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ENGLISH TRANSLATION JOHN A. BITZER ---- TED A. WOERNER ARMY BALLISTIC MISSILE AGENCY Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 1987. ISBN 0-9696169-5-x TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Page Everbody Listen. 2 Preparations Prior to Launching. 62 You're a Member of the Long Range Rocket Crew. 4 Frequency doubler and Combustion Cutoft...... 65 Faster than Sound 5 The J-Device n 50 Word Technique from A-4 6 Guide Beam instalation, 18 Inthe Eiring Position 8 Guide Beam Controling Appatatus. 80 ‘The Measuring Tio99, 14 The ein vis 83 Preparing a Position, 15 The Venictes. 84 rom the Garr a Installation of the Cable, 85 Driving Butwith Sense. 2 ‘Tho Power Supply Trailer a7 Erection 24 Inside the Launch Control Car. a8 Returning Faulty Equipment 3 The Nose Piece of the Fuse. s02 ‘The Power Unit Man. 38 The Fue! Duma, 103 ‘The Connection. 7 The Fuel 108 Power Unit Test. “a ‘The Fueling Operation. 107 Fueling, 48 Inthe Remote Control Position 121 Ignition System 53 Combustion cutoff Ground Instalation 422 “The Blecisician Crave 55 The Transmitter Truck 125 The Current 58 The Cut-off Evaluation Truck. 138 The Controls. 50 ‘Tho Guide Beam Ground Installation, 146 The Pilots of the A-4 60 ‘The Change in Frequency. 48