I'M A MAN, That's My Job:
The Philosophy of A Seducer An Inner Game Workbook

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Who Should Read This Book? Abandon all notions of your former unhappy self. Your life is about to change, just like mind did years ago. This book is for a seducer-in-training that wants to work on his Inner Game, and develop his own personalized seduction philosophy. It is an account of the beliefs I have, and the process of self-discovery that I myself went through. If you have read my other books, you know that I have been very successful at turning my life with women around. Now I am going to share all my secrets to inner game, and the development of my philosophies with you. This is Inner Game for beginners. If you are a seduction Inner-Game junkie, and you are ready to move to the next level, leaving your former self behind, and are ready to adopt a whole new lifestyle, this book is for you. If you have reached rock bottom, or a place of no return, or if you simply want an inner game workbook that is not just spitting theory, but that actually guides you, step by step, to your newer and better self, then this book is definitely for you. If you have ever heard any of the following phrases: "It's not that I want to hurt your feelings, I just think we'd be better as friends", "But you're such a nice guy", "I have a boyfriend", "I have husband", "Let's be friends first, and then we can see", "Let's wait, and let it happen naturally", "I am just not attracted to you"...etc...then this book is for you. If you were the guy that became "friends first" with a girl in the HOPE that she would eventually like you enough to date you, but you only ended up listening to her problems where she complained to you on the phone at 3 am about the jerks that she was currently fucking, then this book is for you.

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4 If you are a nice guy, an adult male virgin, a single guy that cannot connect with a woman, or a divorced guy that wants one more time to make it happen right, then this book was written for you. If you grew up taught to be a self-hating male, really putting women up on a pedestal, and you have come to the realization that this is not working for you after all, then this book was written for you. If you are such a nice loser guy, and you are ready to change but do not know where to start, what to do next, or want to know where this new path can take you, then this book is for you. If you come from a place of real pain when it comes to women, and you want to move into a place on the other side of the canyon of pain, where you can be safe and in control of your destiny, then this book is for you. If you are a divorced man and you are contemplating suicide or going through a depression, then this book is for you. Also, please get counseling. I hope this book proves to you that have way too much to live for. Love is not your enemy.... but suicide is. Do not be a traitor. If you are a woman and want the man in your life to change from a little boy, into a man, because the survival of your relationship depends on it, and you plan to buy this for him as a gift, then this book is for you. If you do not want to read bullshit theory, and want beliefs from a guy that actually uses what he teaches AND provides you with REAL LIFE EXAMPLES from his own personal experiences, then this book has been written for you. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LEVEL OF EXISTENCE. -Frank B. (Because-l-Have-to-Be) Kermit

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I was searching for answers. whereas anytime I didn't listen to him. a woman will choose you to marry for financial security.5 Introduction by Marvi Arlik I met Frank B. though I am still learning. He said something to me that would come to change my life: "If you continue on your current path. He then took the time over the following few months to help me on my path of self-improvement. Going back a few years. Kermit through a friend of mine a few years ago." It did not sink in at the time but I came to realize he was right. could not express myself emotionally and had no clue how to make a women feel. Within a half an hour or so of chatting he could see I was stuck in my own thoughts. and I became more determined than ever to change. My friend suggested I come with him to talk to Frank at his home one Saturday afternoon. I was going through a tough time. Through his help I started to change both internally and externally. Fortunately. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I always ended up regretting it. I had mentors who I had learned a lot from and had read a lot of self-help material. By studying material he suggested and some he had developed himself. I had not reached the success I wanted for myself in my personal life. Still. Little did I know at the time that he would change my life. I would later learn Frank is rarely wrong about relationships between men and women.franktaIks. Frank recognized a talent I had in helping men make a first impression through personal style and © Frank B. Frank is still teaching. and him encouraging me to apply them to real life situations. I learned how to make a woman feel and what it meant to act like a man.com . Every piece of advice he has given me has produced results. cheat on you and eventually leave you.

This book is a logical progression from his first two books.com . He encouraged me to get into image consulting and brought me down a career path I never thought possible. Frank mentioned he had so much to say that his book was going to be 500 Pages! That's where he decided to break it up into a series of books. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I remember when Frank first discussed the idea of writing a book. Marvi Arlik Image Consultant http://www. as they nicely compliment the knowledge in this book.franktaIks.marviarlik. While this book can be a great starting point for Frank's philosophies. you'll want to check out his previous books as well. If you are familiar with Frank and his material then you know the depth of his knowledge and his ability to personally relate it to his students through his seminars or books. and an essential component of Frank's method of success with women. That way he would be able to go into different topics in more detail. This book will naturally expand on what you have already learned. Wait till you see what's next. If you have not read his books and are learning from Frank for the first time.6 clothing. Third is what you are about to read on his killer inner game material.com © Frank B. First would be his own story called From Loser to Seducer. Next would be his concepts on relationships between men and women called Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. be prepared to have your views on relationships shattered. We were sitting around with another friend having a drink.

franktaIks. He understood what I was striving for. and was there when I called on him to help out in whatever way he could. He was an elderly man who spent his time taking random courses. what he said he was going to do. This book is dedicated to his ability to simply do. and managed to make a dent in the administration. and yet he persevered. He was supportive in my effects to make my mark in an industry that today.7 Dedication Page This book is dedicated to: Jerry Jacobs I met Jerry Jacobs while in university. © Frank B. is still one of the hardest to break into. Thanks Jerry. and instituted various projects to help young ambitious students showcase their works. He met with incredible resistance to what he desired to accomplish.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

Maverick In Montreal. and who continue to challenge me. To all the girls I loved before. To my immediate family by blood and marriage. To all those that opposed me to make my life difficult Ha-ha you suck. and bros for your encouragement of this book. Heather. Steve Celeste. still love.. my editor. Gardengal.. clients. David Dekel.8 And may I say thank you to.franktaIks. Patrick Lee. my Toronto brothers. and am going to love in the future. and the people that bought copies of my first two books. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. colleagues. To my many mentors. © Frank B. My Montreal brothers. Jade. To my extended family of seducers all around the world whom I have helped. The Doc. Treun.com .

9 Table of Contents Title Page Legal Paqe Who should read this book? Introduction bv Marvi Arlik Dedication paqe Acknowledgements Table of Contents 1 2 3 5 7 8 9 Introduction Frank Introduction What do vou want? Why did I write this book? Creative Avoidance It's All Inner Game. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.Philosophy of the Exception How does this relate to being a man 4.NOT FBK Definition of Inner Game Inner Game is Not Enouqh Guvs that this book will NOT be able to Help Men that are Gay Men that are Emotionally Weak Men who are very damaged 16 16 18 20 20 21 24 24 26 28 29 31 Chapter 1 ..Philosophy of Existence of both the a Sub-Conscious Mind and a Conscious Mind Inner Clearance Question Ultimate Brain Question How does this relate to being a man Chart of Differences between the Minds 5.Philosophy of Vibrations Magic 34 35 37 38 38 40 41 42 43 43 43 45 47 © Frank B.Philosophy of Violence How does this relate to being a man 2.com .T h e 10 Base Philosophies of Life 33 Introduction 1..franktaIks.Philosophy of Truth in Theories How does this relate to being a man 3.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.Philosophy of Sometimes Life Sucks How does this relate to being a man 10.W h a t Your Friends Think About You 5-Contemplate the movie of your life Potential Titles List Potential Soundtracks List 6-Said About You At Your Funeral 7-To Be Remembered For 8-Things That Will Build Your Legacy 9-Most Influential Books and Songs Books and Authors List Songs and Artists List 10-People You Most Admire And W h y 11-Base Life Principle 12-How The World Should Change 13-To Make A Full Time Living From 14-Actions You Are Taking 9.10 How does this relate to being a man 6Philosophy of Property Rig hts How does this relate to being a man 7-Philosophy of Emotional Needs The Mother-Lover Theory The Ally-Enemy Theory How does this relate to being a man 8.f ranktal ks.Philosophy of The Meaning of Life Life's purpose and inner turmoil Please Remember This Dear Student How does this relate to being a man Meaning-of-Life Exercises: 1-Write Your Own Eulogy 2—Fill Out Your Tombstone Epitaph 3-Take a Walk in a Cemetery 4 .com .Philosophy of We were born to have sex Spiritual Quest Spiritual Quests & Creative Avoidance What Do I Believe? Sex Is HEALING Root Of All Evil Watch The Birdie How does this relate to being a man 49 50 51 52 52 54 57 58 61 63 64 65 68 67 67 68 68 68 69 70 71 72 72 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 80 81 82 82 83 84 84 84 86 © Frank B.

f ranktal ks. Woman Chart Writing Exercise The Man vs.Rule of Commitment To Commitment How does this relate to being a man 3. That's Your Job 87 88 89 90 91 94 95 96 97 98 Love Drama Biological Reproduction Gender Realities Beliefs About Women Beliefs About Women Writing Exercise Beliefs About Men Beliefs About Men Writing Exercise What is an Alpha Male? Writing Exercise The Man vs.Rule of Men And Women are Different You're a Man. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.11 Chapter 2 . Woman Starter Chart 4.Rule of There is always a leader Leadership: It's A Lonely Life How does this relate to being a man 2.Rule of Ignore Intellectual Constructs What is An Intellectual Construct Every Chapter is Egual to Another Chapter We Are All Born Egual .Everyone Is Capable Happily Ever After In Relationships: Everything Has to Be Fair and Egual Sexuality Can Be Denied It's All Common Sense Perfect Woman Perfect Man Feminism As An Intellectual Construct The Sadness of Women in Their Late 30s and 40s Intellectual Constructs and Assumptions How does this relate to being a man 5.T h e 10 Rules of Relationships Introduction How does this relate to being a man 1.com .Rule of How she treats you Beliefs of a High Value Male How Much Money She Has Is Meaningless What Your Friends and Family Think About Her Is Meaningless How Good She Fucks Is Meaningless 98 100 100 101 103 104 109 110 116 117 118 119 119 119 120 121 121 121 122 123 123 124 125 126 127 128 128 128 129 130 © Frank B.

Rule of Beware Your Mentors 1-Women Men and Women Are NOT Real Friends Guvs W h o Are Afraid Of Competition 2-People W h o Do Not Get Laid 3-Relationship Academics 4-Naturals 5-Popular Media Why People Think TV and Movies Are A Good Thing 6-Parents 1-Mothers 2-Fathers 10.com .Rule of Better to be Respect Than Liked 7.f ranktal ks.Rule of Set the Boundaries Very Early Deal Breakers Writing Exercise 1-Reward and Punish 2-Qualify Her 3-The Sooner the Sex 9.Rule of Pick and Choose Your Fights 1-Never Fighter 2-lmportant Fighter 3-Alwavs Fighter 8.Rule of Nobody's Got It Figured Out Three Suggestions 130 132 133 134 136 136 136 137 139 140 140 141 143 145 147 148 148 150 151 153 154 155 156 156 157 158 Chapter 3 Inner Game Lists of Self Awareness Introduction How does this relate to being a man List Number 1-What makes you the prize List Number 2-50 Things you Love and Hate List Number 3-Favorite Childhood Memories List Number 4-Peak Life Experiences List Number 5-Times You Were Emasculated By Women List Number 6-lntriguing People You Have Encountered List Number 7-Characters/Celebritles 159 160 160 162 169 171 173 175 177 © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.12 What She Looks Like Is Meaningless How does this relate to being a man 6.

13 You Most Resemble List Number 8-Best Imitations Symbols and Symbology List Number 9-Symbols Thrust Upon You List Number 10-Svmbols You Chose List Number 11-Symbols You Will Create List Number 12-Movies That Inspired You List Number 13-People That Have Blocked You List Number 14-People That Encouraged You List Number 15-Actions Not Meeting Women List Number 16-Actions To Meet Women List Number 17-Emotions You Want Her To Experience Super Writing Exercise: The Punishing Myself Exercise List Number 18-A High Value Man Deserves List Number 19-A High Value Woman Deserves List Number 20-Why Women NEED Men List Number 21-Things A Man Must Improve On List Number 22-Things You Should NEVER Say List Number 23-Vulnerabilities to be frames as Strengths List Number 24-Thinqs You MUST tell a woman List Number 25-You Best Pick Up Lines How To Create Personalized Openers List Number 26-Beliefs about Men List Number 27-Beliefs about Women List Number 28-Beleifs men-women dynamics List Number 29-Create Personalized Openers List Number 30-Best Responses to "I Have A Boyfriend" List Number 31-Different Categories of Women List Number 32-Criteria for an Unfuckable Girl List Number 33-Criteria for One-Night-Stand Girl List Number 34-Criteria for Regular Fuck Buddy List Number 35-Criteria for a List List List List List Non-Exclusive Harem Girlfriend Number 36-Criteria for a Primary Girlfriend Number 37-Criteria for a Wife Number 38-Your Top Ten Seduction Goals Number 39-Your T O P Ten Social Circles Number 40-Criteria for Rating Women 179 181 183 184 185 186 188 189 189 190 190 191 192 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 206 206 206 207 208 209 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 © Frank B.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .

1 0 Stages o f Development Introduction The Starting Stages I.The Loser 3.com .The Mid-Ranqe Seducer-in-training 6.f ranktal ks.The Average Guy The In-Training Stages 4. High Game 4. Pre-Game Status and Value Hiqh Value Male Status A Low Status Male A High Status Male Perceived Status Calibration 2. Head-Game Frank B Kermit Scale of Rating Women 3. Post Game 253 254 257 257 258 258 259 259 259 259 259 260 262 263 265 266 266 © Frank B.The Learned Seducer-in-training The Master/ Stages 7.The Beqinner Seducer-in-training 5.The Dead-man 2.The Seducer 9.Moment of Redemption 8.The Redeemed .14 Chapter 4 .Deconstructing The Components of Game and Creation Of A Seduction Persona Introdu ction: It's All Reprogramminq Your Instincts Forget Beinq Yourself: Be Happy Instead The Five Main Inner Game Issues The 5 Components of the Game 1. End Game 5.The Master Seducer The Final Stag 10The Natural Learned Natural Lived Natural The Difference Between Instincts and Intuition 224 ??ft ??fi ??fl 230 232 234 237 240 241 244 247 247 247 248 Chapter 5 . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

com .. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.15 The Persons Concept The Name of Your Seduction Persona The Image of Your Seduction Persona How the Seduction Persona Concept WORKS Building A Seduction Persona Chart Sample Seduction Persona Chart Tracking Your Persona & Development Chart Seduction Persona Starter Chart Writing Exercise You Know You Have Inner Game When.f ranktal ks.. Other Works From Frank B Kermit Discount Page 268 268 270 271 271 272 273 274 276 277 278 © Frank B.

I learned that she and I were not meant to be together after all. and to have more choice. but I no longer blamed myself for our incompatibility. doctorate on the subject.f ranktal ks. or what © Frank B. I personally guarantee you that this material you are going to study has worked for me. this is your job. which was more than I really thought I could handle. so that I could truly connect to the women that I so desired to share my life with. gave me more than just the elimination of that pain. I am not a psychologist. I hope it will work for you too. how a woman treats me is more important than how I feel about he. Author's note: For more on the above story. Since then. I did not have to settle for the woman that I was lucky enough to have like me. It forced me to learn more about myself and life in general. I learned how to communicate with women. Check out my first book entitled: From Loser to Seducer: The Story of Frank B Kermit Learning about MYSELF and what it meant to be a man. My own answer at the time was to eliminate pain. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Knowing what I know now. The result? I got back the one woman that I had thought was forever lost to me. who I REALLY was. and got some pretty neat insights and experiences.com . You know. learning about who I was. I am just a guy that pushed myself to make some changes in one area of his life. I have been pondering this question. or some magic powered magician. Once I did get her back.. I hope it will inspire the Kermit in you. a question was asked of me about why I was on a personal mission to learn about finding myself. You are a man. A few years ago. forced me to confront almost all of my demons and all of my hierocracies..16 Frank Introduction Hello Seducer-in-training. it gave me more choice about the women I wanted to date.

For example. not something they set out to do.) we have with women are NOT the goals.. which is not what I had planned. That is change.and yet that also doesn't seem enough. but getting there). fuck as many women as possible: 50? 100? 250? Well I have talked to guys that have done it (you would be surprised) Again.. it was just something that happened to them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. but I am writing this based on my experience. Just like when things in my life were going good. I would just happen to meet many women.. Then I thought about it and decided that maybe it's the numbers thing. That is power. but are the means to a goal? What if the greater goal is Self-Discovery? I have said it many times when learning about yourself.. my success is directly related to knowing who I am. I had a thought. What if the relationships (all forms.. it was just something that happened when all I had been looking for was "the one".you know.. It would have been an easier first couple of years for me. my failures are directly related to not yet knowing all of myself. What if dating women.. So basically. is really just about figuring out who you really are. but I don't think that it explains enough why they did it. In contrast. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.how would that change the way men view relationships? I am getting a little ahead of myself here. love. So let's get to it you seducer-in-training. I had girlfriends in college. etc. Then finally. and using the pleasurable and the not so pleasurable elements of relationships (in all their forms) with women is they way we can get there? I can say that for myself. I tell them what I tell them because I wish someone would have told me this when I first started. this whole thing. If this were the case. If you are going to tell me that not all seducers-in-training will experience the things I have gone through or will have to go through to have the same process I did. those guys tell me it feels pretty good. © Frank B. you are right. In many cases.17 she looks like. sex.com .f ranktal ks. I am living in a world of choice (not a natural at it yet..

different philosophies in life. your communication skills. I suggest the best way to learn about yourself. You might be surprised by what you learn when you TAKE ACTION. or one really special relationship? Or do you want to be able to go into a club and pick up the hottie in the lacey tight dress? Maybe you want to be able to approach anybody and start a conversation. and where their strengths and weaknesses are) as possible. but keep in mind that each man is different. If you meet a man who is getting exactly what you want. This is a place to start. There are writing exercises in this book that will teach you how to do all of the above. is to talk with as many other men that have already found themselves. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. There is no "right" answer. be more serious. or have lots of one-nightstands. and where you are different. study the material and do the writing exercises that are related to getting you your particular goals..f ranktal ks. © Frank B. See where you are similar. but you may not be willing to make the sacrifices they make in order to get the same result At that point. Some men may be getting the results and relationships you think you want. and what works for one guy will cause another to crash and burn. The easiest way to figure out what you should be putting your time into (as time is your most limited resource) is to ask yourself. If you do not know who you are. be less serious.. Maybe your goal is to convince the girl working in cubicle B that you've been in love with for 4 years that the two of you should go out. find another path to the same destination. Do you want a wife. or work on your fashion. a series of girlfriends.18 My question to you is. What do you Want? Then. either change your willingness to sacrifice.there can only be "your right answer". "What do y o u w a n t ? " Not an easy question.com . multiple relationships at the same time. (and find out exactly what they do. or re-evaluate why you think you want such a result. then mirror him in his behavior. Each one of us has skills in different areas.

19 Know yourself. and you can then know what will work for you. You are no longer the man you were.f ranktal ks. From the time you entered into this learning. Be proud of that badge you wear. you must hold yourself up to a higher standard than most of the men out there. but you are also now entitled to the rewards that go with it. Welcome to your new life.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. you are now a new seducer-in-training. It is your honor. You're A Man. That's Your Job © Frank B. Now.

Or he avoids the entire idea of meeting and seducing women by focusing on every other aspect of his life. about accepting their gender role... © Frank B.f ranktal ks. etc. A guy that needs alcohol and other narcotics in order to get into state does NOT have his Inner Game together. Here is what I can tell you. That's Mv Job I chose this title.20 Why Did I Write THIS book? I entitled this book: I'M A Man. I did that for a huge period of my life. does NOT have his Inner Game together. I actually was not going to write a book about inner game. I work to inspire and educate men about taking pride in who they are. and in their sexuality. CREATIVE AVOIDANCE.. as a cure all for your seduction concerns is becoming an excuse of those that suffer from. who has to snub or belittle other people without just cause. put out a DVD.. and earned a wall full of degrees. awards. and so on. which give workshops. "Creative Avoidance": is when a man creates further obstacles for himself in such a way that he puts his development into a complete slow down. as it had recently become a motto that I teach men. Let me tell you something.. I have met many men that teach Inner Game. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I think the idea of completely solving all your inner game problems.com . It does not mean a thing if you are not getting laid. EXCEPT that one. A guy.

If I can offer actually work methods. It is a be-all statement. but resorts to the intimidation tactics of a school yard bully to shame newbies into silent requiem.f ranktal ks. In most cases.com .. as they would not know the difference between a legit real deal seducer.. I have often heard this remark by guys that are into self-help and using it to seduce women. the above have no actual game at all." is just like telling an average frustrated sales person that all they need to do to make more sales. does NOT have his Inner Game together. Right. nearly as much as they let people think. It's All Inner Game. then I might save some seducer-in-training out there the time.. and a perspective on inner game that is not about intimidation. and all the guys that cannot get laid to save their lives are just being too stupid to understand the most basic simple concepts. That is why I wrote this particular book. "It's All Inner Game". and they smother seducers-in-training. and one that is passing by using intimidation. In many cases. these types of men mentioned above do not get laid. which actually does not address any specific issue at all..21 A guy that can not give competent advice. is to "Just find the customer's Hot Button!!!" Well DUH!?! I guess it is just that simple then. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. It is just that easy huh? If that was true. In my opinion it is one of those allencompassing answers. Telling a guy that his inability to connect to and have sex with women is "All Inner Game. I am going to piss off so many people with this next one.NOT Man. money and efforts that are wasted on false teachers. which at times really means nothing. then I would not have clients contacting me for books and seminars. because they would already © Frank B. So all the failed sales people in the world.

it HAS TO BE included in "everything".f ranktal ks. The secret is out: Even average guys get laid. Therefore. Not very helpful in actually getting results. by definition it must be. these guys all get laid at some point over the course of their lives. or the guys that have "all their shit" together. as far as what they associate with other aspects in their life as well as technical knowledge basis about specific items. and whatever your problem is. The fact that you are reading this book right now proves that it is not so simple. itis all inner game.22 know what to do and would be doing it right now. So. When a guy states that "everything" has to do with getting better with meeting and bedding women.com . "Inner Game" now means "everything". I have found that it has also recently taken on a persons complete thought process. They may not get laid everyday. only a fraction of the men actually alive (less than 20%) would be © Frank B." In the years I have spent studying relationships to see what works and what does not. if only true (meaning born as) Alpha males were the only ones getting laid out there. richest. handsomest. I have identified that many men who are hooking up with women. when some guy says. addictions. and so on. So. that guy is right. and some just do not get it Despite all of this. "Inner game" at first. So pretty much. love and relationships between men and women. some have had to learn it. "Everything" is the category. Many of them have faults. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. that is not because he is actually brilliant. it is because the language and grammar being used is effective in encompassing "everything". Some have the ability to naturally seduce women. he of course is right HOWEVER. is a sub category of "everything. was used to define all of a persons inner belief system about sex. no matter what the clients challenge is. when he is trying to counsel a male client looking to learn about getting better with women. but they do get laid sometimes. but fabulous marketing. aptitudes. are not the smartest.

If his standards are too high (not his lack of Inner Game. Thus. but not learning and understanding the realms of seduction and relationships. I know. unless he © Frank B. and actually get laid. Those other qualities of his Inner Game can make up for the mistakes he makes in the seduction process.) he ends up alone. then he has women due to Inner Game. If he settles for the best that he can get. The (in my estimation over 80%) of the male humans out there would be totally alone. can still get laid pending the right combination of circumstances.23 getting laid.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and lots of them get married and do have their own kids. That a guy can learn all about getting laid."but isn't learning about attraction and relationships PART of Inner Game?" Sure if you want it to be. although the Alphas are getting lots of sex and offers of companionship. even some of those "Betas" out there still manage to get laid.f ranktal ks. a guy with his Inner Game together does not necessarily get laid. However. but the rest of his life is a shambles. they cannot have every single woman alive. but his lack of skills with women. EXCEPT. except in matters of sex and love. A guy that has got his life figured out... That is the secret to getting your Inner Game together. Getting this "Inner Game" part under control means a man will attract the kinds of women that would already be attracted to him. she chooses him at his best. may not be able to get laid if his life depends on it.but it does not necessarily attract the w o m e n that the man really wants in the first place.. but has everything else under control. Yeah yeah. This is why I think that the whole "Inner Game" movement is incomplete. but he settles for her at her best. Inner game is definitely important. But. With Inner Game only.. and a guy that does NOT have ALL his Inner Game together.

I used the term "Inner Game". Not until I have learned them for myself. or to build up other areas of your life. It is only one piece of a man's development. deciding who he is. and have legitimately used my own learning to change my life FIRST.. I am not an expert in those areas.. debts. he still © Frank B. and it is not my place to be teaching that. "Inner Game" will mean: A Man's Philosophy of what it means to be in the gender role of a male. etc.f ranktal ks. in the seduction of females and his ability to take actions on his beliefs. The Frank B Kermit Definition of INNER GAME In my book. to refer specifically to the ability of a man to act on his beliefs to survive and function in maintaining his life. inner game has little to do with the topic of seducing women. healthier.. she chose him. Education. It allows me to better help the men that attend my seminars. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and what he wants to do in life. school. In this one.24 simply accepts the girls that are already into him. In my philosophy. He did not choose her. My book will not discuss things like how to get your inner game together to become rich. That is why I separate them the way I do. when I use the term. He still needs to learn to attract and seduce a woman.in my philosophy. I will actually be referring to the opposite of my last book. finances. When I discuss Inner Game issues. work. "Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test'. In this book. Inner Game is Not Enough Inner Game is not enough. I will only be discussing those issues that are connected to both Inner Game and the seduction of women. "Inner Game".com ..at least not yet.

f ranktal ks.. but they have no idea how to handle girls. he. For a man to address a woman's emotional needs. he does not need 100% of his Inner Game together. BUT I was getting laid more before my development. but just can't get the girl to feel attraction for them. very rich men. tell a great story.25 needs to address her emotional needs. he will only attract w o m e n that will choose h i m . These guys are cool. He w i l l end up settling for w h o he can get (or buy).. I have met many very good-looking men. really funny. THEN.. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. NOT the w o m e n that he w o u l d choose to attract. but not w h o he would c h o o s e to be w i t h if he c o u l d . That is why there are a lot of doctors. You see. In the years that I have been involved in all of this. and/or very cool men. really outgoing guys. OR in lousy primary relationships that cause them to need to find fulfillment outside of the relationship. They can get women to laugh at will.. © Frank B. but if he gets a good part of it done (which is what my book here is designed to do).com . than they are right now.. once a man gets his Inner Game together. lawyers. seduction will be a much easier part of his life. and "got-it-together" people that are either still single. Will be able to attract w o m e n to h i m BUT. just have a great time in general.

and your issue alone.26 Guys That This Book Will NOT Be Able To Help I want you to know that what you are about to read is not meant in any harsh or hurtful way. and it has nothing to do with the women you date. in order to go through the work (and there is plenty of work). then this is your issue. that fragile male ego. then maybe you should not be here. If your problem is with SEX. (There are times when I truly wonder if the only reasons that people hook up are alcohol and desperation). It still surprises me that when a man has a problem with sex.. in order to stick to these life-changing processes. I am being as compassionate as I can with what I am about to write. © Frank B. but because you actually have A PROBLEM W I T H SEX.f ranktal ks. but the man assumes that the reason sex for them does not happen often is because there is a problem between HER and sex. The MOST interesting part I find. Do you actually want to get laid? Dudes.you need to know exactly what you want. Do you want to get laid? Yes or no.. when in fact he really believes he is being as honest with her as he can. and then blame her for his inability to be comfortable with HIS own body. is that very often. He is oblivious to it.com . Do you want to get laid? If you cannot answer this directly. how much he will displace that problem onto the women he dates. the woman will sometimes mistake his disinterest issue in sex as him playing some hard-to-get game tactic. and she ends up feeling rejected and then accuses him of playing some sort of mind game. and he assumes she is screwed up. In order for any of this to be worth it. I find this especially intriguing when the woman is more sexually experienced than the man. Oh. when a man has issues regarding having sex with women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. some of you are where you are. not because you have a problem with women.

If you recognized yourself in the stories you are about to read. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. There are three types of men that have a problem with sex and women. What you seek. The problem is with "you". it is happening to more guys than would like to admit it. or attracting or managing your already existing relationships with women. You're problem is not with women. the problem is not with the women you are with. There are times when a man is being tested about respecting a woman's boundaries and his refusal to have sex IN THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY can understandably be a solid tactic to actually make her feel safe and comfortable enough to actually have sex with him in the future. You may need the services of a therapist of sexology. but that is not what is going on here. nor this book can do to help you. you will NOT find in learning to be better with women. Your problem is with sex.27 What I am going to cover here has nothing to do with physical problems like poor blood circulation or the inability to achieve and maintain erections.f ranktal ks. In fact. or even a physiatrist. and what you need. and if it only happen when you are with women. These men actually are using sex (or the lack of) to hurt women as a means to lower a woman's self esteem and control women. If you have no physical problems with this when you are alone. (They are shut down completely. because they are unable to get pleasure from sex itself. you must know that there is nothing that I. These issues for men are not as uncommon as most people would like to think. The problem is not your body. These men derive pleasure from denying her. or just plain scared of sex) 3-Men that are damaged goods 1-Men That Are Gay: © Frank B. they are: 1-Men that are gay 2-Men that are emotionally weak.com . Some (not all) of these men actually get a thrill in getting to turn women down for sex.

that they are straight but are just screw ups with women.. and even offer them sex. She has this ingrown toenail on her pinky toe of her left foot. For example. Admission of homosexuality can be incredibly painful and scary.com . study seduction related material. He suffers from. Pretending to be the guy that is a social retard with women is a perfect © Frank B.. if a guy claims to only want to be with a girl that is considered by society to be a "10" out of a possible ten in the looks department.. Or he will happen to get "lucky" in that she will be attracted to him enough to tolerate all of his mistakes. but finds the most ridiculous physical imperfections to base his rejection of her. and convince themselves. Often saying things like "I did not like the way she eats her hamburger" and such. these guys are actually gay but the pain associated with coming to terms w i t h their homosexuality is worse than being a hetro-guy that cannot get laid... Sometimes one of these men will even meet a girl that likes him enough that she will break social norms and pursue him. He is setting the bar so high that he effectively prevents himself from even reaching it. In fact.BUT these men end up self-sabotaging and setting unrealistic goals that they never attain. It is easier for him to be in denial and suppress his feelings. So these guys act like. On the odd chance that they get lucky enough to get such a woman to be interested in them. blaming it on everything OTHER than their own sexual feelings and orientation.Creative A v o i d a n c e . (I.. seek out books like this one. these men find reasons not to go through with it. These men will hang out with other guys talking about how much they love to fuck chicks. It challenges everything a person believes about himself and his upbringing. and even go out of his way to prove he is the complete opposite of gay.). (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.e. Every once in a while they may fake a story of a girl they dated in order to avoid suspicion.28 There are a percentage of men at large that are deluding themselves into thinking their problem is in picking up women.f ranktal ks.

this man lives in quite pain. The first category is the guys that are really. They do not associate the act of sex with a woman as pleasurable and fun. but rather as pressured and full of performance anxiety. that it continues to be an ever growing problem. Their actions are deeply rooted in fear and shame. They feel that they are already so behind the times. sitting in the corner and hiding behind poor humor. The longer they wait to confront © Frank B.29 shield. 2-Men That Are Emotionally Weak: These guys fall into 2 categories.com . that admitting they don't know their way around a vagina risks very high ridicule in their minds. It is all creative avoidance. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Category 1: Usually. They do not want to appear unknowledgeable or unskilled. (depending or course with what is legal in the area they live. Although a number of these men have solved this problem through the act of seeking prostitutes or another sex trade worker. or other such nonsense for the same reasons. Unable to show any vulnerability. feeling totally alone.) many of them have such shame issues with sex. Usually. really. and very quite at parties. They live with an incredible fear of pissing women off. These guys also have ridiculously high standards about how a woman is supposed to behave socially. The second category is the guys that have little or no emotional range at all. nor to place enough trust on a woman not to betray his secret in public.f ranktal ks. virgins or very inexperienced. They often appear very shy. They make themselves unattractive or very unattainable to women they interact with. and associate the act of sex with angering women. they grew up in environments where everything they did was criticized and deemed not perfect enough. perfectionists who are often very successful in other endeavors of their lives. It is like they are little children afraid to upset their mommies with the ideas of sex. REALLY scared of having sex. these guys are older. or such possible solutions are illegal in certain places.

com . and their opinions and stances sway with the wind of the more dominant personalities present They are unable to make real emotional connections with all people. what they seek is ways to control women. Actually. using sex trade workers does not solve their issues. They enter the world of meeting women thinking that if they learn just another pick up line. From the men I have counseled that are going through this. they learned that men are not supposed to SHOW emotions. These guys have so severely REPRESSED their emotions. © Frank B. They are incapable of understanding a woman's emotional states and rely very heavily on looks and tactics. so they simply survive on show. as they are numb to the pain of emotional distress. the more difficult it becomes to face it. Somewhere along the way. They are hollow on the inside. They have difficulty making real friends and being in social settings. money and other items. They only closely associate with others that they feel some sense of control over. Since they lack the capacity to really connect. they truly have little to lose in breaking the friendships they attempt to form. They are the most dangerous of all types. and seek security through control of their environments.f ranktal ks. and will use those same tactics to control the men in their lives. not just women. They may have tried to solve this challenge by attacking their ability to HAVE emotions. In fact. Without any emotional depth they are lost in a void. They just as easily drop people. or just one more mind game tactic. they can get women to stick around. Usually they are victims of some emotional trauma (for example: a ravaged divorce) or even strong medication. that they in fact have little or no emotional range. Category 2: These guys have just the opposite problem and are on the other extreme. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.30 their fears and just have sex. or people that give them presents. it just adds to these men's complex. They cannot fake substance. or avoid people that catch on.

getting raped.Men Who Are Very Damaged In Some Mental Or Emotional Way: No amount of literature on being a man. 3. bad.. let us assume just for the sake of expanding the scope of your perspective that the same percentage holds true for all men.. this would be an area that you may want to start learning about. That is the perspective to hold onto when considering this category of men.com ..f ranktal ks. dating. emotionally shut down. Now then. Here are some differently worded questions that you could look at: A) How do you feel about your situation with women? Good. indifferent. wanting. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. have displaced relations to sex. or suffer from chemical imbalances. or are you totally emotionally shut down? Many guys who enter this study are exactly that.. etc B) How do you feel about what you are feeling? For example: Does it may you angry that you are feeling bad about your situation with women.31 It is my experience that guys who primarily deal with logic usually are not very aware of their own emotions and emotional states. have been the victims of some form of abuse whether mild or incredibly severe. C) How much do you know your own emotions? For example: Are you in control of your nervousness? Are you a jealous guy. picking up chicks. etc. They need real inner work and the perspective of a trained professional. It is a generally accepted fact that many women. I want you to really consider an idea. come from unhealthy destructive upbringings or some extreme religious or societal abuse. and the truth is that what you learn here is not a substitute for therapy. If you were such a man. maybe even almost half of all women. Just think about that: The same number of men out there being abused.and no male victims talking about it.. or anything else is any substitute for solving this kind of problem. Most self-help material out there puts a heavy focus on solving internal issues and that is © Frank B. These men can be abuse victims. being molested.

or clinical depression. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. These guys usually straggle along for years in society. It is either something you want. That's Your Job. Why should you come to terms with this? You're A Man. setting the person back and even deeper into that unchallenged abyss.f ranktal ks. I sincerely hope you come to terms with it. Whatever the reason. Your pain is deeper than mine. I have come to believe that we all attract what we subconsciously think we already DESERVE. or do not want. © Frank B.32 what attracts this type of guy to learning to communicate well with women in relationships. those inner issues that were not yet dealt with surface fast. and when they finally achieve some measure of success and attain even the most basic first goals they set for themselves.com . I just hope that you do find your path to total selfacceptance. no book. No person. I think these guys really want to believe that they want to have sex with women. please put this book down and seek professional assistance. and then they can focus on getting into a great relationship with a woman. It is an issue about deservedness. These guys need to first fix the real issues they face. BUT. cannot Band-Aid really deep serious issues like selfdestructive-aggression. If you are a man that falls into one or more of the above categories. and destroy everything that was accomplished. and nothing in the world. Trying to convince themselves to have sex with women is far different that than truly wanting to have sex with women. and cannot be helped by this book. the inner issues that the self help community can fix such as building up confidence. can make you WANT to have sex with women.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.Chapter 1 The 10 Base Philosophies of Life © Frank B.f ranktal ks.com .

As you continue to read the rest of this book. I am presenting more than just "what to think". That's Your Job.com . Perhaps they will do the same for you. In these beliefs. I am presenting "HOW to think".34 Introduction to Chapter One Part of being a man. and they have served me very well. As the dated will attest to.f ranktal ks. In the first chapter of this book I am going to present to you MY beliefs. MAN DO I EVER do not always manage to do the right time. I adopted these beliefs during my time of development. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. I am a women I have SCREW UP! I thing all of the refer back too. human being and I screw up. is knowing who you are. is knowing what you bel ieve. but I know I have what I need to This book is by no means ALL the beliefs I carry with me. on a daily basis. (that would be near impossible) but I do think these beliefs outlined in Chapter One. just keep in mind that my writings are all based on the base philosophies that I make efforts to live by. are some of the more important ones that helped me on my journey of being a seducer-in-training. You're a Man. Parts of knowing whom you are.

and you or anyone else has the right to do whatever damage you need to do to the attacker in order to ensure your own survival. then you can do whatever it takes to stop them. the attacker forfeits his rights to safety.No Violence Violence is described here as an action taken against someone. I am not able to choose the final consequences of my actions.A person who does commit an act of violence hereby forfeits their own personal rights to safety.No Violence Rule 2 . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. which that person does not consent to.com . This is where my philosophy gets very scary because it is easy to get carried away with revenge when the idea is suppose to be self-preservation. That means that. This means that if someone attacks you.35 Basic Philosophy # 1 Philosophy of Violence I have 4 rules about violence The first three rules of violence are: Rule 1 . I evoke a belief that I got from Robert Ringer which I will paraphrase: Although I may be able to choose my actions. "Which that person does not consent to. Whether it be verbal threats. mental abuse. Rule 4 . that would not be an example of violence. if I choose to defend myself. Read that last line again. or physical attacks causing significant damage or harm to another person.f ranktal ks. I have to accept that I may be © Frank B. The last part of this belief is that when defending yourself. (as in the case with some sexual fetishes) or for example in the case of two boxers who both wish to get into the ring and battle. So if someone commits an act of violence against you." This means that when a person consents to being hurt.No Violence Rule 3 .

