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43785914 E Comm 7Cs Assignment

43785914 E Comm 7Cs Assignment

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Published by: Fahad Mohiuddin Ahmed on Apr 27, 2012
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E – COMMERCE ASSIGNMENT: THE 7 C FRAME Work OF E – COMMERCE In Asian paints & ici dulux

Done by Pavithra aravindakshan 09mba035

. because it emphasizes the specific role of interface elements as a communication channel between retailers and their customers. In other words.INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS THE 7 C FRAMEWORK? The 7C framework is chosen as the reference for comparison. orders through affiliates. products.” It deals with the interface that supports the diverse facets of business transactions. such as a shopping cart.” At the current state of the Internet. the 7Cs are the interface components through which retailers communicate with their customers to deliver the core value proposition the company wants to convey. the 7C framework is chosen as the basis of comparison. A site that is aesthetically sophisticated (e. security. the aesthetic and functional aspects of a site‟s context are seen as two sides of a tradeoff. The goal in designing the context of a site is to present an image and experience to the user that is consistent with the company‟s core values and brand image. due to a user‟s low-bandwidth connection or underpowered PC). a design with rich media like full-motion video) may be limited in function for many users (e. This coincides with the present study‟s goal of finding out what e .g. a site that loads slowly. THE 7Cs ARE:  Commerce: Commerce is defined as “the sale of goods. and delivery options.  CONTEXT: “The context of the website captures its aesthetic and functional lookand-feel.retailers should equip their web sites with in order to communicate with their customers. Consequently. order tracking.g. or fails to load. Each of its design elements will be explained below. or services on the site.

 CUSTOMIZATION: Customization is the ability of a site to be modified to display content. user-to-user communication. including a feeling of membership and a sense of involvement. email capability. and reference information such as help files. . and other user-to-user communication tools.com suggests books based on a user‟s previous purchases or searches. secure transaction and account information. such as when Amazon. CONTENT: Content is defined as “all digital subject matter” on a web site. that reflects the preferences of the user. The content of the website is contained in continuously updated databases. Users can also request that he or she be sent an email alert when a new product with desired keywords is listed. multi-user games. The databases serve up the descriptions and photos on the reputation information available to all users. It is divided into interactive communication and non-interactive communication. Information is literally updated second by second.” Web sites encourage interaction by providing chat rooms. Communication between sellers and bidders is discouraged in auction sites to minimize opportunities for “side transactions”.e. A user can customize his or her web site by inputting personal data and selecting a set of features or services to meet his or her preferences.  Community: Community is defined as “the interaction that occurs between site users. Community concerns the interaction between users i. A company can automate the process of customizing a web site. because the possibility of a user placing the winning bid on an auction depends on the site‟s ability to quickly upload and download information.. or an assortment of content.

 COMMUNICATION: Communication is defined as “the dialogue that unfolds between a site and its users. the provision of links to other Web sites enriches users‟ navigation experiences because they can find diverse information on the other sites. and indeed they function as a “doorway” to online resources. It is a limitation because the Internet enables a large number of people to contact a company easily and often. and companies are happy to receive a sales order or a payment online. In e . Such links can be used to provide timely information. It is a blessing because the Internet is a very quick and low cost way for customers to communicate directly with a company. and a company can be overwhelmed with the task of responding to a flood of contacts.” Portal web sites such as Yahoo.  CONNECTION: Connection is defined as “the extent of formal linkages between the site and other sites.commerce.” The ease of communicating with customers via the Internet is both a blessing and a curse for a business. .com that provide many connections to other web sites.

www.asianpaints.com .

co.www.in .icidulux.

COMMUNICATION there is also a complaint and feedback register. 7cS ASIAN PAINTS The company has provided a link in the web site which provides the customer information about all the dealers available near their locality. we are able to ascertain how useful the site is to the users of their products. There is a full description of The website only provides all products and services what is needed and there is provided along with pictorial no full description. There is no user to user Here also there is no user to COMMUNITY communication link available. There is no scope for the Website cannot be modified to make any or customized by the user. representation. There is CONTENT as well as graphical also not much of pictorial representation. user link available. . There is a „contact us‟ link Only a „contact us‟ link is provided. aesthetic and functional feel. all over the world. Apart from that. There exists links to other There are links which lead to CONNECTION sites such as Berger etc. CUSTOMIZATION customer changes in the website. We can also compare the 7Cs of the e – commerce framework of competing companies. The site is not too This site is too simple and sophisticated for the user to does not an aesthetic or CONTEXT handle but still gives an sophisticated look. provided. ITC DULUX The link which is provided in the website does not give the contact details of the COMMERCE dealers and only shows the locations where they are situated in the country.Analysis: From the official website of Asian Paints and ICI Dulux. other ITC sites.

There are also a lot of choices offered to the customers in their catalogue and it has been laid before their in simple terms for them to view. Apco etc.com  www. It offers lesser choices when compared to Asian Paints.in  http://www. The site is plain and unattractive. there are connection links which leads the prospective customer to other similar sites such as Berger.com/hardware_products. Asian Paints have made it much easier for the customers to search and attain products of their choice in a very short span of time. Reference:  www.htm  http://adsoftheworld. The website is also colourful and gives an aesthetic look to the site. Whereas. we can clearly see the differences and also the scope for improvement in each site.interface.aspx  www.co.in/blog/archive/2007/09/02/asian-paints-colourworld--case-study-of-dilution-of. After selecting the product of desire. The location of their retailers and dealers are also not clear.com/forum/exhibition/asian_paints_campaign_hindi .nbhtpl.co.icidulux. In both websites.asianpaints. the prospective customers are also given the details of the location of their various retail stores as well as dealers. ICI Dulux have not shown creativity in designing their website and the links are also hard to find.Conclusion: When we compare these two websites with the 7C framework of e – commerce.

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