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2 Military plan to downgrade 51D in Isabel a shelved The military is shelving its plan to downgrade the Army's SID based in Isabela due to the continuing insurgency problem in Northern Luzon. Phil Star p. A-21

3-4 Chinese military vows to defend sea claim China's military on Thursday vowed to defend the country's territory amid standoff with the Philippines in the disputed South China Sea, the official Xinhua agency said. 9 Sino ships now at shoal China now has a total of nine ships at Scarborough Shoal as of yesterday, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). China won't fire a shot - Enrile China will not dare to fire even a single shot at.a Philippine military vessel at the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal because doing so would bring the United States into the picture, according to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. 'Diplomacy, stronger military will defend Phi rights' Diplomacy should go hand in hand with capabilities to defend the Philippines rights as a sovereign nation, AFP Chief Gen Jessie Oellosa said yesterday. Phi to seek military equipment from US New military options and expanding trade and investment opportunities are likely the main issues to be discussed when the foreign and defense secretaries of the Philippines and the United States hold their first ever meeting on April 30. Thomas, mum on Panatag row, tears up speech He made a show of tearing up his prepared speech, but US Ambassador harry Thomas Jr. remained guarded in his extemporaneous remarks at the closing of the Phillippi ne-US "Balikatan" (shoulder-toshoulder) exercises on Friday. Huwag silang magkakamali Isang pakakamali para sa China ang pagpapaputok 0 pagtarget sa military vessel 0 aircraft ng Pilipinas sa Panatag/Scarborough Shoal 0 sa alinmang parte ng pinalalabanang teritoryo sa West Philippine Sea (south China Sea) dahil magkakaroon ng pagkakataon ang Estados Unidos na makialam sa problemang ito. Balikatan boosts PH defense The Philippines said that war games with the United States that ended on Friday had showcased its resolve to fend off external aggressors, amid an escalating territorial dispute with China. Balikatan Exercise 2012 (photo) Phil Star p. 1

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April 2012

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Military plan to downgrade 5th IDin sabelas elve

Army chief Lt. Gen. Emm~nuel B.autista condoles with. a relative of one of the 11 slain soldiers at the Army camp In Gamu, lsabela. .

TUGUEGARAO CITY\ - The military is shelving its plan to downgrade the Army's 5th Infantry Division based in Isabela into ·a brigade due to the continuing insurgency problem in Northern Luzon .. Army chief Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Bautista revealed this yesterday as he paid tribute to ·the 11 soldiers who wen; killed along with a civilian in a New People's Army (NPA) ambush in Tinoc, lfugao last Wednesday. The slain soldiers were given necrological services attended by Bautista at the Army camp in Gamu, Isabela, Bautista said the fight against insurgency· continues and the Armed Forces targets to end it by 2016. Bautista was reacting to an earlier disclosure by Col. Amulfo Marcos, conunander of the 502nd Infantry Brigade, of the military's plan to downgrade the 5th ID based at Camp Melchor

de Ia Cruz iIi. Gamu, IsabeIa \TItoa brigade. . Marcos said the plan: was based on the milltary's.assessment that the NPA's strength in Northern Luzon, including the · Cordilleras, has waned. Two days before last Wednesday's ambush in Barangay Gumhang Binablayan, Tinoe town, government troops had overrun an NPA camp in Barangay Bannawel, Natonin, Mt. Province, where seven rebels, including a female fighter, were killed. Meanwhile, lfugao Rep. Teodoro Brawner Baguilathas condemned the NPA's "treacherous and unprovoked attack." "As a brother of someone who died in the line of duty, I commiserate with and send my I__ ~ 86th Infantry Battalion 10 OFFICE OF 1'HE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC"AFFAIRS - Email ad, condolences to the our brave soldiers who. ca. 5"18· ·1·, 5295 and the families. of ~. died in that devious attack," he said yes- -~-~~--'"' terday. - With Jess Diaz



April 2012


China~s military '(In Thursday vowed to defend the country's territory amid a standoff with the Philippines ip the-disputed South China Sea, the official Xinhua agency said. .
ThePhilippines' Depart.ment of Foreign Affairs reported yesterday that there are now 10 Chinese ships in Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal, with seven fishing vessels inside the lagoon. .. . China is locked in a mari-' time dispute with the Philippines over Panatagfn the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea), which is considered a potential Asian flashpoint due, to the overlapping claims of several nations.. "China's' armed forces bear the responsibility for the task of defending the nation's territorial sovereignty and safeguarding maritime rights and interests," defense ministry spokesman Geng Yansl:teng was quoted as saying, . "01 China claims all of the South China Sea as a historic part of its territory, including waters close to the coasts of the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries, Ceng added the military would cooperate with Chinese' government bodies handling fishery and maritime affairs to safeguard the country's rights, Xinhua said, but gave' no further details. . A commentary in the Eng'H~hlanguage People's Dajly, the
. :._. Tu~nto Page 8

,mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, vember ~fJ02 clear.ly.presc?bed ~dam.~nta1 rules for ~tirtg the South China Sea l~sue, mcludmg also lashed out at the Philippines for "making keepmg tfie self-control, adopting no action that a fuss" over the issue of Scarborough Shoal. The shoal is being-claimed by the Philippjn~ as may complicate and enlarge the dispute and' afPanatag Shoal and by China as Huangyan ISland. fed the peace and stability. and coping with diDFA spokesman Raul Hernandez said that ve.r~nces of views inconstructive ways, Since the fllliippi;nes is an important signatory of this docthree Chinese government vessels, inducting ument, It should cleanly understand the seriousthe Chinese maritime surveillance ship 71, FIshness of the rules mentioned above," it said.. eries Law Enforcement Command 310 and a commenta,ry also said the Philippines' still unidentified ship, were spotted 8 nautical claim over the- disputed sheal is "baseless" miles from. the Philippines' BRP Partlparfg<l. Seven Chinese fishing vessels were also in- as it is part of China's inherent territory. The commentary also lashed out at the Philside the lagoon using the destructive trawling ippines for its alleged breach of the Declaramethod of fishing, In addition, two unidentition on the Conduct of Parties in the South fied aircraft flew over the area Thursday China Sea. evening. "The Huangyan Island is China's inherent "The wind and waves around China's irt- territory. The Philippines' baseless territorial herent territory Huangyan Island still l1~Y'e not claim on the islands is the root cause for the completely calmed down. In ~isI'ega:rd of Chi- compl:xity of the Huangyan Island issue. By na's principle and standpoint of solving tfleis- declaring repeatedly that China unilaterally sue in a diplomatic way and China's construcjnakes r~les, the Philippines is just (trying) to tive actions, the Philippines side is still mak- conceal Its guilty feeling for breaking fundaing a fuss," it read. mental rules of the Declaration on the Conduct "~Asenior military officer of the Ehilippir).es of Parties. in the South China Sea. Making the declared that they had sent two ships to HuaSouth China Sea a sea of real peace, friendship ngy"4n Island.. . an:I cooperation is China's principle, stand"Connecting it with the speech of China pqmt and unchan_ging will and also a common having turned into a huge threat to many coun- i't1~etest of China and ASEAN countries," it . tries in the South China Sea given by Philip- said, The commentary also mentioned the pine Foreign Minis ter.Albert del Rosario in'tne United States, it could be easily seen that the Declaration fin the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea as an important fund aPhilippines is playing its cards successively according to its own plan: it is trying to keep nt'e._ntal d1o;u.ment for solving the South the South China Sea issue hot by stirring things China Sea issue. ~{Cnina is willing to promote the implemenup, it is creating the illusion that China could make-rules against any countries, and it is try- tation of the Declaration together with ASEAN ing its best to pull big external countries and cO,untries. For this goal, dialogues.and negotithe ASEAN (Association of South East Asian ations are needed so that the mutual trnst could be established and a positive atmosphere could Nations) to its side So that it could internationalize the issue ultimately," the commentary by be created," it said, Zhong Sheng said. The commentary reminded the Philippines that the South China Sea (which the Philippines caUs West Philippine Sea) is not a paradise for adventurers where anything goes. "Since the Philippines side has mentioned the word: of' rule' many times, itis necessary for us to remind it The South China Sea IS not a no-rule paradise for adv~Jlmrers. The Declaration on the BontlUd,(jfParties 4:t the South China Sea signed by China and ASEAN countries as €lady as No-


OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295



will not have gooda:es1Jlts," it said.

Any actions against. the trend of the times

Raising the stakes
'fhe Philippines has complain,ed ov.ef the past two years that China;11as become'incteasingly a1!Jwessl,,;e in sta~rtg iM clai~ t!!) the waters, with teastons sp1l4l1g: over th§ Panatag Shoal standoff, " . The Philippines-salei Thursday it would seek more US military help ciu,piag top-leve1: talks next week, despite China's w<tIrniug;not to '~intemationalize" the fel'lSe tet;rit(}rial dispute~ Del RQ$ar;io ::raid the Ph. iliEf{. iI;l,es wras looking to the United St,ates tQ help, it achieve a "credible" defense system! an,4, wa*~q to extracrmaxjmu:-m. beIle£itsJrOlrt a mutua'lcdefense treat~ betw'een the allies.. , The l1;¢ted States and the F~Wines are now holding military, exyrcises thougb officials of both

cQunmes,deny a ~ td the wiih'G:'.hIDa. China i,fself is GU;r.J."!i!ntlx ." gJlavaLexercises with Russia oM fhe Hi ast, which ind\lcled 11.ve-firedri:US'on Thursday.. stat'€'media said. . The exercises are the first-ever dedidtednaval drills between the two cQuntJiIes.· .

China plans more mi'lita,r.y exercfses with Russia and central !\lsian countriesbelonging to a regional grcmpJng which have been scheduled for [u rre itt llajikistan, Geng said. - A{1P;Mike Fri;:tlde


.elf April 2012


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9 Sino ships now ats oa

........ , ............

JPE calls

onnationto rally 'round President
By Jerry E. Esplanada
and Michael Lim Ubac

. the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal entered its 18U: day yesterday; Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile called on the nation to rally behind President Aquino in asserting the country's sovereignty in the W.est Philippine Sea (South China Sea). . The philippines has formally asked China to respect its sovereignty over the shoal, as well as its sovereign rights under international law, specifically the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Uncles).

Pampanga and a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ship.

Senate inquiry
The Senate committee on foreign relations opened an inquiry yesterday into China's incursions into Scarborough Shoal, a group of rock formations 124 nautical miles (220 kilometers) west of Zambales province, .which the Philippines calls Panatag Shoal ",Bajo de Masinloc.

CHINA·now has a total of nine ships at Scarborough Shoal as of yesterday, ac,cording to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).
Aside from. the two surveillance ships and six fishing vessels earlier sighted by the Philippine Coast Guard, an additional fishing vessel and an unidentified ship were seen in the area yesterday. The Philippine Navy identified the ship 81 which replaced FLEe 310 which evidently left. . The Philippines has deployed only two ships, one from the Philippine Navy and the other from the Coast Guard; . As the dispute between China and

. In a note verbale (diplomatic ·communication) sent to the Chinese embassy in Makati City yesterday, the DFAalso formally inGood case vited Beijing to join Manila in ''We have a good case over bringing their dispute over ScarScarborough against China, as borough Shoal to the Internationw~ll as the Reed Bank. Icould n9.t al Tribunal on the Law of the Sea believe that a nation almost 1,000 (Itlos) in Hamburg, Germany nautical miles away from the ''This approach would resolve Scarborough Shoal and the Reed on a long-term basis any differ. Bank could overcome the rights of ences of position on the issue and . the nearest sovereign state and ensure a peaceful, stable and the rights of the .Republic of the lasting bilateral relationship bephilippines," Enrile ~aid. .. tween the Philippines and Chi.He said the two islands ill the na," the DFAsaid in a statement West PhilIppine Sea were part of released yesterday the continental shelf of the The foreign office said that it Philippines.. strongly believes Itlos is the "apThe Department of Foreign Afpropriate third-party adjudication fairs. (DFA)said that as ofyesterbody under international law, day afternoon, there were three specifically the Unclos, with reChinese vessels at Scarborough spect to the rights and obligations Shoal-the Yuzheng 310, a mar-of the two countries in the Philipitime surveillance vessel, and an pines' exclusiveeconomic zone." unidentified boat-and seven The Chinese side has yet to reChinese fishing boats. Citing inspond to the DFRsnote. But early formation from the Philippine this week, Zhang Hua, the China Coast Guard, DFA spokesperson embassy spokesperson,told the INR~ul Hernandez said ther~ were, QUIRER. that Beijing'sdecision not to two philippine vessels ill the ._ ..__ .bring the conflictto Itlos was final

