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30 APRIL 2012


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2 Reds, 1 soldier dead in clashes - At least two communist New People's Army (NPA) rebels were killed during a clash with Army troops in Quezon Province yesterday morning. Gun Battle - Two suspected New People's Army (NPA) rebels were kJlled in a 3D-minute running gun battle with Army soldiers in Quezon province yesterday morning, the military said. 2 NPA guerillas killed in Quezon - TWO members of the New People's Army were killed.von Sunday in a clash with government troops in Quezon. 2 NPA bulagta sa bakbakan - Isang I[nggo na ang nakaliiipas nang masawi ang apat na rebeldeng New People's Army laban sa tropa ng militar, muli na naming na lagasan ng· dalawang rebelde sa panibaqonq engkuwentro na naganap kahapon ng umaga sa Sitio Oelmark, Barangay Sta. Catalina sa bayan ng Lopez, Quezon. Atake ng rebelde; sundalo dedo, 7 pa sugatan - Isang sundalo ang patay at pitong iba pa ang sugatan matapos na pasabugan ng mga rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) ang grupo ng mga tropa ng military sa bayan ng Mabini sa Compostela Valley Province. Complacency killed soldiers, leader admits - The leader of the military's Northern Luzon command on Sunday blamed complacency on the part of Philippine Army troops for the ambush staged by suspected communist New People's Army (NPA) rebels that killed 11 soldiers and two civilians last week. 2 women rebels killed in encounter in Quezon town - Two New People's Army amazons were killed in an encounter with Army soldiers in Lopez, Quezon on Sunday morning, and an Army official said. Army Reaches Out to Rural Folk, Holds Talks, Medical Aid 6 soldiers slain in Abra attacks, NPA claims Six soldiers were reportedly killed in attacks in a remote village in upland Lacub town in Abra, days after communist rebels ambushed three military trucks in Ifugao province, killing 11 soldiers and a civilian, a spokesman of the New People's Army (NPA) said yesterday. Three killed, 7 others wounded in NPA attack - Communist insurgents attacked a group of soldiers in Mabini, Compostela Valley province over the weekend, killing a soldier and wounding seven others, 'Rido' eyed in Zambo Sibugay exec's slay in Pasig 1 nvestigators are looking into clan war or "rido" as a motive in

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· the killing of a barangay chairman from Zamboanga Sibuqay in Pasio City on April 19, an official said yesterday. .. Blast kills soldier Court martial to try Army officers blamed for death of 19 soldiers in Basilan formed - THE Armed Forces chief of staff, Gen. Jessie Dellosa, has approved the composition of a court martial that will try four Army officers for the botched operation that resulted in the death of 19 Special Forces troops in Basilan last year. General court martial on al-Barka fiasco formed - Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa has named members of a general court martial (GCM) tasked to try last year's bungled operation by the Army's Special Forces in Basilan that led to the killing of 19 SF soldiers, four of them junior officers. Court Martial Miners, soldiers to build additional classrooms in 5urigao del Norte

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AFP: No security threat on Labor Day "; Unlike in previous national holidays, there is no perceived significant security threat when the country commemorates Labor Day tomorrow, a military official said. AFP eyes partnership with Makati Med - The military is planning to work with the Makati Medical Center Foundation to improve the services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center (AFPMC) and to address the concerns raised by some of its patients. PH fishes return to shoal amid Sino presence - Filipino fishermen have returned to Panatag Shoal, sharing the disputed waters with their Chinese counterparts under the careful watch of Philippine and Chinese maritime ships, a military official said Sunday. Phi boats enter shoal - Six Philippine fishing boats have entered Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal amid heightened tension stemming from China's latest activities in the area. P-Noy sees no war with China - President Benigno Aquino III is not about to be flustered by the fie_rylanguage of Chinese officials. No final peace deal yet with MILF despite talks breakthrough-GRP - Government chief peace negotiator Marvic Leonen clarified that the document Decision Points on Principles it signed with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is not the final peace agreement but to make public the direction and substance of the peace negotiations.


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A tribute to soldiers killed by NPAs in an ambush in Ifugao A mother's grief Entertainment City and the Armed Forces Gregan Chinese values? Where is dear Ms. Teresita Ang-See?


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24 Bugsay Boracay. Triton A share PDBF-ICC dragon boat honors - Bugsay Boracay won the premier 300-meter Open standard class by the slimmest of margins even as Triton Team A nailed a third gold Saturday in the Cobra POBF International Club Crew Challenge here. QC Leg title ng Phi Runs inangkin ng Team Army Lady Falcons blast Indons POI p. A-30


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$"D April 2012





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.. '" .' At2 p.m. today, the Active low Pressure Area (AlPA)was estimated based on satellite and surface data at 160 kilometers east of General Santos Gty (S.8'N, 126.7°E). . Mindanao will experience 1)10stlycloudy skies with scattered ramshowers and thunderstorms becoming cloudy with widespread rains over Eastern and Southern Mindanao which may trigger flash floods and landslides. The rest ofthe country will have partly doudy to at times cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms mostly in the eastern sections. . Ught to moderate winds blowing from the southeast to south will prevail over Northern luzon and coming from the east to southeast over the rest oflhe country. The coastal waters throughout the archipelago will be slight to moderate. at 1:50 p.m. today-36.3'C (97.WF) a16:00 a.m. today-25.2'C (77,36°F)

along Manila Bay (courtesyofNamria) High tide tomorrow at 3:49 prn. 0,87 meter low tide today at 11:31 pm, -0.02 meter " 6:12p.m. 5:34a.m. 6:13 p.m.

Source: Pagasa
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I By MariO J. Mallari

1 soldier dead I in clashes

2 Reds,

Two suspected New People's Army (NPA) rebels were killed in a 30-minute running gunbattle with Army soldiers in Quezon province yesterday morning, the military said. Maj. Harold Cabunoc, the Army spokesman, said that a nine-man squad of "soldiers belonging to the 85th Infantry Battalion wasconductlnq ,.::l€curitypatrol in Sitio Delmark, Sarangay Sta. Catalina, Lopez -town whenthey encountered a I~g'roupof insurgents at around '1~7:50 a.m. A running gunbattle -ensued. It resulted in the death .M two NPA members and the j -recoverv of two M-16 assault I dfles and subversive documents, ','tabunoc said the bodies of the :rebels were left behind by their I~c;omrades.(Elena Aben) f,g

At least two communist New People's Army (NPA) rebels were killed during a clash with Arilly troops in Quezon Province yesterday morning. ~ Army spokesman Maj. Harold Cabunoc said elements of the Army's 85th Infantry Battalion (UI) were on security patrol in Sitio Delmark in Barangay Sta. Catalina, lopez town at about 7:50a.m. when they chanced upon an NPAband .. "A running gunbattIe ensued which lasted for about 30 minutes," said Cabunoc. Cabunoc said two NPA rebels were reportedly killed during the clash. Their bodies were recovered during clearing operations in the area. , Also recovered from the' scene were two M16 rifles and various subversive documents, . He added that no casualty was I reported on the government side.

