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NPA Frees 5 human shields The Philippine Army (PA) yesterday confirmed that the five civilians, including a barangay kagawad who were held hostage by the New People's Army (NPA) guerillas in Davao del Sur have been released on Friday. (Glma Elorde) Boy, 4, killed in NPA A four-year-old boy was killed when suspected NPA rebels went on a shooting spree in Northern Samar yesterday morning, the military said. (Cecille Felipe) AFP: Ifugao operation directed at rebels only The AFP leadership assured Ifugao folk that the ongoing military operation in the province is only directed At NPA guerrillas who ambushed and killed 11 soldiers and a civilian in Tinoc town last Wednesday. (Jaime Laude) Policemen, Robbers Clash: 5 die Five persons were killed, including a policemen and three robbers, and two others were wounded in a shootout between lawmen and suspected holdup men who robbed the passengers of two jeepneys in QC. (Jeffrey Damicog) Soldier killed 1 wounded in encounter A soldier was killed while another one was wounded in an encounter with members of NPA in Magsaysay. (Zaida Palanca)

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1 patay sa sagupaan ng sundalo at rebelde sa Davao del Sur
Nakatakdang dalhin ang labi ni Pfc Arnel Banos Apasible sa kanilang lugar sa San Pelipe, Koronadal City. SI Apasible ang napatay ng mg. rebelde ng magkasagupa ang dalawang grupo kagabi ng alas-8:30 sa Tapikong Brgy. Bacungan Magsaysay, Davao del Sur. 3 rebelde arestado sa operasyon ng militar sa Zamboanga Sibugay - Arestado ang tatlong pinaniniwalaang miyembro ng lost command group sa inilunsad na law enforcement operation ng mga operating units ng Philippine Army 102nd Infantry Brigade at mga kasapi ng pulisya laban sa grupo ng notoryos na lost command commander na si Wanning Abdusalam kaninang madaling araw sa sitlo Gangit, Barangay Mamagon, Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay province. 3 mini dump trucks,sinunog ng NPA sa Misamis Oriental Nagpapatuloy ngayon ang inilunsad na pursuit operation laban sa lima umanong kasapi ng Front Committee 4-B ng rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) matapos nilang sinunog ang tatlong mini dump trucks sa Brgy. Mandangoa, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental kagabi




4-anyos patay sa pag-atake ng mga NPA sa Samar Patay ang apat na taong gulang na bata matapos umatake at magpaputok sa mga sibilyan ang mga miyembro ng New People's Army (NPA) sa Brgy Taylor, Las Navas, Northern Samar.


Public urged to support AFP in winning peace vs insurgents The AFP urged the public to support the military in winning the peace against insurgents. (Cecille Felipe) 7 Dellosa wants involvement of reservists AFP chief Gen. Jessie Dellosa has ordered the review of the AFP Reserve Force Development Program to ensure synchrony between the active and reserve forces in dealing with and handling military and defense matters, (Jaime Laude) AFP eyes Bigger Reservists' Role Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa wants members of the military reserve force to take an active role not only in disaster response, but also in defending the country's territorial sovereignty both from internal and external threats. (Elena Aben) No Fight Jet To Protect PH The long overdue completion of the modernization program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) finds the military in quandary today without a single jet fighter to protect the country's airspace and an antiquated navy unable to secure the nation's vast territorial waters. (Ben Cal) 'We won't be provoked' Malacanang yesterday maintained the Philippines would stand its ground and not be provoked by the Chinese military's posturing in the West Philippine Sea. Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the country would come up with a unified and strong stand to defend its claims before international forums. (Aurea Calica) Playing The 'Name That Shoal' Game - What's in a name? A lot, if you're talking about the triangle-shaped shoal 124 nautical miles west of Zambales. The uninhabited strip of land has long been referred to as Scarborough. But with tensions bubbling between the Philippine and China over territoriality, Scarborough is no longer just Scarborough. (Madel Sabater) Wha's in a Name? Should the Philippine call the shoal by its local name or should it refer to it by its international name since its dispute with China is an international controversy? (Christine Avendano) US imposed media ban on Balikatan to avoid riling China The American side in the just-concluded Balikatan 2012 joint military exercise changed rules unilaterally and imposed a media blackout on major live-fire exercises between the Philippines and United States military. (Redempto Anda) PH hits 'Bullying' of Chinese Ship The Philippines accused China Saturday of "bullying" in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) after a large Chinese ship harassed two small Philippine vessels at Scarborough Shoal, where the two countries have been facing off each other over territorial rights for nearly three weeks. (Philip Tubeza) Phil Star p. 4

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Scarborough, Panatag or Bajo? Is it Scarborough, Panatag or Bajo? In the first place, what's in the name?

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21 22 23 Jonas Burgos; 42 (Patricia Evangelista) China pushing us closer to the United States (Babe Romualdez) Engaging China (Randy David) Walang kakayahang bantayan ang teritoryo (Ronnie Halos) POI p. A15 Phil Star. P 16 POI p. A14 Ngayon p.



.·SVi\(i,)~'Sl$:At 2 p.nltndaY, a". . Shallriwlnwl'reSfureArea (SLPA)·.· .was estimated based onsaleJlite and .~ilrfa(e data a!60iHm 50uthea5t of Southern Mindanao (41°N,131.(IOE). Ta'i~end of a <old frontaffettlng ExtremeNortl1eml.uton,· .•,f~R~Olst Mindanao Extreme ' and Northern luzon WnJexperience .mostly doudy skies With stattered .. .raln,howers and thundemorm~ The rest ofthecouritry VIlli bepal!lydoudyto at tim~ doudy wJlh lsolaled rdin!howers orthuooerSUi!lilS mostly in the afternoon or evening. ..' . . . .. .... ......•. ......... .., ..' .' . light moderate winds blowing from the eastto southeast will preVail CNerwzon and coming from the eastte northeast overthe .rest ofthe countryThe zoastal waters throughout tfle archipelago wlil tie ,fight to moderate,





': ... ::'.:.;,;, ....



3 pm..todaI'-"36.1·C {9698°f} at 6 am. today-25"C (77"F)

ri"ilJ.p~!'i}i{Tm!WSa!on9 Manila Bay (tounesyofNamria) . Hightidetomorrowat2:42p.m, 0.93 meter low tide tomorrow at 11:35 p.m, ·0.06 meter


April 2012

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1'IlPA frees

a paramiJtary detachment in Barangay Baeungan, in Magsaysay Davao del Sur, seized civilians and used them as human shields during their escape. During the clash between government forces and the guerillas, at least four suspected NPA and a government militiaman were killed. One of

10thInfantry Divisionspokesman, M~or Jacob Obligado. Obligado said the five civilians, The Philippine Army CPA) yesterday confirmed that the five Barangay San Miguel Councilor EntengBunal,Jolly Paimalan, Elmer clvilians, including a barangay kagal';-ad whowere held hostage by Pentes, Rhyan Banua and Pablo . the l'bew People's Army (NPA) Butaya havebeen released bytheir gueri'ilas in Davao del Sur have captors. On Thursday evening, a group .been released on Friday. This was disclosed by the PA's of heavily armed rebels assaulted

By Glma ParaHa-Elorde

the slain rebels was tdentifled as Jay Capalla. The clash in Magsaysay town occurred on the same day 11 soldiers and a civilian were killed in an ambush in lfugao province. The firefight lasted for 45 minutes. Government troops recovered the bodies of two of the slain rebels while local residents

said there were two more fatiilities on the NPA side. Two soldiers, Private 1st Class Arnel Apaci~le and a government militiaman, . identified as Leonardo Caingiet, were killed in the purs~it . operations.OneDionato Obias,was slightlywounded , Obligadosaid the five released , hostages are now safe. "


2- ~

April 2012

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-_ ----..•..

was killed when suspected ..•...... fantrYl)l VISIOl1,.saId"the . N ewye6ple'sArmy •. A) •...•.... (Nl' '.rehelssto:ll'tedthe\tllage. . rebels went on:a sho6ting< ofTaylormLastI.a'V as; . "",,,.,, ..,,,,n· NortherrlSamar ..... N0rthernSa.rrtarata.r()~l1~ ·.. . ·<S:30a'Il1.yesterday,lndls.'··.criminatel'l'fitingtheirguns ..' athollsesandkillil1gJohn . .•..UoydEllzaldewhowasin '"

·AF.·.P.·:·.•.·•·I.fp·.ga·o ·•.•. ·Oper?ti()n . ·.d············ .. I .......•. · ..•• • i ··.·.··.lrecte.··i........•... .•. : ··.a.ti···r~.p~JS.· ... •• ·! i().Oily


.•.•..•.. !

. . iDhitsaicltherebelshppar•...•. ·entIyharassedthJyillagers '. .···.·.fornotextending suppmt .... .. · them,.._;CecUleSuerie .: FeIipe;}ahneLattde .. '. .

....... ·.··.hishome·iii·.···.·.··ii.··>····•··.·· •.

