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Burning of a black youth, 1930’s

Distribution of slaves in USA, 1790-1860

Protest march in Washington, 1931

The Scottsboro boys in jail. 1931 .

“Flop House” 1938 .

1931 .Leaflet advertising a meeting.

Memorial at Jackson County Courthouse .

Workers on a cotton field. 1930’s .

1930’s .A “lynching party”.

1930’s .Another lynching in Alabama.

1930’s .Ku Klux Klan ceremony.

1920’s .A Ku Klux Klan poster.

1950’s .Segregated cinema entrance.

1938 .“A prayer for rain”.

Migrant workers during the Great Depression. 1930’s .

Working the fields during the 1930’s .

School protests in the 1950’s .

1950’s .Segregated train station.

1956 .Riots at Birmingham University. Alabama.

Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. 1955 .

1950’s .Ku Klux Klan rally.

Arkansas. Little Rock. 1958 .The national guard is called in.

Arkansas.Integration of black students in Little Rock. 1958 .

1930’s .Migrant workers during the Great Depression.

1930’s .Poverty during the Great Depression.

Working as cotton pickers during the 1930’s .

A segregated drinking fountain. 1938 .

1938 .Segregation in the US army.

1938 .13 year old sharecropper.

1955 .Martin Luther King organises a bus boycott after Rosa Park’s arrest.

Police break up a civil rights march. 1950’s .

Memorial in Washington. celebrating Martin Luther King .

Civil Rights leaders meet with President Kennedy. 1963 .