"Pursuit operations have been launched against the remnants ofthe armed rebels who escaped with their irUuredcomrades," Cabunoc said. He revealed that Army troops have been deployed in the area , following persistent reports of extortion activities by the NPA there, "The Army has continuously received complaints from the local residents about (alleged) extortion activities of the notorious NPA bandits in the area. Soldiers are deployed both for security operations. and the peace and development missions ofthe Army in the far-flung villages," Cabunoc explained. Military Southern Luzon Command (Solcom)spokesman Col. Generoso Bolina said the two slain NPA rebels were both female. Meanwhile, a soldier was blown apart while seven of his colleagues were wounded in. a Iandmine explosion in Compostela Valley. NPA rebels ambushed a group of soldiers in a remote village' in Compostela Valleyprovince in late Saturdaylocal infantry battalton chief Lt. Col.Jerry Borja said:' "The use oflandmine bytheNPA is another violation on the provisions of the international human rights law," Borja said: WdhAW

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2 NPA guerillas killed in Quezon
TWO members of the New People's Army were killed on Sunday in a clash with government troops in Quezon. Army Spokesman Maj. Harold Cabunoc said soldiers alsorecovered twoM-16 riflesand subversive documents during the firefight. Cabunoc said a nine-man team from the 85th Infantry Battalion was on security pa~ trol when it encountered guerrillas at Sitlo Delmark, Barangay Sta. Catalina, Lopez, at around 7:50 a.m. Duringthe 30-minutefirefight, two rebels were killed. Their bodies were brought before barangay officials for documentation. Cabunoc said the security patrol was prompted by reports of the presence of the guerrillas in the area. Meanwhile, Armed Forces Northern Luzan Commander Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara saidon Sundaythat operations arestillongoing against the rebels who ambushed and killed 11 soldiers in !fugao last week. :'Operationsarein progressnotonlyin the . specific area but also in other areas;' he said, adding be believed the rebels mayhave already split into smaller groups after the ambush. . Alcantara said rebels splinter into smaller groups every time they carry out an ambush in order to evade their pursuers. In some instances, the rebels even mingle with the civilian population. The Nolcom commandersaiditwasunfortunate that the guerrillas managed to taketheir chances on such a big convoy of soldiers. The rebels ambushed soldiers on board three military trucks in lfugao last week, kill.lng 11 soldiers, including an Army captain, and a civilian. They also wounded a civilian and two soldiers. The convoy came from a command turnover ceremony in the province and was heading back to its headquarters in the town ofKiangan, when it was waylaid by the rebels. The Army had already formed a bo~rd of inquiryto look into the ambush, hinting there may pave been lapses on the part of the soldiers and even with their superiors. Despite the incident, Alcantara said government projects will continue in the Cordilleras; which he hoped will help alleviate the social conditions there. He said the projects should improve the peace and order situation in the region.


·2 NPA bulagta

s,- bakbakan

.. QUEZON - Isang linggo na ang nakalilipas nang masawi ang apatna rebeldeng New People's Army laban sa tropa ng militE\r,l!1u!i na namang nalagasan ng dalawang rebelde sa panibagong engkwentro na nagan.ap kahapon n9 umaga . sa Sitio Delmark, Barangay Sta. Catalina sa bayan ng ~opez, . Quezon. Kasalukuyan pang inaalam ang pagkakakllanlan ng dalawang napatay na NPA. Sa inisyal na ulat, dak~ng alas-7:50 ng umaga habang nasa secunty combat operation ang tropa ng Army's 85th Infantry Battalion sa pamumuno nl 2Lt Blancada nang masabat ang gru~o ng mga rebelde na ·sinasabing nangangalap ng revolutIonary tax sa mga residente. Turnagal ng ilang minuto ang bakbakan hanggang sa umatras an~.mga rebelde kung saan. na~ekober sa encounter site ng milltar ang dalawang armahte nfle at mga subersibong dokumento. Tony Sandoval f.). ~ .


SURdalo dedo,7 ',a sugatan·,
... .

Atake ng rebelde:

Isang sundalo ang patay at pitong iba pa ang sugatan matapos na pasabugan ng rnga rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) ang grupo ng mga tropa ng military sa bayan ng Mabini sa Compostela Valley Province. Nabatid na paresponde umano ang mga sundalo sa ginagawang pananakot ng mga rebelde sa Bgy. Golden Valley dakong

ala8-8:30 ng gab! kamalawa nang tambangan ng NPA, ayon kay Lt. Col. Jerry Borja, ang commander ng 7 I st Infantry Battalion. Agad nitong kinondena ang pananambang sa rnga sundalo at sinabing landmine na naman ang ginamit ng NPA at itinanim ito 'sa isang kalsada na dinaraanan din ng mga sibilyan, (AI Jacinto) j!I- Co







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April 2012


.Complacency killed soldiers, leader admits
By OJ Yap
TIlE LEADER of the military's Northern Luzon command yesterdayblamed complacency on the part of Philippine Army troops for the ambush staged by suspected communist New People's Army (NPA) rebels that killed 11 soldiers and two civilians last week. "Complacency was the culprit there. We weretoo relaxed and they sneaked up on us," said Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara, commander of the Armed Forces NorthernLuzen Command, noting that Ifugao was a relatively peaceful province. . . "Our people in Ifugao are peace-loving. Those who sneaked up on us were not really from there, but of course, they had local contacts;" Alcantara said in an interview over dzBB radio. Alcantara said the soldiers had a "false sense of security" that resulted in the bloodshed. . . The military said sniper fire killed the driver of a military truck ferrying members of the Army's 8.6th Infantry Battalion Wednesday as it passed through Sitio Buhyo, Tinoc town, between 7 and 8 a.m, on its way back to camp. The driver lost control of the truck, which fell over a cliff. The surviving soldiers engaged the repels in battle. The two slain residents" may have been caught in the crossfire, the police and military said. , "We know they're (NPA rebels) a spent force as far as Nolcom is concerned. That's why there are recruitment activities where
1 . '.


tney use children. They try to convince them and if they can't, they coerce them into joining," Alcantara said. Alcantara added, however, that therecruitment was "controlled" because "nobody believes them anymore," not even themselves. Alcantara said he expected more NPA activities as the midterm elections in 2013 neared: "We know that every election, they get involved, in order to earn a little and extort a little," he said. "The AI1Pwill definitely be deputized by the Commission on Elections to see to the peaceful conduct of 'the elections. By August, we'll do a thorough coordination for the election. We will prepare accordingly. We have enough forces," he. said.

