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BAN 1213 Marketing Group Project Assignment Marketing

Marketing Analysis for a Product

Course Code: 20909F/2 Class: 2C Member: Chan Yin Tung Wen Ka Wai Yip Man Hoi Yu Cheuk Ting



1. Introduction 2. The company
-Vision -Mission

4 5-6

3. SWOT Analysis of the product
-Strengths -Weaknesses -Opportunities -Threats


4. Target Market 5. Current Marketing Mix Strategy
-Product strategy

8 9 - 15

Three levels Product attributes, Branding, Packaging, Labeling Product life cycle

-Pricing Strategy
Three Approaches: Cost-based, Value-based, Competition

-Distribution Strategy
Levels of Distribution Intensity

- Promotion Strategy

6. Proposed Marketing Mix Strategy
- Product strategy - Pricing strategy - Distribution strategy - Promotion strategy

16 - 19


7. Conclusions 8. Appendices
-Product & Price -Place -The improvement of Nike -Save the environment

20 21 - 41


we also can see Nike is successful too. Recent year. You may ask why Nike will offer the big contract to Lebron James. such as in the street. Beside the sport market. you can see Nike is sponsor many team such as Arsenal. The football market is belong to Adidas at the beginning. football. basketball. the good example is the NBA. maybe “monopolization” the hole football market. such as David Beckham for Adidas. there are many brands in it. Why Nike is believes him can bring the market profit to the company? In this Project. And other example is the football team. But most people choose Nike this brand. the price is more than 1 billion. On the television. 5 . Introduction In the sports market.. Manchester United and Barcelona and so on. but the most important is Nike want to disperse the risk. Marketing Strategy. Fabregas. Beside football and basketball. After you see the project. SWOT Analysis of the product. Bape. such as Nike. Micheal Jordan. In 2002. Nike is also have many product. Target Market. and now they enter the fashion market is get the market share bigger and bigger. Nike get the market share in the sport product. such as all type of sport shoe. Nike is preparing to enter the fashion market. so that Nike want to enter the fashion market. bags. we will confer Nike how to use the market tactic successfully. many product about sport Nike also have.1. This contract is astonish the world. we are so easy to find a person who wear Nike shoe. but now Nike is also enter the football market. Adidas and Reebok and so on.T. Lebron James sign a big contract with Nike. even boy or girl. we can see many sports star to do the spokesman. you can see all the basketball team clothes is wear Nike product. you may identify Nike is one of the successful companies in the world. you can see Nike is always crossover with another fashion brand such as I. Sergio Ramos for Nike.

The Company Vision: The vision of Nike is “If you have a body. Nike Golf etc. Besides. Fabregas is sponsored with specially designed boots on which his name was printed. Air Jordan. new elements are added to the original design such as new colors. The selling point is the shoes bear a logo of Michael Jordan. Nike also sponsored some famous football players with its shoes. for example. and his brand sales include Nike. Mission: Purpose of Nike: Nike’s goal is to carry on Bill Bowerman legacy of innovative thinking. For example.2. to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability to explore their potentials. Also all of the Nike shoes use the best materials to produce in order to protect our legs. For example. It means everybody can do anything. or to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competitors and to provide value for its shareholders. Nike reproduced this series again. so it can attract many buyers and it can extend the product life cycle. But this time. new materials. In 2007. Nike also organizes some activities to train the youth. don’t just think but do it. - Other products: Watch 6 . Nike always manufactures some old products but make some changes on the style. - The core business: Their main products are sports wears and accessories on basketball and football games. Apart from these. in 1980’s. you are an athlete”. This will be welcomed by the fans of Michael Jordan. Nike always find some sport stars to promote a new product line. Nike produced a pair of shoes called “Nike tennis Classic”. sports goods. Nike employed Michael Jordan as a spokesman of a new product line called Air Jordan. sportswear. - Satisfied customers needs: Nike promote different product such as sports shoes.

Water vessel Glasses 7 .

