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Literacy Block: Daily 5

Students self-select in the morning what their three stations may be. They are required to choose one reading station, Read-to-Self (leveled book bins and identified library bins) Read-to-Others (leveled book bins and identified library bins) Listen to Reading (Listening Station, Literacy Based Computers Programs) Work with Words (three tiered intervention baskets at Name Station, Magnet Station, and Pocket Chart) Writing (three tiered intervention baskets) and one Work with Words each day.  Meet with three groups each day.  Each group containing five or less students grouped by identified intervention level.  Follow one leveled reading book lesson plan each day.  Develop phonological awareness through one activity each day, targeting identified needs.  Send home book each night in reading bag  Punch “Reading Log Punch Cards” for those who read prior night. 10 punches earns trip to reward chest or lunch in classroom.  At dismissal of group, send to work area with reading log activity for notebooks.  Quick Phonics Screener bi-weekly to assess progress Each student has a book bin located in the classroom, that remains in the classroom, containing books at their level. In the morning upon completion of wake-up work task cards, the student may “shop” from the classroom library of their level to add a book to their bin. Each bin will contain no more than 10 books. Books from reading bags will be transferred to book bins upon return from home reading. On FRIDAYS the students may “free read” from all library bins. Two mini lessons will be delivered each day in between station rotation. Mini-lessons are no more than ten minutes and focus on a writing or reading strategy. Mini-lesson lesson plans are from personal Writer’s Workshop and Reader’s Workshop.

Literacy Rotations

Guided Reading Groups

Book Bins (Read to Self and Others)