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-' "Uncles, according to the DFA. Emile pointed to the necessity Yesterday's note verbale was the second to be sent by the DFA of having a unified voice on the dispute with China over Scarborto the Chinese side this week. On Wednesday,; Assistant For- ough Shoal. He called on governeign Secretary for Asia and Pacif- mental offices in charge of the ic Affairs Ma. Theresa Lazaro country's maritime and territorihanded a note verbale to Chinese al sovereignty in the West PhilipAmbassador to the Philippines pine Sea to "prepare the papers M~ Keqing during a meeting at needed and let us discuss it in the agency headquarters in Pasay private, so that there is only one ·City. position for the Republic of the _ In the document, the foreign Philippines. " "This issue should not be used office "noted with concern the Chinese statement that they have as a political debate. There must become more assertive because be only one voice, and that is the the Philippines allegedly broke voice of the Republic of the an agreement on the pullout of Philippines," Enrile said. Legarda later' told reporters the (philippine and Chinese) ships and fishing boats (from the that "from the very beginning there is no debate or doubt as to shoal)." It pointed out: that ''there has the owner of Baja de Masinloc. The Philippines has effective junever been an agreement -risdiction and effective occupareached." 'The DFAis of the view that it tion of Bajo de Masinloc,' was unfortunate that the Chinese response was based on inaccu- Not political rate appreciation of the facts and At the hearing, EririIe exdynamics of the negotiations," it plained that the dispute over tersaid. ritorial waters in the West PhilipIn the -same note verbale, the pine Sea was not political. DFA"took the opportunity to in'This is a national issue that fohn the Chinese embassy that in requires the support of the entire order to address the impasse and nation, and We support the Presito avoid future misunderstanddent on this," Enrile said. There ings; -the ?i~bgue· ~etween<pIeil.- sho~14~, no~~:v!~tion. ''The~e two governments must be based shouM:1)e unanimity of all Filon completetrust and the confi- ipinosin supporting Malacaiiang dence-thatjnfortnetion to be con- re~pfP9litieal persuasion veyed to the capitals must be an and affiliation on this particular accurate rendition of facts." issue," he said. The DFA also said it "believes "We must show the People's that responsibility for resolving - Republic of China that in this parthe issue rests not just with one ticular issue, the FilipinO nation party but with both parties." is one in supporting the leaderAccording to the DFA,the April ship of the Republic of the Philip25 meeting between Lazaro and _pines in asserting the sovereign Ma was "conducted in a conge- rights of this republic and theFilmal atmosphere where both ipino people over the Scarborsides agreed to continue to-work oughShoaland the" Reed Bank, together to move the process for- and all the areas the Republic of ward." the' Philippines occupy in the Foreign Affairs Undersecretary South China Sea," said Emile. Laura del Rosario told the com_ While the Panatag Shoal; mittee headed by Sen. Loren known internationally as Scare Legarda that _the government borough Shoal, is 124 nautical had already "officially invited" miles from Zambales, Reed Bank China to bring their dispute over is only 80 nautical miles (144 Scarborough Shoal to the appro- kilometers) from Palawan. priate forum, especially to the Emile told the committee that

the country couldn't avoid subTo which Enrile said: "How mitting the dispute to a global tri- can they possibly make the claim bunal such as the International when -it's not subject to occupaCourt of Justice (ICJ)-a posi- tion? Filipinos have been hartion shared by Legarda=despite vesting the same thing there for China's refusal to accept a third- centuries." party arbiter. Emile said this was the reason "Realistically speaking, if this China was "unwilling" -to bring issue in the South China Sea es- the case to an international tricalates, then we can't avoid inter- bunal "because it knows that it nationalizing this. Why? This is has no legal ground or leg to one reason China will not dare stand on firmly on the basis of fire at any Philippine _military customary international taw as vessel because we have a treaty well as Unclos, so it must use its alliance with an.equal superpow- might=-its gunboats-to coner in the world, America," Emile -quer the entire South China said. - Sea." Enrile decried China's claim Exp~rts clash over all waters and islands At the three-hour hearing, re- within South China Sea, insource persons from the DFA, eluding the waters close to the University of the Philippines-Col- coast of Vietnam, Malaysia, lege of Law (UPCL) and experts Brunei, the Philippines and Taiin international law clashed over wan. the right way of settling the dis"I couldn't believe that simply pute, after it became apparent because the South China Sea was that there were various ways to named after China [everything goabout it. there] would be owned byChiEnrile suggested that the dis- na," Enrlle said. "[l]f that argupute could fall within the juris- ment is correct, then the whole diction of the ICJ, .while lawyer Indian Ocean named after India, Henry Bensurto Jr., the secretary India could claim all of the isgeneral of the DE'\:sCommission lands embraced within the Indion Maritime and Ocean Affairs, an Ocean. And also with theArafavored the dispute-resolution bian and Persian Gulf and so process under Unclos such as It- forth and so on, and there are so los. . 'bocHesc[water [on] this UPCLprofessor Merlin Magal- planet that are-named after the lana raised the matter ~tting -neareseceastal areaor more popChina's consent before any arbi- ular coastal area adjacent to it,'? tration process could commence. Enrile said. Bensurto said he believed that the UN Charter and the Unclos New envoy have provided a process for a Meanwhile, the DFA will sub- -compulsory peaceful resolution mit to Malacafiang what it calls a of disputes between members. "list of probables" or candidates "Under public international for the next Philippine ambaslaw, consent is absolute. With re- sador to China. spect to Unclos, this is a special Foreign Secretary Albert del law. Compulsory jurisdiction is Rosario earlier said he would recthere," Bensurto said. ommend a career diplomat - The resource persons agreed rather than a political appointee. on one thlrig: the Philippines' hisBusinessman Domingo Lee torical and effective control of had asked the President to with_ the shoal. draw his nomination as Manila's Although China has repeated- envoy to Beijing. ly claimed Scarborough by recitThe President said the "consid- ' ing long history, it has not made erations" that led him to nomiany acts equivalent to "effective nate Lee had changed following control," Magallona said. the Scarborough Shoal dispute.
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April 2012