······.··ii TheArritedForcesleader-·. .: ship yesterdayassuredlfugao: . folkthatthe°rtgoinSrnilitary •. ..operationirithe province is . onlyd~i'ected atNewPeople'sr .Army{NPA)guertillasy;ho .. i ··· ·ambushedandkinedl1·.·sol~··.·· diersa~d<ldViHariinTinoc .. town IasfWeciriesday. '.' '-:. ol.Arnulfo Marcelo 'C 13urgos]r,.,Anried Forces ·sp()kesman/gavethe<assur· •. anceas residents of Tin()c, a. • . fifth~classlnunici paliry, have expressed: .. apprehertsion·that theYC?t11d~ecaughtinthEj·.·. crossfire . ...•• The~rlg{lingcombal •..··.••. " ·· ..·.· ..• •• .•• ··• ·operatioll.peingconducted.·i hytheg6vernrnenttroopsin i1 lfugaoisdir~ctedOrtly.atthe··1 NPArebels iesponsiblefor ••.. ·.·· ... ·.•... the.receI1t.ti'eacher()~s~attack .'andatt,odtyon(mel'hOfthe) 86thj'tlfantry:satta1i9ri,".. .'i Burgoosaid'i •·· .•.····i· "1 · ·•· .•. TirtOcMay?rLopez ...

cOJ)stifuents,especiallythosc' in theviUageof~inablayan, .which is near the ambush. site .. ' . .......< >i> ·. Theresidemts,Pugong said,are even thinking of .fleeing theirhd-mes for fear that.hostilities could erupt again'andthey could be caught in the crossfire.

Pugongwasquotedas.·sav~ .. ingthat fear now grips his .

OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS -Email -Tel no. (02) 892~1693,Local: 5287, 5295


. .


April 2012



- 2·G,

Policemen, Robbers Clash: 5 Die
Five persons were killed, including a policeman and three robbers, and two others were wounded in a shootout between lawmen and suspected holdup men who robbed the passengers of two jeepneys in Quezon City last Friday. Senior Police Officer 1 Antonio Galauran identified two of the victims as Police Officer 3 Ermin Nievera Hipolito, 50, andjeepney driver Ramilo Due, 49. The three other victims, all suspected holdup men, remained unidentified. But robbery victims positively Identified them as among the persons who robbed them at around 5:30 p.m. in Barangay North Fairview. Galuran said one of the slain suspects had a "Commando" tattoo on his right thigh. Police also found in the possession of the slain suspects two .33 caliber revolvers that they used in the twin jeepney robberies. Galauran said that two other suspected robbers managed to get away from chasing policemen. Police said that two other persons got wounded in the shootout and were identified as POl Syril Agitong and jeepneypassenger Gerry Igama, 49. The five suspects had just robbed twojeepneysinarowbeforetbeyfound themselves engaged in a shootout with police, Galauran learned. The suspects first robbed the passengers ofthejeepney of Ignacio Rigor that was travelling towards Fairview. After taking the belongings of the passengers, the suspects got out, crossed the street, and boarded the jeepney of Due who was driving northward along Regalado Avenue. When Due's jeepney reached the comer ofIpil St., the suspects declared another heist. Duewas told by the suspects to just keep on driving while they divested the belongings of the passengers. The driver spotted a police multicab and drove by policemen who were investigating a vehicular .accident, The policemen there at that time were Hipolito and Agitong only,both ofwhom policemen of Station 5. "Sir! Hinoholdap kami (we are being robbed)," shouted Due to policemen. Due died on the spot after being shot in the back by one of the suspects as robbers started firing at the policemen who also retaliated. One of the suspects and the two policemen got hit during the initial exchange of gunfire. Agitong only got shot in his right leg. The two policemen were rushed to the Commonwealth Hospital but Hipolito was declared dead on arrival, While, the other suspect was brought to the Far Eastern University (FEU) Hospital where he was also declared dead on arrival Meanwhile a four-year-old boy was killed when suspected members of the New People'sAnny (NPA) stormed and indiscrirninatelyfired their weapons at a village in Las Navas, Northern Samar, a military report said yesterday. Lt. Col. Niceforo M. Diaz, the Army 8th InfantryDivision (BID) spokesman, said that the attack happened at Barangay Taylor on Las Navas town at about 8:30 a.m. Diaz said that the young victim was inside their house at the time of the attack but was still hit by a bullet when the insurgents started firing their guns. Community development personnel from Army 83IB who were on their way to the village immediately came to the rescue of the villagers upon hearing the gunshots. As they arrived, soldiers readily extended assistance to the residents and secured the vicinity for investigation by the police. A group of soldiers also went to pursue the fleeing insurgents. (Jeffrey Damicog and Elena Aben)



April 2012

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Soldier killeq, 1 wounded in encounter
A SOLDIER was killed . while another one was wounded in an encounter with nlembers of .New People's Army . (NPA) yesterday in Magsaysay, Davao del Sur. This was confirmed. yesterday by Philippine Army's 10th Infantry Division (ID) spokesman Lt. Col. Lyndon Paniza. Identities of the slain soldier as well as the wounded were not yet available as of press time. Paniza said the encounter occurred at around 10 a.m. in the boundary of Bgy, Bacungan and Bgy. Manawit, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.' Initial investigation • revealed .that soldiers' were conducting- patrol operation in the area when they encountered the rebels who were believed to be the group that attacked the Talusob detachment in Bgy. Bacungan, Magsaysay, on Apri125. The encounter lasted for about 20 minutes until the enemy withdrew. Authorities are now I conducting hot pursuit: operation against. the rebels. Zaida delos Reyes-Palanea

~ ~~




. .. i"HEf{tJ~eRtR!lDIONEryJ9F1;i('1N1'I1~~('JI.JI'f!'RI.······· .....•...


["1 patay sa sagupaan ng sundalo at rebelde sa Davao del Sur
DAVAO CITY - Nakatakdang dalhin ang lab! ni Pfc Arnel Banos Apasible sa kanilaog lugar sa San Pelipe, Koronadal City. Si Apasible ang napatay og mga rebelde ng magkasagupa ang dalawang grupo kagabi ng alas-8:30 sa Tapikong Brgy. Bacungan Magsaysay, Davao del SUL Kasama umano si Apasible sa 27th ID PA na humabol sa mga rebelde sa nasabing lugar ngunit nasawi ito nang mangyari ang sagupaan na tumagal ng 20 minuto. Ibinaba umana ang bangkay nitopara dalhin sa kanyang pamilya. Una rito nagsagawa umano ng combat operation ang militar para habulin ang mga rebelde na siyang may kagagawan ng pag-atake sa Cafgu detachment sa Brgy. Bacungan, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur noong makaraang araw na ikinamatay ng isang Cafgu at apat na mga rebelde. Nagkatagpo umano ang dalawang grupo sa nasabing lugar kaya nangyari ang sagupaan. Ayon pa sa militar tumakas ang mga rebelde patungo sa bulubundukin. Naniniwala ang militar na may nasugatan rin sa panig og rebelde dahil sa mga patak ng dugo sa lugar na pinangyarihan. Patuloy pa ngayon ang clearing operation sa nasabing lugar.

3 rebelde arestado sa operasyon

ng militar sa Zamboanga Sibugay

ZAMBOANGA CITY - Arestado ang tationg pinaniniwalaang miyembro ng lost command group sa inilunsad na law enforcement operation ng mga operating units ng Philippine Army 102nd Infantry Brigade at mga kasapi ng pulisya laban sa grupo ng notoryos na lost command commander na si Wanning Abdusalam kaninang madaling araw sa sitio Gangit. Barangay Mamagon, Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay province. Sa pakikipag-ugnayan ng Bombo Radyo kay 102nd Army Brigade Commander Col. Gerry Barrientos, sinabi nito na dahl! sa nakuha nilang impormasyon na nagtatago sa nasabing lugar si Abdusalam kasama ang magkapatid na Ogis at Putot Jakaria kung kaya't naglunsad sila ng law enforcement operation. Ayon pa kay Col. Barrientos. bago pa man makalapit ang mga operating units sa hideout ni Abdusalam, pinaulanan na sila ng bala ng mga rebelde na naging resulta sa mainit na labanan. Ig[niit ng Army official na wa!ang naiulat na nasugatan a nasawi sa panig ng militar at pulisya pero naaresto nila ang tatlong pinaniniwalaang followers ni Abdusalarn na nakilalang sina Halifa Omar, Batoto Abdusalam at Hade Magatos. Nabatid na sugatan si Batoto Abdusalam at nakuha ang isang shotgun sa kanyang posisyon. bagama't nakatakas ang notoryos na kurnander, Malaki ang paniniwala ni Barrientos na nasa area pa rin ng Zamboanga Sibugay si Wanning Abdusalam na sangkot sa mga serye ng atrosidad sa lugar gaya ng kidnapping, robbery at extortion.

3 mini dump trucks,sinunog

ng NPA sa Misamis Oriental

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - Nagpapatuloy ngayon ang inilunsad na pursuit operation laban sa lima umanong kasapi ng Front Committee 4-B ng rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) matapos nilang sinunog ang tationg mini dump trucks sa Brgy. Mandangoa, Balingasag, Misamis Oriental kagabL Sa panayam ng Bombo Radyo Cag.ayan de Oro kay S/Supt. Graciano Mejares, provincial director ng Misamis Oriental Provincial Police Office, ang nasabing mga sasakyan ay pagmamay-ari umano ni Engr. Roberto Abogado na.siyang mister naman ni Vice Mayor Marrietta RoaAbogado sa nasabing bayan. Sa inisyal rin nilang imbestigasyon, napag-alaman na noong nakaraang linggo pa umano hininglan ng posibleng revolutionary tax si Abogado. Hindi lamang makumpirma kung ang pagsunog ng mga sasakyan ay dahil sa kabiguan nltong magbigay ng hinihingi ngmga rebelde. Ina min naman ni Mejares na mayroong natitira pa ring puwersa ang NPA sa lalawigan mapagmatyag ang lahat ng kanllang nasasakupan laban sa mga kaaway ng estado. kaya dapat maglng





patay sa paq-atake ng mga NPA sa Samar

TACLOBAN CITY" Patay ang apat na taong gulang na bata matapos umatake at magpaputok sa mga sibilyan ang mga miyembro ng New People's Army (NPA) sa Brgy Taylor, Las Navas, Northern Samar. Sa impormasyon na nakuha ng Bombo Radyo Tee/oban, napag-alaman na agad namang nag responde ang community development personnel ng 63rd Infantry Batallion para protektahan ang mga residente at tulungan ang mga biktima sa nasa bing insidente. Siniguro rin ng tropa ng mga sundalo na Ilgtas ang lugar para sa imbestigasyon ng Scene of the Crime Operatives (SaCO) ng PNP. Nagsagawa na rln ng pursuit operation ang mga otoridad laban sa mga rebelde. Samantala, naghanda naman ang local officials ng Brgy. Taylor sa pangunguna ni Brgy. Chairperson Marie Claire para sa isasampanq reklamo laban sa mga tsrorista. Tiniyal din ng 63rd IB ang mga brgy. officials at ang mga biktima ang pagsasampa ng criminal case laban sa mga NPA sa Commission on Human Rights at GPH-NDF Joint Monitoring Committee.


