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Pitch for English 1102

Pitch for English 1102

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Published by: Cory Dennis on Apr 27, 2012
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Cory  Dennis   Mr.

 Borrero   English  1102   8  April  2012     Pitch     Dear  Executive  Board,       My  name  is  Cory  Dennis  and  I  am  the  creator  of  the  film  A  Day  to  Remember.  I  

decided  to  make  a  movie  about  World  War  2  and  D-­‐Day  because  I  wanted  to  give  the   audience  a  sense  of  what  soldiers  had  to  go  through  during  the  war  times;  as  well  as   the  hard  times  all  Americans  were  facing  after  the  Great  Depression  in  the  1930’s,   especially  for  middle  and  lower  class  families.  I  have  always  been  fascinated  with   the  1930’s  and  1940’s  between  the  war  and  all  the  economic  ups  and  downs   America  was  going  through.  I  also  feel  a  strong  sense  of  pride  in  my  country  when  I   see  how  they  managed  to  prosper  after  such  a  devastating  time  period  that   impacted  so  many  lives.       The  purpose  for  me  writing  this  paper  was  to  inform  my  audience  and  to  
Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:01 PM Comment [1]: A  semicolon  is  needed   here.  

entertain  my  audience.  I  believe  that  all  throughout  my  paper  I  state  facts  and   describe  historical  events  like  the  Great  Depression  and  the  Agricultural  Adjustment   Act.  I  also  go  into  detail  about  D-­‐Day  and  how  soldiers  experience  the  war.  I  want  to  

make  sure  the  historical  events  and  the  action  pact  battle  keeps  the  audience   interested  and  makes  sure  they  can’t  stop  watching  the  movie.         Another  reason  I  chose  to  make  this  movie  during  this  particular  time  was   because  it  hits  home  with  me.  I  have  heard  stories  about  my  great  grandparents  and   how  after  the  Great  Depression  they  didn’t  trust  the  banks  ever  again.  After  they  lost   all  of  their  money  to  the  banks  they  wouldn’t  use  a  bank  anymore;  instead  they   would  hide  their  money  in  the  house.  When  they  passed  away  my  family  remembers   having  to  be  very  careful  and  very  thorough  while  cleaning  out  the  house  because   money  was  hidden  everywhere.  After  hearing  this  story  I  could  better  relate  to  how   many  families  must  have  felt  towards  banks  after  the  Great  Depression.  The  reason  I   made  the  primary  focus  the  war  is  because  my  grandfather  joined  the  war;  and  the   reason  was  to  pay  his  way  through  college  at  Indiana  University.  I  want  to  get  a   better  sense  of  what  him  as  well  as  so  many  others  like  him  went  through.    
Cory Dennis 4/26/12 5:59 PM
Comment [4]: I  added  because  it  was  a   run-­‐on  sentence.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 5:49 PM Comment [2]: I  added  the  new  paragraph   to  make  my  purpose  more  clear  and   effective     Cory Dennis 4/26/12 4:26 PM
Comment [3]: I  created  a  new  paragraph   because  I  am  talking  about  a  new  topic.    

World  War  2  is  one  of  the  most  influential  wars  of  modern  history.  I  have   created  a  script  for  a  movie  idea  I  think  would  be  huge.  The  movie  is  titled  A  Day  to   remember.  It  is  a  movie  based  on  the  experiences  two  friends  had  during  World  War   2.  The  movie  will  begin  with  President  Franklin  D.  Roosevelt  giving  his  Pearl  Harbor   Address.  In  this  address  FDR  discusses  that  the  United  States  was  deliberately   attacked  by  Japan.  He  then  talks  about  how  Japan  has  made  an  offensive  move  on   our  territory;  and  concludes  his  speech  stating  that  the  United  States  will  triumph   and  that  we  have  confidence  in  our  armed  forces.    This  will  give  the  audience  a   sense  of  patriotism.  This  will  catch  the  audience  and  keep  them  on  the  edge  of  their   seats  right  away.  I  will  also  address  multiple  social  issues  during  this  time  such  as  
Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:16 PM Comment [5]: I  went  into  more  detail   about  what  all  was  said  in  his  address  to   give  the  executive  board  a  better  sense  of   what  they  will  see.  