In 2008. the NBA market is another success to Nike because Nike monopolizes the whole NBA market. Many people will watch this football league in which the brand name of “Nike” will draw the attention of the spectators. All the team players are dressed in Nike sport wears. Nike also aims at diversifying its products.3. Developing countries are growing and they are able to buy high-valued goods. Low customer royalty. Short product life cycle. there is Beijing Olympics. O . England is one the best football leagues in the world. Such skill is not yet known to others. sportswear. W – Weakness Sole ownership of Nike: risk of bearing all loss. Meanwhile. Complaints about the adverse impact on environment. that means Nike owns the best skills and tactics to produce the running shoe. Nike used the Olympic games to promote their products since many people would enjoyed watching the Olympic games. Also Nike sponsored the English and Spanish football leagues. How can Nike lead the sports market for many years? Nike owns advantageous position in the market of sportswear as it stressed on excellent materials to protect our legs.Opportunities Nike is a clever company. it is good for environmental protection. which is Adidas. 8 . Adidas and Nike are also selling sports goods. and sports shoes.Strengths Nike has a big competitor. Nike materials nylon is 100% recycled polyester. Why do I say that? It is because Nike can find many opportunities to earn money. SWOT Analysis of the product S . In addition. such as Nike Golf and basketball. Nike keeps on developing running shoes for many years. Nike sponsored the sportsman with many player shoes. Nike is a well-known brand name. Nike took this chance of earning money. it is equipped with much international business experiences. Nike also possesses the skills of so-called “Air mix”. clothes and so on. The youth feel that sporty products are stylish and thus are willing to buy. T – Threats Complaint about employing children and low-paid staff in China.

9 . Nike make a new product line called Nike Golf. The price is higher than other products. sportswear. What is Concentrated Marketing? Concentrated Marketing is a market coverage strategy in which a firm selects one or a few smaller segments or niches for targeting its market efforts. For some consumers with high consumption. higher profits and larger market share. so consumers will believe that Nike is the best choice for basketball shoes. You can see that most of the NBA players are wearing Nike Products. Nike has a product line call Air Jordan. Target Market Nike used Differentiated Marketing and Concentrated Marketing to target their market. basketball. What is Differentiated Marketing? Differentiated Marketing aims to target several market segments or niches and design separate offers for each. Nike has a line of Nike Golf. The difference of Differentiated Marketing is that Nike do not have high cost.4. Of course consumers can choose other brands of shoes. sports shoes. Besides. It produces all about golf goods. running. even in fashionable wear. Nike also issues some fashionable wear every season. Nike gets the influential market share. Another example is shoes. this product line is only for Golf players. Golf. This product line is only for basketball players. This strategy results in potentially greater sales volume. but would result in higher costs. so Nike is operating at the mode called Economy of Scale. football. it is because Nike has many products. a company achieves a strong market position in the segments it serves because of its greater knowledge of the segments? Needs and special reputation it acquires. Nike aims to target several market segments. Nike offers a jacket called “26 degree Windrunner”. but Nike owns monopolization in the basketball market. Through this strategy. For this season.

they used to show off. Also. many products of Nike put the function of support IPod on the footwear and the clothing. Current Marketing Mix Strategy -Product Strategy Three levels Core benefit: First. And then. golf. use it into the shoes. tennis etc. This provides an insole for protect the user. -Also. Branding. the core benefit of Nike is to let customers unleash their potential energy when they are doing exercises. running.5. body soap and watches. such as football. Packaging. -Nowadays. Frank Rudy invents the technology of Air. Nike is obtaining this patent. disperse the pressure. 2) Product features -There are difference between Nike with other competitors. In addition. it uses Footbridge Stability Device and Full Grain Leather for the product of shoes. This is a unique technology in the world.  Brand extension -Nike was already get into the market of fashion. This can bring customers to a idea that you are right. Actual product: Nike is a fashionable brand nowadays. Augmented product: Nike offers some discounts to the old customers Product Attributes. We can see that the products are very reliability. Firstly. -In addition. Many people wish to collect the product. 10 . 3) Product design -Many products are designing to have a tick labeling on it. M. For example. Labeling Product Attributes: 1) Product quality -In 1979. reduce the shaking and provide comfortable. another core benefit is to let customers do exercises under a safety environment. Branding: 1) Brand Sponsorship -Licensed brand granted by BELLE 2) Brand Strategy  Line extensions -Nike develops many product lines. the technology of Air is a good certificate. Nike uses many technologies and materials to creative a product. the manufacturer use 100% recycled polyester.