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HINA will not dare to fire even a single shot at a Philippine military vessel at the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal because doing so would bring the United States into the picture, according to • (From right) Senate President Juan Philippine Ponce Enrile. BaJikatan 2012
Enrile made the remark during the hearing conducted by the Senate committee on foreign affairs on Friday, which tackled the standoff between the Philippines and China. The Senate chief said that Manila can't avoid internationalizing the issue especially if the dispute escalates. He explained that the Philippines can alvays invoke the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) it signed with the United States, which binds both countries to aid the other if it is attacked.


gation in the Uncles." He also proposed the construction of a lighthouse at the Panatag Shoal to help monitorthe activities of the Chinese there. Sen. Loren Thiessen, roll Legarda, head of the foreign affairs upthe committee, welcomed the proposal. Balikatan flag Henry Bensurto Ir., Secretary-Gendur,ing closing eral ofthe Commission on Maritime rites on Friday. and Ocean Affairs,said that the PhilPHOTO BY MIGUEL ippines can bring the dispute before a third party adjudication even withDEGUZMAN ~inaA2 out China's agreement. He explained that China, being a ] Aside from the International ,"This is one reason why China member of the security council of I Court of Iustice (leJ) and the Interwill not dare fire at any Philippine military vessel in that area because the United Nations (UN), can pre-. national Tribunal for the Lawof the Sea (Itlos), the Philippines can bring we have a treaty with an equal su- vent the US from intervening. Magallona said that the Philip- the casebefore the Permanent Court per power," Enrile said. . "With respect to the claim of pines should continue to find ways of Arbitration (PCA) and special to resolve the dispute peacefully, arbitral tribunal. ownership, we cannot ask them [US] to come to our aid but if our without involving other countries. ._He added that the United Nations , vessels are attacked by any other· power in the Pacific area then we can Convention on the Law of the Sea : invoke the mutual defense treaty, .(Unclos) has wide .dimensions on the settling of disputes and the Philthe Senate president said. Enrile believes that China is very. ippines is obliged to explore all sensitive in raising the Scarborough methods to settle the issue. issue internationally because it could essentially bring the. US in . the picture. But University of the Philippines Professor Merlin Magallona, an expert on international law, warned i, -___",..._------------. -----------.------.,... ---,--that the Philippines can't fully rely SF P~BLlC AFFAIRS -Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com - Telne. (02) 892~1693. Local: 5287,5295 on the US in case China attacks be. cause the latter can stop Wilshington:from aiding Manila.

director and Rear Ad!11ira·' Vidor Einmanue' Marth' and his US counterpart, Lt. Gen. Duane

"We'have to review the position , of the Philippine government (becauseJ it is necessary that the dispute has to be settled in a peaceful manner on the basis of the means of dispute under the UN [Charter] by the parties to the dispute themselves, • he said. "Under the provision of the Unclos, there is an obligation on exchange of views with respect to the settlement of the dispute. The Philippines should begin with the obli-

"There is a window that we areexploring but I think this is not the time for me to divulge it, " he added. Legarda said· that the committee had a good start in exploring. ways on how to address the dispute in the most comprehensive and peaceful manner. She.however noted that there are matters that have to be discussed.behind dosed doors. Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday formally invited the Chinese government to seek. international arbitration to resolve the shoal dispute. . Raul Hernandez, Foreign Affairs spokesman, said that a note verbals was sent on Thiirsdayto the Chinese embassy in Manila, and another was sent to the Philippine embassy in Beijing to be turned over to the Foreign Ministry there. . . In the note verbale, the department formally invitedthe Asian economic powerhouse to join the PhiI-· ippines "in bringing the issue before an appropriate third-party adjudication body under international law, specifically Itlos [International Tri-

Formal invitation



bu~al on the Law of the Sea)." "The DFA [is also] calling on China to respect the Philippines' sovereignty and sovereign rights under international law, including Uncles [United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea), over the Scarborough Shoal and its EEZ [Exclusive Economic Zone) respectively,' Hernandez said. . The Itlos, a UN-backed agency, is an independent judicial body established by the Unclos to adjudicate disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the agreement. The Tribunal is composed of 21 independent members who are elected based on their reputation for fairness, integrity, and recognized competence in the Undos. . Hernandez said that bringing the matter before an international court would bring a long-lasting settlement to the decades-old dispute not only in the Panatag Shoal, but also over the entirety of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). . . "This approach would resolve on .a long- term basis any differences of position on the issue, and ensure a . peaceful, stable, and lasting bila~e:al relationship between the Philippines and China," the Foreign Affairs official added. Reports from Chinese media, however, indicated that Beijing has already declined the invitation. In this regard, Hernandez said that the Philippine government is prepared to bring the matter before the international court even without China's consent. Beijing has previously rejected any proposal to negotiate on a multilateral level. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin earlier warned Manila -not to :internationalize the . dispute since it would only complicate things. The Panatag Shoal, also called the .Bajo de Masinloc by the Philippines and referred to as Huangyan Island by the Chinese, is not part of the heavily disputed and apparently red

source-rich Spratly and Paracel Islands in the West Philippine Sea. It sits, however, inside Beijing's nine-dash line claim, and is just 124 nautical miles away from Zambales province. . The shoal is well within the Philippines' 200-nautical miles EEZ and Continental Shelf, which was provided for by Unci os. Last year, Manila and Hanoi filed several diplomatic protests agairist China for its purportedly rising military activities in the-region, which is in violation of the 2002 Declaration on the Code of Conduct that was signed by China and memberstates of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean). The non-binding edict seeks to ease the political tension in the region, and aims to prevent claimantcountries from conducting activities that would aggravate-the impasse. Except for China and Taiwan, claimant-countries-to the Spratly Islands are members of the Asean, induding the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei Darussalam .


