Gear Nomenclature .

Tooth Proportions Tooth System Pressure angle (Degrees) Addendum Dedendum Full Depth Full Depth Full Depth Stub Tooth 20 22.25m 1.25m 1m .25m 1.8 m 1.5 25 20 1m 1m 1m 0.

Involute 2. Cycloid .Gear Tooth Profile 1.

as gears go through their mesh. the pitch point must remain stationary on the line of action for the speed ratio to remain constant. . then the two mating surfaces are said to be conjugate It states that.Fundamental Law of Gearing The gear tooth profiles are shaped so as to produce a constant angular velocity ratio between the two shafts during meshing.

Law of gearing .

(ω1 / ω2) = R2/R1 Gear Ratio = (No. of teeth on Driver) . of teeth on Driven)/ (No.


Pressure angle and contact geometry of involute teeth .

Contact ratio .

Interchangeable gears •Same Module •Same Pressure angle •Same Thickness To attain Interchangeability - Standard system .

Interference .

Interference .

Minimum number of teeth to avoid interference .

What will happen if you increase the centre distance between two gears ? .


How Gears are Manufactured? • • • • Casting Milling Shaping Hobbing .

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