© Frank B. if a woman gets violent with a man. AND the kid being bullied is willing to accept the fact he might get expelled. trying to read a book about how to better become a man. than the kid who is bullying him in order to end the torture. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and would not be here. and he is killing the actual bullies. If a man gets violent with a woman. I do want to point out. but in the long run that kid will learn to never be bullied again. If I am ready to be judged for my actions in defending myself. Although when it is from a kid that was bullied. he has every right to defend himself too. please be sure that you have already exhausted all other forms of self-preservation beforehand. I do not condone it but I can understand it. In the short term it may mean some heartache. nor does it ever involve any violence against them. or worse aggression. If you are contemplating extreme violence in the name of protecting yourself. An example of this is a kid being bullied in school by another kid. Period. I think there are more effective ways to better your life than to go to prison or die in a blaze of gunfire. If the kid being bullied will not defend himself for fear of getting expelled I personally find that useless.36 punished for my actions.f ranktal ks. The reason I bring this up is because of the issue of violence against women. I am not condoning acts of extreme violence like killing sprees in schools. This includes talking to friends. she has every right to defend herself. If the kid defends himself using the same type.com . that very violent guys would already be using their violent attacks to control women. then I proceed. family and/or professionals about your actual situation. Although I mention this here for social and legal reasons. then that is a better life. Being a man does not mean taking what you want from a woman. That being said.

That's Your Job. or dealing with the violent actions of others against you. © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. thus you need to know where you stand on this topic.37 How does this relate to being a man Part of being a man means you must learn to deal with violence. You're a Man. Whether it is in the controlling of your own violent tendencies.f ranktal ks.com . You are responsible for the protection of your relationships from outsiders.

might not work for others and vice-versa. then I believe that my theories are pretty respectable theories.38 Base Philosophy it 2 The Philosophy of Truth in Theories Theories do not have to be true. but damn it! Thinking the way I do is what has worked for me to get the results I want without ever having to get violent. They give followers instruction. How does this relate to being a man Part of the journey in becoming a man is to find your own truth. I am just sure it works. and girls would come up and talk to him and that meeting new girls was just this easy. What is true for you may not be true for others. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. What you believe will make you happy.com . So I went out and tried it. For example. I honestly know that some of the things I believe in are not scientifically proven nor are they perfect for that matter. they all serve the purposes they set out to achieve.. or false interpretations. faith and an understanding that helps them function day to day with an established code of morality. What will work for you. I sat there a long time. under a tree at the park. The same holds true for the teachings I am about to explain about being a man. different religions have be viewed as being completely false. hope.. They have to work to be valid. Later I would realize that the © Frank B. If these theories allow you to function without resorting to violence. Here is an example: I remember one man telling me that he used to just read a book.f ranktal ks. I do not know if any of what you are about to read is correct. is different from what others believe will make them happy. What is absolutely necessary for me is that you the reader are able to function. Well. That is all I care about. and NO woman came over to start a conversation with me.

looks. That was his "truth". When I told him that I tried it and that it did not work. he simply could not believe it. body types. take his teachings with a grain of salt.f ranktal ks. always ask yourself what his truth of the world is.39 real difference was that he was a great looking guy (he looked like a male model). the material may not be what is false. That's Your Job. I implore you to keep at it though. Did he steer me wrong? No. He was always a good-looking guy. This and other factors might greatly discourage you each time you find something that does not work for you. and I was not (I was morbidly obese at the time). He never factored in how much his own good looks came into play with his lifestyle. not really. and your state of mind. and girls were always approaching him. If you take the advice of any man. as it might just be the fact that you need to find something more specific to work for you. That is what worked for him. and it can often depend on factors like body language. It means that you try it anyways. It may not be your inability to pull it off either.com . can be the hardest and most difficult part of this journey. He told me that he thought I did not even try and just made up the story of doing it Oh well. and if it does not work for you. and join me on THIS side of the canyon. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. fashion. This does not mean that you reject everything that you do not like hearing. because I did not have his good looks. Finding out what works for you to get sex. when it comes to meeting and seducing women. If it is completely out of line with your own truth and experiences. There are high levels of experimentation with different communication styles and tactics. Why do this? You're a Man. your mood. My truth was different Girls would not approach me as they did him.

then by all means ignore what I say and have a happy life.. and MOVE O N .just wish her peace. This should be noted. when he is learning about who he is and what works for him in getting women. rules still apply and reflect generalizations.40 Base Philosophy it 3 The Philosophy of the Exception There will usually be an exception to every rule. rely o n . 2) The second method is to compare notes with other men who are doing the same thing as you.f ranktal ks. Exceptions to the rule are exceptions. and that you have one exception to the rule. If your communication skills are getting you only 1 out of every 10 girls you approach. Regardless of this. During a man's journey of development. See what their results are. How do you know if you hit the exception? Well there are two ways to figure it out: 1) The first. If you are getting 9 out of every 10.. then maybe you need to change your approach as the numbers indicate that you are doing something wrong. Never plan to be. and best way is to keep at it. if you run into a woman that is the exception to the rule and you are unable to connect with her emotional needs (Hey there are women that are so shut down that it's quite impossible). So if you run into a woman that is the exception to the rule and you can connect to her in such a way that you don't need the teachings of any of my book. Needing to get them all is still a form of infantile neediness and not very masculine nor attractive.com . take constant action. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. leave her alone. or plan to run into the exception to the rule. It does not mean that you have approached 9 exceptions to the rule. and then examine your results. then you know you have found something that works for you. By the same token. he will occasionally meet with an exception to the rule. precisely because they do not set out to be that. and also see how their approaches are different from yours. © Frank B.

If you go after women that fit a particular grouping. You must adhere to the actual reality of the situation.41 For a time. lifestyle or culture then you are not running into exceptions to the rule. it is your lack of calibration that is at fault. © Frank B. but fail when you use the same method with women that belong to a different grouping. but the exception to the rule that you may have encountered. if you want reality to work in your favor. and you learn to connect with those particular women well. There is only one caveat to keep in mind with this theory. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com . I must have been giving off a particular vibe then. How does this relate to being a man Part of being a man is learning to handle the truth about you with regards to your strengths and weaknesses. After you gain enough experience you will know that you have a certain level of competence in attracting women as evidenced by your actual results. in that is you must take into consideration the type of women you go after. Now that I have completed the seducer-in-training part of my journey. I can tell you that for some reason whatever I was doing and experimenting with as part of my journey was attracting those exceptions to the rule to me. Do not get preoccupied with nailing that exception to the rule. and not the women you target.f ranktal ks. At that point. Do not be so quick to label her as an exception. just before I started my first fullblown Harem. lifestyle or culture. UNTIL your skill set is strong enough to say otherwise. 4 of who were virgins between the ages of 22 to 32. (A side note: My journey has surely taught me that the norm with women and virginity is NOT reflected in that period of my life). You simply have a limited skill base. I was dating (but not sleeping with) about 5 girls. This is when you can know for sure that is was not your lack of calibration skills.

and he has informed me that this is clinically incorrect. and that they are different. It is the repetition that the subconscious recognizes which is key. there is no such thing as "remembering a time". (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. As far as the subconscious is concerned. no matter if the conscious mind categorizes it as reality or fantasy. again for the first time. your subconscious struggles to answer it while your conscious mind chooses to answer it. When you ask yourself a rhetorical question such as "How could I be such a dumb-ass?" your subconscious struggles to answer it while your conscious mind knows just to ignore it. It is all real. all true. and under Frank's Rules theories: It doesn't have to be true. the conscious mind understands the difference between a memory of the past and the present moment of linear time. However.k. For example: when reliving a memory or reexperiencing the emotions of a memory. When you ask a negative question such as "How could I make that mistake?" your subconscious struggles to answer it and your conscious mind can choose whether or not to answer it. © Frank B. a practice of change if repeated enough. Here. I have shown this to a person who is well versed in clinical psychology. will be deemed true by the subconscious. to be truth. When you ask yourself a serious question such as "How do I drive a car?". because it is all happening now. Remember that the subconscious has no choice but to believe everything correct or incorrect. this is a Frank theory. Therefore. The subconscious does not. even if the conscious mind rejects it.com . and a subconscious (a.a unconscious) mind.42 Base Philosophy « 4 Existence of both a Subconscious Mind And a Conscious Mind Some of the theory I present in this book is based on the assumption that there is both a conscious mind.f ranktal ks. It just has to work.

43 Have you ever had the experience where you are going about your normal routine and for apparently no reason at all. © Frank B. completely clear myself internally. you start to remember unpleasant memories of things you aren't proud of? There are two possible reasons. and your subconscious will thank you. I fill that space. Either something in your current environment reminded your subconscious of it and triggered a recall of that memory.f ranktal ks. You can expect an answer. OR at some earlier point. you asked your subconscious a rhetorical question. and devoid of negativity that I highly recommend it. with positive energy? and Good question. achieve my goal of (insert desired result)? to Ask these questions to yourself often and out loud. Here is another I call this my Ultimate Brain Question. What Action.com . but the subconscious does not have the ability to forget Two Questions That Are Great To Ask Yourself Often Thus a really great question to ask you VERY often is the Inner Clearance Question: How could. It is so structured with positive action words. can I take. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and it presented you with a memory to answer it Your conscious mind may not remember the question. I will learn. Both your conscious mind. Your subconscious is already listening. How does this relate to being a man Many of the writing exercises that you are going to do in this book are all about you taping into your SUBCONSCIOUS and communicating it through your conscious talk. especially in front of the mirror. so that.

© Frank B. Next. and is as real a person as you are. When your subconscious sees those symbols. it will cause you to react By writing out your lists. over time your conscious mind will become keenly aware of your symbols that your subconscious already responds too. which makes the painful change work you about to embark on much more tolerable and easier to navigate. It is a tool for you to use in order to enact the change work.44 For example: when coming up with a list of your symbols you may not even be consciously aware as to what your symbols are. Your conscious mind understands this. according to your unconscious mind. Your seduction persona does not actually exist. your persona DOES exist.com . there is an entire chapter here about developing your seduction persona. However. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. except in your imagination. or even why.

45 Below is my chart to illustrate the differences between the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind. The Conscious M i n d : Can see the difference between the past, present and future. It can distinguish different points in the time line. It is completely preoccupied in linear time. What is happening now, it understands is right now. When you are remembering something it sees it as the past. What you envision for the future it understands that it has not happened yet. Understands that there are some facts that are true, and some that are false. It is analytical. Can tell the difference between positive and negative language and influences. When faced with a question, it can choose what questions it answers and which ones it ignores. The S u b c o n s c i o u s Mind: Cannot see the difference between the past, present and future. It does not acknowledge the concept of linear time. What is happening now it understands is right now. When you are remembering something it sees it as ALSO right now. What you envision for the future it understands that is ALSO happening right now too. Is not analytical. Therefore everythingincluding impossible facts, are ALL TRUE Makes no distinction between positive and negative languages and influences. When faced with a question, it must answer ALL questions. It will keep busy with them until it finds an answer, and when it does, will bring the answer to the light of knowledge to the conscious mind. An example of this is when you learn something new and an old memory that you had thought forgotten pops up because the new learning has allowed you to finally understand it

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

46 Sees the difference between reality (what actually is) and fantasy (dreams, make-believe) Can easily be programmed with new learning and education Sees NO difference between reality (what actually is) and fantasy (dreams, make-believe) Difficult to re-program. Old Habits die-hard. Takes more than just conscious learning to make a chanqe. Unable to forget anything (retains and stores everything) It is actually in total control of all your behaviors but has utterly no concept of its control.

Able to forget (selective memory) It thinks it is in control of your behaviors, but actually it is not. However it can influence the subconscious through conscious repetitive action to help form new habit. It contemplates "existence". (1 think, therefore 1 am). The conscious mind is about what you THINK you deserve and is less powerful than subconscious

Conscious mind is interested in what it can see, hear, taste, smell, touch and measurements and has no interest in trying to interpret possible deeper meanings. It is the puppet

It does not even know it "exists", cannot think about "existence" as a concept. The subconscious is about what you FEEL you deserve and is more powerful than the conscious (if you feel you don't deserve good things, it will cause you to selfsabotaqe) Subconscious mind is interested in the EMOTIONAL IMPACT of what it can see, hear, taste, smell, touch and measure and is constantly trying to interpret deep meanings. It is the puppet master

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

47 Base Philosophy # 5 Principle Philosophy of Vibrations Magic Okay, this next little bit is going to sound hokey, and by all means it is totally hokey, but as a man, following this rule will make your understanding of women so much easier and faster. The rule is that everything in existence which includes all matter, all thoughts, all colors, all life, all death, all emotions and all actions taken.... all of them, VIBRATE their energies at particular and unique frequencies. (An episode of Star Trek, not sure which series, used the word Quantum Frequencies to describe something similar.) Author's note: Just what the heck is it with guys and Star Trek? The second part of this belief is that when two items, each with its own vibration frequency, are put together, each vibration will have an influence and impact the other. So certain colors (i.e. Red) vibrate at close to the same frequency as certain emotions (i.e. passion). This does not mean they vibrate at the same frequency, but they are so close that when you wear a red shirt it vibrates such that it could influence your thoughts, your mood, and so on.... how does it do this? Part of it can be due to social conditioning (you were brought up to assume that red means love or anger), but that is a thought, and even a thought carries with it a vibration of a particular frequency. We are all influenced by the collection of vibrations at particular frequencies. Human beings are a collection of feelings, experiences, thoughts, matter (body parts), and vibrate energy as a collective of all those things from the subconscious. Add to that clothes, jewelry, precious stones, smells and we become a bundle of energy based on those vibrations. Remember here, that at any one time, you do not give off thousands of vibrations at the same time...you give off ONE COLLECTIVE

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

48 vibration. That is what people mean when they tell you about feeling "A" vibe from a person. Energy attracts energy (based on those energy vibrations) and since one energy vibration can influence another, part of what you are going to learn in this book is how to clear up your own energies, so that your vibrations will help you attract the kind of women that will also be attracted to your own energies, based on the frequency you both vibrate at. I believe that women feel this on some instinctual level that most men are not consciously aware of. As a man, that makes no sense to me, but to a woman it can mean the difference between rejecting him and having his children. In fact, what I think happens is that a woman picks up on his frequency of energy vibration, and instinctually understands things about him, but because it is instinctual and not conscious, she relates it to certain details that the man may not even be aware are improper. The problem in this lies in the fact that instincts can be wrong. One of the last reasons I write this is the belief that once you put an idea into your head (thought or intention), you will coincidentally seem to attract to you people and opportunities that are based on that idea. This is commonly practiced in trance work, and visualizations. For example: lets say that you are looking to get a particular job, and you decide totally that you will do whatever it takes to get that job. You begin to take actions that are in line with that job. At some point you will start to meet people, without planning it, that coincidentally can help you establish the achievement of that goal. I believe that this is not coincidence. Your thoughts, actions, and all the things about you start to vibrate at the frequency, which will attract to you the thoughts, actions and opportunities that the universe has to offer.

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

49 How does this relate to women? When everything you are "VIBES" at the frequency of being attractive to the kinds of women that you yourself are attracted too, you will attract them. Do I know this for a fact? Nope. Have I experienced this? Yes. But it does not matter to me if it is fact or not What matters to me is having this belief works for me. Maybe it will work for you too. I hope that it does, and if so, please write me an email to let me know.

How does this relate to being a man Going through the writing exercises of this book will clear up your thoughts and thus, the vibrations associated with your thinking. If you are unsure or confused about the way you think, with the way you feel, and are not sure about the things you really want, or feel desperate in the things you overly desire or are addicted to, then all that uncertainty comes through in your vibrations. When you go through all the exercises in this book you will know yourself better, you will clear out lots of your own uncertainties and self-doubts about who you are, AND with the development your seduction persona, you will be able to learn to influence your VIBE to make you a more attractive individual. When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings and thus you change your overall VIBE. An attractive man is a man of certainty. And the vibe of certainty is irresistible to women, because a man that is certain, is doing his job.

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

com . Property is all connected on the same level. collective agreements and license requirements. I choose to enter relationships where both parties offer value to each other. This conscious effort of not accepting favors for frivolous requests. It has taught me to value people's time. whether it is your life. understand. The philosophy of "Property Rights" gave me the perspective that helped clear up other areas of my life. it also includes YOUR LIFE as a form of property. car. the doctrine of property rights means that when you violate a person's property (i. interpret and respond to the people than this one. As I understand it. unions. is a key concept to achieving true masculine independence and self-respect. or intellectual property such as downloading music) it is just as bad as if you attacked them physically and hurt their body in some way. and the fruits of your labor as far as respecting property rights is concerned. When I do need help. so that I could properly focus on bettering my communication skills with women.f ranktal ks. that I am able to plan to offer in return.50 Base Philosophy # 6 Philosophy of Property Rights There is no greater philosophy in the world that taught me more about how to think. and only asking for the type of help. but at the same level. house. car. I am not into any "something for nothing" lifestyle. perhaps in a different area. Property not only means your material possessions and intellectual property. Why? It is based on a man's property that he is able to continue to survive and sustain his ability to live. and your rights to keeping YOUR BODY (another form of property) safe from harm. It is the basis of most bodies of law.e. and always make efforts to balance the stakes when I feel I am being given more that I give. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. because if they know anything about how I © Frank B. and to reward people that do something for me. steal their material possessions like money. the plus side of this base philosophy is that I needn't look very hard to find people to help me.

That. to learn a clear understanding of respecting people's property rights. I believe that I am respected because I show respect to others by first respecting their legitimate property rights. that does not ask for lots of small favors. Respectable. and I can feel justified in asking. and not so respectable instructors out there have told me. I have been known to turn down some "great opportunities" in some offers of "help". I make lots. and it helps me make judgments on peoples characters by analyzing how they treat others regarding property rights. to a man. otherwise I would not ask.com .51 conduct myself. I now have a capacity to see through situations. and cut right to the heart of what is going on. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. They feel good about helping. above all else has factored in my standing. and build strong social connections that last years. in BIG ways. and STAY AWAY FROM MALE DRAMA. It also has given me a guideline to follow. In the short term. that they find me to be one of the most respected in the industry. People are always willing to help out. and sometimes suffer greatly. Nor is it because I am cool or any of that stuff ( l a m still a dork in many areas of my life). which I sometimes think has been blown out of proportion. In the long term. I keep myself out of trouble. In the world of seduction and dating instructors. How does this relate to being a man Part of being a man was for me. It is not because I never make a mistake. which gave me the ability to quickly see through people's arguments and adjust my own behaviors. I do suffer. that I would never take advantage of their good natures. there is a lot of mistrust and ill repute.f ranktal ks. they all know that I ask. because I must REALLY absolutely had too. I can usually assess if someone is out to do wrong. because I so value a person's property rights in their offerings. © Frank B. and rightly so.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Since that information will be a novel unto itself.com . once again I am only going to BRIEFLY summaries it here. I have started a new book on the emotional needs of men. and she feels obligated to be the "mother" of the situation. When a man fails to address her emotional needs. and I participate in making my clients and students better men. Since the release of my last book. I am most proud of the way this material is making the world a better place.52 Base Philosophy # 7 Philosophy of the Emotional Needs Theories I have so detailed my emotional needs theory for how men can seduce women in my book Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. by a focus on addressing men's emotional needs. I present: The Mother-Lover Theory Women ca n only take on 1 of 2 roles in a ny ma n's life: 1) Mother Of 2) Lover When a man addresses a woman's emotional needs. I look forward to the future when I will be able to educate women on the emotional needs of men. he comes across as a high value male.f ranktal ks. This is a book for women to read to learn how they can prove themselves to the men of their choice and get those men to commit to them. it indicates that he is a low value male. making better women too. This theory of emotional needs is at the heart of the Frank B Kermit method of seduction. For MEN who w a n t to Seduce W o m e n i n t o loving him. and she feels special and desires to be his lover. It took me years to formulate what I now teach in minutes to significantly change men's lives forever. that I am only going to BRIEFLY summaries it here. and loses any desire for sexual © Frank B.

f ranktal ks. It is her INSTINCT to mother you.com . as in the event she is left with a child. This is a. Do not try to make her happy ONLY. Know the difference when to ignore her ramblings and when she needs you to give her a hug. Sometimes she just needs to be reassured like a little kid 4-Be dominant and take responsibility for leading the relationship. and taking 100% responsibility for the sex in the relationship. I have identified 10 emotional-needs categories that women test for. This covers her emotional need to feel secure. and left alone to care for it. © Frank B. 1-The protection Reputation of her most valuable asset: Her 2-Women want to FEEEEL a range of emotions. (a.k. It all has to be the man's "fault" 5-She fears abandonment. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.a no-sex -for-you-mode). A "TEST": is when a woman says or does something. which is stronger than her instinct for sex. This includes making all the decisions. This is part biological programming. and will seek to totally get away from him.a.k. It is a SUBCONSCIOUS mechanism that a woman uses to find out about what kind of man she is dealing with which is based on her mothering instinct. When a man badly violates her emotional needs. she needs to be sure that she will not be abandoned. This is 5 0 % of the reason that she desires martial commitment. whether verbal or action based. she sees him as a threat. is her biological way to know if she needs to switch into mother-mode. and testing you. give her a full range from fury to ecstasy.53 relations with him. her Drama Cookie 3-Cater to the little girl in her. The way a woman finds out if he can address all of her main emotional needs is that she TESTS him. specifically to evoke a reaction out of a man.

54 6-Trust The key here is if she can trust you to be honest with her, even if you know she will not like what you have to say. In a woman's reality, she is used to people lying to her ALL THE TIME because of the way she looks, or they simply want something from her. If you are willing to piss her off with your honesty, you have demonstrated that she can trust you. 7-Her physical safety. A man must demonstrate that he is capable of protecting her physically from the threats of the outside world. This is to make her feel protected. 8-Women need to know that you can handle her TRUE sexuality. She will only be as wanton with you as you demonstrate that you can handle it. She needs to explore her sexuality and let it be free with you as a Natural Woman 9-Prove that you have high quality sperm. The best way is by showing that other girls want to have sex (procreate) with you, and/or you are a "good catch" and the kids with you will also be a "good catch" enough to also attract a mate. This is the other 5 0 % of the reason that she desires martial commitment. On this one need alone, a man can get sex in certain cases. 10-Prove that you are not a homosexual. She knows every homosexual male friend she currently has that is not out of the closet yet. Could you be one too?

For WOMEN who want to prove themselves and get High Value Men to c o m m i t to her, I present: The Ally-Enemy Theory A Man only sees women as playing only 1 of 2 roles in his life: 1) An Ally Or 2) An Enemy

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

55 When a woman addresses a man's emotional needs, she comes across as a high value female, and he feels RESPECTED, and thus considers committing to her for being an ally to him. When a woman fails to address his emotional needs, it indicates to him that she is a low value female and he may abandon her temporarily, and loses some desire to commit to her. He may still want to be sexual with her in both cases, but he will only commit to her if she proves herself, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be his ally. When a woman badly violates his emotional needs, he sees her as a threat to his lifestyle of choice, and will seek to totally drop her from his life altogether (total abandonment).

The way a man finds out if she can address all of his main emotional needs is that he CHALLENGES her. Although sex for a man is instinctual, and a man will be willing to have sex with a woman, even if she does not meet all of his challenges for his emotional needs; the making of a COMMITMENT to her is a totally different story for him. It's not how he feels about hen it is about how she treats him. A man constantly observes how she treats him through meeting his emotional needs using the threat to abandon his women (non-commitment) to her because his INSTINCT to fuck (sexual variety), is stronger than his instinct to father. A "CHALLENGE": is anything a man notices that is directly related to how he judges the way a woman treats him. If she meets that challenge, he will know because he will feel RESPECTED. If she fails, he may feel disinterested in commitment, and just want sex. If she violates his emotional needs, he will abandon her including the sex. I have identified 10 emotional-needs categories that men have in order to challenge women. 1-The protection of his most valuable asset: His Reputation. We know women will complain about us, it is part of what women do. What men want to hear is

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

56 that women complain about men in a way, that still presents him as desirable to other women. 2-Recharge time. Men seek quiet time to rest, relax, regroup, rekindle and recharge a.k.a Going deep within the cave. The woman that knows when to shut up, be quiet and give her man some space is the woman that meets this challenge. A.k.a the Rule of R's. 3-Can you mind the store? If a man is incapacitated, injured, passed out, in an accident, will she still be able to carry on, and pick up where he left off? Can she take care of things while he is away until he is well enough again to return and take over? Will she be able to care for his children if he dies? 4-Compliance. We do not want blind obedience; we want compliance to our actions of dominance. Unnecessary challenges to male dominance are the beginning of the male roving eye. 5-Nurture of his social-personal environment. This can be up to 75% of the reason that he chooses her for martial commitment, even if he will not be faithful to her. A man who knows who he is, and what he wants, seeks a woman that can nurture their shared investments (home, children, lifestyle) 6-Be the Secret Keeper. One of the ways a man challenges a woman is that he will trust her with a small secret, just to see if she will betray him. Being a secret keeper is the quality of the great mystical mistress who inspires long-term commitment from her lovers. 7-Put Us First If a man has reason to assume that the woman will listen to her friends, family or her other suitors over him, or if she does not publicly stand by her man, she will never get his commitment. 8-SEX. For men, sex IS the emotional need. Whereas women can have all of her emotional needs addressed through sex, for a man, sex will only address this one emotional need. This can be up to the other 2 5 % that he will choose her for marital commitment. If everything else

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

57 is there, but the sex is not, a man is unable to commit at 100%. 9-Penis Identity. So much of a man's self image is tied to his penis, and this includes the issue of the paternity of his children. The woman that openly loves that one part of his body is far ahead of her competition. 10- Femininity. A man feels more masculine, when a woman puts forth the extra effort to be feminine as he instinctually picks up on that feminine energy. Femininity is defined as being Attractive (Arousal), Appreciative (makes him feel useful), and most importantly Courteous (Giving). The challenge here is being courteous without being mothering.

How does this relate to being a man It is not enough JUST to be born a man; you must demonstrate you are a High Value Male. Just as when studying the emotional needs of women, the theory pre-supposes that we are dealing with women that are of actual emotional health (high value women). In this set of emotional needs for men, we also must presuppose that the man is of high value as well; as low value men have different emotional needs. When a woman makes a judgment on you as either a high value male, or a low value male, it is DIRECTLY related to your addressing of her emotional needs. Only the higher value males are the ones that get the women they w a n t The lower value males get only what they can have. A man must also set standards for himself about the type of women that he would commit to. Having sex is one thing, but commitment for a man, must be something she earns. She can only earn it, if he knows himself enough to set the perimeter. The setting of the perimeter That's HIS job.

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com


Base Philosophy # 8 The Meaning of Life Think about your DEATH. No, seriously. If you want to figure out the meaning of YOUR life, you must first come to grips with the cold reality that someday, you and everyone you know, is going to die. You see, I know a secret...that one day...*l*.... am going to die. I will not be around forever. I came to that conclusion when I was about 16. I did an oral presentation in my Grade 11 English class on the topic of death (I had just attended the funeral of a neighbor and close friend). I remember distinctly that near the end of that class presentation, I led the class of thirty students (15 -17 year olds) through the following exercise. Here is that exercise: I told them to take a look, a good look, just for a few seconds at the face and in the eyes, of the person sitting to their left. They did. Then I told them to look at the person sitting to their right. They did. Then I told them to do the same thing for the person sitting in front of them, behind them, across from them etc. Basically take a good look at the faces and the eyes of everyone in the classroom. At this point some kids were giggling and making faces to their friends but I ignored that part. Then I took back control and asked everyone to look at me. Once I had their attention again, I said the following statement, which sent some of the toughest and smartmouthed teenagers in the room into absolute tears and minor hysteria. I said: "Everybody that you just faces...someday...are going looked todie." at, all these

Got it? Good.

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

and keeps you from sleeping at night.f ranktal ks.. and about nine months later you popped out. let's work together to help you discover YOUR meaning of life. The meaning of life is not the "why" about being here: it is about how you choose to live it. and the things I thought I was passionate about. but it is not It forces a man to stare down the barrel of his own mortality. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Learning about what is important to you at this level may seem like an easy task. (You will read more about this particular concept of Why Are You Here in the part of Base Philosophy # 10: We were born to FUCK..com . we are asking for the meaning of YOUR life. and he must acknowledge that he is not going to be around forever. and got as screwed up by the system as the rest of us. One thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between: The meaning of YOUR life? And Why are you here? The answer to the second question is pretty self evident in my philosophy. the first thing I did was to write down what I liked to do. It is about what is important to you and to identify what it is that gets you out of bed in the morning. However. For example: as a youth. It was good.You still with me? Ok. the initial path I chose was no longer suiting me. Now that you have come to know the truth. I LOVED watching TV.) In this part. THAT is WHY you are here.59 . that path took me down into a career that I thought I wanted. You are here because at some point. It was a good start. When I started down this path. I also wrote a list of skills that I knew I already had. but as I grew as a person. and I © Frank B. and still decided to figure out the meaning of life instead of giving up. the sperm of your father fertilized an egg cell of your mother.

ideas. ideas and passions I inspired. did something great to contribute I was a hero I made the world a better place. I still loved being creative and watching TV. As part of my development. I will be remembered. I wrote down a list of things I wanted said about me at my funeral. will carry with them an energy that I helped create. Here is that list for you to read now: • • • My life counted for something. and will have it continue to get better long after I am gone. I inspired thoughts. ideas and passions. ideas and passions and through those thoughts.f ranktal ks. not the TV programs. Those children born of the thoughts. and in that way. and passions. even better than when I first arrived. encouraged the birth of children born from those thoughts. BUT I had missed the point that I like watching TV as I felt I was learning. and it was the LEARNING that I loved. that career path no longer suited me. I will truly be immortal even if I am not remembered.60 loved building stuff. Learning to address a woman's emotional needs. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. the underlying themes and emotional needs behind those changing goals stayed the same. and being creative. In the end. I discovered that although my goals changed over time. So I went and sought a career in television media production. present and future) in some way making them feel good I was a lover of women I was a fantastic teacher I was a true man • • • • • • • © Frank B. As the years went by and I changed as a person. I touched people (past. What I am about to present to you represents years of personal research that had been condensed into a few pages.com . taught me to be able to identify my emotional needs.

and why you admire them 11-Ten life principles that are important to you and why they are important in your opinion 12-Ten beliefs you have about how the world should change 13-Ten things you would love to do to make a full time living that would not seem like work to you. that will make the above actually happen Life's Purpose and Inner Turmoil Part of what helped me get some ideas about my life. It is important to push through. Not much time. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and with my health issues. you ASKED for it. and now I am going to give you some writing exercises here. I figure I have about another 30-40 years left in me. Here are some Meaning-of-Life exercises I want you to do: 1-Write your own eulogy 2-Fill out your tombstone epitaph 3-Take a walk in a cemetery or mausoleums and study the grave dates 4-What your 3 friends think about you vs.61 This was where I started. 14-Ten Actions you are currently taking. condensed. was to focus on the fact that I WILL die one day. and keep at it because inactivity causes death. maybe sooner than later. This is a concrete. but enough to make my mark.. and action oriented version of the exact process I went through. I want you to write out the following lists.com .and not all of them are going to be pleasant.. what you thought they would say. if you are reading this. 5-Contemplate the movie of your life 6-Ten Things you want said about you at your funeral 7-Ten Things you want to be remembered for 8-Ten Things That Will Build Your Legacy 9-Ten most influential books and songs of your life and their authors 10-Ten people you most admire.f ranktal ks. © Frank B. Remember. or are going to take this year.

you can still learn what does not work for you. It is to make a difference in people's lives. Although you may feel it was a waste. sometimes you start (but not finish) by defining yourself by what you are not. than the way it was when I first arrived. Once you figure out your values. so that I can be immortal in the energy that I create in them. When it comes to quieting the inner turmoil you may be feeling in the course of your development. As even in the wrong actions. All of your accomplishments to this date were NOT a waste of time. it will be easier to change the road you are on than it is to start from nothing. As long as you are active. as I have been there). Basically. DISAPPEARS. because it was the pain I needed. I am telling you right now. © Frank B. Think about all those old guys that die a year or so after they retire. Once you get your love life in order that is when you can once again appreciate your other accomplishments. (and I perfectly understand how that can be.f ranktal ks.com . and once you start getting this part of your life (love life) under control. part of learning-of-self. I want to leave the world a better place when I die. anger. In order to figure out who you are. rage. here is what I can tell you.. Any action is better than no action. I have personally defined my purpose in life. and eventually not so simple things. you can find the things outside yourself that match what is going in inside you. etc. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I no longer regret my nights being alone and in pain. even if you are still trying to figure out what does work for you.. It is an ongoing process. Sometimes. requires you to try th ings just to see if you like it once you have it The way I started defining what truly resonates with my inner core is that I started with writing down the things I knew that I liked and did not like. in order to motivate myself to move to this side of the canyon. Simple things.. all that doubt.62 No joke. THEN.

But watching him suffer made me realize that being of his blood. to live your life to its' maximum potential. Or even worse. and listen to these old dying people talk about the regrets of their missed lives.and still fucked up here and there. and that is the pain to move away from. They developed over time through lots of work. It is the Patch-Adams exercise. Please Remember This Dear Student The only last comment I can make is that you should not confuse the finished product with the process of development. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. MORE than the stupid things they did do. that pain was your motivator. volunteer at an oldfolks home or a geriatrics hospital. study. If you are still having trouble being motivated to see this part of your life through. I watched my father be ill for 8 years. He will never know about my books. study. I would suggest volunteering in a kid's hospital. It is the motivation to just try SOMETHING like the exercises in this book.. trial and effort to get my first lay. In order to have picked up this book to begin with. © Frank B. instead of staying in the pain you are in. After that.63 If you want a reason to push ahead.com . and I am in worse health. There is no point in comparing yourself to others who have completed their development Those strong characters did not always exist. and finally watched him die. just as I remember him for more than his suffering. I am much older now than my father was when he had kids. consider the pain you are in. He never knew of my accomplishments in seduction. or anything of that nature.. Assuming I live long enough to have kids and have them watch me get old. You owe it to every kid out there dying of cancer who will never see puberty. It took me 2 1/2 years of development. I might end up like him too. even when you do not feel like it. I want my kids to remember me for something other than my bodily suffering. I blossomed. and willingness to put it into practice.f ranktal ks. People at the end of their lives regret the things they did not do.

like most people. That is why you came to learn from this book. You just have to put in the work. How does this relate to being a man To be a man. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. you. You are now part of an elite group of people: A person that will not settle for the status quo. will continue to trudge ahead thinking this next thing will be it. A people that will not settle for what they are told to settle for. and we are working towards it © Frank B. Doing this process will help you find that answer for yourself. And you will keep doing so until you realize that the answers to who you are and what drives you will come from within you only.64 It WILL be the same for you. and will provide the answers.com . We know there is more. Willingness to look at your own mortality is the ultimate symbol of courage. My last thoughts are that until you answer the questions I have raised below. and this book will guide you through it. A true man MUST face his death. That is part of your j o b as a man.f ranktal ks. means to know what the meaning in your life is.

the exercise was a valuable one. you FIRST have to write the initial draft. You ARE going to come back here and re-write this.f ranktal ks. that looking back now. However. that you want mentioned.65 1-Write Y o u r Own Eulogy When I first wrote my own eulogy. It should include all the things you have already done.com . In this space. © Frank B. are utter nonsense and unrealistic. it contained things in it. So here it is. I have gone back. but in order to do that. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Over the course of my development. and mention the things you are definitely planning to do. write the initial draft of your eulogy. and re-worked it.

are a name. and the epitaph that will appear on your grave. Sometimes it is a person's last words. dates of birth and death. forever sketched in stone. birth date. A last comment about that person's life. sometimes all that is left to mark that the person buried there actually was alive.com . or the motto lived by. and some scribbling called an Epitaph. © Frank B. let us get busy with this one.f ranktal ks.66 2-Fill Out Your T o m b s t o n e Epitaph I personally find tombstones creepy. Leave the date of death as unknown (Duh!). seduction persona name. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Write out your full name. So. On forgotten graves.

Next. in this one. in this one. Look at the names.67 3-Take A Walk In A Cemetery To Study The Grave Dates Did I mention I find tombstones creepy? Ok. Again. then it means you present yourself in a manner that is truthful. The next time you think you have got it bad in life.f ranktal ks. Once you are there WALK AROUND. I want you to visit a cemetery or a mausoleum in your area. I prefer mausoleum as they are usually well l i t clean and indoors. get over yourself. the exercise has indicated for you that you really need to work on how you present yourself to others. © Frank B. but it will require you to take some action. and ask them what they would say about you if you died. 4-What Your Three Friends Think A b o u t You Vs What You T h o u g h t They W o u l d Say. Here is the exercise: Think of the three people that you think know you best. It is a GREAT reality check when you find you are wrong on this one. There is no guarantee you will live a long life. and sometimes the only way to appreciate it. remember.com . take a look at the people who died just slightly (1-15 years) older than you. What you are looking for is to see how many people you have already OUT LIVED at your age. If what you think they would say is DIFFERENT from what they would actually say. and those of young parents whose kids have left them pictures and letters taped to the graves. Life is a gift. So. you have the privilege to even be alive. The most heart breaking graves are those of children. That is the point of this exercise. there is nothing to write out. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Take a good look at the gravestones there. it may happen at any time. If you can predict it accurately. the faces (some graves have pictures of the deceased) and the dates. and tell your sob story to the dead who cannot hear you. there is nothing to write. Let it be a reminder of the fact. is to identify others for who it has already been taken away from.

Although it does help keep temptation at bay.68 5-Conlemplate the movie of your life Ok. enough of the morbid stuff for a second. I find that attitude a little uncomfortable for my liking (I have a VIVID imagination). and which ones do you still have to live out? If it is a documentary about you. I like my version better of contemplating the movie of your life. Act like someone is always watching. So. and any modified lyrics inserted) © Frank B. This is going to be a fun one. and by whom? There is a self-help philosophy that states. Here are the lists I want you to fill o u t Ten Potential Titles for the movie of your life 1- 234- 5678910Ten Soundtrack songs for the movie of your life * 1234- 5678910*(Note the song artists. which ones have already happened. Who would play you? What events from your life would be portrayed? Of those events.f ranktal ks. I want you to contemplate the movie of your life.com . how would it be narrated. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

there HAS to be something you want said at your funeral that would not be said at mine for me. back to the morbid stuff. You cannot simply substitute my answers for your own. I do NOT want clones of Frank B Kermit going around. Be a man. no cheating.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Now it is time for you to write out YOUR answers. and be original. This was the list I started with. and you have already read my answers. Now then. Even if we are alike in almost every way.f ranktal ks.69 6-Ten Things You Want Said A b o u t You At Your Funeral Ok. what are ten things you want said about you at your funeral? 12345678- 10- © Frank B. That is not development. Now.

In other cases. an act that people will remember. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. that you will be remembered for. what are the ten things you want to be remembered for? 12345c 78- 10- © Frank B. So then.70 7-Ten T h i n g s You Want To Be Remembered For This one is a little tougher. This could be something that you said to them. while you are still alive. or based on a specific interaction with them.com . Part of becoming a man is to be able to create those memories others will have of you.f ranktal ks. is different from what people will remember about you. This could be something about the principles you chose to live your life by. but not even know that you were behind it. and the only person who will remember you is that one homeless person. Maybe you helped a homeless person get off the street for a winter weekend by giving them the money they needed. it could be something secret that you did. Having something said about you at your funeral.

