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The priint ads brand R'emington as the most accurate hUIIiI'tiing riDe' ,and dire1ct consumers to the SharperSh.n~ler aplp.

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SharperS hooter App:
SharperShooter augmented by Remington is an reality game that challenges

people to test their accuracy by shooting digital targets located in various locations. A person can downl Dad the app to thei r phone and then choose from a set of different scopes to take their aim at the many target boa rds.


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Diglitall IBiil~lbaar'dl:

The I argl8 targets ,alredigital dis,plays located

ta IIIb uilldi rngs~When someone t,alkes a shot

,at ene olf th e I,arge targ e!ts.,the video screen

the target dis,pllayswhere their ShDl hiit", their

twittetr name, and the diistSlnce ftrom 'where thley shot.







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ICoII18'O:t tlillll' 8malilier Targets:
Addliitio'naUy~, thelnl! are many smaillle'r 'targets
find and sheetas manvas

pllilule'ul throtl!,ghQ,ul: the' oity wlheni: pileopille'have, thel oillamoel to

tlrille websit:ewhere'

puselble. Q R c€Jids'salre pllaced allonglsiidle the tSlrlgets Ibriliil'gifilg t:lMlle SB,r'to U tl1le!y Ican downllOSld the app,

Alit indiividlusll.ts SClorleiis taliliedamd IPOS1i:,ed 'tlls' Remlin'g't,on website on Sicore lealdelr's can learn variious pri~z'Bssl!.IIchas Relmili'il'gtonaIPpare,ll.

W'ebsite S,c,ores/Priize,s:

wherlB Iplsyelfs can compete

for Iliglih seeres.

Re:mington Arms
Pmd OIllWhat',s New in: Hemin\!1toll CWn!tJ'lJ
Moldlsoli!, NC . hlitP"JlwWI!MemJngi'!Ofl!.UIm


AemingtonArm5 C(mgraJMJI~etions@Chrisliriln18 wutliii 94 pclnts on

SllJa!1PerShooter! isit our w~bl$it~to claum your pfi;;;;~. V IRl:lm Ililg~Q~ Arnrrs

Wen dcme! IRT @l8killzz23 rle'ar 1st avel IFlem'lliIg~OIm) AmlIS

- II]ust scored 92 po,ilnll.:S on the d ugital @Remingtor'QAriI1'l~ Sn~xperSnooteif bmboard


N~ce ]ob! IR.l @BianoaG87-

loo!k who's got sM~~s! IB,et I scon!di hi:gheir

Just ~.corea 88 Ipoints on tiIl:e @Remingrl.QilArnl$
ciiigita~ t~Jget wi1!hSharperShoote:r, than you did @emricS9

lFiem,ilfllgtDlmii Arm:si GRemililgtMAfrn51 'ilii'li;}in'ks ~or the'suppon.! AT @raLf"lgecrroy01 i Gflamlng:tonAlms, bef~re'a!ndl !~'II ia,y It ,a;g~lfI, best fllrei!llr!il'1s mll!!dell S

19h ~.s;aild it:

II Promoted· Twlitter Feed:



IFI:emili1g~Dm ArmiSi RemililgtOOMm 23 Apr Remlngltl:m r,espondSito ti"iJ9' Kensinger and Rynl'll eases, Check 'Ollft ~hil: new vtde,o ~t ow.lIyJatd:Fz#AJe<spedAem~gJton

The 81llP and 'w'e'bsiite' !link :tima tw'itte'r ife1edwlhe're twitte'r

nSlmes; of pl,ayers Sind hiighscores

Sire ,aliso Il'ms'ted.

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