Drop/Add/Course-Swap Procedures for Math

• You do not need any special permission from the math department to drop a math course. • If you want to add a math class to your currently math-free schedule then fill out the information below and bring it to LeeAnn Coleman in Fine 307. If there is room in the class you want, then Mrs. Coleman will let SCORE know that you have permission to add this class, but give her a few hours to enter the permission for you. If there is a problem, Mrs. Coleman will contact you by e-mail. After Mrs. Coleman has set up the add permission you must then log in to SCORE and officially add the class. If you are still having trouble after 24 hours, then contact Mrs. Coleman by e-mail, or stop by her office. • If you want to switch from one math course (or section) to another then the procedure is basically the same as for adding a course. Follow the instructions above, except that in this case after Mrs. Coleman has set up the permission you must then log in to SCORE and officially swap classes. We will try to process all requests within 24 hours. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to choose a particular section at a given time, but we will try to consider your preferences if possible. If you change your mind and find that you do not need to switch into a new section, please let Mrs. Coleman know. Another student may be waiting for a spot in that class! If you need to consult with someone about your choice of math course, then send e-mail to adeptrep@math.princeton.edu. ***************************

Please Print Clearly!
Your Name and Netid: 5-digit Class Number for your current section (if applicable): MAT course you wish to ADD: TIME slot(s) you prefer: SECTION PREFERENCES (OPTIONAL): 5-digit Class Number for your 1st Choice: 5-digit Class Number for your 2nd Choice: Warning: You may also indicate the instructor name and time for your preferred sections if you know it. However, forms that do not include the 5-digit Class Numbers will be processed last! If you are changing sections within a course, briefly explain your reason: (Please be honest!)

Return to LeeAnn Coleman (larushin@) in Fine 307!

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