:-:.: '.',--."''':',-':_:",'' --_',"".'.:. .',' -:.: ... ' .. -._ .. " ...... '.'.:.,

.. _'_,' ...:.' .... -:'-,':.,'.'-".':'.'"'--"':-:-_'_'_':--'.".'-.'_'.":.:":-.'_-':-

... ~i(~dcl:#~cpa.]\p~~Y.hW.COITl4."elno.{(2)892.1693,L.()~at:5287j5295.. •.• ··
..-::··:- ..'_.·.'_::,':::· .. ·_-.'_·,··_··, .. ,__···.:>:_-,-i--,·.-'_,-_,._-,'_,' __ ""._-"','.-'_',_: ",--. ,",.'_:_,_ ..... - .. - _', __ "_""".'_'. ." '" .. _,..


April 2012

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Public urged to support AFP in winning peace vs.insurgents

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) urged military's role on enhancing national security and the the public to support the military in winning the Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP). . peace against insurgents. . CoL Isidro Purisima, chief of the Research and AFP chief GenJessie Dellosa issued the call during Doctrine Division of the Office of the Deputy Chief a meeting with 72 delegates from different govern- of Staff for Operations, delivered the briefing on the ment and private sectors in the count!y.Ihef!!ee,tmg,"'.t"()1~~~pd,~?~S!i9ns,playedby the AFP to was also attended by high-ra~'ijF~tiy*~t,:n'+~~QSa}:seeurHy Through the promotion and members of the AFPJoint Sf, ...•.ZUUk€CU-' Bayanihan "whole of nation" and "...~v~, .... ·.~. · , tive Course on National Security (ECNS) last week principles. at the AFP General Headqu~rt7!s conference. roo:n. The ECNS, ~~ch is ~7signed for l~cal e~ecutives, "We are not, and we should not be, alone m wm- government officials, military and police officers, and ning the peace and end insurgency in our country. private sector managers, is organized annually by the We have our stakeholders to consider. And that is National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP). why, our IPSP is centered on eng~ging our various "It aims to provide the delegates a comprehensive stakeholders to do their share, because we believe understanding of the theory and practice of national that peace and stability is everybody's concern," security," Purisima added. ... Dellosa said, The 17th ECNS is divided into four modules, For the past weeks, the communist New People's including the National Security Framework, which Army rebels staged attacks in various areas, leaving provides the foundations, basic concepts and prinsoldiers and civilians dead and wounded. ciples of national security and analyzes the various Headed by retired Air Force Col. Antonio Matias, dimensions of national security and how they are the delegates convened with TeamAFPto discuss the interrelated.

~~ 5"

Dellosa wants involvement of reservists
Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Jessie Dellosa has ordered the· review of the AFP Reserve Force Development Program to ensure synchrony between the active and reserve forces in dealing with and handling military and defense matters. "Our reservists must form part of the integrated territorial defense system in peacetime. We must

ready our reservists to perform a variety of physical and psycho logical roles, and support civil authorities for peace and development," the AFP chief said. Dellosaalso instructed the APP Reserve Command to give priority to the development of the reservists as territorial forces for internal peace and security! making them the community-based backbone of the

surgency-free areas, there militaty'sfirst responders is (now) a need for the AFP in the event of calamities Reserve Force to take a more and natural disasters. organized and active role in The AFP ehief added the the preservation of intercountry is now shifting its nal security operation. We focus from internal security should not solely rely on operations to te r r ito r ial . our active force component defense in order to utilize to perform territorial functhe gains achieved from tions, as our battalions are internal security operation. primarily tactical maneuver "With the improved se- units that our commandcurity conditions that led ers can re-deploy for force to the declaration of Cebu, projection or mass forces in Bohol and Siquijor as in- priority areas," Dellosa said.

OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa .; - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 52StS295





deterrence to foreign Invasion or oc. -8...... ......... ...... .. .
<> •...••.....

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa wants members of the military reserve force to take an active role not only in disaster response but also in defending the country's t~rri. torial sovereignty both from internal and external threats. As such, the AFP Chief ordered a strategic review of the AFP Beserve Force Development program to ensure synchrony between the military's active and reserve forces in t~eir roles in internal security operations and territorial defense. In his message at the closing ofthe 33rdNationalReservistWeekheidon Bohol, Dellosa directed the AFP Reserve Command to give priority to the development of the reservists as territorial forces for internal peace and security, and make community-based reservists the backbone of AFP's first responders in the event of calamities and natural disasters, "O~r reservists must form part of the mtegrated territorial defense system in peacetime or the sustainment ~hase of our IPSP Bayanihan campaign," Dellosa said. IPSP is the Internal Peace and Security Plan, which the Aquino administration launched in 2010 to replace the widely criticized "Oplan Bantay Laya" program of the previous Arroyo administration. "Thus, we must endeavo~ to have our reservists ready to perform a variety of physical as well as psychol~~cal deterrence roles, and support CIVll authorities for peace and development," he added. The AFP Chief's directive also has territorial defense dimension as the regular reserve force mix in

from internal. security operations to territorial defense in the last three years of its implementation. The AFP chief issued the statement amid the three-week oldterritorial spat between the Philippines and China over the Panatag (Scarborough Shoal) at the southern tip of South China Sea. Dellosa also highlighted the improved security conditions ofprovinces in Central VisayaS'\vhichled for the transition of the AFP Reserve Force from being under-utilized to being one of the preservers of the Internal Security Operation (ISO) gains, "With the improved security conditions that led to the declaration of Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor as insurgency-free areas, there is a need for the AFP Reserve Force to take a more organized and active role in the preservation of the gains of ISO," he stated. The AFP chief added, "Weshould not solely rely on our active force component to perform territorial functions as our battalions are primanly tactical maneuver units that our commanders can re-deploy for force projection or mass forces in priority areas." -Dellosa further said the notion of a citizen army capable of defense against foreign aggression will forever be relevant, valid and the dynamic security landscape has led to changing roles for our reservists. "The current trend is to mainstream the Reserve Force not only for operational efficiency; but also to enable the AFP to tap into valuable human capital for administrative enhancement programs in line with our security sector reform efforts,"

relevantastae IPSP Bayanihan shifts

-Dellosa said this will be highly

'Bullying' Meanwhile, as tension continues at the Scarborough Shoal <alsocalled Panatag Shoal or Najo de Masinloc), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said it received reports about acts of "bullying" by a Chinese vessel on ~o Philippine ships yesterday mornmg. DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez said Vice Admiral Edmund Tan, commandant of the Philippine Coast ?uard (~C?), informed the agency of a bullymg by the Chinese FLEC 310 vessel on two PCG SARvessels near !he en~ance of Bajo de Masinloc durmg their turnover this morning. Tan said the actions ofthe Chinese vessels were properly documented. BRP 003 departed the area at 0925H to re-provision in Manila. (With a report from Ellson A, Quismorio)


. .

jet trainers as "substitute interceptors" which cannot be compared to the supersonic fighter planes such as the F-22 "Raptor" F-14 Phantom; F-15 "Eagle"; F-16 "Falcon"; F-18 "Hornet"; Mig-29 Tornado GR4; Mirage 2000 Sokhoi S-37, and the F-21 Kfir. The failure of the AFP to modernize the Air Force and Navy is now be- ' ing felt with the intrusion of Chinese fishing vessels at Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal which is within the Philippines' territorial waters but claimed by the Chinese as theirs. "If we had a credible military, this could not happen," military officials' said in unison When asked by this


Despite "Congress passing the 1995AFP Modernization Law of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) allocating n31 billion spread in 15 years, the PAF is still wanting £pf new jetfigh, hters to rep,lace the det'c0mmissioned F~5s.• i . AFg particularly the Air The ~rce,' has bee,npushing since ~e imid-1980s toacqwre the F-16 Jet lighters or the Mirage 2000, ~ reflacement of the F-5s but this has remained an elusive dream to date. From the 1950s until early 1970s, the PAF was a force to reckon with, second to none in Southeast Asia in terms of military muscle. 'fuday, the AFP found itself dismally in the lowest echelon among