Also.Multiband -Cons. It just put a tick label on the pocket or shoebox. Umbro Packaging: Nike uses a plain packing method. Labeling: The label of Nike is a tick. promotes and tell customer that they do the right thing or their products are good  11 . Cole Haan. this can bring customer to an idea that you are right and be a promotion. The uses of the tick are identify.

 Decline Stage: The profit and the sales are decreasing. the profit is going to decrease because it put many advertisements on the product.  Introduction: It starts to produce a large number and put many promotions to attract wholesaling. But. It tries to upgrade the product and put more promotion. it reduces the price since there are many competitors. 12 . Nike begins to develop this product. the product starts to sale on the market and have lower profit.  Maturity Stage: In this stage. In this period. Many new product replace the product. It put many resources to test and investigate this product.  Growth: The profit is going up to the maximum.Product life cycle Nike tennis classic  Product development: In 1980’s. Many customers buy the product. The cost is going up.

For example.199 Competition-Based Approach: Nike has using the going. it has a value of customer. The average price of basketball shoes is $599-$1. It is because it obtains the patent of this unique technology.rate pricing. The shoes of fashion are using the method. the set of air is using this approach. 13 . Therefore. The price is considered along with the other marketing mix variables. It uses the basic price on what competitors charge for their products.-Pricing Strategy Three Pricing Approaches Value-Based Approach: Nike has used the value-based approach.

Gigasports and Royal Sports House. it distributes the sport fashion of product line to some specialty stores. the Nike Sportswear Store. Retailing: 1) Ownership -Nike distributes its products to some chain stores. For example. Also.-Distribution Strategy Levels of Distribution Intensity Selective Distribution: Nike is using selective distribution strategy. 14 . Wholesaling: The wholesaling of Nike is BELLE. such as Marathon or Giga Sport. such as kwun tong. Marathon. It screens dealers to eliminate all but a few in any single area. 3) Relative Prices -There are some warehouse club in Hong Kong. The products of Nike are shopping goods. It offers a deep discount to the customers. 2) Product Line -Moreover. it has higher professional. For example.

Nike sponsors the 2008 Olympic Game. For example. which sale the product cheaper. James also is the spokesperson of Nike. Nike also sponsors the sport race. 2) Sale Promotion Nike uses many sale promotions. Nike will free of the translation fee. Nike can build up a good running image. 15 . Nike Hong Kong 10K Challenge 08 is a running race. and use their name to develop a new product line. NBA sportsman . 3) Public Relations Nike also uses the PR to build good relations with the people. When the people focus on sports and see their advertising. website. which makes many advertising about the sportsman. and magazine. This action can help Nike to build up a good sport image. for example. In this case. If the consumers buy a quota of product.Lebron James. Nike makes the advertising into the television. They believe the Olympic game can make the people to focus on sports. who will stimuli and buy Nike product.-Promotion Strategy 1) Advertising In 2008 Nike aims to the Olympic Game. They sponsor the sportsman. which attract a many running sportsmen/sportswomen to join the game. newspaper.

4) Personal Selling Nike usually uses the personal selling. the sales always promote the product to consumer. i) Push or Pull Strategy Nike is a famous international company and has higher brand equity. because they use the heavily promotion to attract the consumer. They can use the pull strategy. 16 . In the Nike shop.

The 100% recycled polyester is not easy to bread.6. which can help the new sports player to play the sports game. people focus on Nike old product. Nike will use the Considered Design – can reduce the materiel. Nowadays. The service can help the teenagers to design their image. Because of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. who use the Nike products. e. - Proposed Marketing Mix Strategy Product strategy In 2009 the fashion become force on environmental. so Nike also force on environmental. Nike will develop some training product for the new sport players. So Nike must launch more “track and field” football product to cater to 2010 World Cup. Coco-Cola and . Because of the fashion of those years are classic products. In several years. People forces on their health. to attract more peoples. 17 . They will use the 100% recycled polyester to do all the products. Nike should improve the development and technical. Nike can use strategic alliances to cooperate with some beverage companies to produce some sports drinks or food. many teenagers are force on Nike product. to make the products become more comfortable and protective. so that I think Nike must develop some health food or drink. but also the 2010 World Cup can attract the people to buy the football products. Nike can create some sports teaching DVD. Not only the 2008 Olympic Games can attract the new sport players. Nike will throw. Nike can also help the customers to change the color of their product.g. I think many teenagers will buy the classic products. people feel interested in the sport game. Nike may provide the classic products in 2009. so I think Nike can provide the fashion designer service. The teenager hope to be the special one. So that in 2009 Nike will force on this group of this people. and also can recycling when customers throw it.

