineering • Executive • Facilities • Finance & Accounting • Government Affairs • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Marketing/Web Marketing • Operations • Process Excellence • Product Management • Program Management • Quality Assurance • Sales • Training & Development • User Experience/Web Technology Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Hong Kong KEY COMPETITORS H&R Block Microsoft Dynamics Sage Group EMPLOYMENT CONTACT about. GA • Orem. NV • San DC • Westlake Village.): 477 LOCATIONS Mountain View. United Kingdom • Tokyo • Wanchai. UT • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: INTU Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Bill Campbell President & CEO: Brad Smith 2008 Employees: 8. CA • Norcross. CA Bangalore • Calgary • Edmonton • Maidenhead. NJ • Fredericksburg. TX • Reno. VA • Menlo Park. United Kingdom • Mississauga.

As the filing deadline approached. Two young entrepreneurs. In 1991. The following year.4 billion later that for insider company profiles. Intuit agreed to supply America Online with content for its personal finance channel and also announced a deal with Apple to prepare a new Mac version of its Quicken software. as well as view pending checks and payments. By early 2007. and Proulx was even younger. Intuit launched QuickPay. as it focused on its core accounting It posted revenue of $477 million in 2008. Intuit’s servers were slammed with an unusually large number of returns—the company estimated that a million people used TurboTax to do their taxes that year—and its servers were unable to cope. In February 1998. and it spread its wings in the secondlargest PC market in the world with the 1995 purchase of Milky Way. still a computer engineering undergraduate at Stanford University. Cook was 23 at the time.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. founded Intuit in 1983. Intuit’s small business software took a step up in September 2006 when it acquired StepUp . Quickens the pulse Intuit’s 1994 acquisition of the National Payment Clearinghouse made the company a presence in the electronic banking industry. the IRS extended its deadline for TurboTax filers. a program based on Digital Insight’s offerings that allows users to pay all their bills within one program. In addition to Quicken. The next year. its flagship accounting program. Intuit has managed to stay out of the red zone. the company’s offerings also include accounting software package QuickBooks and TurboTax.vault. the company primarily expanded into software for companies involved in construction. its marquee personal finance product. Intuit acquired Digital Insight for $1. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. a company that directs online shoppers to brick-and-mortar stores. Although the company has noted declining sales of TurboTax and QuickBooks. Then. The company’s acquisition of Rock Financial in late 1999 added mortgage-writing capabilities to its QuickenMortgage site—but Intuit sold off its mortgage loans business in 2002. expert advice. a tax preparation application. the Vault Job Board and more. Intuit apologized and. Intuit had rolled out Personal FinanceWorks. 275 . Scott Cook and Tom Visit Vault at www. in a rare stroke of munificence. a Japanese software company. and also acquired a company with a method for filing taxes online—thus TurboTax was born. The 2007 tax season proved to be an eventful one for Intuit.iimcal. thereafter. personal finance and tax software in the U. Intuit went public. a program for handling salaries in small businesses. resulting in delays and late filings. expert resume reviews. 2010 Edition Intuit Incorporated THE SCOOP ‘Cause I’m the taxman Intuit is one of the largest makers of accounting. for $60 million. career message boards.S. the company released Quicken.

Inc. "Online growth continues to accelerate. Dan Maurer. Through March 14th. Intuit’s chief marketing officer and the head of marketing for Intuit’s consumer tax business. senior vice president and general manager of Intuit's consumer tax group. will strengthen its power and will help us deliver even more value to our small business customers. had forecast earnings of 27 cents per share.” said Smith. or 26 cents per share. “At the same time. replaced Patel as the consumer tax group’s general manager. • February 2009: Profit plummets but beats market expectations Reuters reported that Intuit posted a lower quarterly profit on declining sales of its TurboTax tax preparation software and QuickBooks accounting software. a year earlier. general manager of Intuit’s consumer tax group. Reuters’ analysts. as its small business customers get Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The division includes QuickBooks-related products and services. His leadership will provide continuity and sustained momentum in our growing tax business. reported a profit excluding items of 34 cents per share for its fiscal second quarter ended January 31st." said Dan Maurer. California-based company were quoted at $21. up from their Nasdaq close of $21. This change. short of the average forecast of $794 million.” he adds. • December 2008: Aligning organization to strengthen small businesses Brad Smith. total TurboTax federal units increased 10 percent over the same period last year.38 in extended trade.5 percent in after-hours trading. whose shares were up 0. . 2010 Edition Intuit Incorporated IN THE NEWS • March 2009: 10 percent growth in TurboTax units Intuit released the second of three updates for its fiscal year 2009 consumer tax products. but the earnings beat market expectations. compared with $115 million. saying there aren’t many new QuickBook users as small businesses are being unusually cautious.” • November 2008: A more modest outlook CEO Smith released financial reports showing that Intuit posted a quarterly loss and lowered its full-year outlook. Revenue fell 5 percent from a year earlier to $791 million. and we believe our continued focus on ease to help taxpayers get the biggest refund they deserve will result in another solid tax season. “The three business units that comprise Intuit’s small business ecosystem have always worked closely with each other. announced that the company had formalized the structure of its small business ecosystem by aligning three business units under one new Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company cut its fiscal 2009 forecasts for sales for QuickBooks accounting software and for revenue from payroll and bill payment processing services. on average. or 34 cents. Intuit. was promoted to executive vice president and will lead Intuit’s small business ecosystem division.27. Dan is a strong leader to head up our consumer tax group. Intuit president and CEO. Shares of the Mountain 276 © 2009 Vault. "Tax season is progressing as expected. and Kiran’s leadership. Kiran Patel. Intuit Payroll and Intuit’s payments business. Net income was $85 million.

Intuit reported QuickBooks revenue of $175 million. • August 2008: Revenue growth of 15 percent Intuit announced fourth-quarter revenue of $478 million. which serves more than seven million small businesses employing 17 million workers. Revenue rose 11 percent to $835 million." Smith said in an interview. economy." Smith said on a conference call with analysts. which ended July 31st. said Smith. Its shares fell 3. including the Small Business Administration. which normally occurs during periods of economic downturn.4 million. we are looking forward to another strong year in fiscal 2009. • March 2008: Touting strong future for small businesses Barriers to starting a small business will shatter and their success rates will improve over the next decade." Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. "It is really hard to put your finger on exactly what is going on in the small business category. a year earlier. 2010 Edition Intuit Incorporated squeezed by the deepening Intuit Senior Vice President Rick Jensen met with members of the U. U. "Clearly macroeconomic conditions out there are challenging for small businesses today. the Vault Job Board and more.iimcal. expert resume reviews.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the House Committee on Small Business. Revenue for fiscal year 2008.1 billion. 277 .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.5 percent in after-hours trading following the earnings report. The leader of Intuit's small business group. compared with net income of $145. The meetings focused on the importance of small businesses and their future impact on the U. expert advice. was $3. for the second fiscal quarter ended January 31st. but Chief Executive Brad Smith said unit sales missed company targets. • February 2008: Falling profit amid rising ad spending Intuit posted lower quarterly profit as it boosted advertising spending for its TurboTax tax preparation software and unit sales of its QuickBooks accounting software lagged its own forecasts. an 11 percent increase over the year-ago quarter. shared in briefings with members of Congress and small business industry leaders. the Association of Women's Business Centers and the Association of Small Business Development Centers.S. or 34 cents a share." said CEO Smith. also met with representatives from 12 small business associations." he Visit Vault at www. according to study results that Intuit Inc. Chamber of Commerce. career message boards. Intuit reported net income of $115.S. and its payroll and bill payment processing service was hit by lower merchant transaction volume.vault.2 million. or 40 cents. "Today's environment is certainly different than what we anticipated. The software maker noticed there hasn't been an inflow of new QuickBooks for insider company profiles. "We had another successful tax season and a solid finish in small business. up 5 percent from a year earlier. a 15 percent increase over the prior year. "With our focus on innovation and on solving customer problems with connected services.

usercentered design. Customer service hopefuls have a number of hoops to jump through. a multiple-choice test. An updated schedule of recruiting events is posted on its careers site. Intuit hires MBAs in the product management. Internships are offered in the engineering. Entry-level programs for recent graduates include a selection of rotational programs focusing on small businesses. Windows navigation 278 © 2009 Vault. . Georgia Tech and Indiana University among others. found at about. beginning with filling out a web-based form. finance and operations departments. As far as benefits are concerned. UC San Diego. brand The stock purchase plan allows employees working 20 or more hours a week to buy Intuit common stock at 85 percent of market value. commuting alternatives such as bike parking and van pools (only at headquarters).Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Those who aspire to hold another position with the company must create a profile to lists open positions across the company. dental and life insurance plans.iimcal. In 2008. Intuit recruits at MIT. process excellence and finance divisions. marketing. the University of California and the University of Wisconsin. 2010 Edition Intuit Incorporated GETTING HIRED Getting into it Intuit’s jobs page. Boston University. Students interested in positions at Intuit can read up on programs for interns as well as entry-level programs for college graduates and MBAs. The company offers gym subsidies. Customized for: Vinay ( as well as a 401(k) program with company matching and a choice of health. and matching employee donations to charities. finance and engineering. Intuit was named America's Most Admired Software Company and has been listed in the 100 Best Companies to Work For eight years in a row by Fortune magazine. UC Berkeley. Jobs are divided into customer service positions and everything else. Stanford. it even provides domestic partner benefits. Inc. Intuit also visits San Jose State. role-play interviews and finally an actual the company has a full range of stock option and stock purchasing plans.

in) Visit Vault at www. leadership development programs are “conspicuously for insider company profiles. 279 . The work hard. and sources remark that.” There is also no dress code and a respondent describes the office attire as ranging from “professional” (usually those occupying senior leadership posts) all the way to “shorts and flip-flops” (mostly those who are at the front-line agent level). expert resume reviews. expert advice.” management decided to eliminate certain positions. career message boards.vault. However. charity events and team parties are “de rigueur. aside from a laid-back office atmosphere. One contact also shares that. 2010 Edition Intuit Incorporated OUR SURVEY SAYS Balance your work and life at Intuit Intuit promotes a culture of “high performance and accountability. there are some who have been disillusioned by the company.” one insider says. even though Intuit tries hard to promote within the company. this does not “guarantee new opportunities” nor will it necessarily “catch the attention of leaders and recruiters” within the company. play hard motto notwithstanding. because Intuit had a “drop in stock price.Vault Guide to the Top Tech the Vault Job Board and more. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. potlucks. it’s not all work as the company also emphasizes fun and teamwork. One source points out that.” The same respondent contends that even though Intuit offers a tuition reimbursement program to help employees get their MBA.

JABIL CIRCUIT. Scotland • Beijing • Belo Hoizonte. Petersburg. United Kingdom • Dublin • Eindhoven. Malaysia • Kwidzyn. Martin Luther King Jr. TX • Memphis. TN • Poway. 10560 Dr. FL 33716 Phone: (727) 577-9749 Fax: (727) 579-8529 www. Belgium • Hsinchu.iimcal. Scotland • Manaus. Poland • Livingston. Italy • Brest.jabil. MA • Louisville.780 2008 Income ($ Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Brazil • Marcianise. China THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: JBL Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: William D. Main 2008 Employees: 85. China • Yantai. . Taiwan • Tianjin • Tiszaujvaros. The Netherlands • Gotemba-City. France • Nanjing. TN • Nashville. Street North St. Petersburg. China • Penang • Pune • CA • Round Rock. TX • San Jose. China • Jena.): 12. MI • Billerica. Taiwan • Huangpu.): 231 KEY COMPETITORS Flextronics Hon Hai Sanmina-SCI EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. France • Bydgoszcz.jabil. China • Szombathely. Inc. INC. FL (HQ) Auburn CA • Tempe. AZ Amsterdam • Ayr. Hungary • Taichung. Germany • 280 © 2009 Vault. Italy • Meung-sur-Loire. KY • McAllen.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Ukraine • Vienna • Wuxi. Poland • Chennai • Chihuahua • Coventry. Morean President & CEO: Timothy L. Mexico • São Paulo • Shanghai • Singapore • Suzhou Industrial Park. Hungary • Tokyo • DEPARTMENTS After-market Services • Business Development • Engineering • Finance • Human Resources • Information Systems & Services • Logistics • Operations Management • Quality Assurance • Repair & Warranty • Supply Chain Management LOCATIONS St. Japan • Guadalajara • Guangdong • Hasselt. Brazil • Bergamo.

Inc. the Vault Job Board and more. Jabil also offers repair services. Jabil then expanded its business by purchasing two electronics manufacturing businesses: it snapped up Philips Contract Manufacturing Services in 2002. expert resume reviews. up 36 percent over the previous year. Jabil Circuit reported revenue of over $10. The move entailed a restructuring that saw Jabil. Jabil got a contract working for the PC division of IBM in 1982. The company had its first IPO in 1993. Jabil Circuit acquired Celetronix. expert advice. To further this end. which came in at $7. and developed in-house designs for motherboards seven years later. Due to the growth of the consumer market for computers during the 1980s. and bought Varian’s electronics manufacturing arm in 2005. Indeed.iimcal. including Nokia. design and build circuit boards in 1976. Jabil Circuit constructed a production facility in Zarkappatya. For these companies. Pondicherry and Mumbai. and finally ships them to distributors. Hewlett-Packard and IBM. Jabil saw the year as a year of opportunities. is a contract manufacturer of electronics. Ukraine. THE SCOOP The source for outsource Jabil Circuit (the name is a portmanteau of its founders’ first names. Bill and Jay’s adventure James Golden and Bill Morean founded Jabil in 1966 when they were contracted to build circuit boards by hand for a computer mainframe manufacturer near for insider company profiles. to provide electronic parts to local and European markets. The company diversified to cater to multiple end-markets. Geography of cost Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. James and Bill). and by 2001 had become part of the S&P 500.3 billion. it would inevitably be working on some project related to automobiles. 2010 Edition Jabil Circuit. Given the company’s proximity to the car industry. The company said it would. career message boards. General Motors called upon Jabil to in a $250 million restructuring effort. Diversifying to beat the gloom Despite the gloomy economic conditions in 2008.5 billion. manufactures electronic products and encloses them in plastic cases. That same year. Jabil’s customers include companies in a variety of industries.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. be cutting an unspecified number of jobs as it moved its production facilities to countries with lower labor costs. Jabil provides a roster of outsourcing services—it sources parts and designs circuits. in early 2008.vault. 281 .in) In 2006. from mobile phone manufacturers to aerospace companies. an Indian electronics manufacturer with locations on the subcontinent in Chennai. with three main divisions to Visit Vault at www.

and internships are available. The site does not specify where Jabil recruits. amidst announcements that it will reduce its workforce worldwide by 3. as it closed fiscal 2008 with improving figures. as compared to last year’s losses of $24 stocks still rose after the company’s executives expressed hope in seeing stability in its top business markets. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Bottom-line loss Jabil Circuit is GETTING HIRED Electrify your career at Jabil Jabil’s jobs site. Inc. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. however.jabil. Vietnam. Jabil anticipates the challenges of the current economic patterns. The new facility significantly boosts Jabil Circuit’s size. • November 2008: Inevitable lay-offs Due to a decline in customer orders tied to the global economic slowdown. It seems that Jabil was served well by its new organizational structure and its moves for diversification. The company is flexible about letting its workers choose to travel or remain in one location.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. accommodate 10 varying business sectors. bringing approximately 10.1 million. 212 in the 2009 list of the Fortune 500. The company chose the location due to its cost-effective workforce and proximity to its other Asian facilities. Vietnam! Jabil Circuit opened a new factory in Ho Chi Minh City. it does mention that it is primarily interested in candidates with business and engineering degrees. After all. at www.000 people to save on operating costs. As of February.iimcal. or 20 cents per share. This came in light of a court dismissal of a shareholder suit against the company in April. during the same period.000 new employees into the fold. which will churn out technology for Western markets. Petersburg manufacturing plant. 282 © 2009 Vault. or 12 cents per share. the company was reported to have lost $42. provides information and a number of video clips for job seekers. it has survived five recessions over the past 42 years. which accused Jabil Circuit’s current and former executives of fraudulently backdating grant dates of stock options. college-wise. Benefits vary by location. • October 2007: Good morning. but recognizes the growth potentials of its sectors as Jabil Circuit was forced to lay off 150 workers from its St. ranking No. . Despite this bleak atmosphere. The company has also been looking into making “clean technology products” as an avenue for growth. 2010 Edition Jabil Circuit.

com staffing@kla-tencor.KLA-TENCOR CORPORATION One Technology Drive THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: KLAC Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & CEO: Richard Production & Operations • Marketing & Sales • Mechanical Engineering • Optical Engineering • Product Development • Program Management • Research Scientist • Software Engineering & Development • Systems Engineering • Testing EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.kla-tencor.): 359 LOCATIONS Milpitas. KEY COMPETITORS Applied Materials Hitachi High-Technologies Veeco Instruments DEPARTMENTS Administration • Applications • Development/Field Applications • Customer/Technical Support • Electrical Engineering • Engineering Support Services • Facilities • Finance • HR • IT & Services • Legal • Manufacturing & Engineering • Manufacturing.500 2008 Income ($ mil. CA (HQ) Approximately 73 locations worldwide. Wallace 2008 Employees: 6.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil.iimcal. CA 95035 Phone: (408) 875-3000 Fax: (408) 875-4144 283 .html Email: hrconnect@kla-tencor.): 2.

95 on BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100 in 2007. the PVI-6. enabling solar manufacturers to achieve substantial yield improvements and more accurate product classification. KLA Instruments and Tencor Instruments (each with over 20 years of experience). formed in 1997. 2010 Edition KLA-Tencor Corporation THE SCOOP Toward a more perfect microchip A union of two longtime leaders in the semiconductor equipment industry. Inc. film and surface measurement. reticle and photomask defect inspection. wafer IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Inspector PVI-6 KLA-Tencor launched the newest addition to its ICOS division’s photovoltaic (PV) portfolio. 284 © 2009 Vault. KLATencor Corporation is the world's leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. software. so as to reduce the number of flawed chips and increase chipmakers’ revenue. KLA-Tencor is up for the challenge to meet the microelectronics industry's need for extremely sophisticated and expertly implemented process control and yield management solutions. KLA-Tencor offers solutions such as software and devices with which to inspect chips during the manufacturing process. The company also offers a line of testing products to manufacturers of hard drives. platforms. . its latest inspection product designed for optical in-line dualsided inspection of PV wafers and cells. provides chip manufacturers with a comprehensive portfolio of products. CD SEM metrology. Customers turn to KLA-Tencor for in-line wafer defect monitoring. software and support strategies to ensure that they comply with the Semiconductor Industry Association's (SIA) current and future technologies roadmaps. KLA-Tencor continues to aggressively invest in new technologies that will address the yield management by continuously monitoring its development of services and expertise designed to help IC manufacturers manage yield throughout the entire wafer fabrication process—from R&D to final yield analysis. The merger. The PVI-6 provides customers with the capability to inspect solar wafers and cells at the highest speed and accuracy for all stages of the production process. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and overall yield and fab-wide data analysis. Chips to bet with Ranked among the world's top-10 semiconductor equipment manufacturers and No.

for $73 • July 2007: In cooperation with SEC The company settled with the Securities and Exchange Commission. at https://ktcareers. career message boards. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. revenue and profits were both up significantly. Shares drop to $21. this increase is insignificant.iimcal.04.html. The company typically conducts at least two rounds of interviews with a candidate (on-site or by phone). expert resume reviews. which manufactures devices that measure the effectiveness of the various steps in the manufacture of semiconductors. This grim statement was bolstered by the microchip manufacturing equipment maker’s dismal sales performance for the fiscal second he or she is given access to the New Hire Resource Center page of the site Visit Vault at www.000 people. The minute the applicant gets hired.6 million a year ago. at $ GETTING HIRED Test the waters at KLA-Tencor KLA-Tencor’s careers site.7 billion and $528 million.13.kla-tencor. shares of the company enjoyed a $1.vault. Although the company has been able to minimize losses. considering KLA-Tencor’s 38 percent fall from $635." said KLA-Tencor Chief Executive Officer Rick Wallace. respectively. 285 .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. recent graduates and experienced professionals. • January 2009: KLA-Tencor sales down "Business conditions in our markets have deteriorated sharply in recent weeks. expert advice. Once selected for an interview. wherein the company seemed to recover from its legal troubles.01(or 5. 2010 Edition KLA-Tencor Corporation • January 2009: A small triumph Despite posting a second quarter loss. • May 2007: Catching a wave KLA-Tencor completed purchase of Therma-Wave. the Vault Job Board and more. however. an area with various forms and directions to company office locations. The settlement dovetailed nicely with the June release of the company’s financial results for for insider company profiles. provides information about job opportunities and benefits for students. with a $15 million to $20 million charge in severance costs. • November 2008: Layoffs on the horizon The company announced it will cut about 15 percent of its workforce by the end of June 2009 because of current market conditions. Employing about 6. the company expects to save about $165 million to $170 million by the end of fiscal year 2009 from the cuts.8 million to $396. finishing at $20. and may take two to three weeks to reply to a resume submission. candidates gain access to the site’s Candidate Resource Center. This addition boosted KLA-Tencor’s measurement division to address more process control needs.3 percent) climb.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition KLA-Tencor Corporation

wherein the new employee can download required forms, find out what to expect on day one, get local information and more. Benefits at KLA-Tencor include health, dental and vision insurance, 401(k) with company matching and a profit-sharing plan. Perks at HQ include on-site sand volleyball and gym, pet insurance, commuter assistance, car detailing and a dentist’s office (so that all employees can be equipped with two shiny grills). Priding itself as a promoter of “Knowledge Management,” the company offers training and development programs for its employees for career advancement and growth. Interns are accepted, whether they’re pursuing a BS, MS or PhD; applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA, and they will receive medical insurance and housing. The college careers site contains a “crystal ball” feature, so that students with degrees in physics, mechanical, chemical or electrical engineering, computer science or math can see what the future may hold for them at KLA-Tencor. The HR department at KLA-Tencor can be reached via email at (for experienced hires) or (for university relations).

If you wanna move up, pay the price
KLA-Tencor provides good opportunities for advancement since the company is “always looking for ways to cut cost by outsourcing,” says an insider. However, moving up the ladder comes with a price. “If you're smart and willing to give up your life outside of work, this may be the place for you. If you're looking for life outside of work, look elsewhere,” the insider continues. The company used to have “a very friendly, laid-back type of environment.” But recently, things turned around as people are becoming “very unfriendly, everyone's always stressed out, working 13-hour workdays, required to be on support for 14 hours daily; it's become a very depressing and nonmotivating place to work,” a source said.

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Missing the old days
Most sources look back on their “good old days” with KLA-Tencor. “KLA-Tencor (KT) was the company you wanted to work for back in 2000 … the culture was all about teamwork and helping the customers to maximize their profits,” a senior trainer shares. “Over the past three years, though, the corporate culture has completely transformed into one of we are so big that if we cannot beat you, we will just buy you up,” the source continues. Moreover, one insider cites the company’s only strength as “their diversity in the business market.” But his colleague rebuts and gives credit to the company: “Very aggressive and intelligent to identify the best person from candidates.”


© 2009, Inc.

16245 Laguna Canyon Road Irvine, CA 92618-3603 Phone: (949) 727-1733 Fax: (949) 727-3144

Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: KFX Stock Exchange: LSE CEO & Director: Reynolds C. Bish 2008 Employees: 1,162 2008 Revenue (£ mil.): 169.9 2008 Income (£ mil.): 16.8

Irvine, CA (HQ) • Chicago, IL Barcelona • Beijing • Brondby, Denmark • Budapest • Buje, Croatia • Cambridge • Dubai • Freiburg, Germany • Hanoi • Hampshire, United Kingdom • Helsinki • Hong Kong • Houten, Netherlands • Jakarta • Kuala Lumpur • Kungsbacka, Sweden • Mechlin, Belgium • Melbourne • Mexico City • Orsay, France • Perugia • Prague • Rotkreuz, Switzerland • São Paulo, Brazil • Singapore • Sydney • Vienna • Warsaw

CA IBM Software Imation

EMPLOYMENT CONTACT fm?company_id=15973

Accounting & Finance • Acquisition & Integration • Advertising, Marketing & PR • Clerical & Administrative • Customer Service • Field Operations • Human Resources • Legal • Manufacturing & Operations • Products • Sales • Technology & Computer-related • Transportation & Logistics

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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Kofax plc (formerly Dicom)

Transforming the dead-tree into digital
Kofax (formerly DICOM) is a company focused on the very specific field of electronic data capture, but has unquestionably established dominance over this niche of the tech industry. Its products form the critical link between paper products and digital storage; its software takes all manner of communications—text messages, emails, paper forms and faxes—and turns them into data that can be archived and searched. More technically, the company’s scanners and software use optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) to turn paper into sleek, searchable, taggable ones and zeroes. Kofax handles scanning and digitizing documents, and using digitized documents for business process automation (BPA). Major Kofax customers include both the Swiss and Italian post offices, Japan Telecom, the Société du Cheval Français and Volkswagen.

Going paperless
Kofax has its roots in DICOM, which was founded in 1991 by Otto Schmid in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, and functioned largely as a distributor of hardware and software in the field of electronic data management. Demand for its products grew swiftly, and, by 1996, DICOM offered its stock for the first time in London. By 1999, the company had opened offices in London, Poland and Spain, as well as a number of other European countries. Also that year, DICOM acquired U.S.-based Kofax, whose scanners have become an industry standard, to become a division of DICOM. In 2004, the company purchased Topcall, another information-capture company.

Rounding up the bytes
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In 2006, DICOM took in revenue of about $409 million, an increase of 16 percent over the year before. Sales were bumped up slightly by the company’s $7.5 million acquisition of Learning Computers International, a German firm specializing in statistical analysis of text and machine data capture. But DICOM’s revenue has increased every year since 2004, as companies generate increasing amounts of data that must be digitized for processing and storage. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has also been good news for DICOM, as it encourages firms to keep data for longer periods and to make vital documents easier to find in the event of legal action. According to a report compiled by Harvey Spencer Associates, a New York-based market research firm, the market for digital data capture increased 18 percent in 2006. The report also declared DICOM as the undisputed leader in document scanning, covering as much as 42 percent of the total market. In March, DICOM welcomed a new CEO in Robert Klatell, former VP of Arrow Electronics, a U.S. computer equipment distributor.


© 2009, Inc.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Kofax plc (formerly Dicom)

Bringing in a relief pitcher for Kofax
To continue to expand its market share, DICOM embarked on a fairly intensive rebranding of its Kofax division’s offerings in 2007. Until DICOM embarked on this venture, potential Kofax customers were assaulted by a welter of branded offerings— Mohomime, Capio, Xtrata—which didn’t help at all with cross-selling the company’s offerings. In 2007, Kofax launched an effort to rename its products. Instead of the opaque brand names above, all of the company’s products will be named according to what they do; for instance, Ascent Capure will be renamed Kofax Capture, ImageControls will be renamed Kofax Imaging, and so on. The brands were also organized into three groups, with offerings tailored to businesses of varying sizes and functions. The renaming of the company’s products was to be a gradual process, until 2009. But, to be less confusing, DICOM renamed the whole company Kofax plc in early 2008.

• March 2009: Introducing KTM 4.0 Kofax announced a new release of Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), which automate the classification, sorting and separation of paper and electronic documents, and then extract and validate the accuracy of the information that they contain. One of the key benefits of KTM 4.0 is its “learn-by-example” technology, automating the classification and extraction of information from any form (structured and unstructured) or document type. Through feeding sample forms or documents into the system, customers can make the software recognize the form or document type and the specific location of critical business information that it contains, resulting in “greater cost savings, accelerated deployments and less costly maintenance and provides more cost-effective applications with shorter ROIs.” • February 2009: Census tags Kofax Kofax was tapped by the U.S. Census Bureau to provide solutions for digitally capturing and processing more than 17 million pages of employment applications and related information per year. After a rigorous evaluation process, Kofax was selected to provide a solution to “digitize, match and categorize millions of pages of employment forms and background materials,” enabling the Bureau to “reduce time-consuming manual tasks, automate paper-intensive activities and process vital data more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.”

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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Kofax plc (formerly Dicom)

• January 2009: Also famous internationally The city of Lausanne—Switzerland’s fifth-largest municipality—joins numerous others in ordering Kofax Express, the company’s newest scan-to-archive solution for batch scanning applications, which will enable the city to “digitize an average of 70,000 pages per month of new resident registration documents at 30 different customer service locations.” The implementation of Kofax Express will enable the city to process application forms, visas, passports and other legal documents with content in multiple formats and languages. • November 2008: Capturing not just documents, but awards too At the 2008 Document Manager Awards event in London, England, Kofax earned the Capture Product of the Year award for Kofax Capture 8.0, the world’s leading capture software. Sponsored by Document Manager magazine, the award “recognizes the document management industry’s most outstanding products, suppliers and projects of the year based on readers’ voting.” Along with the award, the company also received recognition in the overall Product of the Year category for Kofax Transformation Modules 3.5, which combines with Kofax Capture to provide world-class automating processes instead of what would otherwise be manually intensive, error-prone and time-consuming data entry tasks. • September 2008: Helping the children Kofax was awarded a contract with the Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency, a division within the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General, to provide a distributed capture solution to digitize more than 6,000,000 pages contained in over 110,000 existing child support case files. Kofax will enable the agency to process and digitize its case files, amounting to more than 200 different types of documents, such as court orders, judgments, payment data and other information related to child support cases. The new system will electronically capture the file content and make it accessible throughout the organization in a secure image database.
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• June 2008: A piece of the pizza In yet another high-profile requisition, Kofax was asked by Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s largest bank and one of Europe’s leading financial institutions, for a distributed capture solution to automate the processing of more than 30 million documents annually that originate in 14 of the bank’s branches in Italy.


© 2009, Inc.

Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Kofax plc (formerly Dicom)

Kofax’s careers site (at provides information about some of the company’s benefits and hiring processes. The company lists open positions on its site. To apply, candidates must submit a cover letter and resume via email. General inquiries may be addressed to Didn’t find the position you were aiming for? Sign up to create your own “Job Agent” to search the company’s job postings and identify potential matches based on your skill set. All you need to do is enter your name and email address, upload your resume, select how close of a match you’d like and how often you’d like to be notified. Do this once and you’ll be notified when job postings meet your criteria. Benefits at Kofax U.S. include medical, dental and vision plan options, short-term and long-term disability plans, life and AD&D insurance, supplemental and universal life insurance, flexible spending accounts, vacations, holidays, an educational reimbursement program, professional development and a 401(k) savings plan. Perks include an employee assistance program, a cancer (insurance) policy, 529 college savings plan, jury/witness duty, credit union membership, a company store, free beverages, company-sponsored league sports teams, an interest-free computer purchase program, an open-house once a month, on-site fitness centers and basketball courts.

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4650 Cushing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 Phone: (510) 572-0200 Fax: (510) 572-2935

Corporate Administration • Corporate Communications • Corporate Legal • Corporate Marketing • Customer Service Business Group Corporate Operations • Customer Service Business Group Regional Operations • Finance • Global Field Operations • Global Human Resources • Global Information Systems • Global Operations • Global Products • Investor Relations • North America Field Operations • Product & Strategic Marketing • Sales Asia • Sales Europe

Fremont, CA (HQ) • Austin, TX • Boise, ID • Fishkill, NY • Lehi, UT • Manassas, VA • Phoenix, AZ • Richardson, TX • South Portland, ME • Tempe, AZ • Vancouver, WA Agrate Brianza, Italy • Beijing • Bratislava • Chungchungbuk-Do, Korea • CorbeilEssonnes, France • Dresden, Germany • Dublin • Fukushima, Japan • Hiroshima • Hsinchu, Taiwan • Hyogo, Japan • Jiangsu, China • Kanagawa, Japan • Kedah, Malaysia • Kumamoto, Japan • KyungkiDo, Korea • Mlakarjeva, Slovenia • Meylan, France • Mie, Japan • Munich • Nagasaki, Japan • Neuchatel, Switzerland • Nijmegen, The Netherlands • Oita, Japan • Ramat Gan, Israel • Rousset, France • Shanghai • Singapore • Taichung, Taiwan • Tainan, Taiwan • Taoyuan, Taiwan • Toyama, Japan • Villach, Austria • Wuhan City, China Customized for: Vinay (

Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: LRCX Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: James W. Bagley President & CEO: Stephen G. Newberry 2008 Employees: 3,100 2008 Revenue ($ mil.): 1,900 2008 Income ($ mil.): 509

Applied Materials Dainippon Screen Tokyo Electron



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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Lam Research Corporation

Lam Research, founded in 1980, has been a major supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the worldwide semiconductor industry for the past 30 years. The company provides semiconductor manufacturers with machines that use plasma (a state of matter in which electrons have become disassociated from their atomic nuclei) in order to etch the design of circuits onto silicon wafers during the manufacture of microchips. In order to prevent the entire surface of the wafer from being evenly removed by the plasma during the etching process, it is coated with resin, a material that protects the underlying wafer. Etching is performed several times on successive layers of the chip during the manufacturing process. Lam’s other products include devices to remove the resist used during photolithography and mechanical chemical cleaning machines that clean and level the surface of wafers following etching.

