Kristen Santana 02/26/12 13 Ways of Looking at a Calder I.

I observed from underneath the strings Pieces aligned in symphony, And if your mind was wondering What celestial bodies these could be: In fact it was a Calder. II. With undulating shards of light upon glass, The metal scraps begin to sing. A breeze stirring as the onlookers walk by Imagine a wind dance of deities, And you will see a Calder. III. A question of recycling? Forcing our eyes to open: Bring the soup cans and workman’s beer, Turn our consumerism into a new mode d’etre, Renew our generation’s junk into a Calder. IV. Pretend to feel indifferent So that the guards will not suspect Your driving desire to touch And stimulate the Calder.

. VII. And experience an evolution of ways To view an Alexander Calder.V. Imagine if you would for me The variation in our personalities And how we can’t seem to agreeNow expand that difference to thirteen. Swaddled in mystery. IX. VIII. The faces wrought in the absence of metal On the metal surfaces of the Calder. I wander how different it would be to view one from infancy Those helpless forms pushed at the lowest limits of eyesight. And if in fact your wife suspects That you’ve begun to stray Make the time commitment See the Calder exhibit today. VI. How much the thought amuses me Of swimming in the sea Swift kick to the school of fish Trapped in the raw materials of a Calder. Ohh the fiendish things! They were bemused by me. Their large eyes absorbing every daring shape and bold use of color Perhaps more true to the Calder.

XII. . And a cigar in another Your mouth opens to one side You talk to your companions in the same way he didYour plan to emulate him And perhaps being to understand the genius of form in Calder. XI. Only thirteen eyes could seeThe true beauty of this riddle? The thirteenth eye in the room Had the best view of the Calder. She had come to see the public’s reaction To the unveiling of her father’s last work: The thirteen steel panels Of the once too heavy Calder. XIII.X. If only I could walk beside This artist who used to be I might finally determine The creator’s design unraveled. As luck would have it quite empty. With furtive eyes she spies a seat. With a Tennessee whisky in one hand. With seven people in the room.

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