Drive Test Log file Analysis- A Case Study (Presentation/Discussion – 19/06/2009)

Grant Chivandire

Grant Chivandire - Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist


This presentation will cover the following:
 Key drive-test log-file aspects  Layer 3 Messages  Call Drops  Handover Issues  Case Analysis 1  Case Analysis 2

Grant Chivandire - Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist


SQI Grant Chivandire . CI  RxLev of serving cell and neighbours  BSIC of serving cell and neighbours  Time Slot  Channel type/mode  Hopping Information – HSN. FER. MNC. BER. LAC. C/A  RxQual.Key Drive Test Log-file Aspects  BCCH of serving cell ad neighbours  CGI – MCC.Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 3 . frequencies  Timing Advance  Tx Power  Radio Link Timer  C/I.

LAC. BSIC. MNC.Layer 3 Messages  Synchronization Channel Information  Synchronization of MS to BSS  Repeated many times during a call  Contains BCCH. RxLev and RxQual  System Information Type 6  Contains Location Area Identification information  MCC. Frame number etc  System Information Type 5  Contains BCCH Allocation list  List used to determine the neighbour list  Measurement Report  Contains the created neighbour list  BCCH. RLINKT. NCC PERM Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 4 . BSIC.

Summary Fishbone Diagram: Call Drops Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 5 .Call Drops .

Call Drops – Summary (cont…) Fishbone Diagram : Call Drops Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 6 .

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 7 .Handover Issues .Types HANDOVER TYPES  Power Budget Handover  Difference in RxLev > PBGT margin  Level Handover  DL/UL RxLev < HO Threshold DL/UL  Quality Handover  Quality level < Quality thresholds  Interference Handover  High RxLev but poor quality Grant Chivandire .

Handover Issues – Layer 3 Messages Layer 3 Messages  Handover Command  Cell description  Handover reference number  Power command  Synchronization indicator  Channel mode/description  Frequency channel sequence  Mobile Allocation  Time stamp  Handover Access  Handover reference number  Handover Complete/Failure  When MS establishes signaling link successfully/unsuccessfully Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 8 .

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 9 . handover margins and power  May require new site Grant Chivandire .Handover Issues .Problems  Short Neighbour List  Less than 6 neighbours in neighbour list  Confirm you do not need to define more neighbours  Late Handover  Check handover margins between neighbours  Hierarchical Cell Structure  Power control  Ping pong Handovers  No dominant server  Adjust hysteresis.

NCC Perm. itself not defined  Missing BCCH in measurement list.Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 10 . Co-BCCH Grant Chivandire .Handover Issues – Problems (cont…)  Unnecessary Handover  Increasing number of Handover increases quality problems  Missing Neighbours  No handover to neighbour cell that seems like best server  Sudden appearance of strong cell in neighbour list after handover  Stepping stone effect  Fake Neighbours  Good candidate but handover does not take place leading to a call drop  Fake neighbour – same BCCH with defined neighbour.

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 11 . BCCH.Handover Issues – Problems (cont…)  Overshooting  Island effect  No good candidate to handover to  Timing Advance much greater than half of your inter-site distance  Handover to another BSC  Data configuration should be consistent across the 2 BSCs  CGI. BSIC and Power parameters  Target Cell congested  HO signalling performed over FACCH by stealing bits from TCH  Penalties applied to that particular MS  High HO Failure rate and drop due to dragging Grant Chivandire .

Handover Issues – Problems (cont…)  Interference  Causes difficulties in decoding corrupt MRs on BCCH  Signalling failures due to high interference on TCH (FACCH)  Too many neighbours  Increase BSC CP load and leads to signalling congestion  Small window period to measure every neighbor may lead to incorrect decisions  Swapped sectors  Defined neighbours will show poor levels  May exhibit “stepping stone” effect  May lead to drag and drops Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 12 .

Summary Fishbone Diagram : Handover Failure Grant Chivandire .Handover Issues .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 13 .

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 14 .Case Analysis 1 Grant Chivandire .

BSIC=57. CI=41776.dlf  Analysis  High interference at call drop  Handover failure 8seconds before call drop  Serving Cell =>BCCH=1012. Asset etc  Channel => Hopping TCH  Handover Failure => look at Handover Command and Handover Failure messages  Check if neighbour is defined properly in database  Measurement Reports => observe target cell is 4th candidate in neighbour list Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 15 . RxQual=7  Confirm serving cell details with Signalling messages and other database – BSCplan. RxLev=-78.Case Analysis 1 (cont…)  Log file  Central_longCalls_20090514_CELLC_CENTRAL004.

has the same BCCH as the first candidate  Missing neighbor has been detected Grant Chivandire . show CI properties on cells  In database.Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 16 . look for the BCCH of the 3 candidates and identify defined cell and CI  Notice that the 2nd sector of serving site.Case Analysis 1 (cont…)  Analysis  Confirm neighbour cell information in database  Notice the proximity of the MS to nearest neighbour cells  Formulate ideal behaviour – why did the MS try to handover to the fourth candidate leaving the better 3?  Suspect fake neighbour problem  In Actix map. a defined neighbour.

Case Analysis 1 (cont…)  Analysis  Notice the distance of serving cell compared to nearby cells  Check terrain profile using Asset. clutter using Google Earth and neighbour candidates levels to see if acceptable  Site is overshooting. consider down tilting Grant Chivandire .Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 17 .

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 18 .Case Analysis 2 Grant Chivandire .

Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 19 .dlf  Analysis  High interference at call drop  Handover failure 15seconds before call drop  Repeated inter-cell handover failures following a series of intra-cell handover  Neighbour defined correctly  Handover failure due to timer expired  Deduce that high interference corrupted signalling information  Notice intra-cell handover did not help interference problem  Review hopping parameters Grant Chivandire .Case Analysis 2 (cont…)  Log file  Central_longCalls_20090514_CELLC_CENTRAL004.

an attempt to 21962 was expected  Make corrections and propose new site to enhance coverage Grant Chivandire .Case Analysis 2  Analysis  From the map. notice that 21626 is facing the location but not in neighbour list  Check from database if it is defined as a neighbour  Perform site audit and do coverage check  Check for swapped sectors  Perform scans with drive-test tool and determine best server  Observe the cell reselection after call drop – CI=21962  Check if defined in database  Notice that the defined cell with same BCCH is CI=31622  This is a fake neighbour  Explain that after failing to HO to 31626.Radio Planning and Optimisation Specialist 20 .


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