2 women rebels killed in encounter in Quezon
~. f-).~
! . . ._=." ~

LUCENA CITY~Two New People's He said the firefight lasted for 10 Army (NPA) guerrillas were killed in minutes after which the NPA rebels an encounter with Army soldiers in retreated in different directions leavLopez, Quezon, on Sunday morning, ing behind the bodies of their slain feaccording to Col. Eduardo Afio, head male comrades, who have yet to be of the Army's 201st Infantry Brigade. "identified. He said the government forces sufThe Army officials said a group of .oldiers were in Sitio Delmark in Baran- fered no casualties. The Army soldiers recovered one ~ay Sta. Catalina when they engaged M16 rifle and one Baby Armalite at II NPA guerrillas at around 7:50 a.m.


the site of the encounter, Afio said. The Army official said concerned villagers informed the military on the presence of the communist guerrillas. "The people have been feeding us valuable information. Most of them through text messages while there are others who bravely go directly to us," Afio said. Last week, four NPA rebels were al-




so killed in Lopez town in another encounter with government forces. The presence of communist guerrillas was also tipped off to the military by local residents. , "The military is intensifying its efforts to get rid of NPA rebels in Quezon before the end of 2012," Afio said OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add: oacpa_hpa@y~ over ~he phone. Delfin T. MallariJr., 87,5295 '----------------------------Inquzrer Southern .l1,uzon·




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April 2012



Army Reaches QutTo Rural Folk, Holds Talks, Medical Aid
CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar (PIA) - The Philippine Army through the 34th Infantry Battalion (34th IE) held a consultation-dialogue and Legal and Medical/Dental Mission last April 25 at Palapag, Northern Samar to benefit 700 rural folks. In a press statement, Lt Col. William Penafiel, 34th IE commander, said that the activity was aimed to reach out, inform and orient the residents of Barangays Capacujan, Osrnena, Bagacay and. Bangon, Northern Samar. The army official urged the people to approach government agencies for their various needs instead of interacting with the rebels. He also guaranteed that the 34th IE will continue to pursue peace and development in the Pacific towns of Northern Samar. Capt. Rami! S. Palisoc, CMO Officer of 34th Infantry Battalions, lauded the support of the various stakehold- . ers in the conduct of the activity. "The cooperation of the government agencies and the LGU only means that everyone is concerned and responsive to the needs of our fellowmen, which is a true Filipino 'bayanihan' spirit," said Palisoc. p, I

6 soldiers slain in Abra attacks, NPA claims





. said. Wadagan said the attacks were carried outto "punish the 41st IB, 503rd Brigade for consistently serving as large-scale mining security force, terrorizing the people, violating human rights, and oppressing the indigenous people." However, Chief Superintendent Benjamin Magalong, Cordillera police director, said there were no government casualties in the NPA attacks. Yesterday the military admitted that the ambush in Tinoc may have happened due to the complacency of government troops in the area. Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara, Armed Forces Northern Luzon Command chief, said the soldiers may have felt a "false sense of security" as most of the local residents are peace-loving citizens. "Our countrymen there forcements from a platoon of the 41st ill at Mt, Inuman, (in lfugao) are mostly peacealso in Lacub, killed three loving Filipinos," he said. more soldiers, Wadagan ,~}=}- - With Alexis Romero'

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet - Six soldiers were reportedly killed in attacks in a remote village in upland Lacub town in Abra, days after communist rebels ambushed three military trucks in Ifugao province, . killing 11 soldiers and a civilian, a spokesman of the New People's Army (NPA) said yesterday. NPA spokesman Diego. Wadagan said rebel units from the Procopio Tauro Front under the Agustin Begnalen Command victoriously attacked a detachment of the Army's 41st Infantry Battalion in Sitio Bantugo, Poblacion Lacub last Thursday morning. Wadagan claimed three soldiers died on the spot . while another was wounded, but offered no identities of the victims. Another attack by an NPA team the following day against government rein-



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April 2012

I m:be 3INanfla

m:ftnt~ I




Three killed, 7 others wounded in NPA attack
Lt. Col. Jerry Borja, commander of the 71stlnfanny Battalion, said the assault ocrurred at about 8:30 p.m, on Saturday while the soldiers were heading to the village where New People's Army rebels were reportedly harassing residents.

AMBOANGA CITY:Communist insurgents attacked a group of soldiers in Mabini, ~"o.L-.---,'Compostela Valley province over the weekend, killing a soldier and'wounding seven others.
Two communist rebels were also killed in the ensuing gunfight. The. Philippine Army's 10th Infantry Division on Sunday confirmed the attack on the soldiers in the village called Golden Valley in the said town.

"The use of Iandrnine by the NPA is another violation on the provisions of the international human rights law. The use of landmines does not only harm the soldiers, but the civilians as well, who are most vulnerable to landrnines since they just go about their routine works," Borja said, "We grieve for losing another hero, but this will notaffect our commitment to bring peace and development in all communities, This will push us to do moretowin the peace and help improve the lives of the people in order to give justice to the life laid by another soldier by serving the people. n he added,

'Rido' eyed in Zambo Sibugay
Investigators are looking into clan war or "ride", as a motive in the killing of a barangay chairman from Zamboanga Sibugay in Pasig City on April 19, an official said yesterday. Eastern Police District (EPD) director Chief Superintendent Miguel Laurel said police teams are hunting down an Army corporal who was identified by witnesses as the man who shot dead Adjed Yusof, chairman of Barangay Mamagin in Naga town.

exec's slay in Pasig
slugs from a .45 caliber automatic pistol from the crime scene. Yusof died on the spot from a gunshot wound in the head. Yusof and h.isfellow members of the Liga ng mga Barangay in Naga town were in Metro Manila to attend a disaster response seminar. He was about to step into a bus waiting forthem along Escriva Drive in Bara:ngay San Antonio when' he was attacked, .f: I Non Alquitran

"The family of Yusof and that of the Army corporal are at war with each other. It's a ride," said a police investigator. Laurel has coordinated with the Army corporal's unit in Fort Bonifacio to take him in and answer for the killing of Yusof. The EPD chief clarified that Yusof was not killed bv a" sniper" as earlier reported but by a man who pushed the victim's companion aside before shooting at him . . Investigators recovered several spent shells and ---~ ---~---.OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com



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:>1> April 2012


Blast kills soldier
TAGUM CITY-Government· troops on a peace and development mission were hit by a land-mine explosion believed set off by New People'sArmy (NPA) guerrillas in Mabini, Compostela Valley, late Saturday evening, killing one soldier, a military official on Sunday Seven others were wounded in the 8:30 p.m. blast in Sitio Kidaraan, Barangay Golden Valley, according to Col. Roberto Dornines Jr., commander of the Army's . IOOlst Infantry Brigade. Domines told the lNQUlRER by phone the incident happened as 71st Infantry Battalion (IB) troops conducting a peace and development outreach program (PDOP) responded to reports by residents about the presence of armed men in the village outskirts. 'While on foot patrol, our troops were hit by the explosion. One was killed and seven others suffered minor shrapnel wounds," said Domines. The military official said the soldiers had been conducting the PDOP in Sitio Manasa, Barangay Anitapan, which shares border. with Pannikan town, when the incident happened. Lt. Col. Jerry BOlja, 71st IB commander, said the land mine was allegedly planted by NPA rebels along an access road where residents pass through daily. . "This incident was another violation by the NPA against the use 6f land mines. The' use of land mines does not only harm soldiers but civilians as well," Borja said. Prinston L. Lim, In-

Court martial to try Army . 'officers blamed for death of 19
soldiers in Basilan formed

dent in Basilan where 19 Special Forces troops and Scout Rangers were killed by the Abu Sayyaf .and the More Islamic Liberation Front. The relief of Undog and Edralln followed '. after a month .