Meanwhile; Malacafiang said that it cannot stop Filipinos from holding protest rallies in front Chinese embassies. Deputy spokesman Abigail Valte, however, reminded Filipinos to "do it in peaceful means." "We can't stop our countrymen if they want to send their message of dissatisfaction to what China has bee~ doing," she told reporters. On Thursday, Loida Nicolas Lewis, national chairman of a Filipino-American good governance organization, called on Filipinos around the world to hold rallies in front of China's embassies and consulates on May 11 to protest its re. cent aggressive encroachments into the Philippines' shoal. Her call drew immense positive responses from Filipino groups in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia.





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April 2012

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'Diplomacy,' stronger military willdefend,Ph'1 rights'
Diplomacy should gohand in hand with capabilities.to defe~d the Philippines' rights as a sovereign nation, Armed Forces chief Gen, Jessie Dellosa said yesterday. _ • Speaking at the dosing ceremony of the Balikatan exercises in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Dellosa said the emerging , onal,lenges in the region consist of "pragmatism and the use of smart power," ,,i ."For the Philippines, striking a workable' rrux may also require increasing capacities to defend its dignity and its rights as a sovereign nation," he added. ' l Dellosa said 'fhile diplomacy is tne normal path to . tread, it should be ' matched with ca~ pabilities to attain stability, security and development. "That is the prevailing logic of BaIikatan and the strategic partnership of our forces. It is . what it is, It will be : into the future," the military chief said. i Dellosa made the remarks amid the qngoing standoff in tfle Panatag (Scarlforough) Shoal, i'hich the Philipine government . . pes would be re: Ived through dipmatic channels. Critics claimed at the lack of miliry equipment had ade it easy' for hina to bully the . lppines.: Officials have acowledged that the landoff highli gh ts e urgent need to ef up the mili's capabilities. . Early this month, efense Secretary oltaireGazmin :China may" , 'bI!ren:. bt1'llyu.."."


~-"""l".,..... ''iii'


.the Philippines because of it; weak military capability. "In our region, in terms of the capability of the armed forces, 'we are the weakest,'~ Gazmin said in a press briefing last April-S, . . . "We are below par. If you are the bully; you will look for the weakest," he added: The standoff began last April 1D when two Chinese surveillance ships prevented' Filipino sa,ilors from arresting Chinese fishermen who had illegally harvested en~angered marine species in Philippineclaimed territory.' '. The Philippines has protested China's act~ons and insisted that Panatag Shoal is 'anrntegraI part of its territory. Panatag Shoal. is 124 nautical miles from the nearest base point off Zarnbales and within the Philippines' 2DD-nautical mile exdu.sive eco~omic ZOne as provided .by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which·China is a signatory, - Alexis Romero

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Phi ~o seek military equipment from US'
rg "The USis definitely trying to iind new , ,,' '. .,. . arrangements to enhance its presence in' J For the Philippines, It would restore '') STAR Washington Bureau the region and support its security and' chundr~ds ~f thousands of appar~l anu'WASHINGTON - New military opthere may be a prospect for us and our. ~ac.t~n,:g Jobs, and over $1 billion of :4ions and expanding trade and invest'Filipino allies finding some use' of the ,:~hIhppm~ apparel exports to the ~S lost . ,,~ent opportunities are likely the main lr!;ood training facilities that the Philip- ~mce the lifting of the ~S appar.elrmport . ,~ssues to be discussed when the foreign· IP.ineshas" said Walter Lohman director 'f!!J.uotasand the resultmg dominance of l e secretaries of th e Philippines "f A SIan S"t dies at th e H'entage 'F oun d a- »China in th 2 2 market the US an d defen se seci If). . . ,u .j Aft nfere h ' ,' )~d the United States hold their first ever i$\~n think tank. :'.. )" '!, )1, ~r, e + co ~renc~. t e two Fili- ! ,.lll g here on April 30. ' i3b The Philippines has made no secret pmo, ~abm~t secretanes will have sepaeetin ~: The Filipinos are expected to submit §If its reliance on the US for its external~Irate Itme,ranes, .. -a list of military hardware they need for: "defense. . , 'w Gazmin would address the US-ASEAN , "a. credible maritime defense while then.... Naval tacticians here see the Philip- ~J~usm~ssc?unci1May 2 at 10~,m. while Del' US, to counter China's military, will seek (,pines, Singapore ~nd A_ustralia as corn~r- 'r . osano WIllspea~ at the Heritage Foundabilateral arrangements including rotating r§.t0nes of a defensive triangle from which ]otion at 11 a.m. on c~mmon challen~es an~ more troops in the Philippines to help it ;1Pe us could watch over the South China i.~ew developments m the Phl-US alliance. ,ttemainengaged and forward deployed in !&ea, the Indian Ocean and the greater :~ ~, The Philippines will ask the US to proiSoutheast Asia. . ,-Pacific Ocean. '"Yide the equrpmentthatwere removed from o The meeting between Secretary of State ;-:. Singapore has agreed to host US corn- :~lfue~arship acquire~ by.the Nav_ylast year IHillary Clinton and Defense Secretary c:!1at ships and aircraft and Australia has: i:!urmg the 2+2 meeting m Washington. Leon Panetta and Foreign Secretary Al- )folgreed to the deployment of 2,500 US:;O_ Defense, Unders~~re~ary Ho.norio. Tlbert del Rosario and. Defense Secretary. troops in Darwin. . -'Azcueta sa~d the Philippine contmgent . BVoltaire Gazmin comes in the wake of ns The US and the Philippines are commit- .lifor the Apnl.3.0 meet ,",,:ouldalso. request Iri"isingtensions in the West Philippine Sea g~d to build~ng a stronger partnership in !.!fu.e for r:uhtary~qUlpmenUo beef up US »(South China Sea) sparked by the standoff the economic sphere and the 2+2 confer- ,:!the"count~ s secunty. 3 at Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) off r&nce is 'expected to pinpoint trade and;: We wIll. ask from the US some excess ~'lPalawan, where Philippine and Chinese, :Anvestment opportunities to be pursued. ·'aefense articles and t~e systen: that were lU1ess~h~are lockedin ~ b~ttle of.nerves. Ie: Asa priority the Philippines is keen 4emoved from the first Ha~11l1tonc,las;, -rn MIlitary sources said items likely to be IKm having preferential access to the US (Coast Guard cutter) that arrived earlier, ."considered include a Philippine request ,)[market for clothing items. Azcueta sai~. -:-With Alexis Romero, ,,!for another US Coast Guard cutter, a'rn The US, on the other hand, wants to, Evelyn Macairan .J'Squadron of F..:16s,communications and 'resolve outstanding trade barriers in the ~f~lectronics equipment ,as well as m?dern tl?hilippines that serve as an impediment 9\WeaRons systems for Its two previously 1b US exports, including restrictions on . acquired Coas~ Guard cutt~rs. , rliJSmeat and meat products. b:J, To enhance Its presence m the ASia PaA so-called Save Our Industries Act is b..iffific area, the US wants t~'at :east double "pending in the US Congress that would 2~e nu~be~ of troop~ rotatin~ ~and 0';lt of ,.rallowPhtlippine-made apparel using US hthe Philippines and increase joint exercises. .rfabrics to enter the United States duty free -'E' It.alsowantslimited use ofSubic or other 1m revive the garment and textikindus,;~litary facilities for training and to rotate rtries of both countries. .. ships and spy aircraft, the sources said. ':0 For the United States, the SAVE Act _.- Presently; about ~OO US ~e~vice:nen are ' ~would expand US export of fabrics to (deployed on a rotatmg baSISm MIndanao the Philippines, from $11 million to up to ' find there are some who want to see. the 1500 million annually within 3-5 years of deployment of US troops expanded to' -Jimplementation, and savel create some other. parts of th~ cou_ntry., ", 3,000 jobs in the US textile ind~s~ry,




