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Crankshaft Oil Seal and Retainer Rear Removal and Installation

Crankshaft Oil Seal and Retainer Rear Removal and Installation

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Published by: jmc2 on Apr 27, 2012
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2005 Dodge VIPER

Submodel: SRT10 | Engine Type: V10 | Liters: 8.3 Fuel Delivery: FI | Fuel: GAS

1. 2. Important: The oil seal and retainer are serviced as an assembly. Remove transmission (Refer to 21 - TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/MANUAL - REMOVAL). Remove clutch and flywheel (Refer to 6 - CLUTCH/CLUTCH DISC - REMOVAL).

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Remove the seal retainer bolts from cylinder block and oil pan. Remove the oil seal and retainer assembly.

1. 2. Clean the engine block and retainer. Make sure surfaces are clean and free of oil. Install Special Tool 9060 (seal guide) onto end of crankshaft Special Tool 9060. Align hole in tool with dowel pin on crankshaft.

Click to enlarge Special Tool 9060 1 - SPECIAL TOOL 9060 3. Carefully position retainer/oil seal to block. Tighten the retainer bolts to 11 N·m (95 in. lbs.) Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal & Retainer Installation .

Click to enlarge Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal & Retainer Installation 1 - CRANKSHAFT REAR OIL SEAL & RETAINER 2 - SPECIAL TOOL 9060 4. 5. Install flywheel and clutch (Refer to 6 - CLUTCH/CLUTCH DISC - INSTALLATION). Install transmission (Refer to 21 - TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/MANUAL - INSTALLATION).

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