the  Great  Depression  during  the  1930’s;  which  was  when  the  stock  market  crashed   and  the  banks  failed.  They  tried  to  give  the  peoples’  money  back  but  didn’t  have   enough  for  everyone.    I  also  address  how  the  film  impacted  the  decision  of  FDR  to   join  the  war  as  well  as  the  main  character  Robert  to  enlist  in  the  military.  FDR  saw   an  opportunity  to  create  American  jobs  after  the  Great  Depression  impacted  so   many  lives.     Joining  the  war  allowed  for  Americans  to  produce  guns  and  other  essential   resources  for  the  war.  America  also  produced  weaponry  for  Russia,  which  brought   in  a  lot  of  revenue  domestically.  I  then  show  background  information  on  two  child   hood  friends  Robert  Booker  and  James  Emerson.  They  were  born  and  raised  in   Bloomington  Indiana  where  they  have  lived  all  18  years  of  their  lives.  Robert  and  his   family  are  a  lower  middle  class  family,  that  are  farmers,  and  James  and  his  mother   are  a  low  class  family  that  does  what  they  can  to  get  by.    Robert  Booker  is  a  smart   kid  who  has  never  excelled  athletically  or  academically.  His  father,  Bobby  Booker,   who  was  in  the  army  when  he  was  younger;  has  never  been  proud  of  Robert  for   anything.  James  on  the  other  hand  was  an  All-­‐state  basketball  player,  All-­‐state   baseball  player,  and  scholar  athlete  at  their  high  school;  Bloomington  High  School  in   1941.  Robert  and  James  hang  out  together  everyday  after  school,  and  one  day  James   tells  Robert  he  is  joining  the  army  in  order  to  pay  his  way  through  college.  Robert   was  skeptical  at  first,  but  then  decides  this  is  his  opportunity  to  get  employed  and   make  his  father  proud.  After  all  the  talks  at  dinner  between  Robert  and  his  father  he   realized  how  hard  it  is  to  get  a  job  in  the  economic  times.    

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:17 PM Comment [6]: Semicolon  is  needed  here  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 4:34 PM
Comment [7]: I  think  this  also  a  good   place  to  start  a  new  paragraph.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:19 PM Comment [8]: Add  comma  to  break  up   the  sentence.   Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:19 PM Comment [9]: Change  from  is  to  are.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:23 PM Comment [10]: I  needed  another   semicolon.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 6:24 PM
Comment [11]: Added  a  comma.  

Coming  out  of  the  1930’s  where  the  Great  Depression  impacted  all  of   America,  jobs  were  scarce  and  George’s  father  was  a  first  hand  example  of  how   scarcity  in  the  job  force  during  these  times  can  impact  a  family  greatly.  George’s   father  was  a  tenant  farmer  that  became  financially  crippled  after  FDR’s  AAA   (Agricultural  Adjustment  Act).  This  act  was  a  plan  to  give  incentives  to  farmers  to   cut  back  on  production  (University  of  Virginia).  The  motive  behind  this  was,  if   farmers  don’t  produce  as  many  crops  the  price  of  these  crops  can  increase.  The  plan   was  very  effective  but  the  large  farms  prospered  while  the  smaller  tenant  farmers   crumbled.  These  tenant  farmers  only  harvested  the  food  so  they  saw  no  money,  the   landowners  saw  the  profit.  George’s  family  had  to  adapt  to  the  situation  they  were   in  after  the  AAA  passed.  It  really  opened  George’s  eyes  and  impacted  his  decision  to   join  the  military.  George  and  James  both  enlist  and  leave  for  basic  training  after  they   graduate.     They  get  shipped  to  the  same  training  camp  in  Fort  Meade  Maryland.  The   soldiers  were  stationed  here  for  a  month  to  complete  basic  training.  Troops  that   make  it  through  and  are  sent  to  Istres  Air  Base  in  France  where  they  are  stationed   for  several  months;  from  April  3rd,  1944  to  June  6th,  1944.  They  make  friends  with   the  other  6  privates  in  their  company:  Alan  Smith,  Jack  Keating,  Thomas  Allen,  Oscar   Ramos,  Pablo  Alva,  and  Nicholas  Dease  and  spend  most  of  their  time  together.  On   June  1st  the  General  tells  the  troops  that  they  will  be  going  to  battle  the  very  next   day  so  get  their  supplies  ready.  The  next  day  the  weather  is  poor  so  they  move  the   date  back  until  the  6th  of  June  1944  (History).  Over  the  next  few  days’  soldiers’   emotions  are  up  and  down;  nerves  are  all  over  the  place.  Robert  tells  James  that  he  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 4:36 PM Comment [12]: Another  new  paragraph.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 8:47 PM
Comment [13]: Keep  your  tense   consistent  (past,  present)  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 8:50 PM Comment [14]: Use  a  comma  to  separate   the  clauses   Cory Dennis 4/26/12 9:04 PM
Comment [15]: Two  separate  thoughts   expressed  here.  Use  correct  punctuation  to   separate  them.  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 9:11 PM
Comment [16]: Repetitive  use  of  they  

Cory Dennis 4/26/12 10:02 PM Comment [17]: No  need  for  use  of  a   hyphen.  Just  write  out  the  date.  

