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Absorbent Textiles

Absorbent Textiles

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Published by: Mehak Jain on Apr 29, 2012
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By: Mohit Saluja

sanitary products. carbon fibers and viscose yarns can be taken into consideration as nonwoven absorbents. As this super absorbent polymer are used vigorously. in the coming year this will replace traditional absorbent materials such as cloth. paper wadding. Some of the ingredients like Poly Acrylates based fibers. and similar applications. These are a kind of fabric. Super Absorbent Textiles: These are more advanced & superior in characteristics which is much far better than normal absorbent textile.net ABSORBENT TEXTILES By: Mohit Saluja Introduction As the name suggest. These fibers are composed absorbent organic fibers. Super absorbent polymer is mainly used as an absorbent for water and aqueous solutions for diapers. and cellulose fibers. absorbent fibers are those. hence helps to make skin moisture free. posses the properties of absorbing moisture up to several thousand times its original weight which eventually becoming a gel after undergoing significant expansion. feminine hygiene products. These are broadly used in manufacturing of bandages. . Usually Absorbent Textile Fabric comprises a water absorbent fabric layer having high moisture absorbency & a water permeable fabric layer having low moisture absorbency and a high moisture permeability which further integrally connected by knitting or by use of bonding agent for giving double layered fabric structure. industrial & medical applications where absorption needs to be done. These can be used for various commercial. cotton. odor absorbents etc.technicaltextile. which absorbs the moisture from wearer and moves it away from the garment. which can allow penetrating the water molecules well inside their sites.2 www. adult incontinence products. which help to allow maximum fluid. pick up & even suits burning after use.

net Characteristics of Absorbent Textiles: These offer significantly impending for the improvement of land water management and control They can absorb around fifteen times more than their own weight They possess High Tensile Strength They are good fire retardants which makes them more useful & important for industrial point of view especially. These materials are more useful if worn next to skin at the time of exercise to further keep it dry Applications: As a Absorbent Textile Sheet Materials.3 www. the present invention provides an absorbent textile composite material which comprises a flexible carrier layer and an active layer connected with the carrier layer. absorbent Textile is a sort of innovative textile which is still in development stage & requires more research in to it to make it more usable & in practice. As far as commercial aspect. it will surly enhance the conventional process to some extent but will defiantly develop the scope of Technical Textiles & their applications in future. and workshops. Among others. as a cleaning cloth.technicaltextile. baby napkins etc Conclusion In the coming scenario. wherein the active layer comprises a nanofibers nonwoven optionally filled with a superabsorbent As a Energy Absorbent Textile Material Use in Diaper. These are perfect for using in garages. . as we all are aware about the scope of technical textile & how they are growing in India rapidly. skid resistant underlayment They can be used in high functional textile & innovative materials like Bamboo fibers which is able to take up three times its weight in water. factories.

4 www.technicaltextile.net References: Tex.com Freepatents .in Fibre2fashion Google Wisegeek.

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