At the

Asian nations.
of its

glory days,


shelved indefinitely, The Air Force and Navy suffered the brunt. Both have to contend with ageing jetfighters and warships with no replacement to date. Former Air Force chief retired Lt. Gen. Loven Abadia recalled that durilig the heydays of the AFP, pilots of the PAF's F-5jets, armed with sidewinder air-to-air missiles and 20mm machine guns, were up in the air immediately to challenge any aircraft entering the country's airspace without permission. That is not the case today because the Air Forcehas.nosupersonicjet fighter-interceptors in its arsenal. The Navy was also quick to respond to intercept foreign vessels . that entered the country's territorial waters. At present, the Navy has no capability to patrol the country's 36,000 nautical miles of territorial waters, particularly the Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) in the Spratly chain of islands in the West Philippine Sea where an estimated US$ 26,3 trillion of hydrocarbon deposits are still untapped. In 1995,Congress passed Republic Act No. 7898 known as the AFP Modernization Law allocating P331 billion forthe military to acquire new assets, especially for the country's territorial defense. . Then President Fidel V. Ramos, a former defense secretary and AFP chief of staff, signed R.A. 7898 into law the same year. Implementation of the modernization program was spread over 15years ending in 2011. The modernization program shall

also "develop the AFP into a compact, efficient, responsive and modern with the capability to engage in conventional and/or unconventional warfare, disaster relief arid rescue operations, and contribute to economic development and other nontraditional military roles." Butt6 years after the AFP ModernizationProgram was signed into law; the AFP has barely taken off, if at all. Before the ambitious program could take off, the 1997 Asian economic crisis erupted that greatly affected the modernization .plan. To dateorily'P'30 billion had been ,released out of the total 1"331 billion. As a consequence, the AFP was short of funds as only small items can be bought of the measly amount, considering the high cost of military hardware. The AFP will just make do of whatever amount the Department of Budget (DBM) would release. "The 'P'30-billioncould not even buy one jet fighter which costs US$ 30 to US$ 35 million, bare, meaning the armaments and other avionics are not included," said Maj. Gen. Tony Villerete, commanding general of the 3rd Air Division based in Zamboanga City. : . "The total cost of one jet interceptor complete with the basic weapons is US$50 million," Villarete added. It's a shocking reality the AFP has to contend with. The last batch OfF-5 "Freedom Fighter" war jets made their last flight seven years ago because there were 'no more spare parts available the open market. '




new defense equipment, particularly new jet fighters and warships. In 1989,PAF got two squadrons of S~211jet trainers from Italy, followed by a squadron of MD500/520attack the AFP had more than 50jet fighter interceptors - the F-5NB and F-8 helicopters bought from the US, all . Crusaders, not to mention the 140 brand-new. At that time, the Air Force reit"Huey" helicopters, 35 attack helicopters, 30 trainer jets, 12 C-130 erated its recommendation to Con"Hercules" planes, an array of other gress to acquire a squadron of F-16 aircraft in the inventory of the Phil- jet fighter-interceptors or similar aircraft to replace the ageing F-5NB ippine Air Force (PAn. The Philippine Navy was equally jet acquired in 1965.But the government did not give priority for the acreplete with warships .and gunboats quisition of new fighter-jet intercepacquired from the United States at the end of the Pacific War. Likewise, tors due to lack of funds. The Philippines depended heavthe Philippine Army also got modern ily on the United States to supply the tanks and armored vehicles. AFP with military hardware since , OVer the years, however, wear and tear had crept in that these ar- after World War II. In exchange for that, the Amerimaments had become obsolete. cans had a string of military bases Today, the Navy is badly in bad in the Philippines such as Clark Air shape as it tries to maintain ageing Base in Pampanga where the 13th warships some of which are more US Air Force was based, and Subic than 50years old. Worse, the Navy has no missile> Naval Base inZambales, the biggest' 'gunboats compared to other neigh- US military installation in the world outside the United States. boring countries which have acquired In the early 1980s,the US agreed such sophisticated armament. to pay rentals for the use of its miliYet, the Navy has to patrol the Philippines' vast coastlines which tary bases in the Philippines in addiare twice as long as that of the Unit- tion to supplying the AFP of military hardware totaling US$ 500 annually ed States. With the shortage of ships, the Navy cannot do it as it is just im- until 1991 when the Philippines-US Military Bases Agreement (MBA) possible. The Navy has been clamoring for was abrogated. As ~ consequence, the Americans new ships to replace its decommisdismantled its military installations sioned floating assets. , The Department of National De- in the country. In the meantime, the AFP modfense (DND) and the AFP had anticipated that reality that they made a ernization program suffered a setback due to lack of funds. blueprint to modernize the military With this. predicament, the as early as 1980.The DND and AFP recommended for the acquisition of modernization program was again


?J1April 2012

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'We won --e·' d·';~lE!aiJ~It;,;:~!~,a~ ·k·..r
r;hina ship ·fbullies' fhl vessels


and PIA LEE.BRAGO di d


, ~ Malacaftang yesterday IQ.aintained the Philippines

'!Otulbd stan kltsdgrbouthne cruan. ,.. no e provo e y -. uese military's posturing in \ their t~tnover

We dWOn

.:<> partment of Fo~~igr:Affairs (DFA)and the Philippine Coast Guard yesterday reported another incident of "bullying" by Chinese vessels in the area. I Coast Guard Commander V1~eAdmiral Edmund Tan' said a Chinese Fisheries Law EnforeementCommand (FLEe) 310 vessel tried to scare off two Coast Guard vessels during Turn to Pa.~e 19 '


....•.......... violati0z:tof the In:ternati0!lal . Regulations for Preventing , Collisions of Ships. at Sea" (COLREGs)," the DFA said. The DFA said on Friday that China dispatched more vessels as 10' Chinese ships were sighted in the area. . Hernandez said three Chinese government vessels, ineluding the Chinese maritime surveillance ship 71, FLE~

,the Fr~m Page 1


of the area 310 and one still umdentifieda~, .t at It ~ou. e up to, . .. . yesterday morning. Chinese ship located about Filipinos to find ways to ex~~e West Phil~ppl~e Sea. , '. At 9 a.m. FLEC 310 ap- eight nautical miles away press the~r support .,' Deputypresldentla1spokesproached a stationary BRP. from the Philippines' BRP She said the DFA had anperson Abigail Valte said~e ·Pampanga 003 from her left Pampanga, remaininPanatag nounced that legal experts country would come up WIth bow, heading towards her, ' Shoal. .would be formed to prepare a unified and strongstand to ( then at 600 yards veered away Reports to the DFA on Fri- the c~untry:s e;,idence in defend its claims before inter- .. crossing past the right side day morning showed seven ass.ertm.g claims m the West national forUI~s. . . of BRP 003 at a speed of 20.3 Chinese fishing vessels were Ph!:lppme Sea. . .., Valtealso said there were no knots," Tan said. . also spotted inside the 1 _ Senate President Enrile s talks for the permanent p.r7s"At 9:15 a.m., FLEC 3110 goon, while two unidentifiead ' stand ,on this is ce~tainly well enceof us forcesin the,~hil~p-, passed by BRP Edsa 002 from aircraft flew over the area on take~ and that 1S~hy th.e pines amid the WestPhilippme : her right to the left at a dis- Thursday around 10 p,m. DFA IS already forming their Searow,particularly the stand- . tance of 200 yards and speed . These we're in addition to' te~m of lepal experts t~a,~ off at Panatag (Scarborough) of 20.6 knots. In these iJ;'l- the three Chinese governWIll be .taking care of this, Shoal off Zambales. • ' stances, the speeding FLEC ment ships, Hernandez said. Valte sal~. . . China's ,~rm~d for:es hav;, 310 ge~erated a two-meter' The Philippines only had She said It ~ould be up to vowed to fulfill thein duty wave in her wake but no twovesselsinthearea-BRP theDFAtodeCldewhowould to safeguard their territory in damage was inflicted on our Pampanga and a Bureau of compose the team ,legal the,WestPhilippine Sea (South two ships, which did not re- Fisheries and Aquatic Re- ~xperts and pe~so~ahtles to China Sea) and they would act to the 'bullying' by FLEC sources (BFAR)vessel, bolster our claim, collabo~ateclose.lyw~threla~ed <310," he said, . The deployment of more Valte a?ded t~e D~A g.overmng b~~~esl including DFA spokesman Raul Her-ships to the area represented wo~ld c?ntmue talking with , flsh;:y admmlstratlOn and j'riandez said the actions of the. increased activities by the their Chinese counterpart~ as maritime law enforc~ment, to I Chinese vessel were properly· Chinese side, Hernandez reg~rds the presence of mne jointly ensure the country's ldocumented by the Coast said. Chinese vessels at Panatag maritime rights and interests. ICuard.' h 1 I . Counterclaims Sh oa1that was clearly in PhilNine C inese ve~se s were I Tan said BRP003 departed. ippine waters based on the reported .tohave arrived at the ..the area at 9:25 a.m, to reproChina's armed forces have United Nations Convention shoal bemg guarded by two vision in Manila. vowed to "fulfill their duty" on the Law of the Sea. ' PhiliRpine vessels. . ..•.• '~These inaneuvers by the to ~af~gu~rd the territory i~ is ~ "From what I understand ThIS developed as the De-Chmese vess~l.~ose~ a dan- cl,aImmg m the Wes~Philipthere are two survei1lanc~ . ger to the Philippine ves- . pme Sea (South China Sea) (Chinese) ships and fishi OFFICE OF THEARMY··· · C . sels, which could mean a as Chinese vessels continue - vess 1 .. th t ng .• .. .. HIEFPUDL.I,,,.uTrUnQ - J;lIIcm ClUu;oClc;pa ...npa1S' -lei no. (02)892-11)~;jfJc'i&a6~llFs area,(ot t :Jj!~



President Aquino, on the other hand, said the Philippines ",:,ould keep sh.owing Its flag m the area while employing diplomatic means to resolve the dispute. Aquino has also stressed that he did not want violence toeruptandamilitarysolution would not be resorted to, asthe country would continue to talk and not go to war. Valte said Malacafiang was grateful for Sen~te,rresident Juan ~?~ce Enrile s call for Pilipino people to rally behind Aquino on the issue

d h .'

