Some questions: How to increase desktop speed?

Start  Run  regedit  Ok or  Expand HKEY CURRENT USER  Expand Control Panel  Click on Desktop In the right hand side menu, Right click on Menu Show Delay  Select Modify  Go to Value Data (Enter the value between 0-999)  Ok. Note: - Log-off the system and then Log-on to change the settings.  How to check file system of your drive? Click on My Computer  Select Required Drive (C:/D:/E:)  Select Properties  File System (NTFS/FAT).  How to restore the security button on a folder? Click on My Computer  Click on Tools (on Menu bar)  Click on Folder Option  Go to View  Unchecked Use Simple File Sharing  Apply  Ok.  How to restore the Folder Option in Tool Menu? Go to Start  Run  gpedit.msc  Ok Expand User Configuration  Expand Windows Components  Click on Windows Explorer.

In the right hand side menu. Right click on Application Log File and Clear All Event  Select No for not backup. Start  Run  Recent  OK (Recently Used Files).  How to remove the temporary file or recent file from our computer? Start  Run  % temp %  OK (Temporary Files). Click on Remove the Folder Option in Menu items from Tool Menu  Select Not Configured (For Show) / Enable (For Hide). Start  Run  Prefetch  OK.  How to check connectivity? Start  Run  Ping <IP Address> -t .  How to remove Event from Event Viewer? Start  Program  Administrative Tools  Event viewer  OK.

. all hardware installed properly.  Client  Start  Program  Accessories  Communication  Remote Desktop Connection  Enter the IP of Server  Connect. Allow users to connect remotely to this computer  Apply  OK.  How to Enable Remote Desktop features on computer?  Server  Right click on My Computer  Select Properties  Click on Remote  Checked the option i. How to implement Disk Defragmenter to improve system speed? My Computer  Manage  Click on Disk Defragmenter  Click on Defragmentation. this type of hardware or its driver is not installed properly and if not show (?).e.  How to check the driver of components is installed properly or not? Right click on My Computer  Select Properties  Click on Hardware  If Show (?).

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