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Published by Michael E Cummins
A mentally unstable woman living in the city of Rome tries to educate the people.
A mentally unstable woman living in the city of Rome tries to educate the people.

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Published by: Michael E Cummins on Apr 29, 2012
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INT: BUS, ROME. DAY Hot crowded public bus. CATHERINE Late 50’s Italian-American woman. Strong accent. Medium height, lean well proportioned body, very tanned from a lot of sun. Wonderful poise, regal face + was definitely an attractive woman in her youth. She is very sophisticated thug dressed humbly. Medium length curly hair, obviously styled, very clean and beautiful rich brown. Always has very dark large sunglasses on. Children snicker at Catherine as she’s restlessly fanning herself. Gypsy child approaches her asking for coin. GYPSY CHILD (translated from Italian) Spinge? Catherine tilts her head back, opens her mouth and extends her tongue, curling it like a serpent. Gypsy child stares at her. Catherine then jolts her head back and hisses. Children squeal. Gypsy child unfased just asks person next to Catherine. Catherine contorts her body away from the children, the gypsy child and the person next to her. CATHERINE Animals. EXT: COLOSSEO METRO, ROME. DAY. Catherine is at a fountainella splashing water upon her face. A MAN (50’s, Roman) is watching her. She is wearing a shear floral dress to the knees. The water soaks her top exposing her breasts. Catherine sees the man looking at her with lust. She mumbles to herself, giving the man side-eyes. He keeps staring. She washes under her hairy arm pits, and it become apparent she is actually cleaning herself. The man snarls and turns away. Catherine wags her finger at him. CATHERINE That’s right!


EXT: ROMAN FORUM ENTRANCE, ROME. MORNING. Catherine enters the Forum, swinging her bag, almost marching in with flair. She knows the CUSTODIANS (40’s, male) are watching her. They recognise her and almost shake their head, eyes filled with concern more than alarm. Catherine is scratching the back of her head. She shakes her head + curls of hair like a dog. She is mumbling, then calls out in English. CATHERINE Not when I was a little girl! She continues down into the Forum. EXT: ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine is sitting on a ledge, legs crossed, swinging one foot, with a sandal dangling off her toes. Her feet are soiled with dust. She’s looking from side-to-side as if waiting for something, like she is at a bus stop. Tourists are casually strolling past her and she is trying to read them. She looks like a thief. FAR SHOT OF CATHERINE DAWDLING, HANDBAG LOW, ALMOST DRAGGING ON THE GROUND. She is startled by the sound of a tour group. She quickly lifts her bag up under arm and darts away into the opposite direction calling out... CATHERINE Monkeys!! EXT: BASILICA OF JULIUS, ROME. DAY. Catherine leaning into a baby pram and talking to the child. She asks the MOTHER (30’s, German). CATHERINE Whats her name? MOTHER Claudia. CATHERINE Oh I love the name Claudia! Like the daughter of the Emperor Claudius! Catherine realises the mother doesn’t understand.




CATHERINE Where are you from? MOTHER Germany Catherine begins talking in fluent German. CATHERINE (translated from German) Oh, where in Germany? I love the Rhineland! MOTHER (translated from German) Munich. CATHERINE (translated from German) Oh I love Munich! I was there about 30 years ago, before I settled here in Rome. I’ve been here 28 years! Can you believe it? I love it! Have you seen the Temple of Julius Cesar? Come! Catherine leads mother and baby to temple. EXT: TEMPLE OF MARS, ROME. AFTERNOON. Catherine at same ledge waiting. She is constantly rolling up her sleeves. She hears a tour guide on a microphone with her group coming by. The GUIDE (60’s, Italian Female) stops and is talking near Catherine. She puts her fingers in her ears trying to block out her mechanical voice. Defeated, Catherine snatches her bag and flees. CATHERINE Oh God! TOURIST CAM FOOTAGE OF CATHERINE SCREAMING AT A TOUR GUIDE FROM A VERY FAR DISTANCE. CATHERINE You’re all monkeys! Monkeys! Kicking up the dust! Tourists are bewildered by the scene. Guide is not.