Nike need to addition the selling price. Because of the strange of Nike is the quality. which can provide a lager capital to keep the quality and development. which has a fixed market share. because Nike can keep the good quality in a range.- Pricing strategy In customer views. Nike should higher price than other sportswear company. no people will buy their product on high price. Nike should keep their marketing objective to product-quality leadership. Because of the cost of development and keep the quality is very high. In my opinion. If Nike does not keep the quality. 18 . Nike must keep the product quality and addition the selling price. So people will to use more money to buy Nike products. In company views. But Nike must watch out the other competitor to ‘steal’ their market share.

19 . Russia and Brazil market grow. So people will use the e-shop to buy the products. but also focused on Russia and Brazil. Because in 2008 Nike saw the market in China.S and China. I think Nike will build the e-shop of Hong Kong. Because the internet become safe and the customers will see the product of e-shop is cheaper than the shop. International In 2009 Nike not only focused on U.- Distribution strategy Hong Kong In 2009.

20 . Because of the environmental pretention policy. Nike also can create some sports teaching TV programs. Also.- Promotion strategy Because of the next year products. They can use the internet to promote their products. Nike should sponsor more football teams and football stars. If they need to use paper. which can attract more new sports players to watch the programs. Nike should create more advertisement about training products and football products. they can use the reusing papers to print the advertising. For example. Nike should increase more difference media of advertisement and increase broadcast numbers. they can make banner ads into the Xanga web site – is a famous wed site of teenagers. Nike should not use many papers to promote their products.

Nike can catch the chance. Secondly. Nike holds on it’s vision.Conclusion As a result. 21 . Firstly. Nike tries the best on improving materials. for example the Beijing Olympic Games and NBA market. technologies and quality. In addition. we find that Nike is the leader of sports market.

“Training”. “Running Shoes” Name: Air Zoom Elite +4 Price: $762 Name: Air Zoom Structure Triax +11 Price: $749 Name: Air Citius MSL Price: $549 Name: Air Zoom Kyotee II Price: $669 22 .7. “Football”. They are “Running”. “Woman”. Appendices Product & Price Nike has different lines of products. “Basketball”. which are specifically designed for different kinds of sports or users.

Name: Air Pegasus +25 Price: $659 Name: Air Max Enzo V AP Price: $699 Name: Air Max Turbulence+(13) Price: $659 Name: Nike Shox Experien Price: $1049 Name: Zoom Victory+ Price: $799 23 .

Name: Air Max Moto +6 Price: $699 Name: Air Max Assail III AP Price: $599 “Basketball Shoes” Name: Flight Dunk Hoop Price: $699 Name: Nike Shox Gamer Price: $899 Name: Air Penny II LE Price: $1099 24 .

Name: Air Force 25 Low Price: $699 Name: Air Infiltrator AP Price: $599 Name: Nike Blue Chip X Price: $649 Name: Zoom LeBron VI Price: $1199 Name: Nike Hyperdunk Supreme Price: $989 25 .

Name: Zoom LeBron James Ambassador Price: $699 Name: Nike Air Team Trust II SL Price: $599 Name: Air Zoom Uptempo V AP Price: $899 “Football Shoes” Name: Nike Marquis FG Price: $399 Name: Nike Marquis IC Price: $319 Name: Jr Nike Marquis IC AF AP Price: $239 26 .

Name: Total90 Laser II FG Price: $1199 Name: Jr Total90 Shoot II IC Price: $259 Name: Total90 Shoot II TF Price: $379 Name: Total90 Laser II K-FG Price: $1199 Name: Jr Nike Tiempo Natural II IC Price: $259 27 .

Name: Tiempo Super Ligera K-HE Price: $1199 Name: Jr Nike Tiempo Natural II FG Price: $299 Name: Mercurial Vapor IV FG E8 Price: $1699 Name: Nike Air Legend II FG E8 Price: $1399 “Training Shoes” Name: Tiantan Court Price: $439 28 .