Reporter THE Armed Forces chief of staff, Gen. Jessie
.' Deilosa.has approved the composition ofacourt martial that will try four Army officers for the botched operation that resulted Inthe death of 19 Special Forces troops in Basilan last year. . Dellosa named Brig. Gen Teodoro Cirilo

The Special Forces troops and Scout Rangers were on their way supposedly to arrest Abu Sayyafleader.Puruii indami and'MILF leaders· Dan Laksaw Asnawi and Long Malat when they were waylaid by meinbers

Torralba III as president of the General Court
'Martial that will hear the chargesagainstLt, 'Col. Leonardo Pefia, former cornmander .' 4th Special Forces Battalion; Macario, former commander -.dug, former commander .commandant Torralba ofthe Col. Alexander of Special Opera-

ofthe two groups. As the fighting raged, the number of Abu

Sayyaf and the MILF swelled to 400, walloping the soldiers who only numbered The bodies of some of the soldiers killed were mutilated, while those who were captured alive were executed. were wounded Fourteen other soldiers during the operation.

tions Task Force- Basilan, Col. Amikandra


of the Special Forces

Regiment and Lt. Col. Orlando Edralin, former of the Special Forces School. is currently the senior military Ad-

. The MILF claimed that the military operation was done inside its territory and without coordination, prompting its fighters to engage kilometers stay. the troops, a claim the military disputed, saying the targetofoperation wasaboutfour away from the MILF's area of temporary to hasten the proceedings;

adviser to the Office of the Presidential . Philippine Military Academy inspector

viser on the Peace Process. He is a member of Class 1980 and . was the f6r~er general of the 9th

Infantry "Spear" Division. The members of the tribunal are Col. Dante Talifio, CoL Domingo Col. Andre Tanyag. . Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos, Armed Forces spokesman, said appointment orders have been

Undog had asked the military leadership

Tutaan Jr., Col. Wilfred

Bonilla, CoL Joel Celino, Col. Rafael Sera and

Palace interest
THE lawy~r of two of the four Army officer~ charged wants to know why someMalacanang 'officials have allegedly showed so much interest in the case of his clients . "We were informed that there

issued tothe members of the court martial, which is expected to arraign the four officers


a letter Staff]

Themilitaryaccused thefourofficersofviolating Articles of War 84 (Will;ful or Negligent Loss,
Damage or Wrongful Disposition), 96 (Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and Gentleman) and a Article 97 (Disorders and Neglects to the Prejudice of Good Order and Military Discipline). Periaand Macariowererelievedoftheir in the aftermath posts of the October 18, 2011, inci-

from the PMS [Presidential Management

allegedly sent to the Office of The Judge Advocate General. Whatever the content of that letter, Ican only guess, It depends on how you interpret it for it could be that the intention is to influenc~ [of the case] or [is] just following up ... ust re" j minding about the case;' Elmer Train told the BUSlNES'sMIRROR. WithZ.Solmerin

quirer Mindanao

OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com

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April 2012



General court martial on aI-Barka fiasco formed
By Mario

J. Mallari

Armed Forces of the Philippines (APP) chief of staff Gen. Jessie Dellosa has named members of a general court martial (GCM) tasked to try last year's bungled operation


by the Army's Special Forces in Basilan that led to the killing of 19 SF soldiers, four of them junior officers. . Dellosa appointed Army Brig. Gen. Teodoro Cirilo Torralba III as president of the GCM which will

hear the court martial charges against four senior officers from the SF, one of the specialized elite units of the Army. A member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of
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! Ftompagel
I .' 1980, will lead I formerTorralba SF chief the trial against Army Col. Amlkandra

Force-Basilan chief Col. Alexander

Undug; former Special operations


. Armed Forces of the PhilipI'pines Chief of Staff, Gen. Jesi sie D. Dellosa has approved the composition of the General / Court Martial (GCM) that will try i and hear the case of four Army senior officers for the Octo?.er 18 .bloodbath in AI-Barka, Basilan that left 19 soldiers dead. Brig. 'Gen. Teodoro Cirilo T. Torralba HI, military adviser of the Office -of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), will be the president of the CGM. .Members of the GCM are Col. Dante Talino, Col. Domingo .Tutaan, Jr.; Col. Wilfred Bonilla, Col. Joel Celina, Col. Rafael Sera - all from Army; and Air Force Col. Andre Tanyag. Alternate members are Army Colonels Rafael Valencia and Arwel Oropesa, while the law members are .'CDI. Feliciano Loy and Lt. Col. I Gery Puluhanan, both from the Judge Advocate General Service I (JA~S). (Elena Aben)



y. ~

Macano: erstwhile SF Training School head Lt. Col. Orlando EdraJin, and former 4th SF Battalion commander Lt. Col. Leonardo Pella. .~ The four senior officers oftt;he SF were charged with violations ofth'e Articles of War 84 or willful or negligent loss, damage or wrongful disposition; AW 96 Of COl\guct unbecoming an officer and gentleman 'and AW 97 or disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and military discipline. The court martial proceedings stemmed from the Oct. 18, 2011 bungled operation in al-Barka town, BasiJan that led to the killing of 19 SF soldiers, including four junior officers. The SF troops were sent to al-Barka to serve I warrants of arrest against Moro Islamic : . Liberation Front (MILF) commander Dan Laksaw Asnawi and Abu Sayyafbandit Long MaJat. Named as members of the GCM are Colonels Dante Talmo, Domingo Tutaan Jr.,. Wilfred Bonilla, Joel Celino, Rafael Sera, all from the Army, and Col. Andre Tanyag, of the Air Force. Appointed as alternate members are Colonels Rafael Valencia and Arwel Oropesa, both from the "Army. The law members are Col. Feliciano Loy and Lt. Col. Gary Puluhanan, both from the Judge Advocate General Service (JAGS). The Trial Judge Advocates are Lt. CoL Ser-Me Ayuyao, Lt. CoL Liberato Ramos and M~" Vener Malabanan III, all 'from AFP's JAGS). The military defense counsels are Majors Rosel Tan, Julius Agdeppa and Gabrielle Octava, also from JAGS. . AFP spokesman Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr. said that orders have already been issued to the officers appointed to the GCM.

