20 Shocking Things You Must Know About NUTRILITE™

Rodney Smith Amway IBO 5/9/2010

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How will phytonutrients improve my health? Phytonutrients support and improve health by balancing and protecting the cells and normal function of the body. They help tune up our body to function better. Phytonutrients are not the same thing as vitamins and minerals. (Read more here). cardiovascular function. You can think of phytonutrients as nutritional exercise.What are phytonutrients? Phytonutrients are substances derived from plants that have beneficial effects on human health. Many are powerful antioxidants that protect cells from the damage that can lead to premature aging and disease Phytonutrients can also help support a healthy immune system. vision health and normal growth and development. although fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients. (Read more here) How long have NUTRILITE™ products been around? Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 3 . and to more effectively relieve stress.

where fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful. where he noticed that people in farming communities. This initial work became the basis for the first multivitamin/multimineral supplement in North America. watercress. he developed a way to dry plants such as alfalfa. and fat. We use both sources because. Carl noted that there was more disease. Carl began pioneering research in plant-based nutrition.S.. In the cities. In 1934. salt. without synthetic vitamins. the total product demand makes it impossible to produce and manufacture all of the ingredients and quantities required. When he returned to the U. were much healthier. In these cases. where diets included more sugar. such as scurvy and beriberi. while preserving their important nutrients.NUTRILITE™ founder Carl Rehnborg lived in China in the early 1920s. (Read more here) Are all the ingredients in NUTRILITE™ products grown at your own farms? While we strive to grow as many of the plants that go into our concentrates as we can. and parsley. (Read more here) Are synthetic vitamins ever used in NUTRILITE™ products? Some NUTRILITE™ supplements contain vitamins from both natural and synthetic sources. Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 4 . Our stringent Supplier Certification Program ensures that any crops grown by others on our behalf meet our strict GMP standards. some of our supplements would not supply the optimum nutrient levels. This cemented the idea for Carl that the foods people eat have great impact on their overall health.

the perfect balance and sponsored athletes. (Read more here) With all the multivitamin/mineral products available. the phytonutrient spectrum. a. c. Check the Nutrients section of the website for valuable information about important nutrients which may be missing in your diet.delivering enough nutrients without synthetic vitamins would require tablets that would be far too large for human consumption. why should I choose NUTRILITE™? No two people need the same health enrichment program. You can also view the NUTRILITE™ Experience for more detailed information products. b. So some products are formulated with a combination of synthetic vitamins and plant concentrates to deliver the important phytonutrients along with the nutritional levels that are consistent with leading science. This website gives you important nutrition information and supplementation products for your individual needs. A visit to the Products section provides suggestions of specific NUTRILITE™ products which may help you achieve better balance in your nutrition. A personalized health program should take into account your specific nutrition and wellness needs. (Read more here) What quality tests are performed on NUTRILITE™ products? Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 5 .

minerals and other nutrients. e. Raw Material Testing ensures the raw materials are the right quality to make the tablets. (Read more here. Seven different types of tests are performed to ensure quality: a. Stability Testing checks the shelf-life of the tablets. c. A multivitamin/multimineral product can help ensure that children get the nutrients they need. Micro Limit Testing checks plate counts and the absence of pathogens. protein and carbohydrates. Disintegration Testing ensures the tablets disintegrate in 30 minutes or less. d. More information here) Why is it important for my children to have a daily multivitamin/mineral product? Children often do not eat enough of the recommended nutrients in their daily diet.000 tests a month on our products. b. fiber. Macro-Nutrient Testing checks for the amounts of fat. g.Quality experts for the NUTRILITE™ brand perform over 15. f. Dissolution Testing checks for the ability of a nutrient to go into a solution. (Read more here) Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 6 . Micro-Nutrient Testing ensures label claims for all vitamins.

Supplements can help fill in those nutritional gaps. and how to place an order for NUTRILITE™ products. You may also contact us or go directly to our website. you may be missing important vitamins and minerals. How long are NUTRILITE™ products on storage shelves before being packaged and shipped? Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 7 . The same high quality products produced by NUTRILITE™ are sold under the NUTRIWAY™ brand in certain countries. Learn more about the products available in your location. especially those that the body does not store. (Read more here) How can I buy NUTRILITE™ products from Amway™? NUTRILITE™ products are sold exclusively by Amway Independent Business Owners in over 55 countries around the world.If I eat a balanced diet. do I still need nutritional supplements? Even with a healthy diet.

Simple carbohydrates – such as sugars. it looks for carbohydrates first. fish. candy. Protein comes from meat. and soda – give you instant energy and typically have no nutritional value. eggs. tablets are stored in the warehouse for less than one week before they are packaged and shipped to more than 40 different countries.On average. as discovered through DNA testing for a predisposition to certain diseases and conditions. The body uses protein to build new cells. cereals. Complex carbohydrates – such as whole grains. protein. blood clotting. maintain tissues and break down new proteins – making it possible for you to perform basic daily body functions. and fats perform? When your body needs energy. and soy. Fats aid in energy production. and the Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 8 . cell building. (Read more here) What function do carbohydrates. (Read more here) What are NUTRILITE™ nutrigenomic supplements? Nutrigenomic supplements are personalized nutrition recommendations designed for certain genotypes. and legumes – release energy slowly and often contain fiber. poultry. legumes. cheese. oxygen transport.