ld b




military presence. I have not should alert the international seen any particular report community and we will get a pointing to that. But certainly good opinion out of it w~ we will let the Department. make a protest with China, of Foreign Affairs take this he added. recent development into conEnrile said the Navy and sideration and we will let· Coast Guard should look out them deal with their coun- for those surveillance vessels, terparts because of the recent which he said would most development," she said. likely be armed. . .... Asked if the Chinese side '.. While the threat ofan attack seemed to be taunting or pro- . by Chinese vessels is always voking the· Philippine side,there, Enrile said he is optimisValte said it "is something .. tic that the Chinese would not that they have to answer for, commit the mistake 'of firing. that they have to explain on Philippine vessels because in particular when the DFA of the repercussions this would addresses that particular de- have on them. ' velopment." "One reason why China The Senate yesterday con-: will not date fire on any ducted a. hearing over the Philippine military vessel in issue of China's claiming that area is because we have Panatag Shoal. .... .treaty alliance with an equal International law expert superpower in the world, in Merlin Magallona told the fact the only one in the world .lawmakers that the continued right now, America, and we presence of the Chinese ves- can invoke the Mutual Desels in Panatag Shoal should fense Treaty (MDT) if China 'be observed very carefully, will make the error 'of firing especially if they start showat us," he said. ing signs of aggression. "That will squarelycome Magallona, former dean of under the ambit of the Mutual University of the Philippines' Defense Treaty, Any attack on. College of Law, told Coast any vessels of the contra.ctGuard and Navy officials ing parties within the Pacific during the hearing that it area and the South China Sea, should take note of the pres- within the treaty area of the ence of any military vessels MDT, is an attack on .the from China in the vicinity other," he added. of Panatag Shoal, which the Emile said China has been government could use to file trying to avoid bringing the a case against China. dispute before the internaHe said the presence of tional arena because this could Chinese warships or even bring the US into the fray. naval vessels there could be And if the US does not treated as a threat of the use come to the rescue of the of force on Philippine vessels. Philippines, Enrile said the "If there is, then we should government should just abcharge China with the threat rogate the MDT. . of the use of force, which is a No permanent fundaihehfal-prHi.cIfleunder US presence the UN Charter," Magallona said. Valte, on the other hand, "It's important to constressed the Philippines sider the threat of force on would. only seek assistance the part of China, especially from the us to improve the in relation to its claim on country's defense capabilis. Panatag Shoal, because it is. at the same time an attempt to settle the dispute not in a


ties andtherewas no agree- .that is certainly a very (good . ment for new bases being development)." discussed. .Weakest link "Permanent ~resence? If this is something similar to The military's Northern any basing agreement, we Luzon (Nolcom) commander have already said that that is Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara not in the works," Valte said, said the situation remains reacting to some lawmakers' stable in the area. suggestions that the US be Nolcorn has military jurisasked to station forces perma- diction over Panatag Shoal, nently in the country to boost arock formation located its defense against territorial 124 nautical miles off Zamincursions. bales that is being claimed In 1991, the Philippine Sen- by China. ate voted not to renew a lease The standoff at Panatag agreement that would have Shoal began on April 10when kept Clark Air Force Base and two Chinese surveillance Subic Naval Base. ships stopped the Philippine This effectively "limited" Navy flagship BRP Gregorio US soldiers' presence in the del Pilar from accosting eight country to joint military ex- Chinese fishing boats susercises under the Philippines- pected of poaching. US Visiting Forces AgreeAlcantara said the Chinese ment. FLEC vessel, after establishThe Philippines and the US ing her intimidating presalso have the long-standing ence in the area, is no longer MDT. around but two Chinese mariValte said US assistance time vessels remain. in upgrading the Philippine He said the Coast Guard's military's capabilities would. BRP Pampangaand a ship be discussed when Filipi- from the BFARare in the area, no officials meet with their closely watching developAmerican counterparts inments. . WashingtononApri130. "The prevailing security "Certainly we have al- situation remains stable," ways been on the look out Alcantara said. to upgrade our military He also urged a peaceful capabilities and we hope resolution of the standoff that this meeting will push through diplomatic chanus further down that road," nels. Valte said. " Alcantara, however, said Also asked htw Filipinos the military is also doing could unite and rally behind its share in addressing the Phili ppine claims in the security situation in the area West Philippine Sea, Valte under the guidance of the nasaid, "How they should tionalleadership, specifically show it is entirely up to the coming from the Department people. You cannot dictate of National Defense (DND) on people how they wish and the Armed Forces of the to show their support. But Philippines (AFP).

peaceful manner. I think~e..


. .••.......•. .. ..



--rei no. (02l892~1693Jlocal:

5287,5295 .



Defense Secretary Voltaire into the futul'e,'~the military·· Gazmin, along with Foreign chief said.: .. Affairs Secretary Albert del Critics claimed the.lack of Rosario, flew to the US for a military equiptnent had made scheduled meeting tomorrow it easy for China to bully the with US Secretary of State Philippines, .... .-... ..•-. . . Hillary Clinton and US DeOfficials have acknowlfense Secretary Leon Panetta. .edged that the standoff highWhile the scheduled US lights the urgent need to beef meeting will tackle wide- up the military's capabilities. ranging political and ecoEarly this month, Gazmin nomic issues including the said China might have been forthcoming state visit of bullying the Philippines bePresident Aquino, it is also cause of its weak military expected that the 2+2 meet capability. will also take up the pre"In our regiofi,interms of vailing standoff inPanatag the capability-of the armed ShoaL forces, we are the weakest," For his part, AFP chief Gazmin said in a press brrefGen. Jessie Dellosa said di- ing last April 3. plomacy should go hand in "We are below par. If y.ou hand with capability to de- are the bully, you will look for fend the Philippines' rights the weakest," he added. . as a sovereign nation. Gazmin nevertheless said Dellosa made the state- the modernization efforts of ment during the closing cer- the Armed Forces is notdiemony of the Balikatan exer- rected towards China or any cises in Camp Aguinaldo. particular country. "It is apparent that a prac"This isfor our protection tical blend of the concepts! to make sure that our laws " of 'might is right' and 'right are enforced arid we are able is might' should be explored, protect ourterritorial washaredamong friends and iters/the.said. . ' allies.vand eventually put to Catholic. Bishops'C-@J:F good use," Dellosa said. ference()LthePhilippiI; . "For the Philippines, strik- (CBCP)president Cebu Arch"ing a workable" mix may also bishop JosePa.hnayesterday require increasing capacities said Filipinos should defend . to defend its dignity and its ..theirintegrityandsuprem~cy rights as a sovereign naUon,"overPartatag Shoal. <:', : he added. " Palma said Filipinos " While diplomacy is the should defend whatthey be"normative path to tread," lieve belongs-tothem. [ Del losa and it should be "In truth,I think in pr,inmatched with capabilities "to ciple we have to defend our attain stability, security and integrity and supremacy over development." the land which we believe "That is the prevailing is our veryown," he said. _;. " logic of Balikatan and the With Jaime Laude, Alexis , strategic partnership of our Romero, Marvin Sy, Evelyn . forces. It is what it is. It will be Macairan




olq ,


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Playing The 'Name That Shoal' Game.
By MADEL SABATER and ':1B Research

What's in a name? A lot, if you're talking about the triangle-shaped shoal 124 nautical miles west ofZambales. The uninhabited strip of land has long been referred to as Scarb~~ough, But with tensions bubbling between the Philippine and China over territoriality, Scarborough is no longer just Scarborough. Philippine officials now refer to it as Panatag. China insists on calling it Huangyan. ' Recently the Department of Foreign Affairs ,(DFA) has been fond of

Identified as a politicalsubdJ;msion of the province of Zambales, ~()Wn as Masinloc, Spanish colonizers pl.tblished .' a map showing the shoal as part of the Philippines. The map showedfli:e route of Spanish Alejandro Malaspina's ex, peditionto and around the shoal. It was reproduced in the Atlas of the 1939:' Philippine Census. The Mapa Islas Filipinas, Observatorio de IVl~mlla; published in 1990by the U'S, Coast Geodetic Survey, also included Ba;.ibif!e·i . Masinloc as part of the country, .

"BajoScatbllro." . The shoal world

. '. .

referring to Scarborough as Bajo de province). The map was drawn under Masinloc. To end the confusion, Malacafiang the direction of Ildefonso de Aragon on on Saturday said it will raise a proposal April 15,1820. to adopt a unified name for the shoal. The philippines has been trying "We're not aware if we have prefer- to persuade China to settle the issue ence [in calling it]. It's about getting sparked by the recent standoff in Scarwhat'S most understandable," Presi- borough within the legal framework of dential Spokesman Abigail Valte said. the United Nations Convention on the "Sometimes we understand there's also Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). China has refused; saying that it confusion." Scarborough was actually the name owns all the island groups in the South of a tea-trade ship that sank in the shoal China Sea. in the late 18th century, killing everyone . Henry Bentrus Jr., secretary-genonboard. eral of the Maritime and Ocean Affairs The DFA says the shoal was chris" .: of the Department of Foreign Affairs tened Bajo de Masinloc (translated as. said at the close of last Friday's public "below Masinloc") by SpanishcoloIiii~'; hearing on the Scarborough shoal issue ers in theearIy part of the 18th century. and two bills pending before the Senate One of the earliest known and mostae- foreign relations committee chaired by curate maps of the area, named carta Sen. Loren Legarda that bringing the Hydrographical Y Chorographica.\be issue to a third party if the two parties Las Yslas Filipinas by Fr. p:edro MWillo cannot come to terms. on the correct Velarde, SJ,and published in 17~.f, in- interpretation "is consistent with comcluded Bajo de Masinloc as part (,"JfJ?hil- mon sense approach in any dispute, ippine territory. even at the macro-leveI."
,< ....