GUIDE And now... EXT: TEMPLE OF VESTA, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine whispering to a CHILD (5 year old, French girl) in French who is looking down into a well that is covered with an iron grill. CATHERINE (translated from French) And this is where the Vestal Virgin’s buried small trinkets, like dolls... Girls FRENCH MOTHER (30’s, French) calls her away from Catherine and says in French, not realising Catherine is fluent in French. FRENCH MOTHER (translated from French) Don’t talk to strangers... CATHERIN Well pardon Madam! EXT: ROMAN FORUM, ROME. MORNING. Catherine with a small group of backpackers with tour books, leading them on a march through the Forum. She has a manic grin on her face. CATHERINE C’mon! Put that book away! Don’t look down! Look up! History is above you! EXT: TEMPLE OF VESPASIAN, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine notices a few tourists sitting on a rock listening to a private tour but the IRISH GUIDE (30’s, Irish male) is quite loud. IRISH GUIDE ...So it wasn’t until Caracalla.... She approaches a few of the tourists. CATHERINE Don’t even listen to him! As an Ancient Roman this horrifies me!

5. EXT: TEMPLE OF FAUSTINA, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine sitting on ledge smoking a cigarette loudly. Her cell phone rings. She takes off her sunglasses, keeps her eyes closed and begins gesturing, swinging her sunglasses and cigarette with her hand. CATHERINE Mia sorella! Mia sorella! EXT: TOILETS, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine is at toilets. She sees a group of JAPANESE TOURISTS (60’s female) lining up for them. She realises it will take time. She asks the woman at front of line... CATHERINE Would you mind if I go ahead? I have to go.. The Japanese woman doesn’t understand, but her tourists colleagues realise Catherine is wanting to jump ahead, so they rally together and say ’no’ in Japanese - with their many bodies. CATHERINE You’re all such arseholes! Catherine squats and begins urinating. The Japanese women are aghast. Catherine asks for a tissue. The women leave the area. Catherine picks up a used tissue on the ground and wipes herself. The trickle of urine running under her sandal down the path. She is flicking excess urine from her fingers. EXT: TEMPLE OF JULIUS CAESAR, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. AFTERNOON. Catherine standing by the temple of Julius Caesar holding up her umbrella under a severe down pour. Tourist are all running toward her safe area. She ’tsks’, takes down her umbrella and marches way into the rain. CATHERINE Rats! Rats! EXT: SLAVE QUARTERS, ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine talking to fat American mid-west couple. She is going on about the history of Romulus and Remus. WIFE (50’s, All American Mom) is clutching her bag in fear. Husband FRANK (50’s, All American Jerk) is intrigued. They are both in American tourist wear; fanny packs, shell-wind breakers, tapered jeans and visors. (CONTINUED)



WOMAN Frank... FRANK Honey, just wait.. WOMAN But Frank... CATHERINE Oh, no, hey, listen to her, it’s ok! I just thought you wanted to know a little something about what you are looking at. FRANK Well you certainly know a lot... Catherine is gingerly about to walk off. CATHERINE Hey, I’m at your disposal! FRANK You give tours here? Catherine spins on her heal and barks... CATHERINE I do not give tours! I educate! Monkey’s give tours! Wife immediately turns and walks away leaving her husband behind. EXT: ARCH OF TITUS, ROMAN FORUM. ROME. DAY. Catherine talking to an elderly SPANISH GROUP (70’s, Spanish). As she is talking, there is a custodian walking by watching her. Her Spanish is rapid. CATHERINE (translated from Spanish) It’s C30 an hour, but it’s worth it, I talk fast! EXT: ROMAN FORUM, ROME. DAY. Catherine is facing the walls of a ruined temple screaming at the top of her lungs.




CATHERINE Rome! Rome! Rome! Tourists close by quickly scurry away. POV OF CATHERINE’S MOUTH CATHERINE Rome! FIN

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