"With the composition of the GCM already approved, the next step is the arraignment of all the accused military . personnel in the said case before the military court. Aft~rwards,. it will be followed by the presentation of prosecution evidence and once the prosecution rests its case, the presentation of the defense evidence will ensue," Burgos said. "Rebuttal evidence may be presented by both sides and thereafter, the case will be subm.itted for resolution," Burgos added. • Meanwhile, a ranking Philippine Air Force (PAF) official yesterday said the Abu Sayyaf Group is'~now leaderless following the killing oftop, terrorist leaders in Sulu the past six months. II} a phone interview, M::Y. Gen. Jose Tony Vlllarete, commanding general oft.he PAF's 3rd Air Division based in Zamboanga City, said tb.e recent killing of Abu Sayyaf chieftain Gumbahali Umbra Jumdail, along with top Jemaah Islamiyah Malaysian terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir, alias Marwan, and MuhambaAli, alias Muawiyah, during a bombing raid by PAF planes in Indanan, Sulu, was a big blow to the Abu Sayyaf. "The Abu Sayyaf is now practically leaderless," he added. . Apparently, the bandit group is trying . to look for a new leader but at this point, they are leaderless, Villarete said. He, however, said the military is closely watching the situation, particularly in Basilan and Sulu, known strongholds of the Abu Sayyaf. . Among the Abu Sayyaf leaders killed the past 15 years were Abdurajak Janjalani, the ASG founder his younger brother Khadaffy Janjalani and Abu Sabaya. Abdurajak Janajalani was killed during a routine patrol by policemen in Basilan in the late 19808 while .his younger brother was killed during a raid by Philippine Marines on an Abu Sayyaf stronghold in Sulu in 2007. PNA

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April 2012

Page: ~-(2

Philex Mining, AFP NADESCOMto have classrooms ready by next school opening'
Miners and soldiers are arming themselve \-\lth shovels and carpentry tools 1:0 address the classroom shortage in Surigao del Norte. 'Philex Mining Corporation (PMC) and subsidiary Silangan Mindanao Mining Company' Inc. (SMMCI) today inked a Memorandum of Agreement between the Armed Forces of the Philippines' 52nd . Engineering Brigade (52 EBde) during the 39th Anniversary Celebration of the 544 Engineering Construction Brigade (ECB) at Camp Democrito Plaza in Prosperidad, Agusan D€l Sur. "Education provides the opportunity for OUf children in Surigao del- Norte to follow their dreams and rise above pov,erty,'" Philex Mining President and Chief Operations Officer Eulalio B. Austin said. "It is out responsibility to ensure that happens, and we start by addressing the basic problem of classroom shortage," . The MOA between the two parties is anchored on the previously signed ag:reernent late last year-allying Phil ex and National Development Support Command (NADESCOM), the AFP's peace and development arm. Various school projects in the municipality of Placer will be commenced through the 544 EeB late this
month and shal! be finished befo,e the opening of classes, . , Among the projects in the pipeline are three school projects, 'including repairs of six classrooms in Barangay Anislagan; construction of a two-classroom building in Barangay Boyongan: .and repairs of five classrooms in Barangay Macalaya, a11of Placer town of Surrgao del Norte. "In. pursuit for a better quality of education fori and sustainable peace amongst, out host communities, Phllex Mining has partnered with the APP's NADESCOM.Throughthispactwithour peacekeepers, we do not only give our, host communities' children the opportunity to have access to quality education,' but as well forge closer relationship with the military who are armed with shovels and carpentry tools," Austin added. Still in the pre-feasibility phase of its Silangan Project in Surlgao Del Norte, Phllex-SMMO has implemented various projects through its I-HELP Program, bringing health and sanitation, educalion assistance, livelihood and skills development, and public infrastructure. . concluded. "The best is yet to come."

"This is just the beginning," Austin

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OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com

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j D April 2012


AFP:No, security threat on Labor Day
Unlike inprevious national action by threat groups holidays, there is no perceived against our citizens," AFP significant security threat spokesman CoL Arnulfo when the country commemo- . Burgos Jr. said in a text mesrates Labor Day tomorrow, a sage yesterday. Burgos said the military military officialsaid. "The AFP (Armed Forces would continue to share and of the Philippines) has not exchange information with monitored any significant law enforcement agencies threat. However, we will to ensure the safety of the maintain vigilance and con- . public. "The safety, security and tinue our intelligence gathering and collection efforts well-being of our people Turn to Page 16 to preempt any adverse

tration for allegedly failing to im. According to reports, militant ·will remain of paramount consider- groups will converge in various ar;ation in all our efforts," he said. . eas of Manila, Quezon City and oth~. As a security measure, the Armed er parts of Metro Manila and nearby Forces National Capital Region Com- provinces before marching toward mand (NCRCOM) will place on Mendiola to air their grievances ; standby three civil disturbance man- against the government. [agernent (COM) companies with All systems ready : about 100 soldiers to support the police. . The PNP is all set for the Labor Day · The NCRCOM will also meet with celebration tomorrow with the NCRi their Philippine National Police PO as the primary unit responsible to ; (PNP) counterparts today to finalize ensure the safety of workers who would join the celebration. ·the security preparations. . PNP spokesman Senior SuperinThe PNP has also sent intelligence units around the metropolis to ensure tendent Generoso Cerbo Jr. said PNP the safety of those who would par- units have a security plan already laid out for the event, which is expected ticipate in Labor Day activities. According to' the National Capital to be attended by thousands of workRegional Police Office (NCRPO), it ers in several areas nationwide, parhas not received intelligence reports ticularly in Metro Manila. "The NCRPO would be the aPR that terrorist groups would incite violence during the protest rally to be (office of primary responsibility) to be supported by other PNP units. Our held at Mendiola, near Malacafiang, preparations include orientation on in Manila. Militant groups had earlier bared observance of human rights of per·plans to stage demonstrations tomor- sonnel assigned to CDM units," Cerrow to criticize the Aquino adminis- bo said.
From pagel::; . prove the 'lives of workers.




Chief Superintendent Juanita Vafio, NCRPO deputy for operations, said they would be fielding a substantial number of anti-riot policemen in areas where government and militant groups would gather to celebrate the event. "We expect a peaceful Labor Day celebration because our district directors are expected' to have a dialogue with rally leaders today to establish guidelines about their activities," Vafio said. He said five police districts with some 200 CDM units were directed to be on standby for immediate deployment when the need arises. Vafio appealed to militant groups to police their ranks to prevent "anybody from instigating violence." . Earlier, the Manila Police District (MPO) vowed to observe maximum tolerance in dealing with activists. MPD director Senior Superintendent Alejandro Gutierrez said at least 300 Manila policemen underwent training in dealing with protesters. The MPD said "more than enough" police personnel would be deployed in key areas like Liwasang

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Extra pay for workers on· May 1
Meanwhile, workers nationwide can enjoy another day off or opt for extra pay .. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has reminded all employers nationwide to allow their workers to go on a day off or give them double their daily basic pay if they report for work on Labor Day. Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said under the law all workers have the option to take a day off on May 1, which is a regular holiday nationwide. . Baldoz .said Malacafiang has declared May 1 a regular holiday in commemoration of the 1l0th Labor Day. , She urged all employers to observe the proper pay rules and other general labor standards protecting the rights and welfare of workers. Baldoz said ell·ployers are mandated to pay 200 percent in the first

eight hours and an additional 30 percent (based on hourly rate) for work in excess of eight hours. Those who opt not to report for work will still receive 100 percent of their regular daily rate. If the holiday falls on the employee's rest day and is required to work, he would receive 260 percent of his daily rate on the first eight hours, plus 30 percent for work in excess of eight hours. In observance of Labor Day, DOLE is mounting simultaneous job and livelihood fairs nationwide, while thousands of workers are expected to march to Malacafiang to pressure the government to grant substantial pay hike.

