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Manage, Click, Learn! 2010
Your indispensable guide to this year’s 100 best learning sites on the Net

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Manage, Click, Learn! 2010

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Get the MTL Experience!

Manage, Click, Learn! 2010

Introduction Hi! The idea behind this ebook is to give you a quick and easy entry to the wealth of FREE business learning material that‟s available in the year 2010 on this amazing phenomenon we call the Internet. I‟ve selected what I consider to be the best 100 sites on the Internet today for management and personal development, based on one simple criterion: the quality and quantity of FREE material they offer. The material you‟ll discover ranges from something as simple as a personality questionnaire, to something as detailed as a 383page book -full of ideas and advice. If you‟re a manager, trainer, or learner, and you‟re interested in developing your own skills, or those of your team, this book is like falling headfirst into an Aladdin‟s cave. At a rough count, I reckon there‟s over 1000 hours of training and development here. All waiting for you to explore and use. And the great thing is, it‟s all FREE! Of course, my problem has been not on what to include (that was relatively easy) but what to leave out. So, here‟s how you can help. If you know of a great management, training, or learning site that I‟ve missed out, just email me and let me know at my address below. Who knows, together we could produce a 1000-resource book. Now that would be something! Best wishes and good reading, Eric Garner ManageTrainLearn Page 3 of 107 Get the MTL Experience!

DWM Beancounter 31 Easy Training 32 Empowering Messages Entrepreneur 34 Evan Carmichael 35 Everyone Negotiates 36 11. 24 19. 37. 21. 27. 17. Aimm Consulting 13 8. 26. Be a Better Manager 16 18. 35. 33. Accel-Team 11 6. Action Leadership 12 7. 34. 18 Better Workplace Now 13. Customer Service Training 29 24. Big Dog and Little Dog's Bowl of Biscuits 19 14. 1000Ventures 7 2. 29. Accelerated Learning 10 5. 30. Learn! 2010 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Table of Contents 4 1. Business Simplification Changing Minds 25 Citehr 26 Coaching2grow 27 22.Manage. 12Manage 8 3. Customer Service Manager 28 23. Executive Planet 38 Ezine Articles 39 Fast Company 40 Fenman 41 First Steps Training 42 Games2Train 43 www. 33 28. 16. A Better Workplace 9 4. Page 4 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Body Language Expert Brain Connection 21 Business Balls 22 Business Marketing 23 31. 20. 36. Executive Coaching Studio 37 32.managetrainlearn. Basic Learning Systems Inc 17 12. 20 15. Discovery Health Channel 30 25. All Business 14 9. Anecdotage 15 10.

63. 64 59. 54 49. 45 40. 52. 61. 69. 41. Institute of Silly and Meaningless Sayings 50 45. Leadership Now 51 Leadership Tools 52 Leader-Values 53 Lessons in Lifemanship Management Help 55 Manager Wise 56 ManageTrainLearn 57 Marshall House 58 Mind Power System 59 Mind Tools 60 MIT OpenCourseware 61 mp3motivators 62 57. 47. 47 42. 79. 68.Manage. 54. 77. 71 66. 39. 70 65. 73. Learn! 2010 38. Page 5 of 107 . 46. Click. 76. Human Resources About… 49 44. National School Board Association 63 www. 83 Self Growth 84 Targeted Learning 85 Get the MTL Experience! 43. Negotiation Enterprises Negotiator Magazine 65 New Conversations 66 Office Diversions 67 Patricia Fripp 68 People Alchemy 69 Penn State Psychology Personal Development Philip Humbert 72 Positive Club 73 Presentation Helper 74 Proven Models 75 Robin Sharma 76 Roger Dawson 77 Ron Kaufman 78 Salad Ltd 79 Silicon Beach Training 80 Skills Converged 81 Stressbusting 82 Success. 48. 53. 74. My Name Is Scott Human Links 48 58. 51. 70.managetrainlearn. 64. Get More Done 44 Harvard Business School Harvey Mackay 46 Hello. 55. 71. 56. 78. 50. 75. 60. 72.

Vark Learning Styles 101 Wilderdom 102 Workforce Online 103 Work Worries 104 Xage Consultancy 105 Zig Ziglar 106 www. 88. 92. 93. Learn! 2010 80. 91. 96. 81. Test Café 86 The Change Agent 87 The Leadership Hub 88 83. 92 87.managetrainlearn. The Improvement Encyclopedia 89 84. 82. 90. 100. Page 6 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . 89. 86. 85.Manage. 98. The Logic of Success 90 The Manager 91 The Workplace Doctors Thiagi 93 Thinking Managers 94 Tickled By Life 95 Tom Antion 96 Tom Peters 97 Trainerbubble 98 Trans4Mind 99 94. 99. Value-Based Management 100 95. 97.

Manage. It links to two of his other sites at www. there‟s so much that it‟s the sort of site you reserve for a rainy Sunday afternoon when there‟s not much else to do. In and www. 1000Ventures New Wonder of the World What a great way to start this compilation! This site is the brainchild of Vadim Kotelnikov who describes his Ten3 Business E-Coaching site as “the world‟s number 1 inspirational business e-coaching resource”. The first impression you get of each site is the bright primary colours of the different models and the huge amount of fascinating information packed in.success360. It reminded me of an interactive mind map.managetrainlearn. And lots of fascinating original stuff Don‟t ask me what‟s here because the answer www. I was particularly attracted to models called “The Jazz of Innovation” and “The Tao of Business Success”. It‟s sure to brighten up your Email Address: headoffice@1000ventures. Brilliant! Summary of Free Resources:  Colourful and original models of management  Series of colourful hyper-slides  Original Page 7 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Everything. connections and advice Site Home Address: http://www.1000ventures. Click. Learn! 2010 1.

Manage. models and theory.12manage. This site is a formidable resource. 12Manage Rigour and Relevance I ferreted about on this site for quite a while trying to work out why it was called “12Manage”. a list of courses being run (to which you can add your own). In addition to the dictionary. Learn! 2010 Page 8 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . At first. there‟s also a management news section giving links to all the latest management Email Address: info@12manage.managetrainlearn. These hubs are 12 management disciplines ranging from change through human resources and leadership to supply change and quality. Site Home Address: http://www. and a forum. I thought it was because you can translate any page into any one of 12 languages (including Arabic. Only after more wandering around did I realize that in fact it‟s due to the 12 hubs around which the site is built. At its core is an A to Z dictionary of management methods. Click. When I last looked there were over 1500 easy-to-access entries. Japanese. Since you can add your own entries to the dictionary. It‟s like an internet in an internet just for managers. Summary of Free Resources:  an A to Z dictionary of 1500 management terms  forum  news links. the chances are the number is much higher by now. and Korean). Chinese.

and www. (my pick of which is the phrase: “That is so not going to happen”). and “Measuring the Mirth”. there‟s a 13-part series on leadership with sections such as “Knowing when to get out of the way”. colourful. It‟s not fancy. or trendy.html to the site address)  massive list of resource references. Daniel lists the things you shouldn‟t say at work. Then there are toolkit. “Nature‟s Leadership Lessons”.html. senseless acts of immaturity (eg “Skip rather than walk”). but it is full of great content for anyone interested in making their workplace a better place. Page 9 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .managetrainlearn.abetterworkplace. tips. Who said that work should be too serious anyway? Summary of Free Resources:  forum on workplace issues  e-letters and archive  huge selection of articles  self-evaluations  laugh-at-work features (add dontsayit.Manage. A Better Workplace Making Workplaces Work Better I love this website which is the brainchild of Daniel Email: info@abetterworkplace. Where to start? Well. But what makes me pop back to this site regularly is its irreverent series of Laugh At Work features. and Ways not to describe your boss (eg “The elevator is on the ground floor and he‟s pushing the down button”). Site Home Address: http://www. and tools sections. Click. Learn! 2010 3.

Inter-personal. Click. There are 35 questions in the test which is very well-designed and shows the effect of your answers as you proceed.Manage. Mathematical. Learn! 2010 4. It‟ll introduce you to the concept of Accelerated Learning for both adults and children and offers a free Personal Learning Style test based on the theory of Howard Gardner that each of us has one of 8 Email Address: als@acceleratedlearning. The questions are all straightforward. It did! Summary of Free Resources:  learning style profile. Bodily. and Naturalistic) www. (Linguistic. Musical. eg “I keep a personal diary” and “I am a good talker with a well-developed vocabulary”. Site Home Address: http://www. Accelerated Learning Free Learning Styles Test This is a lovely site. Visual.managetrainlearn. Intra-personal. I know that I am linguistic and so was curious to see whether the test would come out Page 10 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

self-appraisal. There‟s a history of employee productivity that will take you all the way back to the Pyramids. did you know that the base of this huge structure is only 7 inches from being a perfect square?). and coaching. Learn! 2010 Page 11 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . motivation.managetrainlearn. Machine utilization. plus some well-presented explanations of time management. Accel-Team Advancing Employee Productivity There are some nice features on this site. Click. One thing that‟s a bit different here is a set of Checklists. productivity and team development  excellent and well-illustrated modules on teambuilding and motivation. Then there are detailed features on teambuilding. and employee development. (For example. Site Home Address: http://www. Summary of Free Resources:  pdf articles on www.Manage. Space utilization.accel-team. and Interpersonal Email Address: sales@accel-team. They include Time utilization.

And that‟s why I think I like Brent Filson. Brent Filson does it and this is his website where you‟ll find his collection of management and leadership articles. Summary of Free Resources:  insightful leadership articles. Click. It could be because he always seems to come up with a refreshingly new angle that just makes me think “but of course…” Take his article “Elephants Can Jump” for instance. I‟d willingly jump through hoops if he asked Email Address: brent@actionleadership. Learn! 2010 6. Here Brent makes the point that. Yes. unlike management which involves simply the care and feeding of the organisational elephant.managetrainlearn. and leadership www. tenacity. see every leadership challenge as a way of having people increase their knowledge.actionleadership. For Page 12 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage.” I like the concept that management trainers and management training should be kind. Site Home Address: http://www. “From now on. He goes on. skills. I‟m not too sure exactly why I like his writing. Action Leadership Brent Filson’s Leadership System It‟s funny how some management writers just do it for you while others don‟t. courage. And to cultivate that perspective you need kindness. leadership makes the elephant jump.

