Dear Moira


I am exclusively querying Sheepish Books regarding my complete young adult fiction manuscript of 90,000 words titled The Secret Life Of Furry Lobsters. I have attached three sample chapters of the manuscript for your consideration. Synopsis

In The Secret Life Of Furry Lobsters, Manuel the lobster goes on a journey to build a corporate empire, aided by his best friend, Molly, a sheep who simply can’t stop counting. Manuel struggles to be taken seriously by his human business partners, and after initial setbacks, his empire of plankton-based food products grows exponentially. A royal family of dragons complicates matters somewhat by moving into Manuel’s office (rent-free, no less) but turn out to be allies. threatens to blackmail Manuel unless he receives the majority of Manuel’s sizeable estate. However, it may be a case of too much too soon, as the camel from the shipping company next door Determined to save his newly-founded plankton empire, Manuel embarks on a mission to find out TV dinners made of stolen plankton, and a sea dollar laundering outfit run by renegade Argentine of Chile. To safeguard the future of his plankton empire, Manuel has to answer two questions that he has Plot, saving innocent sea creatures and his plankton empire at the same time. Bio exactly what the camel is after, and stumbles upon a plot involving dubious free trade agreements,

hammerhead sharks. The trail leads back to Manuel’s hometown: a small, sheltered reef off the coast been avoiding his whole life. Who was Manuel’s father? Why is Manuel furry? Aided and occasionally singed by the royal dragons, Manuel learns the truth about his father, his furriness, and the Plankton

Perdita Garou, 23, has written numerous short stories for The Sea Dweller and won the International Underwater Poetry Slam in 2009, 2010 and 2011. She majored in Marine Biology and Dadaist Literature at ______________________ and is currently pursuing her MFA in writing at _____________________. in 2010 for Best Blog, Most Random Blog, and Blog Most Likely To Still Be Weird In Ten Years.
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