Bangalore Dessert Menu


1. Tarts --

i. Lemon Meringue Tart ii. Chocolate Tart (can be plated with a salted caramel sauce or praline soil) iii. Apple Tart (regular or French-which would use a puff pastry base) iv. Berry Tart v. Tart Bourdaloue (with white wine poached pears) 2. Dulce de Leche Swirl Brownies (child friendly)
3. Vanilla Panna Cotta with mixed berry coulis 4. Classic Tiramisu 5. Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (with Praline chocolate crunch) 6. Lemon Bars (I don’t think the lemon bars fit with

7. Éclairs – Chocolate/classic vanilla/hazelnut 8. Crème Brulee (you could offer a different flavour

reworked menu but could be kept as a child friendly dessert option) everyday-very easy to doorange/lemon/lavender/mocha/lemongrass/basil/saffron/va nilla/kafir lime)

9. Quark Cheesecake (Blueberry/cranberry/fruit of the forest) 10. Super Decadent Chocolate Cake (with cayenne & allspice crème anglaise)

and thrown by the night if not consumed. Molten Chocolate Cakes (with strawberry coulis. Earl Grey infused dark chocolate (topped with chocolate soil) 17. and is very time consuming) 12. Chocolate Mille Feuille (Mille feuilles must be made fresh every morning. Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake 14. Classic vanilla (topped with chocolate almond crumble) 19. You will also need a dough sheeter to make the feuilleté.Opera (Needs upto 4-5 different elements.11. also preferably needs French or Danish butter. Grand Marnier Orange scented (topped with thinly sliced orange peel) 18.Trio of Pots De Crème with whipped cream 16. can be done by hand but you need a very experienced pastry chef to do that well. Trio of Baked Yogurt (saffron/blueberry/lavender/lemon/orange/pomegranate/m ocha) . they do not store well cost of wastage can be high. black pepper crème anglaise and mascarpone) 15. Also you will need to purchase French or Danish butter to make a good buttercream) 13.

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