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Thomas" mum onPanatag row, tears up speech
ByDJYap fIE IMADE a show of tearing up his prepared speech, but US Ambassador Hany Thomas Jx: remained guarded in his extemporaneous remarks at the closing of the Philippines-US ''BaJikatan'' (shoulder-to-shoulder) exercises, Qn Friday. , , , Thomas hardly mentioned the standoff in the Panatag Shoal between China and the Philippines, which had set the stage for the . two-week military exercises in various parts of : the country including areas near the disputed .waters of the West Philippine Sea. . ; "Now Ive made my Staff very nervous be- . Cause noW'they go, 'what he is going to say?"' . the ambassador said as he ripped up his notes, ri gesture he said he imitated from fanner President Fidel V. Ramos. : But for a passing reference to an "assurance : of the MutualDefense Treaty" between the , Philippines and the United States, Thomas did: oat make any controversial statements, quickly Slipping out of the hall after the ceremony and avoidmg reporters waiting at the door. . "I leamedfrom my two years in the Philip- . pines that we must conduct all of our activities . with respect, with (an) aligmnent of our priori- . ties, with assurance of our Mutual Defense Treaty and knowing that we work with, and under the wishes of, President Aquino and Sec- . retary of Defense (Voltaire) Gazrnin," he said. . "So thank you for letting us conduct tills won.derfu128th Balikatan exercise. We appreciate be- : ing here in your country" Thomas added.' : The two-week Balikatan exercises commenced on April 16 and involved some 4,500 . 4naerican troops and 2,300 Filipino :;otdiers' spread out in several towns, The annual joint exercises included war games in Puerto Priricesa City on a bay facing sensitive pockets of the West Philippine Sea where China and the Philippines . have a continuing di.plomatic spat over certain : i disputed territories, among them Panatag Shoal, known internationally as Scarborough Shoal. The standoff followed a series of other con- . frontations in the contested waters, with both sides trading accusations of intrusions on each other's territories, particularly the resource-rich Spratlys, which is also being claimed by . _ ~----,.·------------Taiwan,Vietnam,BruneiandMalaysia. . ,."... _ _ ..._.. . n - 1'1 I no. (02)8921693 ,..., Local' 5287 5295 OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC,.", . r: __ :..,... _ • _ e . ..


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subukan ngayon ang MDT at ang matagal nang pagBernard Taguinod at Aries Cano kakaibigan n.t1:Pilipinas at na rin ito sa US. Isang pagkakamali para Estados Unf(lf;~sa pama"This is one reason why sa China ang pagpapaputok rnagitan ng modemisasyon China wilInot dare fire at o pag-target sa military ng militar laIo pa't ginigipit vessel 0 aircraft ng Pili- -any Philippine military ito ngayon sa pambabraso vessel in that area because pinas sa Panatag/Scarbong bansang China sa inawe have a treaty alliance rough Shoal 0 sa alinmang angking Philippine terparte ng pinaglalabanang with an equal superpower. ritory. of the world, in fact the "Ang mahalaga ay rnateritoryo sa West Philippine Sea (South China only one right now, Ameripagtibay natin ang ating ca And we can invoke.the Sea) dahil magkakaroon ng relasyon sa seguridad .at .pagkakataon ang Estados Mutual Defense Treaty if maipakita natin ngayon Unidos na makialam sa China will make the error ang walang pasubaling problemang ito. of firing at us," ani Emile .', alyansa at suporta sa baAyon kay Senate PresiNgunit ayon naman sa wat isa laban sa banta ng dent Juan Ponce Enrile, ekspertong si UP professor ibang bansa at kalaban sa malinaw na nakasaad sa Merlin MagatIona, kaya ng kalayaan at .kasarinlan," China na pigilin ang paki1951 Mutual Defense Treaani Gazmin, na ang kan.kialam ng US sa labanan ty (MDT) sa pagitanng yang statement ay. binasa sa PanatagfScarborough Pilipinas at Estados Unidos 01 Defense Undersecrena kapag inatake ang ating . Shoal sa pamamagitan ng tary Honorio Azcueta sa pag-akyat ng 'problemang bansa ay parang pag-atake naganap na seremonya ng ito sa United Nations (UN) pagtatapos ng RP-US Bakung saan lsi sila sa limang likatan exercises sa natupermanent member ng rang kampo kahapon. Security Council, .Ncong Huwebes, tumuPero sa kasalukuyan, lak na si Gazmin kasama 5i mismong ang China ang Foreign Affairs Sec. Albert tumatanggi na iakyat ang del Rosario sa Washington usapin sa alinmang inter-· DC para makipagpulong national body kung saan kina Secretary of State Hil-: patuloy nitong iginigiit lazy Clinton at US Defense na ito'y isyu sa pagitan Sec, Leon Panetta. lamang ng China at Pilipi. Pero patuloy namang nas at walang sinuman ang nagbababala si Sayan dapat makialam. Muna partylist Rep. Neri Mula sa.Camp AguinalColmenares na mas lalaki do, sinabi ni Defense Sec. . aug gulo sa West Philippine Voltaire Gazmin na masuSea oras na umeksena ang