Warm and humid Labor Day
. The state weather bureau advised those who will participate in Labor Day rallies tomorrow to drink lots of water, bring umbrellas and wear light clothing and hats as warm and humid weather will continue to prevail over Luzon, induding Metro Manila, this week. - Alexis Romero, Cecille Felipe-Suerte, Non Alquitran, Mayen Jaymalin, Helen Flores

. AFP eyes partnership with lVIakati ·Med .
The military is planning to work with the Makati Medi~a.l C~nter Fou?dation to improve the services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center (AFPMC) and to address the concerns raised by some of its pa~i~nts.· AFP chief Gen. Jessie Dellosa said the foundation could share administrative and management practices that the military hospital c.an adapt t? enhance its services. He said the AFP is also open to other pnvate hospitals that are willing to provide sin;i1ar assistan~e. . . Insiders welcomed Dellosa s move, saymg there are practi~es in the AFPMC that need to be curbed. They claimed that one supplier seems to have a monopoly when it comes to the awarding of bi~s and contracts, while a senior military officer and others have complained about the alleged rudeness of-the hospital's employees. . . Dellosa confirmed that there are some Issues that need to be addressed m the military hospital. He declined to identify the persons involved ~nthese issues, sayIng an investigation is still ongoin~.. p. I ~. - AleXIS Romero

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(}fJ April 2012


-A -I

By DJ Yap

FILIPINOfishermen have returned to Panatag Shoal, sharing the disputed waters with their Chinese counterparts under the careful watch of Philippine and Chinese maritime ships, a military official said yesterday. . Lt. Gen.' Anthony Alcantara, chief of the Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom), reported that six Filipino fishing boats were anchored yesterday in the lagoon in the middle of a cluster of reefs and islands in the area, internationally known as Scarborough Shoal, 220 kilometers west of Zambales. It was the first time the military reported the presence of Filipino fishermen in the area since tensions began on April 10 when two Chinese surveillance ships stopped the Philippine Navy from accosting eight Chinese .fishing boats" loaded with poached marine life. Alcantara played down the

PH fishers return to shoalamid Sino presence
PH fishers return to shoal

amid presence of Chinese


return of the Filipinos, saying they have the right to fish at Panatag, which China claims is part of its territory. " "We never banned our fisherfolks from fishing there. These are our natural fishing grounds. We've been fishing there for a long time," Alcantara said in an interview over dzBBradio. He also stressed that Filipinos should not hesitate to go to Panatag. "Our Coast Guard is ready to help and protect the interests of our fishermen in that area," he said.

'Very stable' situation
Alcantara said the situation at Panatag was "very stable." "No unusual incident has been reported to us," he said, adding that a Coast Guard search and rescue vessel, BRP Pampanga, or SARV003, and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) vessel, MCS3001, were still in the waters. He declined to give specifics of the BFARvessel although in its previous operations enforcing fishing laws Coast Guard personnel were reported on board. "Two Chinese surveillance"ships, one is number 71, the other is undetermined, are also stillthere. One of them is located 3 nauti-


P':Noy sees no war with China / A 1 9

cal miles (5,4 krn), south of the entrance of the shoal, while the other is 12 nautical miles (21.6 km) east of (SARV)003," he said. China'sbiggestand most advanced maritime surveillance ship, the FLEC310, also called Yuzheng310, has not been sightedin the area. FLEC310 reportedlybrushed past the Filipino ships on Saturday morning in what Philippine officialsdescnbedas harassment. "It is assumed (the FLEC 310) is somewhere else beyond our Coast Guard's visual contact. That's the situation. We are continuously monitoring the situation," Alcantara said. He declined further comment, saying he had yet to receive a report on this from the Coast Guard. "What we can say at Noicom,our Armed Forces is prepared to help our Coast Guard assert our claims on Scarborough Shoal. We believe it is ours and we have to assert our sovereignty in this place," he said. 'What's clearis it'spart of our exclusiveeconomic zone, according to UN Convention on the Lawof the Sea.That'svery clear;"he said. The Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Coast Guard, the Maritime Group of the Philippine National Police and other agencies have roles to protect Philippine interests in the area, Alcantara said. "We are helping each other out, all of us. We are in the same boat."

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O"b April 2012

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Six Philippine fishing boats have entered Panatag "We did not bar them from (Scarborough) Shoal amid heightened tension stem- ' fishing. This has been our natuming from China's latest ral fishing ground. We have been going there before. This is activities in the area.
Armed Forces Northern Luzon Command chief Lt, Gen. Anthony Alcantara yesterday said the six fishing boats are inside the Panatag lagoon with an equal number of Chinese fishing vessels that were Sighted last week. "There are six Chinese fishing vessels insi de ,the lagoon, There are also six Filipino fishing boats also in the lagoon," Alcantara told radio station dzBB, ' Also in the shoal are the Coast Guard's BRP Pampanga ' and a vessel of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). On the other hand, two mari time surveillance vessels and six fishing boats constitute China's presence in the area. Alcantara said there have been no reports of friction or "unusual incidents" between the Philippine and Chinese fishing crews.' ' He said the Filipino fishermen were being secured by the Coast Guard. Alcantara said they have not advised local fishermen to avoid Panatag Shoal. Turn to Page 12


within our EEZ (exclusive economic zone)," Alcantara said. "Our Coast Guard 'is ready to protect the interest of our fishermen in that area. There is no such incident," Alcantara said when asked whether the fishermen are afraid to sail to the area because of the standoff. President Aquino, however, expressed belief that China will not engage in any military conflict with regard to its claims over the shoal. , "We don't think that at this point in time that they will engage in any military activities. And we are ... purposely, our actions have been geared toward de-escalating the situ" ation," Aquino told reporters in an interview at Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. Aquino also brushed aside the Chinese threat, saying Chinese officials may have only be used to 'such "figures of speech