On the Lam
From its inception, Lam Research enjoyed a profitable ascent as one of the leading wafer manufacturers. Within three years, the company was profitable; within four, it had gone public. Lam did not just devote itself to increasing sales, but also to extensive research and development. The company’s major breakthrough was the release of its first product with its new transformer coupled plasma (TCP) technology, which allowed for more efficient, consistent and high-quality chip production. The new technology quickly produced for the company $33 million in sales in 1993 alone. The year 1994 saw revenue rising 86 percent to $493 million and sales doubled. The company was growing, and added 400 new workers and four new facilities that year, in addition to expanding on its current locations.
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However, by the mid-1990s, the semiconductor industry suffered a sharp decline in PC sales, affecting companies like Lam, which eventually forced the company to lay off over 500 employees in August 1996. Even the merger with OnTrak Systems, a firm specializing in a chemical microchip cleaning process, was not successful, posting a $33.7 million loss, and a slew of job cuts. Lam cut 14 percent of its workforce in February 1998, 20 percent of the remainder in June and 500 more employees in November; it also closed two of its plants and consolidated other offices. Losses were even greater that year, totaling $145 million. At that point, the company was still the fourth-largest maker of technology for chip-manufacturing worldwide, and remained optimistic amidst mixed financial results.

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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Lam Research Corporation

More than wafer thin growth
It was not until 2006 that the company managed to get back on track, posting revenue of $1.6 billion (an increase of $100 million over the year before) and profits of over $300 million. At the end of 2006, Lam began acquiring facilities for its expansion and growth, notably, Bullen Ultrasonics for $175 million. These facilities, located in China and Ohio, are a source of the pure, flat silicon wafers that are the raw materials from which microchips are made. An increased demand for microchips and solar panels (which also require pure silicon) has heated up the market for these wafers, meaning that the division should provide good returns in the near future for the company. Industry analysts have noticed the company’s recovery: in 2007, Lam moved up 14 places on Business 2.0’s list of the fastest-growing technology companies to No. 7. It posted a three-year revenue growth of 36 percent, and ranked in the top 10 for earnings growth. The company might not be out of the woods yet, though—it announced an internal inquiry into suspicious activity related to employee stock options grants in July 2007.

• January 2009: Revenue down Lam Research declared revenue of $283.4 million for the quarter of December 2008, a far cry from the $440.4 million of the September 2008 quarter. The company also experienced a $24.2 million loss during the last quarter of 2008. Company CEO Steve Newberry recognized that “[t]he global semiconductor industry has entered one of the most difficult periods in its history, one that is presenting severe challenges to our customers and thus severely limiting investment in wafer fab equipment.” He remained upbeat, though, saying that “[w]hile this environment will persist near-term, we remain optimistic about our long-term technology roadmap in etch, clean and other new markets. During the pause in customer spending we are strategically targeting our capital resources to new penetration opportunities, qualifying our next-generation tools and delivering cost-effective technology solutions aimed at reducing our customers' production costs.” • August 2008: Advancing Taiwan Lam opened a new global training center in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with the support of the Taiwan government. The facility, which encompasses over 3,600 square feet, is equipped with 2300 and Alliance-based systems to handle 200 mm and 300 mm hands-on training. The training programs to be held at the center aims to help customers “speed the ramp to production on new Lam Research process tools and enhance the productivity of their existing Lam Research systems.”

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Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers, 2010 Edition Lam Research Corporation

• March 2008: Get SEZ! Lam announced the acquisition of the SEZ Group and about 95 percent of its outstanding shares. The purchase allows Lam Research to offer its clients “a full array of wafer cleaning and decontamination solutions, with products incorporating SEZ's proprietary Spin-Process single-wafer technology, and single-wafer bevel and linear wet clean applications.” Steve Newberry, president and CEO of Lam, noted, "With the addition of SEZ, we have increased our capability to provide single-wafer clean solutions to meet the increasing technology needs of our customers. SEZ is bringing not only top-quality operational and engineering capabilities to Lam, but also a talented group of employees and an excellent management team." Talks between Lam and SEZ started in December 2007.

Leave your mark at Lam
Lam’s career site, at, provides information about openings for experienced candidates, college graduates and undergraduates. Jobs are searchable by function, keyword and location. To apply, job seekers must first create a profile. Benefits at Lam include a choice of health care plans, dental insurance, flexible spending accounts for health and dependent care, life insurance, sabbaticals, 401(k) plans and a discounted employee stock purchase plan. Undergraduates and recent graduates are invited to apply for internships and entrylevel positions, respectively. Internships are available for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD. Interns may participate in poster and essay contests, and are given ample opportunity to network with executives and other interns. Recent graduates are also invited to apply to positions in engineering, HR, finance, marketing, and R&D and software development, among other departments.
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352 2008 Income ($ mil.html Customized for: Vinay ( 484 LOCATIONS Morrisville.900 2008 Revenue ($ mil. NC 27560 Phone: (866) 968-4465 Fax: (877) 411-1329 www.): 16. NC (HQ) Offices in 94 locations worldwide KEY COMPETITORS DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Finance • Administrative • Communications • Customer Service • Engineering • Fulfillment • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Procurement • Project Management • Public Relations • Research & Development • Sales • Sales – Inside Sales • Sales Support • Security • Strategy & Operations • Supply Chain Acer Dell Hewlett-Packard EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.lenovo.LENOVO GROUP LIMITED 1009 Think Place Morrisville.lenovo.iimcal. 296 © 2009 THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: 0992 Stock Exchange: Hong Kong Chairman: Chuanzhi Liu CEO: Yuanqing Yang 2008 Employees: 23. .com/jobs/us/en/index.

It has 7.700 designers. The company now employs more than 23. after acquiring IBM's personal computing division in 2005. The company's first product. Legend changed its name to Lenovo. France. scientists and engineers. The Legend continues Lenovo was founded in 1984 as the Beijing Legend Computer Group by 10 colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its products also include cell phones and MP3 players. Visit Vault at www. Australia. What a great Idea Lenovo and Microsoft teamed up in 2007 to develop a research center and also introduce FlexGo pay-as-you-go computing. Lenovo is the top-selling PC manufacturer in China and is now the fourthlargest PC manufacturer in the world.vault. expert advice. a significant area of growth. servers. The research center is located in Lenovo’s Beijing research institute and will focus on portable computing technologies. trailing Hewlett-Packard. Indonesia. 297 . and it soon added laser printers to its product line in 1997. Hong Kong. Russia. The products first hit the market in the United States. sales of the company's products had taken off to the point where it was included in the Hang Seng index. the Philippines and Singapore. 2010 Edition Lenovo Group Limited THE SCOOP New thinking for a new world Lenovo is a Chinese manufacturer of desktop and notebook computers. career message boards. Vietnam. Lenovo operates in 69 countries around the world. North Carolina. according to research from iSuppli. was a Chinese character card and its first personal computer debuted in 1990. In 2003. and the following year rolled out a line of computers for low-income customers. Thailand. Malaysia. Dell and Acer. Lenovo invaded the global consumer PC market with its Idea line (IdeaPad notebooks and IdeaCentre desktops).Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.5 percent share of the overall PC market share in 2008. the Vault Job Board and more.iimcal. a list of the highest-capitalized stocks traded on the Hong Kong exchange. and Beijing. In 2000. monitors and peripherals. launched in 1987. the company offered its shares on the Hong Kong exchange. South Africa. Four years later. with two executive hubs located in Raleigh. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. FlexGo aims to bring computers to low-income families and provide internet access for people who could not otherwise afford computers. India. In for insider company profiles. Lenovo maintains rotating global headquarters throughout North America. including 1. expert resume reviews.000 people worldwide. Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The new unit is expected to help the company reduce its operating expenses and eliminate work redundancy.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.500 workers Lenovo announced a “resource redeployment plan” to remain competitive and efficient in the midst of the economic downturn. • February 2009: Leadership changes Lenovo changed its executive team. • January 2009: Job cuts in Q1 2009 to affect 2. both at the race track and at the team’s headquarters. Under this agreement. are ThinkPad X301. Lenovo notebook and desktop PCs will provide the team’s mission-critical computing solutions. The company expected to lay off 2. ceasing to be executive chairman of the board but continuing as an executive director.” said CEO Amelio. Lenovo is consolidating its China and Asia Pacific organizations into a single business unit to be called Asia Pacific and Russia (APR). Lenovo and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes announced a partnership ahead of the 2009 Formula 1 season. 2010 Edition Lenovo Group Limited IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Optimized for Communicator Lenovo announced that it is the first laptop manufacturer to offer products optimized for Microsoft Communicator 2007. Switchbox co-founders Michael Sievert. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal. “The actions we are taking today are not easy.500 employees worldwide during the first quarter of 2009. . The company also reduces operating costs in support and staff Resigned President and CEO William J. Robert Dickinson and Blake Ramsdell also joined Lenovo. 2009. approximately 11 percent of its total workforce. Liu Chuanzhi was appointed as a nonexecutive chairman of the board. which offer highquality audio and video ideal for multimedia and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications. 298 © 2009 Vault. Inc. The affected jobs include management and executive positions. T400 and T500 laptop PCs. Yang Yuanqing became the CEO. Sievert was named senior vice president company and will report directly to CEO Amelio. • December 2008: Teaming up with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes In order to build up its brand equity and attract customers. Inc. • January 2009: Switchbox acquisition Lenovo considers its innovations the lifeblood of the company and acquired Seattle-based Switchbox Labs. which are expected to become part of Lenovo’s products in the The products. Switchbox Labs focuses on developing new consumer As part of the restructuring plan. and we will act with compassion and respect for the individuals in our company who are most affected. Amelio was then appointed to be a special advisor to the company until September 30. and plans to reduce executive compensation by 30 to 50 percent. to reaffirm its commitment to investing in new strategies and technologies. Rory Read is appointed as president and COO.

4 billion. Lenovo’s notebook line continued to be the largest contributor to total Visit Vault at www. The company also reported that the complete sale of its mobile handsets unit brought in a profit of $36 million and $20 million in the fiscal fourth quarter and full year. 2010 Edition Lenovo Group Limited • November 2008: PC shipments grow in Q2 During the second quarter.iimcal. • September 2008: Lenovo joins Climate Group Lenovo joined international nonprofit organization The Climate Group.000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions per year by 2012. as part of that membership.vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. As a result. the Vault Job Board and more. 2008) with growth figures better than the industry average. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. has introduced a program that rewards consumers for recycling end-of-life devices. estimated at 16 percent. The company’s PC shipments also increased to 22 percent year over year. expert resume reviews. better than the industry a 17 percent increase year over year.3 billion or 61 percent of total sales for the quarter.4 percent but were still heavily affected by the current global economic crisis. • May 2008: Shipments grow 22 percent. sales up by 17 percent Lenovo released full-year financial results for fiscal 2007-2008 (ending March 31. 299 . and. with shipments in the fourth fiscal quarter up by 38 percent year over year. expert advice. • October 2008: Going broadband AT&T. Lenovo achieved consolidated sales from continuing operations amounting to $16. and consolidated sales grew 22 percent to $2. Lenovo's worldwide PC shipments grew 7. career message boards. respectively. which it sold in March. Lenovo and Ericsson entered into an agreement covering the option to access broadband-speed internet via the ThinkPad notebook PCs. This alliance requires AT&T’s 3G service to be available on a full range of Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. which come factory-equipped with Ericsson built-in mobile broadband modules enabled for AT&T LaptopConnect. Lenovo’s PC shipments worldwide also increased by 21 percent. and offers them incentives to power new computers with renewable energy. Excluding its mobile handset for insider company profiles. The company also set a goal to avoid 33 million to 66 million metric tons of carbon dioxide caused by older shipping methods and up to 200. Lenovo’s performance in the second quarter did meet management expectations.

Open positions are searchable by When Vault investigated the site. 2010 Edition Lenovo Group Limited GETTING HIRED Grow with Lenovo Lenovo’s career site. disability benefits. customer service. marketing. life insurance. there were a handful of positions Guide to the Top Tech 300 © 2009 Vault. employee assistance programs. primarily in accounting/finance.iimcal.lenovo. Inc. tuition reimbursement and financial planning services. provides information about job openings and benefits. IT and manufacturing. savings schemes for retirement.html. . Lenovo is an affirmative action— equal opportunity Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. at www. Benefits include a selection of medical plans. type and functional area.

204816596_1295219516_0_en.html Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CO • Coral Gables. 740 West New Circle Road INC.00. KY (HQ) 301 .lexmark.2 LOCATIONS Lexington. Curlander 2008 Employees: 13.4 2008 Income ($ mil.6 959.iimcal.lexmark.800 2008 Revenue ($ mil. FL Casablanca • Geneva • Ontario • Singapore KEY COMPETITORS Canon Epson Hewlett-Packard DEPARTMENTS Customer Services • Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology & Web • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Purchasing & Vendor Management • Research & Development • Sales • Sales Operations • Service Delivery • Site Operations • Supply Chain EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 4.LEXMARK KY 40550 Phone: (859) 232-2000 Fax: (859) 232-2403 THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: LXK Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Paul J.): 240.

retailers and pharmacies use Lexmark. The past isn’t so sad Called by one analyst the "Rodney Dangerfield of printing companies" (since it seemed to get no respect). with IBM saying that the division didn't fit in with its core and it let go of half of its workforce— but it grew up well adjusted to the market. Lexmark was formed out of that leveraged buyout between IBM and an investment firm. offering technical support and custom business solutions for small and midsized businesses. fax and scan documents) and related supplies such as cartridges and imaging products for office and residential customers. The present doesn’t look too bad either Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. a liter of Lexmark printer ink is pricier than the same amount of first-rate whiskey or Chanel inkjet and dot matrix printers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and research firm IDC projects that by 2010. 302 © 2009 Vault. Despite that setback. Lest all of this sound incredibly pedestrian. Notebook and wireless router sales are growing at an estimated 20 percent per The company owns much of the technology used in its products (through its investment in research) and also works in intangibles. One thing on the horizon that may help the company gain some strength is wireless printing for the tech-savvy home consumer. Six years after being told that it just didn't fit in. Lexmark bridges the gap between the "old" world of paper products and the new one focused on all things electronic. 5 perfume. the division was one of the first ones to get the boot. multifunction machines (which also copy. 2010 Edition Lexmark International. . Lexmark used to be one of IBM's tiny divisions. government agencies and educational resources. THE SCOOP The future of print As one of the leading manufacturers of inkjet and laser printers and accessories. When IBM decided to divest its hardware assets in 1991. and according to research from the Gartner Group. Inc. Its newest line of color and monochrome laser printers and multifunction products (MFPs) announced in October 2008 received nearly 70 industry awards and broad recognition from leading technology publications and testing houses. Not too shabby for a company that was forced to find its own way in the world. and as a bonus it was able to pare down its billion-dollar debt (an unfortunate part of the buyout) to just a little over the $100 million range. Lexmark shot to the number two spot in the worldwide laser printing business. Being thrust into the printing spotlight forced Lexmark to do a lot of growing up—it designed a framework that included units and teams previously handled for Lexmark by IBM. the Lexmark name does carry some cachet: 75 percent of the world’s leading banks. Inc. It produces laser.

This enables visually impaired users to set up copy. To address the present economic weakness. Inc. approximately 93. 2010 Edition Lexmark International.53 billion. expert Visit Vault at www.6 million households will have access to a wireless network. This is one of the marketing strategies used by Lexmark to expand its market penetration. Lexmark entered a long-term multiyear agreement with Dell for printing technology.” The company foresees that the 2009 restructuring plan will affect about 375 positions and is expected to be substantially completed by the end of 2009. expert resume reviews. with the company benefitting through enhanced operational efficiency and achieved business goals. Curlander said that “Lexmark continues to take actions that will reduce our fixed infrastructure and business support costs. up 70 percent from current totals.97 billion. • January 2009: Printing perspectives To continuously become more competitive in the technological market arena. giving its employees an enriched quality of life. Revenue is $4. which are projected to generate savings of over $100 million in 2009.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. This agreement involves both companies pursuing development of broader printer models and related aftermarket cartridges manufactured by Lexmark and sold to customers under the Dell brand.vault. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Increasing capability for product innovation Lexmark introduced Accessibility Solution. FTP and scan jobs directly from their workstation rather than requiring use of the MFP touch screen display. It further expects a total annualized cost savings of $50 million when completed. the Vault Job Board and for insider company profiles. According to the company. career message boards. down 9 percent compared to 2007’s posted revenue of $4. a new application designed to provide people with visual impairments easier access to Lexmark multifunction product (MFP) technology. • January 2009: Survival amidst economic downturn Lexmark announced the negative impact of the current economic turmoil and currency rate volatility of its 2008 revenue and operating income. fax. • October 2008: Yes. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility. 303 . CEO Paul J.iimcal. Lexmark can Lexmark proved that it’s concerned with employee and customer satisfaction when the company was named a winner of the 2008 Alfred P. with approximately $40 million in savings in 2009. its flexible work/life program aims to achieve a balance between work and family. email.

It further encourages employees' character growth by granting three paid vacation days in exchange for volunteer work. All student positions are paid.S. Interested parties can work as an AYPT (academic year part time). and offers technical training and funding for continuing education. Inc. health. a collaboration between the U. • September 2008: Going green for the environment or an intern (summer only) student. Lexmark gives its staff the opportunity to purchase stock and contribute to a 401(k) plan with a generous company matching plan. such as Six Sigma Black Belt. Lexmark pledged to “go green” and to consider its products’ impact on global ecology as part of its commitment to social responsibility. 2010 Edition Lexmark International. The group aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases. International opportunities are accessible through each division’s web page available through a drop down menu on the main Lexmark website. The company also offers opportunities for students seeking a Lexmark career during college. paid holidays and personal Lexmark offers leadership training and participation development programs. . Besides life.N. Workers at the Lexington campus have access to convenient medical and banking services on site." If its finances haven’t been the healthiest of late. The Global Compact provides guidelines to businesses to ensure that their operations do not violate the tenets of human rights. • June 2008: Uniting with the United Nations Lexmark joined the United Nations (U. Environmental Protection Agency and the freight industry. co-op (alternating periods of work and study). Program participants must have a GPA of 3. Inc. has a new member in Lexmark. on-the-job training. at least Lexmark promotes the wellbeing of its employees. and access to a "wide range of social and sporting events. the world's largest voluntary global corporate citizenship initiative. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Other benefits include free housing (fully furnished apartments) for individuals who live more than 50 miles 304 © 2009 Vault. dental.iimcal. labor. GETTING HIRED Looking for Lex-elent employees Openings at Lexmark's Kentucky headquarters and U.S. vision and disability coverage.) Global Compact.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. offices can be accessed through the company's website. company discounts. be eligible to work in the United States on a permanent basis and attend an accredited college or university on a full-time basis. the environment and governance.

career message boards.vault. employees were given tickets to the Kentucky Derby as a year-end gift. In 2008. As one source notes. that there is no career advancement. while another contact counters by saying that there is career opportunity as the company expands its market territory. One source for insider company profiles. Inc. 305 . The first interview involves going over the applicant’s resume.iimcal. 2010 Edition Lexmark International.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. expert resume reviews. Lexmark also sponsors holiday Visit Vault at www. Perks abound Almost all of the respondents mention the no-dress-code policy of Lexmark. Apart from OUR SURVEY SAYS Traditional interview process Several insiders note that they underwent two interviews and that the interview process is something a job seeker would normally expect. though. expert advice. the interviews are not stressful but rather easy. Besides the paid sick leave and holidays . Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. if hired. one source mentioned that the company is comprised of employees from different cultural backgrounds. the Vault Job Board and more. at least in its company headquarters in Kentucky. references and prior experience in the position applied for. The second interview usually deals with how to meet the job responsibilities.

Thailand • Seoul • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Vienna KEY COMPETITORS IBM Microelectronics NXP Texas Instruments EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. CA • Longmont. CO • Fremont. CA • Administrative/Clerical • Customer Service • Engineering • Finance • IT • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Operations • Sales • Technical Writing 306 © 2009 Vault. Inc. CO • Colorado Springs.html DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. . TX • Beaverton. CO • Los Angeles. OR • Boulder.iimcal.LSI LOGIC CORPORATION 1621 Barber Lane Milpitas. KS Bangalore • Beijing • Bracknell.700 2008 Income ($ mil.): 283 LOCATIONS Milpitas. CO • Englewood. MA • CA • Wichita. CA • Waltham.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. GA • Oxnard. CA • Mendota Heights.lsilogic. Sweden • Madrid • Meudon-la-Foret. MN • Minneapolis. MN • United Kingdom • Cork. Taiwan • Kista. PA • Andover. MA • Westlake THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: LSI Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: Abhi Talwalkar 2008 Employees: 5. France • Milan • Munich • Pathumthani. CO • Gresham. CO • Fort Collins. CA • Rochester. OR • Irvine.lsi. CA • San Diego. CA 95035 Phone: (408) 954-3108 Fax: (408) 954-3220 www. CA (HQ) • Allentown. Ireland • Haifa • MA • Austin. MN • Roseville.): 2.

and left 28 Japanese investors with a 33 percent stake in the new venture. a former executive in Intel’s enterprise and storage division. However. expert advice. the Vault Job Board and more. Corrigan was shortly out the door. a British chemical engineer whose father had worked on the docks in Liverpool. ASICs—not just snazzy shoes Wilfred Corrigan. career message boards. Months later. Going abroad early Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. LSI’s storage chips are designed to allow computers to communicate with storage devices. When Schlumberger Ltd. a private Japanese offshoot of his company. for his new company he headed in the opposite direction from the old one. recognizing that strong support from overseas investors would be crucial to the company’s survival. founded LSI in 1981 after working for 20 years in the semiconductor industry.iimcal. Visit Vault at www. Corrigan tried the same thing with LSI Logic Ltd. and Corrigan took the company international almost immediately. and Corrigan quickly appealed for their support with the 1984 formation of Nihon LSI Logic. aiming small and specialized. LSI does not have its own fabs. perhaps remembering LSI’s recent partnership with Toshiba. Abhi Talwalkar. The future of memory In May for insider company profiles. He picked himself up by the boot straps and founded LSI Logic the next LSI went public in 1983. Japanese investors. but rather designs chips and then contracts with foundries for their production. 2010 Edition LSI Logic Corporation THE SCOOP Large-scale integration for small-scale devices LSI Logic Corp. had acquired much of the company’s stock in the IPO. LSI’s initial product would be ASICs (application-specific integrated circuit).. Corrigan has since stayed involved with the company as the non-executive chairman of its board. 307 .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Nihon’s private offering raised $20 in the U. expert resume reviews. The company also offers custom-designed “systems-on-a-chip” (SOC) for the consumer market. including a failed attempt as the CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor from 1974 to 1980 to diversify the offerings of the industry giant.K. communications. where Fairchild had been large and general. Corrigan introduced his successor as president and CEO. raising $20 million there as well. such as tape drives and data storage servers. in addition to serving as president and chief executive).vault. purchased Fairchild in 1979 (only two years after Corrigan had started chairing the company’s board meetings. networking and storage markets. (the LSI stands for “large-scale integration”) manufactures semiconductors for the digital audio and video.

010 employees in 2006 to 9. 2010 Edition LSI Logic Corporation Talwalkar has received mixed reviews so far. Cost savings 308 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. LSI Logic released its SOC components for hard disk drives.100). Inc.4 petabytes. Chen.and people-friendly. to be exact—which can be licensed to other manufacturers. Whitney’s LSI Logic employs 6.(and people-) huggers Green thumbs up for LSI Logic as its Wichita. The new 65-nanometer LSI TrueStore RC8900 iterative decoding read channel offers data transfer rates up to 4GHz and is compatible with 6GB/s SAS and SATA. This innovation propels the company ahead of the transition curve as storage industry participants shift usage from 3Gb/s SAS to 6Gb/s SAS interfaces in Banking on the benefits of new read channel and physical (PHY) technologies.” • September 2008: Still ahead of the pack Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.25G Fibre Channel (FC-PI-2) protocols. as investors and analysts closely watch his ambitious plan to overhaul the now venerable LSI. as LSI CEO Abhi Talwalkar put it. mobile devices and networking. The company’s sales revenue for 2008 was reported at $2. and gives it a robust clutch of patents—10. Kan.000 of them. LSI Logic’s storage system will help increase the DOD’s data storage capacity to 2.. Department of Defense project to modernize its data storage system under the Technology Insertion (TI-09) High Performance Computing Modernization a timely replacement for board member Timothy Y. • 2007: On a shopping spree Talwalkar backed up his talk with a bold move—the $4 billion takeover of Agere. facility was certified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) as Earth. • November 2008: Welcome to the club Retired IBM executive Susan Whitney was officially welcomed by the LSI board of directors on November 12th. At present.7 billion. “… will be invaluable to us as we continue to focus on increasing our worldwide opportunities in the storage and networking areas. a semiconductor manufacturer that specializes in chips for storage. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: LSI is part of DoD’s $40 million modernization program LSI Logic announced that its Engenio 7900 HPC storage technology is part of a $40 million-dollar U. as well as 4. . • February 2009: Certified tree.S. The certification guarantees LSI Wichita to be a safe and healthy workplace and environmentally friendly. The deal more than doubles the size of LSI Logic (from 4.193 personnel and maintains operations worldwide. who resigned on the same date.iimcal.

LSI Logic continued divesting its chipmaking resources that same month. at In August. expert resume Visit Vault at www. LSI offers its employees ample opportunities for training. for approximately $85 million in for insider company profiles. which might be unrelated. opportunities for training and advancement and benefits.iimcal. provides a wealth of information for job seekers about LSI company culture. job seekers must first create an account. a private company in Pune. This acquisition costs the company $7 million. With numerous awards to boot. GETTING HIRED Add some Logic to your career LSI’s careers site. 360-degree reviews and even has a tuition assistance program. LSI Logic now adds a new class of advanced security and network control for service providers and enterprise networks. Tarari makes silicon and software that provides content and application awareness in packet and message processing.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. as they amount to the sort of manufacturing facilities Talwalkar planned on trimming before the merger. With Tarari’s acquisition. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. location and function. career message boards. In November. which develops multimedia SOC technology and related software for consumer electronic products. But they have came at a cost—LSI Logic posted second quarter losses of $378 million in July selling off its phone and satellite-radio chip business to Infineon for about $450 million. the company announced worldwide layoffs of 2. To apply. expert advice. Jobs are searchable by type. Medical benefits are comprised of a health plan and insurance. the Vault Job Board and more. India. LSI Logic acquired Metta Technology.lsi. 2010 Edition LSI Logic Corporation associated with the acquisition are estimated at $125 million for 2008. 309 . a stock purchase plan and credit union services. LSI Logic acquired Tarari.100 people. Benefits include 401(k) with company matching.vault. quarterly profit sharing. Inc. $340 million of which were attributed to charges from the Agere deal.

Pedersen 2008 Employees: 7. MD • Burlington. MA • Chantilly.9 2008 Income ($ mil. HI • Arlington.600 2008 Revenue ($ AZ • Springfield. VA • Voorhees.MANTECH INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION 12015 Lee Jackson Highway Fairfax. PA • Lexington Park. MD • Miami. VA • San Antonio.mantech. .): 90. VA • Aiea. VA (HQ) Alexandria. Inc. Northrop Grumman 310 © 2009 Vault.3 EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MANT Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman & CEO: George J. CA • Ellicott City. MD • Fairmont.): 1. TX • San Diego. VA 22033 Phone: (703) 218-6000 Fax: (703) 218-8296 www. FL • Sierra Vista. VA • Glen Burnie. CA • Sarasota. CO • KEY COMPETITORS BAE Systems Computer Sciences Corp. VA • VA • Tampa. SC • Prince George. Sales & Business Development • Multimedia Support • Networks & Telecommunication Services • Programs & Operations • Publications & Graphic Arts • Research • Scientific/Analytical • Security • Systems Development • Technical Analysis • Technical Assistance & Support LOCATIONS Fairfax. NY • Norfolk. NJ • Wallops Island. VA • Colorado Springs. VA • North Charleston. DC Additional locations in 42 countries DEPARTMENTS Administrative Programs & Operations • Administrative Services • Consulting Services • Contracts. VA • Washington. Legal & Proposal Services • Customer Service & Technical Training • Engineering & Support Services • Engineers/Scientists • Facilities • Finance/Accounting • Human Resources • Information Technology • Intelligence • Investor Relations • Legal • Logistics Support Services • Marketing. MD • Herndon. VA • Bethesda. FL • Vienna. WV • Falls Church. WV • Johnstown.iimcal.mantech. Purchasing. FL • New York. VA • El Segundo.

many of whom possess the security clearances necessary for highly classified contract opportunities. ManTech’s national security offerings include intelligence analysis. expert resume reviews. womanpower). government. From the Cold War … Staten Islander George Pedersen and mathematician Franc Wertheimer founded ManTech in 1968 as a two-person operation. they had a single naval contract to provide war-gaming technology for submarines. the Navy and NASA. computational forensics and code analysis. 311 . In for insider company profiles. ManTech has long angled to break into the intelligence field. Department of Justice (DoJ). it had 18 employees. the Vault Job Board and more. ManTech also provides engineering test services to NASA and the Navy. most notably Gray Hawk Systems for $90 million in 2005. Pedersen has remained with the company to the present a move that several analysts attributed to the “War on Terror” in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11th. ManTech reported classified contracts worth $200 million. The company’s first acquisition came in 1971. ManTech reported sales revenue amounting to $1. about 1 percent comes from NATO countries. From its humble beginnings with submarines. After going public. a company with 500 employees.iimcal. ManTech had acquired 36 other companies. The company provides information technology (IT) services to the U. intelligence-based interest from Raytheon Corp. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.25 million. name notwithstanding. information security and communications system support.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. its first foray came in the early 1980s. the company bought two companies every year. diversifying its platform just before the end of the Cold War. expert advice. but it portended greater things. By the time of its IPO in 2002. but chairman and CEO George Pedersen insisted that he had taken 71 of his key executives to a company powwow the year before to discuss the trajectory of the business.87 billion.S. 2010 Edition ManTech International Corporation THE SCOOP Ladies and gentlemen. including the Department of Defense (DoD). government. the company offers network security.vault. and has steered the company into persistent growth by cannily focusing on acquisitions to “leapfrog forward into new areas” (his phrase). it’s ManTech! ManTech has a long history of providing its country with high-tech manpower ( … to the war on terror ManTech went public in 2002. at the time. when it bought a small. And the hard work has paid off: in 2006. deciding to focus Visit Vault at www. career message boards. On the IT side. while remaining mindful of overreliance on federal contracts.S. The overwhelming majority of ManTech’s revenue comes from the U. for $1. when it bought a company that held a Navy Air Systems command contract.

in) 312 © 2009 Vault.” IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Get (cyber) smart ManTech announced that it closed the purchase of cyber intelligence firm DDK Technology Group. Pedersen. who suggested the company go public.” It was the right place and the right time: company revenue skyrocketed from $431 million in 2002. 61 cents per share. And it really was the right decision.S. on the other hand. on revenue of $2.93 a share.05 a share.” he says. EWA Services was a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates.” said ManTech Chairman and CEO George J.iimcal. eye for “earnings of $2. These purchases are expected to contribute to ManTech’s sales growth in 2009.” Pedersen has said. hitting Wall Street’s targets. The company forecasted earnings of $2.91. with figures above the Street’s expectations. He also isn’t leaving the company he started more than 30 years ago. I love what we do every day. Inc. and worked nights and weekends to bring to this point.12 billion. a mergers and acquisitions consultancy. The company’s net income totaled $ • February 2009: Highly optimistic ManTech reported fourth quarter financial results with a 15 percent increase in profit.4 million. Inc. “but the logic was overwhelming. at $3. Inc. ManTech had already acquired cyber security provider Emerging Technologies Group.-based DDK provides cyber security to the U.. Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. analysts. saying he expects it to someday reach $5 billion in sales.20 billion. I didn’t really want to do that. 69 cents per share. climbing from $21. focusing on Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).” • December 2008: Shopping for growth ManTech announced the complete acquisition of IT provider EWA Services. According to a Reuters article. Pedersen subsequently hired Quarterdeck Equity Partners. Pedersen is thrilled.6 “I will remain chairman of the board until the day I die. and revenue of $2. 2010 Edition ManTech International Corporation away from commercial pursuits to government contracting once more. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. . to $1 billion in 2006. Md. ManTech also releaseed its forecasts for 2009.10 to $2. in fourth fiscal quarter 2007. Department of Defense. “This acquisition continues ManTech’s focus on the high-end intelligence arena and expands our footprint in cyber security to NCIS. and provides threat analysis and test and evaluation for agencies under the Department of Defense. In August. which also serves the DOD. before special items. The Lanham. “I love this business. “To be honest.

allows candidates to search for jobs by location and function. tuition assistance. expert advice. the Vault Job Board and more.” A company press release said ManTech was “was ranked overall at 77. State Department to support the latter’s Bureau of Information Resource Management Program Management and Analysis Directorate during its Global IT Modernization (GITM) programme. including job fairs aimed at helping people in the military transition to civilian careers. 77 in BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100 list. • August 2008: Modernizing global networks ManTech was award a $124 million contract by the U. The company also offers a wide range of professional development learning opportunities for employees through the ManTech released its America’s Best Big Companies list and named ManTech best in its Software and Services category.” • May 2008: Quality OK! ManTech received International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 certification for its quality management system supporting the U.asp. GETTING HIRED Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. career message boards. debt to total capital. was rated 16th best in shareholder return on equity and 33rd highest in revenue growth. The list was based on “sales and earnings growth. life.mantech.S. pet insurance.” This was the second time ManTech made it on the list. Army Regional Support Centers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. total revenue and revenue growth. employee assistance program. Benefits at the company include • May 2008: Among the best tech companies ManTech ranked No. Visit Vault at www. return on equity. accident and disability Work for the Man ManTech’s careers page. at www. expert resume reviews.vault. the company reaffirmed its commitment to provide world-class service and solutions to the Army. dental and vision insurance. In a press release in light of the certification. The site also has information about career fairs at which the company recruits. 401(k) and employee stock plan. auto and home insurance and retail The ranking was based on “on shareholder return. 313 . The certification was awarded to organizations able to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory standards.iimcal. earnings outlook and stock market returns. 2010 Edition ManTech International Corporation • December 2008: Best software and services company for insider company profiles.