Maybe you have a star on the walk of fame. Your children could be a part of that too. and can be excitingly motivational to get your achievement done in your life. The idea here is to identify any RECORD of your being alive.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .71 8-Ten T h i n g s That Will Build Your Legacy This one is for all those over-achievers out there. This is an easy one for them. it still only counts as one item on this list. This is the list that will be your LEGACY. or working to earn that Nobel Peace Prize. and your accomplishments.) So. (Whether you have one child or many children. What degrees have you earned? What awards have you been named to? Have you started a scholarship in your name? Do you have a foundation started up that you headed or a company or corporation that has done good deeds. what ten things will build your legacy? 12345678- 10- © Frank B. You know who you are. that will exist beyond you? Maybe you had a career that affected many people's lives and have a plaque on a wall somewhere with your name on it.

the art of finding oneself is to look outside yourself. is that both these forms of art envelope THEMES (Express Core Ideas).72 9-Ten Most Influential Books And Songs Of Your Life And Their Authors Sometimes. So let us learn more about you. By identifying what books and songs have influenced you the most. it gives an indication to things that are important to you. you are also identifying those things that your subconscious finds important.com .f ranktal ks. For the purposes of this exercise I am going to focus on only two things: Books and Songs. Ten most influential books of your life (with authors) 1234- 5678910Ten most influential songs of your life (with authors) 1234- 56789- 10- © Frank B. and identify things in your environment that have an impact on you. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. even if your conscious mind is as yet unaware of what you already respond to. By studying the themes of those art forms that most affect you. The reason I chose books and songs for this exercise.

and why. The ten people I most admire. The issue for this exercise is to focus on what makes these people particularly admirable. or people you have read about. it gives an indication to things that are important to you. even if your conscious mind is as yet aware of what you already respond to. By studying who these people are and WHY you admire them. friends.73 10-Ten People You Most Admire. here we are going to focus on PEOPLE that you very much admire. They could be family members. are: 12345c 78- 10- © Frank B. following the same trend as the last 2 lists. in order to admire something about them.f ranktal ks. historical figures. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. it will (hopefully) teach you what your subconscious finds important. You do not even have to like them. Again. Admire Them And W h y You Again. by identifying people that you admire the most. These must be people that are real (living or dead) and cannot be fictional characters.com .

For the purposes of this exercise.com . and a one-line description so that YOU know what you are talking about for your future reference. you will have your own chapter written out listing the principles you have.74 11-Ten Base Life Principles That Are Important To You And W h y Are They Important In Your Opinion If you are wondering what mine were/are. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. just write out the principle. What are the principles that govern how you choose to live your life? What principle base philosophies do you hold to be true and self-evident? Why do these beliefs. In fact. but that no longer fit your top ten list. in time. as well as those you had. you have been reading them in this chapter of the book.f ranktal ks. The ten life principles that are important to you and why they are important in your opinion: 12345678- 10- © Frank B. principles or philosophies better your life? There is no way you will be able to answer this in just a one-page list.

and wanting to change the way people perceive reality. Are you an environmentalist? Do you want to fight injustice? What really makes your blood boil? What charitable causes do you sponsor? What diseases would you like to see cured? What government policies would you like to see enacted.75 12-Ten Beliefs You Should Change Have A b o u t How The World Two of the best ways you can come across your personal list of ten is to watch the news. this is about looking through a global perspective. People change. the things that are important to you now.f ranktal ks. The question is do you want the option to influence a changing future of CHOICE or one of limits? The ten beliefs you have about how the world should be variable. but for this moment in time your top ten are: 12345678- 10- © Frank B. or study the law. because once you get to the level you are heading towards. Here we are not just looking at things you would want to personally change. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. may not even be on your radar in the future.com . or removed? What would you change in the law if you could? This list will change partly as you continue your development.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and the other is to start asking around. first you need to know who you are (that is what this book is designed to help you discover). Any time you were trying to figure out what kind of a job you should apply for. or what school program you should attend. If you really have no idea about what kind of jobs or professions you would like. The ten things you would love to do to make a full time living that would not seem like work to you: 12345678- 10- © Frank B. One key thing to remember is to talk to people that both love and hate the same job. but the different perspectives will give you what you need to know. you have thought about this particular list. I think this one is pretty clear and self-explanatory. just perhaps not in this way. before committing yourself to anyone profession. Good luck on this one. Same job. and one that hates it.76 13-Ten T h i n g s You Would Love To Do To Make A Full Time Living That W o u l d Not Seem Like Work To You.f ranktal ks.com . Find an accountant that loves his work. it is not as easy as it seems. and talk to people about their jobs and professions. I am sure you have tried to make a similar list to this one before.

Ten A c t i o n s You A r e Currently Taking. use The Ultimate Brain Question. you MUST take action. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. In order to make any of your dreams come true. It is very important that you write out these actions.77 14. it is all about taking action. which I present earlier in this book. and those lists. Period.com . So what actions (Goals) are you going to set for yourself this year that relate to the meaning of YOUR life? 12345678- 10- © Frank B. Or A r e Going To Take This Year. That Will Make The Above Actually Happen In the end. Be willing to do research if you need to in order to get the information you require to complete these actions. tombstone. It is up to you to now figure out what actions you need to take this year in order to make much of what you have written (for your eulogy. Before you fill out this list. They are your GOALS for this year. If you are stuck.) a reality. go back and read EVERYTHING you wrote for this section so far.

that his life will ALWAYS be rough. By accepting that sometimes. © Frank B. That creates apathy. and was ill for a period of 8 years. This all happened during some very critical points of my development. I also knew that like all things it would pass. or cannot handle it when the slightest things go wrong. The good parts. but actually. A man needs to be proactive. Huge disappointments are in the future of those people that cannot handle life's rough patches. If I had assumed that the rest of my life. and they were bad. all have time limits. and suck bad. As a man. my father became ill. If a man EXPECTS his life and the people in it to be perfect. you cannot expect that because things are going good right now. I never would have kept at my development like I did. a man cannot just assume that because the period he is going through right now is a rough one. While other periods had him in a hospital bed for months at a time. As difficult as those times were. By the same token. that they always will. During a certain period in my life.f ranktal ks. At some points during his illness he was recovering well. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. it also presupposes that sometimes your life will NOT suck. with my family tending to him. and then I never would have reached the point where I am writing these books. and the bad parts. I would be in and out of hospitals. sitting by bed-sides and being an escort during ambulance rides. he ALWAYS comes across as a low value male. and a man must be proactive to maintain whatever happiness he enjoys. It was not a pleasant time. your life will suck.com . This line of thinking makes you lazy and complacent. and experiencing good health. Like all living things the time came when he passed away. and that chapter in my life ended with him. this belief is very empowering. and can actually be pleasant and amazingly awesome. and kills his motivation to take actions to fix whatever the problems in his life are.78 Base Philosophy # 9 Sometimes Life Sucks I know this sounds discouraging.

.f ranktal ks. needs a hand". That is how I went from a Loser to a Seducer. There is no happy ending if it is all left solely to chance. while the heroes of the story worked hard to make that miracle happen. you are still in control of how you REACT to what happens to you. so that I continued my development.com . THAT is where you can still take action. The specific line in the song that still resonates with me. It takes proactive action on your part There was a cartoon Christmas TV special. in order to apologize to Santa Clause for a nasty letter sent to him by one of the mice children. you cannot just hope and pray. even when life does suck. It is: "We'll do what's necessary. and periods in our life where we just had to take it one day at a time. and sometimes there is nothing you can do to control what happens to you.you need to work for it too. I have found that knowing that something as unpleasant as a bad period of my life would HAVE to end at some point makes the day-to-day tolerance of it. and everyone prayed for a miracle. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. entitled 'Twas the Night Before Christmas about a family of mice and a giant clock tower that was suppose to ring. miracles do NOT happen without a hand. abusive bosses. unfair teachers. because even a miracle DO WHAT'S NECESSARY is the key. days before Christmas the clock tower broke. © Frank B. This communicated to me that sometimes if you want really good things to happen. In that TV special was a song about how: "Even a miracle needs a hano". However. much easier to bear. that I saw as a child. The only things I can tell you are that. in order to just see it through. Things do not "just work o u r .79 We have all had crummy jobs. I could not control my father's health over those years. and have a hand in turning things around. but I was in total control of how I budgeted my time..

if you have not already guessed it. The crap you go through today. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Expecting that your life is going to be perfect. Yes.com . Life Sucks. You STILL always have an option. © Frank B. is nothing more than the lesson that you will reflect back on tomorrow. The question is what do we LEARN from it that helps us to build our futures? Hope for the best. You do not get any days off. Happy Endings are not guaranteed.80 Author's Note: By the way. and still maintain your leadership. We ALL have had bad things happen to us.. Watching professional wrestling has taught me a few things: Shit happens.. and that you will never lose. prepare for the worst.the option to LEARN. Your job as a man is to be able to handle that with grace. Why does this happen to you? Well. Sometimes the good guys lose. Bad things happen to good people. why anyone? I like to consider it as life just testing me. so that your future does not have to suck as much as your past.and LEARN. Life happens while you are busy making plans.. How does this relate to being a man Part of being a man is to accept that sometimes life will suck. some more than others.f ranktal ks. I hope to include this song in the movie of my life. and I always learn how to pass those tests. Taking control of your life is about taking control of your future. Sometimes the bad guys do get away. is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. sometimes it sucks to be a man..

and some friends) that believed the only reason we were all born. We were born to fuck." You are here because at some point. if the whole point of it is death? Just get to the point. we were born to have sex We were NOT born to die.81 Base Philosophy # 10 We were born to have sex Lastly.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. My answer is. If this were true. As for that fatalist attitude. take care of our health. As I got older. In fact. I hope to get the rights to do a parody and sing it: "Lady. For a short period in my teens. © Frank B. and got as screwed up by the system as the rest of us. When they do the movie of my life. find a partner. We were born to procreate. W h y waste time with life. (Born to die is a Fatalist theory). or do ANYTHING really. I now think it is bunk. was to die. I was subjected to a number of fatalists (some teachers. Author's Note: Bruce Springstein did a song entitled. "Baby we were born to run". there would be no reason to better our lives. we were born to fuck. when I went on a spiritual quest to find a meaningful answer to "Why are we here?". anyone that believes that the ONLY reason people live is to die. Growing up. I even believed this to be true. We were born to have sex. That is why you are here.f ranktal ks. I challenged that belief. and about nine months later you popped out. as that seemed to be the only certainty and constant in everyone's life. the sperm of your father fertilized an egg cell of your mother. I present to you my answer for "Why are we here?". would actually have already committed suicide if they actually and truly believed in their own bullshit. love.

they decide that NOW is a good time to do a spiritual quest. Spiritual Quests and Creative Avoidance This is directed specifically to all the low value males reading this (you should know who you are by now if you have read my other books). I can not tell you.. discredit all the frauds. dispel all the myths.. © Frank B. and is actually able to come back and tell everybody what is out there. is a way to creatively avoid fixing the "seduction" part of your life. Focusing on "finding out that one BIG answer". Anything more than getting what you need to manage that is creative avoidance. in that they TELL people what to think. If you are a low value male. Yeeeesh! This is why I have included this belief as one of my main ten. so that the followers can function from day to day. It is not one that we will ever truly find the answer too. start up with a discussion about "Why are we here?".82 Spiritual Quest Going on a spiritual quest to find the universal answer of "Why Are We Here?" is a lofty goal. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. they have some sense of meaning for their existence. and find the faith to believe in what YOU need to believe in order to function each day. and put it all in perspective. That is the value of most religions. What IS possible if to find your own answers to this question.just to find out if this "learning seduction" is what they really want. Until such a time as someone dies. and THAT is what you need to be focusing o n . your issue is your inability to connect with women.f ranktal ks. Spiritual quests are designed to help you cope and function day to day. Rather than face their anxiety. They are able to do this because they have some comfort in the knowledge that in many ways their lives have already been planned for them. Through that. how many men. when there simply is not the means available to find it.com . when they are faced with the fact they need to take ACTION to solve their Inner Game. dear reader. then the spiritual quest is unsolvable on a global or universal scale.

delve into the study of your spiritual question as an addendum to your complete life. At least then. it is best that I behave in a manner for my longterm success. The second option is to get the rest of your life together. different plains of existence. There are times when I believe in some kind of after life of ghosts. including your love life. At least then. I firmly believe it does not matter. There are times I believe in reincarnation. Chances are. What I do believe is that I exist for a reason. That is OK. and not just a form of creative avoidance.. and then you have two options. and make that journey your life's passion.com .f ranktal ks. It is pointless to try to find a final concrete answer to something that is beyond our scope of answering. But it works. it is a respectable life choice. and while I am here. The first is to alter the course of your life. it is a respectable healthy interest. that's it. and not my short-term gains. and not some form of created distraction from improving the areas of your life that are causing you pain..83 My advice to you is that if you are truly intrigued by the concept of a spiritual journey. to go beyond finding the faith that you need in order to function day to day. and once you get the rest of it into place (within reason of course). AND THEN by all means. dimensions. In that regard. and do not know what that reason is. or live the life of a spiritual philosopher. © Frank B. and nothing exists beyond the rotting tissue. What I do know for sure is that I AM here.and there are times when I believe that once you are dead. and such. What Do I Believe? There are times I believe in Heaven and Hell. Why do I go through all this? Because in truth. Perhaps become a PhD academic in your chosen field. it is better to be as good and honest as you can. and you do not need religion if you choose not to. I will never know any other reason than my father's sperm fertilized my mother's egg cell. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Not simple to do. spirits. instead of being dishonest and bad. Follow that belief. yet is it simplistic? Yes.

Human beings are born. as we seem to be the only species that seems to have a concept of afterlife or higher-beings. he is not getting the sex he wants on a regular basis.) Watch The Birdie Well. create and destroy. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.84 Sex Is HEALING There is no greater stabilizer or healing agent for men than good steady sex. have traditions like funerals surrounding deaths. and through those nature TV shows. Think of every guy that you know that has serious problems.. © Frank B. but all animals.. (P. Think about it. and his testicles empty. and maybe it could work for you. the lower my standards go UNTIL I get laid. are one of the only species that regularly kills its own kind. the LACK of SEX is the root of all evil. The more sex I am getting.. must learn language. and even outer space and despite all of the advancement. and maybe he is even always sad and depressed. Works for me. to let me know your thoughts. achieve all kinds of accolades that prove we existed. " Life is good when a woman keeps a man's belly fully.chances are.f ranktal ks. air. You read me right In my philosophy.com . travel land." Frank B Kermit's rule is: the longer I go without sex. "We were born to have sex" by observing animals in real life. not about her. It is a self-punishment/reward system. develop and work with construction and technology. As a mentor of mine once said..it is the LACK of Sex. not just birds. and as they grow up. be raised with some form of spirituality. I was very intrigued at looking at the differences between humans and other animals. are self aware. and write me. I am right. The sex (or lack there off) is about you. the higher my standards get to be. Root Of All Evil It is not Money. It is easier for all men to keep life in the right perspective when they are getting good steady sex. water. I found my answer of.S. even marking the resting place of the remains of the dead.

do you know why you are here? Well by now you should be able to guess what you were born to do here before you die. and when it comes time to procreate the males do so in frenzy. no lights. Now. And multiple means they were born to have SEX. Humans are sometimes just a little too dumb to follow through. unlike many humans. You are here because two people decided to fuck...com .g.. Their one unifying desire when they are alive. They were born to survive and MULTIPLE. Some animals die in the act of procreation. you are absolutely right bucko. Both animals and human have the instincts to be inclined to have sex. male black widow spiders) or like a certain type of field mouse. They live and when the instincts h i t they procreate. Animals are born. which only surface during short weekend-long rainy periods. They live their lives. "/ was born to have sex!".and simply repeat this cycle of live and procreation until they die.ALL MAKE THE TIME TO PROCREATE. This is such that either the female may kill them (e. not a single luxury) STILL go after sex? I believe it is because. Even insects that live for only 3 days and amphibians. Period.f ranktal ks.85 Animals do not. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and survive via basic needs (for example: food and protection from harm). © Frank B. these creatures KNOW THEIR PRIORITIES. no motor cars. Why? Why do animals that have nothing else going for them (no phones. Do you really need a hint? If you said out loud. is the need to procreate.. Some insects have the life span of only a few weeks. like underground frogs. while other animals like reptiles. until the males die of a heart attack. have sex for 12 straight hours. may live longer than some humans.

we were b o m to FUCK. which suits your needs and fits in with your persona. or assuming that she already does like you. this belief factors in to a man's willingness to accept his sexuality when battling the anxiety he may feel in approaching new women he does not yet know. what else is there? Ladies and Gentlemen. and to act accordingly. and then to CREATE your own angle into the situation. In addition to that. is to develop the ability to take a situation where there is no obvious or apparent angle to connect with a woman. but has not met you yet.86 How does this relate to being a man This philosophy is at the heart of men being able to accept full responsibility for their sexuality and for the sex in a relationship. That process may include just assuming that the girl WOULD like you IF she got to know you. you know how important for women this aspect is to the emotional need of total male dominance.com . Part of developing and having a strong inner game philosophy. If you have read my other books. and there does not seem to be a direct opportunity for an approach. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. Specifically. Why should you believe this as a man? Because damn it. The belief is either: 1) She already likes you so just have to introduce yourself Of 2) She wants you to introduce yourself to verify that she already likes you. it is this belief that FORCES a man to FIND A SEDUCTION ANGLE in meeting women when he wants to approach a girl.f ranktal ks.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.Chapter 2 The 10 Rules of Relationships © Frank B.com .

video and DVD products. the internet. and speeddating. and what people actually respond to. monogamous. I did not die. and have written my own books on the subject.88 Introduction All relationships have rules. It is on all of this experience and personal research that I based my Rules of Relationships. and never paid attention to what people said worked. one after the other. and continued to live long enough to write you this book. are about the philosophy underneath what most other rules are based on. I have also gone into the real world and put my theories into practice. polyamory with open relationships. These rules. I now council men on their relationships with women as well.com . studied hundreds of CD. I paid attention to what actually worked. I have gone from Loser to Seducer. I sincerely hope that adopting these rules for yourself will enable you to have the same successful changes in life that I have enjoyed. and in the process have analyzed relationships from every angle. or I was going to die.) Enclosed in this chapter are my top ten rules of relationships. (Lucky for you dear student. I have read countless books. I was either going to figure this out once and for all and change myself if I had too (and I did both). under all kinds of rules. BDSM master. what I call my relationship rules. managed a harem of lovers. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. and studied the relationships of others. and have had a number of relationships. I had reached a point in my life where I had gotten fed up of being in poor relationships. Turns out that there is a big difference between what people want to believe they respond to. They have served me very well. I have been a swinger. but they are some of the more important ones. © Frank B. and met women through a variety of ways including through social circles. I have taken part in healthy and unhealthy relationships. Over the last ten years I have been to hell and back. There are not the only rules I follow.

89 You might find that some of these rules will not suit you.by all means do it. and learn from you as well. How does this relate to being a man Every man has his own rules of relationships. and that they work in the real world. and not to help you in areas you do not want it. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. My goal in this is to help you where you need help. than the ones I present..f ranktal ks. Just make sure your rules are realistic. and designing your own rules for relationships is your job. you will be able to design your own. By using mine as an example. You are a man. here are: The Frank B Kermit Top Ten Rules of Relationships 1-There is always a leader 2-CommitmentTo Commitment 3-Men And Women are Different 4-lgnore Intellectual Constructs 5-How she treats you is the MOST important thing 6-Better to be Respected than Liked 7-Pick and Choose Your Fights 8-Set the Boundaries Very Early 9-Beware your Mentors 10-Nobody's Got It Figured Out © Frank B. If you do have rules that work better for you. and that you have other rules you would rather em ploy. So without further ado. I would love to hear from you..com .

In every relationship. One person is always giving to the other person more. The more dominant person is the one that carries the responsibility to lead the relationship. One person shoulders the burden of the responsibility of the relationship more. There is a man. If you do not know who the submissive partner is. One person always has more choice of potential other partners than the other. thus does not burden the responsibility. even just sexual threesomes are difficult to maintain with more than one dominant personality. and asexual or Tran gendered. you ARE the submissive partner. One person is always more freed of the responsibilities of the relationship more. Group relationships. One person always loves the other person more. There is a top and there is a bottom. The dominant may not enjoy the full emotional range that a relationship has to offer. One person always fears abandonment from the other person more.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and there is a worshipper. One person is always taking from the other person more. If you are a man AND you do not want to be submissive to a dominant female then your gender and sexual orientation FORCE you to enter the © Frank B. One person always needs the other person more. The dominant person cannot share too many of his problems with the submissive. There is a Master and there is a Slave. One person needs and asks the advice and guidance of the other.com . there are always submissives and at least one dominant. and there is a woman.90 Rule of Relationships # 1 There is ALWAYS a Leader In every relationship there is a partner that is more dominant and a partner that is more submissive. In every relationship there is a leader and a follower. One person is always more dependent on the other. The submissive get to enjoy all the emotional range that a relationship has to offer. including those involving three people or more. The submissive does not lead the relationship. There is a God. homosexual (male-male or female-female). It does not matter if you are heterosexual (male-female).

otherwise you risk being abandoned by the very woman that you will over-cherish. tell her his troubles. and something of his mother. a guy could hope for and if he was lucky. his confidant. it is your job to be the "Man". A dominant male can ALWAYS find a female willing to be more submissive to him.f ranktal ks. submissive males struggle to find a dominant female to choose him and must hope she does. nor will she ever choose him over a dominant male. © Frank B. and the one thing I can tell you is that those women that are dominant. As a loser. believe. who seek out a number of submissive males. and know that she would not think less of him. He could confide in her. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. absolutely love and are attracted to dominate males that are even more dominate than the women themselves. the woman will alter herself to compensate for the balance. Get it? If you were b o m with balls.91 dominant role. BUT it is not OK for the man to get LOST in romance.com . The ability to attract many women. I have quite a bit of experience in alternative community lifestyles. Leadership: It's a Lonely Life This was an interesting dichotomy for me. The other person MUST become dominant by default When the man gets lost in the emotion. It's OK for a man to enjoy the romance. A high value man knows better. is also a very lonely life. find a woman to be his partner. and that is when she starts to resent the responsibility. In relationships. Giving up emotional control is for the one that ends up being the submissive. There has to be a balance for you to find where you can get the maximum enjoyment from the romance WITHOUT losing emotional control. No dominant female can ever be faithful to a submissive male. and even some averages guys. At least that is what a loser. where a man does not have to be alone without women.

as affairs do not work out. his phobias. and resolve as much as he can on his own. or he must go deep within himself. So the high value man does not get to vent.. The high value male must then either take confidence in male friends that he trusts will not stab him in the back and fuck his primary partner.com . either she will become unfaithful. who has been the "other man" enough times to know that women will instinctively and willingly take on a more motherly role. THAT is why most relationships that starts out. other times she is willing to accommodate just long enough to potentially steal him away from his primary woman. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. If she succeeds. and she is reminded not to take him for granted. where both the high value male. With that. BUT that same behavior that she is so accepting of. He does not get to find emotional support in the arms of his primary partner. Sometimes he pays for it. his insecurities. she will also change and want him to act like a man.92 A high value man knows that the last thing the women in his life want to hear is his whining about what troubles him. He does not get to share his problems. So the high value male resorts to having a female lover on the side that WILL be a part mother to him. He does not get to talk about his feelings. Such is the value of mainly (but not entirely) monogamous relationships. or the relationship will deteriorate completely.and still. More of his emotional needs are met.f ranktal ks.. and is still relieved of being there for him. © Frank B. A high value man. It is a wonder any of us bother to ever get married.. and his primary female partner take on female lovers to join them in regular threesomes. it is the start of the end of his leadership of the relationship. All that pussy..STILL it's a lonely life. Because he knows that if he starts to do that. is also simultaneously killing her attraction to her male partner. and his frustrations.

will learn and calibrate to get the results they want. Low value males are ill equipped with the readiness to be leading the relationship on a constant basis. For all the men reading this who are getting discouraged. and this is Your Job. and then do it forever. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. This is one of the reasons I take the motto of: You are a Man. really want to be with women. you were abandoned by her. A person that wants to be with women.93 That is the price to pay for leading the relationship. If you do it. You may not have the pain of planning to build your life with someone. assuming he wants to retain power in the relationship. can you be lazy when your employees get lazy? What would happen? Seems like it is common sense. © Frank B. You do not really get all that much slack off time. The good news is that once you internalize these learning. or both. you will not have to consciously think it through. let me put it to you another way: Is there ever a time that you go into work and get lazy? What would happen? If you are the boss.f ranktal ks. You may not have the relationship experience to understand this. It will "just happen". it is possible that they may have internal issues such that THEY DONT WANT A RELATIONSHIP at deeper levels. but what makes you think that it is different in relationships with women? Can you expect to keep your grades high if you slack off later in the program? No.com . For those that do not learn. Think about your relationship as you would your job. You may not have had the pain of having her cheat on you. you must do it right. They are surprised to find that needing to lead all the time is EXACTLY what it is going to be like. and then because you followed through on what she said she wanted from you (more of a sensitive emotional side). But those that have been down that road can attest to it.

94 Can a man really be happy and enjoy life with women if he's always thinking about having to lead? Well. © Frank B. and the price of not taking the lead. as if you were happy with that.com . whatever you decide. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. It is also your job to know the price of leadership. they would rather be with a man that leads than be with a man that does not How does this relate to being a man You are a man. You are a man. in the philosophy of a seducer. a man MUST lead. Only you can decide if you think it is worth it. I can tell you from the women that I have dated. Can a man truly be happy not leading. and taking on the role of the woman in the relationship? Well. both single and married. you still have to take the lead.f ranktal ks. I doubt it. and it is your job. you would not be reading this book. Then. It is your j o b to be the leader.

(and when I enjoyed. been betrayed. BOY DID I ENJOY) I came down to one underlying factor as to what makes some relationships work. The answer was closer to home than I ever could have realized if I had not ventured and challenged myself. I did not say they were committed to each other. My father passed away at the age of 68. screwed up. They fought every day. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. BUT they were undyingly committed to their relationship together. or diseased in some fashion that would prevent their capacity to the concept of commitment. got hurt with.com . What I do believe is that their commitment to building a relationship that would raise a © Frank B. They started to date officially at age 11 and 13. although I am sure (hey I am their son. still married to my mother age 66. but divorce for them was never even an option. attempted. It is your commitment to the commitment of the relationship.95 Rule of Relationships # 2 Commitment To Commitment After all of my development experiences. were separated due to different immigrations to Canada for 3 years! When reunited at age 17 and 19. Why? They may not have liked each other all the time. and maybe they were not happy all the time. until death did they part. and other relationships fail. they sometimes really got on each other's nerves (and those of us related to them). Author's Note: This of course does not take into account relationships that break up due to one or both partners being mentally ill. and even enjoyed. I base this in part to observing my own parents who grew up together as children. It is not your c o m m i t m e n t to another person that will determine the life of your relationship. they were immediately married. so I hope anyway) that there was some level of personal commitment there. after all of the traditional monogamous and alternative swinger and polyamourous lifestyles I experimented with.

It is the: Difference between doing s o m e t h i n g for her . You're a man. and sometimes our commitment to each other can waver. as humans are not dysfunctional. Ironically. except your family right dear student?). and know that when you do seek a relationship. but an ideology held dearly is above our human frailties. I believe that one of our strengths as human beings is that that we can be totally loyal to an intangible ideology more so than another human being. Commitment to each other is great. Commitment to an ideology is a powerful thing. I think that is why some people feel justified in leaving their partners despite being in self-confessed good relationships. but our commitment to a relationship is a commitment to something intangible. I think every family has some level of dysfunction (oh.com . To some extent. That is part of what makes us human. was the fabric that filled in when their attitudes towards each other were less than perfect.f ranktal ks. © Frank B. and that's your job. His word is his commitment. make sure you structure your relationship with a woman that is as committed to the relationship as you are. there is no such thing. Other human beings can occasionally piss us off..96 family. and other people remain totally together even in the face of being in the worst possible relationships. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Be a man. Being committed to commitment is a habit to form through practice. I did not say we. but we are humans. How does this relate to being a man A man is only as good as his word. Stay away from seeking the perfect relationship. Commitment to your woman is different from the commitment to your relationship with her.. and doing something for the relationship.

a woman's way of thinking. I will only include information here that is directly relative to the topic of men's inner game. They either: 1. They communicate and process information differently. seduction or relationship management. Secondly. but take the fatalist attitude that men will simply NEVER © Frank B. 2Know that men and women are different. Rather than working to understand how men and women are different. These are wrong on both counts. many men. so keep that in mind as I try to condense what you need in this short portion of a chapter. Many men understand that men and women are different. once a man acknowledges that men and women are different. nor predict. and a seducer MUST acknowledge this to become a man. and especially those that find they having trouble relating to women make one of two fatal relationship errors. men and women are not the same. but accept that men are forever unable to figure out. The differences between men and women could fill volumes and volumes of works. One is not better than the other. they are simply different.com . he must be willing to learn HOW men and women are different.Expect that women should act and react like men. As such. I only wanted to cover what I thought was directly related to that book. This is one of the biggest Rules of Relationships that a man must adhere to when putting his inner game together for pick up. Firstly. but men and women are not equal.f ranktal ks.97 Rule of Relationships # 3 Men and W o m e n are Different Author's Note: I have already gone over some of the differences between men and women in my other book Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. in this book. and that expectation is at the core of these men's constant DISAPPOINTMENT in women. At the time. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. As human beings both genders deserve equal rights under the law.

Drama.com . For this reason. One of the biggest mistakes that the men of current generations make.98 understand women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. (who are not consciously aware of the differences between the genders) simply cannot afford. because the THREAT of losing love (Fear of Abandonment) is a big part of what makes some men low value. That's Your Job This section is about understanding how men and women are different.. thus men will make "love" the "goal". Men are goal oriented. You are a man. Stick with it. You're a Man. and do it. With love as our goal. Romantic love is a female freedom that men. A man does not get the luxury to have the emotional need of fear of abandonment. some men repel the woman.. Biological Reproduction. Love Love. Gender Realities. She is not a man. You will need these lists and writing exercises in the upcoming parts of the book.f ranktal ks. and applied it to our way of processing info. It is a form of self-sabotage © Frank B. and what it means to be a man. We took a emotion like love. is to assume that because women have equal rights under the law. that he must treat her as if she were a man. but not necessarily agree with the way women are different from men. as they relate to a man getting his inner game together. it makes us into weaker men.what a topic. and finally the beliefs a man should have for himself on both what it means to be a woman. It is the man that will treat her like a woman that will get to be with her sexually. In this portion of the chapter. The emotion of "love" can be a destructive emotion for men. when men start to develop feelings for a woman. I am going to cover some of the more relevant ways that men and women are different. These include men and women as they concern Love. The seducer makes it a point to understand. and this is your job.

Maybe THAT alone makes it worth it to get into relationships.BUT. It is ok for women.f ranktal ks. getting into relationships it is more about allowing you to learn about yourself. A woman acting goofy for finding love is praised. An entire generation of men have fallen victim to being encouraged to let their emotions out of control due to the movement to feminize men. Great thing that: love. only so that we can be miserable because we have experienced it.. Love is not bad. it must never be THE most important thing. Love is a drug. Deal with it. For her. I present: Love is that to which we spend our lives being miserable waiting to experience. For a man. For people ill-equipped at making love work. a woman wants to like the man she loves but a man must learn to love the woman he likes.com . how a man makes her feel is the most important © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and women resent when they have to make it their business. love is something to manage. there are side effects. Yes it is a double standard. Yes. It is an action and method to take for survival. Another interesting thing I noticed is that oftentimes. but men have been known to accept poor behavior from women all in the name of love. these men are completely emotionally handicapped as they turn women off.99 that is distinctly designed as it keeps him from the lack of control that love brings on in him. Love is a man's business. Love must NEVER be a man's life. finding love and connection is important. Now. It is not acceptable for men to act weak from love. These men are not enough like the men that these women would be attracted to. You are a man. Business means having to work at it. Having that kind of love and connection is what is most important for a woman. and it is OK for that to be important to you. and like any drug. A man who acts all goofy for finding love is considered weak.. Love is a woman's life. for being too much like the women. and who you are. Nothing wrong with that. addictions and it can cause great pains. For a man. A man must be open to the lesson. but that's the way it is. or else it will automatically manage you against yourself.

and are limited in the amount of comfort they feel within their own © Frank B. The man addicted to drama is the man that will end up ALONE. The most important thing for a man is supporting his LIFESTYLE. Get it? Drama Drama (Emotional Range) is one of the emotional needs of women. i f s fun for them. if not THE biggest difference between men and women.100 thing. From puberty to menopause. and they feel like they are on a roller costar. Some guys enjoy it. the pregnancy and birthing process takes an incredible toll on their bodies. Actually. cramps. They each have a different and separate role in the biological reproduction of our species. and when they finally do get pregnant. Once you start being with lots of women. Some die in the process. and can identify the lifestyle you want.com . experiencing lots of feelings. For men. Weak. She is probably cheating on him. others have scars and body changes that remain. Those different roles in the procreation process have affected the way they live day to day. this is one of the emotional needs of men. It also makes sex more intense. this drama is an energy-draining nuisance. Biological Reproduction All the advances in law. you will be enjoying your emotional need of QUIET RECHARGE TIME. and all the equal rights talks will not change this one particular aspect. more than any sexintensifying drama. menstruation cycles. your job as a man (to yourself) is to find a woman that meets your requirements. They get off on the drama. You need to be above it. You are a man. A woman needs the drama. a limited number of times they can get pregnant. However. Modern science medicine might affect it (birth control pill). it IS Beta. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. believe me. Once you know who you are. women have a limited number of egg cells. but it is the one big difference. Women have PMS. but a guy that needs the drama and enjoys it is deemed lower value. You do not get to "enjoy" any drama.

A man can wake up one day at age 50. to please get out of that situation and make efforts to find someone reasonably good. I think this is why some men really procrastinate in their development. Some women never experience orgasm. he can decide to have his own children at any point. as long as he remains in decent health. Men do not go through the birthing process. You simply do not have the time to wait for Prince Charming. and you are in a situation where you withhold from having kids because you have not found some idealized perfect husband.. but their bodies have become too old and infertile to produce their own genetic children. has that time limit and I have met so many of these particular women that remain childless in lousy relationships. They live differently. If you are a woman.101 bodies on a monthly basis. in her city.com . only to wake up one day and decide they actually wanted a family. I truly feel sad for some women in this regard. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. They have more time than the average women. From puberty to death. and feels threatened by beautiful. She feels she is in competition with all women in the media. on almost any given day. I beg you and I implore you.. A woman however. and thus are conditioned for different responses. and if he has the means. as it is not a necessary element in the procreation process. and younger women. if what you want is the opposite. but you really want kids. A woman feels the pressure to be the prettiest girl around. anywhere in the world. He is unlimited for the number of children that he can father. he can produce enough sperm to re-populate the entire world with every ejaculation.you needn't be alone without a family. life is not a fairy tale. A man gets to orgasm each time he ejaculates. and you are getting older. © Frank B. and you are reading this. who will be a good father to your kids. Gender Realities Men and women have different perceptions of reality.f ranktal ks.

the more needy energy may develop in him. When a man is horny.com . she may have a number of emotional needs that need to be satisfied before she can enjoy sex. he needs to move fast.102 across the country. As a man. He does not care about other men around the world. a man knows he should pay his own way or at least contribute. When a woman breaks up from a relationship. he still has some of that relationship energy with him. before letting depression de-motivate him. when something is offered like. For women. when something is offered like. However. The longer he waits. Since it is his job to do the approaching. even if she is already turned on. He does not need all of his emotional needs met. "Join me in going to X". As a woman.f ranktal ks. "Join me in going to X". and can get sex anytime she wants. sex is a lot more about giving than getting. That takes too much work and worry. A man needs the sex to be steady for his emotional healing to occur. © Frank B. or implied. it is not always enough for her to have sex. Women are on the receiving end of lots of sexual energy and attention. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. When a woman is horny. as sex IS an emotional need. it is her emotions that need to be fed. even if he is being invited. He is only concerned with his immediate competition because he competes for SEX. a woman is conditioned to have her way paid by someone else UNLESS it is stated upfront. and sex will not feed her emotions as much as a break from sex with attention from her friends and the grieving process for the lost relationship. She gets approached regularly. and all around the world because she competes for ATTENTION. because if the relationship break up is still fresh. When a man breaks up from a relationship. that is not the case. she needs to wait before getting back out there again. Depending on the woman. A man feels the pressure to only be the highest value man in his immediate area. he is ready to fuck. He must make the effort. he must go out and immediately get sex from as many other women as possible.

these women end up hitting some major emotional backlash.f ranktal ks. and makes others too afraid to get into marriages or have children. Beliefs About Women What are your top ten beliefs about women. and or. I think these women are adopting coping methods that would work on men. these women feel empowered for a day or two. Men worry about choosing the wrong woman to marry. Women worry about not being attractive enough all the time. Then after getting enough experience as to what works and what does not work to help these men get to be with women. or putting all of her life into a relationship. the list is a reflect © Frank B. In the long run. Most guys start off with what they HOPE women are like. a man may be financially liable for children that are not his even if he has full proof he was duped. but do not factor in the reality of how sexual experiences have different effects on the genders. right into a depressive funk. That fear makes some men stay in bad relationships. mental and physical ways. having her cheat on him. and makes others too afraid to even get into relationships. and after a couple of weeks of horn-dog partying. what it means to be a woman? This is not going to be as easy as you think. raising kids that are not his. I often learn of women that go on a mad sexspree after a break up. Then that changes to lots of things guys believe that comes from a place of hatred.com . this is probably the one list that WILL change as time goes o n . as they realize that women are not what they'd hoped women to be. when they are in a position where they need to be given too. That fear makes some women stay in bad relationships. which means ending up in divorce. these women tend to crash and burn themselves out. total financial ruin and losing contact with the children who are his. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and in the short run. the way the laws are written right now. In fact. and then being abandoned and ending up alone with no one to take care of her or her kids in spiritual. emotional.103 and having sex after a break up forces them to give too much. In fact.