I took the test and was honest (I really was!) and this is how I scored: good at conveying credibility but improvement could be made in all other Email Address: webmaster@aimmconsult. www. Click. There are 14 questions covering areas like “I explore with others different ways to accomplish goals”. You‟re offered some examples of “always doing” this. Aimm Consulting Performance Based Assessment Questionnaire One of the most attractive features of many management and personal development websites is the chance to assess your skills. Summary of Free Resources:  personal flexibility skills test  situational judgment tests  articles  quotes  Page 13 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Site Home Address: http://www. Then you score yourself. The website of Aimm Consulting gives you the chance to find out how good you are at influencing and leading. or “rarely doing” this. and Conveying Credibility.Manage.managetrainlearn. Learn! 2010 7. which are great starting points for further self-development. The final score will give you a feedback on areas such as Delegation.

com Page 14 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . And sure enough there it was. I couldn‟t resist it so I looked up at random a leadership publication and chose Journal of Leadership and Organisation. One that particularly caught my eye was a search directory of over 700 business publications containing over one million (yep. blogs. Of course. guides and tips. Isn‟t the web amazing? Summary of Free Resources:  blogs  tip of the day  database of business periodicals. many of the products on the site are only available through purchase. but there is a huge amount of free material. All Business Champions of Small Business This is an amazing site for anyone running a small business. including employment and HR and business plans. Email Address: info@allbusiness. And there are special campaigns such as the one I followed called “6 for 06” where six businesses are followed for a period of six months.Manage. There‟s advice on managing every aspect of your business.allbusiness. that‟s one million!) www. One in a million. There‟s everything you could possibly need to help you run an efficient business. Learn! 2010 8. There are news reports. This led me to a number of articles from which I chose Empowerment in the Context of Organisational Change. Site Home Address: http://www.

and amusing stories. partly on the basis that the Japanese word for “poo” (unko) is an anagram of the word for “luck” (koun). It‟s absolutely crammed with anecdotes. Learn! 2010 9. Fortunately. the database came up with 493 stories. When I keyed in “Business”. tell that down the pub and see if they believe you! Summary of Free Resources:  a huge resource of anecdotes including business stories. illustrate a learning point. He sold over 2 million. How about this one pulled out at random? It‟s about Japanese businessman. Anecdotage Famous www.managetrainlearn. Funny Stories If you‟re looking for an amusing story to add to a presentation. aphorisms. perhaps more than you‟ll ever need to get to grips with. Email Address: editor@anecdotage. or just to entertain friends at the pub. then this is the place to visit. Koji Fujii who in 2003 marketed little pieces of gold-plated excrement as lucky charms. name or keyword. Click. there‟s a useful search button that allows you to fine-tune your search according to a category. Site Home Address: Page 15 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage.

you can build your own personal collection of checklists. Seize Email Address: info@beabettermanager. there‟s an online questionnaire to find out what your strengths and weaknesses as a manager are. showing how learning a skill related to levels of performance.managetrainlearn. If you register and log in. Click. Processes. It provides a list of industry sectors with links to their Skills Council. Click on any of these and you get a selection of links. the checklists from the spinning wheel all link to the relevant National UK Occupational Standard.beabettermanager. Be a Better Manager Solve Page 16 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Click on a link and you get a diagram with individual lists of do‟s and don‟ts. It has 15 questions and delivers immediate feedback. Achieve Results The first thing you see on the Be a Better Manager website is a spinning wheel that breaks management into 6 key areas. Learn! 2010 10. Information. Lastly. These are: Strategy. and Financial Resources. People. This website is particularly useful for managers in the UK. Summary of Free Resources:  Checklists on best practice  Good links  Management questionnaire Site Home Address: http://www. In the same way. There are also links to local resources around the UK. Physical Resources.Manage.

it doesn‟t exactly test your comprehension.managetrainlearn. I made it to Email Address: www. Click. Learn! 2010 Basic Learning Systems Inc 11. a business communications company run by Gloria Page 17 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Do You Know Your Reading Speed? If you want to find out how quick you read. For the record. you‟ll find out your reading speed. All you do is click a start button when you begin to read a passage and then after 20 seconds a pop-up box stops you. The test is designed to measure your English reading speed which for most people is slightly less than 200 words per minute. then spare a minute or two for this easy test from Basic Learning Systems Inc. Note where you got to. Of course.htm to the site address)  weekly business writing tips. but who‟s counting? Summary of Free Resources:  reading test (add /bls/readtest. Site Home Address: http://www. and hey presto.

Manage. to thrive. Tom‟s aim is to create better workplaces. Imagine the sense of mission and spirit of fun. You simply take this card to your next meeting and see if you can mark 5 buzzwords in a row. Where people eagerly use their brainpower. Learn! 2010 12. This is a card of 25 squares on which is printed a buzzword eg “empower”. Click.betterworkplacenow. to Email Address: webmail@tomterez.managetrainlearn. Site Home Address: Page 18 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . “value-added”. I‟ll let him take up the story:” Imagine a workplace where everyone is fully engaged. Where teamwork comes naturally. “envision”.html to site address)  difficult dozen help zone  instant feedback report  awful bosses hall of fame  article reprint centre. just imagine! One of the fun ideas on this site is Tom‟s set of free buzzword Bingo cards. Imagine its ability to attract and retain talent. Where kindness rules. Imagine the innovative power of such an organization. Better Workplace Now Free Buzzword Bingo Tom Terez is a man with a mission and this is his website.” Yea. Just be sure you know what reaction you‟ll get if you suddenly interrupt the chairman‟s speech with cries of “Bingo!” Summary of Free Resources:  buzzword bingo (add /bingo/index. Imagine its passion for serving customers.

It‟s a massive resource and a lot of it is Page 19 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Don has a big German shepherd dog and a smaller companion. Summary of Free Resources:  a massive resource on performance. the art and science of leadership. definitions of learning terms. learning. leadership and knowledge.nwlink. But the one feature I remember from years ago when I first came across this Email Address: donclark@nwlink. in case you‟re wondering about that title. the learning process. is The History of Training. You‟ll take a journey from Lao Tzu‟s Ancient China via Plato and Socrates in Ancient Greece through medieval guilds to e-learning. Amongst the goodies are: current training news. It‟s still as good as www. It‟s the best around. and still look at. Learn! 2010 Big Dog and Little Dog's Bowl of Biscuits 13. Site Home Address: http://www. By the way. The History of Training Don Clark is the mastermind behind this formidable resource on everything to do with training and learning. Click. and performance management.

Learn! 2010 14. Personal Interaction. So. I learnt how to use my body language at job interviews. in one tour of this Summary of Free Resources:  Articles on all aspects of body language Site Home Address: http://www. Cue: open smile. Parenting Advice. Body Language Expert Understanding Body Language and the Signals BodyLanguageExpert contains over 60 articles written by experts who continually update and add new content. and how to convey sincerity and warmth with my face and gestures. There are 7 topic areas: Ask Our www. Gender Differences. why mobile phone shop staff don‟t use desks. Practical Applications. Email Address: janem@bodylanguageexpert. and friendly relaxed Page 20 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . and The Business World. The Basics.

Click. You‟ll learn curious facts such as why we have to scratch an itch and why phone numbers in America are 7 digits www.Manage. Sound Sequence or Dunk Email Address: webmaster@positscience. There‟s a weekly brain bender to test your knowledge (which I got wrong!).com Page 21 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Site Home Address: http://brainconnection. A to Z glossary  animations  free half hour online course.managetrainlearn. illusions. brain games. to be honest. Then you can view nicely-designed animations which uncover what goes on in your brain. brain teasers. You can play Bumper Cows. Learn! 2010 15. the thing that always draws me back to this site is its collection of Brain Teasers. a series of articles on things like how we remember and why we forget (I now know exactly where a new face is stored in my head). It‟s like a couple of hours doing press-ups down the brain gym! Summary of Free Resources:  articles.positscience. such as why you conceive a word in one part of your brain and utter it from another. and a set of 29 images that dissect the brain as if you were there with a scalpel! But. quiz. Brain Connection Brain Buzz This is a fabulous site on everything to do with the brain.

Site Home Address: http://www. Business Balls Great Balls of Fire This is Alan Chapman‟s mega site. time management planners. Learn! 2010 16. induction training checklists.managetrainlearn. models like those from Maslow. Shall I go on? I‟ve barely scratched the surface. Click. explaining how to read personality from your handwriting. management and business. the tree swing cartoons. multiple intelligence tests  training models  and much more too numerous to mention. and Aesop‟s fables. quizzes. exercises and icebreakers  motivational and amusing posters  file tools and materials  www. But while others charge for a fraction of what‟s here. and not so familiar. It even has a graphology test. It‟s absolutely huge and covers everything you could ever need on training. feedback forms. There‟s a fun test that Alan calls “Big Boys Test” where you have to insert the names of cars into a story. It has all the familiar. this is all free. Where Alan got the time from to produce all this beats me. a glossary of training terms. appraisal forms. And templates of resignation letters. So just go and enjoy it! Summary of Free Resources:  teambuilding activities. McGregor and Email Address: Page 22 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage.

Click. Presentations. Email Address: info@business-marketing. as well as in categories such as Education. It comes from Business Training Media who offer onsite courses and a big catalogue of training materials. The free professional trade magazines on offer include: Human Resource Executive. Business Marketing Free Magazine Subscriptions Here‟s a free offer of trade magazines in both professional subject areas like Human Resources and Sales and Call Page 23 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Take them while they‟re on offer! Summary of Free Resources:  free video previews  newsletter tips  free magazine subscriptions  management articles. Corporate Meetings and Incentives. and Transportation. and The Deal. A specific area like the Internet offers 33 different publications ranging from Application Development Trends to eWeek and HP World www. Site Home Address: http://www.managetrainlearn. Learn! 2010 17. Internet.

com. Site Home Address: http://www. The only way to deal with it is to focus more effort on simplicity. Complexity imposes its price on organizations as a whole and on each individual within them: managers and staff and even customers. Summary of Free Resources:  E-book called “Success with Simplicity”  toolkit of materials  monthly e-zine.Manage. Yet there is one hidden area of cost which has rarely been addressed: Page 24 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .au Learn! 2010 18.managetrainlearn. and a set of paperclip templates to keep the campaign fresh in your mind.businesssimplification. Business Simplification Simple Really This is Australian David Brewster‟s site devoted to ways of simplifying business. a busy manager‟s complexity audit. This is what David says: “Cost reduction has been a central focus in most businesses for many years now. a Make It Simple Email Address: enquire@businesssimplification. Click.” When you register here you get a free toolkit including a meeting planner.

com Page 25 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Learn! 2010 19. second. hooked on the thrill of discovery. principles. David. He‟s compiled a huge resource of interconnected websites covering the whole gamut of learning models and theories. creating minds. and business articles. and thirdly a teacher who loves to pass on the aha‟s of what he knows. The sites include: changing www. Click. an engineer who needs to connect theory to practice. Feel and Do I am full of admiration for the author of this site. David Straker. improvement encyclopaedia. Changing Minds How We Change What Others Think. You‟re what the web‟s all about. he is first a learning junkie. In David‟s own words. Well done! Summary of Free Resources:  forum  blog (with nice references to his family and friends)  huge collection of disciplines. No need to apologise.Manage. techniques. quality toolbook. Believe. and explanations. They probably account for over 3500 web pages of industrialstrength knowledge. David apologises that his creations are done in his spare time. Site Home Address: Email Address: contactus@changingminds.changingminds.

ideas and resources. use it well!” Summary of Free Resources:  massive network of management. Site Home Address: http://www. It‟s the brainchild of Sidhartha Roy who founded the network back in May 2004 with the sole mission of helping improve organisational business management.citehr.000 downloadable resources. Legal. Operations. Page 26 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage. Learn! 2010 Email Address: info@citehr. Each is a goldmine of information. There are 7 networks – Finance. and Sales/Marketing. One of the beauties of the network is that it allows exchanges of real-world business situations rather than just straight www. and Jobs. When I last looked there were over 50. The network now has hundreds of thousands of members from India where it is based to every corner of the world. Citehr Improving Organisations The CiteMan network is one of my favourite resources.managetrainlearn. As Sidhartha says. Click. “everything is available to everyone at no charge. General.

Managing yourself better. Click. you can make notes on your thoughts and plans in a Personal Growth Workbook. Coaching2grow Online Executive Coaching for Managers Coaching2Grow is an online coaching resource for managers.coaching2grow. One exercise you can do on your computer screen is to identify your top 10 personal strengths from a long www. There are also 18 self-assessment quizzes to assess your own performance and suggest areas for change.managetrainlearn. and Influencing a tough boss. They range from Feedback to Musts and Shoulds and Enemy No 1. Working with difficult colleagues. You can use it as a standalone coaching tool or as a supplement to working with a live Email Address: info@coaching2grow. Coaching2Grow covers most of the topics and issues that managers discuss with coaches including: Leading others. Learn! 2010 21. As you work your way through the Page 27 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Why employ a coach when you can do it all yourself? Summary of Free Resources:  Personal growth workbook  Strengths inventory  18 sets of quizzes Site Home Address: http://www.