0.3 Price: $699 Name: Air Affect II Leather Price: $499 Name: Air Zoom Explosion Road 2 Price: $549 29 .Name: Air Zoom Vapor V Price: $819 Name: Air Max Adrenaline Price: $659 Name: Nike Air EPS TR Price: $649 Name: Nike Free Trainer 7.

Name: Nike Air Troupe Mid Price: $649 Name: Nike Air Troupe Low Price: $599 Name: Nike Air Butrfli 2 Lo Lea Price: $499 Name: Air Max 90 Cardio AP Price: $659 Name: Nike Zoom Trnr Essntl GRP Price: $569 “Women Shoes” 30 .

Name: Air Max Adrenaline Price: $659 Name: Greco Mid U Price: $599 Name: Air Max 1 ND Price: $799 Name: Air Kapelle Price: $549 Name: Blazer Mid Premium ND Price: $799 Name: Nike Track Racer Price: $649 31 .

Name: Air Rejuven8 Mule Price: $449 Name: Air Boom Price: $659 Name: Air Leigh Price: $549 Name: Multicourt 8 Price: $399 Name: Nike Zoom Limitless + Price: $699 Name: Nike Star Classic AP Price: $549 32 .

Name: Tennis Classic SI Price: $479 33 .

418 Kwun Tong Road. 42 Granville Road. Nike Silvercord Shop G04-05. Ma On Shan. Gigasports Shop 1044-45. Tseung Kwan O. Kowloon. H. Causeway Bay. 1/F. 555 Hennessy Road.T. Sportshouse Shop 538-539. 2/F. 3/F. Tsim Sha Tsui. Tsim Sha Tsui. Harbour City.K. G/F.Place Nike Central Shop 38-40. 339 Shui Hang Mei Street. The Gateway. Marathon Sports Shop 2118. Apex G/F. 7 Pak Sha Road. Nike Sogo Shop 402. APM. 67 Fa Yuen Street. Macau. 2/F. 2/F. Times Square.K. N. H. 4/F. Sunshine City. Causeway Bay. 30 Canton Road. Causeway Bay. Kowloon. Nike Gateway Shop 2612. Mong Kok. Kowloon. New Youth Shop 129. 34 . Tseung Kwan O. N. Royal Sporting House Shop 602. Millennium City 5. Metro City plaza 2. Sportshouse Shop 9. Manning House. Kowloon Bay. Sportshouse Shop 3209. 68 Chung On Street. Tsim Sha Tsui. Nike Basketball (Wan Kee) G/F. 68 Fa Yuen Street. Tsuen Wan. New Youth Shop G13. New Town Plaza Phase 1. N Sports G/F. Telford Plaza.K Nike Sportswear Store G/F.T. New Youth G/F. N. Kowloon. Sha Tin. 38-40 Queen’s Road Central. East Point City. Central. Mong Kok. Kowloon. City Landmark I.T. Sogo Department Store. Kowloon. Tuen Mun Town Plaza. New Youth Shop 9-10 & 73-74. H. 1/F.

Tai Po Mega Mall. Argyle Street. H. 61-65 Chatham Road South. Wan Kee Shop 2-08. Level 1. Kowloon Sportshouse Shop 18. APM. Mong Kok. Tsim Sha Tsui. Mong Kok.Sportshouse Shop 276. Sogo Department Store. 38 Wang Chiu Road. Castle Peak Road–Yuen Long. 7/F. Whampoa Garden. Grand Century Place. 418 Kwun Tong Road. Mong Kok. New Town Plaza Phase 1. United Success Commercial Centre. Tsim Sha Tsui. Wan Kee 114. Kwun Tong.T. 8/F.K. 3/F. Toronto 1/F. 2/F. Catalog Shop 2111-2112. 8five2 Room 3. Catalog Shop L1-12. Kowloon. Mong Kok. 76A Fa Yuen Street. Sha Tin. Toronto Shop 118. Causeway Bay. Kowloon. 35 . Site 2. G/F. Yuen Long. Kowloon. 80A Nelson Street. Kowloon. Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon Bay Sport Corners Shop 387-8. N. Kwai Fong. Hung Hom. Sportshouse Shop 18A. Harbour City. Zone B. Toronto Shop A1. 2/F. Gigasports Shop 1. Millennium City 5. Langham Place. Catalog Shop 372. Kowloon. Grand Century Place. 76A Fa Yuen Street. Mong Kok. Toronto G/F. 12 Salisbury Road. G/F. 506-508 Jaffe Road. Mong Kok. Megabox. N. 3/F. Kowloon. Catalog Shop 513. Metroplaza. Fashion World. Kowloon. 78 Fa Yuen Street. Mong Kok.T. Kowloon Toronto Shop 06-07. Kowloon Toronto G/F.