AZ • Providence. China • Zurich Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.): 317. Maintenance & Repair • Insurance • Internet/eCommerce • Internship • Law Enforcement & Security • Layout • Legal • Logistics • Low-offset Amplifiers & Comparators • Low-power Analog Circuitry • Manufacturing & Production • Mechanical Engineering • Microcontrollers • Military • Non-volatile Memory Circuit Design • Parametric Test • PCB Design • PCB Layout • Precision Analog Circuitry • Process Integration • Process Module • Production Control • Production Planning • Publishing/Printing • Purchasing • Quality/Reliability • Radio Frequency • Real Estate • Retail/Wholesale • Sales • Semiconductor • Shipping & Receiving • Supply Chain/Logistics • Systems Engineer • Tax accounting • Telecommunications • Technology & Design • Transportation & Warehousing • Voltage References • Yield Enhancement LOCATIONS Sunnyvale. OR • Boston. Marketing & PR • Analog/Mixed Signal Design • Architectural Services • Arts.maxim-ic. CO • Hillsboro. Denmark • Amsterdam • Bangalore • Batangas. AZ WI • North Palm 314 © 2009 Vault. Thailand • Daegu. OR • Houston. India • Graz. Italy • Reading. France • Hannover. INC. . Korea • Dresden • Gandhinagar.maxim-ic. Austria • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MXIM Stock Exchange: Nasdaq President & CEO: Tunç Doluca 2008 Employees: 9. CA 94086 Phone: (408) 737-7600 Fax: (408) 737-7194 Philippines • Chengdu. Sweden • Madrid • Marseille. CO • Dallas. MA • Champaign. Entertainment & Media • Automotive/Motor Vehicle/Parts • Building & Grounds Maintenance • Bulk Storage & Delivery • Chemical Engineering • Circuit Design • Consulting Services • Consumer Products • Customer Service & Call Center • DC-DC Switching Converters Design • Data Acquisition • Digital Design • Education. IN • Melbourne. Germany • Hong Kong • Istanbul • Kawasaki. FL • Milwaukee. Italy • Cavite. CA • DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Auditing • Administrative & Support Services • Advertising. NC • San Antonio. United Kingdom • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Stockholm • Taipei. CA (HQ) Atlanta. IL • Colorado Springs. France • Milan • Moscow • Munich • Newbury. IL • Beaverton. CA • Indianapolis.7 KEY COMPETITORS Analog Devices National Semiconductor Texas Instruments EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. GA • Bannockburn. Training & Library • Electronics • Embedded Microcontroller Design • Engineering • Facilities • Failure Analysis • Finance/Economics • Financial Services • Full-custom Digital Circuit Design • Gas Distribution • General Managements • High-frequency RF Circuit Design • HR/Recruiting • IC Characterization • IC Design • Industrial Engineering • IT • Installation.8 2008 Income ($ mil.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. 120 San Gabriel Drive Sunnyvale. Inc. RI • Raleigh. Philippines • Beijing • Catania.MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS. TX • Irvine.): 2. United Kingdom • Osaka • Paris • Pavia. China • Chonburi. TX • Fort Collins.052. Japan • Lund. FL • Phoenix. TX • San Diego. • Tel Aviv • Tokyo • Wuhan. CA • San Jose.iimcal.

in favor of a consulting role. betting that analog circuits. CEO and leading co-founder Jack Gifford elected to step down from his post for health reasons. industrial. He was replaced by veteran Tunc Doluca. have their place in measuring quantities that vary continuously. expert for insider company profiles.iimcal. and benefited by picking up the effective leftovers in the market. By 2006. The factory is capable of forming 20. Despite fluctuations in the health of the industry through the 1990s.vault. demand for analog chips grew during the decade. The factory.000 silicon wafers. largely for use in new technologies such as cell phones and portable electronics. A number of former General Electric employees founded Maxim in Maxim hummed along. expert resume reviews. which had been largely discarded in favor of their faster.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. tech firm. like temperature and pressure. the Vault Job Board and more. career message boards. Maxim wasn’t so small anymore. medical. Texas. per month. The company posted its first profit on a year’s sales in 1988. Maxim was one of the few companies that hadn’t switched to digital chips. Maxim’s chips are used in the automotive. for $38 million. small. which caused the governing body of Nasdaq to threaten to delist the company’s shares from the Visit Vault at www. has plenty of room to Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and they can be made for much less money in older factories. and immediately had its initial IPO. Survival of the fittest While many of its semiconductor peers suffered through cycles of boom and bust. THE SCOOP Analog has not yet left the building Maxim Integrated Products is a manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. It was a strategy geared toward the long term. upon which microchips are created. Maxim was investigated by the SEC for questionable options practices. Indeed.) In 2007. communications and consumer products industries. 315 . In 2006. Inc. snazzier digital cousins. Maxim played its analog chips to its advantage—they don’t become obsolete as quickly as digital chips. on 39 acres. thus insulating the company from the slings and arrows of the industry’s outrageous fortunes. (Gifford passed away in January 2009. Fortune noted that Maxim had the highest profits of any semiconductor company in the Fortune 1000. converting audio to digital signals (and vice versa) and power management. Maxim bought a factory manufacturing eight-inch wafers in Irving. and the company invested in its employees and its R&D in the meantime. while not as fast at crunching numbers as the digital variety. and it was soon encountering the sort of trouble befitting a large tech firm. 2010 Edition Maxim Integrated Products. That same year. Also. might still constitute a viable segment of the semiconductor market. quickly earning recognition as an excellent place to work and a well-run. Analog chips. The audit of the options practices delayed the filing of several forms with the SEC. seemingly immune. Suddenly.

in) Maxim’s careers site. CEO Tunc Doluca is confident that the company will be able to manage its expenses Inc. as compared to net earnings during the same period in 2008 of about $107 million. internships and entry-level programs. for additional savings of $10 million.maxim-ic. provides information about job openings. The company expects $290 million to $330 million in revenue in billion. 316 © 2009 Vault. Maxim is looking at combining Zilog’s wireless microcontroller product line with its ultra-low power infrared microcontroller line. It also has a “Job Search Agent” that does the job searching and automatically emails jobs that match. 2010 Edition Maxim Integrated Products. subsidized gym membership. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Zilog products acquired Maxim announced the acquisition of the wireless control and secured transaction product lines from Zilog Inc. Hopeful interns and aspiring college graduates are invited to submit their resumes to Maxim’s database. • January 2009: Weak across the board With a very cautious view of the global economy.8 million. . EE Times reported that Maxim is pursuing cost-reduction measures. accounting. at www. and is banking on its wafer fab consolidation project to boost Maxim’s manufacturing efficiency. In 2008. However. expand. life insurance and educational assistance. but employees accumulate 12 floating holidays in addition to their annual allotment of vacation time. or 12 cents per share. GETTING HIRED Take your career to the Max Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. including reducing its headcount by 140 and pursuing unpaid time off to see some $25 million of quarterly operating expenses savings through June. College graduates may apply to positions in engineering.iimcal. IT. The company only acknowledges two holidays per year. customer service and purchasing. Benefits for Maxim employees include a choice of medical and dental plans.000 wafers per month. Inc. benefits. Maxim continued to endure Q2 losses of $38. in June. efficient communication and continuous improvement of job functions. function and location. Jobs can be searched by keyword. and can max out at a capacity of 30. or 33 cents per share. legal. The purchase of Zilog’s wireless control business was done jointly with Universal Electronics Inc. the company reported revenue amounting to $2.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 401(k) and stock purchase plan. culture. The company culture is distinguished by an emphasis on clear. The firm may also close down its facility in Dallas.

Belgium • Dubai • Guangzhou • Guatemala City • Hamburg • Helsinki • Hong Kong • Istanbul • Kfar Sava.2 KEY COMPETITORS Microsoft Symantec Trend Micro EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.iimcal. Philippines • Melbourne • Mexico City • Moscow • Mumbai • Munich • Ontario • Panama City • Paris La Defense. TX Amsterdam • Athens • Auckland • Bangalore • Bangkok • Beijing • Bryanston. CA 95054 Phone: (408) 988-3832 Fax: (408) 970-9727 www.600 2008 Income ($ mil.MCAFEE INCORPORATED 3965 Freedom Circle Santa THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MFE Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Chuck Robel President & CEO: Dave DeWalt 2008 Employees: 5.mcafee.mcafeecareers. Italy • San Jose. United Kingdom • DEPARTMENTS Administrative • Art • Business Development • Communications • Customer Service • Computer Services • Engineering • Finance • Human Resources • Information Systems • Internet • Legal & Governmental Affairs • Manufacturing • Marketing • Network Administration • Planning • Production Management • Production • Public Relations • Quality Assurance • Sales • Technical Support LOCATIONS Santa Clara. Mexico • Prague • San Donato Milanese. Ireland • Diegem.): 1. Germany • Vienna • Warsaw • Zurich Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Denmark • Stockholm • Sydney • Taipei • Tokyo • Unterschleissheim.): 172. Costa Rica • Santiago • São Paulo • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Slough. France • Polanco. Israel • Kuala Lumpur • Lisbon • Madrid • Makati City. South Africa • Copenhagen • FL • Plano.563 2008 Revenue ($ 317 . CA (HQ) Miami.

and thereafter changed its name back to McAfee. including Tribal Voice in 1997—considered the first social networking site—and yoga instruction. with McAfee seeking $1 billion in damages for defamation. succeeded Larson as CEO and managed 318 © 2009 Vault. alleging securities fraud. McAfee left the company shortly thereafter to pursue other interests. alleging that the company inflated its sales figures by $622 million between 1998 and Two years later. spyware. dating back to CEO Bill Larson’s tenure. its biggest deal yet. and left Lockheed in January of the next year. phishing. the company unloaded a number of ancillary Where there’s smoke … While revenue at McAfee was rising.” But McAfee’s thirst for acquisitions was unabated by Larson’s ugly dustups with other tech firms— it merged with Network General in 1997 for $1. Inc. Larson soon earned a reputation for playing hardball with his acquisitions—and acquisition targets. Larson next developed a rivalry with Symantec’s then-CEO. The next year. who felt strongly against it. Larson capped the activity with his issuance of a press release calling Eubanks “an accused felon for trade-secret violations. and targeted network management software as its best opportunity for expansion. McAfee founded McAfee Associates in 1989. Larson. along with President Peter Watkins and CFO Prabhat Goyal. the SEC filed suit against Goyal and a number of other McAfee executives (but not Larson). quickly turning a profit. The two companies sued each other.3 billion. and McAfee gave up the attempt. identity theft and unwanted guests snooping about the network. the company had its first stock offering. . the company was weathering a number of financial scandals. News of his product spread by word of mouth. and soon satisfied users were convincing their bosses to pay to license the product for company computers.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. McAfee began in 1987. Cheyenne sued McAfee to prevent the takeover. Aggressive tactics McAfee found a new CEO in Bill Larson. In late 1995. a computer veteran from Sun and Apple— and the acquisitions began! Larson immediately started growing the company beyond viral software. 2010 Edition McAfee Incorporated THE SCOOP Network defender McAfee is a security technology company that provides software that fends off all manner of digital threats. abruptly resigned in 2001. when fourth quarter revenue was $120 million below expectations. Gordon Eubanks.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. an old IBM hand. George McAfee attempted a $1 billion takeover of Cheyenne Software. when a Lockheed engineer named John McAfee started distributing his home-brewed antivirus software for free via an online bulletin board. The new company was known as Network Associates until 2004—after the tech bust. like spam.

the general counsel was sacked.000 in line with the company’s initiative to fight cybercrime. the company enjoyed a total revenue of $1. and CEO Samenuk expediently decided to retire. McAfee president and CEO. making it to the S&P 500 index. the SEC started another investigation of McAfee. this time looking at its stock options 319 . Profits. for $46 million in Dave DeWalt. In the brouhaha. bringing in more than $1. McAfee’s 2006 revenue rose 16 percent over 2005 numbers. Four more acquisitions—SiteAdvisor. • July 2008: Acquisition of Reconnex in the works McAfee announced a definitive agreement to acquire Reconnex. • February 2009: Expansion of SaaS business unit Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2008 that it has been added to the S&P 500. The fund will be used in programs to train law enforcement.vault. • March 2009: Crusade against cybercrime The company awarded grants amounting to $110. the Vault Job Board and more. expert resume reviews.6 billion. prosecutors and judges on cybercrime. 2010 Edition McAfee Incorporated to settle the matter for the relatively small amount of $50 million in January 2006. But in June of the same year. IN THE NEWS • April 2009: HP to resell McAfee line worldwide McAfee entered into a global reseller agreement with Hewlett-Packard for the latter to resell its line of enterprise security products worldwide.iimcal. expert advice.1 billion for the year. The first recipients of the grants were the Council of Europe and the National District Attorneys Association.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The commission eventually found that illegal securities enhancements had been going on since 1997. for insider company profiles. a privately held data loss prevention solutions provider. career message boards. and mostly from clients in the business sector. but in 2007 Dave DeWalt was made its new CEO and tasked to turn the company around. In 2008. • December 2008: McAfee makes it to S&P 500 McAfee announced at close of trading December 22. Most of the company’s revenue come from its North American markets. were down by 1 percent year-over-year (they came in at $137 million). announced that the company has expanded its software-as-a-service (SaaS) business unit to include cloud-based services. Citadel and Onigma—in 2006 helped McAfee boost its offerings in online security. Visit Vault at www. Rumors abounded about McAfee’s impending acquisition. Preventsys.

McAfee also offers tuition assistance for job-related classes. . and management and leadership.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. category and keyword. training and benefits at the company. but the site assures candidates that flexible working conditions and emphasis on work/life balance are priorities for the company. provides information about job Inc. candidates must upload a resume and provide contact information via a web Job listings are searchable by location. 2010 Edition McAfee Incorporated GETTING HIRED Secure a job at McAfee McAfee’s jobs technical skills. To apply. at 320 © 2009 Vault. McAfee’s benefits vary by office location and job title. The HR department can be contacted with any questions or comments at as well as training in sales.

South Korea • Hsinchu. Peters.asp Customized for: Vinay ( Italy • Munich • Novara.5 2008 Income ($ mil. 501 Pearl Drive St. Japan KEY COMPETITORS Shin-Etsu Handotai Siltronic SUMCO DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Finance • Corporate Development • Customer Service • Human Resources • IT • Legal • Logistics • Manufacturing • Marketing • New Products • Quality • R&D • Sales & Marketing • Subcontractor Operations • Treasury EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.): 387. Taiwan • Kuala Lumpur • Merano. Peters.memc.600 2008 Revenue ($ mil.iimcal. TX • Sherman. Italy • Paris • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Tokyo • Utsunomiya. MO 63376 Phone: (636) 474-5000 Fax: (636) 474-5158 LOCATIONS St. TX THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: WFR Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: John Marren President & CEO: Ahmad Chatila 2008 Employees: 4. MO (HQ) Hillsboro.MEMC ELECTRONIC MATERIALS. INC. OR • 321 .memc.004.): 2.

Inc. 2010 Edition MEMC Electronic Materials. a Motech rival. . Short and not so sweet Motech fling Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. things got rocky because the two companies were “unable to reach mutually acceptable definitive agreements within the prescribed timeframe. 322 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.6 billion deal to provide silicon wafers for solar panels to Taiwan’s Motech. MEMC was the first to move into selling wafers with a diameter of 100 mm. MEMC ended its partnership with Motech. $1. With R&D and manufacturing facilities in the United States. The company had upped the ante to 150 mm diameters by 1981. MEMC’s customers include foundries where microchips are made. Wafers are slices of pure silicon crystals that have been grown from melted sand and are the raw material from which microchips are manufactured. Four years In 2006. for a 10-year period. Mr. and 300 mm a decade later. Sandman.iimcal.” In July 2006. the company was experimenting with chemicals. which dovetailed with Cold War era advancements in electronics. In 1959. it was able to produce wafers with a diameter of 125 MEMC is a major provider of silicon wafers. MEMC hashed out an eight-year. Europe and Asia. Inc. To sweeten the deal. As a result. founded in 1901. By the 1950s. However. one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. which is also the name of a Midwestern agricultural company. it established the Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC) for the manufacturing and development of silicon wafer technology. Motech threw in partial ownership of itself and the option to purchase a solar panel manufacturing facility. which are used by both the microchip and solar panel industries. MEMC enables the next generation of high-performance semiconductor devices and solar cells. As wafer technology advanced and demand for microchips increased during the 1970s. grow me a dream The “M” in MEMC stands for Monsanto. MEMC is now partnering with China’s Suntech. in 1975. THE SCOOP Silicon jockeys MEMC is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of wafers and related intermediate products to the semiconductor and solar industries. MEMC has been a pioneer in the design and development of wafer technologies over the past four decades.

vault.. a retirement savings plan. career message boards. conveniently located at www. quarterly incentives. 2010 Edition MEMC Electronic Materials.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 323 . life insurance and education reimbursements. The filing also revealed that MEMC’s Japanese subsidiary.. and efficiency improvements. • February 2009: Chatila as CEO Ahmad Chatila was appointed president and CEO of MEMC.iimcal. expert advice. provides information on job openings by location. MEMC Japan Ltd.” and with a new CEO. Peters. Mo. With 4. He is now also the head of global manufacturing. let go about 100 employees in February. and Sherman. medical and dental coverage (including prescription drugs). Growth Proposition In spring 2007. Ahmad Chatila. Standard & Poor’s moved MEMC shares from the S&P MidCap 400 to the S&P 500 index. Inc. yield. • July 2008: Beyond the MEMC borders MEMC entered into an agreement with Tainergy in Taiwan for the supply of solar wafers to the latter over a period of 10 years. Visit Vault at www. For fiscal 2008. This definitive agreement ensures MEMC’s stronghold in the solar GETTING HIRED Chip in at MEMC MEMC’s careers page. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. MEMC reported sales revenue of $ MEMC’s stock got a modest bump due to higher-than-forecasted earnings from the green energy sector. expert resume MEMC’s benefit package includes stock options.900 employees. In May 2007. Texas. Chatila previously served as the executive vice president of Cypress Semiconductor’s Memory and Imaging Division before joining MEMC.asp. the Vault Job Board and more. Candidates can apply by emailing their resume and cover letter to the indicated address.01 billion—crossing the $2 billion mark for the first time. MEMC enters 2009 focusing on “continued cost. IN THE NEWS • April 2009: Letting go of 200 MEMC’s SEC regulatory filing revealed it cut 200 jobs in its manufacturing facilities in St.memc. The move was reported to be part of for insider company profiles.

” Customized for: Vinay ( but its weakness is the threat of “losing out to sister sites in Asia. The work hours are flexible. “(I had) five rounds of interviews with manufacturing managers. according to an insider. A source points out that the company’s strength is in the demand from its market. 2010 Edition MEMC Electronic Materials. However.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and the dress code is decent. the engineering manager and supervisor. Says a process engineer.iimcal. opportunities for advancement and pay hikes seem to be limited. HR and peers. Inc.000. OUR SURVEY SAYS Intensive interviews Interviews at MEMC are usually intensive. 324 © 2009 Vault. consisting of five rounds of interviews. Good … but with reservations? Work culture is good.” According to the survey. process engineers are normally paid around $ . Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.): 3. VA 22201 Phone: (703) 465-9500 Fax: (703) 465-9502 325 . Suite 1200 Arlington. 2300 Clarendon Boulevard.jsp? org=METIER&cws=1 Email: jobs@metier. VA (HQ) KEY COMPETITORS IBM Oracle SAP DEPARTMENTS Business Development Consulting Services Knowledge Management Marketing Portfolio Management Office Services Product Delivery Professional Development Research & Development EMPLOYMENT CONTACT tbe.8 LOCATION Arlington.taleo. Clark 2008 Employees: 55 2008 Revenue ($ mil.MÉ THE STATS Employer Type: Private Company Chairman: Gerald McNichols CEO: Douglas D.iimcal.

Dubbed as the “business world’s own Oscars. which syncs with Microsoft’s Outlook email application and helps managers track ongoing (or future) projects. systems engineering/consulting. .” The firm covers four main industries—commercial enterprise.” the American Business Awards is the only national awards program that honors great performance in business in the United States. IBM Global Services and Lockheed Martin. 326 © 2009 Vault. Métier was named a finalist in the 2009 Helios HR Apollo Awards.iimcal. In 2005. the company collaborated with Lockheed Martin to create a system for handling the data from the 2010 census. it is WorkLenz—a predictive project management software designed by Clark. no less. 5000 list. Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy. Métier reported revenue of $3. derives its name from the French word “métier” meaning “specialty. Inc. 2010 Edition Métier. If the firm could be said to have a key The company was one of only nine finalists in the small business category. Business growth seems on the uptrend. Ltd. government and defense—and provides services to highprofile and Métier proudly boasts some staggering statistics to back up the claim.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Nomination for employee development Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Census Bureau. Métier was founded in 1998 by then-newly married couple Douglas Clark and Sandra Richardson—on the way back from their honeymoon. a leader in predictive project management software and services.8 million in 2008. Métier delivers its technology to private and public sector clients through partnerships with systems integrators and consultants. Best Management Team and Best New Product or Service. These categories were: Best Overall Company. which will be the first that allows people to fill out census forms online. magazine has recognized it for the last four years as one the fastest-growing privately held companies on its Inc. in addition to the FBI. including BMW. U. which gives recognition to Washington-area organizations that promote employee development. THE SCOOP Taskmasters for hire Métier Ltd. • May 2008: Finalist in business Oscars Métier was a finalist in three categories of the 2008 American Business Awards.

Ltd. depending on your location. it is a good place to start one’s and select “Careers. 327 . it is not suited for experienced professionals who are skilled enough to do most things on their own. The salary of a project analyst is usually around $47. (Or just go to the “About us” link from metier. The deal with the DOE is structured so that the department doesn’t have to invest in new computers. The interview with the COO/CFO is the most challenging. expert advice. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. IT guys or bandwidth. “It has a lot of potential for growth.vault.” Some technical questions are also asked during the paying Métier for the use of its IT resources for insider company profiles. and descriptions of those openings. the Vault Job Board and more. candidates can submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@metier. career message boards. “Bonuses are also uncommon and small. thus. GETTING HIRED Find your Métier here Métier lists current job “Métier is a unique company to work for. on its careers site.” shares an insider. Recalls a senior project analyst. expert resume reviews.Vault Guide to the Top Tech”) To apply for a position. Salaries are usually between average and slightly below average.” according to an analyst. at tbe. However. so better be prepared.” Visit Vault at www.jsp?org=METIER&cws=1. OUR SURVEY SAYS Métier employees consider the interview process difficult. which is available online. Métier provides information about the company via its Métier Recruiting Video.iimcal.000. 2010 Edition Métier. Shares have little or no value at all. “It normally requires one to two phone and personal interviews. • 2007: Educational experience Métier announced that it scored a deal to manage 200 investments for the Department of Education using its WorkLenz software.

Italy • Bangalore • Beijing • Bracknell. IL • Lincolnshire. Finland • Virginia. CA • Corvallis.): -1. TX • San Jose. Federal Way P. Mark Durcan 2008 Employees: 18. CA • Wynantskill.250 2008 Revenue ($ mil. .): 5. Appleton President & COO: THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MU Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Steve R. ID • Canada • Les Ulis. Japan • Vantaa. NY Avezzano. NC • Hopewell Junction.micron.619 LOCATIONS Boise. ID 83707-0006 Phone: (208) 368-4000 Fax: (208) 368-4435 www.O. ID • Nashua. FL • Carlsbad.800 2008 Income ($ mil. NJ • Minneapolis. Ireland • Xiamen • Xi'an KEY COMPETITORS Hynix Qimonda Samsung Electronics EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. UT • Libertyville. IL • Manassas. TX • Lehi. NY • Houston. OR • Round Rock. Germany • 328 © 2009 Vault. United Kingdom • Erd. Box 6 Boise. MN • Nampa. OR • Duluth. NH • Portland. FL • Meridian.iimcal. GA • Durham.micron. ID (HQ) Aguadilla. Inc. Hungary • Giesshuebl. TX • Boca Raton. France • DEPARTMENTS Accounting/Finance • Administration • Business Development • Communications • Engineering • Facilities/Site Services • Human Resources • Information Systems • Legal • Materials/Purchasing/Logistics • Production • Sales & Marketing • Technicians Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.MICRON TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED 8000 S. Japan • Osaka • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Stockholm • Taipei • Tokyo • Tsukuba. Austria • Ismaning. PR • Allen. VA • Melbourne. United Kingdom • East Kilbride.

vault.” Micron is in “survival mode. Following the burst of the tech bubble. expert resume reviews. as a number of flash memory companies struggled with falling prices early in 2007.2 billion. Micron started to pool its resources with major competitors. Micron was ranked No. the company operated out of the basement of a dentist’s office. mobile phones. including memory chips for computers. which sells memory upgrades to the end-user for insider company profiles. and in 2001. but by 1981. 427 on the 2008 Fortune 500. when it picked up a stake in a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer. Braced for the plunge In Inside the “Treasure Valley” At present. Micron has 22. the new company had established its first fab for building semiconductors in Boise. with profits of $400 million. a manufacturer of USB drives. flash memory cards and memory card readers for photography. career message boards. whereby each company’s Singapore-based flash production operations would work together. Its subsidiaries include Crucial Technologies. Micron acquired Lexar.” as some employees term it. The good times did not last. memory cards and card readers. which sells USB Flash drives. 2010 Edition Micron Technology Incorporated THE SCOOP Small chips. the company was in the red for 2002 and 2003. and watched closely by the state—its Boise outpost is even referred to as “Treasure Valley. the Vault Job Board and more.800 employees. and Lexar. digital assistants. Chip set In 1978.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Despite threats coming from lower overseas manufacturing costs and lower prices for memory products. Micron’s revenue that year was $5. and continued to expand its operations through the late 1980s and early 1990s. and is restructuring its IT and outsourcing a good part of the manufacturing process. but returned to profitability in 2004. Visit Vault at though. digital cameras and MP3 players. medical and automotive industries. in a stock-for-stock merger. Three years later. 329 . At first. who were also struggling with the market downturn: in February it announced a joint venture with Intel. industrial and communications customers.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The company weathered a drop in the price of memory that drove several competitors out of the market in 1985. when it acquired Texas Instruments’ memory arm. big business Micron Technology is a major manufacturer of semiconductors for the consumer electronics. the company is still optimistic about business prospects. Micron is the largest nongovernmental employer in Idaho. as well as image-sensing chips for cameras and medical equipment. a group of engineers incorporated Micron Technology in Idaho. Micron had its first IPO. expert advice. Its business got a big boost in 1998.

IN THE NEWS • April 2009: Waiting on the bench Micron cut its capital spending and says it will not join in on the new DRAM venture in Taiwan as of the moment. or 97 cents per not likely to happen in the near term. or $1. Scotland and China. The company said it had been hopeful that demand would pick up for the • February 2009: Tired of waiting for the sun Micron announced today that it will phase out the 200 mm wafer manufacturing operations at its Boise facility.” • March 2009: Cited for innovation Micron’s 32 GB. The chip was jointly developed by Intel and Micron.15 billion for the company. • April 2009: Missing the target Micron posted a “wider-than-expected” quarterly loss. 34 nm chip is by far the highest density monolithic multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash chip the industry has ever seen to date. District Court for the Northern District of California issued a stay order for the patent infringement case filed by Rambus Inc. against Micron. the company had sales revenue amounting to $5. compared to $777 million. . the company’s executives said that DRAM and flash memory prices “seem to be recovering. 50nm DRAM was recognized by Semiconductor Insights (SI) for innovations in NAND Flash and DRAM technology. the company’s net loss narrowed to $751 million. Judge Whyte declared the case had to be stayed 330 © 2009 Vault. the 32 34 nm NAND flash and 1 GB. below Wall Street’s forecast of $1. Japan. However. ''I would just say that we're still in discussions with the Taiwan government.iimcal. including Italy. The move is due to the decreased demand for 200 mm specialty DRAM products and the worsening economic conditions. but is. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. • February 2009: Patent suit Honorable Judge Ronald M. 2010 Edition Micron Technology Incorporated Overseas locations are being explored.'' Micron Chairman and CEO Steve Appleton said in a conference call with analysts. In 2008 alone. in the second quarter of the previous year.000 jobs cut by the end of the fiscal year. According to SI. Singapore. Revenue dropped 27 percent to $993 million. For its second fiscal quarter. According to a Reuters report. Micron and other memory manufacturers have been suffering a two-year decline in prices. Inc. unfortunately.841 billion.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company said it doesn’t see anything “compelling” yet for it to participate. The move will also cost approximately 500 to 2.S.01 per share. Whyte of the U.

