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Arabic Phrases

Most Qatari's can speak English or at least speak English at a certain level. If you want to be safe, or even want to learn a new language, here are a few important phrases! It should be mentioned that different Arabic countries have different accents. In addition to that, there are TWO forms of Arabic. Traditional (which is used when writing always and sometimes when spoken) and then you have the casual dialect (which is commonly used for speaking). Arabic is also a bit tricky because some words change depending if you are speaking to a man or a woman. It is similar to French which has Masculine and Feminine words. The words I have given are common Qatari used words (understood in 90% of Arabic countries) It is also important to know that even if you mispronounce a word and don't say it correctly, arabic people can usually guess what you are trying to say.

Hi! Good Morning! Good Evening! Welcome! (to greet someone) How Are You? I'm Fine, Thanks! And You? Good/ So-So. Thank You (Very Much)! You're Welcome! (for “thank you”) Hey! Friend! I Missed You So Much! What's New? Nothing Much Good Night! See You Later! Good Bye! Salam! or Marhaba Sa-bah el khayr Mas-aa el khayr Marhaban Shlo-nik (to male) / Shlo-nich (to female) Ib-khayr, shukran! Wa ant? (to male) / Wa anti? (to female) Jayed/ 'aadee Shukran (jazeelan) Afwan Ahlan sadiqi (to male) / sadiqati! (female) Eshtaqto elaika/ elaiki (female) katheeran Maljadeed? La shay jadeed Tosbeh/ tosbeheen (female) ‘ala khayr/ Inchoofik (Inchoofich) Ba-dayn Ma-a salama

‫سلم‬ ‫صباح الخير‬ ‫مساء الخير‬ ‫مرحبا‬ ‫شلونك؟‬ ‫أنا بخير شكرا‬ ‫و أنت؟‬ ‫جيد / عادي‬ ‫(شكرا (جزيل‬ ‫عفون‬ ‫!أهل صديقي /صديقتي‬ ‫إشتقت إليك كثيرا‬ ‫مالجديد؟‬ ‫ل شيء جديد‬ ‫تصبح/ تصبحين على‬ ‫خير‬ ‫انشوفك بعدين‬ ‫مع السلمة‬

I'm Lost Can I Help You? Can You Help Me? I'm Looking For John. How Much Is This? Come With Me! Ana die-ye'e (male) die-ah (female) Tabee (male) Tabeen (female) musa-ada? Tigdar it-sa-id-nee? (male) Abhatu ‘an John Kam howa thamanoh? (th as in bath) Ta'ala (male) / ta'alay (female) ma-eye!

‫!انا ضايع‬ ‫تبي مساعدة؟‬ ‫هل بإمكانك مساعدتي؟‬ ‫أبحث عن جون‬ ‫كم هو ثمنه؟‬ ‫!تعال معي‬

I Love You! I Feel Sick. I Need A Doctor Uhib-bik (male) / uhib-bich (female) ana mareed. ahtaj tabeeb!

‫أحبك‬ ‫.أنا مريض‬ ‫!أحتاج طبيبا‬

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FACT: Did you know that English numbers (1,2,3 etc..( are actually Arabic? Yes! That's true! The current number system used in the Middle East is actually Indian numbers. (Both forms are used commonly(

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