Cory Dennis 4/27/12 1:08 AM Comment [18]: Semicolon  was  needed.  

is  nervous  and  he  has  a  bad  feeling  about  the  upcoming  battle.  James  reassures  him   that  he  is  prepared  for  it,  that’s  what  basic  training  was  for,  and  that  he  would  stay   with  him  to  watch  his  back.  Robert  then  reveals  that  the  only  reason  he  joined  the   army  was  to  make  his  dad  proud  if  him.  James  then  tells  him  that  his  father  will  be   proud  of  him,  and  is  proud  to  say  his  only  son  is  serving  his  country.     Its  5:30am  on  the  morning  of  June  6th  1944.  The  soldiers  all  pile  on  to  boats   and  ship  off  towards  the  beaches  of  Normandy  France  (Hall).  When  they  arrive  they   are  immediately  welcomed  with  a  rain  of  gunfire.  The  soldiers  hop  off  the  boats  and   begin  to  have  a  standoff.  Robert  and  James  are  immediately  separated  and  stay   separated  for  the  entire  battle.  Early  August  the  allied  powers  had  successfully   captured  the  beaches  of  Normandy  (Hall).  James  began  to  look  for  Robert  but  he   was  nowhere  to  be  found.  James  starts  to  panic  and  asks  medics  if  they  have  seen   him;  none  of  them  have.  After  3  days  of  searching  James  finds  his  friend  dead,  laying   in  the  sand  with  10-­‐12  bullet  holes  in  him.  He  begins  to  cry  and  the  soldiers  all  get   shipped  back  to  base  at  Istres  Air  Base.  They  remain  there  until  the  war  is  over.   When  James  returns  home  he  goes  to  Roberts  house  to  talk  to  Bobby  (Robert’s   father).  He  tells  him  it  is  his  fault  that  Robert  is  dead  and  talks  about  how  he   promised  he  would  stay  with  him  and  watch  his  back.  Bobby  tells  James  it  isn’t  his   fault  and  if  he  would  have  gone  looking  for  Robert  he  most  likely  wouldn’t  have   made  it  out  alive  either.  James  then  tells  Bobby  the  reasoning  behind  Robert  joining   the  military  and  Bobby  begins  to  cry.  They  hold  a  funeral  for  Robert  in  their   hometown  where  hundreds  of  people  attend  to  say  their  goodbyes.          
Cory Dennis 4/27/12 1:28 AM Comment [21]: Change  laying  to  lying.   You  lie  things  down  or  you  get  laid.   Cory Dennis 4/27/12 1:08 AM
Comment [19]: Sentence  run-­‐on    

Cory Dennis 4/27/12 1:11 AM Comment [20]: Need  to  break  up  the   sentence.  

My  target  audience  will  be  males  between  the  age  of  18  and  50.  I  believe  this   group  of  individuals  will  be  interested  in  seeing  my  movie  because  it  is  a  war  film   and  this  group  of  viewers  will  be  more  entitled  to  go  watch  my  film  because  it  is   gory  but  at  the  same  time  gives  historical  information  to  the  watchers.    The  cast  I   have  playing  my  main  characters  will  be  a  big  reason  behind  my  target  audience.   Tom  Hardy  will  play  my  main  character  Robert,  and  my  2nd  main  character  James   will  be  played  by  Shia  LaBeouf.  It  is  also  a  film  about  issues  that  were  happening  and   the  hard  times  America  was  going  through  during  the  1930’s  and  1940’s  and  during   the  time  of  D-­‐Day  and  WW2.  The  target  audience  will  not  be  social  economically   targeted  strictly  because  I  believe  no  matter  what  class  you  are  people  enjoy  movies   and  this  is  a  movie  for  adults  in  America.  I  believe  this  movie  will  be  a  box  office   smash  that  has  potential  to  break  records.     My  film  is  Band  of  Brothers  meets  Saving  Private  Ryan  with  more  education   as  well  as  more  seat  gripping  nail  biting  excitement  and  fighting.  I  understand  that   my  competitors  offer  first  hand  interviews  with  real  soldiers  as  well  as  tactics  but   what  really  separates  my  film  from  competitors  is;  my  film  addresses  social  issues;  a   new  perspective  for  viewers  and  movie  critics.    My  film  is  also  like  nothing  anyone   has  seen  before  because  of  the  way  it  transitions  from  scene  to  scene.  It  goes  from   FDR  giving  his  Pearl  Harbor  address  to  the  dinner  table  at  George’s  house  to  flashing   back  to  when  Georges  father  became  unemployed  during  the  Great  Depression  and   how  these  memories  impact  George’s  decision  to  join  the  military.  It’s  a  new   perspective  that  I  have  yet  to  see  in  a  film  and  I  know  it  will  be  a  huge  hit  in  the  film   industry  after  my  movie.    

Cory Dennis 4/27/12 1:32 AM Comment [22]: Don’t  capitalize  

Work Cited   Hall, Anthony. "DDay 60 Commemorations - Countdown to D-Day." D-Day Museum & Overlord Embroidery. Grange Books, 2003. Web. 22 Feb. 2012. <http://www.ddaymuseum.co.uk/countdown.htm>. 1944, Late August. "D-Day %u2014 History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts." History Channel. History. History.com %u2014 History Made Every Day %u2014 American & World History. History.com. Web. 13 Feb. 2012. <http://www.history.com/topics/d-day>. university of Virginia, . "Miller Center: University of Virginia." American president a reference resource. University of Virginia, 2011. Web. 13 Apr 2012. <http://millercenter.org/president/fdroosevelt/essays/biography/4>.
Cory Dennis 4/26/12 4:37 PM Comment [23]: I  should  have  used  more   sources  and  found  some  sources  that  aren’t   just  online.    

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