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Please follow these steps to install ZJ Donation to your joomla 1.5 and joomla 1 .7 site. 1.

Preparing step: - Extract the downloaded package to your computer. - Choose exactly version to match with your joomla version (joomla 1.5 o r joomla 1.7) 2. Install component (for joomla 1.5, if you are using joomla 1.7 version, it is the same): Use all file in folder joomla 1.5 - Go to your site administrator section; - Select "Extensions"->"Install/Uninstall" - In "Upload Package File" block, please install all extensions bellow: + component/com_zj_donation v1.0.0 (this is a required extension, it is zj donation component core) + plugins/ (this is a required extensio ns, it allows users can donate for your campaign via PayPal, we will update some other payment method soon...) + modules/ (optional, this module allows you to displ ay most recent donors. With version 1.0.0 we do not have any module yet, however we will try to create some modules for next relase versions) - Please do the same all steps above for joomla 1.7 3. Configuration - Component Configuration: + Go to "Components"->"ZJ Donation"->"Configuration" to configur e for component, don't forget to change email configuration before create a new campaign. - This is all email fields variable for your email confi guration {name} - Name of donor {email} - Donation email {full_info} - Full billing informati on of donor {donation_id} - donation ID {donated_amount} - Total donation amount {donation_date} - Start time donation da te {recurring} - Recurring dona tion: Yes - No {recurring_info} - Recurring information {payment_date} - The last payment date {campaign_link} - Link to campaign {campaign_title} - Campaign title {campaign_desc} - Campaign description {transaction_id} - Payment transaction ID {donor_link} - My Donation link {additon_info} - Addition Information + click "Fields" then "Add" new extra fields for your site if ne cessary. + click "Currencies" then "Add" new currencies for your site if necessary. + Then go to "Campaigns" then "Add" new campaigns for your site. - Payment Plugin Configuration: + Go to "Extensions"->"Plugin Manager"->"ZJ Donation Payment - P aypal" then. + Select "Test mode" is "Yes" if you want test payment, "No" for live + Enter your Paypal email in "Paypal Account"

+ Enable plugin then "Save" . .Modules Configuration: + Go to "Extensions"->"Modules Manager" + Select the module you want to configure it.