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Published by: Nehru Nathan Shanmugam on Apr 29, 2012
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Educating You About Your

This is a huge resource and it‟s hard to know where to begin.

For a start you can get a free copy of the Workforce magazine
which covers current issues of interest to HR and general
management. Then there are all sorts of additional free features.
When I last looked, there were articles, a news poll, a Dear
Workforce agony aunt, a forum, newsletter, topic channels, and

Registration gives you access to the full site and it‟s free so
there‟s no need to miss out on anything.

Summary of Free Resources:

news poll
hot list of HR providers and vendors
free sample issue of “Workforce Benefits”

Site Home Address:


Email Address:


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98. Work Worries

Help With People Problems At Work

If you have problems at work and need help to
sort them out, then Work Worries is the place
to visit.

It‟s based on the idea that all workplace

problems are caused by people and that, if
you‟ve had a problem, then so has someone
else who now has an answer.

There are over 1200 articles and resources to choose from with

headings like Bad Bosses, Bullying, and Office Politics. There‟s

also a discussion forum where you can let off steam.

The original feature that I like about this website is the Vault.

This isn‟t a place where you can drop difficult employees and let

them rot but a place to deposit all the articles you like and come
back to in your own time.

Summary of Free Resources:

links to articles and resources
discussion forum
personal vault to collect and store your resources.

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99. Xage Consultancy

Your Very Own Online
Management Consultancy

Xage is a new site for me. It is an international Human Resource
Management Consultancy that helps organisations meet their HR
challenges by developing and implementing actionable solutions.
It is run by Karen Davies and Gary Malcolm with, unusually, an
office based in Vietnam.

The free downloadable library on the site is the real draw. Here

you‟ll find a huge list of books under different categories such as

HRM, Recruitment, Performance Management, HR Planning, Job
Analysis, Training and Development, Leadership and
Management, Assessment Centres, Policy and Procedures, and
Teambuilding. A large number of the books are MBA notes.

Titles include: The Definitive Book of Body Language, English

Brainstormers, Don‟t Guess Your Way to Success, and The
Psychologist‟s Book of Personality Tests.

It‟s a true management library.

Summary of Free Resources:

large collection of e-books

Site Home Address:


Email Address:


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100. Zig Ziglar

It’s About Being Better

The reason I included Zig

Ziglar‟s website in this book isn‟t

because I liked the idea of an

entry under “Z” but because I

liked the idea of how one man can turn himself into a brand.

Zig Ziglar is a motivational speaker and trainer, much like many
of the others in this book. What sets him apart from the rest is
that he knows how to stand out. You don‟t easily forget the name
or the clever way in which he uses the name as a brand. For
example, his short training courses are called Ziggets, his forum
is called Ask Zig!!, and every day there is a new Zig Quote of the

There are a few great free offerings to be found as well, including
a self-talk card and a performance planner. But if you want to
find out how to turn yourself into a distinctive brand, and all

you‟ve got going for you is you, then you can‟t do much better

than copy Zig.

A bit like Zigzagging all the way to success!

Summary of Free Resources:

self-talk card
performance planner
free download of Zig‟s “Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles”

when you sign up for the newsletter..

Site Home Address:


Email Address:


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