In particular. the saturated fats should be limited because of health concerns. Saturated fats are derived from animal products – butter. Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 9 . Fiber has many health benefits: It keeps the digestive system healthy. Why are water and fiber important in my diet? Water is needed to regulate body temperature and to help nutrients travel to all our organs. cheese. Water also transports oxygen to our cells. and protects our joints and organs. and fatty meats. such as butter. and may reduce constipation and other digestive problems. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat? Unsaturated fats are derived from plants – safflower and sunflower oils. stabilizes blood glucose levels by slowing down digestion in the stomach and intestines. removes waste. and fatty meats. so they must be limited. polyunsaturated – from safflower. cream. and avocados. and avocados. Fats can be saturated – from animal products. cream. All fats are high in calories. and soybean oils. sunflower. corn. olive and canola oils.production of extremely active hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. or monounsaturated – from olive and canola oils.

and Brazil. with over 6.400 acres in California. and by incorporating healthy habits and balance in everything you do. How many people work on NUTRILITE™ farms? Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 10 . Mexico. Optimal health means adapting known inherited health risks and your current lifestyle to make the personal choices necessary to live your life as healthy as possible. engaging in exercise and rest.What can I do to achieve optimal health? Optimal health does not mean perfect health. Where are NUTRILITE™ farms located? Our farming operations are multinational. Washington State. Optimal health compels you to choose every day to be your best – by selecting the right foods and supplements.

and practical. personalized solutions. with temporary staff added to meet the fluctuating demands of manufacturing. is a worldwide collaboration of experts who are dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health – through research. Our Agricultural Research Farm in Lakeview has 134 full-time staff. Michigan. we employ 21 full-time and 70 seasonal staff. education. plus an additional seasonal crew of approximately 20 people. In Washington State. plus an additional 53 people in the manufacturing area. (Read more here) Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 11 . based in Buena Park. More than 100 scientists work on behalf of NUTRILITE™ products in Buena Park and Lakeview.In Buena Park. Our Mexican farm employs approximately 16 people full-time. Our Brazilian farm employs 32 full-time people. California and in Ada. What is the NHI and how many scientists work there? The Nutrilite Health Institute (NHI). we have approximately 540 employees. California USA.

click here.How can I become a distributor of NUTRILITE™ Products? NUTRILITE™ products by Amway™ Independent Business Owners. For information on how to become an Independent Business Owner. Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 12 .

I want to share that experience with you. We’ve always worked together since we first met. And be kind. full of great and lasting memories with my wife. I NEED to become healthier. suggestions or food for thought. So I’m committed to making this journey a way of life. I am happily married to my lovely wife Valerie (soon approaching 4 years in September. not just a fad. My name is Rodney Smith. Due to some medical issues. I want to share a full and exciting life.SPECIAL OFFER: Place an order for NUTRILITE™ and other products and receive FREE shipping on orders of $75 or more. including Dr. After doing research on Amway and NUTRILITE™. Chet Zelasko. So. please let me know. We’ve had the opportunity as well to meet with many experts. I not only WANT to become healthier. if you have any questions. we decided to join. this is my first eBook. Look at what Amway™ and NUTRILITE™ have done and accomplished: Product Innovation Making a Positive Difference Disaster Relief Accreditation Products (#1 online health and beauty brand 6 years in a row) About Us and Our Company: Hi everyone. Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 13 . We have been around NUTRILITE™ for a while now (a few years).

Sincerely. When I need to take these. Again.com/val-and-rod-smith Rodney Smith Rodney Smith www. There is also a Sports Nutrition Product Recommendations PDF that also recommends the right product based on your activity level. For those days when I am so exhausted from a late night or just not enough sleep. When I started taking Double X™. In my humble opinion.com MrRodoSmith@aol. I noticed an immediate change. Thank you for time. Contact me for any questions. but it works. helpful. I look forward to sharing more helpful information with you.aspx Copyright © 2010 – Rodney Smith Page 14 . Double X™ definitely is a great all around vitamin & supplement. If you need weight management products or sports nutrition. Although I’m not a dietician or nutritionist. The guesswork is taken out of what you should take thanks to the label icon key. from 18 . I really prefer Rhodiola.amway. And I began to understand why NUTRILITE™ went through such great lengths to provide a high quality product.com/default. The NUTRILITE™ product line addresses many issues for a multitude of people ranging from general health to professional athletes. etc.80. yeast. I noticed considerable difference in my level of energy and ability not to be as susceptible to catching colds. these are my own personal experiences. soy. NUTRILITE™ is there. I hope you’ve found this ebook to be informative and most of all. I began to understand why our bodies began to react in a certain way when they had or didn’t have certain minerals. heart flutters. Contact Info: Email: Rodney@wealthofhelpguide.). I did begin to have a better understanding of what vitamins and nutrients our body needs. I have NO problems with staying awake. Once I began taking some of these supplements.We’ve been exposed to NUTRILITE™ products for a number of years.com Web Sites: www. it is the best supplement around to give you a burst of energy and an increase in your awareness without some of those “bad” ingredients or “extra” fillers like milk. and it is in accordance with Kosher/Halal regulations. NUTRILITE™ has a solution. being more alert and no side effects (crashes.wealthofhelpguide.If you’re looking to maintain a good cholesterol level or block carbs.

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