3.. but for the purposes of this writing exercise. 5.104 as to what they really believe what women are. 4. do you believe that women are sugar and spice and everything nice? Are women unfulfilled unless they have children? Are women less horny.. It is the only way to break from illusions and get to the truth.? Are women nice? Are women better at raising children than men? Do woman make better schoolteachers? Is every woman looking for a husband? Is everything out of her mouth a test? Write out the first 10 solid beliefs you have about women that come to your mind. or. Others still hold true for me. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. or sluts. I am going to do something here for you. Your beliefs about women are: 1. After you write out your list. The most important thing is for you to be as honest as possible. © Frank B. 2.com .f ranktal ks. Some have changed such that I have omitted them. If you want an indication as to what my beliefs are now. you can find them in all in the teachings of my books. The rest were good as steps in belief development. you only need your first ten. So. or hornier than men? Are women all easy. but do not represent my thoughts now. You will end up having way more than 10 beliefs about women. or bitches. I am going to give you some of the beliefs off MY list from about 2 years into my development. just as horny.

hurt you or love you is all based on her ability to emotional (not rationally) justify her actions to herself.. 1. All of a woman's actions are based on the emotional justifications she makes to herself.. Women are Emotional Justifiers. Whether or not a woman will have sex with you. and right now. They W E R E my beliefs then. 8. 10. be faithful to you. marry you.com . They have the capacity too. Women enjoy sex way more than men. © Frank B.f ranktal ks. they emotional rationalize to themselves that not telling the truth is actually the truth. 7. They want sex just as much as men. and only some of them apply for me now. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. cheat on her significant other with you. Here are my beliefs about women from the twoyear point of my own development as a seducer-intraining. change for you. attempt to change you. 9. Women do not lie to men. Women will only be as honest as she assumes a man can handle it. just be friends with you. Do not take these as fact or rules. If the right guy comes along. 3. help you. Women want sex.105 6. interfere with your life. they are aH ready for sex. stalk you.period. They believe their own bullshit 2. and I think more so because they enjoy sex more than we do. you just have to present yourself as that right guy. Right for now. cheat on you.

for relationships or both.. Women resent responsibility. she will break it off with you. provider. Women are all sluts. but can get the sex and relationship experience she wants. She automatically categorizes any man that asks a woman for dating advice as being a beta male. 1 1 . but they simply do not count as actually lovers when she counts out the number of people she has been with. ex-lovers when cheating on their current relationships.it is against nature's programming for women to advise beta males to procreate. seducer. If you tell a woman that you are sexually less experienced than her.f ranktal ks. Women think in terms of categories.106 4. 9. (No risk of pregnancy = not really sex). affair guy. 6. but use some other excuse. or the guy that does not count? Categories are rigid and it is difficult to move into a new category (lover) if she categorized you already (as a friend). lover. Also. Women are incapable of giving men good advice on dating women. and guys that have no interest in threatening their current relationships. Women follow the "does not count" rule. player. Deal with it. These include: practice guys. This means there are certain guys that she will have sex with. 5. What category of her brain have you been placed in? Are you the practice guy. 10. or than her original impression of you. Women have "practice" guys for sex. so it's the guy's fault.. or if she works as a prostitute. sex without penile penetration does not count either. 8. the friend. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. This also includes when she cheats on her boyfriend to be with a married couple for a threesome. gay guys who want to see what it is like with them. EVEN your mother and your sister. It's so that she doesnt have to deal with the pressures of having a boyfriend. Women and men are different © Frank B.com . 7. husband.

she may very well likely back-rationalize that she should not ever sleep with him. can a man be REALLY honest with her. or even a hooker. Also it helps women to feel good about something they assume they maybe should feel shameful about. If you don't. becoming a stripper or porn star. someone else will. 17. Women constantly test men. third level is an emotional need.f ranktal ks. there are some guys like that). or the lack thereof. In my opinion a woman will back-rationalize EVERYTHING when it comes to sex. Because of this. "it just happened" or "it was meant to happen that way". but he does not verbalize it. © Frank B. 16. For example: if a man refuses to have sex with a woman because he actually wants to wait until the third date (yes. and chances are. This includes posing for pictures and magazines. Women have three levels of communication.107 12. Women tend to back-rationalize their actions. Everything out of her 15. Women are likely to go out of their way to make men angry to get to the truth. Women are afraid of being killed by men. (The Emotional Cookie Man theory) 14. as men are afraid of being ridiculed by women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. already has. Every woman fantasizes about being desired for her body. it is very easy for a man to get a woman to try all sorts of adventures. This helps absolve them of any responsibility. The most common back-rationalizations are. Women use men for attention and material goods. 13. as women assume that only in a fit of anger. or really make him wait for it even longer than 3 dates. she will live out her fantasies with him. A woman shall either be your mother or your lover but she cannot be both. If she meets a man that addresses certain emotional needs of hers.com . mouth is a test. The 18. or fuels their need to believe that they did not manipulate a situation to attract a man. 19.

Women just assume certain things about all men. she is damaged. it is EXACTLY that kind of behavior that she is attracted by and responds to. That is exactly why he is fucking her right now. Oh Please! In that case.108 20. move on ASAP. Women seek pity as a form of control. Regardless of what women say. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. stick with her. she has succeeded in controlling him.com . Women are not equal to men. If you are comfortable with how she is damaged. shape or form. A good example is when a woman gets a guy to feel pity for her based on the way she says her boyfriend (who is fucking her nightly) is treating her. he will not get laid. she will see sex elsewhere. 23. 22. Women are always looking. Women will leave stuff at your house as a way of marking her territory for other potential women to find. 2 1 . 25. a sense of Humor is NOT the most important thing.f ranktal ks. and not the nice guy. which include: • Men already know what they want • Men have fragile egos • Men are pigs • Men already want to fuck her even if he actually does not © Frank B. 24. to begin with. If all a man does is make a woman laugh. When a man starts making excuses for a woman's bad behavior. As human beings both genders deserve equal treatment and equal rights under the law. Women are ALL damaged goods. The key is to find out in what ways she is damaged. Women may RESPOND to things (like bad treatment) even though they may not LIKE it (bad treatment). but men and women are not equal. If a woman is not satisfied sexually at home. In some way. 26. without attracting her through skill or by accident. 27. If you will not deal with her damaged parts.

and or. and where you need to change.com . but do not represent my thoughts now. I am going to do something here for you. If you want an indication as to what my beliefs are now.. A guy who isnt blatant about wanting sex is dishonest.109 • Everything out of his mouth has a purpose to tell her something about herself that she must figure out. I am going to give you some of the beliefs off of MY list from about 2 years into my development. Others still hold true for me. • • • • Beliefs About Men What are your top ten beliefs about men.. wrong.but for the purposes of this writing exercise. The most important thing is for you to be as honest as possible. you can find them in all in the teachings of my books. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. The rest were good as steps in belief development. then other women must definitely find you attractive as well If other women are attracted to you. you only need your first ten. After you write out your list. This list. You will end up having way more than 10 beliefs about men. do you believe that men are dirty and disgusting creatures? Does a man need to have sex with a woman to feel fulfilled? Are men useless to women thanks to the invention of the vibrator? Are men all rapists? Are men the source for all the violence and destruction in the world? Are men better at math and science than women? Do men make better bosses? Is © Frank B. It is the only way to break from illusions and get to the truth. Some have changed such that I have omitted them. then she should find a reason to be attracted to you. A guy must really love her if he does NOT tolerate any her bullshit If she is attracted to you. what it means to be a man? This writing exercise is going to be your telling signs.f ranktal ks. more than any other writing exercise is probably going to make you realize more about what you do right. So.

They WERE my beliefs then. Do not take these as fact or rules. 4.110 every man looking for a wife? Does a man need to have children to prove his virility? Write out the first 10 solid beliefs you have about men that come to your mind. 10. 5. 3. © Frank B. Your beliefs about men are: 1. 7. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. 2. Next are my beliefs about men from the twoyear point of my own development as a seducer-intraining. 6. 8. and only some of them apply for me now.com .

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. approach her. The new memory should be similar enough to the old one to evoke the old connections. For a man. I have counseled many guys that claim to have really high standards as the reason they do not get laid.111 1-A man must have rules (criteria) about what he will and won't accept from a woman 2-A man must let her know what the rules are 3-A man must be aware of what his base philosophies of life are and why he believes they are important 4-A man punishes bad behavior. Usually it comes from the risk of looking like a desperate. The only thing I can tell you is that is it not the action or the words. ask her out. but should have new positive elements to rid the bad memory of any power over his future actions. 6-A man would rather be respected more than liked. you MUST plow o n . and until you learn to calibrate so that you can show interest without communicating the neediness. 8-A man is Proud of his attraction to women. or higher than the level of social/seduction skills you have then you may be one of the three types of guys that cannot be helped. Whenever he has to make a choice that will make him less liked.f ranktal ks. If you are still afraid to show your interest. It is a necessary part of change work. Men love pussy. it is natural and good to like sex. but the place it comes from. If your standards are so high. rewards good behavior 5-A man creates a new memory as the best way to get over a bad memory. 7-A man likes Sex. Men love sex with women. Dudes. do it anyways. Commit to the actions. but will still be respected that is the option he must take. One of the signs of a weak male is a guy who is afraid to admit his attraction for women. © Frank B. Yes.(some of these guys are 25+ yr old virgins). I don't buy it for a second. lonely or over-horny guy.com . we all suffer from that same fear.

if you were to take the action. therefore a man must remove all attachments. It's OK to feel the emotion. you can acknowledge what it is you feel. This idea is very critical during your process into a seducer. (the real you after all). your emotion is a part of you. when you feel jealous. and then plan to take action (such as approaching her). tests..112 9-A man learns to feel his emotion. allowing it to get stronger. If you feel the emotion. which means in some way you are emotionally damaged for that particular area. Most people wait for the motivating emotions to kick in. You cannot be attached to any one particular woman (so you aren't fucked up by her rejections. Easier said than done. but the long term benefits outweigh the short-term pain. In truth. when you lack the motivating emotions.. but not let it control your actions. as the study of seduction may not be enough to help with this. do not "act" on it. but you get the idea). but I found this to be necessary. A man must embrace the risk of abandonment least he becomes too needy for any one particular woman.. That applies to friendships too. AS IF you had the motivating emotions (meaning you do it even if you really don't feel like it). and then it intensifies. but control the behavior. but the motivating emotions will kick in AFTER you take the action. The more you try to control. Sounds harsh. Being a man means adopting a sort of Buddhist philosophy. this route means that you may never change. but to CONTROL the behavior. In those cases. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. During change work (and that is what you are doing). repress and kill the emotion. just control the behavior.. you must perform all the actions regardless. 11-Being a man means being able to handle the TRUTH to a woman's sexuality.f ranktal ks.com . For example: when feeling jealousy: the rule is. consider seeing a professional for help. the more you will feel it. 10-A man is never afforded the luxury to fear abandonment from women. (I am paraphrasing here. Being a seducer means that you are © Frank B.it will take some time. how do you feel about a woman who is in touch with her sexuality? You have to answer yourself. yet you still need to make her feel special. Attachment is pain.. When this process does not work in certain areas of your life. HOWEVER. or drama).

and then ask them to rate you.113 strong enough to handle her sexuality. scary. Hang out with them. because you are going to be © Frank B. That takes time. Those "friends" could be holding you back. the people you've known the longest are links to your past. If her looks outweigh how well she treats you on your priority scale. e t c . your clothes. and not just for what she looks like. In order to do that. (Especially at the early stages of his development. 14-When it is time to fuck. bad. indifferent) Make sure the people you are asking understand the game and social value context. 17-A man makes it clear that he is in charge. you need to get very comfortable with your own sexuality. Learn to love the fact you have a penis. Sometimes. That is what you are asking for. and leading the relationship. then your priorities as a man are seriously screwed up.) A man does need friends. There are hidden demons in the sexual psyche of all males. 16-A man must screen women for the way she treats him. but you don't need any particular life long friends. but you won't die without them. How comfortable are you with yours? What sex acts are you willing to do.f ranktal ks.com . and not do? Are you sure? 13-A man is always wary of his own friends. No joke. Make sure you are man enough to handle the TRUTH. 15-Being a man means handling the truth about YOU. I think this is a good development exercise for you. . He must Never-Never-NeverNever-Never let a woman even assume she has the leadership role. ) Ask them how you make them feel (good. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Good for self-awareness. Ask them what first impression you give off (friendly. so make sure you can handle it no matter what is said. needy. over the top) Ask them what gives that impression (do you smile. 12-Being a man means being comfortable with your own sexuality. You need friends. You aren't being cunning if you let her think she is in charge. Meet with people you can trust to be honest with you. a man MUST FUCK.

21-A man has an obligation to lead at all times in the relationship. nor should he wait for total permission. It is expected of you. The rule is: if she thinks she is in charge. and risk the consequences.. A friend of mine. When you communicate. ALWAYS. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. 22-Being a man is a willingness to take the hit. a man does not always have the option to know for sure. named Rhett. I agree whole heartily. then you must already know what it means to take the hit. it means that in a family squabble. no matter often he tells himself otherwise he will never avoid the gradual erosion of his power". If you have ever been part of a team. If all you do is whatever you are in the mood for. Context. If you do not know if you should kiss her or not. Ask yourself. or needed to hold on to a job under unsavory working conditions to support someone. 19. with a woman. what is the purpose of this communication? What value about myself am I going to convey? Is what I am about to say going to present me in a poor image? What emotions do I want to evoke in her? 20-A man consistently addresses all 10 of a woman's emotional needs.Being a man means that everything out of his mouth must have a purpose: Being a seducer means that everything you do has purpose and structure.114 perceived Beta in her eyes. a man just has to go for it. once said that "if a man allows a woman to believe too strongly that she is the one in charge. you are © Frank B. 18-Being a man means to know IT IS BETTER TO BEG FORGIVENESS THAN TO ASK PERMISSION.com .a plan if you will. Consistency is key.. you must do so with PURPOSE. Sometimes.f ranktal ks. That is the motto to have with women and first kissing. ride through the tough times of certain friendships. you are basically giving off the signal that you are a victim (weak) of your own mood (you follow and not lead). she IS in charge. Better to go for it than not. Sometimes. wanted to maintain the peace in a family. You are a man.

As long as you control your behaviors. even if it is unpopular. NO! DO NOT EVER DO THAT. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and a chump is that the man chooses to take the hit. but that you stand your ground. and stand by your actions. "I am sorry for . it means you physically take a hit for someone else. In the case of you not being sorry for what you did/said. At that point a firm and direct. non-seductive interaction between a man and a woman. That is not the part you control. and it is higher than usual. you CAN say that you are sorry FOR THE WAY SHE FEELS. Never be sorry for what you feel. This makes her feel that you care about her (hopefully you actually do). 23-A man is not afraid to piss off women just because they are women. © Frank B.com . saying sorry means taking responsibility for something that you genuinely feel remorse over. Finally. you do not have to be sorry for the way you feel.f ranktal ks. Other times. 24-A man always finds the angle to turn a non-seductive encounter." In this case. The creativity in the moment requires knowledge of self and a willingness to take actions. It must be for something that in retrospect he would not do again. The main difference between a man. The error only requires an apology when it is an action that he intends not to repeat. but that you are NOT sorry for the issue in question. 25-A man apologizes when he does something wrong. you can then boast about your inner game. You have a right to the way you feel. 26-A man goes after what he wants. If you can do this. into a seductive one. everyday.115 the only party that does not get an apology when you are wronged. Take the most normal. a man must NEVER BE SORRY FOR WHAT HE FEELS. The game is ALWAYS on. and find an angle to make it seductive. This is one of the most telling sign of a guy that has his inner game together. Maybe once in a while you pick up the bill for an outing. but you want her to know that you empathize with her emotionally because she is unhappy with it. even if it upsets people. and knows his own emotional needs. and the chump always takes the hit.

Accepting all the male friends of your woman is like the lock-your-car theory. do you temp fate leaving your car door unlocked? I did not think so.com . and makes efforts to live by that definition. There is only YOUR answer. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. What is an Alpha Male? . brut-like person? A bully? Guys who act violent? What about meek men with lots of status and power? Guys who have money or natural good looks? Is being Alpha strong? Is being Alpha smart? Is being Alpha having a high-powered job? There is no "right" answer. As much as you trust a woman not to cheat on you. for you. Now.116 27-A man is wary of other men that want to be "friends" with his woman. complete the following writing exercise: Write out a paragraph as to what you define as Alpha. letting your guard down? 28-A man defines for himself what it means to be Alpha.Writing Exercise © Frank B. What does being Alpha mean to you? Is Alpha a strong. Men and women cannot be friends. do you temp fate.f ranktal ks. As much as you would trust your car alarm system. There is always a sexual element.

It's never her fault and never her responsibility. © Frank B. Period. and figure out what you should be doing as a man. They want a guy that will either take the responsibility off their shoulders. as you further develop. and take it from there. If she gets pissed off with you that you are calling the shots. As long as the man is in charge.com . This is to help you come to terms with how men and women are the same. or very different for each category. Each time you come across something where men and women are either exactly the same. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. You will have to continue this on your own. so you can eliminate them. and knowing what actions to take. Frank B Kermit's Definition of Alpha: I have come to the conclusion that being ALPHA means being DECISIVE (the ability to make decision quickly and to act on those decisions). The point of this writing exercise is to identify all those actions you take which are too feminine for you.f ranktal ks. she can feel more feminine. and where they are different. That is what they look for in a man. This next writing exercise is your final writing exercise for this portion of the book. so she doesnt have to think or worry. she is only testing you to make sure that you are ALPHA (read: decisive) enough to have the power over her. I do believe that women want to be relieved of any responsibility. or a guy they can blame for their own actions. write it out in this chart. Start with all the beliefs about men and women you wrote out. here is my definition of Alpha that I follow. You will have to write this out on your own.117 Just so you have an example.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.no drama Are leaders or loners Fear being ridiculed by women falls in love with their eyes Have a penis © Frank B.com .f ranktal ks. can regenerate daily from puberty to death. How she treats him Losing Virqinity Sex Most important thing in a relationship Biological Intuitions Intimacy Biological clocks Drama Social Fear A polish proverb stated: Genitals Instinct to mother is stronger than instinct for sex Use sex to get intimacy Have a limited number of times they can get pregnant from puberty to menopause (about 500 periods) Need an Emotional Range Build bonds through leveling status power Fear being killed by men Falls in love with her ears Have lactating breasts and a vagina Instinct for sex is stronger than instinct to father Use Intimacy to get sex Can repopulate the planet with every orgasm.118 The Man v s . and pending good health. Need quiet recharge time . W o m a n Starter Chart Woman Must be special Addresses all 10 of her emotional needs How he makes her feel Man Must be as soon as possible Addresses only 1 emotional need.

119 Rule of Relationships # 4 Ignore Intellectual Constructs What is An Intellectual Construct? An intellectual construct is an idealized statement, and sometimes becomes a belief for people; about the way things SHOULD be according to someone. These statements make for wonderful marketing, and can make people feel good. Sometimes, they are reassuring and give a perspective on the world that makes the listener feel anything is possible. Other times, they force restrictions which seem like a good idea or that they make sense. Unfortunately, intellectual constructs have the complete opposite effect in the long term. At the end, they set people up for a terrible fall, when the reality of a situation steps in. When managing your relationships, you MUST Ignore all intellectual constructs, and just deal with the reality of whatever the nature of your relationship will have. Otherwise, you are liable to impose impossible expectations on your partners, and yourself, and that will destroy whatever happiness you were able to build up. Here are some examples of intellectual constructs: Every Chapter is Equal to Another Chapter When I was writing term papers in college and university, I was always taught to be mindful of the length of my chapters and sections in each paper I wrote. It was considered a poor presentation if one chapter was 30-40 pages long, yet another chapter was only 5-6 pages. This is an intellectual construct. In reality, sometimes a chapter that is concise need only be 5-6 pages, and another chapter, which has to cover more ground to be thorough, must be 30-40 pages. However that intellectual construct forces shorter chapters to either be inflated with non-relevant information just to make it bigger, and/or have the larger chapters be edited for content and leaving out entire portions which could have been stimulating. Not reality,

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

but an intellectual construct about professors believed papers SHOULD be. how various

We Are All Born Equal - Everyone Is Capable This one covers two intellectual constructs. During my university years, I participated on a special project that lasted two summers. I was involved with an Arts Center whose mandate was working with special populations and using Theatre as a form of Drama Therapy to educate and help the special needs performers with various challenges. The special populations group of about 25 had an assortment of developmental challenges that included Autisms, physical handicaps and Downs-Syndrome. Working with the developmental^ challenged, I came to two conclusions: The first is that we are NOT all born equals. Although we are born with equal rights under the law, we are NOT all equal. I was working with adults my age, and older, who made me appreciate the gifts that I had been born with, like the ability to learn, speak, connect, and the potential for independence. These childlike people were a very caring group, but they were not born equal to (for lack of a better term) the average person. The second lesson learned is that NOT everyone is capable. I used to think that anyone could accomplish anything if they tried hard enough, and if they worked hard enough. I do not believe that anymore. Not everyone has the capacity to achieve levels of greatness on massive scales. Although I do believe each person has his or her particular potential, and each person has the capacity to reach his or her peak potentials, not everyone has the same capacity for the same level of peak potentials. If you have read my full works, you will notice that I never claim that everyone can do what I did. What I do claim is that I did it, and perhaps you can too. I also believe the people can put in the efforts for greatness, I just do not think everyone can succeed at everything. Whatever "it" is, not everyone can do "it". But everyone can do "something."

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Happily Ever After Things do not always work out in the end. People do get sick and die. Sometimes, your life will suck (remember the base life philosophy?). Life is not a fairy tale. There is no guarantee that it is going to turn out the way you hope. No promises that everything is going to be all right. There is no such thing as a certain "Happily Ever After" for anybody. Even those people who WORK at making it happen still cannot be assured of a 100% success. That is life. In Relationships: Everything Has To Be Fair And Equal It just does not work. Having everything be fair and equal all the time is just not a reality. There are always going to be times when one person needs more from the other. Sometimes it is attention, sometimes one person is going to have to work at the relationship harder, and sometimes what each person contributes is going to be out of balance. Even if it is not, being imperfect human beings, it is bound to feel that way. Splitting each bill 50/50, dividing up the grocery shopping to tiny details about who pays for the chips for example, while maintaining very separate lives as well as joint lives totally equally and evenly, just does not work in real life. From month to month, week-to-week, even day-to-day, there are always shifts and balances. There is no "perfect divide". It seems like a good idea, but in reality, these idiosyncrasies become tiresome, and just a nuisance once the rest of your life steps in and complicates your perfect plans. Equity in all things in a relationship is an INTELLECTUAL CONSTRUCT based on the way some people think it "should" be, not on the way things actually are. Sexuality Can Be Denied Again, this one just does not work. People cannot deny their own sexuality. If a person is a homosexual, forcing themselves into heterosexual norms is just not going to work long term. People are attracted to the genders they are attracted to. A person can deny their urges for a time, but it is a lot harder to do

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122 that on a "forever" basis. Bisexuals, who are married, at some point, are going to crave what their singulargender partner does not possess. Emotional love is not enough to quench physical wanting. The same ideology applies to men and women in the work place. To assume that just because a person is at work, they will ignore their sexual impulses is ridiculous. If a woman at work dresses suggestively, erotically, and puts her body on display, sending out sexual signals, and expects that the men in the office will simply not notice nor occasionally leer at her because it is not polite, is just stupid. Of course people are going to notice! Is a man suppose to really see a woman as his professional equal when she is flaunting her bra-less tits, under her flimsy blouse while making a business presentation? Should she really expect to be taken as seriously as a woman that focuses on the business, and not flashing her curves? On the other side of this, should office women be forced to pretend that they do not notice the rugged looking, muscular security guard with the tight butt, and be made to feel inferior to her coworkers because she cannot maintain a professional shut down of her attraction mechanisms? Get real people. The place that houses the most on-going extramarital affairs is still the work place. No amount of office rules and regulations is going to curb t h a t

This does not mean it is OK to act on sexual impulses in the work place, or other such environments. What I am saying is that you cannot simply reason away basic human conditions, just by stating that it is "not proper". I do not know what the solution is, but I am realistic about the challenge. It's All Common Sense No, it is not. There is no such thing as common sense. Common sense is based on commonly shared knowledge. Unless someone was exposed to that particular knowledge base, there is no commonality. Therefore, common sense does not exist. There is only Situated Knowledge. People have knowledge, which is dependant of their situation. Education programs are

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different from place to place; local histories and dangers to beware off vary territory to territory. Different life experiences, growing up in different countries, and basic survival tools are not "common" from land to land. There can be no "common sense". There can only be common situated knowledge between people that shared a similar learning. That's it. Perfect Woman There is no such thing. Women are not the perfect creatures of la-la-land. A man must see a woman as human, and hold no animosity towards women, and accepts that women are human beings that have all the potential good and realistic faults that humans possess. Women are not two dimensional fictional character types, such as the perfect lady wife, and the dirty bedroom whore. The same woman is capable of a wide variety of emotions and actions as any other human beings, male and female. A man is aware of this and allows a woman to feel capable of experiencing with him all those facets of her personality, in a safe and accepting manner that will enrich her life, and his. Understanding a woman's emotional needs has helped me to understand women, and through understanding them better, I can appreciate them and not feel hate toward them. I just know that I cannot think of a woman like a man. They are not "better or worse than men", they are just different, and we as men need to be accepting and aware of tha if we are to succeed in relationships long term. Perfect Man There is no such thing. No matter how much development you do, no matter whom you study under, no matter if you do everything humanly possible, you are still going to be HUMAN, and that means being imperfect. Want proof? Look at the great modern seducers of our era. I mean the truly respectable and brilliant ones. They have lots of skills, but do not assume they are not as dysfunctional as any other guy on the

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Somewhere along the way. no woman should ever settle for less than perfection from the man in her life. © Frank B. Furthermore. feminism confused the difference between having equal rights and being equals. We all backgrounds. and she should hold out indefinitely for that absolute prince charming to be everything she ever dreamed off. Women should want more than to be a good stay at home mom. That was the good part that much. but it turns out that those years of feminism did not blank out the eons of evolution. Even worse. turning many average dominant males into nice guys. feminism actually lowered the number of dominant males out there. To be the artificiallyinseminated single mom. I fully agree.124 planet. Then comes the PRESSURE feminism puts on women to be the MEGA-WOMAN. and it turns out that these newly dominant females are not attracted to less dominant males. Where feminism betrayed women is it also pushed the intellectual constructs onto women about being able to have it all.com . and any woman that does not want more should see herself as failing to live up to her full potential. with all the faults and fragilities of a human being.f ranktal ks. goes to the gym everyday to be beautiful for herself and her own reasons. have our personal demons and Even the best seducer of all seducers is still just a human being. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Some of us seducers are great men. and the women who listened and went for it all. now don't have all they wanted. career woman. Feminism was created so that women would have equal rights under the law to keep them safe from violence. who lives out her dreams everyday. Feminism As An Intellectual Construct Many women here in North America are hurting thanks to some of the intellectual constructs of feminism. Women were then expected to "act" like men. and pursues enriching pastimes. but not one of us is perfect. and thus the pool for these women to find mates from has gotten even smaller.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. being the dominant female. Maybe they could escape the flood by riding in that bike to higher ground? See it turns out that in reality there were after all only 24 hours in a day. until they became too old and barren to even have kids of their own © Frank B. even if they do not "need" each other. Also. still like people even if they do not need people. to quote a famous feminist "women need a man. Women are now starting to realize that as much as they do not need to depend on men for their own basic survival. I have loved these women. like a fish needs a bicycle!" What wonderful bunch of intellectual constructs these were for women! Women are now starting to realize that they like being feminine. The Sadness Of Women In Their Late 30s And 40s I know these women. and it is was hard enough for two people to complete all of those things that were now expected of only one woman. and want to free from being made to feel guilty if being a good stay-at-home mom is what they want. The emptiness that exists there. Girl people. a woman is a human being. and that they really do "need" each other. and I even almost fathered a child for one of these women who wanted to be a single mom. they do in fact "need" men as much as men "need" women. really like boy people. They bought into a system and it failed them. with all the challenges every human being has. It turns out the reality is. so too are women now going through the same thing. and that boy people really like the girl people. it's an unquenchable anger.125 After all. being the career girl. Just like a generation of men bought into the sensitization of their gender to the point they became feminized. I have dated these women. divorced and even sometimes childless. They believed in the system of being the power feminist. and that system of being NICE turns out to NOT WORK.f ranktal ks. They did not factor in how much they would have wanted children with a decent guy.com . Women are now drowning in their own rhetoric and loneliness. only to find themselves alone. it turns out that it is a reality that people.

We do this because we want to assume their staying together has to do with their being in great relationship. What makes you think you are privileged to the inner workings of their relationship issues? You cannot base it on how they appear in public to you. It makes it easier on us. It is HARD to brake up and start over for the average person.126 The difference between men and women is that even if a man is 45 and still a virgin. see what I mean? When we see couples staying together. But the fact is actually.. car. Just because they stay together is no indication of being happy. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Until you have been with someone for a long period of time. Maybe that couple are both going to attend a © Frank B. Everywhere we look. we D O N T know. The people that make the most assumptions or follow intellectual constructs either have the worst relationships or NO relationship experience. Physically speaking. money problems. back accounts) you cannot even imagine the issues that keep people together even in the worst of cases. This is based on what they think other people's relationships actually are like. a woman of 45 or older may simply not have that option if having her own biological children is her hearts desire. and even raise his own kids if he wants to. Staying together can also be a matter of convenience. if someone is cheating. we see people around us in relationships and they seem to be happy. and even have some sort of financial investment together (house.f ranktal ks. Intellectual Constructs and Assumptions One of the riches sources of Intellectual Constructs comes from the assumptions that people make on what relationships are suppose to be.. if they hate their in-laws. Throw in some kids into the frame. or about their last miscarriage. or a matter of maintaining lifestyle. but it may not be so. how they almost got divorced. and it is never too late for him to decide he wants to change his life. and it can be devastating.com . How do you know about their sex problems. he can still turn it around. we cannot assume it if for the reasons we'd hope.

be a man and IGNORE IT. This is NOT a perfect world.f ranktal ks. Balance does not exist. and breaking up now would just make that interaction more hurtful. IT IS COLD OUT THERE. What does exist is to find the IDEAL partner for you. The only way to do that is to know who you are. It is an illusion. even a lousy one. When constructs meet reality. As most people rely on LUCK to find a partner. thus you know what you need. When you find it. Sometimes the best solutions for us to function day to day are an imperfect solution. How does this relate to being a man INTELLECTUAL CONSTRUCTS don't work in reality. work to relationship-manage it So when someone tries to push an intellectual construct on you. it is reality that will always win.127 wedding next month. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. but reality always checks in. and seek it out. and once you have it. do whatever it takes to get it. There is no such thing possible as a constant balance with no deviations. © Frank B. is SCARY. They are not reality. Perfection is an ideal that we can strive for.com . giving up on a relationship. Perfection does not exist.

not you. Here is why: How Much Money She Has Is Meaningless. and not her for you. You are the one that is NEEDY for her. is she addressing HIS emotional needs. then she is the Alpha in the relationship.128 Rule of Relationships # 5 How She Treats You is the MOST Important Thing As discussed in my other book. What your friends and family think of her is meaningless How good she fucks is meaningless.f ranktal ks. © Frank B. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS HOW SHE TREATS YOU. A man must feel he is being respected. In terms of the way she makes him feel. and if that is the only reason you are with her. The most important thing to a man (who has it together) is: How she treats him. Unless you are a pimp. A high value man will judge if he is being respected by the way she treats him. not how much she spends to buy control over you. Here are some general points for men to follow. If making money were THAT important to you. This is the difference between being a high value man. The most important thing is how she treats you in the relationship. how much money she could bring to you is meaningless. but it is not enough for a man to FEEL he is respected. you would find ways to earn it yourself. Period. It is you that fears abandonment from her. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and a low value man. Beliefs of a High Value Male: • • • • How much money she has is meaningless.com . What she looks like is meaningless. If you are rich only because she is loaded. In other words. the most important thing to a woman is: How he makes her FEEEEEL. You are a man.

You are.129 What Your Friends Meaningless and Family Think of Her Is Beware your friends and family. if you are stupid enough to listen to them. never needing my journey of loser to seducer to save me from suicidal thoughts. Usually. Be willing to accept abandonment from them. but I might have become a natural. and more attention to what I wanted. and when they have their own ideals that they wish to thrust upon you. as much as they want what is best for Them-And-You. nor do I have any of their phone numbers or email addresses). I've got 5 words for you when thinking about your friends and family: To HELL With Them All! © Frank B. As for family. O h . families have the best intentions. It is the only way. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. you need to be able to differentiate between when your family has your ideals at heart. When you are an adult male. You are not the child they knew. those "great friends of mine" (95% of who are not even in my life now.f ranktal ks. every element that sucks in their lives will come out as neurotic comments about you. and are happy content individuals. When I was an average guy. Yeah. all I can tell you is that your family does not always want what is best for you. and you must BE. your own man. When trying to figure out what kind of woman (or women) you want. the BIGGEST error that I ever committed in my relationships with girls was that I actually cared what my friends thought. but your families' intention is the surest path to your own personal hell. Unless they are people who have their lives together.com . If I had paid less attention to those great friends of mine. not only would I have gotten laid a LOT more in my past. It is not a question of intention.

All the good of the relationships starts to die and only his desperation for the sex remains. but great sex with nothing else is just sex to the high value man. In other words. A man must never be held hostage by his attraction to what a woman looks like. even if he is being treated poorly.130 How Good She Fucks Is Meaningless Sex is great. Just like the hottest woman. and there is nothing attractive about a man that has no control over his own behaviors. What She Looks Like Is Meaningless. forgetting that without the realization of their personal redemption. whatever that may be. © Frank B. Basically. They choose their woman partner based on how she addresses his particular emotional needs whatever they may be. it strikes him at the heart. he will become quite apathetic towards great sex.com . there will be no peace nor rest on the laurels of hot sex. he must still be able to adhere to his boundaries and deal breakers otherwise she is allowed to take advantage of him. A man will FUCK all kinds of women. If your behavior is dependant on what she looks like then you will end up acting like a low value male. and be left feeling empty. Many ladies-men and players reach this point. and slowly turns him into a weaker male. if she is good looking to him. the more POWER you give her over you.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. When a man stays in a relationship for the sex. but even the great players out there (and I have learned from some of the best). nor the girl with the largest breasts.. if he's looking for more than sex from a relationship. It is only the low value man that will use sex as filler for what a relationship or his life lacks.none of that. a high value man can always get more sex. it is never the most beautiful they have had.. It is unhealthy and damaging. the most technically gifted lover. when they decide to pick one woman to commit too. Great sex is awesome. However. the more attractive you find her.

Oh yeah. they end up not dating anyone. but I would rather be getting laid and finding love. but that you are turned on by your ability to seducer her? Who would have the power over your sexuality then? The sex (or lack there off) is about you. A man that can ONLY be turned on by the hottest looking women is NOT in control of his sexuality. sometimes making someone else feel that same way soothes him. They get more cock than you get pussy. When I use the term "Ugly" in this section it is to define any girl that average guys don't drool over. I believe it is that same chunk of coal that is stopping him from feeling he deserves any love in life. that a real man would refuse a blowjob. And 50% of ugly chicks get pussy too. When a man feels trapped. she is going to go home with someone tonight. and find the "10" in her. There are also others issues at play that I have already explored in this book. With most men that are so critical of the way women look. The first person you need to seduce is yourself. I don't know about you. It is going to happen. That is it. For all you know. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Find out what makes her beautiful. Find out what is special about her. power over that man. No matter how ugly a chick. or bad about himself. and she has more people to call for a fuck than you do.. Here is another revelation I came to: The very part of some men that is finding it necessary to put someone else down (calling women too ugly for sex) is just him trying to make himself feel superior. it is your job as a man to drop the pretense.. might as well be with you. What if it is not the way a person looks that attracts you. Frank B Kermit rule: There is no woman that is so unattractive.. It is only the hottest looking women that has all the power. You think that just © Frank B.f ranktal ks. not about her.131 As a seducer. and you would miss out on the potential happiness because she is not up to some CONSTRUCTED standard of beauty. I only have to answer to myself. she could be the closet thing you will ever find to a soul mate. than be too cool for some girl that is not attractive to the masses. one more thing: Ugly chicks get laid.com . Attractiveness is just a state of mind.

To see the (true) beauty in yourself. how she treats you is not enough. and it is a good place to start. and displacing that process on women. you don't feel you deserve it) then fuck who you can fuck. What matters most is how she treats you. you must be able to see the (true) beauty in others.f ranktal ks. This is part of a process. All this does not means that you must settle for a low quality woman. and as far as I have learned. I did it for myself. all that does not matter. and in all people. Wrong.132 because she is ugly that she doesn't get any. is that if she is not super rich. © Frank B. NECESSARY to keep you feeling balanced. popular with everyone you know. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and if she is so attractive and gross hygienically that you gag with the mere thought of kissing her. If she is too lazy to get a j o b and expects to live off of you. but balanced. If you can't fuck the hottest chick in the room (for whatever reasons. and if she is sexually devoid of anything that would satisfy your basic needs. just keep things in proper perspective. It works. I had to learn to see past my own ugliness and see the beauty that exists inside me. To see the beauty in others. and get into the game. Now lets get some context here before you completely flip out on me dear reader. sex is pleasurable. Chose As A Man Would Chose. All this rule is saying. or if all your high value friends that you trust and who trust your judgment. That is their power base. and that has allowed me to be able to see the beauty in others. then no. Here is my drop of wisdom: women do not experience sexual scarcity because the criterion for what they'll fuck is more open than the criteria guys use. Not just good. an acrobatic dynamo in bed. are telling you she is openly looking to destroy you. And until you learn that you can never experience the reality of a high quality male. you must see the beauty in yourself. How does this relate to being a man Be A Man. I am not saying to have someone who disgusts you.com . maybe even because as much as you want it. You are thinking like a guy. Guys. or a hot looking model. Doesn't work that way. There is beauty in all things.

That is its power. I could not even get us to the point of having sex. instead of demanding she respect me with her behavior. only if possible. or if she is physically attracted to him.f ranktal ks. Respect is more important than being liked in the emotional reality of women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. she came over every Friday night for 4 months and fucked my brains out. for me as a man. If all they do is "like". it was the end of the relationship.com . Women will not always have sex with a guy they like. If she respects him because he can address her emotional needs. friendly. During my development. or liked. and being liked as a side effect. Respect is not about being popular. Women will have sex with a man that they respect EVEN IF THEY HATE HIM. it does not matter if she likes him. people do not have to like you to respect you. this one rule could have saved me from making the same mistakes over and over. but she responded to my behavior commanding her to respect me. as she did not even find me good looking. The bitchiest of my harem girls used to tell me that she did not really know why she was with me. she most definitely will NOT have sex with him. It is a hard thing to get used to when all you have ever wanted was to be liked. Despite that statement though. Admiration is separate from being liked. Every time I held back. and they do not feel anything else. That is your job. which means. A man seeks respect first. © Frank B. It is about admiration. nor did she even "like" me (I was too much of a dork for her). or bit my tongue because I wanted some girl to like me. without first behaving in a manner that commanded respect from her.133 Rule of Relationships # 6 it IK Better To Be Respected Than It Is To Be Liked This is a short and simple rule. She did not like the fact I would not put up with her bullshit like she was used to men doing.