There‟s one of the biggest lists of customer service articles I‟ve seen. and that lengthy waiting times are still the top frustration of customers. Learn! 2010 22.managetrainlearn. There are tons of great information on this site. Surveys. that people in Poland are the most satisfied with customer Email Address: info@customerservicemanager. and Scorecards. And a series of useful aids. articles and resources to help improve customer service worldwide!” It‟s an e-magazine for Customer Service Professionals. there‟s a great free magazine and technical document subscription service with 16 products www. What else? Well. Click. such as Customer Service Job Page 28 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .customerservicemanager. Tests. In a short visit.Manage. reviews. Customer Service Manager Are You Being Served? Customer Service Manager describes itself as “the web‟s leading community for customer service professionals – bringing you news. I learned that the average European consumer spends 2 hours 3 minutes a week dealing with customer services. Summary of Free Resources:  Magazine subscriptions  Articles on customer service  Service topics Site Home Address: http://www.

Manage. Site Home Address: http://www. On the link below. to the Email Address: info@telephonedoctor. Learn! 2010 23.servicetraining. Click. Customer Service Training Deliver Today. They‟re all www. seriously. and “From Curt to Courteous”. perhaps? No. Amongst my favourites are: “Exploring the Rudeness Matrix”. See Results Tomorrow This is the Telephone Doctor or Customer Service Training Page 29 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . who‟s put together a library of video programmes on customer service.managetrainlearn. it‟s a smashing site run by Nancy Friedman. Summary of Free Resources:  newsletter  video previews. you‟ll find 16 free previews of the videos. “Five Forbidden Phrases”. Where you come when you‟re sick of customers. and expertly presented by Nancy herself.

html Email Address: info@discovery. The first statement is: “Heredity determines most of a person‟s personality” and the last one is: “If you set realistic goals." There are 10 statements with which you strongly disagree. or strongly agree. so if you want more of the same. The preamble explains: This test assesses your locus of control orientation and your attribution style. to Perfectionism. Site Home Address: Here‟s an example of what you‟ll face in one of the set. disagree.discovery. "A locus of control orientation is a belief about whether the outcomes of our actions are contingent on what we do (internal control orientation) or on events outside our personal control (external control orientation). Page 30 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Discovery Health Channel A Test of Your Communications Skills If you‟re into www. You can get 31 free Basic Personality tests on this site. Click. through Communications Skills. Procrastination and Type “A” Personality tests. the Locus of Control and Arbitration test. here‟s a true feast. Learn! 2010 24.Manage. ranging from Your Anger profile. pop over there). Now off you go! Summary of Free Resources:  free personality tests. (They‟re all taken from the Queendom site. you can succeed no matter what”. partially agree/disagree.

reassuring and conversational style. There are 7 lessons in the course. so a good free course on all things accounting is right up my street. you can also sign up for Dave‟s other courses (eg Special Journals. He has a nice friendly. DWM Beancounter We Count While You Manage I‟m a bit of a duffer where accounts are concerned (thank goodness for a good accountant!). Onestep Accounting. As well as viewing this free course. and Financial Statements. Email Address: Page 31 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Dave Marshall‟s Bookkeeping course fits the bill nicely. Learn! 2010 www. Site Home Address: http://www. All this should put you in your accountant‟s good books! Summary of Free Resources:  free bookkeeping course  links to free financial software. There‟s another great free service that Dave offers: links to free business software. and many more. Big E-Z‟s free trial version. Lazy8 Ledger. You‟ll find links to the Open Office suite of programmes.Manage. I don‟t feel I‟m being talked down to and there‟s no jargon. Checkmate Plus. Acemoney Lite. Payroll.managetrainlearn. The General Ledger and Journals. covering stuff like Debits and Credits. and Merchandise Inventory) as a guest and get the first lessons free.

Site Home Address: http://www. It works on many levels. (Lavenson was president and chief executive of the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York). Learn! 2010 Easy Training 26. It‟ll have you smiling to yourself one minute and nodding in agreement the Page 32 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . as in the awards presentation or retirement bash.easytraining. Click.managetrainlearn.Manage. Prepare then to be captivated by a wonderful presentation from James Lavenson to the American Marketing Association that fits neither of these Email Address: info@easytraining. It‟s an astonishing testimony to an inspiring leader. it‟s a great template for a superb presentation. as in the annual statement to the board. And You Think Strawberries Are For Eating! Most management speeches tend to fall into two types: the formal ritual. and it‟s a unique learning experience. (check out the almost imperceptible presentation techniques that are used). or the procedural. (You guessed: I like it!) Just read it. And just hope that you have a leader who can similarly rise to the occasion next time he or she is in front of a microphone! Summary of Free Resources:  articles  customer service presentation www.

Manage.empoweringmessages. It‟s all about empowerment (aka positivity).managetrainlearn. Free Empowerment Chats This is an uplifting site that should put you in a good mood. But what is a bit special about this site is the collection of 83 empowering audio messages from some of the top positivity speakers in the USA. Lisa Jimenez on “The Power of Conquering Your Fear” and Greg Reid on “The Power of Now”. You‟ll be able to listen to Jack Canfield on “The Power of Studying Success”.com Email Address: zev@empoweringmessages. there‟s no hope for you! Summary of Free Resources:  audio messages. cartoons. Learn! 2010 Empowering Messages 27. if that doesn‟t brighten your www. and some really inspiring articles. Now. Page 33 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Site Home Address: http://www. a huge collection of positive news stories. There are empowering stories.

managetrainlearn. As the title implies. there‟s an A to Z encyclopaedia of small business Page 34 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . And there‟s a hand-holding guide to managing and growing your www. features. from raising money to taking time off. Learn! 2010 28. Click. it‟s aimed at start-up and home-based businesses and if it‟s advice you‟re after. There are ideas galore on what kind of business to make money in. from home-based businesses to franchises. Entrepreneur Make It Big In Business The Entrepreneur website is the shop window for the Entrepreneur magazine which is an American magazine sold off line from most bookstalls and booksellers. As if all that weren‟t enough. For a start. and magazine. Now all you have to do is count your first million! Summary of Free Resources:  newsletters  business tools  calculators  an A to Z of small business terms  Email Address: feedback@entrepreneur. there‟s everything you could possibly need to know on starting a business. there‟s heaps of it here.entrepreneur.Manage. from finding an attorney to engaging new staff. Site Home Address: http://www.

These include videos. Email Address: info@evancarmichael. Evan Carmichael Motivation and Strategies for Entrepreneurs If you‟re an entrepreneur looking for help. Site Home Address: http://www. there were 348 items. On this site. articles. Learn! 2010 29. Summary of Free Resources:  Videos on famous entrepreneurs eg Steve Jobs  Blog network  Template downloads. Evan Carmichael is a Toronto-based entrepreneur who has his own communications group. including Creating a Mission Statement to Maslow for Entrepreneurs to Start Up Capital Strategies. and www. and a page of unique resources supplied by contributing experts. advice.managetrainlearn. eg Partner Questionnaire  Tools and guides  Entrepreneur advice  Free downloads.evancarmichael. bios of famous entrepreneurs. Click.Manage. He succeeded at the early age of 19 with his own software company and now his passion is to pass his secrets on to others. this is the site for you. you‟ll find a treasure-trove of resources for Page 35 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . At the start of the year.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding This is Peter Barron Starks‟ site. They‟ll catch your attention too because they‟re very much to the point and Page 36 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . There are lots of free resources here on www. or “Appealing to Mother Teresa” which is a cunning message for help that only a hard-hearted person could refuse. newsletters and collection of negotiation gambits  negotiating style self-assessment. a monthly Email Address: info@pbsconsulting. Click. Who. I‟ll eat my hat.everyonenegotiates. Summary of Free Resources:  articles. which he calls: “your premier resource for sharpening your negotiating skills”. It‟s not hard to see why. including a test of your negotiating style. Learn! 2010 30. But what caught my eye was his list of over 60 short sharp negotiating gambits. Everyone Negotiates YIKES .managetrainlearn. and incisive articles. for instance. Site Home Address: http://www. If these gambits don‟t turn you into a powerful deal-maker. would forget “YIKES You‟ve Got to be Kidding” which is about expressing surprise to your opponent.

Executive Coaching Studio Free E-Course for Executives This is an executive coaching website run by Sean McPheat.Manage. followed by “Understanding Others” and ending up with “Seeking Good Counsel”. Learn! 2010 31.managetrainlearn. Click.executivecoachingstudio. you get “Making Things Happen”. Site Home Address: Page 37 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .com Email Address: www. Beats those long journeys to training courses! Summary of Free Resources:  articles. The 5 parts arrive in succession in your email box and because of Sean‟s laid-back. then “Great Communication Skills are Part of the Top Executive‟s Armoury”. One of the free goodies on offer is a 5part email course called “The Top 5 Secrets of the Most Successful Executives”. After the first part which is an Introduction. newsletter  email course for executives. friendly style are easy to read and easy to absorb.

and etiquette. Executive Planet Cross-cultural Training If you do business around the world. you get advice on: negotiating tactics. For each country. Plus for each country. and conversational do‟s and don‟ts. meaning you can register and update articles.Manage. and hotel booking. culture. how to address Email Address: Page 38 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . this site is an essential companion to your airline tickets.managetrainlearn. Click. Site Home Address: http://www. The site works like a wiki. entertaining. you‟ll get advice from an expert along with facts about laws.executiveplanet. what to wear. Summary of Free Resources:  Details of how to communicate in 49 different countries from Argentina to Yemen. suitcase. Learn! 2010 www. Its main feature is a guide to business culture when negotiating in 49 different countries. making appointments.

This site is mind-bogglingly massive. I‟ve spent many a valuable hour or two here and come away with ideas that would make my head burst. Presentation. For Page 39 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . The list just goes on and on. Motivation. Goal Setting. the best article directory by far is Ezine Articles.000 authors (also probably growing all the time). and Top 10 Tips. Learn! 2010 33. you‟ll find Leadership. Time Management. www.Manage.managetrainlearn. and Creativity. In the business section. run by Christopher Knight. Negotiation. Teambuilding. Communication. See you in a couple of hours‟ time! Summary of Free Resources:  massive article Email Address: info@ezinearticles. It has over 100. Ezine Articles Ezine Articles for Authors I had to include an article directory in this compilation simply because of the huge amount of material you‟ll find on any one of these sites. Coaching. It reviews everything that it archives which means you‟ll get only good stuff. What makes Ezine Articles the best of a big bunch is that it doesn‟t just allow anyone to stick any article on its site. including: Customer Service. And over 25. Here are a couple of statistics.000 articles (and probably growing all the time). there are all the categories you could wish for if you are looking to extend or update your knowledge. In the Self-Improvement section. Change Management. Site Home Address: http://www.