New Town Plaza.K. 311 Gloucester Road. Catalog Shop 129 & 132. Catalog Shop 560. Maritime Square. Tseung Kwan O. 2/F.Catalog Shop 607-608. Festival Walk. CPU Shop 529-530.T. Basement. Silvercord Centre. G/F. Causeway Bay CPU 36 . Zone C. Telford Plaza. Yuen Long Plaza. N. Sha Tin. Windsor House. Kowloon Bay Catalog Shop 312-315. Langham Place. Tsim Sha Tsui. East Point City. Level 6. Kowloon. Tai Po Mega Mall. 5/F. Mong Kok. N. 61-65 Chatham Road South. G/F. Tsim Sha Tsui. Catalog Shop 405. 30 Canton Road. Kowloon Tong.T. CityPlaza 1. Kwai Fong. Metropolis Plaza. 4/F. 2/F. 1/F. 60A. CPU Shop A. 1/F. Catalog Shop 021-023. Tsing Yi Catalog Shop 3213. Catalog Shop 157. NT. Catalog Shop 214. N. New Jade Garden Shopping Arcade. Catalog Shop 151-152A. CPU Shop 19. Catalog Shop G12. Causeway Bay Catalog Shop 29. Tuen Mun Town Plaza. 60. Metroplaza. Tsim Sha Tsui. 3/F. G/F. G/F. Kowloon. Times Square. CPU Shop G23-25. H. CPU Shop 58.T. 58A. Sheung Shui. 60 Granville Road. G/F. Chai Wan Catalog Shop 03-05.

Evergreen 9/f. Tuen Mun Town Plaza. 30 Canton Road. Causeway Bay. Silvercord Centre. Lippo Sun Plaza. 2/F. D-mop Shop 301.K. 8 Argyle Street. D-mop Shop UC21. double-park Shop 12-15. 4/F. double-park Shop 631. Dahood G/F. Langham Place. D-mop Shop 411. 418 Kwun Tong Road. Dahood Shop 06. Tsim Sha Tsui. Tsim Sha Tsui. Mong Kok. Tak Sing Alliance Building. double-park Shop 1090. N. Double Park Shop 37. Basement 1. Level 5. 1 Tuen Shun Street. 39-42. 8 Argyle Street.K. Silvercord Centre. 73-75 Chatham Road South. Dahood G/F. Mong Kok. Sha Tin. Mong Kok. D-mop Shop 9. Fingercroxx 37 . Millennium City 5. 60 Fa Yuen Street. 1 Matheson Street. Times Square. Causeway Bay. Kowloon. Fingercroxx Shop 29. double-park Shop 360. Mong Kok. Causeway Bay. Level 5. Kowloon. 1 Matheson Street. H. Times Square. Grand Century Place. Kowloon. Kowloon. 115 Chatham Road South. 1/F. H. double-park Shop 3210-3211. 28 Canton Road. Kowloon. Tuen Mun.67A Shantung Street. Tseung Kwan O. Langham Place.T. New Town Plaza. Causeway Bay D-mop Shop B03. Silvercord Cetnre. Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon. Mong Kok. Tsim Sha Tsui. Basement 1. Tsim Sha Tsui. 30 Canton Road. Metro City plaza 2. Capital Commercial Building. Exit Basement. D-mop Shop B. 8 Kingston Street. Tsim Sha Tsui. 26 Leighton Road.