Bentrus said that the UNCLOS provides a menu of choices from which the parties can select one to resolve their differences, ·.·.···ii .. First is the International Court of Justice aCJ), second. Is the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea '.(ITLOS)aridt6ethird, permanent ar.biti'al trltilltltl.LTb(l fourth is the special '.arbitralttihUt1ru; he said. .....··.BeritrussaidForeign Affairs Secre. tary Albert de Rosario has been inviting China "in a consensual way" that they could perhaps bring the issue to the ICJ. "If China does not agree, we obvi-ously have to go back to the drawing board and come up with an approach on this aspect," he pointed out. In a related development, the proposal to ban China-made products as a form of protest against China's actions in the Scarborough Shoal has earned the support of the head of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines . (CBCP). .CBCP President Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma said he agree "in principle" with the proposal because it's one way of defending the country's territory. "I think these are procedures or actions which could be discerned by the Filipinos," Palma said (Additional reporting by Mario B Casayuran and Leslie Ann G. AQuino)
·.> ...

<\ •••••• ........•... ·••··



April 2012



Scarborough.Panatag or Bajo de Masinloc?
ough Shoal, the "more familiar name" that. appears on world maps. .She noted, however, that.the shoal is also called Panatag Shoal, the name she prefers to use, But the Department of, Foreign Affairs (DFA) has oflate been referring to the shoal as Bajo de Masinloc, which, according to Valte, is 'the shoal's "legal" or "formal" name. ''You know, I'm not aware if we have a preference," Valte said. "For us in tile communication group, it's what is most understandable," she said. pine Sea as a reference to the South China Sea, For nearly three, weeks now, Chinese maritime ships are facing off with Philippine civilian vessels at Scarborough Shoal as China and the Philippines stand firm on their rival claims to the group of rock formations 124 nautical miles (220 kilometers) west of Zambales province. That is well within the Philippines' 330-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ), but China ignores it, insisting on its claim to all of the .. South China Sea. . The Senate opened an inquiry into the standoff on Friday; and yesterday Mala-. cafiang thanked Senate, President Juan. Ponce Enrile for calling on the nation to rally behind President Aquino in asserting the Philippines' sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. "We appreciate that statement from the Senate President," Valte said.

By Christine O. Avendano
SHOULD the Philippines call the shoal by its local name or should it refer to it by its international name since its dispute with China is an international controversy? Manila has three names for it: Scarborough Shoal, Panatag Shoal and Bajo de Masinloc. Zambales fishermen call it simply as Karburo. China has only one name for it, Huangyan Island, and uses this name even for international communication. The shoal's international name is Scarborough Shoal, which. international news wire services and the Philippines' major newspapers use. . Asked about it in an interview on dzRB radio yesterday, . deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said both the government and the press used Scarbor-

Which is?
Valte said she would ask her superiors whether the government had a preferred name for the shoal. But the press can decide how to call the shoal, Valte said, citing as an example the wide use in the press of West Philip-


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...··········•·•·•·•··•· · .• ·(jF~ldE6F·,.He·ARMy·CHIEF.···PUBI.ICAFFAIRS·W~fu~il •• ~dcl:i()~C~~2hp~·~y~h6o.dOffi~Tel··.no.i«()2)·.S92~1693;tOrilll:52S1,5295.·.·.· ••<· .•.•.. i
. :_ ..:.. _.' :._ _.. : .._ ." _,-.,'_":'>':'_"'":,,,:-:,::,_,,"'::::',-.-"'_.. -,.- . .:._.,- .. ,::._ _'.. _ _.':'.'.':'_ ..:.: ..':.-'::'.'::. ::._._-:.:.,::.::'..-:::'._.:'.,., ,'-:.- -.:.-.>.::.: ..,,',::.-" .. :_"_::-:'.-'_":-:;,,',., .. .__
::=-._:.,,_.-_.:.':,:' .. _., .. :,:.':'-.; , _'.: ..,_.,.,._-_._ .. ,.,:',-,.'-,,"'-:,','", ,,' " __ .,,,_ -":'c_" _',-_' . _ ..••• - ,'_' '--'.', • ," .• ' ."_ _.

<>2q April 2012



ban on Balikatan to avoid riling China'
PUERTO PRINCESA CITY-The American side in the just-concluded Balikatan 2012 joint military exercise changed rules unilaterally and imposed a media blackout on major live-fire exercises between the Philippine and Uirlted States military. . Live fire exercises were held at Crow Valley in Tarlac and at El Nido in Palawan. The United States, according to a Philippine military source, made "several .changes in the program of activities" apparently to avoid irritating China amid the standoff in the Scarborough Shoal that started on April 1 O. ''They made many changes to the plans and disallowed media coverage for Crow Valley and El Nido," said the source, who asked not to be identified for lack 6fauthority to speak on the mat,'ter:.

'US imposed media

The Crow valley maneuvers, .held on April 26, involved live. fire air and ground maneuvers l,anQ.should have been open to coverage as in past exercises, while the oil-rig takeover r-drilkwhich took place on April ':20;'was the first time such a see. nario was introduced, a scenario which anticipated a counterat...ack on an oil facility taken over t

Inquirer Southern Luzon

by hostile forces in the West Philippine Sea (South 'China Sea). ''When' the Scarborough standoff happened; they (US Forces) suddenly became very cautious about how media was going to play up those stories . ."Ingat na ingat sila (They were very careful) and they wanted to forgo some of the activities," the source said. Western Command spokesperson Maj. Neil Estrella, contacted by phoneyesterday, was asked if the El Nido oil-rig takeover exercise was supposed to be open to media coverage and said the.decision to make it off limits was "reached by both sides." "There were several considerations why it was not made open to the media, one was safety," Estrella said, The source, however, insisted that it was the American side that decided "unilaterally" that the media could not cover the oil-rig event. -. It was obvious the Americans " did not want the military maneuvers to hog the limelight as the Philippines and China were in a standoff at Scarborough," the source said. Redempto D. Anda"



no. (02)892 ..1693, Local: 5287,5295


!20 April 2012



of Chinese ship
By Philip C. Tuben and DlYap
THE PHILIPPINES accusedChina yesterday of "bullying" in th~ West Philippine Sea. (South ChIna Sea) after a large Chinese ship harassed two small Philippine 'vessels at Scarborou?h Shoal, where the two counmes have been facing off each other over territorial rights for nearly three weeks. China has now 10 vessels in the area, three maritime surveillance vessels and seven . fishing boats. The Philippines has two, a Coast Guard surveillance vessel and a Bureau of Fisheriesboat.· Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson. Raul Hernandez identified the bully. as the Chinese vessel FLEC 310, touted to be China's most modem maritime surveillance ship and which had been thought to have left the area on Friday. ApPHHITSJA8

PH hits 'bullying'
parently, the vessel just moved out of Philippine sight and returned during the night. In a statement from the DFA, Hernandez said the FLEC 310 harassed the Philippine Coast Guard vessels BRP Pampanga and BRP Edsa near the entrance to the shoal yesterday morning .: "When you're swimming at the beach, you'd notice the waves produced by a boat passing by," Ricafrente said. "What more if you're near it?"

No to hard power



China's aggressive action came as the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) warned hard-liners ·in the Chinese military against pressing for decisive action' 2~meter wave to end the Scarborough Shoal standoff. , Hernandez said the "speeding" Chinese "[T]here are hard-liner's who wish to use ship approached the two Philippine vessels . hard power," DND spokesperson Peter Paul . a~t_,!r()uI1c! 2Q_@()!s(lnd then\y(ly, .Galve.2:.__ sEl_i~jn .. teJt.L_1_1!~§.s?~tQ_the ../ generating a two-meter wave. INQUIRER. "Butlet us not forget history, that "In these instances, the speeding FLEC the use of hard power has never resulted in 310 generated a two-meter wave in her favorable consequences," Galvez said. wake, but no damage was inflicted on our "Nobody wins in that course of action," two ships, which did not react to the bully- he added. ing by FLEe 310," Hernandez said. Galvez said soft power, or the political "These maneuvers by the Chinese vessel and diplomatic approach, should not be unposed a danger to the Philippine vessels, derestimated, as opposed to hard power, or which could mean a: violation of the Inter-the use of military force. . .. national Regulations for Preventing Colli''Further let us not forget the majority who' sions of Ships at Sea," Hernandez said. continue to understand the value of soft power;" Hernandez said a report from the Coast the politico-diplomatic approach. Our counterGuard commander; Vice Adm. Edmund Tan, put parts are fully aware of this as well," he said. .the time of the "bullying" at around 9 a.m., as On Friday, a Chinese Army general de- , the BRP Edsa was relieving the BRP Painpanga scribed as a hard-liner for his hawkish . '1U 9 a.m., FLEC 310 approached a station- views said in a commentary posted ou~ ary BRP Pampanga from. her leftbowheading~ state-owned website that China's "peaceful' ,...towafdher,.· thenat600yardsveerooaway, •••...•.... rise'<should notbecohSrruedas abandon-rr crossingpast the right siMor the ship ata i ingthe' optionof miliraryaction; ...ii;': speed of 20. 3 knots," Tan said in the report. . "Peaceful rise and 'period of strategicgp~~ '1\1: 9:15 a.m., FLEC310 passed byBRP Edsa portunity' preclude war," People's Libera-" ,; from her right to the left at a distance of 200 . tion Army Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan was quoted .. yards and a speed of20.6 knots," Tan said. as saying in news reports. Tan said the actions of the Chinese vessel All civilian ships",~ ''were properly documented." The BRP Pampanga left the shoal at Galvez said he was optimistic that the,·, impasse with China over Scarborough .•.. around 9:25 a.m, to restock in Manila. Lt. Cmdr, Algier Ricafrente, Coast Guard Shoal, which the Philippines also calls spokesperson, said a speed of 20 knots is Panatag Shoal, would be ironed out peaceconsidered "fast" by seafarers, fully in spite of the presence of more Chinese vessels in the disputed waters. "That's fast. That's around 20 nautical He pointed out that the Chinese and miles (36 kilometers) per hour. You'll also have to consider the waves generated by Philippine ships facing off with each other are civilian vessels. such a speed," Ricafrente said.