Should he simply communicate his discontent and then let it be at that? Should he let out all his rage in one shot to make his point? Should he get angry and see the fight all the way through its ultimate resolution? Cases like these could include when a simple comment about something that is an issue for you. because he believes it is the right thing to do. Intellectual Constructs do not always work in reality. Sometimes the fight is in reaction to an incident. Some fights need immediate attention and resolution. sometimes simply making this person aware is all it takes to turn the © Frank B. There are times when a fight is warranted. and as you have already learned in this book. call a person on their bullshit. A man fights on principle. This one takes into account whom the fight would be with. a person would fight each and every time on merely the principle of the matter. he must calibrate both his temper and the priority of the fight.134 Rule of Relationships # 7 Pick And Choose Your Fights This one not only applies to relationships with women. and sometimes the fight happens to prevent an incident from occurring. while others just are not worth the energy expended. These fights are usually legitimate. or make a move that will knowingly make him unpopular with others. to know to what degree he should take it. could be all it takes to rectify a situation. For a man.f ranktal ks. and that person would be applauded for being the greasy wheel that always squeaks. it also applies to the rest of your life as well. no matter how big or small. If you are in conflict with a reasonable person who is not even aware of the transgression against you. and how severe the issue could be. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. In an ideal world. or a fight on someone else's behalf. or if any of those actions are committed to people he cares about. or a small fight. attacked. violated.com . It could be a big fight. There are times when a man must stand his ground. or people that are under his care. Cases of these types of fights include times when a man is being abused. but it is a question of the degree of fighting. That is an Intellectual Construct.

Here is another way to think about it. Other times it could be a relative that will only listen to you properly if you raise your voice to them. The end result is that these people are not taken very seriously regardless of how serious the issues are.135 situation to your favor.com . who fight EVERY fight. Then there are those people who specialize in one cause or one activity to dedicate themselves to. otherwise that relative may. Perhaps it is fighting with a visiting executive at your company that will be back on a plane in the morning and you will never see that person again. who take part in EVERY cause they can think of. and turn it into an unlivable one? Cases like this may include fighting with a child too young to understand what they are doing is wrong. or that person will not be in a position to interfere with your happiness anyway. Then there are times when a man COULD fight. but that does not mean that fighting in general will solve any real issues.f ranktal ks. Is it even something worth complaining about? Will an all out assault about it simply make an annoying and time limited situation much worse. so he is not even thinking straight and acting out of character for a night during his grieving period. They also do not sign up for the cause of the week. so they understand the importance of not committing the same error. The reason that these types of people are listened to more. Every cause has its champions and spokespersons. When it comes to women and relationships. A man must really know when to step up © Frank B. Sometime the person to fight with will not learn from fighting. Perhaps it is your friend making a neurotic statement because he just went through the traumatic death of his sibling. There are those people that take part in EVERY protest. will repeat the unacceptable behavior. fighting (or starting a false fight) is a good tool for creating drama (see emotional need for women # 2). (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. through sheer indignation. and make a solid stance on one or two important issues to them. Not every fight is worth arguing for. but it is best that he not fight. is that they have picked and chosen their fight.

and really put his foot down (issues like boundaries and maintaining respectful treatment), and when to let things go (sometimes the only to show dominance or disapproval is to ignore her and the incident completely). There are times that a man should ignore what she says, for instance when she is simply rambling, and all she wants is a hug. There are three categories of fighting men when it comes to relationships. 1-Never Fighter - These are guys that are afraid of conflict with women. They are too afraid to piss women off, and often-let things build up inside them and then explode every so often. These guys come off as being too nice and rarely keep the girl around, or faithful to

2-lmportant Fighter - These guys strive for an ideal balance of picking and choosing their fights. This is not the easier path to take, but I do think it is the best one for life long relationship management skills. These guys give women the best emotional range. 3-Always Fighter - These guys yell and scream at the same level for everything. Their behavior could be interpreted as dominant, but they are actually Beta males with booming voices. It sometimes takes women a while to see through the aggression, but once they do, these men get replaced fast If you are one of these guys, beware because you are going to destroy every good thing you have in your life. When you choose to fight for no reason, you are choosing your enemies. In today's climate of school shootings, if you choose your victims for meaningless posturing or bullying, you may very well be choosing your executioner. Whenever possible, be good to people. That does not mean being nice, or a push over. It means being a good person: do the right thing and respect other peoples property rights. Your biggest fights as men should be with your own inner demons that keep you from moving from Loser to Seducer. That's your job.

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Rule of Relationships # 8 Set The Boundaries Very Early There is nothing more of a piss off than when someone in the relationship decides to change the rules. If you have ever been in a relationship that has lasted beyond the honeymoon stages then you probably have experienced the "rules change" phase of a relationship. This is maddening, and one of the ways that people KILL relationships. Here is a paraphrased example I have heard from dozens of men I counseled that were married: "When we dated and while we were engaged, the sex was constant and amazing. She could not get enough, and I was thrilled. Then after we got married and lived together, the sex became less so, until eventually, we did not do it, unless I practically begged for it Then one day my wife tells me that the truth is she was sexually abused / assaulted / attacked / raped before she had even met me, and that she does not even like sex because of it Now, she says she is not interested in sex anymore, but when I tried to suggest that maybe I could stay in the marriage but go get sex through other means, she throws our marriage vows in my face about promising to be faithful. If I had any idea it was going to be like this, I never would have gotten married, but a divorce would ruin me...so I just accept it, and occasionally pay hookers to get what I need."

Yeeesh! Ladies if you are reading this, and you plan to do this to some guy, or already have, then get a fucking clue. If you are not giving your man the sex he wants, he WILL get it elsewhere. My guess is you already knew that, but you prefer not to acknowledge it. Sex IS an emotional need of men, and the above option is just an Intellectual Construct that, like other Intellectual Constructs, does not work in the real world. Now, men are guilty of this too. Once he gets serious with a woman, or when she becomes the mother

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138 of his children, his expectations of her chance from when he was dating her, and she is just as pissed off. It could be something such as during courtship he enjoyed her wearing attractive garments, but once she was married, he only wanted her in frumpy clothing. Part of being a man is to know what all of your boundaries are, and either have one set standard for all your relationships to follow, or to know how your boundaries will be at different stages in your developing relationships, and to communicate them to your partners. For example: when dating, you may not care if your girlfriend sees other guys, but you expect her to cut out all of her male friends if she marries you. For some people this is a reasonable request, and for others it is not. The error most people commit is that they TAKE IT FOR GRANTED that one person will assume to want what they want. BIG MISTAKE. Never assume, and never take for granted that your partner will want what you w a n t Whatever your boundaries are, you need to make them clear from the beginning. This one relationship rule can build or destroy even the best possible matches out there. This could be a key reason that some couples choose to live together and/or even have children together, but not get married. It is because with the marriage there may come different expectations. With those extra, usually unannounced expectations also comes ...TROUBLE. This also factors in to why it is a good idea for couples to live together first before getting married. It is a chance to establish the boundaries before marriage. The key difference that I have found with couples that must change their dynamics greatly after they live together/get married, and those that do not change their dynamics is the early establishing of boundaries. When we talk about BOUNDARIES, we are not considering preferences here. We are looking at the DEAL BREAKERS. A DEAL BREAKER is something

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139 that would make you abandon her, and refuse to commit to her. It has to really be important to you. For example: If you have asthma, a Deal Breaker for you might be that you will not marry a smoker. If you are deathly allergic to bee stings, you probably will not marry someone that owns a honey making plantation full of beehives. If you are very religious and God-fearing, you probably will not marry someone that is a staunch atheist If you already have a child, you probably will not marry someone that hates children. For Deal Breakers, it does not matter how much you love her; what matters is that if she comes with strings attached that you, for whatever reason you deem valid, do not want to make a regular part of your life, nor your children's lives.

Be a man, know your Deal Breakers, and set those boundaries. Time for another writing exercise: So, What are your top ten Deal Breakers?


10When setting boundaries in a relationship, (at the beginning, during the early stages, or just to maintain them throughout) here are a few personal beliefs and

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tactics I use in my relationships, which have helped me manage my relationship boundaries. 1-Reward and Punish How does a man encourage good behavior in his women? He rewards the good behavior. How does a man discourage bad behavior in his women? He punishes her. If your woman misbehaves (maybe hurts your reputation in your business circle), and you forgive her indiscretion without punishing her first (e.g. withholding attention or perhaps canceling an outing) you will appear desperate in her female interpretation of the interaction, because you are willing to reward bad behavior. Punishment is a hard word, but it does not have to be a drastic action. A simple scolding may be all that is called for. Do you know any parents of 4-6 year old girls? Ask them how they scold. Imitate your scolding in the same manner. Important: The punishments you come up with should not end a potentially good relationship with a woman, yet they need to be strong enough that the point gets made about following the rules.

2-Qualifv Her In this context, Qualifying has to do with categories and criteria. A high quality male demonstrates his value, by being suspicion of women, making her earn his attention. Start out with your list of criteria for the women you seek (see Chapter 3). These criteria will be the basis for the QUESTIONS you will ask her throughout the seduction. The questions are you qualifying her, making you the selector and she the selected, if she passes enough of the criteria. You won't have the inner weakness of being qualified by her IF you FOCUS on what role she is to fill for YOUR Life. Men must give nothing for free. She must earn his time. When she wants something you don't give it to her just yet, but make her earn it. Things that I have told women who wanted more of a relationship with me than I wanted with them include: You need to get your driver's license, you need to quit smoking, you have to finish school, we have to have a threesome first.

© Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com

Sigh. I know that I have done © Frank B. Also. In all the different relationship experiences I have had. one thing was a constant that I tested time and again. having sex with her means you are MORE likely to abstain from sleeping with her in the future if you end up in a monogamous relationship. This by the way is exactly the same thing that happens when a woman wants to become friends first before dating. Been there. Well. and she comes back to see you one night for some quick fun. The sooner the sex = the better. She wants to wait because the longer she waits. and could have easily fallen deeply in love with her. we ended up waiting too long. It may just save your relationship. I learned that lesson the hard way. When we finally did have sex. it was almost anti-climatic. you as a man will not be left wondering what it could have been like if you did have sex with her. put a dynamic in our relationship that mined the long-term prospects. the more drama and the more problems the relationship encountered. and that is peace of mind for a man's sexual appetite. and then will JUST want to be friends with a man. and I ended up losing attraction for her because I got used to seeing her. If in the end it still does not work out. Even when I developed enough seduction skill so that I could have sex with a woman within the first date to maximum three dates. done that.f ranktal ks. The best relationships were ALWAYS those relationships where sex happened much sooner. the less attraction she is bound to feel. You will already know. I really loved her.141 3-The Sooner the Sex The sooner the sex = THE BETTER. but waiting for sex. I remember one potentially great relationship where I could have had sex with her that first date. If she makes me wait too long for sex. but I was feeling experimental and wanted to see what would happen if I waited. It was always the sa me. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I would experiment and withhold sex sometimes just to see what would happen.com . but not getting sexual with her. The Sex Controls the Relationship. The longer we waited to have sex.

is about one-night stands. My take on this is that I do not offer monogamy to a woman until AFTER I sleep with her for a period of time. set them early. but as a seducer. Whatever your boundaries are. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. one of my boundaries is that if we do not have sex within a reasonable time. that I offer. she just had her emotional needs addressed in the right combination. The same woman that makes one guy wait for sex would be willing to have a one-night stand with a totally different guy. I have failed as a seducer. and that's your job. like any other form of attention I offer. this does mean that sometimes I walk away or lose the chance to be with some really great women.com . and develop qualifying questions for every future woman you ever m e e t You cannot change the past.142 something wrong. If I know that she has had a one-night stand in the past. This is just a form of control on her part to address her emotional need of fear of abandonment. I simply spend my future time with better prospective sexual partners. If you have relationship experience of getting surprise changes from your partner like I described above.f ranktal ks. You're a man. then I know that if I do not get sex soon. One of the first questions about sex that I ask a woman. The woman did not change. LEARN FROM IT. I can recruit more women. Also. and not before. is a gift. which must be EARNED. Some women will only give a man sex if he promises first to be monogamous. but you can manage your future. if and when the topic comes up. My monogamy. communicate them and maintain them. There is no debate on t h a t Yes.

f ranktal ks. There are things that I have mastery over. No matter who may set themselves up as mentors. When choosing a mentor. This seems simple enough. I encourage you to apply this approach even when you decide you want to learn from me. type of girl. Because relationships can be a volatile subject. 4-Only listen to guys that got the results you yourself want. Basically. This is to at least give you options that someone with a similar past as you had not factored in. type of experience etc. but not a mastery of.)? 2-Find a person who had the same past as you have now. where do you want to end up. it seems everybody is an expert. find out everything they did to change. This next thing I am going to write is to set the pace for this entire section. and then model / imitate / repeat / copy their behaviors that worked for them. where do you see yourself in 10 years from now. but when it comes to relationships. I suggest the following four ways in which you can speed up your progress from loser to seducer 1-ldentify exactly what you want as a goal (e. be sure that they can actually teach you what it is you want to learn. and can teach better than other seduction gurus. and there are things that others totally specialize in that I have an understanding of. and learn how they got there.com . even if they did not have the same past as you.143 Rule of Relationships # 9 Beware Your Mentors Beware of your mentors. but very few people have competent advice. which causes people to focus on © Frank B. AND that your goals are in line with what they offer. I am sure you must be mindful of the very irony of this statement coming from me.g. 3-Flnd people now that are living that end goal. but it is true. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. your lifestyle.

com . If you cannot get laid to save your life. it is simple enough thinking. but is not actually rich themselves. because they deem you unworthy of ever becoming rich. you would get advice from someone that was once unable to get laid to save his life. To illustrate this. 5-Media programs that are designed to keep you spending more money on more programs. but is now able to consistently get laid. but is not rich. It's simple enough thinking. 6-Your parents if they are not rich themselves. right? Who would you NOT ask advice on how to become rich? You do not ask: 1-Someone that does not really want to see you become rich. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. 3-Someone who has an education in finance. you would get advice from someone that used to have no money and is now rich. and you want to learn how to get laid to save your life. Who would you NOT ask advice on how to get laid to save your life? You do not ask: © Frank B. Again. for the fact that you asked for advice on how to get rich 2-Someone who seems to know how to get rich.144 what they think relationships should be. Now then. and lives off a trust fund. I am going to present a different volatile subject to make the same point If you have no money and if you want to learn to be a rich. thus saving his life. as opposed to the way relationships actually work.f ranktal ks. let us apply this theory to seduction and relationships. or resent the riches you might make. Now. 4-Someone who was born into a rich family.

It is not in their interests at all. A woman usually does not go out to meet. now that you have read my book. not a woman that only has a pussy. 5-Media programs that are designed to keep you spending more money on more programs. and never went through a period of not getting laid. 2-Someone who seems to know how to get laid. 1-Women 2-People who do not get laid 3-Relationship Academics 4-Naturals 5-Popular Media 6-Pa rents 1-Women I honestly do not believe that women will help men become better seducers. If you aren't getting the pussy you want. for the fact you asked for advice to begin with. Let me put it another way. 3-Someone who has a PhD degree in the study of relationships but is not getting laid. and I will have no sympathy for you if you fail from the advice they give you. unless she is a lesbian or a bi-sexual woman. That being said. You are free to listen to these sources if you wish. you ask a guy that seduces pussy. I totally believe they will steer men wrong. but do so with the understanding that I do not endorse it. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. even a lesbian or bi-sexual woman © Frank B. there are categories of sources that T will NEVER take relationship advice from. or resent the lays that you might get. date and have sex with other women. 4-Someone who was always naturally able to get laid. 6-Your parents if they are not comfortable with sex themselves. but that teach you techniques that do not actually get you laid. and if you want to learn how to seduce pussy.com .145 1-Someone that does not really want to see you get laid.f ranktal ks. because they deem you unworthy of ever getting laid. All that being said. or able to maintain sustainable relationships. but is not actually getting laid themselves.

Never listen to women's advice on relationships. If a woman would see value in a man enough that she believes he should get laid. no woman would ever tell you what works on her. When a man approaches a woman. During your development. Helping the Beta creating grandchildren a.f ranktal ks. I believe that to be unlikely. Keeping that in mind. Women are not biologically programmed to help men they deem Beta to score with other women. future caregivers). what they felt you were only strong enough to hear. unless they stand to gain materially from it (i. as it is the only truth that they think you can handle.e. SHE WILL FUCK HIM HERSELF. these women were telling you what you wanted to hear. or a host of other things until the man makes her feel at ease with his conversation. Women are not interested in telling Betas the complete truth. The only time she would tell you what actually would work on her is if she were ALREADY INTERESTED in having sex with you. OR worst yet. It is a completely different set of circumstances. Women are biologically programmed to stop Beta males from breeding. © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. for fear you (a newly classed Beta male) will attempt it on her. A woman does not evoke the same type of shielded resistance in another woman. However.com .146 does not have the same issues to deal with when approaching women. hurt. For all you know. When you NEED her to be your mother (give you advice on getting sex) she will deem you Beta. you are going to have bad days and low periods. PERIOD. It is not in the advantage of the procreation of the species for a Beta to mate.k.a. she is resistant because she is worried about being raped. How can she possibly advise a man on how to approach other women? All she can do is let him know what would work on her. it is NOT a time for a woman to "console" you back into the loser you were.

It isn't the one female friend in particular that I oppose. Meet this guy. here is my take on females as friends: Not good. "just as friends"? If you answered yes.147 Men and Women are NOT Real Friends For what it's worth. Get the picture? I just don't see the value in being "just" friends with women. they see you as a nice guy (read: WEAK). then by all means. My take is to get out of this dangerous habit now. learn to be a man that leads. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. No amount of rule setting or intellectualizing will do it. what YOU think should always supercede what SHE thinks when it comes to YOUR life and preferences. you won't have to fuck him. there will never be a "true friendship" there anyways. Better yet. or she is banging you herself. as a man. Actually.e. I am more than happy to take your lover out. If you are already attracted to her and want to have sex with her. you are giving her TOO much power that she will resent as it makes her feel like your mother. These are habits you take with you into your relationships with the women you are fucking. It is the idea that once you start making female friends. That is how I view all women. Unless she is going to help you get laid. she is not really your friend. When you talk to females about your relationship problems. would you allow some male friend of your lover to go to the movies with her. The danger here is that you can get hooked on needing to get a female opinion on other things. © Frank B. and keep that a very sanctioned part of your life. The friendship you have with her exists ONLY IN YOUR HEAD. Tell me. They will tell their other female friends all about you. you put females into a category that isnt healthy for you in your process to become a seducer. Period.f ranktal ks. Most importantly to me personally isn't the women you talk to today.com . get a regular sex worker or female therapist. it is the greater danger that telling a woman your problems becomes a HABIT. by saying that you are a nice guy. That is where the real danger lies. Anyone dealing with addictions can tell you how hard habits are to break. If you really feel the need to get a woman's approval or nurturing. (i. It is not real. Here.

and who have yet to get their first lay in YEARS. They have different experiences. 2-People Who Do Not Get Laid Never to listen to people that have not gotten the results you seek. then say so. It is the same cattiness that they use on each other. 2-lf it is based on something you studied. who know my history and credentials. You must quickly identify these guys. You are just a female friend with a penis to them. then say so 3-lf it is based on your own theorizing. for the same reasons. the same way you would treat advice from women. Just remember this one last point. The key words here are: RESULTS THAT YOU SEEK.com . then say so. I know men that have studied the same material as I.women are not your friends. At least let people know where the advice is coming from. those same women "friends" will turn on you with every secret you trusted them with. There are guys that are good with women. It is listening to the women in your life. Unless she is helping you meet and seduce other women. W h e n your female friends get really pissed off at you if you ever try to stand up for yourself.f ranktal ks. Guys Who Are Afraid Of Competition This is just an addition mention to note.. for the same amount of time as I. Yet. STILL offer me relationship advice about the way things Really work. and following their advice that probably got you into the mess that caused you to need my books to begin with. when I meet people who I know write books on seduction. I have three rules for people that want to offer any advice: 1-lf it is based on life experience.. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Men and women are different. and treat all of their advice.148 he's Beta). as I search © Frank B. who will teach you the wrong thing to do because they will not want you to be their competition. It never ceases to amaze me how even now. and different perceptions of reality.

Do not believe everything people tell you about being soul mates. when according to them meeting someone should be easy and natural. in my experience with many so-called soul mate couples.. it has less to do with being soul mates. and are still at the same level of success with women now. if a guy cannot get laid himself. Also. this also applies to people in relationships that have gone sour. then listening to any advice he offers about how to get laid is a WASTE OF TIME.149 the Internet. They starting dating at ages 11 and 13.Argh! I find that soul mate couples simply take for granted that they got really lucky to find one another when they did. It is those couples that got LUCKY and met the right person. and a lot more to do with timing and settling for what came along. even though their results do not back up the claims. You know whom I am talking about. at the right time.. If the person giving you advice on relationships is on the verge of a separation.com . is the advice from my old circle of friends.. They could not understand how I remained unmarried during my 20s.. People need to believe in © Frank B. They are not the norm. offering their advice as gospel. divorced. I come the soul-mate couple. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and it were their only courtship until they got married. these guys are more than sure of themselves that they know better. that they were when I first started my journey.f ranktal ks. Basically and bluntly stated. My own parents were such a couple. or their love life is not something you would ever want for yourself. Sad.RUN! Lastly. because they are the exception people hope for. Any advice they give probably does not apply to you. Still. Actually. Which is little-to-no real success. in a lot of the cases. They cannot advise on relationships. blah blah. and not everyone is as fortunate. I find these same guys. Why? They were not always supportive of my relationship management studies. blah. then dudes. One source of advice I stopped taking a LONG time ago.

or are they reporting what they actually found worked? Today. as I detailed in my book Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test.f ranktal ks. Why? Because.com . more than they need to tell you any real truths. I never listen to relationship academics about how to get laid or find love. because if a man directly asks what a woman wants. When they write their books. are they looking to prove their own theories.. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Jerks address women's EMOTIONAL NEEDS better than nice guys ever could. Now then. When a nice guy can address a woman's emotional needs. he © Frank B. Want an example? When women are asked what kind of man they want to date. you know the answer is: The Jerk. I OBSERVED what women RESPONDED to. Read it again.150 their own lies. If they do get laid. I now question if their findings are based on what they think it SHOULD be. Period. almost all women will SAY they want to date a NICE GUY. I learned years ago not to ask women what they wanted. Since my journey of development. She gives the answers she thinks he want to hear from her. That was my method. This is why I do not listen to what women say.l listen to what they do.) What women RESPOND to speaks volumes about what actually fulfills them EMOTIONALLY. they get laid on looks. as most of them cannot accomplish either. whom do these women usually end up dating. money or some other element to compensate for their lack of game. That was it.. fucking and sometimes marrying: The nice guy or THE JERK? If you have any real experience with women. she does not give the answers she actually responds too. (This is not a typo. or if their findings are based on the way THINGS ARE. 3-Relationship Academics I have a HUGH distrust of relationship academics.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I © Frank B. In that case. I was a great conversationalist when I was a loser. IT MAKES ME SICK.. RUN NOW! If they have not learned from action. then you have no game. When I want to learn about what makes a woman want to be with a man. but what financial security indicates to the woman ABOUT the man that turns her on. If anyone tries to teach you about women's emotional needs based solely on what women have said.. but * l * was. One so-called PhD expert listed "Conversation" as an emotional need. Next we have "financial security"? Oh please. This is why I never listen to women. Despite that. (actually attracting women).f ranktal ks. If you need to get her with money. I was intrigued. Another listed "Financial Security" as an emotional need. exception to the rule). Conversation is a way to address the UNDERLYING NEED.151 becomes beats out damaged she is the a HIGH VALUE MALE. it is not the actual need itself. It is not the financial security that is the emotional need. and she is just a gold digger. and yet they were not getting laid. you know that is BULLSHIT. I went without sex for 5 years. nor do I listen to PhD's on relationships. (Unless she is emotionally and drawn to violence abuse. as I love to learn more all the time. then they have nothing to teach about the emotional needs of women.RUN! DUDE. I read what they have listed as emotional needs. THEN. I have read about so-called experts on emotional needs that claim to specifically understand women's emotional needs. It is not conversation that is the emotional need. A high value male the jerk every time. A lot of my clients and the men that I have helped had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more money in one years' earnings than I would see in a possible decade. Does this mean that all poor people have no hope of getting women? If you know anything about my past. Lousy system taught there.com .

f ranktal ks. I simply looked to naturals as examples of where to end up. That part makes sense to me. worry about not getting laid because they lack those qualities. I find that very few of them can fully articulate what they do in a way that someone that never experienced natural talents can fully understand. Why are they not worried? Because those guys GET LAID!!!!! 4-Naturals By my own admittance. or why it is the right thing to do.com . so they also had a hard time relating to me. Think of it this way: when high school students that struggled with learning disabilities. Beware your mentors my dear students. I can truly imagine women saying that "conversation" and "financial security" would be their emotional needs. To get past my own frustrations when I was a seducer-in-training. the miscommunication and frustration that comes from both ends is boundless. and they are slowly learning the teaching skills they need. a number of naturals have come into the game as teachers. guys that are naturally good with women.152 learn from the man that has lots of women that want to be with him. than the teachers that used to always be the strait-Astudents. The same principle applies here. However. most naturals never experienced the things I have experienced in my loser past. Please understand. and as possible outcomes. However. I have studied under a number of naturals. finally master a subject. But I doubt all the Alpha males out there that are not great talkers. However. I changed my learning techniques when studying under a natural. and that all the artistic musicians out there who do not have spare cash to throw about. they often make better teachers of that subject. In fact many naturals do not really know what they are doing right. when a loser at the total beginning stages meets up with a natural that has not honed his teaching skills. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. Since the study of seduction has become a more focused experience for men.

That is it.com . and Internet oddities are all designed to distract you from making your life everything you want it to be.Popular Media Popular media has but one goal: To make money. It is a business like any other. Once your basic fundamental needs are taken care of. Popular media does not want you to be happy. It wants you to be indebted to it. so that the instability created. and do it. Ok. sex and love you really want. what material possession would you possibly ever have to buy to make you happy? The answer of course is none. and avoid having to deal in the real world. promotes consumerism instead of connection. You get my point I think (I HOPE!). (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Leading to high CREDIT DEBT. pushing forward the perpetual cycle of void-filling purchases. Popular media is not designed to teach you to be a man. 5. you do not need more material possessions than basically required if you have the relationship of your dreams. and lead. catering to the lowest common denominator. this is a topic for a whole different essay. So when seducersin-training ask why it works. It distracts you long enough so that you become addicted to that media-ESCAPE. It is interesting watching them interacting with girls and making your own observations.153 They just know it works. Think of it this way: If you have the relationship. a real world with real women that want real sex. The movies. Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Try this one: Popular media is designed to keep relationships in chaos. so let's get back to more relevant reading. to sell product. which again adds to the instability of relationships. It is designed to fulfill the fantasies © Frank B. the natural usually can only answer It just does! Sigh. so that you will spend more time in consumerism through media than you do in consummation with your partner. television shows.f ranktal ks. It is entertainment. It is not an educator.

In order to engage a character. which does not reflect real life. and those that sell you on watching even more TV. IT feeds the illusion that understanding a media character is like reading real people. Sitcoms are infiltrated with decent looking loser guys that have cute or hot wives. Did you ever notice that there are only two main types of commercials on TV? Those that sell products. and happy ending storylines about the way things should be. Popular media is made up of lots of the same pretty faces. That is fantasy drivel. ended up ruining it with happyending-ness. They want fantasy escape.com . not real life. It is not an accident Even a movie like. He should have tossed her away. but are not really. Even worse. and family lives that they could never get in real life.f ranktal ks. the character Hitch ends up with the chick that almost destroyed his career and reputation. Most shows and movies all have happy endings. You cannot look at popular media to learn how to be a man. he gives in. A person can not read a real person the way he would be able to read a media character because characters force you to enter their world. Also. this is not the case. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. However. but in the end of the movie. and turns into a suck-up for the one woman that tried to violate him. you need to be drawn into the world © Frank B. but who respond to different things in reality. most people grew up on it and there are some educational programs for children that are good. The character "Albert" gets the girl in the end for being his weak neurotic self. Hitch (starring Will Smith). some people find it easy to MIMIC the characters in media. which at points seems to dish out sound theories of attraction and seduction. That is because people do not want real life. Why People Think TV and Movies A r e A Good Thing Some people think popular media is a good learning tool because as a child.154 of the mass culture who THINK they know what they want. That would NEVER happen in real life the way it happened in the movie.

it seems easier to learn from a character than a real person because whatever you do not know about the character. I have met men that had mothers that properly encouraged them to behave like men. to elements that you create based on your own creative mind (i. will not highjack your mind to evoke "affect". A real person. unless they are naturally charismatic.) and the characters are there for you to connect with. etc. the casting to perform it. Focus is important in mirroring these characters.. 6-Parents This does not apply to everyone. When exposed to the same person in real life over and over.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and characters are created with that (academic term:) "Affect" in mind.155 of the character. It is all designed under one intent. there will always be something different such as clothes. time and time again. smells. unless again they are the exceptions mentioned above. Repetition is the mother of skill. more so than a real person could evoke in you. Get it? Also.com .. you will fill in based on elements that come from yourself. when © Frank B. Whether it is directly elements from yourself. watch a movie. a book. etc. that will distract from your focus. the look of the character. Lastly. to highjack your mind. etc.e. unlike a real person. such as your personal look. I have met some men that had great fathers as role models when it comes to women. etc. Nothing happens by accident. When you read a book. a movie. environment..) You are entering an "Affect" relationship with the character that is very personal. dark theatre. or the sound of your voice. or have studied persuasion. The writing. etc. can be experienced EXACTLY the same. This is why I BLOCK OUT popular media influences when I am contemplating relationships. it takes up your entire focus (quiet setting.. creating a back ground for a character to justify their behavior and actions.

If the father is NOT good with women. and not the actual type of men that they themselves would be attracted too. Most guys fail this test. Lastly. as they figure the sons can not handle the truth about relationships. mainly to make sure that these nice guys/good sons will NEVER ABANDON MOMMA. some women take revenge for the sins of the father by raising their male children to be low value. However. and not the rule. Fathers then decide to withhold any seduction-related teaching to their sons. some fathers feel guilty for being the players they were/are.156 engaging with women. In many cases. these few rare gem parents are the exception.com . and if they encourage the favorite one to be the "heartbreaking player" they usually encourage the others to be good friendly nice guys. because of the attachment to their mothers. women raise their male children to become "ideal husbands". OR these sons will act out from their own infantile fears of abandonment. Lastly. he can only teach what he knows.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and thus make up for it by raising low value males as atonement. will usually test their very young sons at some point to see if their sons "get it". © Frank B. Based on my work and life experience I can tell you: 1-Mothers tend to play favorites with their male children. and will either turn against the father to side with the mother. 2-Fathers who are really good with women.

com . concept crazy family structure out there. and put my own love life in the perspective that I needed to help me get what I wanted. I have my emotional needs theories that have served me well. and a host of alternative sexual lifestyles.f ranktal ks. Goth. Each person must find his or her own truth. which had failed me miserably.157 Rule of Relationships # 1 0 N o b o d y ' s Got It Figured Out When I first started this journey. Honestly open players. infidel cheaters. I was coming from a monogamous mind frame. gay and almost every gender-bender. monogamy was not the problem at all. I once had a woman tell me all about her weekend affair with the wife of the married man she had been sleeping with for 3 years. bi.the real surprise for me nowadays is that when people tell me about their secret sexual lives. I have found mine. There are people that have it figured out for themselves. fringe culture. In my case. and every artificially based. you name it. What works for one person. group sex parties between friends. © Frank B. they are shocked when I can almost predict what it is they have to say. BDSM. The journey is about finding your own truth. without compromising my principles. or at least that is how I felt at the time. will not always work for another. Then I went full throttle into the world of non-monogamy. I have come across them all. etc. In fact. open marriages. She was amazed when I told her I had heard it all before. spontaneous threesomes and orgies. Nuns losing their virginities. and going to swingers club. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. polygamous couples and families. I have come across it. This included getting to know swingers. it was my inability to know how to manage a monogamous relationship.. because it's old hat to me now.. and have tried out and experimented with at least a good chunk. This included straight.

Be honest about this process. The more you truly learn about yourself. That's OK though. I do not envy them though. After everything I have been through.158 There are people that haven't even begun to think about figuring it out. as what they put their partners and families though is not something I would want to be a part of. and every relationship I have ever studied. and do not see any need to figure it out. 2-Experiment only with those relationships types that you are intrigued by. I went on this journey to find out what makes a relationship work. and do not mislead your partner(s).f ranktal ks. and work at it day-to-day. the less time you will waste with relationships that will not fulfill you. and avoid those relationship types that do not at all interest you.com . If you do this. I have come to one solid conclusion: Three Suggestions There are only three things I can suggest for anyone to do when trying to figure out what relationship structure and rules would best suit him: 1-Find out what is out there. and learn what rules of relationships people follow to live out their particular lifestyles. That is the most any of us can do. because they just go with whatever comes along. The rest. "Someone out there MUST have the answer1'. because those people are already OK with living that way. The point is to find LEARNING. you will find that rules vary from relationship to relationship. The point of th is part of the journey is not to find love. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. 3-Know yourself. as that is a side effect. even within the same lifestyle choices. I wanted to know what relationship structure was the best. I thought. you will have to figure out for yourself. and which one would save me from break ups and divorce. © Frank B.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com .159 CHAPTER 3 The Inner Game Lists of Self-Awareness © Frank B.

after list. then the rock crumbles under the waves. with who are. Preparing these series of lists will enable you to understand who you are as a person. Men are like the hard rock it crashes against If you are uncertain of yourself in any tested capacity. while others are going to require you to really think. is the foundations for creating your seduction persona with which you will be comfortable and congruent The material you will be able to build from completing these lists will also enable you to develop communication tools and stories with the intent to convey your uniqueness to women. all the preliminary work required of those sessions is being done HERE. and you stand your ground. and what your boundaries are. you will be doing LOTS of writing. To understand the information contained in the lists. and you will be able to use this information to convey specific traits about your personality to women (and people in general). © Frank B. the water wraps its legs around you.com . This is the work of developing your own personalized Inner Game. or personal symbolic peacocking. and takes the shape you want it to. Women are like water. after list. that when it comes to being able to do other things.f ranktal ks. Uncertainty is for the woman. Some will be easy and fun. you will better understand who you are. If you know yourself. Get it? When a woman senses that you do not know yourself that is a sign of weak sperm. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. How does this relate to being a man You MUST know yourself. I am going to ask you to write out list. They are all designed for you to learn about yourself. I encourage everyone to go through this process of self-discovery for himself if you have not already worked with me first Once you establish boundaries for yourself.160 Introduction: The Lists of Self-Awareness for Men In this chapter. like learn calibrated storytelling. I have structured these questions and lists in such a way.

com . how will you be able to display your value as a man. When you are seducing a woman. (Provided of course you can give them what they need at the level they need it at). That is part of the risk of l o v e " . This takes WORK. if you yourself don't know what you have to offer? A Seducer must know himself to know what type of women he will seduce. and finally putting priority on those people who can give you that. and what type of relations he plans to have with them. You find a strong sense of self in deciding your priorities in learning about who you are.f ranktal ks. The hurt feelings do not have to be the end of you. enjoys and dislikes.161 Through the lists. It's your job as a man. and should be based on what the Seducer personally values. what you want. IF you have a strong sense of self. with all the questions. © Frank B. you are going to learn a lot about yourself. It is YOUR job. It is a job. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. In the realm of relationships with women and your own personal development. developing your criteria about what you want. This criteria is an incredibly personal set of listings. a man WILL have his feelings hurt.

The issue for this exercise is to focus on what makes YOU particularly admirable. who are proud to be Men that Love Women sexually. so I am going to break it down for you. Many men have been conditioned to think poorly of themselves. The second reason that you are the PRIZE is that you are ATTRACTED TO WOMEN. This list is designed to quickly find your top 25 qualities. Your sexuality (I assume you are hetero. being born a man who is attracted to women IS a prize for women. He must cherish his own gender. or may even fear taking stock of how great they are so to avoid over inflated egos.f ranktal ks. It is not until you see it on paper that you realize how much you may not have valued your own gender. Again. but you may also be bi) is a VALUE. but when taking stock about your own value. © Frank B. One of the obstacles that many men face is that these men do not realize their own value. Again. The first reason that you are the PRIZE is that YOU ARE A MAN. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. It seems obvious.162 List Number 1 25 Or Your Top Qualities t h a t make Y O U the PRIZE This list is to serve as a reminder to you about how much of a Prize you are. who are attracted too and want to be with a man. an inflated ego might be exactly what these guys need for a while to balance out the years of putting themselves down. and I am even going to GIVE you the first two. it is women that are suffering in utter FRUSTRATION that they can not find enough good men. It is easier than you think. Ironically. who are attracted to and want to be with a man. I do not expect you to think of 25 qualities off the top of your head. into sub categories. but ASHAMED of their sexuality. You were born with balls. Being born a man IS a prize for women. These men do not recognize how much of a PRIZE they are for the women they desire. With so many men out there either being gay (not sexually interested in women at all) or men that are straight or bi. a man must never take "the obvious" for granted.com . That is the NUMBER ONE reason that you are a PRIZE.

or a positive work evaluation. I am sure that coming up with 25 of your top qualities now.163 it seems obvious. a rare and note worthy collection of some sort. honorable mentions. as they would appear on your resume that you would want a potential employer/client to know. For those of you survivors out there. For the final 5 qualities. or a past abuse also counts. goals obtained. I want you to write out 5 of your achievements in life. "Employee of the Month". a great outfit. a man must never take "the obvious" for granted. As humans. He must cherish his own sexuality. Here they are: • • Name 3 qualities about yourself that your friends would say you posses. it is easier for us all to remember what we think is so great about other people. For the purposes of this exercise. Now then. • • • At this point. This list is used to combat that basic human behavior. I will quickly break down how you can subcategories the remaining 23 of your top qualities that make you the prize. my guess is that you are going to come up with way more than 25. or that you have access too. let's get stated on that list: © Frank B.. list your material possessions that you either own outright.those sorts of things.. and to forget what is so great about ourselves. This would be a thing like a car. and even include things like. which you agree with. is not the daunting task you thought it could be.com . start a new list of 25 and KEEP GOING!!!! Refer back to this list as often as you need too. These could include your degrees. a room you rent. a business. If you do. beating a disease like cancer. For the next 5 qualities. awards. and as often as you can. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. but when taking stock about your own value. Name 5 qualities you posses. By the time you finish. or a great grade in a tough class. Name 5 other qualities you possess that you would want your potential future lover to know about you.f ranktal ks.

as they would appear on your resume that you would want a potential employer/client to know: 678- 10Five other qualities you possess that you would want your potential future lover to know about you: 11121314- 15Five of your achievements in life: © Frank B.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.164 25 Of Your Top Qualities That Make YOU The PRIZE: 1-1 am a Man 2-1 am sexually attracted to Women Three qualities about yourself that your friends would say you have: 345Five qualities you have.f ranktal ks.

com ... (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. or that you have access too: 2122232425Other qualities that you would like to add: 2627282930- 31Keep going on a separate sheet if you need too.1617181920Five of your material possessions that you either own outright.f ranktal ks. © Frank B.