New Town Plaza. Silvercord Centre. 6-10 Cleveland Street. Queensway.t Shop 10-19. 132 Nathan Road. Millennium City 5. Lane Crawford Pacific Place. 30 Canton Road. Mong Kok.Shop UC-15.t 2/F. J-01 Shop 18B-19. Miramar Shopping Arcade. Yuen Long. Kowloon. New Youth 38 . Miramar Shopping Arcade. i.t Shop 412. Lane Crawford Level 3. 26 Sai Yeung Choi Street. In’s Square.K. Causeway Bay. Mong Kok. Mong Kok. Tsim Sha Tsui. 2/F. Level 3. MVP Plus Shop 391-392. i. J-01 Shop B. Mong Kok. Tsim Sha Tsui. APM. Kwun Tong. G/F. IFC. Argyle Street. 17.T i. Level 3. Kowloon. Lane Crawford 3 Canton Road. N.t Shop 1030. Central. Yuen Long Plaza. Millennium City 5.t Shop C-2 & C-16. Sha Tin. i. Causeway Bay. i. 57 Paterson Street. Fingercroxx Shop 201-211. H. 19. 418 Kwun Tong Road. Tsim Sha Tsui. Causeway Bay. G/F. 2/F. 53 Paterson Street. Langham Place.t G/F.t Shop 27. Kowloon. Kowloon. Juice Shop A. 418 Kwun Tong Road. i. Grand Century Place. MVP Plus 37 Sai Yee Street. Tsim Sha Tsui. i.

Tsim Sha Tsui. Wan Kee G/F. Metropolis Plaza. Mong Kok. 20 Nathan Road. Tseung Kwan O.T.T. Tseung Kwan O. 1/F. 1/F. New Youth Shop 1033-1035A. N. Causeway Bay. 17 Nelson Street. Level 2. Tsim Sha Tsui. Tseung Kwan O. Kowloon. 39 . Sportshouse Shop 1007-8. Gigasports Shop OT244-247. 1/F. Sheraton Hotel Shopping Mall. Sha Tin. 17-21 Nathan Road. Sha Tin. Gigasports Shop 352-353. 84 Fa Yuen Street. New Town Plaza. Site 2. Seibu Kowloon Hotel. Kowloon. Metro City plaza 2. Kowloon Bay.G/F. Kowloon. Metro City plaza 2. Citylink Plaza. Metro City plaza 2. Gigasports Shop B14-15. Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon. N. Kowloon. 8-8A Nelson Street. Basement. Gigasports Shop 1046-47.T. Sheung Shui. Whampoa Garden. Hung Hom. Pacific Place 2. Basement. 1047A. Gigasports Shop B01-03. 8 Yan King Road. 2/F. Gigasports Shop 124. Toronto G/F. Telford Plaza. New Youth G/F. Fashion World. Sportshouse Shop 220-222. Mong Kok. Sportshouse Shop 26-27. 13 Lee Garden Road. Sportshouse Shop 529-530. Ocean Terminal. N. Mong Kok. Queensway.

It can record time and running speed. it really care about what customer needs and always try the best to enhance the customer’s satisfactions. Nike + is a timekeeper which is connected to the specific shoes. 40 . Nike + is a good example. calculate calories burnt. Thus each of them can take a bigger step towards a healthier life. but also a new technology. Nike takes an “outside-in” perspective. Nike is not only a shop which sells shoes or clothes. Nike has found some experts to produce a video which teach buyers how to use Nike +. It makes running more fun since then and helps individuals to build a habit of running.The improvement of Nike Nowadays.

A smarter pattern design allowed for a cutting efficiency of 70 percent on the upper. substantially reducing waste. This new evolution is Nike Considered Design. sportswear and basketball. eliminating the need for excessive overlays. embellishments and backing materials. with a high recycled content. A Nike Considered Design Product . the Nike Huarache 09. The Huarache basketball line will be a Nike Considered Design product in its 2009 version.Save the environment Earlier December 2008 in New York.Nike Huarache 09 41 . The stitching details and embroidery create structural support. running. women’s training. For Spring 2009 Nike Considered Design will be featured in all six of Nike key categories including ACG. Nike introduced the next evolution in their goal to lessen their environmental impact. The sneaker uses Environmentally Preferred Materials (EPMs). tennis. wherever possible. men’s training. soccer. which will combine sustainability principles with the newest innovations for sport.

asp? 3652=419432&E_Page=416317&3648=417811&case=417829 R&D Nike 2009 design Nike Official Site story_id=117277503832682800 Nike product test http://www.nikebiz.jsp? sitesrc=USLP&country=US&lang_locale=en_US ~The End~ 42 .afrbiz.Information Provided by: 2008 Nike annual report http://www.