District Court of Delaware. There is a helpful table at technical jobs. computer engineering. master’s or PhD. holding that the patents were unenforceable under Micron. 2010 Edition Micron Technology Incorporated indefinitely after recognizing an earlier ruling of the U.. industrial engineering. manufacturing engineering/technology. 401(k) with company for insider company profiles. the Vault Job Board and more. Texas. Manassas. in engineering. electrical engineering. you must be enrolled in a course of study to attain a bachelor’s. Previous work and manufacturing experience are both pluses.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault.iimcal. The college recruiting section allows recent graduates to submit a resume. mechanical engineering. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. stock purchase plan. Calif. Idaho.. Va. Boise. for physicals. in addition to checking out potential positions at the company in information 331 . production and operations management. and San Jose. There are also helpful pieces of advice for composing a resume and acing the interview. and have a minimum 3. life. Calif. Majors sought by the company include chemical engineering. Idaho. college recruiting and internships. Benefits include To be an intern at Micron. Visit Vault at www. bonus programs. computer science.micron. Internships are offered at the offices in Allen.0 GPA. ergonomic consultations and any other health issues that may crop up during the workday. There is information on open positions at the company—searchable by function and keyword—benefits.micron. a free on-site fitness center in Idaho (with trainers and classes offered throughout the day) and an on-site health clinic at HQ. physics. and production operations/management and allied areas of study. The company recruits at its offices in that correlates major areas of study with job opportunities at the company. and San Jose. generous vacation allowance. microelectronics.. wherein job openings are classified according to location. expert resume reviews. expert advice. career message boards. GETTING HIRED Chip in at Micron Micron’s employment information is listed at www. engineering. dental and vision insurance. Va. ops management and information systems. Boise. Manassas. Texas.S. technical.

dental. “They let me stay over the weekend to check out the city and real estate/apartment [options].” says an engineer. “The hiring process was very transparent and open. However. medical.’ you are really waiting for someone to die.” rattles off one manager.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Once hired. IT professionals working in satellite locations are allowed to wear shorts and sandals using An early bird disagrees.” explains one source. “Advancement is limited when trying to advance past ‘middle-management. moving up in the ranks can be incremental at times. 2010 Edition Micron Technology Incorporated OUR SURVEY SAYS Get a little work at Micron The defining characteristic of interviews at Micron seems to be efficiency. The interviews were very friendly. you better be at your desk at 8 a.” As befits a company named for an itty-bitty unit of measure. “You are monitored daily on when you leave and come in. “Dress code can be casual to strict depending on where you work in the company.” agrees her colleague. which was nice. and vision 332 © 2009 Vault. “Corporate culture is laid-back. One engineer reports.m. “Extremely Big Brother-like. Vacation time is given very generously. “Hours [are] very favorable. it doesn't matter if you were up until 4 a. . stock purchase plan..” sighs one worker. naturally. though it's often without a well-defined direction.” notes a morbid contact.m. insiders have mixed reviews. the company makes the journey worthwhile with good benefits: “401(k) matching funds. “Micron is a very fast-paced company.” observes another. on a support call.” he adds. Just how laid-back is a matter of dispute.iimcal. There was one HR interview and five to six technical interviews on ONE day. varies by function.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. other than strict arrival at or before 9 a. Dress code. while all main sites and manufacturing areas require long pants and close-toed shoes.m.

FL • Kansas City.420 2008 Income ($ mil. WA • Southfield. CA • Santa Clara. OH • Ft. NJ • Grand Rapids. CA • Santa Monica. OK • Omaha. CA • Nashville. MD • Baton Rouge. TN • Miami. PR • Hartford. MA • Washington. HI • Houston. THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MSFT Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Bill Gates CEO: Steve Ballmer 2008 Employees: 95. IL • Cincinnati.iimcal. MO • Lebanon. CA • Iselin. OH • Costa Mesa. FL • Tucson. NH • Los Angeles. IL • Edison. NJ • Portland. WA • Jacksonville. WA • Reno. IN • Irvine. CA • Tallahassee. IL • Bloomington. TX • Anchorage. NV • Reston. WA 98052-7329 Phone: (425) 882-8080 Fax: (425) 936-7329 www. CA • San Jose. OH • Cleveland. CO • Charlotte. WI • Minneapolis. MA • Bothell. CT • Farmington. MO • Sunnyvale. WA • Boulder. NY • Sacramento. WA (HQ) Addison. DC • Watertown.): 60. KY • Madison. AR • Beverly.681 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. OR • Raleigh. WA • CORPORATION One Microsoft Way Redmond. VA • Richmond. NH • Memphis. TX • MN • Boise. FL • Milwaukee. TX • San Diego.828 2008 Revenue ($ mil. PA • Manchester. NC • Redmond. ID • Boston. CA • KEY COMPETITORS Apple • Google • IBM • Oracle EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Louis. CA • Dallas. CA • OK • Waltham. OH • Columbus. MI • Greenville. PA • Phoenix. AK • Atlanta. NJ • DEPARTMENTS Account Management • Administrative Services • Business Development • Channel Marketing • Compensation & Benefits • Consulting • Content Publishing • Corporate Operations • Customer Research • Customer Service • Enterprise Sales • Enterprise Support • Finance • Game Design • Government & Community Affairs • Hardware Engineering • Human Resources • Information Security • IT Operations • Leadership & Management Development • Legal & Corporate Affairs • Localization • Marketing • Operations • Paralegal & Legal Support • Product Design • Product Management • Product Support • Program Management • Project Management • Sales • Small & Medium Business Sales • Software Development • Staffing • Strategic Consulting • Supply Chain • Tax & Audit • Technical • Treasury • Usability • User Assistance & Education • Wireless & Telecom Marketing • Worldwide Operations LOCATIONS Redmond. WA • Rochester. AL • Bloomington. WI • Wilmington. ND • Farmington. FL • Palo Alto. LA • New York. MI • Downers Grove. CO • Des Moines. MI • St. NY • Oakbrook Terrace. FL • Ft. TN • New Orleans. MN • Mountain View. TX • Baltimore. NC • Chicago. CA • Louisville. MN • Findlay. SC • Guaynabo. TX • Indianapolis. GA • Austin. NE • Orlando. MA • Birmingham. CA • San Francisco. SD • Waukesha. Lauderdale. PA • Plainsboro. LA • Bellevue. WI • Malvern.): 17. IA • Detroit. AZ • 333 . DE 84 International Locations. Lee. UT • San Antonio. CT • Honolulu. CA • Salt Lake City. IL • Oklahoma City. VA • Ridgewood. FL • Tampa. NJ • Issaquah. AZ • Tulsa.

-based MITS (Micro Instrumentation Telenet Systems). however. in 1971.M.iimcal.000. The program was written well enough to serve as the language for the Altair 8800.42 billion and a global workforce of 95. and the two boys began venturing downtown to a commercial computer center where they could use the hardware for free as long as they discovered and reported bugs in the center’s system. BASIC beginnings High schoolers Allen and Gates set up their first company. The plan was to use Intel 8008 chips to build computers to analyze traffic volume for municipal traffic departments. It is the parent company of the Windows operating system.” as Allen later admitted. and the two soon started accumulating massive computer-service bills. Explorer browser. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation THE SCOOP Colossus of the computer world Microsoft is the world’s largest software company and an undeniable force in the computing world. Traf-O-Data. The company was ranked at No. The seeds of the company that came to rule the worldwide software market were planted at Seattle’s Lakeside School in 1968. 44 in the Fortune 500 in 2008 with revenue of $60. the Office suite of programs (which include Word. Allen and Gates had written a version of BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). The company “wasn’t a roaring success. After a great deal of bright-eyed pestering. It was only in 1976. Tenth-grader Paul Allen and eighth-grader Bill Gates became friends while using the intriguing machine. Excel. Their passion for computing quickly outstripped their economical resources as high school students. the first commercial microcomputer that was made by Albuquerque. At present. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but it gave the friends invaluable experience with microprocessors and software development. Its products are seemingly more ubiquitous than oxygen. PowerPoint and Access). Outlook. for their Traf-O-Data machine. and it takes some effort to avoid using them. The duo sold Altair BASIC to MITS in 1975 and Microsoft was born. the Xbox game system and the Zune music player. they managed to learn the inner workings of the computers from the center’s professional programmers. It was also during that year that Microsoft leased its first office space and hired its first full-time 334 © 2009 Vault. when a group of forward-thinking mommies bought a computer for the students. First-generation computer geeks Microsoft traces its origins back to an unusual starting point for a market-leading corporation with a global presence—a high school classroom. that Microsoft as a trade name was registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of New . the company has exhibited agility in responding to market conditions. and has been managing innovations well.

When Microsoft released Windows version 2. to establish its own internet presence. Another antitrust case against the company was filed in Europe in 2003. it introduced Windows. Microsoft introduced its computer mouse (which it had codenamed the “Dove soap bar”) and the first version of Word. the company had 12 staffers. agreeing to invest in $150 million worth of nonvoting Apple stock. when Apple filed one of the most famous and controversial copyright lawsuits in tech industry history against Microsoft. a joint venture with NBC called MSNBC. where courts also ruled against Microsoft and ordered the company to pay a fine of $643 million. The U. In 1997. which settled with the 20 states between 2001 and 2004. both lower and appellate courts found in favor of Microsoft in decisions still debated to this day. Microsoft emerged triumphant from the lawsuit only to put out another fire. Microsoft released its own web browser. Red-hot growth in the 1980s This decade saw Microsoft in ascendance. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In 1985. Three years later. Microsoft soon started packaging Internet Explorer into its Windows operating system.095 million shares priced $21 per share at opening. The company also launched its own cable news channel the same year. had released its “Navigator” the same year. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation employee. career message boards. Department of Justice and a coalition of 20 state attorneys general charged Microsoft in May 1998 with violating antitrust laws by engaging in monopoly business for insider company Visit Vault at www. the company released MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) for IBM’s new PC. a technology that soon became known as a web browser. expert resume reviews. Microsoft In The growing company was embroiled in controversy in 1988. In its complaint. In 1999. Apple revealed that it had entered into a secret pact with Microsoft in 1985 so that both companies could use the GUI pioneered by the Macintosh. in March of the following year.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. along with the web portal MSN. with an initial offering of 3. however. Internet Explorer.03. Microsoft went public on Nasdaq.S. its first operating system with a GUI (graphical user interface). and release a version of its operating system without Windows Media Player. the Vault Job Board and more. Then. Microsoft finally resolved the litigation with Apple. Netscape Communications Corp. The suit claimed that Microsoft’s incorporation of Internet Explorer into Windows unfairly limited competition. Microsoft’s growth was assured because the new PC quickly became the industry standard and IBM had to pay royalties to Microsoft for every single PC that sold.iimcal. Everybody v. Apple considered it too “Maclike” and filed suit. In 1980 (the year future rival Apple went public and the year future CEO Steve Ballmer joined Microsoft). and license Internet Explorer and MS Office to Apple PCs.vault. however. However. a practice that attracted the attention of lawmakers. expert advice. 335 . A year later. By the time Microsoft relocated to Seattle in 1979. a judge ruled against the company.

The success of two very different companies—Google (who paired a highly effective algorithm for online searches with online advertising) and Apple (with its iPod personal music player and iTunes online music store)—suggested that Microsoft could be lacking in imagination. Netscape. and the company reorganized its management structure and established strategic partnerships. Microsoft moved to address its tendency of falling behind the waves of changing technology by beefing up its talent pool. in September 2006. In 2008. corporate vice president and 336 © 2009 Vault. but these are times that I think are rich in opportunity. Visual Studio 2008. both online and IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Settling with TomTom In less than a month. Google and the iPod. Microsoft is investing $9 billion in R&D because. Microsoft seems to be positioning for further mobile computing and virtualization. Vista Service Pack 1 and Surface. PostGates. Craig Mundie came on board as chief research and strategy officer in 2006 to keep track of emerging technologies and prevent Microsoft from falling behind as it did with the Mac. The year 2008 was also marked by the departure of Bill Gates from his day-to-day job at Microsoft to concentrate on philanthropic work. with the latter agreeing to pay Microsoft for coverage under the involved TomTom products. ceased to be absolute. It offered Zune. Horacio Gutierrez. Office 2007 and the programmable web browser plug-in Silverlight. By the mid-2000s. Inc. acquiring companies that could give it an advantage in areas that include online advertising. Ray Ozzie. video and data transfer. some of which were better received than others. It was a notion that Apple reinforced with a famous ad campaign that personified its Macintosh as a hip young dude and the Microsoft PC as a square businessman who hates being out of the office. “In our business. developer of Lotus Notes. an interactive 30-inch table-like display that enables users to manipulate digital content with physical gestures. In 2007. Microsoft’s hegemony over computing services. such as the 2006 joint venture with Nortel in what the two companies called “unified communications. you’ve got to be inventing new things. Microsoft released a slew of Later in the decade.” a combination of email. instant messaging. Microsoft released its gaming console Xbox 360 with Halo 3. with a new entertainment division chief in the person of Electronic Arts alumnus Don Mattrick.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. In a May 2009 speech at Stanford University. as Ballmer would have it. its long-rumored alternative to the iPod. was hired as chief technical officer in 2005. CEO Ballmer said.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. conferencing. . voice communications. the latest version of the highly acclaimed videogame.” As such. the company released Windows Server 2008. Microsoft and TomTom seemed to have found a way to settle their differences. “These are tough economic times.iimcal. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation Positioning for the 21st century and beyond the Gates era Somewhere in the first decade of the new millennium. In September of the same year. it released the new operating system Windows Vista.

Microsoft filed a patent infringement lawsuit against navigation device maker TomTom N. we need to go where young Americans are. Heather Smith. Conficker targets the Microsoft Windows operating system and uses it to spread through the Internet.” Microsoft had submitted a proposal to acquire Yahoo! in February 2008. employees.V. expert advice. we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo! do not make sense for us. Also known as Downadup. • August 2008: Xbox rocks the elections Microsoft and political advocacy group Rock the Vote announced a collaboration that will enable Xbox 360 owners to “register to vote.” Fugoo is a neo-diginet (digital Internet) device development platform that reinvents home appliances by connecting them to the internet. yet Yahoo! resisted the tempting offer and even looked out for allies to avoid being bought. As a final word. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation deputy general counsel of intellectual property and licensing of Microsoft said that “[w]e are pleased TomTom has chosen to resolve the litigation amicably by entering into a patent agreement. career message boards.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal. • January 2009: Home appliances to the next level Microsoft partnered with Fugoo to make home appliances “smarter and more useful. and there’s no doubt in our minds that many are on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. Ballmer said: “After careful consideration. the first-of-its-kind agreement aimed to reach voters below 30. expert resume reviews.” In for insider company profiles. 337 .000 for any information that would lead to the conviction of those responsible for Conficker’s release on the Internet. marking the first time that Microsoft has directly targeted Linux with patent litigation.iimcal.” said Steve Guggenheimer.” she adds. Rock the Vote’s executive director. which relate to car computing systems and navigation. • May 2008: Turning its back on Yahoo! Microsoft withdrew its bid to purchase Yahoo! CEO Steve Ballmer said in a statement that the company had already tried its best efforts (raising the offer to a whooping $5 billion).ac. The company moves to disable domains targeted by the worm and even offers a reward of $250. for allegedly infringing on a handful of Microsoft’s patents. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. • February 2009: Battling Conficker Microsoft announced its collaboration with tech industry leaders to fight the Conficker worm.vault. Microsoft also included in its suit several Linux-based TomTom products. participate in presidential polls and voice their opinions to the presidential candidates” through Xbox LIVE. said the partnership seemed natural. and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders. Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the original equipment manufacturer division. This partnership “opens up almost limitless possibilities for transforming ordinary household items. “To realize our goal of registering two million young Americans by this Visit Vault at www. the Vault Job Board and more.

Peru.Vault Guide to the Top Tech GETTING HIRED The basics Microsoft’s careers page.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” • March 2008: Not so fast Sony and Blu-ray may have pushed too far. at www. Microsoft announced that it had agreed to develop software that will support Sony’s Blu-ray HD format integration into the Windows operating system. a program seeking to help people with disabilities and underprivileged children in Latin America. applicants must create a profile.” The memo coincided with the release of Web synchronization system Live Mesh. legal and sales. Career paths include operations. Brazil and Mexico. Microsoft and its partners will help “increase the involvement of the private sector and improve job placement rates for people with disabilities in Ecuador. Microsoft denied having talks with Sony and the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray technology into the Xbox 360 system. Internships are offered in core technical. El Salvador. career trajectories and benefits. support. the company provides information on internships and entry-level opportunities for graduates with bachelor’s and MBA degrees. El Salvador. Through a $4 million joint fund. 338 © 2009 Vault. But Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the Mix ‘08 conference that they will only support Blu-ray “in ways that are important. Earlier this month. Chairman Bill Gates said Microsoft is “committed to helping transform education worldwide in order to bring social and economic opportunity to underserved communities around the human resources. marketing. Ozzie noted that Microsoft is now making necessary adjustments toward shifting the focus from PC to the Inc. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation • April 2008: The Web is the future Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced in a memo that the PC era has ended and that the Web is now “at the center of our experiences. provides information about job openings in the United States and abroad. software design. title and category. Mexico and Peru for three Jobs are searchable by location. • April 2008: Uplifting Latin America Microsoft announced collaborations with both their local and regional partners to further efforts to provide educational opportunities to marginalized people in in order to apply. . For recent graduates who might wish to work for Gates.” The company and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are pushing through with their joint effort in supporting Partnership in Opportunities for Employment through Technology in the Americas (POETA). financial.

dental and vision coverage. Gates spared no expense to make his 30-building headquarters breathtaking.” has implemented a number of changes to the company’s benefits. expert advice. From lawns and a quad to “a really good cafeteria that has everything from junk food to gourmet” (not to mention a 20-foot-tall chunk of the Berlin Wall and a manmade stream climaxing in a waterfall).vault. dubbed the “consigliore of happiness. in Redmond. user assistance and publishing. 25 cafeterias. parties and bus passes. revamped the recruiting center’s décor (to be more hip and inviting. Aside from the great corporate campus. employees can take advantage of valet parking and on-site dry-cleaning. IT. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.iimcal.000 pieces of artwork. It features 4. (Internationally. the company offers its U. On campus The Microsoft campus. complete with Wi-Fi. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation finance. of course!) and is looking into opening satellite offices and implementing a telecommuting policy. a company store and facilities for running and hiking. HR. often noted as sadly institutional and subpar to Google’s. including Starbucks coffee. Microsoft also has plans to offer a shuttle bus like Google’s. 86 spot on the 2008 Fortune list of the Top 100 Best Places to Work. human resources and internal communications policies to improve employee morale and retention rate (turnover hovered at 10 percent in 2005..3 percent in 2007). discounts to health clubs in some areas. Brummel also spearheaded an overhaul of the employee performance review process. it’s also been recognized as one of the best places to work in Canada. Recently. Sweden. Microsoft recently started offering employees discounts toward the purchase of hybrid Heaps of praise The company landed in the No.-based employees a choice of medical plans. discount stock purchase program. soccer. To compete with Google’s benefits. at its Redmond campus. which dispatches doctors to pay house calls to sick employees. career message boards. Mobil Medicine.) The company has some heavily pampered employees—perks offered by the company include generous health benefits—and.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. marketing. expert resume Visit Vault at www. Ireland and the entire continent of Europe overall. the Vault Job Board and more. discounts on for insider company profiles. The cafeteria. Greece. Interns get subsidized housing and assistance in purchasing a car or bicycle. it has since dropped to a more comfortable 8. subsidized health club membership. and in its place is Brummel’s newest program. 401(k) with company match. and event tickets and free beverages. 339 . Spain. basketball. is like a small city unto itself. The grocery delivery service—which very few employees utilized—is gone. baseball and volleyball. discounts on software. is now colonized by popular area restaurants dishing up their specialties. new HR Chief (and former product manager) Lisa Brummel. Wash.S.

Unless you can whiz-bang the interview. This does not mean that every marketing whiz is expected to know how to write sharp code. be ready to demonstrate any skills you have included in it. This is particularly true when it comes to minorities. One recruiter 340 © 2009 Vault. most likely you’ll start in quality assurance (QA) as a developer. We also hear that interviewees up for software engineering positions are also sometimes called to write code on whiteboards. although with some The war for talent Insiders say Microsoft likes to confirm what you claim on your resume. though. Students. “Passion for technology” is extremely important.” Microsoft’s policy of hiring the brightest people it can possibly find means certain sacrifices. If you listed relevant course work. however. “If you said that you can write C/C++ or Basic It does not. “if you haven’t done any intern work at Microsoft. By most accounts the firm is fairly successful.” For MBAs Degrees from highly competitive schools are a must for the MBA who wants to work at Microsoft.” We hear that the company avoids hiring employees who cannot follow the technical side of the business. Customized for: Vinay ( Even for those applying to business-oriented departments. take note Undergraduates interested in technical positions should pursue degrees in computer science or a related discipline. for access to top candidates. your interviewer may sit you down at a terminal and ask you to do it. Ballmer knew little or nothing about computers when he joined up. Inc. in many cases.” says one insider. but applicants need “not necessarily [have] a background” in it.” say insiders. as Microsoft strives to maintain a diverse group of employees. Therefore.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. in technology and finance. the company’s bias is “toward intelligence or smartness over anything else. though real experience. though not necessary. “For a college grad. “Problem-solving skills and intellectual horsepower” are more prized assets. Still. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation One unique culture-with-a-capital-C feature of life at Microsoft: the company is home to a 60-piece employee orchestra that holds six free concerts a year (on the Microsoft campus and at other venues around Seattle) and rehearses on Monday nights. such as “work on web sites and internships at software companies” will get you far.” since “there’s a glut of people applying who look very similar on paper. experience. Any internships or work experience in programming is useful. “technical skills are very well received. so brush up on all your old subject matter. the interviewer may ask you problems related to those classes. as well as be highly proficient in C/C++. even. count its trombone-playing chairman among its ranks. the only thing they’ll have to go by is your GPA and the college you attended. Microsoft is perpetually locked in battle with other leading firms. .

but to see how you handle the question. insisted on some engineering oversight in addition to his other responsibilities. The best way to prepare for these out-of-left-field queries is to expect them.” and conducts “early recruiting in Visit Vault at www.’ They want to make sure that you’re not just spewing out canned with the company asking abstract questions to see how interviewees think. 341 . Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Familiarize yourself with all of its products. so that if the interviewers ask you to analyze a Microsoft business issue in a “case interview” (as they often do).iimcal. How Would You Move Mount Fuji? about the questions interviewers ask.” The battle with rival firms has grown more heated in recent years as new CEO Steve Ballmer is responding to the Google threat by bringing in more executives from outside. Wild stories abound in which unfortunate applicants are confounded with questions that are confusing. and then work through the possibilities rationally to find the best one. and not to be rattled when one pops up.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Brian McAndrews. expert resume reviews.. rather than break out their Sunday One insider reports that Microsoft interviewers like to throw curveballs at job seekers by asking them to come up with repeated examples to questions like. “In recruiting outstanding MBAs of color. career message boards. you won’t be stuck asking them to explain what the product you’re supposed to improve or sell is. its interviews are known for being as quirky as Google’ for insider company profiles. however: The company advises candidates to dress casually for interviews.vault. ‘Tell me about another time.. “Tell me about a time you came up with a creative solution. and your thought process to come up with an answer. “They are pretty harsh at interviews.. who rate the company as one of the top-10 postgraduation destinations according to a 2007 survey conducted by Fortune. learn as much as you can about the company. the Vault Job Board and more.” “They’ll ask you that. they aren’t necessarily looking for the correct answers to their questions.and another. expert advice. or even unsolvable. The interviewer wants to learn how you think. a departure from the company’s tradition of grooming homegrown talent. Microsoft “targets the top 15 or so [schools].. and then go. The process even spawned a book. The MBA Interview For newly minted MBA grads.” Microsoft wants employees who can brainstorm numerous possible ways to solve the knottiest problems. we have the same problem as other companies—the pool is not that big. Not for the faint of heart The Microsoft interview is difficult to prepare for.and another. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation admits. For the more traditional interview questions.” One easy part is the dress code. who ran Microsoft’s online advertising department in 2007. According to one insider who made it through the process. However.

” The occasional real-world case question may sneak its way in somewhere during the day. they fly you to Redmond. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation November.” but somewhat disorganized. Inc. . one to two people in the lead position and one group manager. we hear. based on the feedback of the recruiter and all the people who met with [the candidate].” Applicants go through “an on-campus interview first with two people.” those conducting the later interviews may try to tailor them according to the information they glean from their colleagues. Three peers.” While average citizens probably would like to write off software programmers as lonely and uncommunicative. several sources warn that the company lowballs acceptable candidates with below-average salaries that are supposedly boosted by the company’s stock packages and benefits. though it may take a couple of days” before the lucky phone call comes.” Either way. candidates do not have to wait very long to find out their fate.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. One insider points The atmosphere is far from stuffy. The process is “very intense. [they have decided] you’re not worth it. Microsoft employees usually disagree. “The decision is made at the end of the day.iimcal. leaning if anything toward sophomoric: “We have a basketball hoop in our hall.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. One last thing When entering into pay negotiations.” Most of these are “questions about software. While the meetings are “very much improvised. however. but it is also a very fun place to be.” said one insider.” Each meeting lasts for about an hour and applicants may interview with members of two different There’s no mulling it over. If you pass that. The last hurdle Insiders warn that “the interviewers email each other” to find out candidates’ strengths and weaknesses during the session. 342 © 2009 OUR SURVEY SAYS Results-oriented “The culture here is focused around doing great work. They are not too lofty. candidates “interview with four to six people in one day. who is always last. As a result.” For the second round. which is a great way to blow off steam in the evenings or the middle of the day. it’s all stock grants that vest over five years. They are [just] looking for enthusiasm for software. adds one source. The interviewers do not agree ahead of time on which areas each will probe. The last interview is a good indication of where you stand: “If you don’t see the group manager. As one designer says. the session entails “a lot of overlapping questions. that “Microsoft no longer gives options.

“Work hours vary based on where we are in a project cycle—it is a lot like being in school—you slack off after finals and at the beginning of the semester and work extra hard right before finals. Microsoft’s full-time employees work in real offices.” Lovin’ it Job satisfaction runs extremely high at Microsoft. so even though this is a large company.” Although there are “lots of group activities.” One respondent says that “we work together in small feature teams. and complaints about job advancement (“vertical and horizontal movement is unusual and most won’t see more than a couple of promotions in a five year period. focusing on dreams of stock-fueled fortunes. Despite an uptick in turnover in recent years.vault. you always feel like an important part of a team.” we hear. career message boards. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation “The atmosphere is very social—a good-sized chunk of my day is spent in other people’s offices or with other people in my office discussing how to accomplish some task or the latest industry news.” which is also not dissimilar to college life.” claims one source). “Programmers work about 80 hours a week. “which is so much nicer than rows of cubes and zero privacy. there’s always something going on in the buildings or around the campus. “In many ways. sources more often cite the importance of their Home? This is my home. and proud of it. expert resume reviews. But this doesn’t mean that there is a consistent grind. and insiders generally agree that “it is a pretty great place to work. insiders say they “don’t feel lost. Microsoft has managed to hold onto many employees for the long run. Microsoft is late adolescence extended. “From music groups to jugglers to various team where cubicles dominate. expert advice. week in. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. week out— schedules at Microsoft often resemble college as well.iimcal. “I plan to stay here as long as I can because I enjoy the work and the people I work with.” says one Microsoft insider. Microsoft employees had better appreciate their lovely Redmond campus. “It’s been very exciting to be a part of shaping the future of computing.” the number of people who participate is “actually pretty small.” Visit Vault at www.” While one might expect a somewhat mercenary attitude.” says one respondent. And the attitude? “How can people be so intense yet so laid back at the same time?” asks one respondent. they certainly spend enough time there.” And while the company has swiftly grown into a multibillion-dollar for insider company profiles.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. the Vault Job Board and more.” says one 10-year veteran.” Unlike at Hewlett-Packard or Intel. with empty soda cans littering the desks? Throw in a few togas and you know exactly what we’re talking about. it’s so much like being in college. 343 . A lot like being in college A bunch of people in jeans and T-shirts banging away on computers late into the night? Shaky hands from heavy-duty caffeine buzzes.

there may be a glass ceiling in effect. the company included sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policy and has received recognition for its inclusion policies for transgender individuals. minority representation is skewed toward “Indians and East Asians. hosting career days for students of color. Sex and race are not a factor at all. generally.” Diversity issues In October 2000. you can work any 12 hours of the day you want. 2010 Edition Microsoft Corporation Insiders cite the flexible hours as a plus. Such long hours are “not mandatory. “Make sure you get your downtime. probably because “people are valued based upon their contribution to the company rather than some superficial quality.” For a company founded in 1975 (with no holdover executives and partners from the days of fewer opportunities).Vault Guide to the Top Tech 344 © 2009 Vault.” we hear. but with a wink and a laugh: “There’s a joke around here that South America or Africa. this is still a surprisingly weak showing.” In what is a fairly progressive move. “don’t feel uncomfortable around the office.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” remarks a respondent.” Employee groups. On the whole. Another says. are visible on campus. ‘There are no set hours at Microsoft. alleging inferior treatment of salaried black and female employees. “but. but female employees. the long hours can affect Most of the blacks are not American but are from the Caribbean. not only to get your job done but also time you’ll need to obtain additional skills to advance your career. Inc. These factors weighed on a U.S.” While most employees work at Microsoft because they genuinely enjoy doing their jobs. “You have to actively manage your time to make sure you keep a good balance in your life.’” one insider tells us. And only 17 of the 125 top executives are women (14 percent). . district court’s decision to prevent the plaintiffs from bringing a class-action suit. Microsoft’s track record with women and minorities is good. this is what you’ll have to do. Nonetheless. a handful of employees filed a $5 billion discrimination suit against Microsoft.iimcal. One female respondent insists that it depends a lot on which department one is in: “I’m in marketing and I work with about 80 percent women. though. Of the top-20 executives. including Blacks at Microsoft (BAM). While the company is responsive to women on the whole. two are female—but they represent HR and marketing.

): 332.NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. Estonia • Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS Analog Devices STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. CA • Chandler. CO • Norcross. CA • Indianapolis. Halla 2008 No. AZ Bangalore • Delft.O. CA • South Portland.national. IN • Longmont. CA 95052-8090 Phone: (408) 721-5000 Fax: (408) 739-9803 www. Finland • Melaka.3 LOCATIONS Santa Clara. TX • Calabasas. CA (HQ) Arlington. GA • Phoenix. China • Hong Kong • Kemi. CO • Grass THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: NSM Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman & CEO: Brian L.300 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Finland • Suzhou.890 2008 Income ($ mil. ME • Tucson. NY • Salem.iimcal. WA • Fort Collins. AZ • Rochester. Malaysia • Osaka • Oulu.): 1. Scotland • Hangzhou. AZ • Federal Way. Box 58090 Santa Clara.national. NH • San Diego. China • Administrative Services • Business Planning & Materials • Engineering • Executive • Finance & Accounting • General • HR • IT • Marketing & Sales • Operator • Production/Manufacturing Support • Standard • Technician 345 . of Employees: Phone: (800) 672-4448 DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2900 Semiconductor Drive P. Netherlands • Furstenfeldbruck. Germany • Greenock.

Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. sound) into digital data that can be handled by a computer. leaving National Semiconductor on the ropes. as well as data (pictures.. He recruited Charles Sporck. National Semiconductor started to focus on providing chips for consumer goods. and high-reliability chips for military and aerospace devices. Motorola and Toshiba. LCD. Apple. The company opened factories in Asia.3 million by 1965. automotive and industrial markets. THE SCOOP Analog chips for the digital age National Semiconductor Corporation manufactures analog and mixed-signal chips for the medical. Major clients include 346 © 2009 Vault. National Semiconductor began making inroads under Sporck into the cheap and productive Asian market. to be National Semiconductor’s new CEO and president. The company initially produced integrated circuits. Sperry Semiconductor. Sony. and its founder’s old company. As semiconductors became increasingly prevalent in consumer electronics during the 1970s. head of Fairchild Semiconductor at the time. Sales figures reflected the correctness of Sporck’s management: revenue was $42 million in 1970 and $365 million in 1976. prevailed in a patent infringement in the 1960s. Calif. Conn. that direct the right number of volts to the appropriate part of the device. National Semiconductor divides its business into several segments: chips for power management.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. During the mid-1970s. a new technology that had been invented the same year as the company’s creation. temperature. Let’s chip ‘em at Silicon Valley At this low ebb. the East Coast financier Peter Sprague (whose family had been in the electrics business since the 19th century) swooped in and bought the company in 1966. analog chips that turn data (pressure. Bernard Rothlein. when Dr.iimcal. Bluetooth chips. just 20 miles north of Sperry’s headquarters in Norwalk. Electronics to chips The company has its roots in Inc. the company moved its operations (and headquarters) to the hub of the Silicon Valley in 1967: Santa Clara. and sales were slow to pick up—only $5. wireless communications. sound). one of the first semiconductor firms to do so. 2010 Edition National Semiconductor Corp. chips for National Semiconductor was struggling. (Sprague and Sporck presided over the company together until 1991. and had grown by 1971 to become the fourth-largest semiconductor company in the United States. . an employee of Sperry Semiconductor—the engineering offshoot of an old electronics company that traces its roots back to 1910—took seven other engineers from the company and founded National Semiconductor in Danbury.) Under its new leadership.

