html =39039697 Based on the above SWOT Analysis, I would recommend and implement the below stra tegies to strength my company and grow its business. Franchising Old Chang Kee has a strong brand in Singapore. Quality has been the key factor b ehind its success. The same factor caused the failure in capitalizing the overse as market. Hence Old Chang Kee has to have a greater control and detail in produ cing the same high quality while venturing out in the overseas market. Expand in overseas selling local market foods Old Chang Kee is known for curry puffs in Singapore. Trying to promote the same product elsewhere might be risky. The company s strength of performing market rese arch could help to analyze the preferred food items and produce products that wo uld help to sustain and grow in the overseas market. Loyalty programmes Introduce loyalty programmes to retain the customers, increase the brand STRENGTH: -----------------Liquidity (Sales) Product quality Production Distribution Marketing Human Resource R&D Strategic Location Liquidity: Collects mostly cash payments Production Quality: Popular demand The food items are certified halal and hence it caters to everyone HACCP certification for the manufacturing of Curry puff and implemented a qualit y assurance program Production: Manufactured in a factory in Woodlands Fresh frozen food products are delivered daily to the outlets Distribution: Always have sufficient stocks in hand Freshly fried at the individual outlets Marketing: Creative Products XInnovative names. E.g. Yan K8 XConstantly introduces more products XWide range of products Creative advertising XE.g. Curry puff said to be ¡¥pregnant¡¦ Delivery service XFor special occasions and/or bulk orders

Future Development of Singapore .Technology 3.Product quality ?Very risky to have only one factory for the production 2.Production XNot much offers going on to push sales 4.Risk management committee XNo risk management committee 3.g. onsticks XReady made frozen curry puffs 5.Product quality 2.Foreign currency risk 1.Human Resource: ?Efficient and enough workers to serve the high human flow at individual outlets ?Introduces flexi-work hours/ arrangement for mature homemakers Production Staff ?Replace manual labor with automation to reduce physical strain ?Simplify work processes and improve productivity Food Retailing Staff ?Train staff in standard work processes ?Training in soft skills such as customer service and interacting with customers R&D: XBrainstorms and tests the consumer market XSource for ways to better the taste their quality ingredients that go into their curry puffs XInstalled a delivery system software Strategic Location: ?The Group has 70 outlets in Singapore ?They are located in shopping malls.Marketing XFried foods may not be appealing to the health conscious citizens. it will cause the company to lose money ?However.Demographics 4. petrol stations and outdoor kiosks ?The outlets are strategic located to enhance their distribution channel WEAKNESS: 1. XIntroduce new but similar types. it is monitored on an on-going basis to keep the net exposure to an ac ceptable level OPPORTUNITIES: 1.Production 4.Foreign currency risk Foreign currency risks ?The Group does not have a formal hedging policy ?About 34% of the Group s purchases are denominated in foreign currencies ?Hence they are exposed to foreign currency risk where if it is not monitor well .Sociological 5.Marketing 5. E.Political and regulatory environment 2.Risk management committee 3.

Political and regulatory environment Job Credit Scheme ?It allows businesses to receive a cash grant based on the CPF contributions the y have made for their existing employees. from $1 to $2) XHence it is an opportunity for Old Chang Kee to cater to everyone needs.Demographics XThe price range is affordable (i. XCompany pays lesser tax and hence result in more savings for other investments o r have better cash flow. ?There is uncertainty in the fluctuation in the exchange rates. HR and R&D department to keep up with the trends and improve customer services to meet the demand of consumers.Sociological ?In a fast pace society.Future Development of Singapore Integrated Resorts XThe two integrated resorts is going to open in 2009 and 2010 XHence provides opportunities as this will boost their sales due to the increase tourists THREATS 1.Political and regulatory environment 3. ?In this case. ?The group did not have a formal hedging policy hence they face foreign currency risk which is a threat. ?It provides a significant incentive for businesses to retain existing workers.Other competitor factors 1. Therefore. 2. 4.e. to employ new ones. Foreign currency risks ?Currency risk arises from the change in price of one currency against another. ?Old Chang Kee have to constantly introduce new food items and incorporate techn ology to improve customer services and demand. ?Therefore the technology is sufficient to meet the demand. ?In times of financial crisis.1.Political and regulatory environment XThe corporate income tax rate will be reduced from 18% to 17% with effect from Y ear of Assessment 2010.Economic ?The food items are considered as snacks and hence. ?The job scheme will only be available till 2010. Old chang kee have creative products and advertising. 3. the Old Chang Kee w ill have to find ways to manage their cash flow. consumers may choose not to purchase these food i tems. .Technology ? The F&B industry is characterized by continuing improvements of food quality a nd services which result in many new products introduced. a 'grab and go' service is convenient to the consumers ?Popular among all age groups Culture: ?A touch of Singapore flavor ?Attracts both tourists and Singaporeans 5. and where their business warrants.Economic 2. not a necessity. 2.

000 Adequacy and Sustainability?Franchise in Indonesia and Philippines Currently in early stages of development Able to generate significant income in future when they are more stable. October 2008 China is a huge market with a lot of roo m for expansion. as they will be able to perform even better in good times." Main Competitor BreadTalk Mr Bean tako pachi donut Polar puffs & cakes Breadtalk has a larger increase in revenue as compared to OCK because they a lar ger expansion of 44 franchise outlets and 27 owned bakeries while OCK has only 1 3 new outlets Breadtalk is covering a more diversified area including Bakeries.Other competitor factors XThe F&B industry is a highly competitive environment. ?it shows great prospect for Ol d Chang Kee. Able to generate significant income for Old Chang Kee In times of financial crisis. If there ever comes a time where Singapore is badly affected by economy downturn and the group is unable to generate any operating profit from operations in Sin gapore. sustaining the difficult period. OCK has a drop in export sales of $46. Old Chang Kee need not fear. thus it shows that Old Chang Kee's opera tion is not waivered even by adverse conditions.3. XOther food chains that provide ¡§grab and go¡¨ service such as ¡§doughnut factory. as they would still have operating profits from their overseas outlets which are not as affected. Adequacy and Sustainability? ADEQUATE & SUSTAINABLE! . ADEQUATE & SUSTAINABLE! Venturing overseas Reasonable steps taken to test the market Not being too anxious Reduces losses i f overseas venture turns out to be unsuccessful. Food Atrium and Restaurants in the F&B industry while OCK place the main focus on grab and go se rvices and a few restaurants Furthermore. it can be seen that Old Chang Kee is still able to generate profits from their operation. breadtal etc. New restaurant in Chengdu.

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