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The inContinuum: The Beginning

The inContinuum: The Beginning

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Published by Jacob Høegh
A very rough description of the beginning of my story: The inContinuum.
A very rough description of the beginning of my story: The inContinuum.

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Published by: Jacob Høegh on Apr 28, 2012
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The inContinuum

By Jacob Høegh The inContinuum tells the story of a young woman who unknowingly will play a significant role in the galaxy. The child of a human father and an alien mother, she was given the power to breathe life back into the Continuum which guides the aliens known as the Eldins. The Continuum is the term used to describe the relationship between the males and females of the Eldin race, where they will find their “soul mate” and ascend to the Fields of Dreams in unison. However, due to the banishment of the Continuum the Eldins can no longer ascend to the Fields of Dreams and effectively binding the race to this life. Death will only result in an eternity on the Plains. A place where they will forever roam alone. By removing the banishment all Eldins would once again be able to ascend. The banishment of the Continuum was the punishment by the Fathers when the Eldins rebelled against their supposed creators. The Eldins are among the original three races of the galaxy, and many believe that they are the offspring of the Fathers, who themselves are an advanced alien race. The Fathers, whose origin is yet unknown, used the Eldins and their technological and military advantages to govern and to rule the known Universe through means of faith and beliefs. The Eldins were manipulated into believing that the Fathers wanted peace and prosperity throughout the Galaxy but an occurrence on a remote world, known as Validin, forever changed the perspective. Told that the inhabitants of this planet were savages and disbelievers the Eldin army were sent to bring stability and to restore order. When they arrived they witnessed technological advances, compassion, dignity and honor among the many beings on this world. One of the Eldins, Commander Iowyn Khai, was able to open his eyes and see the truth. The peoples of Validin wasn't the brutes as they had been told. They were a tactical threat to the Fathers. Khai and his armies broke out of the Fathers' control and led the rebellion known as the Wars of Validin Light. As punishment for the rebellion the Fathers bound the Eldins to this plain by banishing the Continuum ensuring that both the traitorous rebels and the loyal Eldins would never get to see the Field of Dreams. The Eldin home world of Deisolus were attacked and countless Eldins lost their lives when the heavens rained fire from orbital bombardments. The loss of the Continuum created a civil war among the Eldins and the species were divided into two factions: Those who would stand with the Fathers, hoping to gain salvation, and those who would oppose their tyrannical will. The opposing faction became known as the inContinuum. Together with other species from various systems, the inContinuum struck back on the planet of Bliss, home world of the Fathers, against all odds and ended the war by imprisoning the Fathers in the Beyond. Commander Iowyn Khai led the attack and secured victory alongside the aid of both the Ilen and Orichi races. But he could not end the banishment and the division of the Eldins would continue and worsen as time passed. Although the civil war was officially over the conflict was ever present. Both sides tried everything to regain the Continuum but lost hope in the end. The Eldins, both male and female, bound to this plain forever. Iowyn Khai lost his life in an armed conflict with the other side and his death prompted the unstable truce that still holds today. The inContinuum agreed to leave Deisolus under the leadership of the newly appointed Supreme Commander: Aveion Khai. The son of Iowyn Khai and Vien Cass. Together they also had a female named Gray Cass. For centuries the planet of Bliss remained silent. Until today.

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