AEC / 02 / 412

ANURADHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, CHIKHLI Department: Mechanical Engineering Subject: EM Time: 01:30 Hrs 01. (a) Draw Fe-C Diagram and label it completely (b) How to Estimate Carbon % from microstructure Semester: IV Subject code: 4ME02 Max.marks:30 (08) (07)

OR 02. (a) What is Heat Treatment Process Explain Annealing (07) (b) Explain 1) Martempering 2) Austempering 3) Patenting 4) Sub Zero treatment (08) 03. (a) Explain Eutectic and Peritectic point in Fe-C Diagram with reaction (08) (b) What are the effects of Alloying Elements in Steel (07)

OR 04. (a) What is Cast Iron Explain its Type (b) Explain Tempering Heat treatment Process