Scavenger Hunt New York Style

Find the following items or places. Either take a picture of yourself in front of the place, collect evidence that you visited the place, or complete the information required. Pick what you want to see. Plan out your trip according to places close to each other and in the order of travel. Your unlimited metro card will come in very handy for this assignment. There is no way to visit everything. The three with the most points by next WEDS. get movie tix. Pts. 10 3-7 Place Internship site A grocery store (Zabar’s, Fairway, Associated, C-town, ) A church (Catholic, Lutheran Episcopalian, Baptist, etc.) Approximate location & description Must visit Tuesday to get points. Verify with date stamp or newspaper Find a grocery store and find the price for toothpaste, ramen noodles, peanut butter, bread, and laundry detergent. 5 pts for unique store, 3 pts for same store as another team. Closest to I-House, 2 extra pts. Find a church you’re interested in attending (non-LDS), and write down morning service hours. 5 pts for unique church, 3 for duplicate. If you are in 482 find one for your assignment 253 W. 125th ST (Between Frederick Douglass and 7th Ave.) th 360-368 Lenox Avenue (Malcolm X Boulevard) at 128 Street 122nd & Riverside Dr. 1047 Amsterdam Av. (b/t 111th & 112th St) World’s largest cathedral 71st St. Central Park West—Lennon’s Memorial 2880 Broadway (111th St) Seinfeld Restaurant A place you recognize from a movie (must identify movie and scene) Near Lincoln Center 66th ST & Columbus Columbus Circle (59th St & 8th Ave) Central Park W & 79th St. 1000 5th Ave at 82nd St 1071 5th Ave—The building itself is a work of art (Frank Lloyd Wight) 405 Lexington (42nd St) 42nd St.& Park 301 Park (49th St) 25 W 40th St. 727 5th Ave—Sorry, no breakfast allowed. 42nd & Broadway Find a Broadway play you’re interested in, record show times, student rate and standing room policies. Two locations, one in Times Square and one in South Seaport Mall 5th Ave & 51st-48th Streets Fifth Ave. & 50th St.—Larges Roman Catholic Cathedral in US 350 5th Ave at 34th St (it will cost you to go to the top) 4 Penn Plz (in the Penn Station Plaza) Broadway & 14th St. 5th & 23rd Street—Famous wedge shaped building 828 Broadway (12th ST) or 95 Fulton St.—Large bookstore w/ great prices Snap a picture of your favorite quirky store (lots of unique boutiques) (Broad & Wall St) Get your picture taken with the Bull At the end of Fulton Street 14 Moore St (in Tribeca near Pearl St.) World Trade Center (Church St & Vesey St) Broadway 7 Fulton St. Corner of Mercer & Prince—Inspiration for Soup Nazi of Seinfeld Southern tip of Manhattan Just east of City Hall Take a picture of something you stumbled across that’s worth showing


Harlem 1 Apollo Theater 1 Harlem Ward Upper West Side 1 Grant’s Tomb 1 St. John’s Cathedral 1 Strawberry Fields 1 Tom’s Restaurant 2 Central Park 1 LDS Temple 1 Trump Tower & Hotel 1 Museum of Natural History Upper East Side 1 Metropolitan Art Museum 1 Guggenheim Museum Midtown 1 Chrysler Building 1 Grand Central Station 1 Waldorf Astoria Hotel 1 NYC Public Library 1 Tiffany & Co. 1 Times Square 2 Broadway Theater 1 TKTS 1 Rockefeller Plaza 1 St. Patrick’s Cathedral Lower Midtown (Flatiron) 1 Empire State Building 1 Madison Square Garden 1 Union Square 1 Flat Iron Building Greenwich Village/SoHo 1 Strand Bookstore 2 Quirky boutique Financial District 1 New York Stock Exchange 1 South Seaport Mall 1 Ghostbuster’s Firehouse 1 Ground Zero 1 St. Paul’s Chapel 1 Soup Kiosk 1 Battery Park 1 Brooklyn Bridge 2 ?????

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