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Internal Combustion engines occupie a major place in present day market.

With lat est desgin modifications in various components being put forth to improve the efficiency and overall performance,one component has been kept untouched.i.e Camshafts. Cams controll the breathing channels of the engine i.e the timing of valves thro ugh which fuel air mixture enters and exhaust is driven out. with help of camshafts,pushrods,rocker arms,stiff springs.With increasing perfor mance demands,motor engineers and scientists across the world are pursuing radical camless design which promises to give ICE's an bigger impro vement in efficiency. The dream of achiving camless technology is closing reality at rapid rate.With c amless technology put into practice, the engine power can be enhanced,emmisions could be controled and better fuel ec onomy is obtained.In camless technology the valve motion is controlled by valve actuators of electromechanical and elect rohydraulic type. In this paper we will discuss about camless valve actuator mechanism with electr omechanical and electrohydraulic actuators as the main types in camless technology.Comparisation between the conventional v alve operation mechanism and camless valve operation mechanism is studied.