Visit Vault at www. Two years later. Even stronger Of course. the company attempted to produce consumer products.vault. which sought (in the name of “fair trading practices”) to open the Asian market to American competition and restrict the dumping of extra-cheap Asian products on the American one. 2010 Edition National Semiconductor Corp.93 billion as it further divested its digital businesses. The company left the microprocessor market in 1999. expert resume reviews. the company reported sales revenue of $1.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. it renewed its focus on analog and developed an energy-efficient chip that increased the running time for handheld electronics (like phones and music players) running off of battery charges. but they could neither match the low costs of Asian competitors nor the high-end wares of its American ones.iimcal. Sporck was impelled by this spate of Asian competition to become an active agitator for federal trade protections. expert advice. a private company that is into power optimization solutions for commercial and utility-scale solar installation. In fact. the company shifted its focus to creating products for expanding wireless internet access and remote control of home heat and air conditioning. National Semiconductor’s pursuit of low margins left it vulnerable as the Asian semiconductor industry matured. In 2001. National Semiconductor’s WEBENCH Sensor Designer tool received the 2008 Product of the Year Award from Electronic Products Magazine. and focused on providing chips for communications and wireless applications. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. and even its own computers. such as digital watches and video games. A month earlier. although the company was to be divested a decade later. he was one of the main forces behind the 1986 “Semiconductor Trade Agreement” between Japan and America. where it could not compete with Intel and AMD. from $2. This move widens the company’s portfolio of power optimization technologies. Chips spread to wireless networks and revenue reaches billions When networking was all the rage. career message boards. the Vault Job Board and In 2007. National Semiconductor started making network controllers. 347 . increasing chip activity times by as much as 400 percent. Inc. Into the 1980s. But National Semiconductor was still one of the giants in the IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Going solar National Semiconductor acquired Act Solar. National Semiconductor reported a revenue decrease from the previous year..16 billion to $1. In 2008. which now includes new diagnostics and panel monitoring capabilities for solar arrays.89 for insider company profiles. purchasing Fairchild Semiconductor in 1987 (which must have made Sporck smile) and further strengthening its position in the market.

in) Benefits offered by the company include a generous stock purchase plan. In order to submit resumes for consideration. . 850 jobs cut The company released financials for the third quarter of fiscal 2009 (which ended March 1. a new field-programmable gate array (FPGA) motor control platform that links fieldbuses to industrial Ethernet. 2009) saying sales in the quarter summed up to $292 million. health and dental provides a searchable list of jobs at the company. Entry-level employees attend college club events. Arrow The company announced that it has joined forces with Altera Corp. marketing. As a result of this performance. • February 2009: Teaming with Altera. and Arrow Electronics on MotionFire. opportunities to gain academic credit while working. happy hours and movie nights. 401(k) with lavish company matching. like baseball games. the company said it has to immediately eliminate 850 jobs and close down its assembly and test plant in Suzhou as well as its wafer-fab in Arlington. HR and information services. and a gym and cafeteria at several sites.national. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. In addition to its openings for experienced hires. The trio is targeting the platform at medical and consumer electronics applications. automotive. Texas. 348 © 2009 Vault. on-site dry cleaning. manufacturing. applicants must first create a profile. the company offers internships and co-ops. and can take classes at National Semiconductor University. finance. • March 2009: Q3 sales down.iimcal. Opportunities for college graduates also exist in engineering. a 31 percent decrease from the second quarter and 36 percent down compared with the same period in 2008. which cover subjects from technical writing to speedreading. GETTING HIRED I have one word for you: semiconductors National Semiconductor’s careers page at www.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition National Semiconductor Corp.

OH (HQ) Agana.ncr. NV • Los Angeles. VA • San Diego.): 17. IL • 349 .ncr. Ohio 45479 Phone: (937) 445-1936 Fax: (937) 445-5541 www. NY • Peachtree City.828 2008 Revenue ($ mil. GA • Viroqua. TX • Las Vegas. TN • New York. MD • Bentonville. GA • Raleigh. SC • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: MSFT Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Chairman: Bill Gates CEO: Steve Ballmer 2008 Employees: 95. NC • Richmond. MD • NY • Anderson AFB. CA • Germantown. GA • El Segundo. OH • Columbia. NC • Chicago. CA • GA • Baltimore. TX • Detroit. AR • Boston. CA • Suwanee.jsp DEPARTMENTS Administrative/Office Professional • Crossfunctional Management • Customer Care Center • Customer Engineering • Customer Service Delivery • Customer Services/ Support Services • Customer/Sales Operations • Engineering • Finance • Human Resources • Learning • Legal • Management Information Services • Manufacturing • Marketing • Product Management • Professional Services • Public Relations/Communication • Quality • Real Estate • Sales • Security • Strategy • Supply Chain Management Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. MA • Charlotte. GU • Albany.681 LOCATIONS Dayton.): 60. CA • San Francisco.iimcal. WI 358 International Locations KEY COMPETITORS Diebold IBM Wincor Nixdorf EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.420 2008 Income ($ mil.NCR CORPORATION 1700 South Patterson Boulevard Dayton. GU • Atlanta. MI • Duluth.

which remained in production for four decades. ATMs. In 1906.iimcal. with 13 employees. In 2008. The company was founded in 1882 when former coal salesman and retail shop owner John H. NCR said it has informed its people regarding the proposal and is beginning a 90-day consultation process with union and employee representatives. It also makes all manner of self-serve kiosks. 350 © 2009 Vault.” Florida-based Greatwater Software is a health care IT solutions company that will provide NCR with hardware and software for its patient registration kiosks and will extend the company’s self-service platform to include additional physician-specific applications. The company also provides data warehousing services under its Teradata division.32 billion. bar code readers. Kettering had developed NCR’s Class 1000 register. from hospital and hotel check-ins and merchandise checkout. which proved to be an important moneymaker: models of it were marketed up to 1973. The first office. NCR introduced the Class 2000 accounting machine. The Dayton. • March 2009: Changes in Dundee NCR announced proposed restructuring in Dundee that includes the cease of manufacturing and reduction of 252 jobs. Within a few years. minimizes repetitive data entry and delivers targeted health information at the point of Ohio- IN THE NEWS • April 2009: Entering the physician market Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. paper and other consumables. Inc. 2010 Edition NCR Corporation THE SCOOP It’s all about the cash…registers NCR Corp. Telephone Credit Authorization System. to event tickets and ordering at fast-food restaurants. headquartered company employs a staff of 23.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Just five years later. for verifying credit in department stores. was located in Dayton. point-of-sale scanners. In a NCR and Greatwater Software collaborated “to provide physician practices with a patient check-in solution that automates the registration process.200. Ohio.K. .com. making the 2000 the longest-lived of any NCR product. In 1921. NCR recorded sales revenue of $5. as well as the O. Patterson commissioned inventor Charles Kettering to design the first cash register powered by an electric motor. which spun off as an independent firm in October 2007. Patterson bought a cash register manufacturer in 1882 and founded the National Cash Register Company two years later. is a major provider of cash registers. the company had sold one million electric cash registers.

. the main advantage of NCR POS software is the ease of for insider company profiles.” said Sahir Anand.K. career message boards.” The software works with any financial institution’s online banking site and processes checks through a TWAIN-based scanner. flexibility and scalability when combined with NCR hardware.” Nuti said in a company statement. the Vault Job Board and more. Aside from its “unique design and innovative product development. • May 2008: Reaping awards NCR was included in the 2008 Global Outsourcing 100 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). expert resume reviews. expert Visit Vault at www. NCR chairman and CEO Bill Nuti said this acquisition will ease the introduction of branch automation that will change branch productivity as well as user experience. This award is given to companies who excel in the retail and consumer goods outsourcing arena. As a global evaluation tool. • January 2009: We are the “Champion” Global technology research firm Aberdeen Group named NCR a “Champion” in its Aberdeen AXIS Report for Retail Point of Sale (POS) Systems. a U. quoted in a company press release. Aberdeen AXIS assesses retailers based on “market readiness and best value delivered to customers. Our data shows that NCR provides 50 percent higher value to its customers when compared to the norm. • August 2008: Buying NCI NCR announced its purchase of NCI Ltd. 351 . According to our data and qualitative interviews with NCR customers. a new software that enables consumers to “deposit checks into their checking or savings accounts without leaving their homes and without purchasing any new hardware.vault.” “NCR has performed above par.-based provider of teller connectivity software popular among financial institutions. • November 2008: Winning design NCR’s SelfServ 25 ATM won the computer and business products category of the 2008 China’s Most Successful Designs awards sponsored by Fortune China magazine and China Bridge International.and self-service business. Aberdeen senior research analyst. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2010 Edition NCR Corporation • February 2009: Introducing APTRATM NCR launched NCR APTRA Consumer Passport. “Bringing NCI’s expertise to NCR demonstrates our commitment to the teller automation market and underlines our intention to enhance NCR’s total solution offer as we grow our Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal.” SelfServ 25 “wowed” the judges in meeting and exceeding customer needs.

professional services or marketing. .ac. function and Inc. Benefits include health insurance and a 401(k) plan. Questions can be directed to University. accounting and finance. Openings are searchable by region. NCR has diversity groups for women. engineering. job seekers must first create a profile. disabled and GLBT employees. African-American. Hispanic.Relations@ncr.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Customized for: Vinay ( in order to 352 © 2009 Vault. provides information for both experienced and newly graduated candidates. NCR also offers internships and entry-level positions for students and recent graduates in the United States and abroad. Interns must be pursuing a line of study related to one of the following business areas: IT. 2010 Edition NCR Corporation GETTING HIRED Ring up your career at NCR NCR’s careers page. procurement. Asian. at www.iimcal.

7 LOCATIONS Sunnyvale.999 2008 Revenue ($ mil.netapp.): 3.NETWORK APPLIANCE INCORPORATED 495 East Java Drive Sunnyvale. CA 94089 Phone: (408) 822-6000 Fax: (408) 822-4501 www. CA (HQ) 84 locations worldwide KEY COMPETITORS EMC Hewlett-Packard IBM DEPARTMENTS Business Operations • Customer Support • Engineering • Facilities • Finance • General & Administration • Hardware Engineering • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • NetApp University/Training • Professional Services • Sales • Software Engineering • Systems Engineering EMPLOYMENT CONTACT 353 .com THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: NTAP Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman & CEO: Dan Warmenhoven 2008 Employees: Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.300 2008 Income ($ mil.

they posted losses their first few years in business and were having trouble finding investors. Boeing and Citicorp by 1998.” As demand for its products increased. Close the door. magnetic tape data storage—which dates from the era of UNIVAC-type mainframe computers—is still a viable technology and used by many companies to keep their records on hand. David Hitz and James Lau. The company was founded by Michael Malcolm. Hitz and Lau jotted down their business plan onto restaurant By 1994. And it has proven less expensive and more spatially efficient than storing data on discs until only recently—it isn’t used 354 © 2009 Vault. telecoms and manufacturing.3 billion in revenue and $309. as the tech bubble’s bursting caused tech spending to fall off. as revenue and profits have increased in recent years. They were all computer engineers. NetApp started in 1992. Lau and the departed Malcolm. Boston data appliance. “but they needn’t be. Take something out. Chevron. AGFA.” Warmenhoven has said. a 13-year veteran at IBM. Hitz and Lau brought in Daniel Warmenhoven. and its stock is listed on the S&P 500.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. It is currently in good financial health. when Malcolm. NetApp had pursued a quicker and easier approach. . But NetApp picked itself up and restructured. This product.7 million in profits. and it posted a loss in 2002. CEO Warmenhoven grew fond of using a “refrigerator” metaphor to describe it: “The issues around data management were complex. they don’t sell USB-enabled fridges Network Appliance (or NetApp) provides specialized data storage devices to companies involved in pharmaceutical and biotech research. The company hit a rough patch in the early 2000s.S.. 2010 Edition Network Appliance Incorporated THE SCOOP No. the co-founder who was then serving as CEO. returning to profitability the following year. It’s a simple. which is probably why it struggled out of the starting gate.iimcal. dedicated. the brainchild of Hitz. they found their way into the offices of Walt Disney. clocking in for 2008 at $3. computer animation. was a wholly new and different type of technology. BMW. Inc. who were working for Auspex Corp. The young company went through the usual startup Virtual storage Contrary to what many people believe. Open the door. and he immediately set about convincing wary consumers of the benefits of NetApp’s unconventional new product. a file server manufacturer. Industrial Light & Magic. cowboy). Hitz worked as a cowboy (yes. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. We built a data refrigerator. although. Army Command and the Swiss Federal Government. but they didn’t get a product ready for retail until the following year. it became clear that investors were growing wary of Malcolm. NetApp’s products are sold in 120 countries. before his career in the computer industry. as its new CEO in October of the same year. Where data storage had historically been encumbered by specific network requirements and limitations. the U. Its customers include Yahoo!.

iimcal. the CRNChannel Champions measures the overall perceptions of vendor products and the services of solution providers. NetApp.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. or companies that need backup or store old electronic documents for legal purposes.999 personnel. The largest technology integrator market study in the industry. this program reduces the number of servers it must invest in and buy power for. the Vault Job Board and more. in 2006. expert advice. expert resume reviews. • 2007: Need some A-SIS-tance? NetApp introduced the Advanced Single Instance Storage (A-SIS) a deduplicating program that reduces duplicate data entries. like telephone directories and medical records. NetApp has consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for according to Fortune Visit Vault at www. career message boards. As such. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. By trimming the number of gigabytes a company has to mind. It also announced that it has developed new storage and data management upgrades for VMware View that help deploy and operate virtual desktops faster. since it can be very The company currently employs 7. IN THE NEWS • April 2009: VMware partner status NetApp announced that it is now a VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC) partner. having conquered much of the frequently accessed archives. however. NetApp introduced its Virtual Tape Library (VTL). and it should save any IT department a bundle in costs. The data on the discs can also be compressed to allow for more efficient use of the space contained on the device.vault. meaning it can help users optimize their VMware environments. slow systems. 2010 Edition Network Appliance Incorporated for much beyond infrequently accessed archives. has turned its sights on these poor. a device wherein backup software functions like a tape library while actually storing the data on discs. • March 2009: Top vendor NetApp was named 2009 CRN Channel Champion for the Network Storage category. it wants to unstick these companies from tape. reducing the volume of data in a database by a factor of for insider company profiles. 355 . The program is intended for companies that maintain large quantities of data.

Interns normally get about $18 per hour. Inc. The interview was pretty standard. at www. “I think the class standing also has some impact on the a generous vacation plan. Another insider says. which was really nice. depending on the department one is assigned to and the position. applicants must create a job account with the company.netapp. NetApp actually increased its headcount by over 1.” Customized for: Vinay ( although the data storage sector is going through hard times recently.000 employees last year. “I had three rounds of interviews with different managers. dental and vision insurance.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition Network Appliance Incorporated GETTING HIRED Store your career with Network Appliance The NetApp careers site.” a contact notes. In 2007. provides information about job openings and benefits for prospective hires. To apply for a position. 6 on Forbes magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. It was praised for its accommodation of parents with special-needs children and widespread use of flex schedules. nothing to throw you off Network Appliance was named No. The interns also get free lunches about once a week. OUR SURVEY SAYS Phone interviews are common in 356 © 2009 Vault. . NetApp is welcoming applications.iimcal. stock options for new hires as well as established employees and a 401(k) with company matching. The company’s stellar benefits include health. E/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM. AK • Cambridge. MA 02451 Phone: (801) 861-7000 www. United Kingdom • Brisbane • Brussels • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Kolkata. Mexico • Montreal • Moscow • Mumbai • New Delhi • Nuremberg • Oslo • Paris • Prague • Rome • Rotterdam • São Paulo • Shanghai • Singapore • Kiev • DEPARTMENTS Administrative Support • Business Management • Consulting Services • Customer Services • Education • Finance • Human Resources • Information Systems • Marketing/Product Marketing • Operations/Facilities • Product Management • Sales • Sales/Systems Engineering • Software Development • Software Development Management • Software Test/Quality • Technical Support LOCATIONS Waltham.): 956 KEY COMPETITORS IBM Microsoft Red Hat Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.novell. France • Chennai • Darul Ehsan. Hovsepian 2008 Employees: 4. Malaysia • Dubai • Dublin • Düsseldorf • Edinburgh • Espoo. India • Canberra City. Plaskett President & CEO: Ronald INCORPORATED 404 Wyman Street.000 2008 Revenue ($mil. VA Bangalore • Barcelona • Beijing • Bertrange. MA • Chicago.novell. Latvia • Stockholm • Sydney • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto • Warsaw • Wellington • Zurich THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: NOVL Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman: Thomas G. Suite 500 Waltham. IL • Vienna. Denmark • Istanbul • Kfar Saba. Luxembourg • Bogotà • Bracknell. Australia • Caracas • Champagne-au-mont-d'or. MA (HQ) • Atlanta. Israel • Lisbon • Madrid • Melbourne • Mexico City • Milan • Monterrey. GA • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT careers.GBL 357 .HRS_CE. Finland • Frankfurt • Guangzhou • Hong Kong • Horsholm.

but was not present at its birth. Still the world’s largest networking software company. from work they were doing at BYU and ERI. Inc. as were his fellow ERI engineers Drew Major. who served as the company’s CEO and guiding light for over a decade after its founding. integrating directories. 2010 Edition Novell Incorporated THE SCOOP It’s all about networking Novell has long been best known for network technology. The company also distributes and supports SUSE Linux. of first quarter 2008. its offerings include email (GroupWise). Novell has a staff of 4. whose technology with more than 80 million users around the globe. Revenue totaled $215 million. “While our invoicing was below our expectations in this weak economy. ERI was a laboratory in Utah which contracted in computer research with the government.05 per share. secure identity management (Novell Nsure). Its flagship NetWare network operating system connects desktops to corporate Fairclough was also student at BYU while working at ERI. but it is also making moves on the desktop environment. often hand-inhand with Brigham Young University’s computer science department. we continued to take actions to carefully manage our operating margin. against $17 million. naturally.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. all of which are supported by consulting and professional services (Novell Ngage). At present. or $0. Major. working at the Eyring Research Institute. That distinction belongs to Dennis Fairclough. servers and databases. who was a computer engineer in the late IN THE NEWS • February 2009: Confident despite first quarter drop Novell released its first fiscal quarter 2009 financial results.03 per share. Net income totaled $11 million. storage systems. or $0.” he said in a statement. Kyle Powell and Dale Neibauer. they joined Fairclough at the inception of Novell Data Systems in 1979. printers. 358 © 2009 Vault. web application development (Novell exteNd) and cross-platform networking services (Novell Nterprise). Novel-l engineers The big name in Novell’s early history is Ray Noorda.000 employees and had revenue of $956.5 million during fiscal year 2008. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Powell and Neibauer left to found SuperSet Software in 1981. Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian is confident about the months to come. . a drop compared to $231 million for first quarter of 2008.

GETTING HIRED Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Jobs are searchable by keyword and a user name and password is Novell may be headquartered in Massachusetts. the Vault Job Board and more.9 million. at www. Mac OS X and Linux. in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2008.iimcal. but almost half of its employees (approximately 3.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and the Mono project. campus—the company has been operating out of Utah Valley for almost two decades. Novell’s senior vice president of systems and resource management. 359 . a business service management software provider. expert resume reviews. Internship positions are also available. Visit Vault at www. provides a list of open positions by location and function. the previous year. • December 2008: Delaying the bad news? Novell reported a narrower quarterly loss due to cost-cutting measures that acted to offset zero revenue growth. with offices in over 30 countries. Utah. said in a press release. or 5 cents per share. The acquisition would result in an expanded data center solutions portfolio that would give IT and business managers a better view of how their information systems work. 2010 Edition Novell Incorporated • January 2009: Expanding data portfolio With the aim of boosting its data portfolio.” Joe Wagner. In order to apply for a position.3 million. interested parties must fill out a web-based form after registering in the database. which offers the Mono and MonoDevelop for greater scalability and productivity for independent software vendors (ISVSs). Novell also launched other projects such as the iFolder. dental and life insurance. an open-source initiative for client software such as Linux. career message boards. 401(k) with company match and tuition reimbursement.000) work at the company’s Provo. Novell recently launched the myCMDB. we are unique in providing technology-agnostic and proven crossplatform solutions that span both the physical and virtual worlds—all in one unified view.vault. Novell’s benefits include health. compared to a $17. expert Networking will serve your career well Novell’s careers site. By adding the Managed Objects toolset to the Novell(R) portfolio of data center solutions. “The Managed Objects products are very complementary to our existing management and virtualization capabilities. accessibility and accuracy of the enterprise configuration management database (CMDB).com/job_search/servlet/eJobSearch. The company revealed a loss of $16. or 5 cents per for insider company profiles. • October 2008: Taking over Managed Objects Novell announced an agreement to acquire Managed Objects. which is the only web-based application that taps social networking to enhance the usability.

except for the executive level.” says another associate. which is business casual or dress.” says one insider. “Cost-cutting and expense minimization create an atmosphere of stress and fear.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.” “Diversity is as diverse as working in Provo. uncertainty and doubt. quoting from the latest management best seller. 2010 Edition Novell Incorporated OUR SURVEY SAYS Try a Novell option “The corporate culture is open and honest. so there is a good deal of culture change right “Hours are fairly flexible. as well as degeneration of 360 © 2009 Vault.” “Novell is trying to reinvent itself.” says one source. . on the other hand.” says employee respondent.” says a more diplomatic co-worker. “Dress code is casual. The constant changes mean that “opportunities for advancement are slim.iimcal. His colleague. Inc. Utah. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. can be. “The one constant at Novell is change. life at the company goes on.” Despite the atmosphere of fear.

com THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: NVDA Stock Exchange: NASDAQ President & CEO: Jen-Hsun Huang 2008 Employees: WA • Boulder.nvidia. Louis.nvidia. OR • Email: hr@nvidia.): 797. AL • Salt Lake City.NVIDIA CORPORATION 2701 San Tomas Expressway Santa DEPARTMENTS Architecture • Hardware • HR • IT • Software • Systems & Applications • Technical Marketing Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. TX • Madison.6 LOCATIONS Santa Clara. United Kingdom • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Taipei • Tokyo • Wurselen.097. UT • St.000 2008 Revenue ($mil. NC • Fort Collins. Germany • Zurich KEY COMPETITORS AMD Creative Technology Intel Corp. CA 95050 Phone: (408) 486-2000 Fax: (408) 486-2200 www. Taiwan • Hyderabad • Moscow • Mumbai • Munich • Paris • Pune. CO • Houston.9 2008 Income ($mil. WA • Bothell. CO • 361 . CA (HQ) Austin.): 4. TX • Beaverton. EMPLOYMENT CONTACT careers. MO Bangalore • Beijing • Helsinki • Hong Kong • HsinChu. MA • Bellevue. India • Reading.

which generates modern. in a move to recover from lost market share and cut Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. said that the company had no choice but to defend itself and “the rights we negotiated for when we provided Intel access to our valuable mobile devices. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Fighting back NVIDIA formally filed a countersuit seeking to end Intel’s license on its patent portfolio. president and CEO of NVIDIA.” He further told the press that “NVIDIA did not initiate this legal dispute. 2010 Edition NVIDIA Corporation THE SCOOP You can see everything from here NVIDIA makes graphics processors. Inc. NVIDIA responded to the court case filed by Intel. which offer both two. and gaming consoles.5 percent of its workforce.” and that “Intel's actions are intended to block us from making use of the very license rights that they agreed to provide. NVIDIA also serves the high-performance computing market through its Tesla line. The company’s chips. NVIDIA chips are used in products made by some of the biggest names in the computer industry. an employee-led program that seeks to help marginalized people by way of educational partnerships. including Dell. aimed towards professional design and visualization. The company offers its GeForce products. games and industrial design applications. Founded in 1993.iimcal. In February. are used in personal computers and in motherboards built by other companies.” Jen-Hsun Huang.and three-dimensional graphics. IBM and Sony. which stated that the four-year-old chipset license agreement entered into by the two companies does not extend to Intel’s future-generation CPUs that contain “integrated memory controllers. which are aimed towards the entertainment and consumer markets. . medical missions and anti-hunger and antipoverty activities. or graphics processing unit. Its circuit boards find application in mobile Community service The company also provides community-empowering initiatives through The NVIDIA Foundation. by October 26th. or about 360 employees. and its Quadro 362 © 2009 Vault. interactive graphics for today’s personal computers.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. NVIDIA is the widely recognized inventor of the GPU. computer chips and circuit boards.” • September 2008: Addition by subtraction? NVIDIA announced that it will lay off 6.

000 to $60.” Adds a hardware Salaries depend on the position and job for engineers. dental and vision insurance. To apply. Employees can also receive chair massages. “After asking company-related questions. benefits and college recruiting. co-ops and entry-level positions. provides information on job openings. GETTING HIRED Visualize yourself at NVIDIA NVIDIA’s careers page. NVIDIA recruits students for internships. Interviews are basically comprised of technical questions. on the other hand. college savings plans.nvidia. from transportation and food at the café to assistance in shipping things hither and yon. “I was invited for a full day to be interviewed by five to six people. 2010 Edition NVIDIA Corporation prices on some chips brought about by competition from rival Advanced Micro Devices. “I think they’re just looking to see if you are what is represented in your resume. architecture.jsp.” recalls an intern. interested parties must first create a profile and apply online or send their resumes via email to hr@nvidia. systems and applications.000. OUR SURVEY SAYS Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. As a starting engineer.” Interns. Says one process engineer.000. expert resume reviews.vault. on-site haircuts. To apply. at least for engineers. are recruited via school visits and face-to-face interviews. the Vault Job Board and median salary is around $60.iimcal. They also asked questions that were aimed to test my people skills. they started asking questions related to projects I did during my studies. and top salaries Visit Vault at Interviews at NVIDIA revolve around projects done while still studying. Interns’ tenures are heavily subsidized. Says an insider. Interns and co-ops can join the software. hardware. 401(k). 363 . the average lowrange salary is around $40. career message boards. submit a resume to myfuture@nvidia. I got my offer in a week’s time. flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care expenses and a generous vacation policy. Benefits include a choice of health care at careers. “Salary is around $30. a subsidized café and a health club allowance. expert advice. technical marketing or IT departments. The process was quite prompt. who were mostly engineers. Prospective employees must also undergo a background check before an offer of employment is made. laundry and dry-cleaning pickup and delivery services. They want to know if you can communicate well and be a good team player. stock purchase for insider company profiles.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company has recruitment programs with selected universities.

” For interns. such that people generally work between 10 a.000 a but one gets a feeling of being very disposable. . His colleague. At night and on weekends. Dress code is casual and work hours are flexible. Air fare is paid for. according to With less than a year of experience.m. the actual salary is around $50.000. I am happy to be part of this organization. In general.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. very client-focused and performance-driven. Inc. the salary is about $4. Benefits include housing for the first two weeks and car rental for the duration of the 364 © 2009 Vault.000 a year. given that anyone could be asked to do your job.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. NVIDIA respondents have this to say with regard to company culture: “The work culture here is great. where you will definitely have opportunities to have engagements of different types. 2010 Edition NVIDIA Corporation are around $70. on the other hand. “the environment is like consulting.m. It is good to be able to try different things. thus opportunities for advancement [are] limited. takes a more realistic view of things. and 6 p. only a handful of people will be working.” says an insider. The organization is pretty flat.iimcal.

TX • Pocatello.8 2008 Income ($ mil. OR • San Jose. CA • Aizu. CA • Sunnyvale. CO • East Greenwich. ID • Portland. AZ (HQ) Austin.d o?id=1035 DEPARTMENTS Customized for: Vinay ( THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ONNN Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman: J. Slovakia • Roznov.): -393 LOCATIONS Phoenix. AZ 85008 Phone: (602) 244-6600 Fax: (602) 244-6609 www. Bulgaria • Vilvoorde. China • Oudenaarde. Malaysia • Shanghai • Sofia. Belgium KEY COMPETITORS Fairchild Semiconductor Infineon National Semiconductor STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Accounting • Engineering • Facilities • Financial • General Management • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Operations • Quality • Sales & Marketing • Security • Supply Chain/Logistics • Support & Administration • Technical Writing • Technicians • Technology & Development 365 . Philippines • PA • Plano.): 2.ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION 5005 East McDowell Road Phoenix. Czech Republic • Seremban.iimcal. Czech Republic • Bucharest • Hong Kong • Hsinchu City. CA • Twain Harte.000 2008 Revenue ($ mil. RI • Gresham. TX • American Fork. Taiwan • Laguna. CO • Lower Gwynedd. Japan • Bangkok • Bratislava • Brno. UT • Bozeman.onsemi. AZ • Colorado Springs. CA • Santa Clara. Belgium • Piestany. OR • Longmont. MT • Chandler. Daniel McCranie President & CEO: Keith Jackson 2008 Employees: 15.

Siemens. which then became ON Semiconductor. a semiconductor vet seeking to slim down and go fab-less. That same year.000 The following year. At press time. Profits also came in at a record-setting $272 ON Semiconductor introduced its GreenPoint power supply reference designs for desktop computers. 90. Motorola and Philips. Sony. like printers.05 billion in fiscal 2008 but it registered a net loss of $393 million. Continental. The 80 Plus and EnergyStar programs have recognized the chips for their efficiency. ON Semiconductor has 14. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. At present. The company reported sales revenue amounting to $2. from LSI Logic. With a catalog of more than 28. to name a few. ON’s yearly revenue was $1. Inc. These operate at an efficiency of 83 percent—12 percent more efficiently than a nonpower-saving chip—and consume 300 fewer milliwatts when turned off. both companies have agreed to cross-license their respective patent portfolios for several years. which provides power control chips to the car industry. the company’s devices are used in electronics made by Intel. televisions to game consoles and communications servers to MP3 players and mobile phones. for a quarter of a billion dollars. one simply cannot turn many machines “on.. Also in 2000.and 200-watt power supplies for other IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Settlement with Samsung ON Semiconductor announced a settlement with Samsung resolving the outstanding patent infringement actions on DRAM products filed against the company by the latter. which it used to pay down debt. ON Semiconductor acquired Cherry Semiconductor. the company raised $500 million in its IPO. Ore. the company purchased a factory in Gresham. 366 © 2009 Vault.172 employees. .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company derives its name from its integral nature—without its tiny chips. Samsung. Green as in cash The GreenPoint chips seem to be bringing in green of a more financial sort. LCD and CRT televisions and 60-. up 22 percent over the year before.” ON with the energy Motorola sold off its semiconductor products division to a private equity firm in 1999.5 billion. too: in 2006.iimcal. 2010 Edition ON Semiconductor Corporation THE SCOOP They’re always ON ON Semiconductor is a leading provider of integrated circuits and standard components that control the flow of power and data through everything from cars to computers.

provides information on careers in the United States. and top-tier customer for insider company profiles. Jobs are searchable by function and location.” • March 2008: Merging with mon AMIS In a stock-for-stock transaction estimated at $613 million. we expect to be able to support a broader and deeper penetration of Catalyst's overall product portfolio. GETTING HIRED Turn your career ON Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the Vault Job Board and more. Keith Jackson. Most of the company’s internships are based in Phoenix. Internships and opportunities for recent college graduates are also available at ON. in a stockfor-stock merger. finance.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Visit Vault at a big slide from billion in 2007.5 shares of ON common stock for each share of AMIS they own. hopeful ON-ers must first create a profile. computer information systems. With the combination of ON Semiconductor's global footprint. an increase of 31 percent from $1. ON Semiconductor completed its acquisition of AMIS content.onsemi. to apply. ON Semiconductor president and CEO said. supply chain management or allied fields. expert advice. Asia and Europe. stockholders of AMIS received 1.05 billion. “The merger represents another step in the transformation of ON Semiconductor. 2010 Edition ON Semiconductor Corporation • February 2008: Net loss reaches $393 million The company announced that total revenue in 2008 reached $2. Arizona.2 million. AMIS stockholders now have a 26 percent stake in ON. Under the merger agreement. though some are in Rhode Island or another ON Semiconductor’s careers page. This should enable us to accelerate their revenue growth and increase market share. at www. in a bid to enhance ON’s analog and power leadership. business. expert resume reviews. 367 . However. • October 2008: Acquiring a Catalyst The company completed its acquisition of Catalyst Semiconductor.vault. The former are available to rising sophomores studying electrical.iimcal. effective channels of distribution. During their tenure. during which the company reported GAAP net income of $242. marketing. Inc. ON Semiconductor also announced its decision to close down its remaining Phoenix wafer-fab facility by the end of the first quarter 2010 and transfer production to another site within the company’s manufacturing infrastructure. the GAAP net loss for 2008 was $393 million. Inc. chemical or computer engineering. career message boards. interns are eligible for paid holidays and additional compensation for time worked in excess of a 40-hour week.

