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Language Arts Practice Test 2

Language Arts Practice Test 2

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Published by: Allison Nadine Marchand on Apr 29, 2012
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Complete the sentences by changing the nouns in brackets to the plural form.

EXAMPLE : Alvin lost the keys


Angels are always drawn with ___________above their heads. halo The clown threw the ____________ at us, during the circus show. knife Two ____________ make one diameter. radius Several _____________ were sold very cheaply at the auction. piano




Write the correct form of the 'self' pronoun to complete the following sentences.

EXAMPLE : "I want to do it myself," said the little girl. 4 She ___________ took the boy to the hospital.


The director of the company did the task by ____________.


The men had to remove the boulder by ___________.

ANSWER 10 The thief ran through the building after stealing the purse. 11 Sky scrapers should be built in Trinidad. . 12 Mother went to the mall after work. is. are) every winter. _______________ to school early every (comes. come) morning D Change the following sentences from positive statements to negative statements Example: I like to go hiking during the vacation. are) 7 Bread and cheese ___________ my favourite meal (is . hibernates) 9 Rose. I do not like to go hiking during the vacation. as well as James.C Write the correct form of the verb in brackets to complete the following sentences EXAMPLE: He and I are going to church. (am. 8 Snakes ________________ (hibernate.

EXAMPLE: Place the towel in the cupboard. (superior) Marcia is ________________ than her sister. I'm going to Barbados on Sunday. (intellegent) Sheldon thinks he is _________________ to all his classmates. During the winter bears hibernate in caves. EXAMPLE: I am going to Barbados on Sunday.E Write the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the following sentences. EXAMPLE: Malika is the tallest of the thirty students in our class. (pretty) 14 15 F Underline the adjectives in each of the following sentences EXAMPLE : The kind child fed the hungry dog 16 The road was rough but the beautiful scenery enchanted us. ( tall) 13 She is the _______________________ girl in her family. Underline the prepositions in each of the following sentences. . 17 G Several children surrounded the movie star for autographs. 18 19 H Replace the expanded forms in brackets with their contractions to complete the following sentences The minister spoke to the mischievous boys about their conduct.

that is similar in meaning EXAMPLE: The girl detested the idea of having to return for the book she had forgotten at home.20 Trinidadians _______________ go to Canada without a visa. EXAMPLE: DIRECT The doctor told the patient to read the directions on the label of the bottle. . Remember to spell correctly. OR a phrase.VOCABULARY/SPELLING/ PUNCTUATION 21 22 A In the spaces below. The girl did not like the idea of having to return for the book she had forgotten at home. (cannot) Drivers ____________ use the shoulder of the highway when overtaking. (were not) SECTION 11. write the APPROPRIATE form of the word that is in CAPITAL LETTERS to complete EACH sentence. (should not) We _____________ prepared for the disaster which occurred. B In each of the following sentences there is a word that is underlined. 23 CAUTIOUS Motorists must display grave ______________ when crossing a flashing amber light. ANSWERS: The girl hated the idea of having to return for the book she had forgotten at home. 24 TESTIFY The ___________________ of the witness was discredited by the astute lawyer. For EACH underlined word write EITHER another word.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REWRITE YOUR SENTENCE. . 29 The boys did not tell there mother the truth about the missing money. 30 When the accident ocurred we were at the cricket match. C Underline the word which is incorrectly spelt and write the correct form in the space provided. length 28 It is said that bad beginings normally end well. EXAMPLE: Rita measured the lenght of the table. EXAMPLE: The babys bottle fell on my clothes. D Insert the TWO missing punctuation marks to correctly complete EACH of the following sentences. 31 Simon the gardener has been fired by the manager. The baby's bottle fell on my clothes. 26 The violent patient had to be sedated before the minor operation.25 The child was petrified when she saw the armed bandit. 27 The man was enchanted by the beauty of the princess.

Rats enjoy grooming each other.and need . Use complete sentences.32 I saw you at the mall " Amanda told Sita.law was my mother s best friend. especially when they are 'teenagers' between 3 and 6 months old. It is usual for rats to scrap occasionally. Although they will usually survive if kept as single pets. 34 "Help! mother shouted as she rolled down the hill. and sometimes even fighting. pet care is not just a matter of keeping animals alive. they thrive in . It is unfair to deprive any social animal of the company of its own species.in .the company of their own species. 33 Jason s mother . 35 We can t seem to understand this mathematical problem SECTION 111 COMPREHENSION A Read carefully the passage below and answer the questions that are based on it. 36 What is the main idea of the passage? 37 What do you understand by the statement that rats are social animals? . correct grammar and spelling. rats will have happier and more interesting lives when kept with other rats. of humans. as the rats are just establishing a pecking order. do not worry about this unless you see serious injuries. Rats should never live alone. and ideally should be kept in groups of two or more of the same sex. curling up to sleep together.

He had a tail. And both remarked it would greatly add To the charm of their daily food. For they never came back again. And I saw them go with pain But what them befell I never can tell. Use complete sentences. . Both long and curling and fine. correct grammar and spelling. and she had a tail. And down in one hole they did dwell And each was as black as your Sunday hat. And they both pronounced it good. RICHARDS. So he ventured out and she ventured out. and she smelt the cheese. He was a rat.38 What is meant by the word 'scrap' in line 7 39 Two actions which prove that rats are socila animals are: 40 What do you think "pecking order" mean? B Read carefully the poem below and answer the questions that are based on it. And they loved one another well. "My love's tail is the finest tail In the world. And each said. excepting mine!" He smelt the cheese. and she was a rat. —LAURA E.

.41 Suggest an appropriate title for the poem 42 What do you think is the mood of the poem? 43 Write the line which tells what each rat thought about its tail. 44 What enticed the rats to leave their safe dwelling? 45 What do you think happened to the rats? Give a reason for your answer.

museumoflondon. 150.C Read the Job advertisement carefully and answer the questions below using complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling Job Advertisement Senior Curator. You can return the form online or post to HR Department.uk . Museum of London. self-motivated and creative person to manage and develop our fantastic collection of visual arts. EC2Y 5HN. We employ a wide range of people in jobs as diverse as the team we are trying to build and we have one unique quality . 46 What is the job which is being advertised? 47 List two qualities which are required of the person who gets the job.org. Please complete our application form online. The successful candidate must have a good understanding and awareness of London’s cultural diversity. proven experience in the field. and is passionate about developing the collection in a direction that reflects the diversity of Londoners today. enthusiasm for using art to communicate to new audiences. All our works are inspired by London and most are by London artists. Paintings. able to contribute to the Museum’s exhibitions and other public programmes. London. prints and drawings document the creative spirit of London and Londoners from the 17th century to the present day. and a genuine commitment to making the collections accessible. The Museum’s paintings.people love working here. Prints and Drawings We are looking for an enthusiastic. The Museum of London is the world’s largest urban history museum and our staff are passionate about what they do. . London Wall. You will have experience of looking after works of art in a cultural institution. You will find the form on the Museum’s website www.

48 What experience is required for the job? 49 In what two ways a person applying for the job may return the form? 50 What is the website on which the application form can be found? .

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