166 This next section of writing is for those guys that even after putting in some effort really cannot see themselves as the prize. Her value goes down as she ages. Women do not have that power or option. Once that happens. what is the real value of woman? The moment a man gives himself permission to learn to communicate with women. and can get a younger girl to have kids with him. You know who you are. So here are some really hardcore reasons for you as a man. not by force. a Man's value goes up. Be aware of this. you can pay for better food • No matter how she fucks. One of the last girls to tell me she was "The Prize". only then can he understand the power of being the prize. you can pay for a woman with better looks • No matter how she cooks. many years ago.com . you can pay for better sex. Also remember. Rule of the Prize Why is the man the prize? Well. he gets to be monogamous by CHOICE. no matter how good this woman is. lets say she is 25. there are always better women out there for you if you are willing to put in the work and look. she told me in casual conversation (almost in a joking manner) that she was the prize when it came to guys. was a 20ish year old hot looking petite busty girl that was hired as a dance instructor when I used to take dance lessons many.f ranktal ks. Let us look at what a 25 yrs old woman really has to offer 1-Age (her sexual value is high. She is fit enough to procreate and provide attract offspring that will again be © Frank B. So a 20ish hot looking chick thought she was the prize huh? What a Crock of SHIT! Lets see. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. While we were dancing. Men have no biological clock. Women know this. to believe that YOU are the prize: • No matter what she looks like.

Yeah. BUT she has about 7 years to go. the less the value. His life experience. Over time. Women lie about age. no matter how "hot" she is. her age will forever be her liability. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and body type..f ranktal ks. let us look at the value of men: 1. It starts with talk about wanting to stay at home with the kids. THAT makes her the prize. Now then... A man's value INCREASES with age.) but after that? Come o n . any man with cash in his pocket can always pay for better than what she offers sexually. That is why men are less afraid than women to walk the streets at night. Older men have value in EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE. Compare a man and a woman that are similar in height. That is why they all wear make up and all do their hair. The fact is. © Frank B.Age: Young men have sexual value in youth just like women. Oh please.167 able to procreate. it becomes less valuable. between school debts and the fact that despite all her education. weight. 2-Physical strength: Men are physically stronger than women. The higher the age. There are no nighttime volunteer safety patrols for men on school campus. most women still hope she will attract a man that will be able to support her lazy ass.. 3. and exercises. nor do bus transit systems offer men the option of stopping the bus between stops. A woman's value as the Prize is primarily dependant upon her age. The fact is that no matter how "valued" she is for sex... 2-Personality? Do you know anyone that has ever dated a 25ish girl that had her head and life totally together? Guess what? It does not get that much better when she is older. and ability to lead increase with that experience. The man will be stronger. right. she is 25 now. If you think older women are slaves to their emotions.com . Some guys think that because she is a YOUNG hottie. and his ability to act like a father figure.Her Education? Sure. After that. that both follow the same diet. it is worse when they are younger. she is in constant competition with other women for male attention.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .168 That all exists for women. That is not good. that last part was a little extreme. It is an emotional thing. is one of the beliefs that keeps many great men stuck in mediocre levels.f ranktal ks. but necessary. That needs to stop. and the idea that women are BETTER than men. it makes all the difference. make up. The belief that men are the prize is the best belief to counter the belief that women are better than men. etc. Everything she does (hair. then you are not able to see yourself as the prize. ok.) is to get attention of the best men. It is all about the cock. If you were not able to come up with 25 qualities that you possess. Ok. I have worked with countless men. Women need the cock. and we are expected to protect ourselves. For a guy that struggles just to get motivated to even date women. Women are here for men. Penis envy is alive. Bottom line: MEN ARE THE PRIZE Everything a woman says is a test in order to find the best men. © Frank B. MEN get to CHOOSE. because they need it. That is WHY men get to CHASE.

and to train yourself to exercise judgment between the first thing that comes to your head. and most hated 50 things. For a guy. it really is not important if he has a favorite day of the week. 50 Things You Love and Hate # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Item Day of the Week Month Season Food Drink Alcohol Holiday Sexual Position Cartoon Book School Subject First Date Vacation Location Most Favorite Most Hated © Frank B. but for a woman. Now then. she looks at it as a sign of lacking dominance. it is time to start to fill out your list of your most loved. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. This exercise is good practice to think fast. The topics that I have chosen are random. and to provide a little variety to this exercise. Dominance is interpreted as the ability to make decisions. and the first thing that comes out your mouth. you will surely think of more things to add to the list.com . One of the subtle indicators that women notice is if a man does not even know what he likes and dislikes.169 List Number 2 50 Things You Love and Hate This list is all about making decisions. and by all means. Once you complete this exercise. which should not necessarily always be the same thing. please do continue this on your own.f ranktal ks. The point of this exercise is to get you used to establishing BOUNDARIES.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .f ranktal ks.170 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Painting TV Show Radio Show Website Podcast Seduction Guru Actress Actor Color Vehicle Job Footwear Sex Toy Dessert Lover Ice Cream Gum Vegetable Fruit Super Hero Song Theatre Play Author/Artist Restaurant Hang out Flavor Toothpaste Place for sex Geometric Shape Road Sign Red Meat Fairy Tale Music Instrument Weapon Pet Wild Animal Porn Star © Frank B.

or the last day of school. but they all involve traveling. and remember your BEST moments from that period of your life. playing with your friends. 1 best childhood memory of "traveling" and work on coming up with 6 more different ones.171 List Number 3 10 Most Favorite Childhood Memories Ok.com . so too will SHE start to talk about her best memories. you will have at least 10 good topics of discussion to keep the conversation going. Best childhood memories are great topics. and then BRIEF 2-3 lines about the gist of the story. especially when you are talking to women. this is going to be a fun one. For each one. Where you are going to use this is in storytelling and basic conversation skills. The key here is to make the memories DIVERSE. a trip to Disney World. These are positive feel good topics. Let's say that you have 7 best childhood memories. I want you to think back to when you were a little boy. Examples are: feeling secure in your parents arms. write out the title of the favorite childhood memory. and if talked about properly. and then you ran out of things to talk about? When you memorize your own list of best childhood memories. You may want to categorize them as. Have you ever been in a situation where you started a conversation with a woman. watching favorite kids show. or teenager. 10 Most Favorite Childhood Memories 1- 2- © Frank B. can address a number of a woman's emotional needs.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and great ways for you to get to know other people because as you talk about YOUR best childhood memories.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.172 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- © Frank B.com .f ranktal ks.

Again. If she cannot come up with any stories after about 2-3 of yours. you demonstrate something amazing that you learned about the world. and same purpose as the Best Childhood Memories but one key difference. you learn about her. keep these DIVERSE. you are demonstrating that you are a high value male. and that you are used to experiencing great moments in your life.. so you still win. 10 Peak Life Experiences 1- 2- © Frank B. In each peak life experience. getting into a school or job you really went for. This is done by telling her a few of your stories. or about your self. and you get to put her on the spot to see what great peak life experiences she has had. Peak life experiences are also a chance to qualify her. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. this is going to be a fun one too.173 List Number 4 10 Peak Life Experiences Ok. This is about those great moments in your life that define who you are. then you have the option to disqualify her IF you want. achieving a goal. and then a BRIEF 2-3 lines about the gist of the story.com .f ranktal ks. It can happen at any age. For each one. scoring the winning shot. When you memorize your own list of peak life experiences. If she shares her stories. Same idea. winning an event. and you are still the PRIZE. etc. gain rapport. and you win. beating the odds. Examples include: your first kiss. write out the title of the Peak Life Experience. That is something that she will get to experience if she earns the chance to hang out with you more.

f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.174 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- © Frank B.com .

This was done in private or in front of other people (esp. This must STOP. cousins. It is kind of like how a little boy is afraid to disappoint a mommy. and a 1-2 line report of what happened and who she/they were. lovers. including your female acquaintances. Like I said. Some men. women). bosses. female friends. It is give those extra-nice guys a small dose of misogyny. ONLY do this is you are TOO nice of a guy. sister. in the way that they will NOT stand up for themselves out of the fear of pissing off the women they are interested in. Write out the title of the incident. This list will put incredible tensions in your relations with women in general.175 List Number 5 10 Times You Were Emasculated By Women This next list is for all those guys that are waaaaaay too nice. For the purposes of this exercise. This can be from women that include: mother. or dates. make sure you are ready for this one. and decided not to call a woman on her bullshit out of the fear of upsetting her. co-workers and female relatives. so make sure you can separate your feelings during the learning process. very careful with this one. a guy is TOO NICE. Again. The purpose of this list is to remind the too nice guy of all the PAIN he has endured when he failed to stand up for himself. So they tolerate abusive behaviors by women. act like little boys.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. BUT be very. when he supplicates to the point where he allows himself to be totally humiliated and disrespected by women OUT OF THE FEAR OF PISSING HER OFF. and those towards the women you know. 10 Times You Were Emasculated By W o m e n 1- 2- © Frank B.com . Ignore this list if you must.

f ranktal ks.176 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 10- © Frank B.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

write out the names and situations of the most interesting and stimulating people you have ever met. then it is a worthwhile one. Although more kudos for the encounters of meeting these people in person. or your ability to draw those people to you. at work. the key here is what you took away from the interactions that build up your inner game. at a party. long conversations with a guy that used to be Chubby Checker's former road manager. many of the seduction gurus I have come to know as colleagues. when you're walking down the street. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.177 List Number 6 10 Intriguing People You Have Ever Encountered Ok. Some of my own personal examples include: dinner with a homeless man that I helped get off the street and sent him back to his family. in school. In this list. They're the people that you meet. in a club. Not only does this give you plenty of material to talk about. These could include times when you have met with celebrities. there may not be any real admiration at all. in my case. through a friend.f ranktal ks. over the phone. conversations with your personal hero. people who take part in all kinds of alternative lifestyles. The encounters could be on the street. In this list. Pretty much anywhere. What did you learn about yourself from each of these interactions? Did they find you just as intriguing? I think you will be amazed at how much the memories of the people you meet "in your neighborhood" will just naturally come flowing to you. and.com . each day. © Frank B. This is different from the list you did earlier about those people you admire the most. if you got something out of the interaction. over the net. time for a little light-hearted one. or strangers that you had great conversations with at the bus stop. This is more about demonstrating either your ability to seek out new and exciting people.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. 10 Intriguing People You Have Ever Encountered 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- © Frank B. Name the person. and 1 line for the circumstance how you met the person.178 Author's Note: So how many of you got the Sesame Street reference? So how many of you got the Gilligan s Island reference from pages before? So lets.com . do it.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. In this list. Also write out if this is something that is a disadvantage you want to change. Should be quick too. this is an easy one. "Resemble" does not just mean in appearance. as the case may be.179 List Number 7 10 Characters/Celebrities That You Most Resemble Ok. how others perceive you. really see. People used to tell me I reminded them of Ralph Kramden because of my temper. and gives you a specific referenced idea of the first impressions you give off. and why you think it is. It gives a quick and clear indication of how you are coming across.f ranktal ks. and explain in what way you resemble that person or character. These days when I peacock.com . Do not take any of them as an insult. They are indications of things that you should either change or emphasize to your advantage. or an asset that you want to maintain. When I lost a LOT of weight in college. real/fictional/celebrity that you most resemble. Let's see where we can have some fun with this. Now. Pop-culture references can be powerful for a seducer-in-training. you are to write out the 10 characters. some girls actually said my eyes and face looked like Tom Cruise. I am told I look like a character from King of Cars. Does your voice sound like the voice of Barney Rubble? Do you look like Danny Devito? Do you have the spastic mannerisms of a Cosmo Kramer? Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of X? If so. Write down the name of the person or character that you resemble in some way. WRITE THEM DOWN! The point of this exercise is to see. © Frank B.

f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.180 10 Characters/Celebrities That You Most Resemble 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 10- © Frank B.com .

This is an exercise in TONALITY. Write out the name of whom you are imitating. You are not here to make people laugh. the Cowardly Lion. and the women will adore your vocal range when you sweet-talk them too. I really struggled with it despite having a background in theatre acting. I picked various characters. an Italian Mafia Boss. UNTIL you master the tonality. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. when I want to have a little fun with a girl that I have already slept with. © Frank B. and people to IMITATE. and a few choice words that you are going to practice over and over. If you have a younger sibling or nephew/niece.181 List Number 8 10 Best Imitations This is not so you can become a starting standup comic. stereotypes. You'll be a hit with the kids. a fun game you can try is to tell a story using all the different characters you imitate. or too slow. I can do some imitations. I found it difficult to know if I was talking too fast. These included Kermit the Frog. Performance on the screen is different than tonality for seduction...com . walk me down that isleF. and others. This included imitating their body language too.") Eventually.f ranktal ks. It is not about the impressions of others that you can do that make this exercise valuable. read them a bedtime story using your variety voices. nor do I want you to become an entertainment monkey for the sole purpose of others amusement. or Kermit: "HI Ho. When I was working on my tonality. It was easier just to repeat what I had already heard over and over. until I sounded just like the voice I was imitating. Kermit the Frog Here.. Then I found something that worked for me to finally master my own tonality. (For example. It was the practice in getting my voice to use multiple tonalities that solidified my seduction verbal skills. or too loudly. or too low in the venue I was in. Now for the list. Now. Randy Savage. Randy Savage: "Ooo-Yeah! Elisabeth.

com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.10 Best Imitations 12345678- 10- © Frank B.f ranktal ks.

colors. I will also ask you to create some abstract drawings. you will be asked to write out specific details about yourself. not so well know symbols. In this list. and thus that is why there are three lists to fill o u t The First list of Symbols (List Number 9) is all those symbols that you were born into. or thrust upon you. Each answer you give is a symbol of yours.com . Your favorite colour. you go back to your first two lists. Something is a symbol if you believe it represents you. shapes. and it changed EVERYTHING for them from how they dressed. it could totally change your entire perspective on life. They are all related to your symbols. or cartoon character. you had no control. These include your astrology sign. abstract. In these cases. There are three levels of Symbology. and look for trends and repeating patterns. and some worded slogans to fill out the list. © Frank B. I have seen men that I have helped identify their symbols. astrology signs.f ranktal ks. as they reflect what it is you respond to for some reason. They all represent you in some fashion. your eye color. nor did you have a say in the symbol representing you. favorite shape. or parts of you. well known symbols. and at least one popular media character. There should be a variety here such as animals. symbols of your own creation.183 L i s t N u m b e r 9 . and openly. If you do this honestly. and 11 List of Symbols and Symbology The next three lists all have a common theme. Yes they are that powerful. favorite TV show. favorite flavour. 10. to the type of professions they were in. your citizenship at birth. Here. and so on. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. These include your favorites and preferences. The Second List of Symbols (List Number 10) are those symbols that you have taken a liking too. The Third List of Symbols (List 11) is the one where you must get creative.

What birthmarks or unique body parts do you have? 10.com . What is your Zodiac Astrological Sign? 2. Middle. 2 nd . This could include your family crest or ancestry history. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. your date of birth.. What images re-occur in your dreams? Feel free to add more to this page if you think of more. nickname.f ranktal ks. such as your Chinese Zodiac Sign. etc. What are your full initials? 6. What is your birthstone? 7. What is your gender? 8. what your phone number spells out if you replace the numbers with letters on the key pad (assuming you did not choose the intent of the spelling). and Oldest?) 4. © Frank B. What is your Birth Citizenship and Flag? 3. Last. Youngest.184 List Number 9 10 Symbols You Had Thrust Upon You 1. What order child are you in your family? ( 1 s t . Hair Color.. What religion were you born into? 9. What is your eye color? 5. or anything else that you think would count as a thrust upon symbol.

as I worked a lot with my hands. or the other lists in this book. For this list. sounds and icons that you feel might be a symbol for you.com . Spend some time thinking about all the images.f ranktal ks. What is your favorite precious stone/metal? 6. What animal do you admire most? In addition to the above you may want to add something that you consider a symbol for yourself that is not on the above list For example: for a period of years. What is your favorite holiday? 4. What is your favorite popular media character? 10. What is your favorite shape? 3. or a part of you. What is your favorite entertainment? 9. you should have no problem here. What is your seduction persona? 8. go back to your 50 favorites. if you have better symbols there to work with. I considered a "hand" to be one of my symbols. © Frank B. What is your favorite colour? 2. What is your favorite number? 7. If you have done the lists like you were suppose to. What is your chosen work or profession? 5.185 List Number 10 10 Symbols You Chose 1. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

If you have brown eyes. you may only choose for this list a Maple Leaf as your symbol. to personalize your symbol.f ranktal ks. and see if you can come up with a few more. if your citizenship is Canadian. to a maximum of 3 for each. and not the full flag. or draw out at least one symbol to represent it.you modify the symbols together into one cohesive image. let's say that your hobby is that of genealogy. I am going to give you a few starters for you to create your own symbols. If you wrote your citizenship is American. and for each thing that you wrote. Now.com . For example. actually colour a little purple blob next to the word purple. or color in three blobs of read. you may even change the Red Maple Leaf to a Brown to match your eyes. and you have included a "— " (dash) going along the middle of the brown maple leaf. All done? You'd better be. In List Number 11. draw a bald eagle. and you find that the brown maple leaf with a dash across it looks like a tree. write out next to it.. let's also pretend that the last 4 digits in your phone number write out the word "DASH". For example: if you wrote your favorite colour is purple. Here are your first 4. First thing you need to do is to GO BACK to List Number 9 and 10. which also matches your profession as an environmental activist. and do this BEFORE you get to the next paragraph. THAT is now ONE of your true symbols. Get it? Go back now. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. write an American Flag.186 List Number 11 10 Symbols You Will CREATE Here in the 11th list. Start the process again with different symbols.. however. You have now created a new symbol from your existing lists. your symbol is the Canadian Flag. Now. and the rest you will have to © Frank B. you must now get creative. but you will have to do the majority on your own. white and blue. You will need that work done to get through this next list. you are going to CREATE your own symbols.

Pimp Name.187 create as mentioned on the previous page. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Slogan. Hot-Yet-Humble. Middle-aged-n'-Crazy. 3.f ranktal ks. Wrestler Name. List Number 11 Create Your Own Symbols 1.com . If you were a Professional Wrestler. with at least 6 more of them. what would your Pimp Name be? Watch American Pimp for inspiration. If you were a pimp. draw your own representative Logo: © Frank B. In the box. Write out THREE of your 3 word slogans now: Come up 2. what would your Wrestler Name be? 4. Come up with a three-word slogan to best describe you. Here are some examples: Short-ButSignificant.

It's Wonderful Life.f ranktal ks. REALLY hate using media as references for the development of going from Loser to Seducer. The Pursuit of Happyness to mention a few. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. List 10 Movies That Inspired You 12345678- 10- © Frank B. I would rather watch a few inspirational movies over and over. again and again. the documentary American Pimp. than to watch a thousand different movies that try to hypnotize me into mass consumption.188 List Number 12 List 10 Movies That Inspired You I normally really. there are a few exceptional movies that I will watch again. personal development. while you fill out the writing exercises in this book. persistence. because they are inspiring. But. really. goal setting. Rudy. So let's limit your exposure to mass consumption by listing the only 10 movies you are going to repeatedly watch over the next few months. and making a difference.com . chasing a dream. Alpha-ism. They all center on themes of discovery. The Muppet Movie. Some of my personal favorites are Fight Club.

For List 13: I want you to write out the names of 5 (five) people that in the past have gotten in your way when it came to being successful with women. or mentors in your life. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. For List 14: I want you to write out the names of 5 (five) people that in the past have actually HELPED you become more successful with women.com .189 List Number 13 and 14 List people thai hold you forward back. List 13 List 5 People that have BLOCKED your success with w o m e n 12345- List 14 List 5 People that have ENCOURAGED your success w i t h w o m e n 1234- 5Now that you have these written down. and push you This is hopefully going to be clear for you. These could include family. so-called friends. That is all. these could include family. and MORE time with List 14 people. or women in your life. Again. and that is EVERYTHING.f ranktal ks. © Frank B. friends. the action to take is for you to spend LESS time with List 13 people.

and again that is EVERYTHING. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. speed dating. the action to take is for you to spend LESS time on List 15 things. List 15 List 5 t h i n g s you are doing w h e r e you are NOT meeting single w o m e n 12345List16 List 5 t h i n g s you could be do doing to meet single women 12345Now that you have these written down. © Frank B. and staying at home. In my case it was studying genealogy.f ranktal ks. This is hopefully going to be clear for you too. and things you could be doing to meet single women. and MORE time with List 16 things. Things like taking a dance class.com . or putting up an online profile.190 List Number 15 and 16 List things you are doing where y o u are NOT meeting single w o m e n . that is all. For List 15: I want you to write out the things you are doing that prevent you from meeting new single women. For List 16: I want you to write out the things you could be doing to meet new single women. hanging out with married-only friends. Again.

lust. attraction. Obviously as these are emotions you WANT her to ENJOY.191 List Number 17 List 10 emotions that you want a w o m a n to be able to experience with you. List 10 emotions that you want a w o m a n to be able to experience with you. disappointed. This is going to be a useful process. and keep on track about what emotions to avoid.f ranktal ks. you will stay away from emotions like boredom. and being neutral. Firstly. So get to it. Remember to let these emotions that you choose build from Curiosity to Passionate Lust. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. The point of this exercise is to remind you of what you want her to feel. Examples are: happiness. comfort. love.com . I want you to list 10 distinct emotions that you want women to experience with you. sadness. I am going to give you the first one (the most mild) and you will work your way to the last one (the most extreme) of passionate lust. etc. This is also to understand your OWN process of arousal. 1-Curiousity 234567- 8- 10-Passionate Lust © Frank B.

It was an interesting exercise. write down the reason I was punishing myself for each of the first 7-10 reasons I gave. This second mentor told me to do the following: List no more than the first 7-10 reasons that came to my mind. "Why am I punishing myself?". and then for each reason. So I emailed another different mentor of mine and told him about what I had done with the first mentor. also no sleep. The following morning I was flooded with angry thoughts. but are not getting consistent results. I had no answer. Why am I punishing myself? I was asked this by one of my mentors. or are in the mist of Creative Avoidance. What I was suppose to do was just write down the first few. as they are the reasons for all your blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors. and it helped me vent some of the rage.f ranktal ks. If this does not apply to you. So I grabbed some paper and a pen and WROTE DOWN about 30 reasons to the question "Why am I punishing myself?". but still not getting consistent results yet.com . then skip this. it is those 1-2 reasons that should be the focus of your change work. It was during my first years in development I was getting good. He even made me get in front of the mirror and ask myself. or have caught themselves self-sabotaging. Then I was to continue the process UNTIL I had narrowed it down to 1 or 2 underlying reasons for the whole thing. I asked myself that again that night No answer. and rage related emotions. © Frank B.192 Super Writing Exercise: The Punishing Myself Exercise This is for those guys that know their stuff. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. but I was at a loss. and move on to the next one. Once you get that far. Maybe it comes down to feeling worthy of change? Is it all an issue of deservedness? This question really forced me to think.

f ranktal ks.193 Well I did it. That somehow. Once I had that.com . It took me a few weeks actually. the issue of punishing themselves has to do with feeling like they have not properly earned the successful lays and love they get. I was able to take actions towards dealing with it.k. what's holding them back is maybe they are addicted to the bad drama of unhealthy relationships that they are so used to. I stopped going to church when I was in my early teens. without all the drama just like their previous relationships. maybe you feel deep down that you havent "earned" the sex yet because you are used to having to go through lots of work. 'low maintenance chick" and you are sabotaging it by being less attracted to her. What a mind-fuck. The results vary from guy to guy. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.. In other words. I have done exactly this exercise with some of my clients. she is "too high quality" a. hiding in the bowels of my unconscious mind. It is this desire for drama that creates the inner conflict. For other guys. It was a VERY unpleasant month. which divides a man to destroy the good things that come in his life. and all my demons were coming out on paper. that just having pleasant fun free happy sex seems somehow anti-climactic. For some guys.. Just an FYI: my source of pain was the religious ideology that I was born a sinner. and thus did not deserve to be happy. and I was not the most pleasant person to be around that month. I kept getting stuck. but I toughed it o u t At the end of all of that. I wrote out (a number of times given it was the source of my multiple pains) what I was struggling with. but as an adult it was still there. For some men. Like getting a great super lady.a. but it was a necessary part of my healing. per haps too early in your development? Their guilt steps in and they ruin the good things going on for them. including seeing a therapist for one particular demon. This exercise was one of the most painful. a great super success. © Frank B.

f ranktal ks.194 Maybe you are just attracted to high-maintenance chicks. and without the drama element. but this time. Here it is: When you feel an emotion and you want to deconstruct it. If you have read my other books. SHE gets to have drama. You put too much value too soon. because you must LEAD the relationship. here is what was taught to me. and she is just too calm and good quality for you. Eventually you will find one underlying reason for those emotions. I think you feel deep down that you don't yet deserve to have what will be your crowning achievement in your development to-date. I have left the next page entirely blank for you to write it out. then you know that my philosophy is that in the relationship. Write down the emotion(s) you want to explore. and that's your job. Please make use of it. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. © Frank B. Then for each one. Then a reason for the reason.com . it will be specifically dealing with being addicted to drama. but you don't. For those of you reading this. write down the reason you feel it. You're a man. I will present a modified version of the exercise that you just read about. Inner game issues will do it every time. You don't get to enjoy the drama. This is a really personal and gut wrenching writing exercise. and so on. No more than say 3-5. That is how I did it.

com .f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.195 © Frank B.

When a guy gets violated on these. are you man enough to do something about it.196 List Number 18 List 10 Things A High Value M a n DESERVES This is really MAJOR inner game work right here. like walk away or confront the issue? Not so obvious actually.f ranktal ks. So start now. but they are not. These things may seem obvious. On these I based my emotional needs theory for men. and what boundaries you have set so that you do not feel violated. and to feel respected by the people in his social circle.. Each man needs his own starting point. and to live out all of his sexual fantasies. to have the woman he is with to desire to bear his children. They are about your realistic expectations.what do you deserve as a high value man? List 10 Things A High Value Man DESERVES 12345678- 10- © Frank B.. What are some things that a high value man DESERVES? On my own personal list I have written that a high value man deserves great sex. Other things include: to have his reputation defended by his women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .

com . It will have what you are looking for. It is way too easy in most of the inner game self development theory to get caught up in becoming so Alpha. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and to live out all of her sexual fantasies. that men forget that RELATIONSHIPS with women are an exchange of give and take. If you are really stuck on this one. So then. to fully enjoy a cock. The point of this list is to remind men to be giving in relationships too. and not just about what men can get from women. So. and to be protected from violence. please refer to my book Everything Out Of Her Mouth is a Test about Women's Emotional Needs.f ranktal ks. what are some things that a high value woman DESERVES? On my own personal list I have written that a high value woman deserves great sex. Other things include: to have her reputation protected. what does she deserve as a high value woman? List 10 Things A High Value W o m a n DESERVES 12345678- 10- © Frank B.197 List Number 19 List 10 Things A High Value Woman DESERVES Now we are turning the tables' boys.

Prostitutes do not "NEED" pimps.f ranktal ks. No one. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. that is proof that on some level women NEED men. So.com . Prostitutes are usually in control of male clients because these women control their clients like a mother controls her sons. They want a relationship. thus they get all the sex and money they need. These women get more than enough dick on a regular basis. get cracking: List 10 Reasons why W o m e n NEED Men 12345678- 10- © Frank B. What these girls want is love. not even prostitutes want to live out life alone.198 List Number 20 List 10 Reasons why Women NEED M e n Even prostitutes need pimps. yet even prostitutes seek out relationships with men. STILL seeks out relationships. and end up with pimps (who are of the few rare men out there that can handle the sexuality and lifestyle of being with a prostitute). How does this apply to you? If even a prostitute that gets male attention for money all the time. Women could manage their own financials. This list is to remind guys how important to women a relationship with a man is.

This list is your reminder that you never get to stop and relax. In this list. Now.f ranktal ks. You ALWAYS need to be bettering yourself when it comes to seducing women. That first one is so important. In these things. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and design new fantasy for her to live out. that I am including in your list for you. My own list has things like: Find new ways to make her orgasm. even if you have been with the same woman for years. pick those things that you must forever be learning. and this list is your guide.199 List Number 21 List 10 Things A Man must improve on with women This one might be a shot to the ego of some of your readers.com . there is always room for improvement. you come up with the rest Go for it List 10 T h i n g s A Man must i m p r o v e on with w o m e n 1-Find new ways to make her have an orgasm 2345678910- © Frank B.

your use of prostitutes or call girls (never indicate you paid for it). no self deprecating humor.f ranktal ks.e. 12345678- 10- © Frank B. no mention that you went sexless for X yrs). no talk about the evils of your ex's or how they hurt you so bad. It has grown since then. no talk about "who" you fucked. even after you bang her. My list included: Never reveal your male friends secrets to her. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. nor should you even bring it up. your suicide attempts (if any). your turn: List 10 T h i n g s You Should NEVER say to a w o m a n . whatever sexual experiences you have not had yet.200 List Number 22 List 10 Things Y o u Should NEVER say to a w o m a n For this one. I am going to give you my FULL list that I started with.com . there are some things you should never tell a woman EVER. never say. sexual dry spells (i. nor wine about your negative experiences. you do not tell them that you are a seducer-in-training UNTIL you evoke significant change. "Don't Leave Me?'. Now then. Although this list applies to the time BEFORE you have sex with her.

handicapped. You would not believe the shit I have been told by women.201 List Number 23 List 10 Vulnerabilities to be framed as Strengths There are things you never tell a woman. It was ALWAYS an issue. it hurt The best remedy for that kind of pain is your dick in her mouth. and being alone. You MUST be ready for it List 10 Vulnerabilities to be framed as Strengths 12345678- 10- © Frank B. Fuck. they can be used to block you in a seduction. I always had to re-frame my weight either as a form of brute strength or as a means to qualify her to see if she was superficial. If you are short. fat. this is your chance to turn her criticisms into an attraction tactic. or have an unusual hobby. or they can be used to help you. Whatever your weakness or vulnerabilities are.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. have a speech impediment. but how I handled it was the difference between getting laid. come across socially awkward. This list is to prepare you for the tests she is going to throw at you to see just how together you feel on the inside.f ranktal ks. and there are things you HAVE to address.

The two sexiest phrases I personally have learned to utter to woman are: "I'm a man. that's my job 2. from now on. List 10 T h i n g s you MUST tell a w o m a n 1.f ranktal ks. You know you have something of value to say but it is not always easy to remember them on the spot. Another for me is "You want Respect Show Respect'.com . or about yourself that is exceptionally attractive. that you must keep in mind to mention to a woman in your first few conversations with her. One guy I know always finds a way to introduce the fact he used to be filmed in porno movies.I'm a man.Stop Mothering Me! 3- 45678- 10- © Frank B. and always have them handy. So write them down in this list. There are things you can say in general. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. that I am going to include them in the list for you. This works for him to create attraction and intrigue in the girls he approaches. that's my job" and "Stop Mothering Met' Those two have worked so well.202 List Number 24 List 10 T h i n g s you MUST tell a w o m a n There are some things that you must ALWAYS say to women.

you will find as you develop into a seducer. If not.203 List Number 25 List 10 Of Your B e s t Pick-Up Lines In the spirit of the direction of these lists. The point here is that as you experiment with all the pick up lines out there. you must GO OUT AND PRACTICE IT. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. It does not count unless you have used it successfully and it has gotten you a solid response. All pick up lines work. if the girl already likes the guy. or pick up artists that some pick up lines work better than others for you.com . erase it and write in another UNTIL you have all 10 working for you. It is important that you keep a fresh record of which ones actually work for you. or if he knows how to deliver it. leave it one the list. With each one you write. List 10 Of Your Best Pick Up Lines 12345678- 10- © Frank B. they do not work for all guys using them. and it is congruent with the rest of his game. there is no shortage of pick-up lines a man can use. However.f ranktal ks. If it works for you. Even the worst pick up line will still be useful.

Here is my solution. In other cases. and then use those beliefs in your openers.f ranktal ks. Start with what you think you believe. Part of your development into seducers is to figure out who you are (read = What you believe about Men. UNTIL I created my own. H o w To Create Personalized Openers The danger in using canned openers or someone else's great pick up line is that you may get called on it. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. I want to impart some writings that I did a long time ago during my development about the process of creating your OWN PERSONALIZED PICK UP LINES AND OPENERS. Write down the following 15 statements: • • • 5 beliefs about what it means to be a man 5 beliefs about what it means to be a woman 5 beliefs about men and women dynamics Now here is how you turn it into an opener that is personalized.204 As a follow up to finding your best pick up lines.com . I am in that second category. When I started out. Women and Relationships). In most cases. but it took the use of popular canned material before I got this far to understand the structure. I only used other guys' material. Here is that article: This is something that I EVENTUALLY did naturally. but not a place to finish. you may not yet know what you believe. some guys cannot stand to use another's material. Other guys' material is a place to start. only what you are suppose to believe. You are actually fieldtesting your beliefs AND you are TOTALLY 100% © Frank B.

205 CONGRUENT with your game.. 1-Do you think a man should pay for a woman on a date if they have not had sex yet? 2-Do you think a woman MUST have children in order to feel complete in life? 3-Should the man be responsible for all the major decisions. and the woman be responsible for the small stuff. can you guess the next 4 lists are going to be? That's right.f ranktal ks. she must really want to have kids. (List 29) © Frank B.. and need a quick female opinion. the woman on the small thing. but I think you guys get the idea. Get it? Lets say you have the following beliefs: 1-To be a real man means never to pay for a woman unless you sleep with her first 2-To be a real woman. and is incomplete without children 3-To be in a relationship the man must decide on the big things. I only have a couple of minutes. REALLY want to know what they think).com . or what? These are simplistic examples. Now turn these into personalized openers: Hey guys. (Because you really. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. Give me: 5 beliefs about what it means to be a man (List 26) 5 beliefs about what it means to be a woman (List 27) 5 beliefs about men and women dynamics (List 28) Then one list of 15 opinion openers you can create from them. So.

List 26 List 5 beliefs about what it means to be a man 12345List 27 List 5 beliefs about what it means to be a w o m a n 12345List 28 List 5 beliefs about men and w o m e n dynamics 12345- © Frank B.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .

List 29 Create 1 5 Personalized Openers from List 26-28 5 Openers based on List 26 123455 Openers based on List 27 67- 105 Openers based on List 28 1112131415- © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com .

with each one addressing a different emotional need. and the man still pursues her. and I want you to write 10 responses to. "I have a boyfriend". It is an automatic response. Although this is work. It is just a TEST.f ranktal ks. I want you to go to my list of women's 10 emotional needs. he still might get with her. and it is actually NOT TRUE. List 10 Best Response to "I have a boyfriend" 12345678- 10- © Frank B. because she is just trying to weed out the low value males.com . a woman will tell a man that is trying to pick her up that she has a boyfriend. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.208 List Number 30 List 10 Best Response to "I have a boyfriend" Many times. I am confident that you will be remarkably pleased with the results this exercise will get you in the real world. or my other books. Many times when women give a man that line. only to find that either she did not really have a boyfriend. either in this book. or that she is willing to cheat under the right circumstances. This exercise is going to take some extra work for you dear student.

what to expect from your time with her. and not waste time on her if she is not suited to what you are looking for. you would not get into a long-term relationship with a girl that cheated with you on her boyfriend. Wouldn't-touch-her-witha-ten-foot-pole Girl). that each man has in his life. She seems like your ideal partner. This is a BIG cause of the lack of real game by most males.f ranktal ks. and instead of running out of things to say to her. For example: let's say that you have different criteria for the type of women that you would have a one night stand with. Then one day. you are at a lounge and meet a girl that you think is awesome. By challenging her with your questions.209 List Number 31 List of the Different Categories of Women in your life Whoo-boy. you © Frank B. Let's also say that one of your criteria is that. you will quickly find out exactly what value she could bring into your life. Mistress. Even though. Some men may only have two categories of women (fuckable and unfuckable). You MUST know what your categories of women are. Now it turns out she has a boyfriend. If you are a high value male. and what qualities you seek for each one.com . There is no top ten here. you will stick to your criteria. although you would have a one-night-stand with a woman that has a boyfriend. most men do not even have categories for the women in their life. while other men have more than two categories (Wife. One of the biggest failings of low value men is their lack of ability to spend the time needed to Qualify women into the various categories of women in his mind. you can start to ask her questions based on the qualifications you have set out for the different categories of women in your life. One-Night-Stand Girl. this one is a biggie gents. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and you get talking with her. In fact. you may FEEL like pursuing a long-term relationship with her. and the most you may allow is for the two of you to have a one-night-stand. The place this will be MOST useful is when you are talking with a woman. as opposed to a woman that you would want a long term monogamous relationship with.

so that you will control your behavior as a man. then you are seriously messed up dear reader. So. exclusive or non-exclusive. you will not end up wasting time trying to have a long-term relationship with a woman that you'd only have for a one night stand. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. harem girl. wife. A one night stand girl is the least sexually involved you can get with a woman (other than abstinence with her of course). one night stand girl. There are some men that I have met that would never participate in a one-night stand.f ranktal ks. co-worker. I cannot tell you what categories you should have as a man. Fuckable. multiple long term relationship. this is by no means complete or inclusive. unfuckable. because you have your categories set. lover. fuck buddy (FB). What I can tell you is that. long term relationship. girlfriend. You must decide for yourself which ones you believe in. nor will you waste any more efforts on her than is necessary is you find she is not up for a one night stand that night. the more criteria you should have for her.com . and not permit yourself to get too involved with a woman long-term that is not right for you.210 have already set your criteria. then the less criteria she needs to prove herself to you for sex. while others refuse to even contemplate the idea of having one monogamous wife. © Frank B. The less sexually involved you are with her. casual sex between friends (CSBF). Here are some examples of categories of women that you can use as a resource. if your criteria for a one-night stand are MORE than that of whom you would choose as a sexually exclusive wife. the more involved sexually you are with a woman. off-limits. In the above example. relative. It frees up your time to move on to other women that you would be more interested in pursuing that same night. and making her your monogamous wife would likely be an example of the most sexually (and EXCLUSIVELY) involved a man can be with a woman. friend and colleague. Ex.

