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Questions – Russell’s Unpopular Essays

Russells’s prose style Critically evaluate Russell’s prose style. “The lucidity and charm of his style depends upon the clarity of his thought”. Discuss the statement in the light of Russell’s essays.

Russell’s practicality, empiricism, positivism and rationalism Even when theoretic and imaginative, Russell never departs from practicality and empiricism. Elaborate. Bertrand Russell comes before us a positive philosopher and a concrete thinker. Elaborate. Discuss Russell’s essays in terms of their relevance to the development of human beings in terms of becoming more practical and rational creatures.

Russell’s crusade against obscurantism, mysticism and dogmatism Russell was opposed to all obscurantism, mysticism and dogmatism. How far has he incorporated this approach in his essays?

Russell as an optimistic thinker “Russell wants to liberate man from pessimism”. Elaborate the statement in the light of his essays.

Philosophy and politics What according to Russell is the necessary connection between philosophy and politics?

Can we check the social. helped mankind? Can ideas.The future of mankind Do you think Bertrand Russell’s proposal for the establishment of a world government is desirable. Ideas that have helped or harmed mankind In how many ways have ideas concerned with morals and politics. Elaborate. economic and political decline if we succeed in making our teachers impartial and neutral in the real sense of the word? Russell’s views on teaching and education have been of immense use down the years. be so effective as Russell has claimed? Make out a case for or against in the light of his essays. according to Russell. or even tenable? The functions of a teacher What safeguards does Russell suggest against a teacher becoming a tool in the hands of governments and how far are they adequate? What are the practical difficulties in employing ideal teachers and how can they be overcome? Discuss. good or bad. .