TN • Miami. KS • Phoenix. CA • St. TX • Bala Cynwyd. OH • Colorado Springs. TX • Pleasanton. FL • Tampa. NH • Nashville.430 2008 Income ($ TX • San Diego. HI • ex. NJ • Brookfield. CA • Encino. MN • Moon Township. CA • Denver. NJ • Trenton. NY • Rocklin. MA • Boulder. PA • Mt. AR • Berwyn. OH • Farmington. VA • Chester. FL • Tarrytown. TX • King of Prussia. NJ • Troy. PA • Knoxville. CA • San Antonio. MD • Columbus. GA • Austin.): 22. DEPARTMENTS Business Operations • Computing • Consulting • Facilities • Finance • General Administrative/Secretarial • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Marketing • Manufacturing & Distribution • Pre-sales • Product Development •Sales • Support • Training THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: ORCL Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman: Jeffrey O. CO • Columbia. MA • Novato. CT • Tallahassee. AZ • Plano. Ellison 2008 Employees: 85. FL • Overland Park. TX • Independence.ORACLE CORPORATION 500 Oracle Parkway Redwood City. CA • Fairborn. IL • Wolfeboro. OH • Costa Mesa. UT • Santa Clara. CA • Portland.000 2008 Revenue ($mil.html 368 © 2009 Vault. PA • Bellevue. MN • Blue Ash. WI • Orlando. CA • Omaha.521 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. OR • Providence. Inc. VA • Grand Rapids.iimcal.): 5. CA 94065 Phone: (650) 506-7000 Fax: (650) 506-7200 www. NJ • Nashua. NJ • Memphis. Louis. IL • Cleveland. PA • Honolulu. NY • Atlanta. .com. CO • Eden Prairie. WA • Bentonville. TN • New York. DC • Westchester. PA • Chicago. MN • El Segundo. NC • Reston. TN • Lexington. WI • Burlington. CA • San Francisco. CT • Glen Allen. KY • Liberty KEY COMPETITORS IBM Microsoft SAP EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. OH • Boston. IN • Irving. OH • Indianapolis. MI • Washington. CO • Bridgewater. NC • Chesapeake. MO • Stamford. MA • Cambridge. NH 92 International Locations. PA • Bloomington. RI • Raleigh. CA (HQ) Albany. FL • Minneapolis. MA • Charlotte. MI • Harrisburg. VA • LOCATIONS Redwood City. CA • Sandy. NY • Northborough. NE • Onalaska. Henley CEO: Lawrence J. NY • Teaneck.

Oracle produced several types of databases.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. By the next year. It was listed on the S&P 500 as a tech sector representative of the economy in 1989. however. each varied to suit different customers’ needs. the company had marketing subsidiaries in 17 countries outside the United States and clients in 39 total countries. it also issued shares for the first time. Oracle has come a long way as a major player in the industry. in 1979 and finally became known as Oracle in 1983. for insider company profiles. The deal made Oracle the No. In 2008. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the company snapped up 26 startups with complementary product lines to its own. Robert Miner. With headquarters in Redwood. 2010 Edition Oracle Corporation THE SCOOP Making the business world go ‘round Oracle is the world’s No. customer relationship and HR which is a blow to main competitor SAP. Throughout the 1980s. In 2005 and 2006. He put up $2.43 billion. entered into a partnership with his current boss. 369 . was the purchase of Siebel—a supplier of customer relationship management (CRM) software. Oracle was the world’s largest database management software company. 2 business software company (behind Microsoft) and a leading provider of databases and programs for web development. California. career message boards. the Vault Job Board and more. a computer programmer at Ampex Corp. supply chain. BusinessWeek ranked the company No. Larry Ellison.iimcal. Spreading its roots In 1977. Oracle will be a force to reckon with for a very long time. 22 on its InfoTech 100 (its business software competitor. the company achieved revenue of $22. 1 supplier of CRM software. acquiring startups and changing its focus from selling mainframe storage solutions to data consulting services.233 employees. The company was renamed Relational Software Inc. Ellison’s intention was to form a company that would capitalize on technology first developed by A behemoth of startups called Oracle After teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. use of Oracle became widespread when the SQL language became an industry standard. expert resume reviews.500 clients in 55 countries. a growing software area that’s expected to reach $10 billion in 2009—for $5. Visit Vault at www. ranked ninth). In 1986.8 billion in September 2005. The Oracle database was prophetically designed.000 of his own money and called the firm Software Development Laboratories.. after its flagship database product. Its biggest acquisition. that year. with 4. it has a staff of about 84. As it was especially adapted to work with IBM’s structured query language (SQL). As of fiscal 2008.vault. a computer language that relayed information on how to store and retrieve information on databases. expert advice. enterprise performance assessment.

ThinkQuest is a protected.45 billion.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. online learning platform that enables teachers to integrate learning projects into their classroom curriculum. with Oracle raking in $5. . earning 3 cents per share more than what analysts expected. which was 2 percent more than $5. instant message.50 per share for Sun. Oracle entered the hardware part of the data warehousing market Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. • March 2009: Exceeding expectations Oracle went over Wall Street forecasts and posted a strong performance in the shares and revenue arenas.35 billion in 2007. unlike some companies that follow the calendar year) was higher than the previous year’s. The company performed better than expected. performance-wise). Oracle dished out approximately $7 billion or $9. the company bought 11 creating a monster of a rival for IBM. Oracle’s package contains applications for email. • September 2008: Counting the Beehive in Oracle unveiled Beehive. shared calendar.iimcal. Collaboration software lets employees communicate and work together via a single software set. this acquisition is nothing new to Oracle. Although no amount has been disclosed. analysts cheered the news. to accelerate its delivery of mission-critical operational applications. voicemail. • September 2008: I saw Oracle standing there Like the high school prom where the jock chose someone besides the cheerleader to be his a company that’s been termed the “Oracle Acquisition Machine” by a columnist in The New York Times. 2010 Edition Oracle Corporation IN THE NEWS • April 2009: The Sun is ours After rejecting IBM’s offer. 370 © 2009 Vault. While the deal is still being fine-tuned. web conferencing and shared documents. The Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) and DKI Jakarta’s Education Office also signed an agreement for the rollout of OEF’s ThinkQuest platform to government schools across the region. This package is compatible with Microsoft’s Exchange and Outlook. Sun Microsystems agreed to merge with Oracle. at press time. In 2007. a player in the service-oriented architecture (where software products are evaluated against each other. Oracle bought out ClearApp. • November 2008: Purchasing Primavera Oracle acquired Primavera. a communication suite intended to rival software package players like Microsoft. Google and IBM. a leading provider of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. • September 2008: The Oracle train keeps chew-chewing Eager to beef up its list of acquired companies. Revenue in the third fiscal period (Oracle’s fiscal year ends in the middle of the year.

• August 2008: Changing of the guards. and we can’t predict the economy from one quarter to the next. real estate. • January 2008: Yes. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. But Oracle is also going to plant its database on HP servers. while HP is only starting to flex its data management muscle. Jeffrey Epstein replaced Safra Catz as the company’s chief bean counter. it seemed that Oracle became the bridge between HP and its potential pool of clients.iimcal. Ellison raked in $544 million when he exercised his option to cash in on 36 million stock options in Oracle’s 2007 fiscal year. it can well manage on its own. Technically. but yes Trying to jump back on the acquisition bandwagon. incentives. Again. Oracle acquired the company for a cool $8.5 billion. bonus.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Catz returned to her title as co-president. With the acquisition of BEA. expert resume for insider company profiles. leading one analyst to observe that Oracle’s sales culture and diversified product lineup are thriving in the currently grim economy. Making him the fourth chief financial officer (CFO) in the four years since longtime CFO Jeff Henley retired. Epstein handles finance. Oracle boosts its software’s performance—there is already a direct connection between the information requested and the person requesting it. with BEA saying that no. finance operations. specifically Sun’ Things will be strictly the same. HP is going to make. a role she left when thenCFO Greg Maffei resigned after a measly four months on the job.5 billion. but no. investor relations. receiving a package worth $84. 371 . It was the economy. Only this time. and that’s partly why the company gave a conservative prediction about its revenue generation for the year. • August 2008: The best-paid CEO According to the Associated Press. Sales of new software licenses rise to $3. • June 2008: Winded but there’s windfall Considering the economy and its volatility. since the two companies have been business allies for quite a while. the Vault Job Board and more. "We are aware of the broader economic environment in which we operate.6 million. career message boards. Oracle’s CEO is the highest-paid chief executive in the United States. audit and customer leasing. Oracle smoothly realigned its offer to buy BEA Systems after its original unsolicited bid was rejected. Ellison is currently worth $25 billion. Sun’s figures were on the decline. really. Three months after this firm refusal. Oracle managed to impress analysts when it posted a 24 percent growth in revenue in the fourth quarter.1 billion from $2. with their CEOs counting each other as a personal friend. that drove a wedge between these longtime partners. tax. thank you. Since they are known for their vast amounts of storage. A couple of jaws Visit Vault at www. perks and the estimated value of stock options in a fiscal year. But Oracle’s strong fourth-quarter showing boosted the company’s confidence." Oracle’s then-Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz said. 2010 Edition Oracle Corporation hand in hand with Hewlett Packard. which was 14 percent more than its original share price bid offer. expert advice. deliver and service the gear. treasury. As part of his duties. AP’s calculation includes salary. with Oracle’s strong sales force wooing customers. computers. After BEA rejected Oracle’s initial bid offer.html. Resumes can be directed to Larry Lynn. Oracle provides housing and transportation for interns. human resources and inventory systems) since the acquired company is touted as a pioneer in middleware. Jobs are searchable by function and location.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. College students interested in joining Oracle can check out www. . Oracle offers its staff a flexible benefits or taken as income. which provides a wealth of information about the hiring process and life at the company. Other benefits include the aforementioned 401(k) discount stock purchase plan. Each employee is given a certain number of benefits credits. as well as tuition reimbursement. at www. 2010 Edition Oracle Corporation Oracle holds the market for middleware business software (so-called since it’s between a company’s database and payroll. at LSLYNN_US@oracle. The company encourages its employees to transfer between jobs after a year or two. GETTING HIRED See your future at Oracle Oracle’s careers page. Benefits for purchase include including discounts on auto and home insurance. provides information on job OUR SURVEY SAYS Imagining situations Planning to jump on the Oracle bandwagon? Some respondents report that they went through two to four rounds of interviews. any questions can be sent to college_us@oracle. Students who are still a few years away from their graduation day can apply for internships by sending a resume to interns_us@oracle. Oracle also offers some cushy employee perks.iimcal. cars. college recruiting and benefits at the company. life. Inc. There is a page of advice for students attending campus interviews (don’t dress up. generous vacation time and flexible working hours. internships are available for computer science majors in product development. no other buyer emerged. and also provides ample training sessions on technical and nontechnical subjects. unused credits can be added to a flexible spending plan or 401(k) program.html. with questions being asked of them mostly 372 © 2009 Vault. Director of to disability and flexible spending Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. dental and vision insurance. interested parties must create a profile. amusements park admissions and more. ask questions) and a virtual tour of Oracle’s campus in California.

there’s plenty of room for advancement. an Oracle product that it also sells. career message boards.” reports an overseas contact. Oracle also gives its employees opportunities to grow. expert advice. one contact says that “if they really want you. since it offers a lot of room for career growth.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” One former applicant. But an insider comments that on the last interview. who is now with the company.vault. making it a formidable player who can’t be discouraged by the current economic downturn.000. Oracle also takes care of work permits. Quarterly performance bonuses are dependent on utilization and corporate performance. the Vault Job Board and more.iimcal. 373 .” After all. Visit Vault at www. Reports one contact. except the last that had a sprinkle of behavioral questions. “You receive great training opportunities.” One contact observes. “Working in Oracle is great in terms of technology. due to the global reach of Oracle.” predicts one insider. which I have not seen anywhere” If you like IT Oracle’s working environment is pretty good for someone who’s into computers and software.” It helps that the company has acquired a lot of startups in other key areas of the information technology industry. Apparently. the questions “were strictly technical.” The company also has a relaxed policy when it comes to the dress code. “I believe Oracle is gonna (sic) be the future of the programming area. Although the environment is pretty competitive. the company is really looking for “the right ‘personality’” and “fits with the right kind of experience. The company’s “work culture is liberal and flexible. I believe in Oracle and it has got a long way to go. One insider reports. expert resume reviews. there’s also the belief that employees are up against “equally competent and driven colleagues. “As an insider.” One respondent sums that up by saying that these people should be “good workers…and who will have good attitudes and not rock the boat.Vault Guide to the Top Tech for insider company profiles.” one respondent Great times ahead Some respondents report that Oracle’s business outlook is “very healthy.” further adding that it’s a great opportunity to work in a company that’s presently expanding its reach in the industry. they will hire you right away for a permanent position. “Dress code is business casual. “Oracle is in a high-growth period. The current salary for consultants is about $77.” Also. Vacation time for the first three years—13 days—is strictly accrued. “the work culture here is very client-focused and performance-driven. except on your first day at a client site. 2010 Edition Oracle Corporation situational.” the insider continues. Another contact says that. says that Oracle uses a “computerized talent sourcing pool” called iRecruitment.

4 LOCATIONS Sunnyvale.html Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Peru • Madrid • Manila • Mexico City • Milan • Munich • Ontario • Santiago • São Paulo • Singapore • Sydney • Windsor. New Zealand • Bangalore • Bangkok • Beijing • Bogota • Breda.palm.iimcal.): 374 © 2009 Vault. Netherlands • Caracas • Hong Kong • Colligan 2008 Employees: CA 94085 Phone: (408) 617-7000 Fax: (408) 617-0100 Inc.PALM INCORPORATED 950 West Maude Avenue Sunnyvale.050 2008 Revenue ($ mil. United Kingdom KEY COMPETITORS Apple Nokia Research in Motion EMPLOYMENT CONTACT DEPARTMENTS Administration • Business Development • Customer Services • eCommerce Sales • Engineering • Facilities • Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Manufacturing • Marketing • Operations • Product Marketing • Professional Services • Sales www. CA (HQ) THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: PALM Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman: Jon Rubinstein President & CEO: Edward T. .318 2008 Income ($ mil): -105.

has distinguished itself as a tech powerhouse and as a successful startup in a field rich with failures. career message boards. such as Research in Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone. the Palm has evolved from a device that kept phone numbers and to-do lists to an all-purpose address book. either. appeared in 1996. music players. In 2005. 2010 Edition Palm Incorporated THE SCOOP The power is in your hand Palm Incorporated. The company’s first handheld device. Palm agreed to sell about a quarter of its outstanding shares to Elevation Partners for $325 million to inject some capital into the company. the latter being Palm’s bread and butter since the introduction of its PDA a decade ago. which manufactures popular personal digital assistants (PDAs). the first phone-equipped Palm hit the market. Palm’s got to do some quick and smart thinking if it wants to regain its share of the market that’s been gobbled up by its competitors. the man who had spearheaded Apple’s design and production of the iPod.vault. The One isn’t number one In 2003. That’s not the only thing that dropped in the market. Palm acquired rival Handspring. Palm also hired Jon for insider company profiles. and PalmOne. 375 . This streamlining will also enable Palm to sell smartphones inexpensively. though. In As any tech-obsessed teenager can attest to. In June 2007. with plenty of extras like cameras. Over the course of its development. It isn’t just for salesmen and executives anymore. followed by the first phone and email Palm the following year. Revamping the Palm At an investor conference. and in 2001. and the company was forced to reconsider its position in the handheld device market. Stanley Access Solutions is using the device to calibrate and repair automatic sliding doors.iimcal. text messaging and calendar applications. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. was born. Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan revealed that Palm was revamping its production process in 2007. the Vault Job Board and more. reducing the cost of parts by a third by standardizing the base on which its devices are built. smartphones are all the rage in the market. expert resume Also looming over the playing field is the fact that the mobile device landscape is already saturated with full-featured devices. the company’s official name after the merger. he will Visit Vault at www. “One” was dropped from the name and the company officially became Palm. This proliferation of extra functions has silenced a big rumble in Palm’s thunder. customers were spending twice as much on smartphones as they did on handheld computers. the Palm 1000. phone and email device. and doctors employ it to carry instantly updated medical records for their patients. expanding the market for these gadgets. expert advice.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.

which Palm promises to launch in July. What’s important. • January 2009: Get ready for a rebound During the International Consumer Electronics Palm plans to stop production by 2009. CEO Ed Colligan announced in December 2008 that the company was going to stop development of handheld PDAs. The product has already been demonstrated at a recent developers’ conference in January. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Although these products are planned to roll out as long as there’s demand. and web bloggers are abuzz about the Pre and whether it can bump Apple off the top spot. with a whole lot of people out there developing programs for Apple or Microsoft. Shucking off old skin. including Palm. Palm showed off its Pre: a smartphone that uses Palm’s new operating system. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Get a turn of luck already For the seventh straight quarter. 2010 Edition Palm Incorporated attempt to bring in the same sort of consumer-pleasing brilliance into Palm’s product line as he did into Apple’s. though. Palm’s focused on rolling out the Pre in the first half of the year. the landmark device that was the company’s daily bread for most of its lifetime. Nevertheless. Rubinstein said. A lot is riding on this smartphone. and Palm knows that it’s got to get the right people on its side to get at least a share of the smartphone market. some companies.” but he remained mum on what the company’s doing to woo these people. 376 © 2009 Vault. is to “reinvigorate those developers. or if it even leaves a dent in Apple’s hold on the market. are hard-put to court developers for their team. dominated by the iPhone and BlackBerry. Palm reveals that its poor sales performance is due to a decline in demand for its older handheld models.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.iimcal. and the company hopes that taking a share of the handheld market. admitted that the game’s all up to application developers. A lot’s riding on Pre’s performance now. reporting an almost 60 percent drop in share price from 89 cents to 53 cents in the same quarter from last year. Looks like going in another direction just might take Palm to a new and pleasing destination. Jon Palm’s executive chairman. and it’s dropped hints that it’s rearing to take on major companies like Apple and BlackBerry for a shot at major cell phone market share. The bad thing is. The good thing is the company’s got a good relationship going with the developers they have onboard. The mobile phone market is looking pretty tempting to the company. Palm posted a loss of sales revenue. turns its luck around and gives it much-needed revenue. . That doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have an ace up its sleeve.

is who’s buying a Centro when there’s the iPhone. Not counting stock compensation and charges. Palm laid off an undisclosed number of employees in its U. almost Despite strong sales figures thrown in by Palm’s Centro. and overseas operations “to better position the company for achieving profitability and long-term growth.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007 to 13. cities and student loan organizations suffering loss of confidence in auction-rate securities due to their performance..S.iimcal. pumped a $100 million lifeline into Palm to help it launch its new operating system. and consumers are looking for a phone that’s new but familiar to their old handheld models. at least before it officially makes its entry into the smartphone market.and user-friendly without alienating consumers with a gazillion capabilities and tools. it seems.. Whatever this • June 2008: Going strong.5 million to $57 million. The big question. expert resume reviews. This was seen as a result of the global economic downturn. in concert with other investors. and will provide [Palm] with enhanced stability in unsettled economic times. 377 .com for insider company profiles. that the company planned to launch at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January.” chief executive Ed Colligan said in a statement. one that has left companies. Palm hopes that itsr Centro floats its sales boat for a while. This came as good news to the embattled company. one that’s internet.4 percent in the first quarter of 2008. Palm still depends on its Windows Mobile-based Treo to shore up its sales. whose smartphone revenue fell 39 percent in its second quarter. codenamed Nova.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Visit Vault at www.vault. • November 2008: Saying goodbye is never easy Like most companies in trying times. Although the one-year old Centro is still going strong. expert advice. Elevation Partners. • April 2008: A write-down to the ego What appeared to be a trickle of loss turned into a puddle when Palm revised its net loss for the third quarter from $ according to Palm: 75 percent of smartphone buyers are buying it for the first time. the company continued to post a fourth-quarter loss due to the Centro’s strong showing being offset and overshadowed by weakening demand for Palm’s older models like the Treo and Pilot. making it a lonely jewel in Palm’s recent history for helping the company get more market share. Palm’s going to “put added momentum behind the new product introductions . the BlackBerry and the Android? The question is the answer it seems. the Vault Job Board and more. career message boards.” according to a company statement. Palm lost 22 cents a share. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Thanks to Elevation Partners’ help. 2010 Edition Palm Incorporated • December 2008: Elevating Palm U2 frontman Bono’s company. • August 2008: Signs of life The Palm Centro sold two million devices. raising its portion from 7.

has a search form for those seeking jobs. at www. there’s a fitness center that’s free to all employees and contractors. To 378 © 2009 Vault. . are to be closed before the end of the third quarter so the company can save on There’s also identity theft insurance (to pay for those legal expenses and fees) and life insurance. employees only. it can be sorted by location or function. marketing and information technology had several open positions recently. Benefits at Palm include sabbaticals and 401(k) plans with matching contributions. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. along with 26 Airport Wireless stores. interested parties must upload their resumes and cover letters on a web-based Lastly. What’s more. as well as some listings for internships.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition Palm Incorporated • January 2008: Closing Palm Seven of eight Palm retail stores. despite analysts expecting $357 million in Another thorn that’s surely going to hurt the company is that it has indicated that its sales quarter will fall to $310 million from $320 million. Inc. these benefits are for U. Operations.palm.iimcal.html. However. employees get the option to purchase Palm stock at a discount. GETTING HIRED Give your career a hand Palm’s careers site.

9 2008 Income ($mil. CA• Shakopee. CA 92656 Phone: (949) 389-6000 Fax: (949) 389-6126 www. PA• Mountain View. MN Beijing • Camberley.QLOGIC CORPORATION 26650 Aliso Viejo Parkway Aliso 379 .K.qlogic. CA• United Kingdom • Dublin • Munich • Pune. India • Taipei • Tokyo KEY COMPETITORS Broadcom Brocade Communications Emulex DEPARTMENTS Administration • Customer Care & Support Engineering • Facilities • Finance & Accounting • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Management • Marketing/Product Marketing • Operations • Program Management • Safety • Sales • Systems Simulation • Systems/Sales Engineering • Technical Writing EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.iimcal.): 597.2 LOCATIONS Aliso Viejo. TX • King of Prussia.aspx Customized for: Vinay ( . Desai 2009 Employees: 900 2008 Revenue ($mil. CA (HQ) THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: QLGC Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman & CEO: H.): 96.

for $60 million. Toyota and the Department of Defense. as it had already acquired four companies since it was offered as a publicly held corporation in Any port in a storm In early 2007.) This translates into a market share of just under 50 percent. Calif. 168 in 2008. Sun Microsystems. another manufacturer of computer networking equipment. The acquisition of SilverStorm beefs up QLogic’s numbers. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. which consist of processors and memory). 380 © 2009 Vault. Its products include the SANbox switch and SAN Express. QLogic acquired SilverStorm Technologies. with 2. QLogic provides components and adapters for storage area networks (SANs) and blade servers (servers made up of several interconnected computing blades. Also that year. The company’s stock is included in the S&P 500 index and was on the Forbes list of the 200 Best Small Companies for the eighth time in 2006. a line of switches and busses for low-cost storage options for small and medium-sized businesses. 2010 Edition QLogic Corporation THE SCOOP Peripherals are central here In beautiful Costa Mesa. Inc. . an increase of 7 percent over the previous year. QLogic’s cyber gurus are hard at work on the decidedly unglamorous—but profitable—side of high-tech products. and helped QLogic earn revenue of $494 million and profits of $283 million in the year of its acquisition. QLogic supplies a range of clients (including Cisco.. The work involved animating dancing cows and rendering a variety of textures. Hewlett-Packard and IBM) with the integrated circuits and adapter cards used to connect peripheral storage devices to computer networks.200 servers—just the connectivity job for QLogic. From the render farm to the Barnyard In dropping off in 2007 but going back at No. feathers and fur. (The runner-up only shipped 2. QLogic’s switches were used to create the supercomputer that rendered the characters for Nickelodeon’s computer-animated film QLogic passed an important milestone when it became the world’s most prolific vendor of fiber channel ports. The movie required the creation of a computer system with 80 terabytes of storage and 1.9 million of the devices merrily sending data to and fro in customers’ networks. SilverStorm provides networking equipment to some of the world’s fastest and most powerful supercomputers at NASA. such as scales.74 million.

K. These new products should up sales from a measly 2. expert advice.iimcal. too. • March 2008: It’s an honor The Technology Council of Southern California named QLogic Company of the Year. The council. according to a market watcher. Desai said in a statement. The FCoE standard is a nifty way of transferring massive amounts of data without getting tangled up in a million cables and switches and without servers screaming uncle and losing their cool. Not to be seen as a bit for insider company profiles. 2010 Edition QLogic Corporation IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Got dibs on the first run QLogic unveiled new chips and cards for the Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard. saying that it performs equally with Mellanox in terms of bandwidth and which aims to help information technology companies succeed in the industry. • October 2008: Oh no you don’t Despite the global recession.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.000 units to two million by 2013. a startup that manufactures 2. and it’s a first for the company and for the industry. • June 2008: Going head to head Mellanox might own the field. overheating.5 Gbit/Inifiniband cards. Almost all products contribute to the sales growth. QLogic’s switch products do very well. rising 36 percent in sales. the Vault Job Board and more. since QLogic’s product introduction should make insiders and consumers curious about this new technology.” CEO H.vault. while in others it surpasses it. The card is seen as integral to high-performance clusters and the demand for this product is comfortably in the $120 million range in sales. expert resume reviews. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. career message boards. everything remained sunny at QLogic as it posted a 22 percent increase in revenue and a 20 percent increase in income. 381 .in) Visit Vault at www. QLogic’s rolling out of the 20 Gbit adapter card is a result of the company acquiring Pathscale. with host products generating almost $120 million in sales. such as the ability to carry more clustering messages per second. The company is pleased with its performance despite “significant challenges as a result of the current macroeconomic environment. bestows the award on Southern California-based IT companies that have made great contributions to the industry in the past year. but QLogic hoped to get a portion of it as it rolled out a new product aiming to take consumers away from what has been their only supplier of the 20 Gbit Infiniband adapter card. QLogic touts that its card is on par with Mellanox’s product.

qlogic. interested parties must fill out a webbased form with their contact information and work history. at 382 © 2009 Vault. provide information on job opportunities and benefits.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. include a choice of health plans. 2010 Edition QLogic Corporation GETTING HIRED Link your career to QLogic QLogic’s careers pages.iimcal. including a shutdown for December holidays. stock purchase plan. finance and accounting and sales were some departments seeking hires at press time.aspx. There’s also an option to create a job agent that personalizes the search and emails job openings when they arise. tuition assistance. In order to 401(k) with company matching. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. for which employees are eligible from the first day of work. Benefits. dental and vision insurance. a wellness program with subsidized gym memberships. incentives if the company does well. referral bonuses and 11 paid holidays per year. Openings can be searched by location and function. .

com DEPARTMENTS Administrative • Business Development • Engineering • Facilities • Finance • Government Relations • Human Resource • Information Technology • Legal • Library & Information Services • Manufacturing • Marketing • Procurement • Project/Product Management • Public Relations • Sales • Technical Support LOCATIONS San Diego. NC • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. FL • New York.qualcomm. CA 92121 Phone: (858) 587-1121 Fax: (858) 658-2100 www.qualcomm. Finland • Nuremberg • Osaka • Paris • Poole.): 11. Jacobs President: Steven R. CA • Seattle. CA • San Germany • Sydney • Taipei • Tijuana • Tokyo • Waalre. Germany • New Delhi • Noormarkku. NC • Concord. Netherlands • Cambridge • Dubai • Dublin • Espoo.142 2008 Income ($ mil. TX • Boulder.QUALCOMM INCORPORATED 5775 Morehouse Drive San Diego. GA• Austin. United Kingdom • Gyungsangbuk-Do. Taiwan • Hyderabad • Jakarta • Johannesburg • Kanata. CA • Santa Clara. CO • Bridgewater. Sweden • Bangalore • Bangkok • Beijing • Brasilia. NV • Los Altos Hills. IL • Chandler. NJ • Cary. OR • San Francisco. Russia • Mumbai • Munich • Munster. DC Albogatan. Paul E. PA • Las Vegas. NY • Portland.iimcal. Netherlands THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: QCOM Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman & CEO: Dr. AZ • Chicago. Canada • London • Madrid • Markham. CA (HQ) Allen. South Korea • Haifa • Ho Chi Minh City • Hong Kong • Hsinchu City.): 3. Canada • Melbourne • Mexico City • Milan • Moscow. TX • Atlanta.400 2008 Revenue ($mil. MO • King of Prussia. WA • Washington. Brazil • Breukelen.html 383 .com/careers/index. MA • Kansas City. Altman 2008 Employees: 15. United Kingdom • Rome • São Paulo • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Stockholm • Sulzbach. IL • Clemmons.160 KEY COMPETITORS Broadcom Nokia Texas Instruments Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Finland • Farnborough. CA • Miami.

2010 Edition QUALCOMM Incorporated THE SCOOP Today. a company whose most compelling feature is its intellectual property related to OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). While QUALCOMM’s latestgeneration CDMA also works for sending large files. It currently controls around 4. the company invented the CDMA (code-division multiple access) code. QUALCOMM perked up its offerings with the $800 million acquisition of Flarion. The firm is part of the S&P 500. collecting a royalty on each one. 297 spot on the 2008 Fortune 500 and was No. there’s the world to conquer! QUALCOMM still supplies about 95 percent of the chips for CDMA phones worldwide. has the No. tomorrow. a method of sending large files—such as music and video—over wireless networks.iimcal. A San Diego judge presiding over the patent case found for Broadcom. a large ouch for QUALCOMM’s bruised ego. But hey. Inc. OFDM can be used when the potential for radio interference is particularly high. After the litigation dust settled. used by about a fifth of all cell phone networks.Vault Guide to the Top Tech A communications pioneer. Nokia and Broadcom each filed lawsuits against QUALCOMM. reasoning that QUALCOMM had “deliberately concealed” the patents in question from its competitor—a shady practice at best. CDMA. in 1989. CDMA enables the transmission of a much greater quantity of data over cellular networks than is possible with other technologies and currently stands as the world’s second most widely used wireless tech standard. A bitter breakup But things aren’t all wine and roses for QUALCOMM. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the world! QUALCOMM MANUFACTURES of software and microchips for cellular phones. 67 on BusinessWeek’s 2008 edition of the InfoTech 100. Adding a piece of flair In 384 © 2009 Vault. . Nokia announced that it was now partnering with In 2005.500 patents—four out of five are related to CDMA—and issues licenses to other companies that allow them to use its technology. which is a method of transmitting data over cellular networks. It became embroiled in a bitter legal battle between client Nokia and competitor Broadcom.

Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Visit Vault at www. a move similar to his assuming the CEO position when the elder Jacobs stepped down in 2005. In this In the mobile handset arena. succeeded him as chairman. a court dismissed Broadcom’s latest complaint against QUALCOMM claiming that Broadcom was entitled to declaratory relief and double royalties due to a misuse of patents. a group of companies that aim to develop and promote the Android system over proprietary operating systems for mobile devices. The first Android resulted from Google and QUALCOMM working on the operating system for a couple of years. with the Korean Fair Trade Commission submitting a case examiner’s report setting forth allegations about the lawfulness of the company’s business practices in the country. QUALCOMM’s hands are busy. what QUALCOMM has done is seen as a swipe at Broadcom and nothing more. QUALCOMM scored another win when it inked a deal with Panasonic to use Gobi in the latter’s Toughbook notebooks. career message boards. the Vault Job Board and more. QUALCOMM asserted that the company has done nothing wrong and plans to file answers to the allegations.vault. with an option to add WiMax (a system allowing the transfer of data wirelessly further than the Wi-Fi) support systems in the future. a market analyst said that the pending litigation is not important to performance. expert advice. His QUALCOMM chairman and for insider company profiles. along with QUALCOMM. and previous Panasonic suppliers were seen not as competitors by QUALCOMM. Paul Jacobs. It doesn’t change the playing field. thanks to the Open Handset Alliance. expert resume reviews.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The company was the first to introduce the Android mobile phone. The group includes Broadcom and Texas Instruments. This was the first time that Panasonic used a single chip to support multiple networks in its notebooks. the court ruled in QUALCOMM’s favor in one of the three patents at issue. so the company expects (and Google hopes) that QUALCOMM isn’t going to be the only supplier of Android headsets in the future. but even QUALCOMM is quick to say that the relationship is not exactly exclusive. Though both companies’ shares are down after the decision. A few other companies are rearing to release Android-powered handsets. • September 2008: The biggest dessert is a big deal After scoring a deal with Dell to use its Gobi broadband wireless access technology.iimcal. but it is not alone. 2010 Edition QUALCOMM Incorporated IN THE NEWS • March 2009: It’s not over yet In an issue that has dragged on for years. but as potential clients who might be interested in incorporating the Gobi system into their communication modules. Although an appeals court affirmed Broadcom’s assertion to the patents in September 2008. a Google-backed operating system based on the open-source Linux system. These cases came in the aftermath of the resignation of Irwin Jacobs. 385 . But investigations into the company’s dealings in Korea continue.