it not to make the situation untenable. "There is that overriding or metaphor," and that it is instruction not to escalate the situation; not to put each other only a matter of "style." "One of the Chinese officials in a position that would limit was quoted as saying that he the forces of action or add more is prepared to hear the sound tension to the situation in the of cannons, etc. If you read area," he said. He said the Bureau of Fishthe headline of the (Chinese) People's Daily it was more eries and Aquatic Resources alarming. But it's a question and the Department of Justice of style. They are used to that," are now discussing the definition of rules and regulations he said. "It is clear that it is to 11.0- over local and international body's benefit and there are laws governing poachers. a lot of repercussions if any Staying ,put military force happens to be Early this month, Masinemployed here'. So we think that is more a statement that lac, Zambales Mayor Desiree lacks substance," Aquino said. Edora said some local fishermen are no longer sailing to Aquino said the remarks made by the Chinese military Panatag Shoal for fear that general in the report do not they might get caught between Chinese and Filipino,forces. indicate real intentions. Alcantara, however, said "It is not I think the general who commands policy in the the Chinese fishing vessels are People' s Republic (of China)," , apparently bent on staying in Panatag Shoal, which China he added. Aquino said he had in- calls Huangyan Island. "It seems thatI the Chinese structed the Coast Guard to ensure that Philippine laws fishing vessels) are already are complied with, particu- ' anchored there. When we last talked, there were five. Now larIy to maritime violations, there are six," he said. but at the same time advised
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On Saturday, the DepartThe military, however, r----could not tell how it intends ment of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Coast Guard reported OFFICE to deal with the apparently increasing presence of Chinese another incident of "bullying" by Chinese vessels in the area . fishing vessels in the area. The Coast Guard said the "For now I cannot answer that. I'm sure there are specific Chinese Fisheries Law Eninstructions given to our units, forcement Command (FLEC) specifically our Coast Guard," vessel tried to scare off two Coast Guard vessels. Alcantara said. The DFA said the recent Panatag Shoal, known inactions by the Chinese vessel ternationally as Scarborough Shoal, is 124 nautical miles posed a danger to the Philiphom the nearest base point pine ships, which could mean in Zambales. The rock forma- a violation of the International Regulations for Preventing tion is within the Philippines' Collisions of Ships at Sea. 200-nautical mile exclusive Alcantara said he has not economic zone (EEZ) based on the United Nations Con- received a report about last vention on the Law of the Sea Saturday'S incident. . "I do not have exact infor(UNCLOS), to which China is a signatory. mation regarding that inciLast April 8, eight Chi- dent," he said. Alcantara said the Chinese nese fishing vessels were seen FLEC vessel that was used to anchored inside the shoat prompting the Navy to deploy patrol the area was no longer its largest warship BRP Grego- monitored by the Coast Guard. "It is assumed that it is rio del Pilar. somewhere else beyond the A boarding team composed of Navy sailors was sent on visual contact of our Coast . April 10 to inspect the fishing Guard," he said. Alcantara, nevertheless, vessels and to collect evidence of their catch. The teamfound maintained that the military illegally collected corals, giant is ready to support the Coast clams and live sharks inside Guard when necessary. "Our Armed Forces, espethe Chinese vessels. The standoff began on April cially our Philippine Navy, is backing up our Coast Guard 10 when Chinese surveillance ships placed themselves be- and is' ready for contingency. tween the Del Pilar and the They also have a role to play. fishing vessels, preventing the ·1 assume our maritime police Filipino sailors from arresting are also monitoring this," he said. the fishermen. The Philippines protested Documentation the Chinese vessels' action To help prove the bullying but China insisted that it has of China, Malacafiang said sovereignty over the area. The eight vessels have left the government would start the area, bringing with them documenting "all actions" of the maritime species they har- Chinese ships in the disputed vested from the shoal. Scarborough Shoal territory, which both Beijing and Manila The Philippine government continues· to support peaceful are claiming. Presidential spokesman means to resolve the standoff Edwin Lacierda said the Coast despite incidents of bullying Guard and the DFA have by Chinese ships. Two weeks ago, MY Saran- agreed to record all actions of foreign vessels 'involved in a gani, which was commissioned by the government to conduct standoff with Philippine ships archaeological surveys, was in the area. "We will document all acharassed by a Chineseship. Some officials claimed that tions of the Chinese vessels," Lacierda said over state-run the yacht whose passengers OFFICI included nine French nation- radio station dzRB. Lacierda als and three employees of though said the diplomatic the Philippines' National Mu- talks with their Chinese counseum, left the area on April terparts would continue so as 18 without completing its not to worsen the two countries' relations. mission.

The objective of such documentation is to strengthen the Philippine government's claim 287,5295 to the area - well within the . country's 200-nautical mile EEZ - and before the international bodies resolving such disputes. "In the meantime, we have to document these. Let's not exacerbate the situation, one way or the other," Lacierda said. DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez said they will report to Chinese authorities the incidents of aggressiveness of their ships in the area. "We will bring this incident of 'bullying' to the attentionof the Chinese authorities. Baja de Masinloc (Panatag Shoal) is Philippine territory and philippine waters," Hernandez said in a statement. "We will continue to stand up and hold -our ground. On Saturday, the Coast Guard and the DFA reported an incident of bullying by Chinese vessels in the area where a FLEe 310 vessel tried to scare off two Coast Guard ships. No one was hurt but "these maneuvers by the Chinese vessel posed a danger to the Philippine vessels," Hernandez said in a statement. "Our ships did not react to the bullying," he added. This is the most serious . event since the standoff began on April 8 when the Philippines attempted to arrest Chinese fishermen in the shoal for poaching, only to be blocked by Chinese ships. China has warned the Philippines against intema tionalizing the dispute over the shoal. In a separate development, Energy Undersecretary Jose Layug said the Philippines is planning more oil and gas exploration in the disputed region despite China's growing aggressiveness. . "The Chinese are claiming .(these areas) but we have said repeatedly that (they are) well within the territorial jurisdiction of the Philippines," he told ABS-CBN in an interview. Experts said the overlap- t87, 5295 ping claims are a potential £lashpoint that could destabilize regional security. - With Delon Porcalla, Rainier Allan Ronda,AFP

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(bb April


Page: ,\ "-/ !

-Noy sees no war with hina
By Christine
BONGABONG, Oriental Mindoro-President Aquino is not about to be flustered by the fiery language of Chinese officials. The.President said yesterday he did not think China would go tei war with the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal. Mr. Aquino was asked by reporters dur.ing a visit here to comment on a Chinese general's call for China to take decisive actions against the Philippines to resolve the territorial dispute in the area which Filipino officials alternatively call Panatag Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc, He replied that there were more "severe" headlines in the official Chinese newspaper People's Daily; pointing to one that said, "Prepare to hear the sounds of canons." He said that the Chinese were fond of speaking in "metaphors." "We don't think that at this point in time that they will engage in any military activities," the President said. He said that since the impasse began three weeks ago, he had taken actions "geared towards de-escalating the situation." . "It's clear it is to nobody's benefit, and there are a lot of repercussions, if any military force happens to be employed here. So we think that is more a statement that lacks substance. It's not indicative of the real intentions," he said. He added that the general "did not command policy in the People's Republic." international laws that we are subscribed to are currently in operation." Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario left on Saturday for Washington for talks with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today. Joining the discussions that will include the Scarborough impasse will be Defense SecretaryVoltaireGazmin and his US counterpart, Leon Panatta. He told reporters that the talks would center on increasing "our capacity for territorial defense and maritime security" under the Mutual Defense Treaty. He said' this year US defense assistance would reach $144.66 million. Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said in an interview over dzBBthat China might be inadvertently "invading" the philippines with its presence in Scarborough Shoal. Santiago, an expert in international law who has been elected to the International Criminal Court, advocated a "binding regional code of conduct" among claimantnations to force China to talk peace. so we must repeatedly assert that it is ours," she said. Philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis has called on the government to "show courage" .byhitting back at China for "bullying" small countries like the Philippines and violating the .country's territorial sovereignty. "China is a bully ." She must be hit with moves like trade tariff. Let the Philippine Congress show its courage by passing a law that would impose tariff on all Chinese goods," Lewistold the INQUIRER on Saturday. "If China files a case against us before the World Trade Organization for violation of the free trade agreement, then we could pursue our plan to bring the Scarborough Shoal case to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (based in Hamburg, Germany) ," said Lewis, chair of the New Yorkbased US Pinoys for Good Governance. With reports from Michael Lim Ubae and Jerry E. Esplanada

Customary law
She said the diplomatic protest lodged by Manila against Beijing since the April 10 standoff "will be useful when we meet before an international courtthat ... It will be evidentiary proof, among many other pieces of evidence, that we're being consistent and have been practicing international public customary law." "The. Senate should pass a resolution proclaiming our territorial sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal and explaining what is the basis, and referring it to the Department of Foreign Affairs for referral to China. That's how it will play out," Santiago said.