Summary of Free Resources:  newsletters  tools you can use  the corporate shrink agony aunt  portraits of the future  slide shows. Learn! 2010 34. and a series of slide shows which includes: Six Jobs That Won‟t Exist in 2016 (I‟m OK. The one I like most is Fast Take. you can subscribe to some very useful newsletters. All in all. Fast Company is a monthly business print magazine that you can subscribe to. But on the site you can see the current edition for free and read selected articles. there‟s the Fast 50 which are 50 portraits of businesses that are writing the history of the www. Site Home Address: http://www. Essentially. But that‟s nowhere near all they do.fastcompany. Then.managetrainlearn. Fast Company How Smart People Work Fast Company is one of the original business information websites. of course. Click. You can also browse their massive archive of past copies. which is a weekly roundup from the Web. a directory of businesses in your area (States only unfortunately).com Page 40 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . I first came across it many years ago when the Internet was still relatively small and it‟s nice to report that it‟s still going strong. For a start. a fast Email Address: pr@fastcompany. mine‟s not there) and Top 10 Bosses From Hell. For those of us too busy to spend every day surfing.

and an exercise on identifying employees with I clicked on just one of their 25 categories. this is what I did. Fenman Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Training Needs Fenman is a UK company with a long and successful record of creating training resources for management and personal Email Address: service@fenman. They are now a formidable presence on the www. Fenman! Summary of Free Resources:  huge range of training products with many free samples. That took me to a page with 8 big products of which I was able to download samples from Page 41 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . How to run an Assessment Centre. an Induction Toolkit.managetrainlearn. The beauty of this site is that you can access all Fenman‟s offline products and at the same time instantly download free samples. Learn! 2010 35. As a result I had free access to over 70 pages of really excellent material including an exercise on Tackling Bullying. called Danger – Talent Zombies! Thank you. you‟d have a huge library of valuable material.Manage.fenman. There‟s so much information that if you downloaded everything that‟s available. Recruitment. As an example. Site Home Address: http://www. Selection and Induction.

I won‟t tell you what you have to do in these games (they‟re far too complicated). Learn! 2010 36.Manage.firststepstraining. Click. First Steps Training Put Life Back Into Your Employees I‟m a sucker for new team games and I‟ve included this site because many of the free activities listed here I‟d never come across before. how about “The Great Mississippi Lizard Egg” or “Moonball” or “Wampum” ? Even the names are Page 42 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Summary of Free Resources:  team games  performance builders webcasts  free training activities  team effectiveness questionnaire. Just pop on over and try them for yourself. For example. Incidentally. Site Home Address: Email Address: rbenson@firststepstraining. First Steps Training also provides a (paid) service where they will email you an exercise within 3 days to suit any specification you give them.

I scored quite well and I certainly Email Address: info@games2train. Learn! 2010 37.managetrainlearn. There are 6 categories of games: Video games. and Phone games. and design makes you really believe you‟re on a TV quiz show. TV and other distractions? That‟s the aim of Marc Prensky who‟s authored a book along these lines called “Don‟t Bother Me Mom – I‟m Learning” and has created this website where the main form of training is playing games. Click. Games2Train Serious Training In a Game Environment Wouldn‟t it be fantastic if we could get kids to be so enthralled with learning that they missed mealtimes. audio. Quiz Page 43 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Site Home Address: http://www. Certification games. Flash games. I gave Quiz show a go and chose Sexual Harassment as my subject. The questions are the usual range of multiple choice and true or false but the graphics. Multiplayer games. I then got to choose who I wanted to be and who to play against and the game started.Manage. Great fun! Could this be the way our kids really will learn? Summary of Free Resources:  samples of Flash-based training games. You can try out all of the categories if you have Flash installed.

some research into the top time wasters.getmoredone. you can see a pie chart of how well you do compared to others. and interesting time management quotes. the site offers 10 time tamer tips. here‟s one from Pace Page 44 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . In addition to the time tabulator. When you‟ve allocated your weekly hours. You can also enter your ideal profile to see where you want to be.managetrainlearn. of course. Click. to family. tips. That‟s. Get More Done A Free Time Tabulator In case you don‟t know what a time tabulator is. sleep and TV and so on. and research on time management. It‟s a way of working out how much time you spend on the 11 main areas of your life: from employment. Learn! 2010 38. Site Home Address: http://www. if you‟ve got the time to read them! Summary of Free Resources:  time tabulator  Email Address: mark@getmoredone.

for example. Site Home Address: http://www.Manage. For www. that Thomas Watson of IBM brought out the company‟s first computer as early as 1952? Or that Henry J. Are These the Greatest Ever Business Leaders? Here‟s a run-down of 1000 of the greatest American business leaders of the 20th century. Gilbert Email Address: news@hbs. Did you know. Clarence Birdseye. Heinz started peddling his family‟s home-grown produce at the age of 8? Work hard and you might be in next century‟s list! Summary of Free Resources:  biographies of 1000 business Page 45 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Click. there will be some unfamiliar names on the list. and Hugh Hefner. There are brief but fascinating bios of each leader. but most people will recognize people like Elizabeth Arden. Learn! 2010 Harvard Business School 39.

mackay. There‟s “The heart of education is the education of the heart”. (Harvey knows we‟re all curious deep down).com Email Address: harvey@mackay. Or “Some squares are really sharp”. If you want to know what I mean. read the articles on this www. I reckon you‟ll learn a lot from this site. Page 46 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Harvey Mackay Survive A Swim With the Sharks There aren‟t too many gurus in this list of the top 100 Management and Personal Development websites. Site Home Address: http://www. Learn! 2010 40. Click.managetrainlearn. You just have to read his stuff. Or how about “Say thanks before it‟s just a memory”. Enjoy! Summary of Free Resources:  management articles. Many of these articles kick off with fascinating stories of successful business leaders or managers.Manage. the headings of these articles are immediately grabbable. It‟s just that he tells such a good story. And then he draws some universal truths out of these stories that help us take home the message. And he packs a big message in the shortest possible space. For a start. just like the titles of his books (one of which “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive” is behind our sub-heading above). Then there‟s the content. Yep. he‟s just a great writer. But I keep a special place for Harvey Mackay.

My Name Is Scott Stick Yourself Out There In my review of this site. Learn! 2010 41. Click. Summary of Free Resources:  Over 700 articles on making an impact Site Home Address: http://www.) The theme behind Scott‟s ideas is Approachability.hellomynameisscott. (Apparently. If you can‟t get enough of Scott on this site. you should create fans. He‟s already got a great present! OK. but he has already written 7 books.managetrainlearn. Hello.Manage. Many of Scott‟s themes really chime with me. take a look at his other video site and consultancy site. Here you‟ll find what must be the biggest selection of articles related to Approachability anywhere. One of them is the idea that you shouldn‟t create customers. Another is his comfort around using modern technology to build customer relations. Scott is still Page 47 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . And then I realised that this isn‟t Email Address: scott@hellomynameisscott. There are over 700 of www. and has made a brand out of a nametag. My Name is Scott website. launched his own interactive TV. I was going to say that a great future awaits Scott Ginsberg. he also has a nametag tattooed on his chest. has a suite of websites. is a regular columnist. It underlies his Hello.

Amongst the many free goodies on offer here (along with the articles. (from training needs to climate. forum. Site Home Address: http://www. Learn! 2010 42. a wide range of managerial tests (eg Manager in a Fix). use Page 48 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . news and jobs) are a wide set of personality tests. a range of Email Address: query@humanlinks. thinking skills to job satisfaction) and some general knowledge tests. Wherever you are. Summary of Free Resources:  management articles  tests  www. Human Links The Only Indian Portal On HR Development This is a lovely Indian website that provides a wide range of services for human resource professionals. links. Click.

there are free 5-week email classes. Management/Leadership. They start with 19th Century History and end up with Zoology. Susan takes you through 4 main areas: HR Basics.Manage. and Success at Email Address: info@humanresources. To help you through this wealth of material. and the latest updates. Summary of Free Resources:  Learning style profile  Free policy samples. Site Home Address: http://humanresources. Managing People.about. the “must reads”.about. you‟ll find topics on Change Management. here including “Recruit and Hire the Best”. Learn! 2010 Human Resources About… 43. Employee Page 49 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . checklists and forms  Interview tips  Job descriptions  Free email classes. Performance Management. As with all About sites. Motivation. On the way they tackle Human Resources with guide Susan Heathfield. there are links to the most popular sections.managetrainlearn. then you‟re in for a great www. Communications. Free Learning Styles Test If you haven‟t yet become acquainted with the About concept. Throughout the channel. and Teambuilding. Click. Employing People. About – as the name suggests – is a multi-channel site that gives you an encyclopaedic tour of a wide range of topics.

com www. my favourite bullshine phrase: “Has anyone seen my random data-stream analyser?”.Manage. black-spotted pigeonfoot!” Odd. Site Home Address: http://www. Click. For example. a way to curse colleagues using pirate-speak (I kid you not!) and a Babel translator telling you what various professional people really mean behind the words they say. albeit with a serious purpose. a Bullshine generator for producing management speak. For a flavour of each of these. and my favourite pirate curse: “What care I. ISMS curser. There‟s a swipe at management models. Summary of Free Resources:  bullshine generator. Learn! 2010 44.htm Email Address: Isms2002@btinternet. Institute of Silly and Meaningless Sayings Bullshine Generator Here‟s some light relief. but great fun. here‟s my favourite cliché: “He was in and out like a yo-yo”.com/~rpottinger/index. roll of honour and list of “bored” members. The purpose of all this fun is to highlight some of the silly things we do and say in the Page 50 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .btinternet. ISMS Babel translator  carparktivity stickers. There‟s a coat of arms (motto: Back to Quo Vadis). thou plump. It‟s the website of the Institute of Silly and Meaningless Sayings (author unknown but probably someone by the name of R Pottinger!) Part of the spoof is that it is set up as a legitimate institute and thus lampoons some professional institutes that take themselves far too seriously. a list of hilarious workplace clichés. you can become a member of the institute and learn about the institute‟s history and purpose.managetrainlearn.

articles and a newsletter. But there are 2 features that make this site just a little bit different. there‟s a feature called Leadership Minute. Click. This is a series of short one-minute reads on leadership subjects. Summary of Free Resources:  leadership articles  newsletter  book excerpts. Take a daily dip. They include: “Thirteen Mistakes of Leadership” and “First Class Noticers”. Leadership Now Building A Community of Leaders There are a number of familiar features on this site such as leadership www.managetrainlearn.leadershipnow. For a start. They include: Brian Tracy‟s “The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success” and Blaine McCormick‟s “Ben Franklin‟s 12 Rules of Management”. The other valuable feature is a reading room where you can read excerpts from some of the best management books around.Manage. Site Home Address: Page 51 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Learn! 2010 Email Address: comments@leadershipnow.

