We are doing a brief survey to find out the “Satisfaction level of the customers for Canon printers in pune

city”. We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to participate in it.This project is done by a management trainee and all the information would be strictly confidential.

1. Are you using a Canon printer?

a. Yes

b. No


How long you are using the printer? b.6-12 months c.1-2 year d. more than 2 years

a.0-6 months

3. Do you use multiple Printers ? a. YES b.NO

4. If YES Which other printer you are using?

a. Canon

b. HP c. Samsung

d. Brother

e. Epson

f. Any other_________________

5. How do you find Canon printer against your other printer?





Price c. 3-Neutral. Least Important-5) a. Maintenance cost g. Which feature/s made you buy this printer ? Not So Important-4 . Rate your Importance OR priority (From 1To 5). Availability h. 4-Dissatisfied.10-20 c. Rate the satisfaction level. Neutral-3. More than 100 a. (1-Highly Satisfied. Anti jam mechanism f. (Most Important -1. Easy to use b. Priority PRICE QUALITY MAINTENANCE COST TECHNOLOGY USED AVAILABILITY AFTER SALES SERVICES COMPANY NAME PRINTING SPEED 8. while selecting a printer.Better 6. Technological excellence i. 5-Highly Dissatisfied) 3 4 5 [Lowest] 1[Highest] 2 PRICE . Less than 10 7. Good Equivalent Inferior How many prints do you take daily? b. Important-2. of Canon printer on a scale of 1 to 5. Onsite service j. Quality e. Printing speed 9. Usage d. 2-Satisfied.50-100 e.20-50 d.

Rate the satisfaction level of After sales services received.NO IV)Problem was repeated after the service? .a. IF YES.YES b. YES b.YES b. NO 11. on a scale of 1 to 5.a.YES b.NO 12.NO V)After the service any other problem occurred? .YES b.NO II) Did you get Onsite service? a. I)Did you inform to the service centre about it? a.YES b.QUALITY MAINTENANCE COST TECHNOLOGY USED AVAILABILITY EASY TO USE PAPER JAM 10.NO III) Did you get the solution to your problem? a. Did you have any problem with your printer in recent past? a. .

YES Will you tell others to buy the same? b.YES b.NO . NO 14.1 2 3 (neutral) 4 (satisfied) 5 (Delighted) (Highly dissatisfied) (dissatisfied) 13. Will you buy the same printer AGAIN? a. a.

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