Nina Boyet Jadylco,JB Salarzon.

Amerika rito kahit pa ito'y sa anyo ng pagsaklolo sa Pilipinas bilang bahagi ng MDT. "Mas lalaki lang ang gulo kapag purnasok ang US sa usapei ng Scarborough Shoal," pahayag ni Colmcnares kayadapat sa United Nations umano dumeretso ang Pilipinas imbes na sa White House sa Washington DC. Sa pinakahuling ulat sa sitwasyon sa Panatagf Scarborough Shoal, wala pang indikasyon na huhupa ang mag-iisangbuwan nang tensyonsa pagitan ng China at Pilipinas sa naturang teritoryo matapos manindigan ang Chinese military forces na mahigpit nitong babantayan at idedepensa ang kanilang national marine rights. Ayon kay Defense Ministry spokesman GengYansheng, makikipag-ugnayan . aug Chinese armed forcessa . fishery and maritime supervision agencies para magkakatuwang na bantayan ang karapatan at kapakanan ng kanilang bansa sa pinagaagawang teritoryo. "Chinese armed forces have persisted in implementingtheir mission under the unified deployment of the nation," pahayag nita.


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_b-oosts P'H



THE Philippines said that war games with the United States that ended on Friday had showcased its resolve to fend off external aggressors, amid an escalating territorial dispute with China. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin also said that the 12 days of exercises, involving more than 6,000 soldiers, had firmed up a 1951 mutual defense treaty between thelongtime allies. "This training activity .. _ demonstrates our unequivocal resolve to support each other against the threats of external aggression and the enemies of freedom and liberty," Gazmin said in a statement. The exercises were held amid the backdrop of a dispute between the Philippines and China over the Panatag shoal, with both nations stationing Yessels there for nearly three weeks to assert their sovereignty. . The Philippines and the United States had repeatedly emphasized the war games were not connected to the shoal issue, as they were an annual exercise planned well before the latest flare-up iIi tensions. 'Nevertheless, the Philippines also S[~ughtto use the war games to highlight it~ military alliance with the United





into the future." by international law. States, amid warnings and threats The military chiefexpressed beAlso on Friday, Armed Forces from China. lief that with Balikatan, the PhilipChief of Staff Gen. Jessie Deltosa One of China's ruling Commupines and the US were able to gain stressed the need for n pragmatism nist Party newspapers ran an edimomentum in synchronizing their and the use of smart power" amid torial calling for a small scale war structured responses, protocols and the emerging challenges in Southwith the Philippines to end the mechanism to scenarios and situaeast Asia and the Asia-Pacificregion. standoff, and its military on tions in areas of common concern "It is apparent that a practical Thursday vowed to defend the blend of the concepts of 'might is. and mutual interest. coun try's terri tory. ·We have come a long way from right' and 'right is might' should be "China's armed forces bear the the things we have agreed to ac. explored, sharedamongfriends and responsibility for the task of decomplish as mandated by the RPallies, and eventually put to good fending the nation's territorial US [Mutual] Defense Treaty use," Dellosa said at the conclusion sovereignty," China's official (MDT)," he said, of this year's Balikatan Exercises. Xinhua news agency quoted The MDT was signed on August He stressed as wen the need to defense ministry spokesman Geng 30, 1951 in Washington, D,C by upgrade the capability of the Armed Yansheng as saying. the Philippine arid American govForces of the Philippines to enable China claims all of the South. ernments. It-calls on the two counit to defend its dignity and its rights China Sea as a historic part of its tries to support each other if either as a sovereign nation. territory, even waters close to the of them Were to be attacked by an"While diplomacy is the norcoasts of the Philippines and other other country. .. mative path to tread, it should be Southeast Asian countries, and hunThe military chief said he looks matched With capabilities to attain .dreds of kilometers {miles) from. its forward to next year's Balikatan, stability, security and developown land mass. "I trust that our two armed forces ment. That is the prevailing logic ; The Philippines says the shoal is of Balikatan and the strategic part- . will always be guided and fortified jts terri tory because it falls well by the self-evident truths that have nership of our forces," Dellosa within its 200-nautical-mile Exclusustained our relations and stood added, "It is what it is, It will be 'sive Economic Zone, as recognized

Balikatan boosts PH defense

the test of time - the values of mutual respect, ready cooperation and mutual defense, whenever called for, • be said. The US exercise director, Lt. Gen. Duane Thiessen, cited the government.of the Philippines and the leadership 'of the armed forces for the amazing success of the military exercises. . ·1 have been very, very impressed ... all the complement, all the hard work to all our forces who have participated together in this exercise, their hard work has made this [exercise I a success, n he said, For his part, Philippine exercise . director RearAdmiral Victor Emmanuel Marti! said that the field training exercises benefited not only those who participated but also the commands and units they serve. . "In all of these activities undertaken it is also safe to say that. we have achieved what we planned to accomplish in this year's exerdse.The experience contributed much to the already strong ties between our armed forces and OUI countries as well,' Martir said.







