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Software Product Engineering @ Ampere

Software Product Engineering @ Ampere

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Published by: Nitin Chauhan on Apr 27, 2012
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. • Continues Increase in Product Functional\Performance Capabilities • Time to Market to get the New Products and New Features as Quickly as Possible • • MaintainingQuality Increased Product Costfor development.amperesoftware.com or +91.. Ampere product using virtual engineering team's model. and also collaboration Companies and unparallel innovation needs with and sophisticated customers with partners to take advantage of fast-moving success depends on continuous understanding To help software product or solution companies in this competitive presents exclusive Software Product Engineering services economy.com . time & cost. testing and support Software Product Life C Architecture oncept C & Concept Prototyping & Optimization Maintanence Product Customization Integration Internationalization Migration Porting Product Sustanance & Support 2'd Level Tech Support System testing Load & stress Testing The Ampere's Software Product Engineering Services Offering is a global development & delivery model specifically designed to meet the unique needs of growth-mode-software product companies benefiting offshore and consequently from moving aspects of product engineering and quality reaping associated cost savings with no negative impact and quality and even possible positive impact to release schedules and overall product success.11.Understanding Software In software respect to expectations opportunities. industry. sales@amperesoftware. To understand software product companies' lets see what their key challenges .41325253 Visitour website at www. Contact our salesdeportment today to take advantage of some great offers.

Ampere product development development. we assist our Partner (client) to launch superior products ahead of their competition by providing them on demand technical expertise.amperesoftware. cheaper. • Leveraging Ampere's product engineering teams to deliver right from concept value in a faster. Scalable. For product development. of high integrity and self-correcting. services offer a full range of services for new product Product Testing Testing is an integral part of Software development and plays a vital role in the delivery of quality products. Prototyping 8: Optimization Developing a first sample of the software and optimizing it based on feedback from and customers. Product Development Ampere work as an extended arm to our partner customer's product engineering or management team. Architecting Concept 8: Specification and specifying the major parameters Software uses state of the art a software product for development.11. Partnering with Ampere will bring in the following benefits: • Expertise in Architecture- led design and methodology. sales@amperesoftware.41325253 Visitour website at www. Ampere follows a rigorous testing methodology encompassing: Contact our salesdeportment today to take advantage of some great offers. better way. This helps in the prevention of bugs in the early stages of the testing cycle.com or +91. advancement. Partnering with Ampere will create faster time to market. it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but also essential to locate the root cause for such occurrences.Product Planning Architecture. customer requirements: based on specific Ampere technology to engineer software that is robust. implementation and maintenance projects. by optimizing distributing the development efforts with Ampere's Engineering Team. • Control on cost of development stage. With a combination of onsite consulting to help our Partner (client) define product road maps and offshore product lifecycle engineering services. Aspire believes that to ensure quality.com .

etc) • • Database migration (e.) Programming Language migration Contact our salesdeportment today to take advantage of some great offers. (Minor Patches) or performance improvement is done as required by the adjustments Porting & Technology Migration Competition in the development tools market often imposes risks on software product companies as their underlying development platform may become obsolete. product companies may need to migrate their products to different platforms. EnhancementAddition Minor functional customer.41325253 Visitour website at www. We will provide the following benefits: • • • • Pre-.com .g. Thus.11. Oracle. DB2.NET. etc. SQLServer.Product Maintanence Ampere has vast expertise in developing.amperesoftware.NETmigration Application server migration J2EE to. Ampere provides its customers a dedicated team who perform the following of maintenance services: Cleaning the Existing Product (Bug Fixes) The team analyzes and corrects minor problems that are detected by the customer.NET-to-. Stabilization of Product These are done when additions or changes are made to the hardware and software system or components controlled by the software product. standards-based architecture (e. NETMigration and vice versa Proprietary architecture to open. maintaining and fixing bugs in software products. J2EE.com or +91. sales@amperesoftware. or the tool vendor may be unable to provide new software versions.g.

startup/midsized product companies & any Information driven firm to provide a cost-effective-speedy-world-class • • Fixed Price<-> Fixed Time Dedicated Development Team solution through our various service models. .Exclusive Services Offering We cater ISV. where some of our team members are working onshore with our client. developers & testers who will take care of complete product life Cycle • PDT: Product Development Team is group of software developers which will gratify development existing product part of new or • PQT: Product Quality Team is a specialized group of skilled testers to provide world class testing service and to further ensue the product quality.ASP. • PMT: Product Maintenance Team is experienced & dedicated product up-to-date group of developers & testers to keep client's by meeting the changing demand of customer and maintaining\supporting • Joint Product Development Onshore-Offshore development Blending is mixed mode of product the product. • PET: Product Engineering Team is a group of software architect.

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