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Anglican Modern Catholic Worship

Anglican Modern Catholic Worship

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Published by Rev. Bosco Peters
Resources and foundations for Anglican modern catholic worship.
Resources and foundations for Anglican modern catholic worship.

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Published by: Rev. Bosco Peters on Dec 17, 2007
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Anglican ­ modern catholic worship

Liturgy is a website that is founded on Anglican foundations and refers to contemporary Anglican liturgies. It takes into full account the excellent works by Howard E. Galley, Dennis G. Michno, David Holeton, Catherine Hall, Gregory Kerr-Wilson, and others. Celebrating Eucharist is an online free e-book that presents the Eucharist in slow motion, giving practical contemporary suggestions for the variety of contexts we celebrate in, as well as the theoretical foundations. Bosco Peters www.liturgy.co.nz If you have a website, parish site, or blog – please consider placing a link to www.liturgy.co.nz titled “Anglican Liturgy.” Let me know at liturgy[dot]co[dot]nz@gmail.com and I will link back.

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