Manage, Click, Learn! 2010


Leadership Tools

A Free Thank you Here‟s something free that nobody else offers! An ecard message service for team members who‟ve done a good job or who need cheering up on a tough assignment. This site gives you 20 e-cards to choose from. There‟s one on Achievement, Integrity, Great Job, down to Well Done. All you have to do is jot down who you want to send the card to with your message, and bingo! off goes the card. It might be a bit cheesy for some, but there‟s no excuse any more for not letting your people know how much you appreciate them! Make sure you check out all the other free items on this site, such as a free copy of Oliver Swett Marden‟s success book, “Pushing To The Front”, interviews with top leaders, e-zine, and a range of leadership tools. Summary of Free Resources:  success e-book  tools for leaders, eg business planning toolkit  coaching course  articles and quotes  teambuilding exercises  ecards. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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Valuing Leadership This is a very useful site. It‟s been put together by Mick Yates and is built around the idea of 4 E‟s of leadership: Envision, Enable, Empower, and Energize. You can watch various slide shows explaining this framework and learn how they apply to 5 leaders of the 20th century, including Gandhi and Pope John XXIII. On top of all this, there are 300 themed articles on leadership, 350 links, 200 magazine features, 400 book references, and 500 quotations. Now that should keep you quiet for a few days! Summary of Free Resources:  slide shows  leadership self-assessment  leadership articles  quotations  book references. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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Lessons in Lifemanship

A Course in Lifemanship This is an interesting site in which Bryan Bell attempts to explore what the meaning of lifemanship is. Bryan says that Lifemanship is like seamanship. Just as seamanship is defined as the ability to navigate the seas, so lifemanship is about navigating human relationships. It‟s about getting the skills that strengthen our relationships, making them more enjoyable for us and avoiding the self-defeating actions which make life a struggle. The course is split into 7 parts, including: How to improve relationships; how to get a job; how to find potential employees; and how to share success and motivation. It‟s like a compass to sail the seas of life (groan!). Summary of Free Resources:  online course. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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managetrainlearn. (By the way. Carter McNamara. And of course when you go elsewhere you have other links to explore. I was astounded then and still am now. It‟s an amazing resource. to General Resources and Related Library Links. Management Help Free Management Library I first came across this website some years ago when there was little else on management development on the web. Site Home Address: http://www.Manage. You start with an introduction and a set of links to outside Email Address: jalnes@mapfornonprofits. well V. to Page 55 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . There doesn‟t appear to be anything left www.managementhelp. Click. Then you move through Icebreakers and Group Matters. Volunteers. it has a bias towards non-profit organisations. say Group Skills. highly integrated library of management material”. And it‟s hard to argue with that. a true management help. It covers everything in business from A. Learn! 2010 49. the work of one man. Carter calls the site a “complete. Advertising and Promotion. Summary of Free Resources:  encyclopaedia of management.) Let‟s see what happens when you explore one topic. It‟s a real web of information.

Culture. As a bonus. Learn! 2010 50. and employment law sites around the world. Innovation. I selected “Q” and got “Quick Ratio” and “Quality of Work”. portals. Where to begin? Well. Motivation and so www.managetrainlearn. To Manage Divine”) and hand it out to your delegates on your next training course. management Page 56 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! Email Address: admin@managerwise. business schools. neatly categorised into sections such as Coaching. To Manage Divine This is nothing short of a management supersite. there‟s a massive collection of articles in the Knowledge Bank. Click. The one I checked on Motivation has some really well-chosen subjects. Summary of Free Resources:  massive collection of management articles  glossary of management terms. There are also links to universities. For devilment. such as “Climbing the Mountain on your Terms” and “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions”. Manager Wise To Work is Human. Site Home Address: http://www. Then there‟s an A to Z glossary of management terms. you can buy the T-shirt with that slogan on (“To Work Is Human.

managetrainlearn. ManageTrainLearn Free Software Downloads I hope you‟ll forgive this bit of self-indulgence since this is our site. ManageTrainLearn (MTL) focuses on the 20 skills that you need for professional and personal success in the 21st century. Learn! 2010 51. Step-by-Step pocketbook guides. MTL provides a range of online www.Manage. Site Home Address: http://www. They range from Appraisal and Assertiveness to Teambuilding. You can download free evaluation versions of all these products from the site and enjoy them without limit at your Email Address: eric@managetrainlearn. Manuals for Trainers.managetrainlearn. To help you and your organisation learn these skills. Thinking Page 57 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Click. including E-learning courses. Summary of Free Resources:  software downloads  prize quiz  newsletter  articles on management and development. 1-day Course Plans. Time Management and Training Skills. and a library of free e-books.

managetrainlearn.” It‟s a nice way to do some useful self-improvement each day Page 58 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . the two available were: A Meditation for Centering which lasted 12 minutes and Your Source of Abundance which lasted 27 www. in the week I checked it out.mhmail. Learn! 2010 52. Site Home Address: http://www. For example. it‟s free. the best bit is. Click. the theme was Balance. Other resources on this site include Jeanie‟s guided meditation Email Address: mhmail@earthlink. Peace and prosperity be with you! Summary of Free Resources:  daily affirmation  3-monthly e-zines  online guided meditations. When I looked. Marshall House Your Free Daily Affirmation This site is run by Jeanie Marshall and each month of the year she offers a theme which is then translated into a daily affirmation.Manage. and the affirmation for the day was “I act with purposeful awareness of equanimity and balance.

com Email Address: support@silvaultramindsystem. Site Home Address: http://www. founder of the Mind Power System. and discover possibilities you never imagined! Summary of Free Resources:  mp3 relaxation programme  email course.managetrainlearn. pull creative ideas out of thin air. Learn! 2010 53. this is the site to come to. you get a free 30-minute mp3 audio programme called “How To Reach The Alpha Level”. The free part of the programme is a 9-part email course which is the result of Jose Silva‟s 25-year research into how human beings can reach their full potential. If you‟re interested in getting more out of your subconscious mind and reaching a truly relaxed creative state of awareness. and accelerate your own healing.Manage. You‟ll learn how to reach deep levels of meditation like a Buddhist Page 59 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Mind Power System Free Relaxation Programme This is one of the websites of Jose Silva. open up your mind.silvaultramindsystem. creative and deep www. Go on. Plus. Click. This programme shows you how to reach the alpha level of relaxation. an optimal state of being in which your right and left brains are working together and you are in a state of total.

Mind Tools Online management and leadership training.000 visitors learn the essential skills they need for an excellent career. called Career Excellence Club. Summary of Free Resources:  Free skills-builders  Over 450 articles  140 articles downloadable as an e-book  personal development plan Email Address: info@mindtools. Here you can learn hundreds of essential management skills. free of charge. MindTools.managetrainlearn. interviews with experts. instantly available Each year. for access to all the materials.mindtools. Learn! 2010 54. Click. There is also a members‟ helps more than www. Site Home Address: http://www. and develop yourself on an ongoing basis with the Mind Tools‟ popular e-newsletter. and a Page 60 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

reading references. calendar. Negotiations and Conflict Resolution. and Communications for Management. Now you can turn yourself into a MIT graduate! Summary of Free Resources:  online courses  trainer‟s resources.Manage. This is how it Email Address: info@ocw. Or you could use the references as the basis for your own self-paced learning. MIT OpenCourseware Sloan School of Management When it first announced that it was opening up all its course material free to the world. It‟s up to you. Listening to the Customer. Learn! 2010 55. is the actual lessons. both in pdf. lecture notes and assignments. It‟s up to you how you might use this Page 61 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . What you‟ll get on this course is a syllabus. You could be a trainer and use the plan as a structure for your own courses. the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made newspaper headlines. What you don‟t get. here are the results: MIT Opencourseware. There are some 34 departments ranging from Aeronautics to Writing Studies. The most relevant to anyone interested in business is the Sloan School of Management with over 100 programmes.managetrainlearn. Let‟s take as an example “Practical Leadership”.ocw. Other programmes of interest to managers are: Advanced Managerial www. Now a few years Site Home Address: http://www. Click. Programmes are courses run in any particular semester.

com www. Learn! 2010 56.Manage. that‟s not a bad deal! Summary of Free Resources:  motivational mp3s  free copy of As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. Click. Site Home Address: Page 62 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . The free gift offered on the site comes when you recommend the site to a friend.managetrainlearn.mp3motivators. the free mp3 I got was Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn talking about Goalsetting.45 minutes and can be played straight from your PC or an mp3 player. mp3motivators Free mp3 programme This site supplies the top audio programmes from the world‟s best personal development speakers. When I did this. Considering what you‟d pay to hear either of these two speakers in person. It lasts all of Email Address: info@mp3motivators.

Site Home Address: www. the lessons have universal appeal to managers and leaders in any organisation.Manage. Learn! 2010 57.nsba. and quite a big section on dealing with conflict. Although it‟s aimed at school governing Page 63 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .html Email Address: itte@nbsa. National School Board Association Professional and Leadership Development This site contains a useful professional and leadership programme. Click. the different ways to There‟s good stuff on the qualities that make up a leader. Maybe they have something in mind? Summary of Free Resources:  leadership course.

com Email Address: info@sabonline. After submitting your answers. you get the correct versions and a rationale. which is quite instructive. Summary of Free Resources:  negotiating skills test. Click.managetrainlearn. The first case is as follows: “A client walks into your office and is exceedingly angry and difficult to talk to. Site Home Address: http://www. How do you approach your client so as to make your meeting as productive as possible?” You have 5 possible options for each answer. Empowerment Through Negotiation Here‟s a tricky negotiation skills test called “So You Think You Know How To Negotiate?” There are just 7 questions and you‟re given 5 minutes to complete them. Learn! 2010 Negotiation Enterprises 58.Manage. All the questions are case Page 64 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

Cheap at twice the price! Summary of Free Resources:  huge database of negotiating Email Address: editor@negotiatormagazine.managetrainlearn. The first was what John calls the King Solomon Maternal Claims Dispute. Learn! 2010 Negotiator Magazine 59. Click. The second is the Louisiana Purchase by James Monroe and Robert Livingston in 1803. One feature that took my eye was a page on Outstanding Negotiations in which readers are asked to submit their nominations for the best negotiating performance ever carried out. John has compiled everything to do with negotiations ranging from Crisis Negotiation to Gender Negotiation to Salary Negotiation and Travel Negotiation. There‟s no fee so it‟s a resource you can wander around at Page 65 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .negotiatormagazine. in which King Solomon had to choose between two women who claimed to be the mother of a baby boy. It‟s absolutely www. Site Home Address: http://www. John Baker. The Most Comprehensive Resource On Negotiating Today This is probably the biggest database of negotiating material on the web. Two entries are currently topping the list.Manage. in which these two men doubled the size of the USA overnight for the price of $15 million. And it‟s all the work of one man.

Manage, Click, Learn! 2010


New Conversations

The Seven Challenges This is Dennis Rivers‟ site which he calls a cooperative communication skills community. He offers a range of free ebooks, articles and exercises to help visitors communicate more creatively, successfully, and compassionately; to encourage dialogue and resolve conflict; and to build a more co-operative life at home and work. There are 5 free e-books: The Seven Challenges written by Dennis himself. It goes into subjects such as Listening; Expressing yourself clearly; and Focusing on learning. Compassionate Listening by Gene Knudsen Hoffman, which explores how to transform conflict Human Becoming, an anthology of works by David Richo on our journey toward becoming whole and human, (look out for his excellent affirmations on overcoming fear) The Geometry of Dialogue, again by Dennis, which uses mandala-like flow charts to map and facilitate human interaction. Summary of Free Resources:  communication skills e-books  a set of resources on forgiveness, including a bumper sticker. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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Manage, Click, Learn! 2010


Office Diversions

The Productivity Reduction Discovery Centre Don‟t tell your boss the subtitle for this site or he/she will seriously think you‟re wasting your time here. However, if you do get caught, then just quote the subtitle on the home page, which says: “Important survey reveals long-term medical importance of active on-the-job stress reduction”. Because that‟s what this site will do for you: reduce your stress and give your fun hormones a real boost. There are tons of great material here: office jokes galore; lists of phobias; games of concentration; world clockwatching; office pranks; timewasters; 2035 headlines (eg “Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in 7th largest country in the world, California”); brain twisters, and jigsaw puzzles. When a bit jaded, I‟ve often whiled away a half-hour doing a jigsaw puzzle on this site and come back to my duties refreshed. (Really!) Perhaps the first of the 10 Office Commandments on this site is reason enough to play around here from time to time: “Thou shalt have no other life beside work”! Oh, and in case your boss does catch you looking at this site, there‟s a panic button called Yikes It‟s The Boss which will take you to a page on… well find out for yourself! Summary of Free Resources:  jokes, games, pranks, puzzles on office working  forum  poll  free office clipart. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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Manage, Click, Learn! 2010


