No Particulars 1 Name of the Company 2 3 Job Title Description of the Company Details Tally Solutions Private Limited Software Engineer (in C++/Microsoft/Web Technologies) India’s top Product Development Company where you get opportunities on working on creating a database, application servers, compilers /interpreters. The real programming & designing experience. Bangalore Rs. 6.40 lakhs B.E. / B.Tech, (Computer Science/Information Technology) / MCA / M.Sc (cs) with a minimum of 70% in Graduation, X Standard and XII Standard. Should also have a minimum of 75% in Mathematics in both X and XII standards. 2012

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You are expected to work in small teams with a great degree of autonomy. You are required to deliver high quality formally tested code and participate in design and technical documentation. Knowledge of Object oriented programming, XML, internet protocols is preferred. If you have a strong base in Maths, data structures and algorithms, willing to program in any language and platform and crack challenges of low level systems components as well as high level business algorithms, you will enjoy it. You will be working in the domain of Retail, Licensing, Development Tools. Customer Support tools etc. Selection Process: 1. IQ/General Intelligence/Aptitude & Technical Test 2. Group Discussion 3. Technical Interview 4. A validated online test to assess Ability/Potential 5. Final interview

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