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April 2012

page._Q_ _ _

.Scarborough, Panatag 'or Baja?
IS it Scarborough, Panatag or Baja? In the first place, what's in· the name? Malacafiang wants the nation's Fourth Estate to settle once and for all which of the three names it want to refer to the same territory being disputed between the Philippines and China to avoid. confusion. The three names ·refer tothe same territory being claimed by the Philippines and China, Deputy presidential
spokesperson Abigail Valte Scarborough Shoal is the said that while the .more familiar name, Pagovernment has not drawn natag Shoal is "becoming up a hard rule on which more familiar." On the other hand, she name to use, she suggested media outfits can agree said that while Bajo de among themselves on Masinloc is still the "legal naine" for the area, "somewhich name to use. we understand ~That can be an times agreement among our there is confusion if we callit such." friends in media about An article on the what .to call it, that is of Foreign something our friends in Department Affairs said Bajo de Ma·media can help," Valte sinloc is "an integral part said. In contrast, China has ofthe Philippine territory, n only one name for the area and is part of Masinloe town in Zambales. -- Huangyan Island. "It is located 124 nauShe said that. while tical miles west of Zambales and is within the200na utical-mile Excl usi ve Economic Zone {EEZ) and Philippine Continental Shelf," the DFA said. Asked what name Malacafiang prefers for the area, Valte admitted she was "not really aware if we have a preference," although she has usually referred to the area as Panatag. "Scarborough for familiarity, Panatag for brevity. For formality, Bajo de Masinloc," she added. Erren Montano



April 2012



Jonas Burgos, 42
I NEVERknew Jonas Burgos, but I know his mother. Every reporter on my beat does. It's hard to miss her, the checkered shirt, the small folding umbrella, the black purse with the envelopes stuffed with court papers. Her story has been documentaries and theater plays, her face is the face of the search for the lost. She has stood at attention behind th~jrevolving cast of activists howling into protest megaphones, holding posters of .-----_;_her lost boy. Al.. though I have yet to see her throw a , tomato at a cardboard cutout or set fire to a grinning effigy, it's possible that she has. Edith Burgos win do what is necessary to find the son she lost five years ago, and it is the reason she stood by a monument along Edsayesterday, reminding the world that for as long as she lives, so does Jonas Burgos. She does not like spotlights, she says. She is happiest standing in the shadow, sharpening pencils for would-be heroes, patting the heads .ofher frightened sons while their father conducted his written assault on the dictator's palace. She stands when she must, as she did on the day Marcos' men came to arrest Jose Burgos, We Forum publisher and father of her five children. ,: There is more white in her hair now than there was onthe day I met her under the trees of the Burgos farm in San Miguel, Bulacan, near the grave of thehusband she calls Joe. She was going to be a nun before she met him, she says, but he wrote her long letters and she fell in love in spite of herself, and in falling in love signed onto a lifetime as a soldier inJoe Burgos' long crusade for freedom. She stands now, this time for her son and the sorts and daughters of many other mothers. She is there at court hearings, quiet beside the families of the lost.'She weeps with the weeping and laughs with the laughing, she holds out coffee cups and press releases and takes tricycles to the Department of ~ustice. She .gets on her knees to unlock tripod legsffind hoistsboom mikes when there is nobody left who can, and has been known to invite in sheepish young journalists ,o/po skulk outside her door during interview breaks, pretenijfng not to smoke. '~l my sons smoke," she says, smiling. "I used to." There are five children, three boys and two girls. Jonas is the boy in the middle, the one who took after his father, the son who sold copies of Malaya in Manila street corners atthe height of martial law " '' All my sons smoke, she says. Notice the present tense.JL smokes, Sonny smokes. Jonas smokes. Jonas is in every r6.~m Edith sits, in every conversation she has, he is there even ifshe never says his name. She points to a picture. This is Jonas' daughter. The overhead light flickers. Jonas would have fried it if he were home. Only Jonas is gone, has been gone five years, snatched from his chair at a restaurant in Ever Gotesco Mall in the early afternoon of April 28, 2007. Jonas theactivist who mayor may not be an intelligence offic~r of the New People's Army,whose code name Ka Ramon is listedon .-;. the military Order of Battle beside the word "liquidared/'<'

. .be dea~. It is the not knowing that is hardest. Edith worries that he IS hungry, or that he is co\~KHe is alive, she feelsit in her heart, she is his mother and she would have known. And yet in the five years since me hrfdlines screamed about the disappearance of Joe Burgo~f son, not once has Jonas Burgos been seen. No witness has come forward, no Raymond Manalo to describe shared coded messages sent to relatives the way SherlynCadapan did a year after she was hauled by armed men out of a farm in Hagonoy, Bulacan,Jonas Burgos, 42, is missing, presumed dead by many, but never by his mother. . It took almost four years for the Commission on Human . Rights to piece together the Burgos story. On April 28, 2007, exactly five years and a day ago, the man believed to be Ka Ramon walked into a sting operation orchestrated by.the gentlemen of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. KaRamon was led to believe that he was to meet with 2nd Lt. Dick Abletes, a former activist and fresh AFP recruit who had been passing information to the New People's Army.Abletes had already been compromised at the time of the abduction and was already in the custody of the APR A woman latef\re~ vealed to be a military asset named MelissaConcepcion was meant to act as liaison between the two. ~ive men and one woman headed by Army Maj. H~~ry Bahaga Jr. of the 56th"Infantry Battalion stormed into the restaurant where the son of one of press freedom's greatest heroes sat having his lunch. Jonas Burgos understood what was happening, and began shouting. The busboy that later identified Baliaga tried to help, but stopped when Baliagaannounced they were arresting a suspected drug dealer. A second witness, the last civilian to see Jonas Burgos alive, took down the plate number ofthe vehicle Burgos was thrown hhl:o. The Isuzu was later traced to the 56th Infantry Battalion. ~e military,has denied any hand in Burgos' disappearance, and It has continued to do so under the regime of another.son of another hero. In fiveyears,Edith Burgos has filedseven complaints in. a .variety .of gove~ent institu~ions, slomtmg through paperwork and court hearings, folloyvmgprocess and policy and protest, all the way to a monument along Edsa one Saturday in April, five years after Jonas Burgos disappeared. Her boy could be dead, she says, and thank heaven if he is.But she knows she lives,and so she will continue. . "We may have been denied our petitions in court,"'!ilie says. "We may have been perplexed by inaction.from the authorities. We may have been reduced to ·'just' a nurnJper among those searching for the lost love, relegated to the pages of a report on human rights violations in the country. Yetthe search has been a journey where hope, enkindled' at the very start, has grown and has peen nourished. For indeed, as we have read, heard and believed grace would . abound where trials exist. We continue looking far Jonas with hope. God in His Mereywill hear our prayers." I write this in solidaritywith the many who have known this woman, and who believesbecause she believes.I do not know Jonas Burgos, but I know his mother, and believe no mother of any son,rebel or soldier or child of heroes, should be forced to live with the lossthat EdithBurgoscarries every day. .. This is the,message she sends out, to Jonas Burgos, wherever he is. Jay,hold on, we will not give up.


~q April 2012

Page: ....:.l1i-lOG:.__
.. concern . about the growingeconomJi:and political power of China and its implications in maintaining the balance of power in the region. Sig.puicantly, China will be commissioning its first air-craft carrier in August, to be deployed in the disputed careas in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea to -us), with trial runs planned for carrier-based J-15 fightJers (the Chinese version of the Russian Su-33). _' China has warned against US "meddling" in the dispute over Scarborough Shoal, with the Communist :rarty mouthpiece People's Daily saying the Philippines 4s only "pretending to be bullied," accusing America Iof using other Asian countries to contain China and ~dvance its "strategy of returning to Asia." . Obviously, the Chinese are not too happy with the Philippines-US Balikatan exercises as well as the joint :;Naval exercises between erstwhile foes US and Viet;ram. Both the Philippines and Vietnam have been at .odds with China over disputed territories in the rBprCJ.tlys. Another Chinese irritant is the deployment rof additional US Marines to Australia, described as Ithe "latest chapter" in the over 60-year alliance be'tween the two countries. The Americans have also (,cometo an agreement with Japan over the relocation ~f US soldiers from Okinawa to Guam, Hawaii, Aus.tralia and other areas -- a move seen to "improve US 9Marine Corps force posture in Asia-Pacific." ~, Our friend US Ambassador Harry Thomas obviously cannot comment on the Scarborough impasse ~~tthis time, but he did tell us} "I can assure you that _pecretary Del Rosario and President Aquino are hap_pywith what we are doing." There have been reports that the US Naval Command is planning to deploy an zadditional aircraft carrier to the Asia-Pacific region"something that a Fil-American Naval officer unwittingly confirmed when he revealed to his relatives that. ·pe will be around the Philippines very soon. . ' ~ It would seem that the rivalry between two giants jbas proverbially put us between "the devil and the ~eep blue sea." A Chineseeditorial has already warned of a potential "small scale war" over Scarborough, and fthe worstthing that could happen - and it could hap-pen - is that we will have to defend the disputed r\:erritory no matter how meager our resources are, espedally because China seems bent on marking the {ontested area despite the fact that it is ours both hise.torically and legally. -,Our only real card is to diplomatically move around rand warn our ASEAN friends that what China is doing clearly has far-reaching implications on commerce ~!andfreedom of navigation along the West Philippine Sea. Many countries have so far privately expressed )heir sympathy with what's happening to us. The sad jpart is that we were already moving to a new era in -our diplomacy by expanding relationships with many countries especially a giant like China} as well as those that are not members of the" American Friendship -Club" like. Iran or North Korea. r; Given the current situation, it looks like it was 50''tomonic for then-President Joseph Estrada to sign the -.----...... III cSecond RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement; because it :5287 5295 ',wol,lld now seem that our choice is crystal clear -we _ ..... _' --..J have to stick very dose to our traditional ally - the 1Uri.itedStates of America. -21-