Patricia Fripp

Confessions of an Unashamed Relentless SelfPromoter Patricia Fripp is an award-winning coach and speaker, and by her own admission, an unashamed relentless self-promoter. I don‟t mind that because I like her style and tone and enjoy what she offers. For example, she has a huge list of articles covering the whole raft of management and personal development topics. For example, in Presentation skills, she offers “Put Your Audience in the Opening” (good advice); in Marketing Skills, she offers “Power Pitching”; and in Leadership, she offers “Make Your Presentations Fun”. But there‟s more free stuff on this site. There‟s a whole set of videos taken from Patricia‟s presentations. Try “Life is a series of Sales Situations” for starters. Or how about “The Story Behind Awesome Storytelling”. And what better than “Quantum Leap Performance”? You certainly get your money‟s worth here. After all, it‟s free! Summary of Free Resources:  management articles  ezines on public speaking and business  videos of presentations. Site Home Address: Email Address:

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Click. Everything I saw was superbly written and presented. Learn! 2010 who isn‟t?).co. making mistakes. Everything possible is included from 360 Degree Assessments to Diversity. You need answers. This enables you to access the full version and wander all over the place. then you don‟t need Email Address: enquiries@peoplealchemy. and if this wasn‟t enough. the portal is offered free to charities. OK. Empowerment to Violence and Aggression. or under pressure ( Page 69 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . It‟s a great resource and they offer a Free Trial for 15 days. Oh. if you‟re a manager who‟s stuck. People Alchemy Turning People into Gold Dust The guys at People Alchemy claim that.managetrainlearn. just because they want to! Summary of Free Resources:  Trial of a refreshingly different leadership manual Site Home Address: http://www. And their answer is their online (and offline if you want) portal of over 100 topics on management with lots of information on each.Manage. A nice touch was also that you can bookmark pages and add your own notes. using their search facility or just going where the mood takes you. www.

Learn! 2010 64. some of the links are now dead).psu. or quick power learning You‟ll find the 3 just mentioned plus other well-known ambiguous illusions such as the Eskimo/Indian chief. Some trainers use the famous “old hag-young queen” image. They‟re fun to play with or just to work out for yourself. the rabbit/ www.managetrainlearn. Site Home Address: http://psych. Others use the Necker cube. And you can use them in a wide range of change programmes as great icebreakers.htm Email Address: Page 70 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage. Click. Summary of Free Resources:  optical illusions. and the facing vases/faces. Penn State Psychology What Do You See? If you‟ve ever been on a personal development programme. the chances are you‟ve been shown an ambiguous picture showing 2 images which change according to how you look at them. And others mix numbers and letters as in the “Is it 13 or B?” picture. being rather old. This site has a huge number of links to different optical illusion sites (though. Page 71 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Learn! 2010 Personal Development 65. here‟s the subheading to the article on Wisdom: “Some folks are wise and some otherwise”.com Email Address: stevemoor@personal-development. then you‟ll love Chuck Gallozzi‟s articles and free e-book “Roadblocks to Happiness” on this site. Homespun Philosophy If homespun philosophy is your thing (and I have to confess to a certain weakness in this neck of the woods). Click. and end up with Wisdom Words and Worry. As an example of the folksy nature of these writings. There are nearly 250 articles to choose www.Manage. John-Boy! Summary of Free Resources:  articles and e-book  free My Life Planner software. So we start with Abstinence. Site Home Address: http://www.managetrainlearn.personal-development. move on to Change and Complaints. steer right through Learning and Leaders. neatly arranged in A to Z fashion according to personal development themes. Say goodnight.

and I also like Philip because the most important stuff on his bio is his dog. Summary of Free Resources:  3 e-books  Audio tapes  Hundreds of quips and quotes on personal development  Newsletter archive. One of the best features is Philip‟s newsletters and you can get copies for every month back to Email Address: Page 72 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .Manage. Site Home Address: http://philiphumbert. He‟s a coach who says he‟s never worked in his life: what he does couldn‟t be described as work in the conventional sense. www. I suppose there‟s no better definition of a trainer or coach than when he says: “I love to pass on what I‟ve learned and help others enjoy their own brand of success. Oh. He does things that bring him joy and contribute value to others.” Philip shares a lot of his philosophy and ideas on this website of his. audio tapes and top 10 lists. Personal Eco-Systems.managetrainlearn. Kodiak. Philip Humbert Coaching to Achieve Your Goals and Live Your Dreams Dr Philip Humbert is my kind of guy. and Making Money. Creating Wealth. The free goodies include 3 free e-books: Goal-Setting 101. Learn! 2010 66.

In addition. Kahlil Gibran‟s “The Prophet” and Wallace Wattles‟ “The Science of Getting Rich”. You can get Napoleon Hill‟s “How to Overcome Failure and Achieve Success”. a free 7 Eternal Laws CD. there‟s a lovely relaxing slideshow from Kahlil Gibran. there really isn‟t any hope for you! Summary of Free Resources:  self-improvement e-books  positive boost  tests and quizzes  inspirational slide show from Kahlil Gibran  relaxation formula  dictionary of self-affirming quotations. and a massive dictionary of self-affirming quotations from Abundance through to Youth. including some classic self-improvement Email Address: info@positive-club.managetrainlearn. www.positive-club.Manage. then this site will shower you with great motivational literature. Site Home Address: http://www. Emile Coue‟s relaxation formula that‟s a must whenever you‟re feeling down. All free. And many more Page 73 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Now if none of these don‟t put you on cloud nine. Positive Club Free Inspirational Books If you‟re really interested in personal selfimprovement. a really neat little positive boost trick that only a computer can deliver. Learn! 2010 67.

Click. conversational style. Next. seasonal. Help For All Your Presentation Needs I‟ve seen quite a few sites that teach presentation skills but this is my favourite. There are also quick links to the free Powerpoint viewer and trial version of the real thing. you‟ll find a collection of famous speeches and examples of what to say on special occasions such as weddings. funerals and retirements. there‟s some great advice on how to deliver your www. Summary of Free Resources:  Slideshows  Advice from famous presenters  Templates  Speeches  Sound clips. a really interesting forum from which you can see some of the presentations people have made such as “The Life of a Potato”. Learn! 2010 Presentation Helper 68. “Ancient Egyptian Mummification”.managetrainlearn. first Page 74 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Then there‟s a range of free excellent Powerpoint templates under different headings such as business. told in an and “The Future of the Pork Sausage Market”. Topics include What to Wear and Dealing with Investors. and a template Email Address: editor2007@presentationhelper.presentationhelper. And Where to begin? Well. Site Home Address: http://www.

it can also be of value to those who want to develop their knowledge of management Email Address: www. It comprises a collection of 64 models which can be accessed be a search of the model name. Theory X and Y. and Fayol‟s 14 Principles of Management. pros and cons.managetrainlearn. Alternatively. and references. You can add your own comments. Summary of Free Resources:  Collection of management models Site Home Address: http://www. The models themselves are displayed graphically with details of their characteristics. In the top ten of models are favourites like Maslow‟s Hierarchy of Needs. Learn! 2010 69. the author name.provenmodels. or the topic. you can browse the model book. descriptions. Click.Manage. Proven Models Models on the Cat Walk Although Provenmodels is primarily a resource for researchers and Page 75 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

that‟s the person I‟ll always think he is. Click.robinsharma. Summary of Free Resources:  free podcasts  video segment on “The 8 Things that Billionaires Do”  video excerpt on “Lead Without a Title”  “Extraordinary Leadership” audio programme (60 minutes).managetrainlearn.Manage. ranging from Lessons on Leadership from U2 to The Five Forms of Wealth to Ambidextrous Leadership and Be A Renaissance Person. The chief free resource on this site is a collection of audio podcasts. Robin Sharma is the ex-lawyer turned motivational speaker who has created a brand out of himself and uses this to promote a wide range of business and personal development material. These will really motivate you as you walk or drive along. Site Home Address: Email Address: al@robinsharma. Learn! 2010 Page 76 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Robin Sharma The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari I don‟t believe that Robin Sharma is for one second the monk who sold his Ferrari. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. You can‟t help getting infected by Sharma‟s enthusiasm and success aura. but as the name of his bestselling www. In all there are nearly 40 broadcasts in the archive.

com www. “Flinching”. and “Money is not as important as you think” Page 77 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . including: “Ask For More”. Learn! 2010 71. you‟ll also get a set of 23 articles on power negotiating. He‟s practical. Site Home Address: http://www.managetrainlearn. Summary of Free Resources:  audio and video excerpts  articles on negotiating. Click. entertaining.Manage. Roger Dawson You’ll Never Make Money Faster than When You’re Negotiating Roger Dawson was one of the first speakers I ever heard on the subject of Negotiating Email Address: dawsonprod@aol. Plus. and tells a very good story. This site will show you Roger in action both on audio and video.

Summary of Free Resources:  Videos and audios on customer service  Slideshows  Articles and tips Site Home Address: http://www. Click. Uplifting the Power of Service Worldwide Ron Kaufman must surely be the most dynamic advocate of customer service in the www. There are audio presentations with intriguing titles such as “How to make a wrong customer feel right”. Learn! 2010 Ron Kaufman Page 78 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .com Email Address: ron@ronkaufman. He has reached more than 3 million people with his high-energy and high-content presentations.Manage. There are 2 really creative Powerpoint slideshows called Service With a Smile and Up the Loyalty Ladder which you can download. He has two websites: his own at ronkaufman and his customer service college at Up Your Service.ronkaufman. a free Customer Service Training Library.managetrainlearn. Both sites will give you access to some of Ron‟s excellent free material. as if this wasn‟t enough. And. There are great videos which will show you why Ron is such a draw when presenting.

It‟s run by Jamie Smart who is the author of most of the articles in the tips archive. Click. and “Power chunking”. Learn! 2010 To get a feel for some of the tips. There are over 80 articles here and they are really one of the best introductions I‟ve come across to NLP. Site Home Address: http://www. Salad Ltd Do What You Love Salad is a UK training company specialising in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).uk Email Address: info@saladltd. here are some titles: “Put some fizz in your physiology” (about the state of your body and the state of your mind). Signing up to Jamie‟s tips means you get a whole host of NLP-related resources Page 79 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .saladltd. “Wave goodbye to hesitation” They‟ll enhance your communications and make you a stronger influencer. Summary of Free Resources:  articles on NLP  free NLP videos  hypnotic language course  irresistible influence language course and ebook  free 1 year hypnosis course and ebook.managetrainlearn.

uk Page 80 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . as well as more familiar management courses. These range from PRINCE2 to Six Sigma. or submit a comment of your own. they also run a monthly prize competition with the winners receiving a free course.managetrainlearn. Because they are also promoting their own offline courses. Site Home Address: http://www. you can follow up on tags (to see related items). Summary of Free Resources:  Free courses from their website  Free monthly competition. and Social Media. Silicon Beach Training Training that Makes a Difference Silicon Beach Training are a Brighton (UK)-based company that provide both online and offline training. Learn! 2010 On each of the topics in their courses. is the range and depth of free resources on their Email Address: contact@siliconbeachtraining. They care about effective training and that means listening to their clients and course participants. they offer 13 courses that can be accessed from their website pages. What makes them really outstanding. Click. share the topic on your social sites. To start off. though.