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, .April 2012

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BALIKATAN EXERCISE 2012 - Lt.,Gen. Duane D~Thiessen (left), US Exercise Director, Balikatan 2012; and Rear Admiral Victor Emmanuel C. Martin, Philippines Exercise Director, Balikatan 201.2, rolf up the 2012. Balikatan flag dUring the closing ceremony for the joint military exercise at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon, City yesterday. (Mark Balmores) , ,







for -China

BEFORE hiking off, THE DEFENSE. WATCH Spratlys, this is also the here's happy retiresame lame defense that ment to MGeo. Pedro Russia and China are 'usSoria, the former chief ing in relation to their own of the AFP Resource .ongoing military exercis-: Management Office on es. his hanging up his uni-By Paul Guth~rJCl!z The development -form last April 13, with stronger military alliance no less than Chief of between China and Russia 'Staff, Gen. Jessie Dellosa, his mtstah at· PMA-- is of course a natural development insofar as geopoClass '79, leading those whogave Soria the· res- Iiticsis concerned .. pect due him as an 'officer of our Armed Forces. For Russia too, has a lot of gripes and grudges it has At pasensiya na rin kay Jimmy Salgado na nagku- . been keeping for a long time now against US Imperialwentd sa akin ng mga kontribusyon ni Gen. Soria sa iSID,dating back to the triumph of the 1917 Bolshevik-. ating Sandatahang Lakas, kung ngayon ko lang naila- led revolution and down the fall of once-monolith Soviet bas ang pagbati kong ito. '. . Empire in 1989. To Gen.· Soria, patnubay ng Panginoon sa bagong Over the darkening horizon, Sen. Chiz Escudero kabanata sa iyon&, uhay. At ka~yJimmy, "quits" na tayo, and-our other national leaders are correct in urging Pb -hehe! . ." ". Noy not to resort to "Noynoying" anymore in appointing Incidentally, Class '79 ofthe PMA has made a sort of an ambassador to thePeople's Republic. history in the AFP for producing two chiefs of staff, in Kung inaakala ni P·Noyna 'puwede pa siyang pathe person of recently retired, Gen.Eduardo Oban and. kuya-kuyakoy sa tumitinding tensyon-sa Spratlys, his successorv Oen, Jessie Dellosa.·· . aba'y nagkakamali siyal. Kailangan na nating magAnd speaking ofthe AFP,'de'!"elopments these.past pagdalang presidential "alter-ego" sa China. . few days must have been causing a lot ofanxieties in its At kung inaakala naman natin na dahil mayroon leadership, what with the communist New Pimple's tayong Mutual.Defense Treaty (MDT) sa mga AmeriArmy (NP Ai cODt±nuouslyslapping, err, taunting the kano ay agaran silang tutulong sa atin, aba'y ann Daman government in the faee,the latest of which was the tayo, nahihibang? As former US State Sec. John Foster ambush in lfugao where at least 11 soldiers were Dulles summed up US policy then -- and-still verytrue reportedly killed.: . until now-" America has no permanent friends, only From both ends ofthe country, the northernmost tip permanent. interests!' .. of Luzon to the southernmost tip of Mindanao, the In· sum, the administration should not make the guerrillas continue to demonstrate that they. are a force same mistake that Philippine' Commonwealth Pres. to be reckoned with.' .. Manuel L. Quezon committed before we. got dragged And overshadowing everything effie insofar as our with the US-Japanese war during World War 2. . national security is concerned is the heightened tension . Our history hooks tells us that the cardinal mistake in theSpratlyslWest Philippine S~.· . .' of Quezon is to fully trust America's.' commitment to .It is obvious that this time around, China's patience defend the Philippines from the then looming aggresis running thin as its decision not 1<0 leave·the Panatagf· sion by Japan, made more delusional.and believable by Scarborough Shoal has shown. . ..' the flattering words and' arrogance of Gen. Douglas Ditto, it is telling USbnperialism:that Uncle Sam and MacArthur. . . '.' 'hisstooges, err, allies this sl~ of,the Pacific like tlleRealizing later on that he is committing a folly on Philippines; may be irr.fora "superbowl'iwhen push such a monumental scale by accepting MacArthur's comes to shove over the West Philippine Sea with every pronouncement.Xmezon sent a not-sa-secret Russia; still a military might by. itself, also ready to mission to Japan to assure of our non-belligerency but rumble on the side 'of China. . by that time, everything is too late. . For in the same manner that weare downgrading Dahil "huh na ani lahat" para sadiplomasya, higit the significance of the ongoing RPcUS Balikatan as apat mi. taong winalanghiya ng mga sakang ang ating having nothing to do with China's interest in the minamahal na bansal ' . To "Pago 5

Paul's J'I alarm

Besides, how can the Japanese be not tempted in making the Philippines among its priority military targets when it was host to the Iargest US military facilities, mainly Subic and Clark, outside of Hawaii and the US mainland? Inour present predicament,how can the Chinese be convinced. that what our government is "merely assertingis our territorial integrity when our own officials, headed by PNoy, are fully-wrapped withthe'StarsandStripes?': Paano maniniwala ang mga "Tsekwa" na pansariling interes natin ang ipinaglalaban riatin sa Spratlys samantalang kitang-kita ng lahat kung
gaano kagarapal

. .


ang pagiging tuta ng ~ga ?KanO ang ating mga lider. . Then, too, the US bases may have been long ~one . but heck the Yankee Jack. bootsar~alloverourlandB! .~ Be that asitD1ay, here's .hoping that our current . irritants with China would be resolved in a peaceful,. diplomaticmanner.ltolang naman bel ang ating pagasal Thus the question to be asked"is: Do we have in our midst a "diplomat who could pull off such .challenging task? Sananaman . mayroon, dahil kungwala, ."tapas kang bata kal" (For reaction, text at 09274711475 or email at