211 In my case. but I would gladly have sex with one from one night stand to Non-exclusive harem girlfriends. I do not believe in female friends.f ranktal ks. Having these criteria helps do a few things. I may use the term to define to others the nature of my relation to her. One is that when a woman wants to know what she can do to earn a higher place on the hierarchy. there is no such thing as an Ex. as if a woman changes her behavior. The second thing it does is that it stops me from getting CARRIED AWAY with my © Frank B. I am readily able to tell her exactly what she needs to do. women with STDs.com . Also. Then there are other things that I am more lax on (I would not marry a woman that smokes. This is both reassuring to her. I have no category for "Ex". such as a co-worker woman that simultaneously has the power to fire me from a job. There are certain criteria that apply to all my sexually involved categories of women (good hygiene is a MUST. but in my personal hierarchy. and any woman that could negatively impact my ability to sustain my life. she can earn a place back somewhere in my hierarchy. so that the people I talk to will understand what I mean. you may note that I have no category for female "friends". Also included here are women that have proven themselves to be unworthy of me by violating my emotional needs) Off-limits (the monogamous women partners of my friends) One night stand girls Lovers Non-exclusive harem girlfriends Harem Primary • • • • • • Wife The criteria that I have for the one-night stand women are less than the criteria I have for the wife category. and free from STDs). and honest. Also. I use the following categories: • Unfuckable (which covers relatives. I follow the When Harry Met Sally rule on malefemale friendships. As it stands at the time of the publication of this book. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

please do write them in on the page. regardless of how she might make me feel. then they are not criteria. That will come later in the next series of lists. just give me the headings of your categories. If you are in a different mood. If they are not deal breakers for you. Do NOT write in the criteria for those categories. I will list 10 spots. If you have ever been in great relationships that you intellectually knew was not going anywhere long term. What are the categories of women that you have in your life? How many categories do you have? 2 or 10? For the purposes of ease. write in a 1 or 2 line description of the category but no more than that. © Frank B. and I will meet you in the next list. in the event you have more than 10 categories. then you know how difficult it can be to cut yourself loose from it. It means that the criteria is NONNegotiable. Next to each category. as my lifestyle must remain my focus in my role a the man of the relationship. I maintain my stance. It is now time for you to write out your list.com . IMPORTANT: How do you know if something is a CRITERIA? It is when that thing you list is an ABSOLUTE. once you are finished here. and not how she makes me feel in the moment. but that felt SO GOOD in the moment. or on a separate sheet of paper.212 own emotions for a girl. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. especially if you are in early or mid development. It protects me such that. but if you need more than 10. it would not bother you. It is not a matter of your preferences. It is about listing those things that are the DEAL BREAKERS. Space will be left at the bottom of the list. For now.f ranktal ks.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.com .213 List Number 31 List The Different Categories of W o m e n in your Life 123456- 7- 10- © Frank B.

and my other lovers at risk. you may experience things during your development that will further make you rethink your rules. you will probably come back to it and modify it accordingly.until I learned A WEEK AFTER THE FACT. I knew about it. Sometimes it takes THAT kind of experience to put your criteria into perspective. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and which put me into a self-imposed 8 month sexless exile until I got tested to make sure I was clean changed my thinking on open relationships where my girlfriend gets to be penetrated by another man. then simply write: Not Applicable at this time. as since you are still learning about yourself. Write in your TOP criteria for each. or you are a marriage hater and refuse to ever get married.214 The remaining lists for this section will be for you to write out your criteria for certain types of sexually involved relationships you may have with women. which put me. and he came inside her. You may feel differently about what is and is not applicable to you as you continue your Inner Game development. one of my girlfriends went and had a threesome with a married couple.. fuck buddy. They will include one night-stand girl. but you will need to fill in the titles of the remaining lists. based on your List Number 3 1 . and a few others. © Frank B.f ranktal ks. that the husband did NOT USE A CONDON. It may not be possible to write EVERY criteria you have. on the page.com . wife. Also. and was OK with it.. If the category of woman simply does not apply to you as you may be against pre-marital sex in any form. For example: during the period of my life where I experimented with Total Open Relationships. I will give you the first few. That experience.

For me this includes minors. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. drunk chicks.f ranktal ks. the big one is women that violate my male emotional needs. (Remember these must be ABSOLUTES for you. off limits woman. and not preferences that you would change on the spot) 12345c 78- 10- © Frank B.com . women who are already seduced. (For more about men's emotional needs check out my upcoming book for women readers about the emotional needs of men. dumb women. by another seducer. and for me. women with overly religious philosophies. I don't need her). which teaches women how to get a high value male to commit and teaches high value males how to qualify for high value females. the mentally imbalanced (if she needs meds. women addicted to narcotics. women who have deeper connections with pets over people.215 List Number 32 List Your Top 10 Criteria For An Unfuckable Girl These are women that you avoid like the plague.

and not preferences that you would change on the spot) 12345678- 10- © Frank B.com . (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.List Number 33 List Your Top 10 Criteria For A One-Night Stand Girl (Remember these must be ABSOLUTES.f ranktal ks.

f ranktal ks.com . You only need to list what additional criteria you seek for this category) 123- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- © Frank B.217 List Number 34 List Your Top 10 Criteria For A Regular Fuck Buddy (Remember this would automatically already include all the criteria of your One Night Stand Girl. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

com . You only need to list what Additional criteria you seek for this category) 12- 3- 4- 56- 7- 10- © Frank B. and a Regular Fuck Buddy.218 List Number 35 List Your Top 10 Criteria For A Non-Exclusive Harem Girlfriend (Remember this would automatically already include all the criteria of your One Night Stand Girl. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.

com .f ranktal ks.219 List Number 36 List Your Top 10 Criteria For A Primary Girlfriend (Remember this would automatically already include all the criteria of your One Night Stand Girl. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and a Non-Exclusive Harem Girlfriend. a Regular Fuck Buddy. You only need to list what Additional criteria you seek for this category) 12- 3- 4- 56- 7- 10- © Frank B.

f ranktal ks. a Non-Exclusive Harem Girlfriend. a Regular Fuck Buddy.220 List Number 37 List Your Top 10 Criteria For A Wife (Remember this would automatically already include all the criteria of your One Night Stand Girl. You only need to list what Additional criteria you seek for this category) 12- 3- 4- 56- 7- 10- © Frank B. and Primary Girlfriend. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com .

do you want a threesome? A polydate? Your first one night stand? Do you want a harem of lovers.f ranktal ks. They offer a clarity that is focused energy. how many? Long-term goals include: Do you want to end up married with children? Is there someone you lost in your past that you want a long-term relationship with? Do you want to have the swinger lifestyle in your 50s? Knowing what your short-term. and long-term goals are is a good indicator if you are steadily on the right path.221 List Number 38 List Your Top 10 Goals Name 5 short-term goals to be completed by the time you reach the Seducer level. List Your Top 10 Goals Short-Term Goals 12345Long-Term Goals 67- 8- 10- © Frank B. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and 5 long-term goals when you become a Master Seducer or Natural. For short-term. and if so. which propels ACTION.com .

swinger group (swinger). and in other circles you are a follower. It is important for a man to know his social circles.f ranktal ks. If it turns out you do not have enough social circles.. and should NOT be mixed UNTIL you earn some sufficient skill.k. So write out your social circles (give each one a name) and your role of that circle next too each. nor will he ever find redemption if his ONLY circle of friends are just his seduction studies buddies. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.222 List Number 39 List Your Top 10 S o d a l Circles A Social Circle is a group of friends and colleagues that you interact with on a regular basis. with all those phone numbers and emails that never turned into sex dates.com . you are a leader. This is BAD. Mine included FrankTalks show related (producer). Your circle of friends should be varied. One of the biggest mistakes men in development make is that they drop all their existing social circles.a Zoners (follower). There is no way a man will ever reach Master Seducer levels..k.Now start writing. radio friends a.a C&P Gang (contact guy). college friends a. etc. MovieMakers (Actor). In some circles. List Your T o p 10 Social Circles 1234- 5678- 910- © Frank B. and replace them all with only one circle: The circle of guys that they study seduction development with. and his ROLE in each circle. start CREATING THEM.

Part of being a man is to know what your rating system is based on. and work your way down to what a " 1 " is. list your 10 Criteria for Rating Women 10987- 5- 4321- © Frank B. It is up to you.223 List Number 40 List Your 10 Criteria For Rating Women What is a "10" for you? How do you know a girl is a "10"? How do you know she is a "5" for the matter. I use my method of rating women as a calibration tool as part of my structure of game (which you will read in the next chapter).f ranktal ks. or an "8. A "3" for one guy. and her heart.com . and other guys just factor it on the looks. Now. it does not matter what anyone else thinks what she is. Some guys take into account her looks. Other guys just use this as an indicator of how much effort they are going to put into their attempts to bed her. and yet other guys just use rating women as a method to communicate to his friends.7"? This is completely subjective. how good looking she. her mind. So start with your "10". (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. The fact is. could be an "8" for someone else. and " 1 " being the worst. "10" being the best. What matters is what YOU think she is.

(Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks.224 CHAPTER 4 10 Stages of Development From Loser with Bad Instincts To Seducer With Good Instincts To Natural with Great Intuition © Frank B.com .

Moment of Redemption 8. The Mid-Range Seducer-in-Training 6. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. The Redeemed . and had to build myself up from ground zero again. I have accumulated these 10 stages of development. and to help me categorize the men I help through their stages. The Master Seducer The Final Stage 10. have learned from. The Starting Stages 1.com . The 10 Stages of Development: These are in some form of order. The Natural 10a) The Lived Natural 10b) The Learned Natural © Frank B. The Dead-Man 2. and at least one stage may never occur for some men (the stage of redemption). The Learned Seducer-in-T raining The Mastery Stages 7. The Loser 3. and know that you are not alone on this journey of change. The Seducer 9. in order to track my own course. who hit rock bottom. and in the study of those I developed with. so that you may find yourself. I present them to you here in this book. and have taught. The Beginner Seducer-in Training 5.225 Introduction I was an average guy. but switching from one stage to another may not be linear. In my own process of development. The Average Guy The In-Training Stages 4.f ranktal ks.

the people around him are NOT better off with him gone. not anything.Dead-Man Hope is what keeps the loser alive.f ranktal ks. but the people that the Dead-man leaves behind feel pain. That is your option being alive. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. But the Dead-man has no options. Part of being a man means to deal with. the Dead-man does not feel any pain. please understand. handle. that the worst part of your existence is NOT your lack of intuition with women. has © Frank B. you may very well die. but the Dead-man has no options. Without it. A loser at rock bottom. They are in LOTS of pain. No. Only a commitment to taking action to change will do that. no joy. and unless you are able to make that commitment. He owns nothing. and although denial can prolong your life. Dead-Man and Seduction Persona: The Dead-man has no seduction persona.com . That is your option being alive. the Dead-man does not feel anything at all. or become skilled and learned at getting sex. That is part of what makes a loser so unattractive. is like the walking dead. He is too close to being dead. Dead-man Pain: Well. then consider that your opinions on other people as FLAWED. he always has the chance to get lucky. or close to it. That premise which makes you a loser also means that you can not trust your own assumptions about your death. Dead-man Sex: A Dead-man never gets to have or enjoy sex. If you are a loser. and vanquish your pain. Dead-man Being the Dead-man is based on a simple formula: Loser Minus Hope . No love. Period. it cannot save you when you hit rock bottom. If he were alive. That is a foolish assumption. The worst part of the existence of a loser is how close to suicide you actually are. You just do not know it yet because you have not yet hit that rock bottom. Actually. If you are a loser when it comes to women.226 The Starting Stages 1. I have been there. the loser gives into suicide.

but the Dead-man has no options. Developing a seduction persona is your option to being alive. and cannot ever earn anything. You always have the hope to find love as long as you are alive.227 nothing. Suicide is the Enemy of the Seducer. But the Dead-man has no options. just like bullies. That is your option on being alive. chances are that he would not have ever ended up dead right now. He is dead. and all self-centered individuals. © Frank B. Dead-man and Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : He has NONE. he could develop into the kind of man that can form real deep connections with incredible people he draws into his life.com . That is your option being alive. Dead-man is the result of a self-centered individual. he would always the chance to become skilled at communicating with women. Dead men do not feel love. He is dead. end up ALONE. but the Dead-man has no options. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. There are only the people the dead man left behind in more pain. If he were alive. Dead-man and Q u i t t i n g : The Dead-man does not quit the process of development The Dead-man IS the result of a quitter. but the Dead-man has no options. If the Dead-man had developed a persona when he was alive. than he was ever in himself. Dead-man and Love: Non-applicable. you ALWAYS have other options for relationship. Dead-man and Female Friends: Dead men have no friends (male or female). That is not an attractive vibe. Do Not Betray. Dead-Man and Vibe Frequency: Non-applicable. He vibes only what is left of his corpse. As long as you do not quit the game altogether.f ranktal ks. but the Dead-man has no options. That is your option being alive. Are you a quitter? Then you're dead. If he were alive.

the knowing some other guy is fucking the girl he wants. loneliness. never mind a seductive persona. The Loser has a victim-based mentality.f ranktal ks. and he is unable to cope with reality. the regular bouts of despair and hopelessness. he kills himself. assuming the romance was meant for him too. he starts the journey. Suicide-or-Seducer-in-training. utter frustration. just like how many poor people hate the rich. Most Losers totally HATE seducers. Many Losers go into a self-imposed sexual exile or pay for it semi-regularly.228 The Starting Stages 2. Loser and Seduction Persona: The Loser does not even have a base persona. The Loser The Loser believed in a system that was never meant for him. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. It is a bigger source of pain than it is of pleasure. or a belief that the poor Loser could never be a rich seducer himself. Loser and Pain: The pain that a Loser experiences includes: when he is so hooked on one girl that she consumes his thoughts. all other aspects the Loser associates with sex causes pain. the anger at the injustice they feel. He believed in a system that was destined to fail for him. not interested in building a seducer lifestyle. turning women off. If he feels there is no hope left. and the system was meant for women. If he feels there is some hope of change.com . He listened to feminism that told him to be a nice guy. because he is a man. Loser and Sex: Sex hurts. The hate usually stems from jealousy. reliance on the hope of things turning out the way they "should" be. the love starved and touch starved misery of the day-to-day. the inability to deal with how things actually are. Loser and Quitting: The Loser quits when he hits rock bottom when the pain of remaining a loser is too great Then the choice is clear. he grew up on the romantic happily ever after stories. Notwithstanding the orgasmic pleasure of the physical act. © Frank B. the feelings of being helpless and controlled. He has the expectation that women should think and act like men do. Loser looks to survive only.

Watch Out!: The one thing the Loser must watch out for is his own self doubt and bad mood swings. His energy is draining on the people around him. but the Loser keeps these female friends around in the HOPES she will change her mind. Loser and Love: Losers are unable to have lasting love. and keeps the Loser a lonely man. or magically fall in love with him.229 Loser and Ability to Communicate to W o m e n : He is a Loser PRECISELY because he has no real ability to communicate with women.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. constant rejection) or a traumatic upbringing in which he did not have the tools or knowledge to properly act or react with women. Pain to move away from. His Greatest T o o l : When I was a Loser. it was the best motivator for the amount of work I needed to do to get to the Seducer stage. and the desire to be taken care igniting the fear of abandonment Loser and Friends: The Loser's female friends do not find him attractive enough to have sex with him. They do not value the Loser as a man. © Frank B. break up. than a lover. They will sabotage him in ways he cannot predict Be strong. Loser and Vibe Frequency: The Loser vibes Neediness and Desperation. This violates women's emotional needs. my greatest tool was my pain. The Loser seeks more of a mother figure in the women they date. Part of the problem is that Loser adopt many beliefs that were meant for women such as the first time must be special.com . His male friends keep the Loser around to feel superior to the Loser. Ironically. the most important thing is how she makes him feel. The Loser usually ends up here as a result of a traumatic experience (divorce. There is no way a woman would ever feel special being around a Loser. They find him so unattractive that they will not even set up blinds dates with her girlfriends. Most female friends end up using the Loser (Emotional Cookie Man Theory) as a therapist or for material acquisitions.

or series of events might turn the Average Guy into a Loser. have girlfriends. and dates just like most people. Average Guys or Naturals.com . His greatest skill in his ability to get laid. Average Guy and Pain: The Average Guy sometimes goes through the same pains as any man would in relationships. The Average Guys may struggle with their love life. but can occasionally get girlfriends. and depending on how they deal with what happens. Average Guy In my system. and once in a while really get lucky.230 The Starting Stages 3. Average Guy and Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : Is Average. © Frank B. A traumatic event. it turns men into Losers. which changes the way he feels about them. Average Guy and Seduction Persona: Not applicable. Average Guy and Quitting: A guy quits being Average if either he makes his way to the Natural Stage by learning through life experience from the time he is very young (maybe through an adolescence loss of virginity). he remains an average guy until some traumatic event in his later life turns him into a Loser. have kids. All those cliches about how men will NEVER understand women apply to the Average Guy. every guy starts off as an Average Guy. The Average Guy does not particularly feel victimized. Average Guy and Sex: The Average Guy has an average sex life. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. is to settle and being content with an average sex life where he buys drinks. It does not take much. and assumes that life must be what is it The Average Guy does not particularly favor the seducer lifestyle. Mainly the Average Guy has different expectations of himself and out of relationships. Average Guys get laid. pay for sex. or. but will fantasize about it. get married. Average guys know that men and women are different. and move on. A Loser who gets lucky tends to be considered a low level Average Guy. some more than others.f ranktal ks. get divorced.

This is after she has had her fun. An Average Guy does not always get the girl he really wants. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. and when he feels out of it. his vibe reflects it as well. © Frank B. he will be able to manage and maintain his relationship. If she has an average steady boyfriend or husband.com . the female friends may some Average Guys attractive enough to SETTLE DOWN WITH. As long as he does not get too attached to having any particular girl's love. but he does not know how to be "On" for a date. he will start to act like a Loser. and comes with its share of heartache. and it is time to find a good husband to provide for her. and like the Loser hopes that those female friends will turn around and magically fall in love with them. and how he feels about himself. my greatest asset was when I was able to lose weight and when I did. Average Guy and Vibe Frequency: His vibe is based on his mood of the day. Average Guy and Friends: The Average Guy has Average male friends and also female friends.231 Average Guy and Love: The Average Guy can actually find love and can enjoy the pleasures of love. it is not Seducer love. His Greatest T o o l : His ability to conform and follow what are generally considered good ideas to attract mates. his vide is attractive. lose weight. it is still just chump love. If the Average Guy is a good provider he has a chance. Watch Out!: The one thing the Average Guy must watch out for is guys like me. she is not going to be thinking about condoms.f ranktal ks. I was able to get girls to go out with me. In some cases. However. even if only for a little while. When I was an average guy. but settles for who wants him. If he is feeling good that day. have money. Get a good job. It is easier than you think. Very Authentic. so he has to be lucky that he is in a good state for his date. If he gets too needy for her. that would gladly seduce his girl. or his luck runs out.

The Beginner and Quitting: If the Beginners are very conflicted with their new learning's and their upbringing they stop their development. Bouts of depression are still a plenty for the Beginner. is double. He is still dealing with the same pain of being a Loser. and total study. There were days that I thought I would never figure it out. The biggest reasons that I have seen are: religion and family interference. Learning must be the goal. love and relationships. and sex is KEY to learning. which is the Beginners BEST tool for adopting strict new rules regarding behavior patterns in order to set in motion the change work. The Beginner and Sex: The Beginner's challenge with sex is that he must develop a willingness to have sex and get used to the idea of sex as a necessary element in his seduction and love life.com .f ranktal ks. The idea of having sex seems to conflict with many © Frank B. The Beginner and Seduction Persona: The Beginner is very heavy into study. The Beginner adopts the rules of others in a state of trying to undo the damage of his past. When I was at this stage I used that double pain as motivation. The challenge for him is that there are different schools of seduction that all work. Love cannot be the goal. and channeled it into study. and wants to absorb everything. Get it? The Beginner and Pain: The pain the Beginner is in. but I had made the decision not to kill myself.232 The In-Training Stages 4. He has discovered a whole new world. but that all over there is contradicting information that must all be applied in situated manners. The Beginner Seducer-in-Training The Beginner Seducer-in-training enters a period of total focus. The seduction persona is a prototype. and added to that is the pain of learning new material that completely counters everything he thought he knew about sex. He cannot work his way up to Average Guy. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. so I forced myself to learn more. but he can settle for that stage. It WILL hurt MORE before it starts to feel better. and needs total focus to alter poor programming.

The Beginner and Love: Same issues as a Loser. Count on it. It's to early in the Beginner's development to have real love. he remains a Loser. and sometimes it is parents or other family members that step in and induce major GUILT trips on the wary Beginner.233 Beginners religious beliefs. The Beginner and Ability To Communicate With Women: As long as he actually puts his new learning's into practice. It made my learning a LOT easier. The Beginner and Vibe Freguency: Hope turns to excitement. It is a great feeling and what a fun time to be alive. Take it from a guy that made the same mistake.com . Pick one thing. Those that act supportive at first. will start to actively sabotage the Beginner once he starts to get to Mid-Range stage. His Greatest T o o l : My Greatest Tool was my Brother Kermit Seduction Persona. That is the most productive way long term. learn it. and do not count on your friends. This lasts between the time he makes the decision to change and finds the material to help him change. he starts to get better positive feedback and results than he did at the Loser stage. © Frank B. and support him. The Beginner and Friends: The Beginner often makes the mistake of telling all of his friends about his development of Loser to Seducer thinking they will be happy for him. UNTIL he finds out how much work it is actually going to take to make the changes permanent (which for some beginners takes months). and helps and studies guys who also made this mistake. Watch Out!: The one thing the beginner must watch out for is trying to learn too many things at the same time. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.f ranktal ks. and some WILL turn on him for changing. What actually happens is that he will get resistance. If he does not put effort into new ways of communicating with women. and THEN move to the second lesson.

com . the social beliefs he had all of his life about relationships will be shattered. The use of other people's seductive stories. Depression is common. and just enough skill and luck to present the opportunity for it. or very lucky. the mid-range can get laid. routines. The Mid-Range Seducer-in-Training As the Mid-Range Seducer continues to learn. co-workers and friends will act hurt. As long as the material is not presented as own original experiences. but it is not a 100% skill-based lay as there is usually another factor involved like alcohol. questioning who he really is. He gets lots of rejection from © Frank B. This is when the Mid-Rangers start to seek out new male friends who are on a similar path. It can affect anyone's self image. The Mid-Range Seducer and Sex: Very few Mid-Range Seducers get sex. and he needs to spend his time observing the proper reactions. until he has a couple of successes (like going for a girls phone number and getting it). Your environment of family. he wonders if he can ever really trust himself again. and even gimmicks is high in this category. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. He needs to come up with his own calibrated storytelling if he ever wants to move along in his development. What are new are the willingness to have sex. and what he believed in before does not. The problems come up when other's people's material is ALL he does. and he starts to feel uneasy. The Mid-Range Seducer and Pain: The real pain for the Mid-Range is how your environment will NOT be supportive. More importantly. More often than not. Other people's material is a good place to start. unless they are very good-looking. It's not a pleasant thing for them to see someone succeed because it reminds them of their own inadequacies. as the material is proven to work. the learning process covers what does NOT work for him. Shatter enough of them. The Mid-Range Seducer and Seduction Persona: The Mid-Range experiences high levels of experimentation. or some other angle. That becomes proof that the material works. If dedicated. He will get into development for a time.234 The In-Training Stages 5. then there is no issue of deceit.f ranktal ks.

but no sex).com . or try to USE him to meet girls through him. and then fucks it up. The Mid-Range Seducer and Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : It is very erratic. it will be his environment. and is sparsely dating. because they might not like his new personality or they might be envious of his success. but may ask you for advice. The Mid-Range Seducer and Quitting: Highest quit percentage of all the Stages. make outs. he takes it a bit further. but © Frank B. until he starts using the same material and gets consistence results. He is able to apply some of his knowledge and is getting part results (dates. At this stage he is starting get some physical affection. Depending on what new communication technique he is using. Some guys still linger on and even buy more seduction products. he WILL lose some friends. This is not a fad. and block out all other distractions UNTIL he gets it. and if he has learned to use it properly. Once you get good at relationship management. The attention from women though is a welcome change from his previous existence. Walk away now. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. kissing. challenges his notions of romance and of love happening naturally. Quits when he realizes the amount of work that the change actually takes. but they have long stopped the effort. With each new relationship. The Mid-Range Seducer and Friends: As the MidRanger's skills accumulate. he might be getting such mixed results that he ends up having no real idea what works for him. If this depressive frustration does not make him quit. Lastly. and have simply become a collector of material.f ranktal ks. The Seduction Persona is still an outside character unmerged with the Mid-Ranger. The Mid-Range Seducer and Love: His new leanings through enacting experience. Merged Instincts at 25% for development. and once a guy realizes this. his old friends might not be able to keep up with him. This is a lifestyle change.235 his advances. or commit like crazy. your friends will not be able to relate to what you say. Very frustrating as getting lucky does not count towards development. as he has not put in more than a few weeks or months of effort. he has to make a choice.

Every seducer must make sense of the learning's in his own way. If you steer them right. it his ENVIRONMENT. sex is not regular. © Frank B. is where the Mid-Range has his strength. you will struggle to like them once your development is advanced. usually his family. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. but without sex to verify his understandings of his new social education. school. he is going to make huge errors in creating his own seduction philosophies. and he will be worse at getting laid than an average guy. like his emotional state and communication skill. jumping the gun on a seduction. but fear and Frustration have settled in. and thus make WRONG CONCLUSIONS. Having sex is key to solidify his learning. It will happen. His Greatest Tool : The Mid-Range needs to make use of the fact he was an emotional Loser. they resent your ability to change for the better. some excitement. and that leads him to wrongly interpret the knowledge. The Mid-Range Seducer and Vibe Frequency: Still the same vibe. His vibe. Each time he makes a step in the right direction and gets better results. It manifests itself as not being patient enough. The art of calibration. he is in danger of the advanced seduction knowledge he studies. work (outside factors) that start to block him from development. Trust me. is erratic. If your friends are still the same male losers or female users they were before your development. Chances are that you will eventually drop them once you get good with women. as it now makes him better capable of understanding a woman's emotional reality.f ranktal ks. Another challenge for the mid-range seducer is that without regular sex. At this stage. friends.com . W a t c h Out!: The one thing the Mid-Range Seducer must watch out for is his environment. and tempers exploding. and understanding women's emotions.236 beware: If your friends misuse the advice they will BLAME YOU for "filling their heads with ideas". Sometimes the worst of Losers make for the best of seducers for exactly this reason.

finding out the truth about women and sex is maybe more than you can handle. The Learned Seducer and Pain: At this stage. the dark side of being a Seducer in the acceptance of sex. pain comes mostly from dealing with.com . and then finding it isn't. but has not had penile-vagina penetration sex to prove his learning. High streams of over-confidence mixed in with occasional self-doubting is normal at this stage. The most surprising element of this stage is that the growing resentment of his success starts as the Learned-Seducer starts to mourn for the former self that is dying off. he is unable to ever get past this stage. All the theory in © Frank B. He has battled a number of his inner demons that have kept him from sex and reaching his goals. and how little is left. without relying on any luck. feeling like so much time has already been lost. The Learned Seducer-in-Training The Learned Seducer-in-Training has at least had his first lay. If he has only done learning. Mid-Range is the highest stage a man can achieve without penetration sex. He continues to have semi-constant success. and the acceptance of. These include: Thinking you've got it going on well. not the way it should be. realizing the world is the way it is. remembering your past relationships and now spotting where you went wrong. putting in all your of your time in learning and still not getting laid sometimes. and the sheer exhaustion of wondering when or IF it's all going to work out for you. realizing everything you were taught about women prior to your development was wrong. It is 100% based on his new learning's that were put into action. but still has a learning curve and whose learning process is exponential.237 In-Training Stages 6. dealing with more rejection in a short time than even a Loser gets (because a Loser does not even try). counting the number of opportunities you let pass by and reliving them. love and relationship truths. The Learned Seducer and Sex: A Learned Seducer-inTraining is getting laid regularly. trying a fool-proof new line or gimmick that is supposed to work and it backfires.f ranktal ks. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. You MUST have sex to reach this point.

even if you know all the right answers to seduction-related questions. The Learned Seducer and Seduction Persona: At least 5 0 % (merged instinct) or more of the beliefs in the seduction persona chart are the same for both columns for the Learned Seducer stage. The Learned Seducer and Quitting: Some guys get out of the game at this point because they find a special woman. and the world when it comes to relationships. Even if you have a MASTER understanding of how to game women. he is able to communicate with women. and direct commands and actions. and want to get into a serious relationship. The Learned Seducer has at this point adopted certain beliefs as his own. © Frank B. and being in a committed relationship will kill that learning curve.com . and changed the way he thinks and interacts with women. In my development.f ranktal ks. at best he will have a good average relationship with her. and uses that knowledge in his communication. He knows that if he gives in now. if you have not had sex based on your new knowledge of women. Very few men get past this. this is where I mastered my emotional needs communications through storytelling. The Learned Seducer and Ability to C o m m u n i c a t e With W o m e n : Finally.238 the universe is meaningless. on a level where a woman feels understood and feels special to him. he may experiment with pushing boundaries by doing regrettable and decadent things just to see what happens. but most of his core beliefs about people are now intact At this point. Most settle down as fast as they can. you are still BELOW a Learned SeducerIn-Training. He has incorporated all of his beliefs about how men and women are different. as many of his learning's are not yet solidified with experience. He is still trying different lifestyles and relationship structures to see which suits him. Any guy that has been on this path knows of at least one great girl he did not pursue in order to complete his development. This is a hard choice to make. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.

com . or worse. my own style of calibrated storytelling. The learning curve is steep but hardly complete.f ranktal ks. If your only friends are other guys in development. and the way it was decorated. His Greatest Tool : In my case. The Learned Seducer and Friends: At this point the Learned Seducer-in-Training has already dropped those friends (male and female) that were either holding him back or using him. mixed with your overconfidence. © Frank B. and not distracted by his longing emotions. The Learned Seducer-in-Training must be mindful that his training is NOT YET COMPLETE. the Learned-Seducer-in-Training has given up on his previous ideals of romantic love in place of solid communication tactic. and has replaced them with at least 2 new social circles of friends. W a t c h Out!: It is Important to watch out for the relationship that usually get guys to quit at this stage. Common mistake here for this stage is to make the other guys a Learned-Seducer studies group. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. That relationship you settle for will eventually put you right back where you left off. it is best for the Learned-Seducer to avoid it. and my ability to build social circles and make new friends. It is your development exhaustion. It just keeps making him more attractive the more sex he gets. For the time being. The relationship you find at this stage is NOT the one. it was my collective skill set. you are failing in your development into a Seducer. This included my apartment. even if it feels that way sometimes. Keep your social circles varied. The Learned Seducer and Vibe Frequency: He no longer gets the needy desperate vibe because he is getting steady sex. This will not work. and keep your seduction-study buddies at a decent distance. and make it the one and only social circle he has.239 The Learned Seducer and Love: At this stage. as his learning curve requires him to stay focused on learning.

there are others that regardless of all the women they sleep with are still miserable and have no real happiness to show for in their lives. to getting a threesome. The only pain at this stage is the pain associated with CLOSURE. it never happens. I could forgive myself. © Frank B. It is the point of finding PEACE in this process. and all I had left to do was grieve. It is the beginning of the healing process. where as a Seducer I had so changed from my days as an average guy/Loser. There is lots of happiness and contentment. There is a sense of peace.com . For some guys. and can move on from a clean slate. Not the same pain as agony or torment. Redemption It's about reaching a certain G O A L Redemption can happen at any level. it is when he makes the decision to go down this path. The healing started. When a man conquers the last of the love-life demons of his past. Once I had completely forgiven myself. No longer feeling guilty. it is a specific act from banging their 100" woman. It can happen at any stage. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. to getting closure on the one that got away. but a sadness that comes with the peace.240 The Mastery Stages 7. Sadly for some men.f ranktal ks. including some of my most favorite mentors. and finds a point where he can forgive himself for all his past errors in love. It is about reaching a point where you can forgive yourself for the past. but the healing is all during the period of Redemption. This signals the end of his past holding him back in the area of his love life. he has found his personal Redemption. Redemption and Pain: There is very little actual pain in achieving Redemption. This happened for me at as the last leg of my training stages. My Redemption happened when I got my exfiance back and let her go again with closure. Redemption is sealed when the final actions have taken place to end connections to the past. and the healing process takes effect There may be some grieving to do afterwards. For others. And yet still.

which includes the mistakes of his past. Part of this SELF LOVE includes the loss of Nostalgia. Watch Out!: Must watch out for is his expectations of what Redemption will do for him. It is about Redemption and Seduction Persona: For me it happened when the seduction persona had merged instincts between 50%75% of what and who I was. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www.com . Redemption and Vibe Frequency: PEACE Vibes all around. It can sometimes be anti-climatic.f ranktal ks. Redemption and Q u i t t i n g : There is no quitting after Redemption. Redemption and Old Friends: Not Applicable. Getting closure. or you do not Some guys do not even know what goals achieved could ever give them a sense of Redemption. His Greatest T o o l : The NEW Friends circles of support. Either you achieve the goal you set out. and being able to love yourself again. Redemption and Love: Redemption is the forgiving of oneself for the past. He accepts of the fact that he has this peace now. and find peace. It has nothing to do with the way he communicates to others. This is when my new circle of friends rallied around me. which helped build him today. because he loves himself as he is. as healing as it is. © Frank B. A man no longer wishes he had accomplished this years ago. His grief will be for an undetermined amount of time. Redemption and Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : Redemption is about the way a man communicates to himself. That is the Love associated with Redemption. is also draining. experiencing inner peace on the inside.241 Redemption and Sex: It is not about the sex. I mourn for those men. and the scars of closure will take time to heal. and gave me the support that I needed.

The Seducer and Seduction Persona: The man and his person are still separate. feeling it is not you that women really love but your tactics. and recruiting new girls for sex and a relationship is now systematic and routine. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. feeling pity for the boyfriends and husband of the women you seduced. and maybe even a wife. he has learned almost everything he needs to know. and feeling like he STILL has a lot to learn. but enough merged instincts (75% or more) that the line is blurry. This stage finds the Seducer being resentful of his talents as the last of the Loser in him is dying. the Seducer spends most of his time restructuring his remaining goals as most of the others have all been met. and learning all about women's sexual secrets first hand and finding out how much they actually hide. breaking more women's hearts than you'd ever thought possible to even date.242 The Mastery Stages 8. Other pains at this stage include: realizing you maybe were never really in love with all those girls in your past because you may just have been too needy for them to begin with. The Seducer and Pain: Disillusionment is the pain of the Seducer. and have changed him. or higher quality girls. What I think is the ultimate karmic revenge of this lifestyle is being the "Bad Boy" makes you unable to ever fully trust a woman again and it conflicts with you still wanting to have one great relationship with a woman for yourself. What is left of the Loser in him will not live to see the Master Seducer stage.f ranktal ks. He gets laid on a regular basis and as his persona further develops. It is usually at this stage that he starts to try to get different kinds of girls. when in fact. Universal balance perhaps? The Seducer and Sex: Gets laid regularly. he has to re-calibrate his game and make final revisions on his persona. The challenge for him at this stage is working on those final elements of his game. The more of an entrenched Loser you © Frank B. The Seducer At this stage.com .

as they're LESS likely to cheat with your wife or girlfriend.f ranktal ks. but he is aware of the process. At worse. They have the power of getting the women they really want. The Seducer and Quitting: If a guy makes it this far.com . The Seducer and Friends: Seducers make the best friends. The Seducer and Ability to Communicate to W o m e n : He has to start putting effort into NOT turning on women. he does not quit. The Seducer and Vibe Frequency: He Vibes High Quality Sperm. There is a danger is getting comfortable at this stage. He only sees the seduction behind couples getting together. The Seducer and Love: At this stage. Again. Watch Out I: In time. no one achieves greatness being comfortable. and has the confidence from life experience that eluded him at earlier stages. and the Loser in him completely dies. and maybe gets married thinking he will quit the game. It's harder than you think. The new way has become too much a part of him. They aren't needy or desperate. the more pain and disillusionment you will find at this stage of development. He gets sex. if he continues to develop to the Master Seducer level. the Seducer will be able to believe in love again. They learn soon enough that the game never ends. © Frank B. and that quitting is just never a real option. he gets comfortable. so that his male associates are not threaten by him. his perception of reality alters such that he doesn't see people falling in love anymore.243 were. and he needs to start working at not attracting women. (Because-I-Have-To-Be) Kermit 2006 www. His Greatest T o o l : My best learning tool at this stage was Teaching my seduction methods and philosophies to others. He has now started to venture on the good side of the canyon of pain. so he won't chance the friendship he values for sex. He may slip and fall now and then.

.it is like you remember doing it. just a character you played. He does not particularly study new material. The Master Seducer The Loser has completely died. He has to readjust the rest of his life. feeling it. living it. The Master Seducer and Seduction Persona: The Master Seducer has Master Instincts. The man and the persona are now one. Long Live The Master Seducer! When a Master Seducer remembers those "Loser" periods in his life. The fact is. Master Seducers are human beings with all the faults a human being comes with. It is when what was the persona has now become the person. it is like an actor that remembers playing a character role he once had in the movies. because so much more is expected of them. but it is taken so much worse by their peers and lovers when they make an error. The only seduction-related pain of the Master Seducer is the unfair expectation put on him by his peers to be perfect. The Master Seducer and Pain: The pain of a Master Seducer is all about his life OUTSIDE the realm of love.com 244 . The Loser has died. He still THINKS through his seductions. The Master Seducer and Sex: He lives the reality of a hot chick.244 The Mastery Stages 9. but it was not you. as he has found what already works for him.. but cannot always find LOVE. The memories of the old you seem like the memories of another person. and with that death. finding new ways to live to match the changes in his being. as long as he puts in the effort to seek it out. his resentment dies too. They make mistakes too. He gets all the sex he wants. He gets consistent results with the knowledge he has. but his persona and his self have merged into ONE BEING. This means not being able to take the same jobs anymore. For those of you that have not done any acting. He is still able to articulate what he does that works. and © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.FRAN KTALKS. finding "real love" actually becomes something special he seeks. or remembering a movie you watched.