Babe's Eve View


China pushing US closer to the United States
The increasingly belligerent posJure of China over Scarborough Shoal has put the Philippines in a rather precarious position, placing s in a damned if you do, damned you don't" situation. During the ate visit of President Noynoy ~ quina to China in September last year, it looked like we were head..ed·for greater heights in terms of bilateral relations ;~specially on the economic front. With the coming change of leadership in China, things seem to have 'fumed from bad to worse - as we find ourselves hav;ing to abandon a balancing act characterized by de-veloping special ties with both China and the United 'States, at least economically. . '" Historically, the relationship between the Philip;:pines and the-United 5tateshas always been especial.Iy close, even describing the US as our "big brother." .Even to this daj'J many Filipinos revere General Doufglas MacArthur - whose great promise of "I shall -return" kept ~ilipino hopes of liberation alive during ::VVorld ar II - with the image of the" American CaeW ~"sar's"dramatic landing in Leyte perceived as proof ;0£ the special bond between the Philippines and Amer/I



On the other hand, wariness and distrust of foreignters have been inured in the Chinese since ancient ftimes, embodied by the GreatWall which they started 'building in 7th century BC, constructing bigger and 'thicker portions especially between 220-206 BC durjng the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (many of the t!=ollapsedportions were later rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty). The "Opium War" between 1839-1842 is also fa bitter chapter in Chinese history, with the British .dumping the product into China and turning an alarm'ingly large number of Chinese into addicts. . 51 Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario and Defense _?ecretary Voltaire Gazmin are on the way to Washington to meet with US State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, -an indication that we are faced with an extremely ~sticky situation. No matter which way we couch it, ;we really have no choice but to ask our traditional ally Jo~ some advice" on how to deal with a giant bent on bullying us, claiming a territory that is unequivocally rfVithin'our economic zone. L While many of our friends including the US have maintained that the standoff should be solved diplo.. tta1iC'al1yahttpeacefull'V,·~islftb11i!fi\7liWi!;'m~'5,'erif ______________________


April 2012


Engaging China
IT'S BEEN three weeks now since the start of the standoff with China at Scarborough Shoal, a group of mostly submerged rocks in the West Philippine Sea that the Philippines and China are claiming as part of their respective territories. While a diplomatic way out of the impasse is being sought, a complex signaling exercise involving the deployment and withdrawal of maritime vessels is also going on. What further complicates matters is that the standoff began just a few days before the start of the USPhilippine joint military exercises, The Philippines insists the two events are unrelated, but that is not how the situation looks from a geopolitical perspective. That perspective would saywe are not really the major protagonist here, the United States is, The United States has made it clear it will secure existing navigational lanes in the South China Sea, But whether it will go to war to protect Philippine territorial claims in the area is another question. Definitely, the problem at Scarborough cannot be treated in isolation from the broader question of how Southeast Asia:-and, for that matter,. the rest of the world-must deal with China. In this regard, the silence of our Asean neighbors is deafening, though hardly surprising. So intertwined ' are their economies with China that none of them would wish to be perceived as joining a. bandwagon against this rising power. All this prompts the key question: Can the world, trust China to abide by international rules? The dramatic opening of its economy to global trade and investment in the 'last three decades may suggest that China is ready to take its place as an equal in the community of nations. But it.wouldbe naive to think this is so, In a recent paper; Filipino scholar Eduardo Araral, who is based at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Pol, icy in Singapore, offers a more nuanced picture: . "On matters of core interest such as sovereignty in the South China Sea, Taiwan and Tibet, China has weak incentives to play by' international rules and bind itself. Instead,

~ -'r'

Randy David
bilateralism will be China's dominant strategy. Divide and conquer will be China's dominant strategy in dealing with its Southeast Asian neighbors and China has been playing this card on the issue of the South China Sea. . "For example, China does not want to submit to international arbitration on the matter of the South China Sea 'or submit itself to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos). China's position has been, and will likely to be the case, .to insist on a bilateral negotiation with claimant countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam, because this is a strategy that favors China. The Philippine position on the other hand is to bring the case under the framework of international law; specifically the Uncles, which would pro'teet its claims within the 200·mile exclusive economic zone. It is unlikely that China will abandon this position. ' ''To the extent that China considers the South China Sea as a core interest, submitting itself to international arbitration and facing the risk of losing face-domestically and internationally=carries a substantial political risk. Besides; China's political leaders are already busy with domestic problems and they are probably not keen to add one more on an already overflowing plate, Therefore, for a politically emotional and sensitive issue such as sovereignty, it is not in China's interest to commit itself to a multilateral solution." Reacting to an earlier column I wrote on "The realpolitik of size," Araral argues that "geopolitics and great power politics should be central to the Philippine government's future strategy with China." He is convinced that the

giant next door is capable of playing a:ririx of . many games aimed at preventing conflicts from spiraling while allowing it to focus on solving domestic problems and building its de. fense capability. At the Same time, China's leaders cannot ignore the growing ranks of ultra-nationalist elements within their society that demand greater .assertiveness in defending Chinese sovereignty. Among them are precisely the forces that fervently believe that the entire South China Sea and all it contains .historically belong to China, The government indeed finds itself "pandering" to them from time to time, but Araral is convinced that in the long term China's leadership has better sense than to depart from the proven path of "sobriety and dialogue.", China is showing its people that their government will stand up to America or any of itf,Woxies if they threaten its sovereignty. Its pronouncements, however, draw a carefuldistinction between international navigational rights, which they respect, and other countries' claims to "their" territory; which they resolutely reject, From where we stand, the Chinese claim to Scarborough Shoal seems preposterous· since these waters lie 'very dose to our westemcoast and are well within our 200-mile excluswe.economic zone, Intemationallaw-particultfrly the Unclos-is clearly on our side, But China insists that the shoal is historically part of Chinese ter' rain, not to be conquered but to be "unified" into themainland. As Martin Jacques notes (''When China Rules the World"): ''Territory, once taken, has been regarded as immutably Chinese."); Bringing the issue to the Intemarional-Tri, bunal for the Law of the Sea or the Intemation. al Court of Justice is clearly the most logical way to press our claim to these reefs, but that is only the legal issue. We must. take care not to foreclose the many other fronts in which we can engage China, that offer mutual benefits and opportunities to both countries. .


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J1 April 2012
M. HALOS • Editor


Walangkakayahang bantayanang terltoryo
nakaaawa ang kalagayan. Para bang talu-talunan, Pati teritoryong pag-aari ~ay inaangkin. Kahit malinaw na pag-aari ng bansa ay unti-unting kinakamkam. Wala kasing kakayahan na bantayan . ang teritoryo. , Ganito ang nangy'ayari ngayon sa Scarborough Shoal 0 Panatag Shoal na ilang milya ang ,Iayosa "Zambales. Inaangkin ito ng China. Nagpapakita sila n9 katibayan na noong una pa raw ay pag-aari na nila ito. Kung ang Scarborough na: malapit sa Zambales ay Inaangkin, paano pa ang mga nasa lugar na malapit sa Palawan kagaya ng Spratly Islands. Kung ang China gunboat ay walang takot na nakakapagpa-patrol sa Panatag,mas lalong walang takot na gagawin nila ito sa ibang lugar na hindi namamalayan ng Philippine authorities. Walang ikakaya ang Pilipinas paramabantayan ang mga inaaring lugar. Paano'y walang sapat ' na barko at eroplano ang bansa. Nag-lisa aog barkong panggiyera na binili sa United States at iyon ay segundamano pa. Hindi maaaring itapat sa modernong gunboat ng China ang barko ng Pllipinas. ' Wala ring kakayahan na subaybayan ng Pilipinas ang teritoryo sa pamamagltan ng eroplano. Walang eroplano ang Philippine Air Force. Mga pinaglumaan din ng US ang nasa PAF at marami nang nag-crash. Ang mga Huey helicopter ay marami nang grounded. Walang kakayahan ang Pilipinas na mabantayan ang bansa gamit ang barko at eroplano. Kaya hindi na nakapagtataka kung magising ang mga Pilipino na mayroon nang umaangkin sa Palawan . at iba pang lugar na ari ng Pilipinas. OahUwalang i nagbabantay, madali hilang malalagyan ng bakod ang anumang nais nilang angkinin. Solusyon dito ang pagkakaroon ng makaAHIRAP ang Kapag ang ay salat sa mga Misang bansa magingsamahtrep. gamit para maipagtanggol ang sarili mga nanghJhimasok,


'i>(jiF:FIIC~:hl~fJ·H'E'AFIMSltCI~IEFP~O,B,IL".iArrJ"I~ ~:~~~a~i~~r~~;~.e~~~~;

~:ilr::~g~~P:~~~lh~n~ manakaw ang pag-aari ng Pilipinas. Iprayoridad ang pagbili ng mga ito. .