Group Members  Omer Bin Dilawar  Hassan Iqbal  Shoaib Malik .

Learning to Lead at Toyota PRESENTED TO: MR. HARRIS ASLAM .

Agenda  Introduction  The Program  Power of Principles  Lessons Learned .

 Published in Sep-Oct 1999 .  The article was written by Steven J.Here`s how one American hot shot learned to implicate Toyota`s DNA.He is the author with H.Kent Bowen of Decoding the DNA of Toyota production System.spear.Introduction  Toyota famous production system makes great cars and with them makes great managers .

S.The Program  Dallis arrived  introductory formalities  That integration was to involve 12 intensive weeks in the U. . engine plant and ten days working and making observations in Toyota and Toyota supplier plants in Japan.

The Power Principles  The insight that Toyota applies underlying principles rather than specific tools and processes  Recognizing that TPS is about applying principles rather than tools enables companies  is a system of nested experiments through which operations are constantly improved  It is another to have an organization in which employees and managers at all levels in all functions are able to live those principles and teach others to apply them .


Lesson 1  There’s no substitute for direct observation  Indirect method is no effective such as interview. statistics. narratives and aggregate data  Direct observation is essential . reports. surveys.

Toyota teaches their managers to look at the problem using a systemic approach that allows them to understand both the problem and solution. the next logical step is to find a solution.Lesson 2  Purposed should always be structured as experiment   Once the specific cause of a problem is discovered. .

Lesson 3  Workers and manager should experiment as frequently as possible.  Toyota focus on so many simple experiment rather than on a few lengthy. complex Large complex changes make it difficult for managers to apply the problem solving techniques  .

the less likely he was to be solving problems himself” .  “The more senior the manager. not fix  Toyota encourages not just managers but all employees to constantly experiment to solve problems.Lesson 4  Manager should coach.

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