Upcoming Events at Veterans Square

To help build the monument— corner of Heacock and Edgewood Roads, Lower Makefield

Yoga in the Park Tuesdays in May, 6:30-8 pm
$10, bring your own mat, May 1st-29th Featuring Prancing Peacock Instructors

Zumbathon - Sun., May 6th, 2 to 4
$15, Includes water and a snack. Featuring Leslie Maxwell & area instructors. Rain Venue: Masonic Lodge diagonally across from Park

4th Annual Flea Market Saturday, June 9th, 8 am -1pm
Contact snatale3@gmail.com, or call 215-736-8925 to set up a table or donate items Rain date: Sunday, June 10th, 8 am -1pm

Veterans Square Trenton Thunder Night Fri., July 20th, 7 pm
Trenton Thunder vs. Reading Phillies; $11 Contact jeff_benedetto@yahoo.com or call 267981-0209 to purchase tickets

Labor Day Concert Monday, Sept. 3rd, 3 to 5 pm
Featuring the Pennsbury Community Band

Weekly Farmers Market: Visit our Table, Basket Raffles
Every Thursday, 3:30-6:30, Beginning in May www.VeteransSquare.org Honor—Celebrate—Educate

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