A great giveaway for training and learning. What makes this more than a training shop. workbooks. exercises.Manage.aspx Email Address: support@skillsconverged. Skills Converged Training Material on Productivity. all of which can be customised to suit your own particular training needs. Click. however.managetrainlearn. and role plays  Icebreakers  Quiz  Teambuilding games  Free download pack with guidelines and useful materials for running courses. slides. Site Home Address: http://www. Summary of Free Resources:  Free training resources on www. You get all the instructions along with the item which are usually well-illustrated. Learn! 2010 75. These range from energisers and icebreakers to exercises and teambuilders. is the wealth of free material on offer. These include trainer‟s notes. Soft Skills and Personal Development Skills Converged is a great little training shop which provides offthe-shelf content for Page 81 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

There are really interesting And the Directory offers a good set of links to more specialised areas. and stretching. advice and tests on stress Page 82 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! Email Address: info@stressbusting.stressbusting. Summary of Free Resources:  Articles. You can hunt for stressbusting ideas either via 12 zones like Workplace Stress and Money and Debt. or via the type of remedy eg a link to another area or product. Therapies cover 13 remedies from Yoga to Colour Therapy to Shiatsu. Stressbusting Wellbeing Solutions for Your Workplace This site has got everything you need to relieve you of stress. from Dr Roger Henderson. Click. I liked in particular the idea of “Firebreaks” around your busy www. Send me to the relaxation couch now. The one irresistible feature is the Stress Test which will let you know how vulnerable to stress you are. Site Home Address: Then there is the Stressbusting channel with a variety of short programmes on relaxation. Learn! 2010 76. meditation.

(and who doesn‟t have some kind of desire for their own success?).  Massive personal success article directory  Free tour and demo of “Life Organizer”  E-cards to send to your www. Click. then this is the place for you. Success Your Path to Success If success is important to you in life. Oh. And email tips. coaching courses. there‟s a great selection of e-cards that you can send to your contacts Page 83 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . But what about the free resources? Well. quotes. developer Robert Stuberg‟s mission can be summed up in this simple statement:”our goal is to help you experience more success!” You‟ll find products from the well-established success authors here such as Jim Rohn and Wayne Dyer. quotes.success. and powerwords. Then there‟s an amazing article directory. to which you can add your own items.managetrainlearn. Learn! 2010 77. in fact. Success. Site Home Address: http://www. Summary of Free Resources:  Free CD and MP3 on Robert Stuberg‟s “The Secret”  Free coaching session  Free newsletters. and I forgot. I think. For a start you can download a free CD and MP3 of “The Secret”. software and videos.Manage. The focus on this entire site is success. these are pretty amazing. Plus a demo of a Life Organizer that plans your personal success. Plus audio Email Address: info@success.

The site has 6 areas: Success Skills. you can be featured on the site and offered www. Love and Relationships. you can develop your own member pages and connect to others through chat. As a reward for gathering points. Site Home Address: http://www. Once you‟ve registered. and a place to learn. instant messaging. Money and Careers. You can access experts in each of these areas. It is a resource.selfgrowth. As an encouragement to participate. or simply daily logging in (5). and discussion boards. blogs. events. sets of Page 84 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . It‟s a very well-managed resource and the links alone will set you on a personal development adventure that may take you anywhere. including adding an expert page (100 points). Health and Fitness. Mental Health. Summary of Free Resources:  A choice of 13 free newsletters  Links to online IQ and EQ tests  Huge directory to specialist sites dealing with self growth  Access to experts. adding an article (50). Self Growth The Online Self-improvement Encyclopaedia Selfgrowth is reputedly one of the largest self-improvement sites on the Internet. newsletters. Spirituality. and products. members can earn user points for all their activity on the Email Address: webmaster@selfgrowth. a community.managetrainlearn.Manage. Click. and Lifestyle. Learn! 2010 78.

and Maintaining www. This is a series of 28 questions about your career objectives and values. Learn! 2010 79. Leading Others. probably because the company is located in Page 85 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . you get the results which score your responses according to one of the following: Gaining Autonomy. Ensuring Security. Achieving Stretch. The assessment now allows you to devise an Action Plan. Great fun and highly innovative. Once you‟ve completed the whole set of questions. Being the Expert. Fostering Innovation. And then it uses a mountain Email Address: info@targetedlearning. Here you can sign up and then take a Career Driver‟s Assessment which is a small portion of Lesson Two of the workshop.managetrainlearn. I scored highest on Gaining Autonomy which for me was spot-on. The great thing about the site. For a start. Click. Summary of Free Resources:  Demo of Making a Difference workshop Site Home Address: http://www. is the link to the Making a Difference workshop. though. Serving Others. it has a landscape website not a down-the-page portrait one. Targeted Learning Engaging the Collective Genius of People This is a neat little site.

testcafe. Learn! 2010 80. Click. on assertiveness. and on your www. on Page 86 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . testing. As an example. on your career Email Address: info@testcafe. on time management. Other free tests include… How Smart Are You? How Smart Are Your Emotions? Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained? Teamwork Are You A Leader? Are You Organised? Are You Self-Confident? Half-Full or Half-Empty? Are You Assertive? Enneagram Test What Color Is Your Aura? What Kind of Person Are You? OK. there‟s a free Brain test that has 32 questions and will take you 12 minutes to complete.managetrainlearn. Site Home Address: http://www. Test Café Brain Tests This is one of the best sites around for taking tests. Summary of Free Resources:  tests and self-assessments. You can take them on your IQ. Testing.

com Email Address: patti@thechangeagent. Summary of Free Resources:  articles on change management. That‟s not all. about Patti and her work. in her words.managetrainlearn. or. Let Go”. The Change Agent Are You A Change Agent or A Change Victim? Patti Hathaway is a consultant who specialises in helping organisations manage change. That‟s why she calls herself “the change agent” (get it?) This site is a showcase for her very interesting articles on change. detect change. It‟s in the form of a spy file.thechangeagent. Site Home Address: http://www. You can also listen to Patti talking about some of her work assignments and you can download one of the best pdf brochures I‟ve ever seen. Learn! 2010 81. ranging from “Change Is A Many–Splintered Thing” to “When You‟re At the End of Your Rope. Page 87 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .

This means that leadership experts and practitioners from all over the world can collaborate with each other. Disney Leadership. messaging each other. Some of the groups on the site include: Professional Voice. documents on leadership Site Home Address: http://www. The Leadership Hub The World’s Online Leadership Community The Leadership Hub is claimed to be the world‟s first online collaborative leadership development community. Learn! 2010 82.Manage. uploading their own video www. blogs.managetrainlearn. Be Page 88 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . videos.theleadershiphub. and one I particularly like. The site is based on Web 2. which aims to inspire people with Walt Disney‟s leadership style and show them how to be a “connoisseur of talent”. documents and other useful tools to share with the rest of the community.0 tools with members writing their own leadership diaries. Think MySpace or Facebook for Leaders and you‟re in the right kind of territory – a leadership collaboration and development site that uses social networking principles and tools. Click. Be Inspired. Move over Mickey! Summary of Free Resources:  60-second leadership book extracts  Blogs. emailing within the Email Address: info@theleadershiphub.

Site Home Address: www. “Chumbo Chart”. end up with “Z-Chart” and “Zenbara”. Learn! 2010 The Improvement Encyclopedia Page 89 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .htm Email Address: contactus@syque. you can start with the “A-O Diagram” and journey through “Bell Curve”. and “Fault Tree Analysis” and. creatingminds. each with a page containing descriptions of tools and terms about improvement and quality. Click. if this is your sort of thing. and qualitytools (which you‟ll find elsewhere in this book).” So. a companion to changingminds. ranging from original Japanese terminology to Six Sigma frameworks. Summary of Free Resources:  articles on quality and improvement. This one is “a long list of around 400 items.syque. Brief Descriptions of Quality Terms and Tools Here is another one of learning junkie David Straker‟s sites. Hats off to David for another amazing encyclopaedic resource.

thelogicofsuccess. a bitter-sweet story of how nobody sees you when you really succeed.Manage. There are 62 of them and they‟re all written the way Victor speaks: highly personal. Motivation with Intelligent Content This is Victor Gonzalez‟s site. conversational. and ends with “The 10 Steps to Overcoming Public Enemy No 1: Fear”. and instructive. Site Home Address: http://www. Victor is an American motivational speaker who is very Email Address: Page 90 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Read and be entertained! Summary of Free Resources:  video excerpts  articles. which is summed up as: “never try to win”. They range from “My First Trophy”. direct. through “The Winning Mindset of a True Leader”.managetrainlearn.) What makes the site worth a visit is the special collection of articles on success. Click. newsletter. Learn! 2010 The Logic of Success 84. and free e-book on success. (You can see him in action on this site in 4 video www.

For a start. and a Daily Knowledge Special. Then there are links to Publications. Which makes this section alone a great research Email Address: info@reckliesmp. HR. a Knowledgebase. this is as good a place to start as you‟ll Page 91 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . if you ever need to look something up about management. Summary of Free Resources:  glossary of management terms  articles galore on management. www. Warning: only attempt if you‟ve got an hour or two to spare as you‟ll almost certainly get absorbed in its fascinating meanderings. Marketing. Site Home Address: http://www. sending you off in all sorts of explorations.Manage. and other categories that will shoot you off to even more resources elsewhere on the Net. it has a wonderful glossary. There are Finance. In fact.themanager. Learn! 2010 85. The Manager The Knowledge Intermediary “The Manager” is a massive resource focusing on management issues.

managetrainlearn. “How Can I Combat Tardiness?” and “I Work With A Jerk!”.Manage. in “Management Without Logic”.com Page 92 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Hint: prison wins out! Summary of Free Resources:  workplace question and answer  amusing things that managers say. Click. there‟s a very amusing section that includes: some of the crazy things managers say. such as “Help! I Can‟t Spel”. Here you‟ll find answers to questions that really bother people at www. and a comparison between work and prison. The main part of the site is a Question and Answer section in the style of an Agony Aunt column which responds to all sorts of workplace Email Address: danvwest@msn. Dan West. and Tina Rowe. In addition. Lists to Hang Up at work. Learn! 2010 The Workplace Doctors 86. Site Home Address: http://www. Dear Doc… This is an off-beat work-related website run by William Gorden.

to name just a few.  trivia puzzles  email games. Project Life Cycle. Learn! 2010 87. eg on facilitator Page 93 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . TV game shows. Site Home Address: http://www. And there‟s a lot of free fun training on the site. and Tic Tac (Noughts and Crosses) “About the World”  a glossary of 66 strategies for improving performance  interactive puzzles. Thiagi Improving Performance Playfully This is the site of Sivasailam Thiagarajan (or Thiagi. quizzes. for short).com Email Address: thiagi@thiagi.managetrainlearn. including…  104 training games from “$20” to “Zoom”  36 interactive lecture styles  webshell games like Hangman. puzzles and guides  training resources. Thiagi was born in Madras (now Chennai) and became an instructional leader devoted to making learning fun. Just go and play! Summary of Free Resources:  games.Manage. Click. and e-learning.

there is a Resources section linking to a big database of other sites and companies.Manage. both outstanding writers. much of it available in the Letter to Thinking Managers newsletter which is free for the first two months. These include a Guru Watch which follows the latest work on over 70 of the world‟s top management gurus. As you would expect from two such Email Address: info@thinkingmanagers. Management Today and de Bono is one of the world‟s leading authorities on creative thinking. Finally. Heller is the founder of the magazine. There is also a huge library of management material. and an update on the world‟s top companies. Unusual and original features of the site are various newsfeeds on management topics. consultants and thinkers in their own www. Site Home Address: http://www. Summary of Free Resources:  Management library  Blog watch  Media watch  Links library.thinkingmangers. Learn! 2010 Thinking Managers 88. Click. a Media Watch which summarises the headlines of the world‟s top business Page 94 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . there is a wealth of material on this site.managetrainlearn. Expand Your Thoughts The two Thinking Managers who edit this site are Robert Heller and Edward de Bono.

