INT: LIVING ROOM, EARLY MORNING Morning sounds. Dull house lights fill the room as silhouettes dash too and fro. A shadow of a pregnant woman in the midst of labour and she is being guided by another woman, the Midwife (50’s conservative, midwest-looking woman), around the room to find the right position. She squats. She crawls. She rubs her back against the wall. The whole time the Midwife rubbing her back and comforting her. There is the silhoutte of the father pacing unsure of what to do. Useless. Pregnant woman is finally on her back with legs up. She is in the throws of labour. There is still no sound, just the sounds of birds chirping. We see her face in agonizing pain. The father’s panic riddled face. We then see the Midwife’s serene face. She looks wise, and warm. She isn’t overjoyed, or hysterical. She’s smiling and directing the labour. The Midwife lifts the new born baby up and with a burst of sound, we hear the baby cry, the mother gasping and crying, the father squeeling with delight. The Midwife congratulating. MIDWIFE Ok, Mummy, let me take him and clean him up. He needs his make-over! MOTHER Oh thank you! Oh honey! FATHER I can’t believe it. Oh my god! The Midwife takes the newborn baby to a space set up to help clean him. She opens the carefully cleans him up. Her face and eyes still serene but she isn’t consoling the newborns crying. She is just doing her job. She looks up out the window, distracted. She sees birds flying around on thier morning hunt. We again only hear the birds. The Midwife casually looks back at the newborn who has calmed a little. She pickes him up and take him back to the new parents. They are overhjoyed. We see their mouths moving, thanking the Midwife. She smiles, but all she can hear are the birds. She turns her head and looks out the window again to see the birds flying free. Shot of birds flying free.


Title: Midwife Crisis

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