Other benefits for The site is elaborately customized. medical and dental insurance. The acquisition is expected to expand the company’s offering in the targeted services portfolio. a discount stock purchase plan. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. an on-site gym and dinner for employees working late. According to the magazine. Xiam Technologies. to celebrate their luck. .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. • March 2008: Another feather in the cap QUALCOMM went north in search of a pioneer in content-targeting services. Fortune named QUALCOMM to its list of the 100 Best Places to Work. 386 © 2009 Vault. and interviewees will meet with about five employees from various with particular information for interns. job seekers must first create a profile with a resume and contact information. landing in the top 20 at No. Consumers are going to clap though. The whole ordeal lasts about 45 minutes. job sharing. GETTING HIRED Opportunities for the chipper QUALCOMM’s careers site. obviously) and a unique internship program that recruits 750 interns a year from 38 countries! Other perks include generous health benefits. located at www. tuition assistance.iimcal. To apply for a position. note that interviewers will probably ask behavioral In 2009. scholarships for children of employees. QUALCOMM allows any employee to make suggestions for new products (by cell phone. QUALCOMM signed a deal with Nokia essentially allowing the latter to use the former’s assets in return for paying a settlement and ongoing royalties. This came as a surprise to industry analysts who had been crossing their fingers and hoping for a peaceful end to the patent wars. graduates and experienced hires. 16.qualcomm. 2010 Edition QUALCOMM Incorporated • July 2008: No war please Averting Mobile War III (after the brouhaha with Nokia and then Broadcom). In addition to accepting resumes through its website. an honor system for sick leave.S. since this begrudging union means that new QUALCOMMpowered Nokia phones are going to sprout new designs to pine for. however. provides plenty of intel for the aspiring employee. Benefits vary by office location. flexible spending accounts for health care expenses and a charitable donation matching program. the company recruits at the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Convention and at the NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanic MBAs) Conference. was bought by QUALCOMM for $32 million.-based employees include a 401(k) with company matching. If you get an interview with the company. which provides wireless solutions.

” another co-worker gushes. can be nerve-wracking. “Interviews were not stodgy or too formal … the process was not painful—in fact. the Vault Job Board and more.” the insider adds.” says a the employees aren’t letting on.” according to a contact.” says one hire. 2010 Edition QUALCOMM Incorporated OUR SURVEY SAYS Don’t phone it in at Qualcomm Want to get your foot in the door at QUALCOMM? One source reveals.” adding that “the number of female engineers was roughly representative of the ratio of female engineering students. “Employee feedback is encouraged and frequently gathered. career message boards. the HR questions focused on benefits and salary expectations.” so questions are usually outside the applicant’s comfort zone and situational. “Good working environment and active team players.” Others found the process quite amenable. “The work culture is excellent.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. “Questions are encouraged and teamwork is a must. Most report that interview questions are typical behavioral questions concerning strengths and weaknesses or one’s ability to multitask. ladies! There’s “loads of diversity. except for this insider: “QUALCOMM is a[n] email-based giant for insider company profiles. with one contact saying that female managers “accounted for roughly 40 percent of my division. on the other hand.. “Worse still.” And QUALCOMM’s all about equality. they were group interviews…I was on speakerphone and they would take turns asking me questions. One insider offers.” says one entry-level staffer. The finance questions focused on my background and my working style. “I interviewed with four different people within the finance big that they often entice your attendance with food and drinks!” says one enthusiastic hire. Phone interviews.” he sighs. and one from the HR/recruiting function.” adds a newbie. expert resume reviews. Cheer thy name QUALCOMM Hires at QUALCOMM give their working environment high marks.” adds an engineer. “Don’t expect easy questions from QUALCOMM.iimcal. But don’t despair. it was more conversational. The philosophy at QUALCOMM is “work Visit Vault at www. expert advice. reports an insider. Every day you get to learn something new.” the insider adds. “Working at QUALCOMM is like coming to a university to study. “The interviewers try to gauge your knowledge and your thinking process. “They’re big on meetings. 387 ..” says an engineer. If you don’t hear anything from the company for a while. don’t despair.” offers another contact. “QUALCOMM is hiring clever and competent yet laid-back guys. “Interview was much more technical than any I’ve had before. three out of the four I now work with closely.vault.” warns an engineer. play hard. “QUALCOMM can and does take up to a month to get back to you if they are interested in you. If there’s a downside.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.” advises another colleague. “They want to gauge your thought process toward getting the solution.

” says one insider.” says one hire. 2010 Edition QUALCOMM Incorporated Aye to shorts and jeans Hours at QUALCOMM are long. One programmer notes that he has access to the company’s “ and so is the dress. Engineering departments could start late. Within my group. “The dress code seems to vary by employee and by group.” What’s more. “I have to stay at my office [late] in the evening. Another contact reveals.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. despite “pending litigation and the current economy.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. but those working for international teams or customers are expected to stay late for conference calls. . “The hours are…” says a colleague. “Pretty much once you’re in the only way left is up.” adding that QUALCOMM weathers the storm because it’s “the leader in its industry and is also successful due to high employee morale.” The only way is up Opportunities for advancement are plentiful as well. according to one insider. [and] technical 388 © 2009 Vault. business outlook seems good. The hours are flexible. we are business casual Monday through Thursday with the option to wear jeans on Friday.iimcal. online courses.” observes an insider in San Diego. “most dress [in] business casual with a few who wear shorts on a regular basis. Inc.

CA • New York. INC. TX • South Africa • São Paulo • Seoul Singapore • 389 . NJ • McLean. India • Kuala Lumpur • London • Madrid • Melbourne • Mexico City Milan • Montreal • Mumbai • Munich • New Delhi • Paris • Pune. Ireland • Dubai • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: RHT Stock Exchange: NYSE President & CEO: Jim Whitehurst 2009 Employees: 2. Netherlands • Bangalore • Beijing • Brisbane • Brno. MA Amersfoort. NC (HQ) Atlanta.RED HAT. Sweden • Kolkata. MO • Tullahoma.200 2008 Revenue ($mil. Czech Republic • Buenos Aires • Chennai • Cork.redhat. United Kingdom • Hong Kong • Kista. Finland • Farnborough.): 523 2008 Net income ($mil. IL • DEPARTMENTS Accounting • Administrative • Business Development • Channel Sales • Consulting • Documentations • Engineering • Engineering Services • Executive • Facilities • Finance • Human Resources • IS • IT• Inside sales • International • Investor Relations • Legal • Marketing • Product Management • Project Management • Quality Assurance • RH University • Sales • Sales Engineering • Software Engineering • Support • Training LOCATIONS Raleigh. 1801 Varsity Drive Raleigh. CO • Huntsville. NC 27606 Phone: (919) 754-3700 Fax: (919) 754-3701 www.redhat. AL • Marlton. India • Rome • Sandton. VA • Minneapolis. Louis. NY • St. TN • Westford. MN • Mountain View.): 77 KEY COMPETITORS Microsoft Oracle Sun EMPLOYMENT CONTACT Email: training@redhat. GA • Austin. Germany • Sydney • Taipei • Tokyo • Toronto Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. TX • Denver.

iimcal. Inc. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Rumors. but mention VMware and these two companies unite forces faster than an analyst can utter “What?” Both companies believe that virtualization is part of the operating system. Customized for: Vinay ( Cisco allied with Red Hat as it sells its data centers and moves into servers. More adorn Red Hat During the 2008 fiscal year.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. The term “open source” refers to a set of practices and principles that encourages access to the design and production of goods and knowledge. pushes Shares of Red Hat were up in the market after rumors went around that industry giant Oracle planned to make a bid for the open-source company. the open-source computer operating system that has become a chief rival to Microsoft’s Windows and Sun’s UNIX. The company’s open-source software solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite. . Red Hat also runs a global training program that operates in more than 60 locations.200 people worked for Red Hat. users can create software content through collaboration. As a result. Inc. with backroom talks and other whispers. and the move is seen to be beneficial to both companies on the financial and operational sides. Meanwhile. jumps. but one industry analyst said that the timing isn’t right. the company’s revenue reached $523 million. Through lenient or nonexistent intellectual property THE SCOOP Hats off to Linux Red Hat makes a living by causing the big guys to squirm: it helped pioneer the use of Linux. The buzz has been heard for years. the general public can access the source code. when Red Hat’s revenue was about $400 million. Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux software is reported to be compatible with Cisco’s Unified Computing 390 © 2009 Vault. 2010 Edition Red Hat. since a possible IBM takeover of Sun Microsystems might affect Red Hat’s outlook and performance in the quarter— both companies are Red Hat customers. Most typically. This represented a nearly 25 percent increase from FY 2007. • February 2009: Uniting against a common competitor Red Hat and Microsoft might be on different sides of the fence. the expression is applied to the source code of software. The company has also hired lots of new employees: in 2008 more than 2.

In addition. Will this alliance make it? It depends.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Inc. 2010 Edition Red Hat. Other benefits include paid time off and holidays. they are eligible to enroll in the company’s 401(k) plan on the first of the month following their hire date. If Red Hat “associates” (the company doesn’t call them “employees”) are at least 21 years old. predicting a growth of 30 percent across the board.iimcal. as well as an employee referral plan. with the former agreeing to support the latter’s Linux system under Windows Server 2008. Microsoft and Red Hat joined forces. The company provides training and technical support. The magazine also recognized the firm as the No. These perks kick in the first day of employment. career message boards. dental. but virtualization market leader VMware thinks otherwise. which is partly what the deal is all about. the company offers tuition assistance for job-related courses. preferring instead to think of it as separate from the operating system. but it believes that its “Switzerland status”— remaining neutral and not being extra chummy to one specific provider—helps expand its clientele to customers who’d otherwise be competitors in their own industries. exceeding analyst expectations about company performance. GETTING HIRED Top Hat In 2009. which was way more than what Wall Street predicted for the company. full-time employees receive benefits that include medical. Red Hat agreed to support Windows Server 2000 in its Linux system. Visit Vault at www. CIO Insight Magazine named Red Hat its Most Valued Vendor for the fifth year in a row. • March 2008: What recession? Red Hat seemed impervious to the economic downturn as it posted a 27 percent increase in quarterly sales and earnings. Red Hat primarily serves corporate clients who use their own version of the open-source Linux operating system. disability and basic life insurance. it touted a rosy outlook for the fiscal year. 391 . Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. vision.vault. the Vault Job Board and more. expert resume reviews. 1 IT vendor doing business with companies in for insider company profiles. the firm said it has retained its “smallcompany spirit. In return. Although Red Hat is a large global enterprise.” In the United States. Pretty confident for a company that started the open-source on whether the two can work beyond just exchanging tests that confirm whether their operating systems will run on a different and altogether new chip structure. expert advice. To take back a portion of VMware’s lead. Add it all up and Red Hat said it expected sales to balloon to $680 million. Confidently.

Recently. .com.” The firm says it looks for interns who are motivated. The company also has an internship program for In addition. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. potential applicants can find more information about careers at Red Hat and apply for jobs online at www. an office manager in Brazil. The company keeps resumes in its database for six months. If you have trouble applying for jobs through the website. which allows interns to work in“professional environment learning from Red Hat’s experienced management team. How to hang your hat at Red Hat Departments at Red Hat range from accounting to training.iimcal. you should email the company at careers@redhat. Inc. 2010 Edition Red 392 © 2009 Inc. Applicants can search for openings by location. the firm was hiring for hundreds of positions including a help desk engineer in China.redhat. Interns should be able to work well in high-pressure settings. division (Red Hat or JBoss) or job category. Red Hat recruits at college career fairs. software engineers in Canada and a sales manager in Minnesota.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. smart and industrious.

rim.): Ontario Canada N2L 3W8 Phone: (519) 888-7465 Fax: (519) 888-7884 www.9 LOCATIONS Waterloo.): EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.293.shtml 393 .387 2008 Revenue ($mil.009. Canada Ottawa Slough.RESEARCH IN MOTION LIMITED 295 Phillip Street THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: RIMM Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman: John Richardson Co-CEO: Jim Balsillie President & Co-CEO: Mike Lazaridis 2008 Employees: TX Mississauga. United Kingdom KEY COMPETITORS Microsoft Nokia Apple DEPARTMENTS Corporate Executive Hardware IT Manufacturing Marketing Operations Sales Software Technical Support Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.4 2008 Net Income ($mil. Ontario (HQ) Irving.

com. . not CrackBerry addicts). Subsequent incarnations of the BlackBerry have made some people “CrackBerry” addicts (a nod to its addictive potential). Venezuela. RIM also introduced new features courtesy of tech company-of-the-moment Google. innovation. Inc. but the launch of the BlackBerry catapulted the company into the major mobile communications league. the company contracted in software development. including Google Talk and Google Local.iimcal. on the cusp of the digital age. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Korea and 13 Latin American countries including Panama.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.29 billion. 2010 Edition Research in Motion Limited THE SCOOP Email in motion Research in Motion (RIM) is best known to legions of on-the-go workers as the company that manufactures the BlackBerry. RIM rolled out the device in Trinidad and Tobago. and its profits from $382 million to $1. Peru and Argentina. and Palm might have an ace in its Pre (which is launching sometime in 2009). Michael Lazaridis (current co-CEO) and Douglas Fregin (former VP of operations who retired from the company in 2007) founded the company in 1984.S. 11. 394 © 2009 Vault. Early on. RIM’s revenue and profits both increased dramatically from 2006 to 2008—its revenue from $2 billion to $6 billion. which it occupied the year before. In 2008. Saudi Arabia. Pager to BlackBerry and “CrackBerry” Research in Motion did not emerge as a result of Japanese efficiency or U. Slovakia. Greece. BusinessWeek ranked it just outside the top 10 of its InfoTech 100—it held steady at No. electronic engineering and radio but of Canadian fortitude. enabling BlackBerry users to instant-message each other and to use Google’s handy maps. United Arab Emirates. that pocket-sized tether to the office that provides instant access to email. and the company is fighting patent infringement lawsuits left and right—the company is fighting back by toughing up its share of the mobile communications market. In 2006. but RIM is confident that the year is going to BlackBerry and its new smartphone models. RIM started with pagers. The company also manufactures radio modems for wireless phones and smart card readers to control access to its devices. text messages and phone calls. The introduction of the iPhone in June 2007 might have made iPod users into iPhone users ( Lawsuits galore Although things aren’t going well for RIM at the moment—co-CEO Jim Balsillie has been asked to step down by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Like iTunes. Among these are the president’s top aides and First Lady Michelle Obama. was developed by Genesis Key. expert advice.2 or higher. career message boards.. • April 2009: The app world is a BlackBerry world RIM launched BlackBerry App World. amid cybersecurity concerns. Obama and his BlackBerry are inseparable. SecureVoice. 2010 Edition Research in Motion Limited IN THE NEWS • April 2009: The BlackBerry president It looks like U.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. since U2 announced that Research in Motion would sponsor the band’s Live Nation U2 360 world tour. National Security Administration will soon check whether or not the encryption software on the presidential personal digital assistant meets national security standards. it was unclear whether Obama would be able to hold on to his BlackBerry after taking up shop at the White House. and that could include email). but since presidents are subject to the Presidential Records Act (according to which a president’s records could be subpoenaed.S. the tour “marks the first stage of a relationship and shared vision between RIM and U2. and it showcases applications made exclusively for the BlackBerry. This means that non-U. The news came as a surprise to those who understood that the band has ties with RIM competitors Apple—a U2-branded iPod came out in 2005 when the band released their album “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”—and Palm—Bono is a partner in an organization that is actively hyping up the launch of the Pre. folks. to be used by the president. Also. BlackBerry App World is catering exclusively to CrackBerries.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. According to U2 manager Paul McGuinness. residents are just going to have to wait for BlackBerry App World. • March 2009: RIM’s line on the horizon Apple must be feeling the vertigo by now. Canadian and U. expert resume reviews. 395 . Inc. email and call a group of selected individuals who will be given the same secure BlackBerry Visit Vault at www. its challenge to iTunes’ hold on the applications market in the handheld device industry. But there are system specifications before a user can access the for insider company profiles. the Vault Job Board and more.K. President Obama was previously forced to give up his BlackBerry after his inauguration into office in January. is in the final stages of development and the U. no old ‘Berries there.vault. the international edition. The BlackBerry the encryption software on the device. Although the least expensive application comes in at $2. the device software is geared for 4. President Barack Obama will get to keep a BlackBerry while in office after all.S. it could be a small price to pay for BlackBerry owners desperate to get their hands on some applications quite like those on offer from other (ahem) mobile phone providers. For one. President Obama will be able to text. the service is not available outside the Western hemisphere.

. • January 2009: Think again An Ontario court effectively halted Research in Motion’s hostile takeover of Certicom when it ruled that the company violated nondisclosure agreements when it used information Certicom asked to be kept confidential in its bid. Unlike the iFund. doing away with the trackball that’s been synonymous with BlackBerries since their launch.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. However. In other RIM responded that it’s something it is looking into.iimcal. has multiple letters assigned to each keypad number. The company made a similar offer to the 396 © 2009 Vault. one of three BlackBerry models the company planned to unveil toward the end of the year and in 2009. The Pearl Flip 8220 is not at all like its older BlackBerry siblings. • October 2008: GPL no-no for RIM At a BlackBerry developers’ conference in California. Securities and Exchange Commission. shopping guide. Asked by some developers whether the device’s source code is going to be opened to third parties. 2010 Edition Research in Motion Limited • February 2009: Lesson learned After almost a decade of talks and negotiation. such as RIM’s signature trackball. which is also investigating their actions. boasting the same features and capabilities as its previous models. RIM engineers showcased some features of the BlackBerry Storm. paid CAN$77 million dollars. since it looks like a standard-issue flip phone that’s been a staple of mobile phone providers like Nokia and Motorola.25 million. Other than that. but for other phone models as well. Inc. Approximating the BlackBerry’s keyboard is SureType technology. • September 2008: A closet BlackBerry for the hidden BlackBerry in you RIM unveiled a new kind of BlackBerry. RIM said that “conditions of its offer can no longer be satisfied. along with other companies who license Certicom technology in their devices. or about $6. The BlackBerry Storm also is the first BlackBerry to feature a the BlackBerry fund is non-exclusivist—it aims to help small companies that are developing applications not just for the BlackBerry. but that it’s “a pretty big leap” for the company to take. the Pearl has the standard features of older BlackBerries. but with a twist—or a flip. CEOs James Balsillie and Michael Lazaridis. the CEOs and other executives of Research in Motion agreed to pay penalties imposed by the Ontario Securities Commission for illegal gains from options backdating. which. The only question remaining is when it’s going to happen. some analysts still think that Certicom will eventually end up with RIM. along with other directors of the company. the BlackBerry Partners Fund—a RIM initiative that plans to invest in tech startups—announced that it has made its first three investments: a mobile city guide. like a numerical keypad on a mobile phone.” The company has had Certicom in its sights for quite a while.S. and trip manager and planner. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.

RIM doesn’t hold the patent for this. the functionality of the company’s products.” Or one of them Aberdeen Group. And it looks like this science agency is keeping mum about what it plans to do to vendors of its patented technology. the Vault Job Board and more. which has taken longer than the NTP case. a market consultancy firm. Jobs are posted in September. Motorola and RIM decided to take their battle in front of a judge. GETTING HIRED Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. January and May. tech support. including the University of Seattle and the University of Interested parties may fill out a web-based form to apply.iimcal. with allegations ranging from patent infringement (of course) and charging excessive royalties for its own patents. manufacturing. sales and provides information on the company’s hiring process. experience and reputation. 397 . For one. • February 2008: It’s déjà vu RIM should have learned its lesson when it settled a protracted legal battle against NTP in 2006 after letting the case drag on for four years. Students are welcome to apply to RIM as well. legal. benefits and job openings. career message boards. has many implications. expert resume reviews. RIM recruits at colleges and universities in the U. its stability. The company hires 300 to 400 interns every four months. but it looks like this latest legal debacle against Motorola is going to share the same fate. After failing to negotiate satisfactory cross-licensing terms when the licenses expired in 2003. an Australian science agency does. released its list of 100 most influential technology vendors for 2008. at www. and Canada. Besides the obvious effect of Motorola and RIM focusing on case filing arguments and not on product development.shtml. Students pursuing any major are welcome to apply.vault. the company also offers summer jobs in administration and for insider company profiles. and this month they traded lawsuits. organizations look at the total cost of ownership. 12. Ontario. HR. and it has done work and research on quantum information and quantum gravity. Visit Vault at www. 2010 Edition Research in Motion Limited • June 2008: Giving it back to the community CEO Mike Lazaridis uppeds his contribution to his hometown to $150 million by adding $50 million to benefit the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo. there’s an industry-wide implication should RIM successfully argue its side on Wi-Fi dual-mode devices. Jobs are searchable by region and then by function. This lawsuit. According to snapshot surveys taken by the group over five years of Add some Motion to your career RIM’s careers site.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. marketing. Lazaridis founded the institute in 2000. • May 2008: The “most influential. and RIM came in at No. in the areas of R&D. finance. In addition to its internship opportunities. expert advice.

Once applicants have successfully vaulted over that and provides an on-site clinic with massages. . Interview questions are generally behavioral. they are taken to a RIM office for subsequent interviews. employee assistance plan and travel insurance. the company will help with any travel arrangements. and the company does not recommend that job seekers end their previous employment until the checks are complete. of course. Customized for: Vinay ( 2010 Edition Research in Motion Limited RIM usually conducts initial screenings over the phone (your phone need not be a BlackBerry).iimcal. ergonomic assessments and health fairs. RIM’s offers of employment are provisional until the candidate passes reference and background checks. all employees get a free BlackBerry. summer and holiday parties. The company also subsidizes gym memberships and sports 398 © 2009 Vault. and contests and giveaways. Inc.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. And. RIM’s benefits include salary and incentives. health education.

SC • Fort Myers. FL • Colorado Springs. TX • San Diego. MD • Greenville. FL • Mililani. LA • Houston. CA • Sarasota. NC • Atlanta. HI • LOCATIONS Tokyo. CO • Fairfax. FL • Roanoke. GA • Shelton. NY • Camp Hill. MS • Hamilton Square. KS • Lihue. NY • White Plains. TN • Lafayette. LA • Lakeland. WI • Maitland. IN • Irvine. TX • Appleton. GA • Englewood. WV • Charlotte. LA • Marlton. NJ (US HQ) Addison. IL • Tucson. HI • Houma. LA • Amarillo. MD • Rohnert Park. VA • Asheville. NY • Wilmington.400 2008 Revenue (¥ mil. FL • Westborough. TN • Kailua Kona. OK • Ontario. AL • Indianapolis. TN • 399 . FL • Philadelphia. TX • Baton Rouge. Japan (Corporate HQ) West Caldwell. AZ • Tinley Park. PA • Plano. VA • High Point. FL • Lenexa. GA • Wailuku. GA • Coppell. MD • Palm Desert. MA • Brookfield. MN • Metairie. MA 01752-3064 Phone: (508) 323-1000 Fax: (508) 323-1111 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NC • Chicago. SC • Gulfport. CA • Valdosta. GA • Audubon. NC • Hilo. CA • Charleston. CA THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: RICOY Stock Exchange: Tokyo Chairman: Masamitsu Sakurai President & CEO: Shiro Kondo 2008 Employees: 83. MI • Rockville.46 DEPARTMENTS Administration • Development • Engineering • HR • Marketing/Engineering Support • Sales • Service & Support KEY COMPETITORS Canon • Hewlett-Packard • Xerox EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. AZ • Tustin. HI • Waltham. DE • CA • Lubbock. TN • Daytona Beach. FL • Gainesville. CA • Bridgeville. MA • Westbury. GA • Austin. MI • Los Angeles. VA • Rochelle Park. FL • Savannah. LA • Tallahassee. VA • Riverview. IL • Albany. LA • Miami Lakes. CA • San Ramon. PA • Carpinteria. NJ • Florence. GA • Madison. WI • Brooklyn.RICOH COMPANY LIMITED 350 Campus Drive Marlborough. CT • Greenbelt. MA • West Melbourne. MA • Brentwood. CA • Huntsville. NY • North Charleston. FL • Miami. SC • Oak Brook. FL • Boston. TX • Richmond. CA • Montgomery. FL • Duluth. FL • Tempe. WI • Arlington Heights. NJ • Hampton. NM • Alexandria. PA • Augusta. NJ • Mendota Heights. MS • Jacksonville. CA • Iselin. NJ • NC • Woodland Hills. VA • Fairfield.iimcal. CA • Owings Mills. TX • Macon. AL • Boca Raton. IL • Arlington. CA • San Jose.3com. NJ • Rochester Hills. GA • Albuquerque. LA • Birmingham. AR • Livonia. LA • Lake Charles. TX • Cordova. AL • New York. HI • Knoxville. FL • Johnson City.): 106. PA • Brisbane. FL • Mandeville. SC • Columbus. CA • San Antonio.219. CO • Columbia. TX • Huntington Beach.9 2008 Net Income (¥ mil. AL • Monterey. FL • Glastonbury. CA • Santa Fe Springs. CA • Brockton. HI • Little Rock. IL • Oklahoma City. CA • Pensacola. CA • San Francisco. IL • Clearwater.): 2. CT • Shreveport.

In 2006. IN THE NEWS • March 2009: Going greener for the world Although Ricoh has been paving the way to environmentally friendly products through its own initiatives and in concert with its suppliers. measuring devices. If the green plastics can stand up to the rigors of the office copier environment. Inc. . an organization composed of businesses promising to transfer environmentally friendly patents to the public domain. Lanier. Other arms of the business also handle leasing and credit for the customers of its office equipment division. would be folded into an arm of the organization called Ricoh Business Solutions. an office products distributor acquired in 2001. and optical sensors. By the end of fiscal 2008. the Japanese government awarded the company its Ecology Design Prize for a design for packaging toner for copiers and printers—the toner’s box was created to pack efficiently into a small space. the company was testing copiers made of 50 percent plant material in Japan.” and that “he made an early and genuine commitment to social and environmental sustainability in ever[y] aspect of Ricoh’s business activities. it went one step further by joining the Eco-Patent Commons. copiers and fax machines. but was almost unheard of 50 years ago. PCs and networking equipment. for its environmental awareness. 400 © 2009 Vault. In 2006. the toner package is designed to be used multiple times and it is easy to clean and refill. the Ricoh Company also has interests in semiconductors.” Golden opportunity Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. 2010 Edition Ricoh Company Limited THE SCOOP Company of many colors Though best known as a manufacturer of In early 2007. Ricoh had taken in revenue of $22 billion. Ricoh credits its You can print in any color you as long as it’s green Ricoh is committed to making its effects on the planet as benign as possible.iimcal. the company announced that it had restructured its American operations as Ricoh Americas. Kiyoshi Ichimura. the company website proclaims that “[Ichimura] developed a sense of corporate social responsibility that is talked about a great deal today. Ricoh is also experimenting with manufacturing its printers and copiers out of plastics derived from plants. In 2006. heat-sensitive paper for fax machines and receipt printers. Ricoh’s products are sold in 130 countries. Ricoh plans to take them global.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Ricoh took in $16 billion in revenue.

Ricoh finally owned IKON.” adding that the applicant is sometimes expected to make the first move when it comes to asking about the status of his application. a wellness program and tuition an American office equipment distributor. 401(k) with company matching. for a hefty $1.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 1 company in their product sales. The deal was approved by the board but it still needed final approval from federal regulators in the United for insider company profiles. Open positions are listed at www. career message boards. flexible spending accounts. By the end of 2008. 2010 Edition Ricoh Company Limited Ricoh’s patent contributions included technologies that recycle removable cartridges responsibly and one that improves water quality.62 billion to beef up its overseas business. expert advice. one participant is realistic but optimistic.” But this contact says that Ricoh is “still the No.” Customized for: Vinay ( with the second day being “in the field.” When it comes to company outlook. interested parties may submit their resumes online or email them to a Visit Vault at www. expert resume reviews. OUR SURVEY SAYS Got the guts for Ricoh? The interview process at Ricoh can be quite involved. One contact offers tips on this “field” trip. Dress at the company is business 401 .” Although another insider recruiting and job openings. and are searchable by location or type. careers page. “[They] are having some trouble right now working Lanier [a company acquired in 2005] and Ricoh into one company.iimcal. the Vault Job Board and more. To apply. at www. that “shareholders are losing money. • August 2008: Another notch in its belt Ricoh acquired IKON Office Solutions. provides information about benefits.” where a tour of the company and an employee-buddy are Ricoh’s benefits include dental. medical. GETTING HIRED Picture yourself at Ricoh Ricoh’s U. reveals one contact: “They want you to be aggressive during the process. though: “You should be very active during the day by bombarding the employee with questions about the job. One applicant is interviewed for a couple of days.

sage. Spain • VillingenSchwenningen. OH • Pleasanton. CA • LOCATIONS Newcastle Upon Tyne. TX • Beaverton. TX • Eugene. Canada • Monchengladbach. United Kingdom • Zaventem. . Spain • Paris • Perth • Port Elizabeth. Belgium DEPARTMENTS Accounting • Customer Service • Customer Support • Finance • General & Administrative • Human Resources • Information Services • Legal • Marketing/Public Relations • Product Management • Product Marketing • Production • Quality Assurance • Research & Development • Sales • Training & Education THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: SGE Stock Exchange: London Stock Exchange Chairman: Tony Hobson CEO: Paul Walker 2008 Employees: 14. Spain • Shanghai • Singapore • Sydney • Valencia. Germany • Warsaw • Windhoek. VA • Mayfield Heights. Spain • Seville. VI Alicante. OR • Herndon.THE SAGE GROUP PLC North Park Newcastle Upon Tyne NE13 9AA United Kingdom Phone: +44-191-2943000 Fax: +44-191-2940002 www. Spain • Manama. CA • Scottsdale. Belgium • Guangzhou • Johannesburg • Klagenfurt. Portugal • Pretoria. Canada • Matosinhos. Portugal • Mississauga. Austria • Liege. Belgium • Dubai • Dublin • Durban. GA • Austin. Spain • Valladolid. South Africa • Richmond. Bahrain • Sage North America 56 Technology Drive Irvine.sage. South Africa • Porto.): 986. Spain • Bahrain. OR • Dallas. UK (HQ) Irvine. Spain • Bloemfontein. CA 92618-2301 USA EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www.iimcal.8 Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Inc. Petersburg.500 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Namibia • Winnersh. Saudi Arabia • Bangalore • Bangkok • Barcelona • Beijing • Bilbao. Australia • Coruna. FL • CA USA (HQ) Atlanta. United Kingdom • Markham. AZ • St. Spain • KEY COMPETITORS Oracle Corporation SAP AG Intuit 402 © 2009 Vault. Botswana • Gent. Canada • Riyadh • Santa Cruz de Tenerife. South Africa • Frankfurt • Gaborone. South Africa • Cape Town • Chatswood. Belgium • Lisbon • Madrid • Malaga. Germany • Mumbai • New Delhi • Palma de

expert resume reviews. construction. manufacturing. Of course. customer relationship management and payment processing. Simply Accounting (Canada). Each of its four regional businesses (North America.-based Sage Group has evolved from a one-solution business to the region’s largest software firm and the FTSE 100’s only technology stock. which in various geographic regions include health care.K. and human resource and payroll options make up another 11 percent. Softline Pastel (South Africa) and Sage 50 in the U. the Vault Job Board and more. transportation. The company also provides support services to 1. 403 . payroll and human resources—to meet local requirements for tax structures. food distribution. Ciel (France).7 million of its clients. Sage tailors each offices’ products—mainly the ones focused on accounting. the company expects to see increased revenue for the higher-margin support segment (which carries an 80 percent customer renewal rate) as companies more frequently request the bundling of custom solutions and support. whose main products are mostly standardized and depend on company-specific upgrades About 50 percent of Sage’s business is derived from its accounting and financial products. legal notification and other fiscal necessities. manufacturing and construction make up another 28 percent. determining its own local strategies. acquisition possibilities and product line.K. Industry-specific applications such as health care.. Not only that. and its call-in customer service centers respond to 36. U. 2010 Edition The Sage Group plc THE SCOOP Words for the wise For decades.8 million companies spread over 26 countries. That’s all the more remarkable since it markets its business-to-business products (formatted for PC/servers and internet access) chiefly to small. the U. in the next few Visit Vault at www. Its branded programs include Peachtree in the U. It also has a global workforce of 14. expert advice.S. A somewhat newer area for the firm presents industry-specific solutions. and South Africa and Australia) operates with relative autonomy. retail and not-for-profit agencies. The Sage Group offers both out-of-the-box software and custom solutions. Sage is therefore considerably more flexible and responsive than its competitors. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. career message boards. Sage strategies The key to Sage’s success so far has been its organizational model.000 calls each for insider company profiles. HR and payroll. and Ireland.and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of up to 500 employees.K. a whole lot of companies fit into that category—which goes a long way toward explaining Sage’s elephantine customer base of 5.iimcal. However. Europe and Asia. real estate.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.500. SP PymePlus (Spain). which meet client needs in accounting/financial.

a global trade management software and service company.K. tax and amortization of intangible fixed assets (EBITA) margin of 23 percent. with chapters that touch upon employment. Our businesses in mainland Europe and [the] rest of [the] world recorded strong Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. The company’s revenue increased to £ Najeeb will report directly to Sage North America President and CEO Sue Swenson.” • December 2008: Somewhat steady The Sage Group declared a 7 percent increase in revenues for the year ending September 404 © 2009 Vault. relatively higher than the £1. and North America. we were rapidly able to adapt to the changing markets and proactively refocus our businesses in these regions. Moreover. CEO. and Europe. Najeeb. a 20-year Sage veteran. Sage has taken a great many steps to reducing the operation’s environmental impact by using recycled water for landscaping. the marketplace. Inc. noted that.3 billion.iimcal. has recently served as the CTO and executive vice president of the engineering and operations division at TradeBeam. 2010 Edition The Sage Group plc Corporately conscientious The organization’s social responsibility policy is quite extensive. “[t]he strength and flexibility of our business model has helped us achieve solid results in difficult market conditions. Sage looks to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and sense of teamwork among its staff and provide social and intellectual growth. the local community and the environment. with strong internal promotion strategies and reportedly low staff turnover. IN THE NEWS • January 2009: New CTO in the house Sage North America announced the appointment of Motasim Najeeb as the company’s new chief technology officer. Najeeb’s new role in Sage will allow him to work more directly with research and development teams as well as other business leaders in the company. He is also expected to create some fruitful collaborations with Sage’s technology personnel on a global level.2 billion of 2007. which is an indication of recent business acquisitions and future investments. Sage also revealed earnings before interest. As CTO he will play a critical role in leveraging our technology assets across North America so we deliver competitive and innovative products that enable our customers to better manage their business As markets weakened in the U. Besides stressing the importance of diversity in the workplace. minimizing the use of printed materials and packaging wherever possible and advocating limiting power usage in its offices in the U. Paul Walker. who said that “Motasim brings an impressive track record of strong technical leadership that’s focused on the needs of customers. Sage prides itself on encouraging and supporting the development of its employees. .Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. It calls itself an “integral part of the communities” in which it’s based and encourages its employees to volunteer locally and donate to worthy causes.