managetrainlearn. puzzles. provoke www. wish I‟d had an intro like that! Summary of Free Resources:  Terrific collection of “Tickles” (thought-provoking articles)  Poll of the week. are you tickled by life? Tickledbylife. Learn! 2010 89. Click. Tickled By Life Productivity and Life Enhancement Does life excite you? Are you blown away by the newness of every moment? Do you tap your creativity to the full? Are you passionate about your goals? Does playfulness come naturally to you? In short.php/ Email Address: info@tickledbylife. comments and much more. interviews. games. Site Home Address: http://tickledbylife. anecdotes. Cor. stories. jokes. The objective of this site is to enable you to live your life creatively and joyfully in your own way so that you can experience goose bumps of success in all areas of your Page 95 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .com/index. discussions. inspire you and wow you with a host of free will surprise you.

and has some very interesting ideas and techniques. Tom Antion Wake ‘Em Up Business Page 96 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Tom Antion is a business speaker who also runs a range of seminars on other topics. It‟s On his site you‟ll find a great free ebook on how to keep your audience awake and captivated by your business presentations.htm Email Address: orders@antion.Manage. Click. and don‟t you think that book cover is kinda snazzy? Summary of Free Resources:  ebook on presentations  free articles on presentations. If you want to inject more pizzazz into your presentations.antion. Oh. Tom‟s title for the e-book is: “Wake „Em Up!” and the subtitle is “Your A to Y Guide (No ZZZZZs Allowed) to more interesting.managetrainlearn. fun and memorable programs”. try it. Site Home Address: www. It‟s printable online reading but if you want to buy the book you can. Learn! 2010 90. 336 pages long.

he shakes up enterprises to re-think what they do. Site Home Address: http://www. I can get the next best thing to attending one of his seminars: all the powerpoint slides for free. I dreamed of attending one of Peters‟ seminars – a mix of Deming and Robbins. when I was just a humble HR manager. Send them to friends. www. or dozens more. Romania. But now of course the cost doesn‟t come into Page 97 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . I used to think. Spain. from seminars in the States. Peters is a legend in his own lifetime. Learn! 2010 91. “Take them. You can discover what the great man thinks about interviewing excellence. or the nub of leadership. slides and pdfs on Peters‟ thoughts. He is far more than a motivational speaker. or transformational change. or innovation.Manage. The thing that stopped me going then was that Peters‟ seminars were invariably sold out and I could never make out a good enough business case to justify the Email Address: info@tompeters. Click. Plus. and more.managetrainlearn. the Middle East. Tom implores us to use these resources. For here on Peters‟ site. Use them. There are heaps of stuff here. Tom Peters. Please!” As if he had to ask! Summary of Free Resources:  powerpoint slides of Tom Peters‟ seminars  master and special slides  newsletter and daily quote  pdf files covering thoughts and tips.tompeters. Spread them around. Have your way with them. Tom Peters When Exactly Will You Go For Wow? This is the site of the guru‟s guru. Years ago.

such as “Aeroplanes” and “Ha Ha”  Exit interview questionnaire  Meeting planner  Powerpoint games  Quizzes and fun  Teambuilding games  Training Models  Training documents  Icebreaker. you qualify for a free training pack. leaders and anyone involved in the development of others could access a set of simple to use trainers notes that are highly interactive. Metaphors. Trainerbubble Affordable Training Solutions Trainerbubble sells a range of products for trainers. Summary of Free Resources:  Samples of training materials. simple to follow and easy to access. if you are a UK charity. Lateral thinkers.managetrainlearn.Manage. Learn! 2010 Customer Care. whilst remaining affordable. and Health and Safety. They also provide consultancy and bespoke services. eg “Leading Effective Teams” and “The Art of Negotiation”  Free energisers. Trainerbubble provides a huge list of free samples that are ideal for anyone running courses.aspx Email Address: customercare@trainerbubble. Plus. Page 98 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . The site and company is the creation of Andrew Wood whose aim was to develop a website where trainers. A great training resource. Site Home Address: http://www. As well as this www. including Business Development.trainerbubble. seminars and workshops. Communication.

and assertive/unassertive www. Learn! 2010 93. you can also download a 107-page pdf book called “The Whole Person Handbook” which uses a questionnaire to lead you through your key development Page 99 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .trans4mind. For starters. stable/unstable. Trans4Mind Tools for Transformation This link will take you to a wealth of free goodies from Peter Shepherd‟s Trans4mind website. And. if that‟s not enough. there are 3 more free courses on Email Address: info@trans4mind.managetrainlearn. Site Home Address: http://www. Phew! Summary of Free Resources:  E-book  courses on self-development  free coaching  free copy of “Transforming the Mind”  free copy of “The Whole Person Handbook”. And that just scratches the surface. Plus.Manage. and Nutrition. Then you can download a 242-page pdf book called “Transforming the Mind” and take a range of personality tests covering extroversion/introversion. what you want in life and how to consciously transform your life for the better. there‟s a 30-lesson course called “The Positive Approach” which is intended to help you become clearer about your own identity. Heart Intelligence. Click.

it‟s an amazing management portal linking to over 250 management methods and theories in areas like: strategy and value creation. it's all completely free! Summary of Free Resources:  portal for management articles and ideas  free magazines  hall of fame. You get what‟s on offer thrown straight in your face. Value-Based Management Management Methods There‟s no room for pretty designs or graphics on this site. Learn! 2010 94.. Page 100 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . change and culture. Site Home Address: http://www. In fact. communication and marketing. I could jump from “Game Theory” to “Six Thinking Hats” to “Emotional Intelligence” to Covey‟s “Seven Habits” theory.managetrainlearn. In just a few minutes. and leadership and management..valuebasedmanagement. Click. Nearly every concept on management must be here. and most importantly.Manage. valuation and decision www. It‟s like an internet inside an Email Address: info@valuebasedmanagement.

nz www. which are the 4 main learning styles (though check out Accelerated Learning who expand this to 8 multiple intelligence learning styles). or explain on a diagram?” Once you‟ve answered all the case studies. tell you. Here‟s one of the situations: “You have a problem with your knee. Learn! 2010 Vark Learning Styles 95. and Page 101 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . has a questionnaire of 13 typical learning situations that will tell you what your preferred learning style is. Neil Fleming. Click. Discover Your Learning Style VARK stands for Read/ Email Address: flemingn@ihug.Manage. How would you like the doctor to explain what‟s wrong? Would you prefer him to show you on a model.vark-learn. This site from New Zealander.managetrainlearn. Aural. you‟ll get a page that explains your learning style. Site Home Address: http://www. Summary of Free Resources:  learning style questionnaire  helpsheets on the styles  books and software.

Wilderdom Gear for Adventurous Learning This wonderful site is James Neil‟s collection of classic and novel group games. this is a treasure trove of training and if there were such a thing. or adapted. For me. you could even try out some indigenous games such as the String games of the Navajo and traditional Hopi games. for any experiential learning course. whether you‟re working with colleges. I‟d award James Neil the Nobel Prize for Experiential Learning! Summary of Free Resources:  13 categories of group games  massive store for all things training  trainer‟s resources. Then there are some of my favourite icebreakers such as Cheeky Cheeky and Zoom. If you really want to push the boat out. They can be used. or the local scout troop. activities and exercises. any of which could easily account for half a day‟s training. Survival On The Moon. Click. Site Home Address: Page 102 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Learn! 2010 96. there are all the classic teambuilding games such as Lost At Sea.Manage.managetrainlearn. I could happily spend hours on this site. corporate managers. And trust activities such as Sherpa Walk and Human Ladder. and Nuclear Email Address: www.wilderdom. For example.

com Page 103 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . there were articles. a forum. Workforce Online Educating You About Your Workforce This is a huge resource and it‟s hard to know where to begin. and cartoons. When I last looked. a Dear Workforce agony aunt. newsletter. Summary of Free Resources:  magazine  articles  news poll  cartoons  hot list of HR providers and vendors  free sample issue of “Workforce Benefits”  forum. topic channels. Site Home Address: http://www.Manage. a news poll.managetrainlearn. Click. Then there are all sorts of additional free Email Address: www. For a start you can get a free copy of the Workforce magazine which covers current issues of interest to HR and general management. Registration gives you access to the full site and it‟s free so there‟s no need to miss out on anything.workforceonline. Learn! 2010 97.

Click. This isn‟t a place where you can drop difficult employees and let them rot but a place to deposit all the articles you like and come back to in your own time. if you‟ve had a problem. Learn! 2010 Page 104 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .com www. then Work Worries is the place to visit. Bullying. and Office Politics. The original feature that I like about this website is the Vault. There are over 1200 articles and resources to choose from with headings like Bad Bosses. then so has someone else who now has an answer. Summary of Free Resources:  links to articles and resources  discussion forum  personal vault to collect and store your Email Address: info@workworries. Site Home Address: http://www. There‟s also a discussion forum where you can let off steam. It‟s based on the idea that all workplace problems are caused by people and that.managetrainlearn. Work Worries Help With People Problems At Work If you have problems at work and need help to sort them out.workworries.

Don‟t Guess Your Way to Success. Learn! 2010 99. Leadership and Management. Performance Management. It‟s a true management library. Xage Consultancy Your Very Own Online Management Consultancy Xage is a new site for me. Training and Development.Manage. Summary of Free Resources:  large collection of e-books Site Home Address: Page 105 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . Click.xageconsulting. It is run by Karen Davies and Gary Malcolm with. an office based in Email Address: Karen@xageconsulting. English Brainstormers. Job Analysis. Recruitment. Assessment Centres. Here you‟ll find a huge list of books under different categories such as HRM. unusually. Titles include: The Definitive Book of Body www. and The Psychologist‟s Book of Personality Tests. HR Planning. Policy and Procedures.managetrainlearn. and Teambuilding. A large number of the books are MBA notes. It is an international Human Resource Management Consultancy that helps organisations meet their HR challenges by developing and implementing actionable solutions. The free downloadable library on the site is the real draw.

Site Home Address: http://www. For example. his forum is called Ask Zig!!. But if you want to find out how to turn yourself into a distinctive brand. his short training courses are called Ziggets. Learn! 2010 www. There are a few great free offerings to be found as well.zigziglar.Manage.managetrainlearn. You don‟t easily forget the name or the clever way in which he uses the name as a brand. What sets him apart from the rest is that he knows how to stand out. Zig Ziglar It’s About Being Better The reason I included Zig Ziglar‟s website in this book isn‟t because I liked the idea of an entry under “Z” but because I liked the idea of how one man can turn himself into a brand. including a self-talk card and a performance Page 106 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! .. and every day there is a new Zig Quote of the Day. A bit like Zigzagging all the way to success! Summary of Free Resources:  newsletter  self-talk card  performance planner  free download of Zig‟s “Biscuits. Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker and trainer. much like many of the others in this book. Fleas and Pump Handles” when you sign up for the newsletter. and all you‟ve got going for you is you. Click. then you can‟t do much better than copy Email Address: info@zigziglar.

managetrainlearn.Manage. and much more. enter our prize quiz. This is learning like you always dreamed it could be.managetrainlearn. get your surprise bonus gift.managetrainlearn. visit our website at Click. Learn! 2010 Thank you for reading and using this www. Here you can learn about the 20 skills you’ll need for success in the 21st Century. get instant downloads of FREE products. subscribe to our weekly newsletter. For a very special learning experience. For more digital publications on management and personal Page 107 of 107 Get the MTL Experience! . visit http:/ww.

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