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UNIT 1 Introduction To Electrical Measuring Instruments
1. Concept of measuring and instruments
2. Electrical quantities and instruments for their measurements
3. Types of electrical measuring instruments – indicating, integrating and recording instrument
4. Essentials of indicating instruments- deflecting, controlling and damping torques
UNIT 2 Ammeters and Voltmeters (Moving Coil and Moving Iron Type)
1. Concept of ammeters and voltmeters and difference between them
2. Construction and working principles of moving coil and moving iron instruments
3. Merits and demerits, sources of error and application of these instruments
UNIT 3 Wattmeter (Dynamometer Type)
1. Construction, working principle, merits and demerits of single-phase and three-phase energy meter
2. Errors and compensation 3. Simple problems
4. Construction and working principle of maximum demand indicators
UNIT 4 Miscellaneous Measuring Instruments
1. Construction working principle and application of Megger, Earth tester, Multimeter, Frequency
meter (dynamometer type) single phase power factor meter (Electrodynamometer type). Working
principle of synchroscope and phase sequence indicator, tong tester( Clamp-on meter)
2. Instrument Transformers, Constructional details of i) CT ii) PT and their ratio.
UNIT 5 Electronic Instruments
1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope: Block diagram, working of CRO and its various controls. Applications of CRO
2. Construction, working and applications of analog multimeter
3. Digital multi-meter and applications.
UNIT 6 Lectures Tutorials Practical
Credits Marks 3 1 – 4 External:70+Internal:30
Students are required to score 35% marks individually in both external and internal and 40%
marks in total.Power Measurements In 3-phase Circuits
1. Three wattmeter method
2. Two wattmeter method and simple problems
Recommended Books
1. Electrical & Electronics Measurement – A.K.Sawhney 2. Instrumentation Devices & Systems—
Rangan, Mani, Sharma 3. Process Control Instrumentation Technology—Johnson
4. Industrial Instrumentation and Control—S.K.Singh 5. Electrical & Electronics Measurement---
Golding 6. Electrical measurement and measuring Instrumentation- G.P.Gupta

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