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Jargon is the professional language of a specialized group. It is the technical vocabulary that allows for efficient and accurate communication. Negative Use: used as a kind of secret code or badge to reinforce its group identity. Used as a weapon to impress, browbeat or bamboozle outsiders. Sometimes it is just plain showing off. It obscures meaning

If you are communicating to people within the industry. your credibility and expertise can be enhanced by the skilful use of jargon. you should steer away from jargon. . define and explain the terms you use. If you have to use it.Amity Business School If you are talking to or writing a message to someone who is not in the industry.

Jargon can blur or obscure meaning . high busted drugged.g.Amity Business School Difference between jargon and slang In Jargon the concepts can baffle the layman In slang the concepts are not baffling and the words are familiar e. It should be kept to a bare minimum if outsiders are likely to encounter it .drunk—smashed.

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