Spain. 2010 Edition The Sage Group plc results through a combination of favorable market conditions and good commercial execution. with “social events in all regions to promote and embed” corporate principles.000 in various U. France. The company is said to be strong on training and recognition Sage employs about 1. and software design and development. however.vault. will be tasked to look over all of Sage’s payment solutions division transactions. a CPA who has held numerous finance positions in reputable companies. expert advice.K. He was recently the senior vice president of finance of XOJET. The company’s online presence (at www. where he was senior vice president of finance for the company’s technology products. Inc.. customer support. Germany. some regions provide health awareness programs. Sage doesn’t keep a listing of all international vacancies (although its website states that one is in the works). U. was appointed as the new chief financial officer (CFO) of Sage North America. The company also affirmed Greg Hammermaster as president of Sage’s Payment Solutions Division. Inc.K. and another 3. Portugal. Poland and Belgium.) As might be expected.” • October 2008: A couple more personnel changes The Sage Group announced that Marc Loupé. GETTING HIRED Work. where he obtained his CPA license.sage. now responsible for all finance-related activities across the company. began his career at Deloitte & Touche.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. career message boards. in addition. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. the Vault Job Board and more. a leading provider of global business aviation services. Loupe. He also spent 18 years with Sun Microsystems. expert resume reviews. including its credit card operations based in Virginia and its check operations based in Florida. wisely In keeping with its decentralized structure. Visit Vault at www.iimcal..S.400 at its Newcastle. Each office shapes its own culture. Ireland. openings are generally concentrated in the areas of sales. 405 .com) for insider company profiles. Hammermaster. the U. include links to the country-specific Sage websites in America and Canada. Switzerland. meanwhile. South Africa. headquarters. (Note that some are not in English.. locations. and office workers in mainland Europe can take advantage of English lessons.

NY • San Jose. CA • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: SMSD Stock Exchange: KRX Vice Chairman & CEO: Yoon-Woo Lee 2007 Employees: 263.375 KEY COMPETITORS LG Group SK Group Sony LOCATIONS Ridgefield 406 © 2009 Vault. TX • La Mirada.206 2007 Income ($ mil.html DEPARTMENTS Accounting & Financial • Administrative • Business Development • Chemical • Human Resource • Legal • Petrochemical • Semiconductor Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. NJ Bogota • Mexico City Panama City • Santiago • São Paulo • s/welcome/ Samsung America. NJ 07660 Phone: (201) 229-5000 Fax: (201) 229-5080 www. NJ (US HQ) Houston. Inc. (HQ) 105 Challenger Road Ridgefield Netherlands EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. Jung-gu Seoul 100-742 Korea Phone: +82-2-751-7114 Fax: +82-2-727-7892 www. .SAMSUNG GROUP Samsung Main Building 250.iimcal. CA • Los Angeles.): CA • New York.000 2007 Revenue ($mil): 105. Inc. Taepyeongno 2-ga.

Suddenly Samsung is No.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. a host of worrying issues remain ahead of the company. If in need of medical attention. A July 2004 Forbes article noted that “The cell phone is to Samsung what the Walkman was to Sony—a slick growth engine and an icon of innovation. Ltd. it is best known for its electronics. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. expert advice. career message boards. sportswear and accessories made by Samsung’s Cheil Industries.S. expert resume reviews. It was just short of repeating the feat in 2005. but it produces a number of other services and products as well.4 percent of the cell phone market in the U.4 billion. premium-price cell phones. tour the Samsung Museum of Art. although the number is significantly down from the 61 Samsung boasted before the Korean economic crisis of the late 1990s. 2 worldwide. $10 billion baby The efforts paid off with Samsung Electronics’ entrance into the exclusive (and elusive) “$10 billion club” in 2004. These are just a few of Samsung’s 32 affiliates. women’s wear. including Korea’s shaky economic future. The Shilla Hotels & Resorts) and charge it to Korea’s largest independent credit card issuer. 407 . when the company achieved eye-popping net earnings of just over $10 billion for the year (roughly double those for 2003). 2010 Edition Samsung Group THE SCOOP Korean clout The Samsung Group boils down to far more than flat-screen TVs and cell phones. when it pulled in $ Visit Vault at www. the largest amusement park in the country.vault. ride a roller coaster at Samsung Everland. or go on a shopping spree for men’s wear.. Inc. Ltd.iimcal. You can even apply for a life insurance policy at Samsung’s Life Insurance Co. Cell phones were a large part of the success. While the group’s largest holding. second-rate VCRs to a peddler of premium-tech. where on any given day you could attend a Samsung Lions game (the group’s Korean professional baseball team).” The company may well be on that head over to the Samsung Medical Center. Whether Samsung can weather the storm remains to be seen. had a record year in 2004. Samsung Electronics. and it aims to supplant Nokia by 2010. keying the transformation of Samsung’s reputation from a retailer of dodgy. The diverse company also sells chemicals and electronic chemical materials. Consumers can grab a room at The Shilla Seoul (owned by Samsung affiliate. in 2008. This is especially true in South Korea. As South Korea’s largest for insider company profiles. Samsung Card Co. as it grabbed 22. the Vault Job Board and more.

The decline was also predicted to be consistent for the remainder of 2008 and even 2009. mobile phone and television—were shrunk down to two. The future does not at all look good though: the company is expected to experience a “severe downturn” in both flash memory and DRAM memory. and search by each specific Samsung company in the GETTING HIRED A city unto itself A truly global empire.B. The latter has also been in progressive talks with NAND partner Toshiba. Koh as president of Samsung Austin Semiconductor. LCD.” The company had earlier announced a reshuffling in its executive personnel. The shake-up not only included people. in the October quarter of 2008. Inc.” • October 2008: Hard times Samsung Electronics announced a profit of 1. but also company divisions. Register to submit to positions quickly online and receive email notification of matching positions. Samsung executives said that the company is backing down from its initial proposal after SanDisk rejected the bid. Samsung also revealed that it is withdrawing its bid to acquire major flash memory player SanDisk Corp. Four major divisions—semiconductor. an endeavor that was made public in September 2008. which meant there was little or no room at all for Samsung to strike a deal.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.S.22 trillion won. a whopping 43 percent less than that of the previous quarter and 44 percent less than that of 2007. The company also declared a 6 percent loss in memory sales.000 employees—operating globally. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. which is the current trend with all memory manufacturers. however. 2010 Edition Samsung Group IN THE NEWS • January 2009: Reorganization Due to continued losses in memory profits. The reorganization was made “to jumpstart demand. 408 © 2009 Vault. Other key personnel appointments were Tim Baxter and Young Hoon Eom as copresidents of the company’s consumer electronics division and Samsung Electronics America. Samsung Group has a workforce the size of a small city— roughly 263. Samsung insisted it is still profitable in the memory business.iimcal. Samsung declared that it is reorganizing its management ranks to “boost its sagging bottom line and create fewer conflicts within its chip unit. The career section allows interested job seekers to click on openings by global region. or $856.3 million. arm.. with the appointment of Chang-Soo Choi as the president and CEO of Samsung’s U. . In a major business

about 80. Lending a hand The group also prides itself on its strong philanthropic No merit for hard work Though some agree that working at the company is generally a “great experience” and that it is “full of learning. travel and managing challenging deadlines. technology and educational television programming packages to 31 schools across the “Even Koreans who lived and worked abroad find it hard to adjust to strongly hierarchical structure. product marketing. no chitchat—just follow your orders and get your work done quickly.and second-year students from top MBA programs in the areas of R&D.” other respondents chime in. “I was very surprised that teamwork was not a priority. Samsung spent over $1 billion on community outreach in 2001 alone and encourages employees to become personally involved through the Samsung Community Service Team. expert resume reviews. 409 . sales operations and corporate planning in the digital consumer electronics. OUR SURVEY SAYS Want it the Samsung Way? You might want to think it over “Samsung is a tough ride.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. strategy development. semiconductor and telecommunications industries.” adds a colleague. awarded some $2 million worth of cash grants and software. through Samsung’s Hope for Education program.” Not surprisingly. offered to first.vault. In 2008. “Turnover is extremely high. It’s a “very demanding place to work. together with Microsoft. or complete lack of formal rules and procedures.S. around 70 percent of them have participated in these endeavors at some point and outstanding volunteers are recognized with awards.” observes one contact. expert advice. the Vault Job Board and for insider company profiles.iimcal. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “The work environment is hostile and the Korean culture Visit Vault at www. According to the website. career message boards. Check out the “Community Activities” page for more details on various programs.000 employees are currently involved in volunteer activities. 2010 Edition Samsung Group Programs for MBAs MBAs should check out the site for a description of Samsung Electronics’ intensive 10-week MBA internship.” “Samsung can be a very difficult environment. DirecTV and teen star Jordan Pruitt. Samsung. I would guesstimate that 80 percent of non-Korean-born employees leave within a year.” insiders recommend not working at Samsung if you think very highly of your work and if you expect to be rewarded for it.” speculates one source. The company has a “Korean military structure.” one insider declares. No questions.

and got in the next morning 10 a.” agrees a co-worker. “The dress code was strongly enforced and it was part of my unenviable job to ‘tell off’ those who wore jeans on Fridays. “If you left one night at 10 p. 25 days holiday. hard work or results.” says an insider His colleague The hours were long due to the presenteeism culture.m.iimcal.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. and taking holiday is regarded by Koreans (including many bosses) as inappropriate.” adds one hire. life insurance.” and.) you would be sent a warning letter by the president! No consideration would be given to the fact that you had gone above and beyond the call of duty the previous night. “[Y]our work will not be acknowledged nor recognized. staff canteen. Is it all so bleak? “Benefits were very good depending upon your level: gym subsidy.” asserts a source. . “Heretics beware. (rather than the rigidly enforced 9 a. very few Korean women and even fewer female managers. long-term disability cover. What’s work/life balance? Want to take a break from this office? Not a chance. and this is a non-expectation for employees.” recalls another insider.” says an insider. 2010 Edition Samsung Group does not reward merit. “The phrase ‘work/life balance’ evinces a sour expression from all … Samsung lifers.m. The opportunities for advancement were fine as long as you were Inc.m.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. “Working hours can be 410 © 2009 Vault. Are you male? “Diversity was limited—white and Korean and then very.” says a third.

Israel • THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: SNDK Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman & CEO: Customized for: Vinay ( 2008 Income ($ mil): -1. CA 95035 Phone: (408) 801-1000 Fax: (408) 801-8657 www. Japan • Wanchai. France • Omer. Germany • Seoul • Shanghai • Shenzhen • Singapore • Taby. Eli Harari President & COO: Sanjay Mehrotra 2008 Employees: 3.): 3. CA (HQ) Beijing • Dublin • Gordon.565 2008 Revenue ($ mil.sandisk.SANDISK CORPORATION 601 McCarthy Boulevard Milpitas. Australia • Haryana. Israel • Madrid • Migdal Tefen. India • Kfar Email: careers@sandisk.sandisk.6 LOCATIONS Milpitas. Hong Kong KEY COMPETITORS Lexar Micron Technology Samsung Electronics EMPLOYMENT CONTACT DEPARTMENTS Administration • Engineering • Facilities • Finance • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Marketing • Operations • Safety • Sales • Sales Operations • Security 411 . Israel • Sauerlach. Sweden • Taipei • Tokyo • Yokohama.

but the company’s big breakthrough came in 1996 when it debuted a way to double the capacity of a flash chip. SanDisk proved susceptible to the recent freefall in memory chip prices that gripped the entire sector. SanDisk acquired Israel-based M-Systems. while SanDisk primarily sells memory under its own name. In late 2008. video recorders. SanDisk charged ahead in September 2007 with the opening of a new $170 million microchip plant in Shanghai. another manufacturer of flash products.iimcal. The company’s products include USB drives. The new acquisition increased SanDisk’s control of the market for flash memory to about a third. the solid-state drive on a chip that allows a gigabyte of storage to fit on a fingertip’s worth of space. in the face of a bigger dip than anticipated in the price of its products. and will 412 © 2009 Vault.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. In 2000. SanDisk also makes the Sansa. embedded chips for long-term memory in computers and memory for MP3 players. . SanDisk released its first flash memory chip in 1991. The two companies teamed up to increase manufacturing capacity even further in 2004. SanDisk demonstrated its commitment to new kinds of chip technology with the $300 million purchase of Matrix Semiconductor. Customized for: Vinay ( for the production of advanced flash memory. By 2002. and complements its product line quite well. for $1. or about 450 jobs. the company formed a joint venture with The plant bodes well for Chinese engineers. Japan. Industry analysts suspect that the drop in price is a sign that there is a glut of memory chips in the marketplace. Mnemonic expansion In Price elasticity Despite its previous ability to stay one step ahead of the cyclical drop in prices for memory chips. The next year. Resilient Despite its job cuts. the second-most purchased MP3 player (behind guess what fruit-named firm’s device). 2010 Edition SanDisk Corporation THE SCOOP No flash in the pan SanDisk is a top purveyor of flash memory. cell phones and PDAs.5 billion. all of the company’s flash manufacturing was consolidated into Toshiba’s facilities in Yokkaichi. since M-systems was in the business of manufacturing flash drives for sale under the names of other companies. as it is located close to both Jiaotong and Huadong Universities. with a market share of 11 percent. called FlashVision. removable data storage cards for cameras. with the creation of Flash Partners. the company announced that it would be cutting as much as 15 percent of its global workforce. Inc.

The company is introducing the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB. After several meetings with Samsung since its original expression of interest in an acquisition deal. career message boards. with the simple touch of a button. and other types of digital files. but was down a dismal 31 percent from last year. which are powered by SanDisk’s No. which included significant asset impairment and inventory related charges. is designed to “protect computer users’ photos. conserve cash. Chairman and CEO Eli Harari said that “we are very disappointed with our fourth quarter bottom line results.iimcal. is the world’s largest market for cell phones. videos. personal and business documents. the world’s first USB drive with a one-button backup function. SanDisk’s board of for insider company profiles.” • January 2009: An industry first SanDisk announced that it has released a new innovation in its roster of flash nonbinding proposal” from rival Samsung Electronics to acquire the former for about $26 per share in cash. Total revenue for fiscal year 2008 is $3.” SanDisk execs also said that the proposed deal “significantly undervalues SanDisk given the long-term Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. China. and not in the best interests of SanDisk’s stockholders. down 14 percent from the previous year. 1 product—flash memory chips. but no thanks The SanDisk board of directors confirmed it refused an “unsolicited. expert advice. The USB drive.” • September 2008: Thanks.” Harari also mentioned that the company is “taking significant steps to curtail our captive output. and reduce capital and operating expenditures. including password-protected access control and ultra-secure AES hardware-based encryption.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.vault. which has capacities of up to 64 gigabytes. with advice from its financial and legal Visit Vault at www. the Vault Job Board and more.” and without the hassle of software installation. 413 . We are focused on managing our business through the difficult global economic climate and limited visibility in 2009. expert resume reviews. music. which increased 5 percent from the previous quarter. concluded that the proposal was “inadequate in multiple respects. 2010 Edition SanDisk Corporation employ an initial number of 700 employees. IN THE NEWS • February 2009: On the decline? SanDisk declared an $864 million fourth quarter revenue for 2008. of course. CEO Harari said that the new plant will install the company close to its customer base and hopes that it will serve as SanDisk’s strategic base of Asian operations in years to come.” and that it “believes that drastic industry-wide capital expenditure cuts announced for 2009 will contribute to a better balance between supply and demand and an improved pricing environment in our markets later in 2009 and into 2010.35 billion. It also “protects onboard digital content with a dual layer of security.

“An interview round has some behavioral questions. the intern also reveals that “[t]here are no real benefits in the dental. It is luck. around 20 per annum. the uncertainty resulting from the unresolved patent cross license agreement renewal with Samsung. We have get-togethers almost every and general equity market conditions. notes that in SanDisk. . “They asked me to design a card-shuffling algorithm. Now I was selected.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. 2010 Edition SanDisk Corporation prospects of its business. There are a short number of paid holidays. as well as benefits on offer for employees. Benefits (which may vary by location) include provides information on job openings at the company. vision and employee assistance. discount tickets to amusement parks. I already tried for this position in spring January 2007 and got a reject. Texas. especially “those who are interested in [the] area of systems and networking. they asked [the] same questions and I answered the same answers. health and dependent care. [The] next time. Inc.” Nevertheless.” and was an “opportunistic attempt to take advantage of SanDisk’s current stock price. “[t]he employee coordination is very good. employees will experience enjoyment and satisfaction. most of the openings seemed to be in engineering or finance. OUR SURVEY SAYS Getting lucky An intern from Austin.” However. spending accounts.” GETTING HIRED Get a flash-y career SanDisk’s careers page (www. is that there are relatively few layoffs.” Another intern also discloses the company’s interview process. free gym SanDisk does not provide much information on what its college graduate career program entails. but recent grads are invited to submit their resumes to 414 © 2009 Vault. he adds. both for graduates and experienced hires. even in bad economic climates. To apply. which is significantly depressed given industry cyclicality. I don’t know why they rejected me. Recently. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. job seekers must first create a profile.” The insider added that “the [salary] package is decent. stock purchase plan and 401(k). events such as book fairs. It goes well with experience.” One positive thing about the company.” he says. picnics and holiday parties. stock options. and discounts on SanDisk merchandise. I answered it and after that we discussed a lot about parallel programming concepts in that algorithm.

WI Apodaca. WI • Laredo.iimcal. Israel • Miskolc. TX • Durham.): 7. AL • Kenosha. United Kingdom • Salo. TX • career_op. CA • Huntsville.html 415 . 2010 Edition 2700 North First Street San Jose. Brazil • Fermoy. CA (HQ) Allen. NC • Foothill Ranch. Indonesia • Calgary • Campinas. CA • Manchester. Mexico • Batam. CA • DEPARTMENTS Administrative Support • Defense & Aerospace • Engineering • Facilities • Finance/Accounting • HR • IT • Legal • Logistics/Transportation/Exporting/Importing • Manufacturing/Operations • Marketing • Materials/Planning/Procurement/SCM • Program Management/Customer Service • Quality • Sales/Business Development/Mergers & Acquisitions • Technicians LOCATIONS San Jose. Japan THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: SANM Stock Exchange: NASDAQ Chairman & CEO: Jure Sola President & COO: Hari Pillai 2008 No. Hungary • Toronto • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. TX • Austin. China • Yasu. China • Lod. UT • Turtle Lake. Finland • Kanata. SD • Salt Lake City. China • Tatabanya. Malaysia • Kunshan. NY • Rapid City. Malaysia • Port KEY COMPETITORS Flextronics Hon Hai Jabil Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA 95134 Phone: (408) 964-3555 Fax: (408) 964-3636 www. of Employees: 45. Sweden • Pathum Thani. CA • Fremont. Ireland • Guadalajara • Gunzenhausen. Canada • Kuching. Thailand • Penang. NH • Newark. Germany • Haukipudas.sanmina-sci. Finland • Shenzhen • Singapore • Suzhou. Hungary • Monterrey • Montreal • Ornskoldsvik.SANMINA-SCI CORPORATION xxx Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers.610 2008 Revenue ($ mil. Israel • Ma'alot.

Sanmina’s circuit boards find their way into all manner of electronic devices. ESD protection in the chip substrate allows all the circuits on the board to be The company is also the world’s largest manufacturer of backplanes—circuit boards that are connected to create a complete computer system. A graduate of the University of Dublin. with a workforce of more than 45. Its factories are located in 19 countries on five continents. In 2006. whose services and goods can carry an electronics manufacturer from the drawing board to finished product. 2010 Edition Sanmina-SCI Corporation THE SCOOP Leading the circuit board business Sanmina-SCI is a leading contract manufacturer of electronics.iimcal. Sanmina hopes that this new technology will give it a leg up over its competitors in the increasingly commoditized circuit board industry. and even airplanes. Nokia and Ericsson. from the tiny to the not at all tiny.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. . to find measures to incorporate protections against ESD into the circuit board itself. The company’s customers include such tech industry heavyweights as Lenovo. Sanmina signed an agreement with Shocking Technologies. Hari Pillai was also one of the pioneers in the company’s strategic planning and implementation. instead of relying on devices on the board surface or separate grounds. leading to the company’s “diversification and market leadership in various end markets such as medical and defense and aerospace. Because of the generally regarded fact that the electronics industry loses billions every year as a result of electrostatic damage. Alcatel. cables and all manner of electronic viscera. yet removes obstacles to chip configuration and performance imposed by traditional methods. Hewlett-Packard. Trinity College.” 416 © 2009 Vault. is an integral part of the company’s entry into the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) IN THE NEWS • October 2008: Hari Pillai promoted Sanmina-SCI promoted 14-year veteran Hari Pillai to president and chief operating officer. which impose limitations on chip design and performance. In addition to making circuit boards. Cisco Systems. a great deal of thought in the circuit board industry has gone into preventing the damage caused by electrostatic discharge. who has held several senior management positions in the company. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. a company that develops Voltage Switchable Dielectric (VSD) materials. Inc. or ESD.000. IBM. from cell phones and computers to cars. the company offers precision machining and system assembly and testing.

a work/life balance program and a credit union. materials. which include the standard medical. finance. facilities.html) there is a database of available jobs. 2010 Edition Sanmina-SCI Corporation • January 2008: A comeback on the horizon? Sanmina-SCI announced a slightly positive gain in profits for the January quarter. engineering. Personal benefits include paid vacation leave credits and holidays. GETTING HIRED Sign me up for Sanmina On Samina-SCI’s careers website (www.sanmina-sci. would “meet or exceed [the] Wall Street consensus” marketing. Employees also have access to a discount stock purchase plan. tuition reimbursement.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. reassuring worried investors with the expectation that the company is on the right track toward its long-overdue comeback. Sanmina-SCI’s shares finished strong in mid-January after posting a dismal $1. To apply. which can include for insider company Visit Vault at www. life insurance and AD&D insurance. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. manufacturing.sanmina-sci. logistics. The company reported that first-quarter earnings per share for fiscal HR. defense and aerospace. IT. vision. job seekers can fill out an email form online. down 70 percent from last year.19 during the first few days of the month. 417 . before charges. dental and drug prescription coverage. personal leaves. career message boards. legal. sick leaves. searchable by location and category. expert resume reviews. mergers and acquisitions. expert advice. the Vault Job Board and more. program management/customer service. quality and sales.iimcal. 401(k) with company matching.html) provides information about all the benefits of life at the company. Sanmina-SCI’s careers site (www. bereavement leaves and jury duty leaves.

CA • McLean. NJ • Exton. WI • Lake Mary.565 2008 Income (€ mil. MA • Cambridge. CT • New SAP America. .868 KEY COMPETITORS IBM Microsoft Oracle Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. CA • 418 © 2009 Vault. OH • Irvine. Hasso Plattner Co-CEO: Henning Kagermann Co-CEO: Leo Apotheker 2008 Employees: 51. Inc. FL • Los Angeles. NJ • New Haven. CT • Washington. Louis. PA • Greenwood Village. CA • Portland. PA • Burlington. CA • GA • Austin.): 1.): 11. TX • EMPLOYMENT CONTACT www. TX • Independence. Inc.epx Email: careers@sap. OH • Downers Grove. THE STATS Employer Type: Public Company Stock Symbol: SAP Stock Exchange: NYSE Chairman: Dr. DC 114 International Locations. CO • Houston. 3999 West Chester Pike Newtown OR • San Diego. FL • Morristown. AZ • Southfield. TX • La Crosse. MI • St. MO • Stamford. GA • Atlanta. WA • CA • Scottsdale. MA • Carlsbad.iimcal. VA • AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16 69190 Walldorf Germany Phone: +49-6227-7-47474 Fax: +49-6227-7-57575 www. NY • Palo Alto. CA • Pleasanton. IL • Edison.500 2008 Revenue (€ mil. PA 19073 Phone: (610) 661-1000 Fax: (610) 661-1896 DEPARTMENTS Administration • Business Consulting • Consulting • Controlling/Finance • Facility Management • Human Resources • IT/Data Processing • Information Development • Legal • Marketing • Pre-sales • Product Management • Production • Public Relations • Purchasing/Logistics • Quality Management • Research/Development • Sales • Service & Support • Software Development • Training • Translation • UI design • Value Engineering • Vocational training LOCATIONS Walldorf. Germany (Corporate HQ) Newtown Square. PA (US HQ) Alpharetta. MN • Bristol. CA • San

midsized and small businesses. retail. as development was linked to marketing strategies and attacking e-business markets.000 by the end of 2009. health care. The company rounds out its suite of offerings with training. support and consulting services. SAP also broke with its in-house development tradition and its tendency to develop without the aid of alliances and acquisitions. announced that they will acquire Visit Vault at www. which in English translates to “Corporations Systems. mining and consumer products. media. operations had prompted SAP into some major restructuring. supply chain and manufacturing—it even makes sure that accounting stays on the right side of Basel II and for insider company profiles. Anwendungen. career message boards. expert resume reviews. 419 . research. utilities.S. partnering with companies including Sun. SAP and its French arm. SAP announced it will be cutting its global workforce by 3. SAP’s software is tailored for nearly 25 industries. including banking. postal services. The development division was drastically overhauled. railways. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. stiff competition and troubled U. human capital.”) SAP’s software. Revenue from software and software-related services was up 20 percent over 2007’s totals as the company saved about €220 million in costs in the final quarter of 2008. the Vault Job Board and more.iimcal. Commerce One and Nortel. It manages customer and supplier relations. product lifecycle. 2010 Edition SAP Aktiengesellschaft THE SCOOP Systems for business Germany’s SAP provides software for businesses. (The firm’s name used to be the delightfully agglutinative SAP Aktiengesellschaft Systeme. SAP bought a startup called TomorrowNow. scaled for large. which provides cut-rate tech support for the users of Oracle products. defense. in the hopes that it can convince those users to migrate to SAP. SAP is the world’s No. Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung. Not immune from the economic crunch though.vault. Uses and Products in Data Processing.000 customers in over 120 nations—everyone from the McLaren-Mercedes Formula One team to Microsoft runs SAP. expert advice. As of 2008. Waning sales. SAP France. has a facet for nearly every line of business under the sun. 3 independent software vendor and has Are the numbers good enough? SAP posted respectable numbers for fiscal year 2008.400 partner companies and more than 82. IN THE NEWS • February 2008: Business Objects owned After executing its much-publicized takeover bid of French company Business Objects. In an aggressive move in 2005.

Benefits offered by SAP include medical. Talks of the acquisition were well under way in 2007 and. GETTING HIRED Don’t be a sap. Inc. “Projects on strategy and structure of the enterprise comprehend interns in their 420 © 2009 Vault. flexible spending accounts. degrees or long-term OUR SURVEY SAYS Striving for excellence? This is the right place for you An intern noted that “SAP in general offers a culture of personal responsibility. There are separate search pages for those interested in working at SAP and at its development office based in Silicon Valley. a career performance measurement tool and company-sponsored training from SAP University. . but the temptation of Business Objects (its client base overlaps with SAP’s by 40 percent) was too great to pass up. appreciation and excellence. SAP’s job search page is fairly with any questions or comments. provides hiring information for the 50 or so countries and regions in which the company operates. SAP had avoided making big acquisitions. eventually owning 100 percent of the latter.iimcal. one of the last independent business intelligence software companies. vision. The announcement was seen earlier as a direct response to Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion. where wannabe employees can create pages for themselves in the company’s talent registry and keep apprised of any new qualifications. at www. Once the deal is done.” The insider also said that employees are evaluated according to their individual performance and their performance in a group.epx. Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. in a deal valued at some €5 another small competitor in the business intelligence market. SAP made it known that it had reached an agreement with the Paris-based Business Objects. dental. as it stands at press time. tuition reimbursement. join SAP! SAP’s careers site. a stock purchase plan and 401(k) with company matching.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. Career development plans in place at the company include succession planning. SAP has also laid out a new recruiting page in the United States. SAP France will have gainedmore than 2.8 million Business Objects shares. SAP Labs. The HR department can be contacted at careers@sap. The French firm will remain an independent subsidiary of SAP after the acquisition. 2010 Edition SAP Aktiengesellschaft the rest of the Business Objects securities through a “squeeze-out” In previous years. in October of that year.

” Another good trait of the company. “the overall part is small in comparison with the whole organization …” and “career moves are more frequently out of SAP Managed Services into SAP AG. or vice versa. Forty was the exception.” Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. according to the intern. “Office hours depend on position and in my case as an intern.” Another contact hints at the number of hours an employee is required to put in. expert resume reviews. “I would like to stress the high degree of inside information and trust an intern may be confronted with … even major strategic adjustments are a possible part of your dayto-day information. but they “do not receive the same amount of responsibility and appreciation. 2010 Edition SAP Aktiengesellschaft teams. not the rule.iimcal.” The respondent concludes by saying.or underperformers are Visit Vault at for insider company career message boards.” says another intern. 421 .” “Career development and advancement are a little tricky in this part of the organization.Vault Guide to the Top Tech Employers. were between 40 and 50 a week. expert advice. who strive for excellence and deliver good results. the Vault Job Board and more. is that even mid.

GA • Austin. MN • New York. Belgium • Tokyo • Vienna • Vilnius. TX • Beaverton. Denmark • Solna. Israel • Hong Kong • Huizen. United Kingdom • Marlow. Estonia • Tervuren.iimcal.): 2. Australia • Lima • Lisbon • Ljubljana. OR • Bedminster. Sweden • Strassen. MA • Cambridge. Albania • Madrid • Makati City. Switzerland • Warsaw • Zagreb. NC 27513-2414 Phone: (919) 677-8000 Fax: (919) 677-4444 www. NC (HQ) Arlington. MD • San Diego.260 KEY COMPETITORS Business Objects Cognos Oracle Customized for: Vinay (vinayk2012@email. Croatia DEPARTMENTS Administrativ