A Master Seducer doesn't make promises he is unable or unwilling to keep just for the sake of bedding a woman. or lack of affection due to his honesty. In the end. it is now about if he is interested in her The Master Seducer and Love: The Master Seducer rediscovers that love does exist It is about feeling the LOVE. The thing I learned is that everything I studied in secret was not secret knowledge at all. Now his focus is to find that woman that will address HIS emotional needs on a consistent basis.245 what was the person is now a long forgotten persona. What I learned is not new. This is where there are 100% of the merged instincts of the persona and the former self. His instincts are of a Master. He has reached the point where he can address all of a woman's emotional needs on a consistent basis. It is not about whether or not she is interested in him. everybody always knew. Whatever parts of "Frank" are currently left are the remains of the attractive parts of the "Average Guy Frank" before I ever became a Loser.com 245 . The Master Seducer and Friends: Has a hard time making decent friends. until he © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. and usually wanting it without offering value in return. At this level. The Master Seducer and Quitting: Not applicable at this level. the Master Seducer has everybody wanting something. He does not fear any possible resistance. So much of who I am now started out as the experimental elements of Brother Kermit. It was the way the world actually works. it was just new to me. I am "Frank B Kermit". The Master Seducer learns to keep a certain distance with everyone. and I was finally catching up. without experiencing the neediness that a Loser associates with love.FRAN KTALKS. The Master Seducer a n d Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : A Mater Seducer will always let a woman know exactly where he stands with her and what his intentions are. but he is not yet at the level of a Natural whose instincts give way to his INTUITION. He never lies to women or misleads them as part of the seduction process.

the Master Seducer MUST always beware to use his OWN protection for sex that he supplies himself. He must use his own condoms. Everything he is will change so much. and attractive. will punch holes in the condoms she supplies. His inner "Dork" is the vulnerability that makes him human. This does not mean he acts like a Loser (he still must address her emotional needs) but at this level. chances are his choice of profession will no longer suit him. exlovers. His Greatest T o o l : His Inner Dork. Attacks on him and his women too. as it is very likely that even the most trusted of his lovers. The Master Seducer and Vibe Frequency: At this level. Since his status is now perceived as high. Jealousy of others towards him will be his constant thorn.FRAN KTALKS. from emails. he gets away with things that lesser developed seducers would turn women off. He has stopped worrying about his own vibe. some of those "Dork" behaviors that blocked him from getting laid in the past are now useful to making women feel he is attainable. Also at this stage. and is focused on reading the vibes of the people he encounters. ex-friends.com 246 . ) . enthusiasm for his personal interests like cartoons. but that © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. people claiming to be in love with him. sworn enemies. W a t c h Out!: The one thing the Master Seducer must watch out for is his non-seduction life. It is the vibe of certainty of self that comes from the merging of the self and the seduction persona He is sure in himself that he can address a woman's emotional needs. e t c . the Master Seducer who has the ability to make a quantity of friends easily struggles to find quality friends. nor will any of his old environments be supportive of him now. in order to facilitate a pregnancy that SHE wants. It is more about being able to read the vibe others give off. and even complete strangers are just part of everyday life.246 is sure they are not just there to use him. adolescent excitement for sex. his ability to communicate is so sophisticated. the vibe he gives off is constant confidence. At this level. that he can bring back some of his boyish interests back (for example. Ironically.

he has mastered his development However. his instincts manifest themselves into UNCONSCIOUS competence. where he no longer has to think through his seduction of women. A Master Seducer must always have his guard up for TRAPS. He could have once been living the reality of a 25-year-old male virgin whose upbringing and conditioning have made him fearful of women and socializing. The Natural There are two types of Naturals. Most lived naturals that I have met were either the favorite son of a parent. during adolescence). A Learned Natural: A Natural that took on the study of seduction later in life.com 247 . He acts and behaves Naturally with them. 1-The Lived Natural 2-The Learned Natural A Lived Natural: A natural with women that did the change work of personal development EARLIER in life without the conscious study of relationship and seduction material. who at some point was a Loser and has run the entire gambit of his development. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.e. The Final Stages 10. and having gone through the stages. What separates The Natural.FRAN KTALKS. in time. Everything a man does to better his seduction persona is to develop his instincts. or both. or have been sexually active from a young age losing their virginity in their early teens. He learned from experience from a young age. as his instincts have nowTrans-morphed into Intuition. and reliable. from all other stages of development is that his INSTINCTS give way to his INTUITION.247 he does not. But now. A natural took care of this (programming instincts) at an early enough age (i. When a man's instincts are honed. he is a Natural. after his time in development. He just took a "learned" route. as good as any Lived Natural.

Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. it often happens that he starts to get laid LESS than he did before. Like a premonition. that they start to become incapable to actually just "doing on Intuition". attractive genetics and other "High Quality Sperm" indicators.248 The Difference Between Instincts And Intuition Instincts are patterns of response behaviors to given stimuli that unlike reflex may include a measure of combining life experience with learned processes. but I believe it is hardly enough to make a lesser man a Natural with women. which leads to actions being taken. and why it works. that takes Intuition. Intuition may be a keen immediate insight to a given context. Anytime a guy that was already somewhat Naturally good with women. which is what got them laid to begin with. In my opinion. When Naturals enter a phase of self discovery and self analysis they take a hit in their game because they are so caught up in their heads trying to analyze what they are doing. he will surely be above all other © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. I do know some men that simply learn to make use of other elements such as their wealthy. Basically speaking. and just enters development to get slightly better. They are stuck in their "character". and call it "Natural-Based Game". Many of the Lived Naturals do not calibrate deeply to their situations. the Natural does not think it through. without prior life experience nor learned processes. If a Lived Natural learns the art of calibration.FRAN KTALKS. But. Intuitions are perceptions of reality that are void of reason or rational investigative processes. The Natural and Pain: The Lived Natural's Pain comes from his inability to calibrate. As I stated in my book. he just IS.com 248 . without any deducing information being communicated beforehand. Can a Loser or Beginner go directly to this Learned Stage without going through the rest of the stages of development? I have not met any yet. it is an impression. not "buying" her attentions. the woman's emotional need for High Quality Sperm is in fact enough to get guys laid.

The Natural and Sex: Every Natural I have ever met has such a high comfort level with sex. and he may still have inner demons that even a Seduction Learned Natural still cannot overcome on his own. Some Learned Naturals forcibly get so distanced from their own memories of development that they can no longer even relate to guys at early stages of development. which makes them very attractive to women. and the Lived Natural just moves on. They are embedded as part of his natural behaviors such that he is unaware of what he is doing. These Learned Naturals can actually give bad advice on occasion. and the women around the Natural feed off that energy.FRAN KTALKS. he still may not even be able to articulate exactly what he did. or even why he knew it © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. A woman feels she can be sexually free with a Natural. well it is too bad. but it is also their pain. Many Lived Naturals go through high numbers game.249 Naturals. until only after he does it. and sex-related issues. Shame rarely works to help guys at earlier stages. this is not applicable. Lived Naturals tend to be "who they are". including the women they target do not like it. and are constantly on the recruit for new women. For the Lived Natural. This strength of character works to their favor in the area of dominance. as their inflexibility in their characters causes them to disqualify many more women. Dear students.com 249 . For the Learned Natural this is when the skills are executed without thinking. His old habits are his own. as most cannot. And then. and thus harbor no judgment against women for something they did themselves. than they bed. beware your mentors. The Natural and Seduction Persona. as most Naturals have pretty much experienced everything they had the inclination to experience. or use shame as a motivator on their students. The Learned Natural's Pain comes from the fact he will always have some attachment to his past and his scars from development. it is infectious. Sometimes I personally think it is an actual psychological mechanism so that the Naturals do not create their own competition. as it gets in their way in other areas of life if left unchecked. and if others.

at what time. things have always just been a certain way. or some other event like bankruptcy. if he quits. is all about INTUITION. it will ALSO now remain the same and always be a new certain way. Although both the Lived and Learned Naturals have excellent Intuition. he is better suited to handle it. as his lifestyle and overall presence is attractive. As it is a place he has never been.FRAN KTALKS. and such that is now completely unable to relate to earlier stages of development. as his path of development © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. The Natural and Ability to Communicate With W o m e n : A Natural's Intuition is so strong that he knows intuitively what emotional needs be needs to addressed. with the Lived Naturals I have met. the Lived Natural just assumes that every man can have the love live he himself has. and to my surprise. In most cases. The Natural and Quitting: The Natural does not actually "quit" his development. because of his pervious development. If a Lived Natural has a traumatic experience. be may not be able to see his way out of it. and his love life is just a sub-category of that. For all of his life. then it could be enough to send him to the Loser stage. He does not give the notion of "seduction" a second thought. he quits on life. When the Learned Natural gets hit with a traumatic experienced. This is why. his mindset is one where. In my experience. He lives a lifestyle on his own terms. which could be the loss of his one great love. A Natural.250 was the right thing to do. He is aware of his seduction. it is usually the Learned Natural that has the upper hand. Does not study any new materials. He no longer thinks in terms of seduction. you would never be able to tell them apart from the average guys just by looking at them. and thus he can not comprehend guys having problems with women. by definition. He also TARGETS better than guys at any other stage in development using his VIBE. from the time he was young. thus when a major emotional impact tears into him. and at what intensity. they are no more and no less successful in other area of their lives as they are in their love lives.com 250 . unless he is traumatized himself at some point. but he just knows it was the right thing to do. At this stage. or other life ruin.

bar none. except that unless the natural feels the woman is damaged goods. Because he is a Natural. nor is he just looking for another notch in his belt. he also has sex with her. and a man can sleep with all his female friends. and could never be friends. Either they believed that men and women were not friends. His Greatest Tool: His Vibe © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. or they believed that ALL women were potential friends. The Natural and Vibe Frequency: A Naturals vibe (learned or lived) is SO STRONG. if the Natural is really in love with her. and their ability to single out the women that would be the most open to them on a given night is top notch. without having to approach any of them. Thus. like offer a commitment prior to sex. the same principles of a Master Seducer and Friends apply to the Natural. in addition to her doing things for him.251 gave him superior calibration skills. that he can simply send out a vibe signal and know what women in the room he would best connect with. The Natural and Friends: For the naturals I have met and gotten to know (both Lived and Learned) they had one of two extreme views on female friends. As for male friends. This is when a natural has to do something incomprehensible. A big part of the reason that Naturals are SO SUCCESSFUL with women. Balancing this out is the Lived Naturals superior Targeting sensors. and she needs a major indication from him that he is very serious about her. is that they VIBE their targeting scanners.FRAN KTALKS.com 251 . just as a hot chick has male friends. it is very difficult for high quality women to put too much faith in him. to address her fear of abandonment A Natural is seen as being "too smooth" for his own good. This prove to a woman he loves that he will not abandon her. It is the Emotional Cookie in reverse. A natural may have female friends. he must prove himself with the Desperate Measures Act. Their targeting mechanisms are beyond accurate. The Natural and Love: Naturals that find love often have to evoke a Desperate Measures Act.

The Learned Natural has been there before. That one major traumatic event could break him to Loser-Ville. and within 18 months was married and pregnant by some other guy. it is the Learned Natural that has the advantage of being able to handle trauma. I have known too many very cool guys that worked their way up to the Learned Natural level. she eventually broke up with him. She refused him saying she did not believe in marriage. Watch Out!: The one thing the Lived Natural must watch out for is that one bad traumatic event. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. that even his family were concerned enough to have all his friends check up on him to prevent him from doing something drastic. Lived Naturals for some reason. nor did she ever want to have children. that he sometimes ends up taking on the very nature of women's being. The Lived Natural may simply not have the coping mechanisms in place. The Learned Natural spends so much time having learned to connect with women. even wanted to marry her and have a family. Basically. only to start acting like the very hot chicks they are used to attracting. it makes me wonder about some of the Learned Naturals. I know one Lived Natural who was madly in love with one of his harem girls. Their Diva Syndrome almost makes people question their sexuality. never lose their full masculinity from being good with women.252 Watch Out!: The one thing the Learned Natural must watch out for is his succumbing to The DIVA Syndrome.com 252 . The Lived Natural had hit such a low from this traumatic event. Well. Personally.FRAN KTALKS. these men start to act like queen-bitch-drama-DIVAS. A Lived Natural never experienced long periods of not being a Natural. and knows how to survive it. Although the Learned Natural does not have the sexually abundant past of the Lived Natural.

com 253 .FRAN KTALKS.253 CHAPTER 5 Deconstructing The Components of Game & CREATION OF A SEDUCTION PERSONA © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.

FRAN KTALKS.(remember Rule of Relationship on Intellectual Constructs?).254 Introduction: It's All Reprogramming Your Instincts At the heart. Feels right to a nice guys' instinct but it does not actually work... The instinct of a NICE guy is to give-give-give to a woman in the pursuit of sex and love. then all fetishes would be for sexual intercourse that produces offspring. That is what separates the guys that are amazing with getting women. A Loser who struggles just to get past the first date IF he makes it that far. Think about sexual fetishes. etc. It is programmable.well that is a lacking in the "correct" kind of instincts. and relationship management is a backlash of the damage done to men © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. has had his instincts warped by some manner. or S M . which turns out to be EXACTLY what women's instincts are programmed to be attracted to. when wires get crossed and the sexual attraction ends up being for feet. there is only one real difference between a lonely Loser and an accomplished Seducer: INSTINCTS That's it.. An entire generation of men have been ruined due to militant feminism and an emasculating culture that shames men from following their basic instincts. and the guys that cannot get laid to save their lives. If instincts were always correct and reliable. pick-up. relationships and people in general. is that the underlying work you are doing is the: REPROGRAMMING OF YOUR INSTINCTS We do this because it is very possible that Instincts can be w r o n g . (and if you study other relationship or seduction related products) and what you must keep in mind. or bondage. However. The entire movement of men taking on the study of seduction. or hands. Everything you have been learning in this book. See what I mean? A Natural with women has well honed instincts when it comes to sex.com 254 .

Guys that overly focus on Inner Game are just playing the creative avoidance game. and perfection is just an intellectual construct. yet are turning to suicidal thoughts because they have not been able to find redemption in the pickup lifestyle. Even more personal. That is because perfect Inner Game just is not possible. We all get laid. It is just a form of Creative Avoidance. yet a number of them go out and get laid. smoke and approach girls. misdirection of men's instincts for Getting your inner game handled is about getting enough of your instincts for you to get laid. you will never have sex. but is unable to make his wife of 20 years come around to even trying BDSM (missing some inner game there). just like the rest of us. The search for a perfect Inner Game is just not a reality. and find the type of women and relationships you want. Look at alcoholics. It must be programmed to get results (thus the setting of © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. I know of a dirt-poor musician that does nothing but play music. I know a senior aged BDSM master that can attract 20 year olds.255 in the cultures connections. and other addicts. even a couple of my own mentors that still today bang beautiful and successful women. yet he gets laid all the time.com 255 . This book was designed to give you MORE than what you would need to get your love life Inner Game handled. You need a BASE Inner Game to get laid. He just needs to have enough Inner Game that is related to his love life. (Remember Intellectual Constructs?). Just having instincts is not enough. If you wait till things are perfect before you are willing to have sex. gamblers. but none of us has a perfect Inner Game. I am a seduction guru that has backed up my theories with life experience. and I still battle my own weight issues. He has zero material wealth by any standards (no financial Inner Game). Hell. I state "enough" because I am a firm believer that a man does not need 100% of his Inner Game together in order to get laid. they surely do not have their Inner Game completely intact.FRAN KTALKS. We are human.

will SCARE HER AWAY if he does it That "being yourself" behavior a. it would be that guy BEING HIMSELF. because you got to be a lucky one. this is how some guys honestly feel and if he acted on that.com 256 . and reprogram our instincts for our desired results. and calling her on the phone every hour just so he can hear her voice.k. It is not a question of putting on a false face. He has a much better shot if he displays his more relaxed self to her in the time leading up to the date. he might FEEL like jumping up and down.a. as much as it is the "authentic" him. Get it? © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.256 goals). but it IS a question of what part of you to show at what time. that "Being Himself behavior. up to the hour their date actually starts. Take it from a guy that was being himself and did not get laid for YEARS. when a man makes a date with a woman. The rest of us needed to work at it. Stalker behavior will not get him the RESULTS he wants (which we assume is either sex or a relationship).FRAN KTALKS. instead of the super excited happy self he is. thank whatever higher power you believe in. Forget Being Yourself: Be Happy Instead For some g u y s "Being Yourself' simply d o e s not w o r k . HOWEVER. If your instinct was unhampered by your upbringing and your personal development. Now. For example.

so that a student can measure his development. as each guy I have ever helped inner game-wise does not know: 1-Who "himself is and what he really wants 2-What new behaviors to try when the old ones failed 3-When he should show the parts of "himself that work 4-Where he needs to calibrate for his perceived. as for the rest of the above: (1) Is covered in Chapter 3 of this book. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. and actual. (2) Is covered in this Chapter 5: Seduction Persona Chart (3) Is covered in. as well as the different elements that make up a man's game. "Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test" (4) Is covered in this Chapter 5 under: 5 Components of Game (5) Is covered in this Chapter 5 under: 5 Components of Game The creation of a Seduction Persona for Inner Game requires an understanding of the 10 stages of development (covered in the previous chapter).FRAN KTALKS.257 The Five Main Inner Game Issues Who-What-When-Where-How We know WHY There are five inner game issues that are regularly evident with the guys that I have worked with. It also requires the student to understand how the value of his status works in his calibration during the application of his game. Now then. status of value 5-How the concept process of Game works Again we already assume the W H Y is either sex or a relationship with sex (remember the base life philosophy?).com 257 . The next sections in this chapter will cover everything you will need to know dear student in order to make your Seduction Persona your strongest tool in your development in your quest to better your Inner Game.

you may not even get to the next component of the game. or logs into the net to meet women. assuming his game is tight.258 T h e 5 Components of the Game Frank B Kermit's Five Elements of A Man's Game 1-His Perceived Status By Her (Pre-Game) 2-Her Perceived Status by Him (Head Game) 3-His Communicating His Actual Status (High Game) 4-He Categorizes Her On Her Actual Status (End Game) 5-He Has Sex With Her Based On His Category (Post Game) 1-Pre-Game This part takes place even before he steps out the door. This includes his perceived status. Is he good-looking? A great dresser? Does he have solid body language? That look in his eyes? Etc. This is her (and everyone else's for that matter) initial take on him. It is based on the predictable first impressions that others (especially women) will have of him. it may not even be enough. This first impression is not written in stone. but yet still had sex with men of that race on a few occasions. it is all observable elements on which the distance-based and close up first impressions originate from. This is where she is either neutral to him. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. However. It is only her initial impression and. if your first impression is really bad or if you happen to be fighting a prejudice (she will not even talk to guys that are of a particular race). UNLESS your game is super solid.FRAN KTALKS. It just takes work. I have been with women that openly told me they were racist. it will become meaningless. But know this. or she has already decided she likes him enough to see if he can seduce her further.com 258 . and even then. So it can be done.

and DESPERATE. association with seduction (the need to study it specifically) is detrimental to the creation of their status level rising. as a man that can address all 10 of a woman's emotional needs on a consistent basis.259 Status and Value High Value Male: I define a High Value Male. An example of this is when a man tells a woman that he is.FRAN KTALKS. A High Status Male: As a seduction guru. and it made my journey take a lot longer than it could have been. the fact that I had to study what I did. I made the mistake of sharing this information during my development. That is why society is more forgiving with celebrities and professional athletes than it is with the common folk. and being open that he is trying to learn. Status: I define Status (for the purposes of this book) as the stage of development a man has reached.com 259 . and in addition to all non-seduction related factors) that could add to his feelings of self worth. This will HINDER his game. Status is power. He will be seen as the wannabe. seriously studied seduction related materials. A Low Status Male: A guy that is not getting laid. or has. Simply put A Man's Value + His Stage of Development + His Feelings of Self Worth = His Status.( in addition to his ability to address all 10 of a woman's emotional needs on a consistent basis. A man with high status can do things. and still complete the seduction that a man with low status simply cannot get away with. now factors into my game as it makes me attainable to women. It will make him come across as to NEEDY. the try-hard. It will not make him attainable as he is already seen as too attainable. that this bit of information. For guys that are still in the developing states. but not the Seducer. I am perceived as such a high value male. His status is TOO LOW to show this kind of vulnerability. which used to make me look weak. is now © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.

he has no perceived status. and completely unattainable. that he is a high value male.FRAN KTALKS. may fail miserably when another guy tries exactly the same material.com 260 . a man already has perceived status. as always having been a Seducer. I am looked at. so he needs to display behaviors that indicate to her. In other cases. association with learning seduction will not hamper their game. Perceived Status Calibration Have you ever wondered why the same seduction techniques and behavior patterns that works exceptionally well for one guy. The other half of the game is the guy's ability to CALIBRATE FOR HIS PERCEIVED STATUS. he then comes off as too high value. In some cases. so he needs to display behaviors that indicate to her. and thus attainable. A man must factor in his STATUS into his game. Things you can do to demonstrate you are a total Low Value male: • • • Say please and thank you Bowing when you meet people Saying you're sorry © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. but is already perceived as having status. Here are some examples of Calibrating for your Status. When you ALREADY have status you are already living the life. not just trying to live it. If he has behaviors that indicate to her that he is high value. when he is of a perceived low status. but I just needed to find myself (words women have used to justify their relationship with me). For guys that are established in their status.260 reinterpreted as making me vulnerable and human. If he uses attainable behavior. that he is attainable for her. in exactly the same way? Here is why: The material a guy uses is only HALF of the game. she interprets him as low value. Now.

if you are ALREADY perceived as a High Value male • Going for what you want • Doing what you want • Confidence The point here is that the SAME behavior can be interpreted differently. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.com 261 .FRAN KTALKS. depending on where you start. then you need to do things to raise your value.261 • Getting on one knee and proposing Things you can do to Discredit a n d Lower your value: • • • • Say please and thank you Bowing when you meet people Saying you're sorry Getting on one knee and propose T h i n g s y o u c a n d o t o demonstrate y o u are High Value yet Attainable for her: • Say please and thank you • Bowing when you meet people • Saying you're sorry • Getting on one knee and proposing Things you can do to demonstrate you are a total High Value male • Going for what you want • Doing what you want • Confidence Things you can do to Raise y o u r value in any given situation: • Going for what you want • Doing what you want • Confidence T h i n g s y o u c a n do to demonstrate you are a violent abusive jerk. then doing those same actions to excess makes you come off as an abusive jerk. If you are perceived as a High Value male. If you are already perceived as a Low Value male.

When I set out to find a way to calibrate to the way a woman perceives herself. or what exactly is going on in her mind. I have to come off a lot softer when I talk to women and couples who want to take my picture. but it works the majority of the time.262 A man must know his PERCEIVED status. It is not fool proof. So my behaviors must balance it out to keep me attainable. but feels like a 5. 2. That is because my perceived value when I am dressed up is much higher. It is pretty well impossible to guess how a woman sees herself. "What is a 10?" Is it based on looks only? What about personalities? What if she is a 5 in the looks. but her personality is a 9.FRAN KTALKS. his ACTUAL status. but I did want to come to terms with what my personal scale was. In that process. and more aggressive to people when I am dressed down. than when I am dressed down.5? What if she looks like a 3. if I was going to use one.com 262 . and must calibrate to that during the different components of the game. To get into her panties. but ESPECIALLY at the Pre-Game Levels.. but she feels and acts like she is a 10? How would you even know to calibrate for that? Part of it is based on what we © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. do you game her like a 6.Head-Game Just as a man must calibrate for the first impression he gives off. you must first get into her head. I took years to finally find a system that worked positively for me. he must also calibrate for the first impression that women make on him (and others).. more often than not. I had to answer for myself. I did not rate woman on a scale of 1 to 10.does that make her a 7 average? What is she looks like an 8. Until then. I actually found out this system when I sat down to figure out what I meant by when I rated a woman. When I am dressed up.

we all have our own scales but they are not very useful for calibration. KNOW they are hot. office worker that shows off her figure) © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.com 263 . So. as the calibration of the game is to be done by what SHE IS and what SHE THINKS SHE IS in terms of her PERCEIVED VALUE. not pretty and know it. When I rate women. Women. waitress that flirts. and what we will only know when we talk to her. what can we observe about her that would give us an indication? Here is how I define it: • • • • Some Some Some Some girls girls girls girls are are are are pretty but do not know it. AND what I can assume about the way she sees herself.263 can observe. as they appear to me. Women.FRAN KTALKS. KNOW it as well. Sure. Using these categories. it helped me to calibrate because it forces me to take both her looks. who cannot make a living on their looks. Here is my personal Frank B Kermit Scale on Rating Women: 10-She make a direct living off her looks (stripper. who make a living on their looks. The point I am trying to make is that most guys focus on what a girl is on a scale of 1 to 10 FOR THE WAY GUYS THINK. Each one needs calibration. I do so in a manner in which it allows me to adjust my game and calibrate to them. not pretty but do not know it pretty and know it. actress) 09-She makes an indirect living (uses looks on the job. model. but by that time it is too late.

Decent looking but plain could not make a living off her looks if she tried really hard 03.FRAN KTALKS. My scale does not take her intelligence nor her personality into play. is average only 02. but chooses not to 07-Naturally pretty but plain.Not great looking. our tastes cannot presuppose her behaviors 100%. So my using my scale. but chooses not too.264 08-Attractive enough to make a living off her looks. could make a living off her looks if she tried really hard. than the girl who COULD make a living on her looks. but taking into account the environment and the context of her looks that will affect the way she regards herself. but when CALIBRATING to her. I have been able to calibrate to her based on what I could observe. but with a considerable time to her appearance. could not even be average if she tried really hard. a woman who makes a living based on her looks will have a stronger view of herself. could be average if she tried really hard. but most of the time.com 264 . Put it this way: A stripper on the street being approached by a random guy using a blunt but elegant direct approach © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. but does not try 0 1 . It is not just about her looks. We each have our own personal tastes.Average Decent looking girl 04. Has to put in the effort to make a living off her looks 06-Naturally Decent looking. you cannot know this part anyways until you interact with her.Not great looking.Not great looking. In my experience. and put in lots of work 05.

She needs to be gamed like a 10. She needs to be gamed like a 3 or a 4. so that she by default MUST feel like becoming my lover. on the street being approached by a random guy using a blunt but elegant direct approach. For me.com 265 .265 will be unimpressed because she makes a living off her looks and is getting hit on all the time. and is done in conjunction with all other components of the game. This is done throughout the entire seduction. A below average looking girl. An average looking girl that has to puts work into her look. This is where a man addresses the emotional needs that balance out with the first impressions he has made on her. Basically. all game is High Game. as it is impossible for her to ever feel like a mother to me. 3-Hiqh Game In High Game. will be scared as she is not used to being approached because despite her efforts she could never make a living off her looks and is not getting hit on all the time. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. the man is communicating his actual status. but does not make a living off her looks and is not getting hit on all the time. on the street being approached by a random guy using a blunt but elegant direct approach will be impressed because she puts effort into her look. In my seduction philosophy. She needs to be gamed like a 5 or a 6. If you have read my book.FRAN KTALKS. Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test. then you already know exactly how to make her fall in love with you. especially during component 4. This is where a mans actual High Game is played. this is where the man is demonstrating his Value. this is where I consciously address all of a woman's emotional needs on a consistent basis. and desire to have your children. where she is being qualified.

the man has spent his time qualifying her. or fuck-able. your skills at game don't mean a thing. or a relationship with sex.com 266 . either she is fucking him. if you don't fuck her twat. a man must take measures to ensure that sex with this woman happens as soon as possible. or she helps him get laid through her friends. yeah. There is no other satisfactory outcome. He continues to do so during component 4 (End Game).266 4. and calibrates his game in order to make that so. you need to have sex to prove that you have game. At the end of the game. Otherwise. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. doo-wop! Author's Note: Yeah. you need to have penile-vagina penetration. It is during this component that he makes the decision as to the category of women she will be placed in. Doo-wop. At any given point a man will categories a woman based on his lists of criteria for the categories of women in his life. 1 know 1 am sue i a dork If you have read my other books. Yes.End Game Throughout component 3. 5-Post Game The point of the game is to get SEX. If she is un-fuck-able. 1 know. and your knowledge of self as to what you want. you would know to expect this from me by now. Your game don't mean squat. or you simply do not have game. If she is fuck-able. This is where your criteria list comes in.FRAN KTALKS. he must act on it. doo-wop.

In seduction.267 In the event that the only girls he can game are those that all end up in the "un-fuck-able" category. not solid game. Why is sex SO important in the game? Check out base life philosophies for that answer if you haven't already. and your penis penetrates her vagina. and the check has cleared the bank. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. it is a sign that he does not have enough game to pursue woman that are in his fuck-able category. It is a sign of Creative Avoidance.com 267 . nothing matters until you get laid. nothing matters until you get paid. and if that continues as a persistent situation.FRAN KTALKS. In business.

the Persona and the person are merged into ONE. I fell flat on my face embarrassed.FRAN KTALKS. educators. Kermit the Frog. one of the ways to do this is to create an identity. First develop the Persona. I could experiment with whatever seduction techniques I wanted. and as long as I learned something new. He wouldn't care about social conventions.268 T h e Persona Concept Creating a Seducer Persona When trying to change the person you are on the inside. Sometimes it worked. not an actual being. artists and administrators. and he would try (insert new action to try). and either changed my original belief or found a different belief to experiment with. and then work to become the person that is closest to that Persona until eventually. I started to ask. I fulfilled what my Persona demanded of me. and I would get into a situation with a new woman I met. I LEARNED something new. and other times. I have a number of things in common with Kermit the Frog. "What would Brother Kermit do?" The answer was always: He'd just go for it. It can change one moment to the next. but the Persona must also be based on traits you already have. not an absolute finish. I believe that it is important to create a Persona that not only embodies all that you want to become. performers. The name "Kermit" is borrowed from one of my childhood heroes. The Persona is everything you want to be. incorruptible. Unlike a real person who may not be able to change parts of him.com 268 . But either way. The Name of Your Seduction Persona I named my Persona: Brother Kermit. The identity is a symbol. then naming it. We are entertainers. the Persona can change instantly as it is only a definition. and © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. I would ask myself "What would (name of mentor) do in this situation?" Once I had my own seduction Persona set. When I first started on my journey. It is a work in progress. a collection of behaviors. and something to strive for.

As long as I backed up what I said. and within a couple of weeks. as you will change. Your Persona will change through your development. never really care what name I go under. You are simply building on what is already there. unfeeling and robot like in his interactions with women. they continued to work with me. as he turned cold. Only borrow a name from a source if it embodies elements of who you already are. and let me learn more from them. What I will tell you is that those guys that attacked me for it were clearly not getting laid themselves with the women they truly desired. Most important: It is easier to become your Persona when your Persona already is very much like you already. he started to get MUCH better reactions from the women he approached. but obviously his subconscious saw as the movie character. and are dreamers that follow through on our goals. That is a key in change work to develop yourself into your Persona. I have often been criticized for choosing the name "Kermit". If your name works for you. it turned out that when he was in a situation with women and got stuck for what to do next. One guy I helped out used the name "Terminator" for his Persona based on the Terminator character from the same named movies because he was a fan. he would adopt his "Terminator" Persona which his conscious mind thought of as a suave seducer. The Image of Your Seduction Persona © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. Eventually he changed his Persona name to something more socially workable. for a host of reasons too silly to mention here. otherwise use a symbol of yours (check your symbols lists) and start with that.269 are point men in our respective social circles.FRAN KTALKS. and because he was a computer science guy. The guys that are getting laid. If your critics do not get laid. When we went to work on his Inner Game. then who cares what they think. Naming your Persona is more important than you think. that is all that matters.com 269 .

when most of my former self was changed. I was merging the "Club Owner" look with "The Producer" look to reflect my radio program interests. Over time. the sword gave way to a cane. was a reminder of t h a t Also. Finally. I came into my look very late in my development. and continue to experiment until you settle in on a "look" that best suits you. So I started with that. In time. eye and hair color. as I felt that if anyone should be a king. what I found worked BEST was "The Pimp" look. but do not start spending money on the clothing of your Persona. I did not like the idea of my Persona being subservient to a master. dead or gone. with long curly hair. Originally. Brother Kermit was dressed like a swashbuckling Musketeer. I often joke with my friends that I am more "myself when I dress up pimping than when I am dressed down to relax. You can experiment with the Persona's clothing style. the feather cap gave way to a Fedora.270 The Persona's height.FRAN KTALKS. At the 2-!4 year mark of my development. a mask. while I continued to experiment with my Persona's look in my mind. Experiment with your style in your mind. The Persona's face must also be identical to yours. I met one notable Seduction Guru named Mystery. Try on different images.com 270 . I felt this image simply did not match me. Then you set the image to what you are going to look like after your initial image goals are reached. and got myself a suit jacket in real life. so having a sword. While speaking with him in person. he told me that the look I should experiment with was the "Club Owner" look. as I really was not into fencing. His voice should be identical to your voice. and a sword. until you are sure you have found something © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. and the black knee high boots gave way to snake skin shoes. body size and shape. must all be identical to yours (unless you are ACTIVE in changing your appearance as well by going to the gym or losing weight). it's Brother Kermit. as it best reflected many of my attributes. I learned that Musketeers were in fact soldiers loyal to the king.

and then add the knowledge to the collective knowledge of your Persona and yourself. How the Seduction Persona Concept WORKS Ok. and finally my ability to identify.com 271 . and how I changed my life to make it something that I love to live. and getting basic fashion rules understood. If it is the wrong action you will find out. Building a Seduction Persona Chart Column 1 is the situation Column 2 is what you already do that you want to change Column 3 is the action you want to train yourself to change. The value of your seduction Persona is that when you get into a situation where you do NOT know what to do or say. and the 5 game components). and merged it with my Calibrated Storytelling skills. This is what I used to put everything you have just learned in this book. You start off by drawing a chart with 3 col urn ns in it. that I was ready to totally fulfill my image with my Personalized Symbolic Peacocking.FRAN KTALKS. into action. boys this is it. my seduction Persona concept. you can ask yourself what would your Persona do? Your Persona will give you the answer. I had taken what I had learned about fashion and styling. and address a woman's emotional needs. and it was not until I attended a fashion seminar by Marvi Arlik on total fashion makeover. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www.271 that works for you. I am going to explain how the seduction Persona concept works. This whole chapter is about bringing everything you have learned into the plan of your personalized game (both Inner Game. Clothing and footwear can get expensive.

The next chart of a visual representation of how the Seduction Persona Concept works with the Stages of Development from Loser to Seducer to Natural. In time.. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. Beliefs are built on experiences and growth. Hindsight also makes yesterdays experiments become tomorrows' seduction fundamentals.. Some will not. Believes the only difference between the genders is the physical embodiment A person who commits an act of violence forfeits their right to safety Waits anxiously by the phone. never letting his attentions stray Panics and finds a quiet room. the beliefs will be the same in both columns as you test each one to find out what works best for you.FRAN KTALKS. offering all guests tastes while introducing self CONTEXT The Difference Between Men and Women Beliefs on Violence A woman Promises To Call Him At a Party Some things will change.272 The following chart is an example of when I started. At the Master Level.com 272 . they change. reads a book and waits until it is time to go home Brother Kermit Will next time try? Believes that men and women process information differently. That is why I call myself "Frank B Kermit".. and uses this knowledge to better communicate A person who commits an act of violence forfeits their right to safety Seduces other women in the meanwhile already looking to replace her Brings two bottles of home-made wine. Frank Does/did. and walks around.. I (Frank) have so merged with my Persona (Brother Kermit) we are now one and the same. That is when the two columns merge. hindsight makes what sounded smart one-day regrettable the next. the two Personas merge into the same being..

That is why the Master Seducer had better © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. THIS IS WHERE YOU REBUILD YOUR INSTINCTS.FRANKTALKS.com 273 . the better your instincts are.273 Tracking Your Persona & Development Chart Gray Circle = Your Former Self White Circle = Your New Seduction Persona The more similar the two columns are. THAT IS THE POWER OF THIS CHART.

that the Loser does not do. thus the elements that I added in. Now. I assigned them to my Persona. becomes the Master's INSTINCTS over time with life experiences backing it up. Former Self CONTEXT His Beliefs About The Difference Between Men And Women Beliefs on Violence A woman promises To Call Him At A Party Who is Responsible For The Sex In A Relationship A Woman Stands Him up When Asked by A Woman if He © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. was the same abilities that I noticed in my studies of men that were good with women. their ability to lead others effortlessly.com (Your Name) Does / Did: New Persona (Persona Name) will next time try: 274 . Brother Kermit was my "seducer" Persona. it's your turn: Here is your starter chart. and their ability to communicate. What the Master knows to do.274 instincts than the Loser. These were all qualities that I wanted to incorporate into myself.FRAN KTALKS. I noticed their confidence. So first.

When A Woman Says "Let's Just Be Friends" When She Starts Talking About How Her Boyfriend Treats Her Poorly YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS CHART ON YOUR OWN. UNTIL my Inner Game was solid enough..FRAN KTALKS. modified. I kept at it..com 275 . © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. re-worked.275 Thinks She Is Fat On Loneliness On a Woman's Sexuality I Deserve.. and revised again and again.. That is what I recommend that you do as well. This is the seduction Persona exercise I worked.

. Stayed tuned to. then that is another matter) 10What is your top ten ways that you know you have gotten your inner game together? You will know it and feel it when you get there for each clue.com 276 . I still have a couple blank too. and it is your honesty with them that gets you laid. yourself.276 You Know You Have Inner Game When. as long as you have the time you need to do them. and you do not feel the need to lie to women anymore. (If they deserve being insulted.FRAN KTALKS. and watch. How do you know when your Inner Game is complete enough? Well.. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. 7-When you no longer need alcohol or other outside factors to make you capable of "being yourself 8-When you don't put others down or insult them. to make yourself feel better. the following next section is how " I * knew my Inner Game was enough? For me it was the day that: 1-you reach the point where you like who you are 2-You would not want to be someone else given the option 3-You no longer covet what others have achieved 4-You really don't care what others think about you 5-You can be totally honest with women. 6-When you have achieved most of your goals and are confident that you will get all the others completed too.

277 Books from Frank B Kermit From Loser to Seducer: The Story of Frank B Kermit Everything Out of Her Mouth is a Test: A Man's Guide to Satisfying the Emotional Needs of Women I'm A Man.franktal ks.com 277 .FRAN KTALKS. An Inner Game Workbook Frank Advice: For The Art Of Relationships Book 1 and 2 Calibration Storytelling: How to Tell Stories to Women to Present Yourself In the Best Possible Light (In progress) How To Make A High Value Male Commit: A Guide for Women to the Emotional Needs Of Men (In progress) One-on-One and Group Seminars Offered by Frank B Kermit How to Address the Emotional Needs of Women The Adult Male Virgins Seminar: Make your first time. That's My Job: The Philosophy of a Seducer. Because paying for it does not count Calibration Storytelling: How to Tell Stories to Women. her best time.com © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. and reviews of the seminars associated with this books. Fashion Tips and Symbology: The Making of a Unique Masculine Image For reviews of these books. visit: www. Presenting your life in the most seductive ways possible How to Decorate your Bachelor Pad into a Seductive Lair Peacocking.

Some conditions may apply.FRANKTALKS. © Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2006 www. Kermit signature: I reserve t h e r i g h t to limit t h e number of discount pages to be used at any one seminar.com 278 . This discount page is valid until December 3 1 .278 *********DISCOUNT PAGE********** Bring this Whole Book w i t h you t o : Any ONE Frank B Kermit Seminar -orAny O N E Frank B Kermit Telephone Consultation -orAny O N E Frank B Kermit One-on-One Session And Get 20 % O f f t h e cost of any one of t h e above. The page M U S T be I N T A C T w i t h i n t h e book Your signature: Frank B. check www.franktalks.com f o r details. 2 0 0 8 . You can only use this page once. Offer is void if t h e page is ripped f r o m book.

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