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Hon. Raphael G. C. Trotman Speaker of the National Assembly Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown Honourable Speaker, 2012-04-15

Complaint of the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly on the Reporting of the National Budget Debate by the Government Information Agency I would like to make a formal complaint about the content and character of the coverage of the current National Budget debate by the Government Information Agency. It is evident that, from the time of the initial presentation by the Honourable Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh on Friday 2012-03-30 to Friday 2012-04-13, coverage has been grossly biased. It is my considered opinion that GINA’s published reports have been weighted overwhelmingly in favour of the executive and the People’s Progressive Party Civic side of the house. There has been no significant coverage of the Opposition side – members of A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change. GINA’s reports are worse than a travesty of journalism. They deliberately discriminate against the Opposition and deprive the Guyanese public of the right to receive information which they need to make day-to-day decisions. I have compiled a partial ‘Dossier’ of GINA reports which I attach herewith for your attention. I would like to request that you immediately use your good offices as Speaker of the National Assembly to ensure that, with effect from Monday 2012-04-16, the GINA is called on to start to report presentations in the National Assembly in a more balanced and objective manner. In the event of GINA’s failure to adhere to normal journalistic standards, I shall be obliged to seek the support of the House to take steps to prevent that Agency from continuing to abuse its privileged access to the honourable house. With highest regard,

David Granger Leader of the Opposition Attachment: GINA and the Budget Debate

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