Haptics ‘Touch the virtual’

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‘Haptics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘haptikos’ which means-”being able to come into contact with” THE SCIENCE OF TOUCH



Virtual Reality
• Virtual reality is a form of humancomputer interaction providing a virtual environment that one can explore through direct interaction with our senses. • It’s a mere imitation of the real world. • BUT IS IT COMPLETE???
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How important is our sense of touch? 4/29/2012 4 .The real world Our primary interface with the real world is our haptic sense (sense of touch).

In order to complete the imitation of the real world one should be able to interact with the environment and get a feedback. This feedback is called Haptic Feedback. 4/29/2012 5 . User should be able to touch the virtual object and feel a response from it.

but extended to "being in touch" with remote or virtual surroundings 4/29/2012 6 . A haptic device gives people a sense of touch with computer-generated environments. Understanding and enabling a compelling experience of Presence not limited to "being there". so that when virtual objects are touched. is the technology of adding the sensation of touch and feeling to computers. they seem real and tangible.Basic idea Haptics.

The Technology Haptics is implemented through different type of interactions with a haptic device communicating with the computer. These interactions can be categorized into the different types of touch sensations a user can receive:  Tactile feedback  Force feedback 4/29/2012 7 .

It allows the user to feel things such as the texture of surfaces.Tactile feedback Refers to the sensations felt by the skin. temperature and vibration. 4/29/2012 8 .

E. the weight of virtual objects.Force feedback It reproduces the directional forces that can result from solid boundaries.g. etc. 4/29/2012 9 . inertia.

Data transfer • Virtual Reality Modeling language (VRML) • Tells the interface how much force the haptic device should return when it is touched. 4/29/2012 10 .

How it works? 4/29/2012 11 .

4/29/2012 12 .Haptic devices It allows users to touch. feel and manipulate 3-D objects in virtual environments.

How are Haptic devices different? • Common interface devices like mouse and joystick are only input devices. 4/29/2012 13 . No feedback. • Haptic devices are input-output devices.

THE NOVINT FALCON 4/29/2012 14 .

THE NOVINT FALCON The Novint Falcon is the first haptic interface device to bring 3D touch. And updates currents to motors in the device to create an appropriate force to the device’s handle. As the Novint Falcon is moved. which the user feels. 4/29/2012 15 . the computer keeps track of a 3D cursor. the computer registers contact with that object. When the 3D cursor touches a virtual object.

their large size and immobile nature allow for the generation of large and varied force information.Exoskeletons large and immobile systems that the user must attach him or herself to. 4/29/2012 16 .

Gloves and wearable devices The user can move naturally without being weighed down by a large exoskeleton or immobile device E.g.Hand Master 4/29/2012 17 .

Working 4/29/2012 18 .

Phantom device 4/29/2012 19 .

kinematic.It works by monitoring the position of a users fingertip or hand through optical encoders attached to the device The geometric. material. 4/29/2012 20 . and dynamic properties of the world we wish to represent can be modeled and stored.

4/29/2012 21 .Locomotion interface and full body force feedback In a confined space. simulate unrestrained human mobility such as walking and running for virtual reality.

Using this we can feel different surfaces and slipping sensations can be produced. 4/29/2012 22 .Tactile displays Tactile feedback tells us the texture of the surfaces.

Applications Virtual reality Virtual surgery Tele-presence Human assistive devices Games & many more… Surgery Tele-presence Slide 23 4/29/2012 23 .

Surgery 4/29/2012 24 .

Tele-presence 4/29/2012 25 .

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Large potential for applications in critical fields as well as for leisurely pleasures. 4/29/2012 27 . simpler and easier to use. Haptic devices must be miniaturized so that they are lighter.Conclusion The next important step towards realistically simulated environments that have been envisioned by science fiction authors and futurists alike.

globalhaptics.com www.Reference www.com www.com www.worldhaptics.immersion.sarcos.gov www.com www.com 4/29/2012 28 .sensable.nasa.

QUESTIONS??? 4/29/2012 29 .

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