Gathering evidence


The President said the government had been documenting developments at Scarborough Shoal as possible evidence against China before an appropriate international body. He also said that the Department of Justice was consulting with various departments "to really define the basis of all the rules and regulations and which local and

Show courage
"We're repeating this over and over again because that is one of the requirements of the international customary law, repetition,

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OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com

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April 2012



No final peace deal yet with MILF despite talks breakthrough - GRP
Government chief peace negotiator Malvic Leonen clarified that the document Decision Points Islamic Liberation Front (MIl$)
on Principles it sJgnedwith the Moro

"'Thegovernment wants to know the viewpoints of the public on the peace process," Leonen said, adding the government will ..
conduct dialogs and consultations with


not the fmal peace agreement but to make public the dlrection and substan .e of the peace


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affected sectors in N;ndanao. He said making the document open to the public by laying down commonalities in the proposals of both parties serves to "engage the u public to learn and understand" the status and '. projection of the peace .. process, The GRP and tlfe MILF peace panels signed the document at the 27th formal exploratory talks in Kuala Lumpur last April 24. The Decision Points on Principles contains a list of initial agreements that will serve as a guide in the discussions on the substantive agenda of the negotiations. Leonen reiterated that the signed document is not yet the final peace pact. "It should be read as a memorandum for the parties of the general directions of the substantive negotiations to navigate the details and context in crafting a comprehensive peace agreement," Leonen added. Among the points laid out in the document are the creation of a 'new autonomous political entity to replace the current Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM),' strengthening of the Shariah courts, assertion of the people's basic rights, as well as power and wealth sharing. Leonensaid the GRPpanel OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUI is set to undertake more

consultations with the people i to generate inputs on how to I move the peace process : forward which has been off ~ and on the past 15 years and interrupted by heavy fighting . between government forces and MILF rebels in 2000 and 2008. "Given the breadth of the constituenciesinvolved which is national in scope, all we can do is make the best use of our : time and resources not onlyto : prepare forthe negotiations,but ; alsoto conduct consultations,' I he said. "At the end of the day,we are directed by the President (Benigno S.Aquino ill) who, in turn, is accountable to the I people. Wein the peace panel take care that our positionsare I alwaysjust and legitimate,' he ' added. I To date, the GRP has already conducted 66 consultations with "local officials, including mayors, governors. within and around the ARMM,some members of House of Representatives, some members of the Senate, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, various civil 'society groups, and members of the media." When asked if he thinks: the crucial time to forge the peace agreement with the "MILF is before the 2013 elections, Leonen said that he hopes the signing will happen " as soon as possible because addressing the situation of areas in Mindanao is serious, --------------urgent and important.' PNA O.(02) 892~1693, Local: 5287, 5295


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'OtlJt :manila ~tmts


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.needs, they have been very help. ful to us the residents of Asipulo. A tribute to soldiers· .We are sympathizers and support·killed by.NPA$ in an ersof lasting peace and,seruriW .. ambusti m.lfugao· The ambush in Tinoc. Ifugao, last Wednesday shocked and astonIMAGINE living in a place where ished us. It awakened our fears for you would not have to worry.about our lives arid for the. safety of our thieves ransacking your house, families. The blatantactions underwhere you are able to enjoy strolls taken by the NPA rebels inflict seat night.without the thought ofbe- . rious harm to the lives not only of trig a victim of-a crime. Sure, every- our soldiers but also innocent dbody wants to be able to live peacevilians, I hope that a solution to fully and without any worries at all. insurgency can be achieved I. ani fortunate enough to live .in- through peaceful' means. 1ba:t will Asipulo, Ifugao, where the environ- ...finally bring justice to soldiers' 'ment.isa serene and peaceful, the .1 express my deepest and sinterambiance is a tranquil ambiance condolences to the families and and you can communewith nature loved ones left behind by the solto your heart's content. .. diers who died in an ambush perFor a long time Asipulo had petrated by the New People'sAnny been a trainIng ground and refuge inth¢ boundary of Curnhang and of the New People's Army. Their .. Binablayanvillages in "Tinoc, presence promoted divisiveness in lfugao ..Their death will nor be in our community. Then the Philip- .: vain tor they admirably served our pine Army came and brought back country and the Filipino people, not· just peace and. order to our A salute. to our brave soldiers . place but also worked to help in. who fought until the last drop of our economic development. They . their blood. . . built and repaired farm-to-market roads, irrigation systems, multipur- ..KENNEDY ITIANGON. pose pavements, health stations Amduntog, Asipulo, Jfugae and other basic infrastructure . ken.ittangon07@gmail;com.




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'A mother's grief

HE MOTHER of desaperacido Jonas Burgos marked over the weekend the fifth anniversary of his disap.' pearance, but with scaled-dowz: expectatio~ of finding him still alive. In terms both poignant and bitter, Bdita Burgos has virtually admitted that prospects have dimmed for her ever finding her son alive, so she has braced herself for the truth. "My standards have gone .. down through the years,'" she said. EDITORIAL "Whereas before, I'd say 'Give him : back to me alive and well, and let jus-tice be served,' now I just want to find out what really happened. 'Because if I find out the truth, I'll also find 'him." . . Jonas is the son of Edita and the late journalist and .publisher Jose. Burgos Jr, who won the Press F~eedo~ Hero. Award from the International Press Institute m .2000. Since April 28, 2007, when Jonas, th~~. a 37-year'old agriculturist, was seized allegedly by military agents .in a Quezon City mall, the Burgos family has gone to court the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and even. -the United Nations seeking to hold the military accountable. : Jonas' case is among several cases typical of the previous administration that became notorious for several un.solved disappearances and killings of dissiden~s, foster.ing a culture of impunity that derided human rights and 'the rule oflaw. . . Similar to Burgos' are the cases of UP Diliman students Karen Empefio and Sherlyn Cadapan, who have. ?een missing since 2006. As inthe case of Burgos, ~he.military Ihas been implicated and the mothers of the VIctI~S h~ve pursued all legal means to force it to produce their mI~schildren-with mixed results. I~ the case of Empeno and Cadapan, retired Maj. Gen. JOVIta Palparan has b~en .forrnally charged with kidnapping ~nd ill~gal ~etentJ_on and, typical again of the culture of impunity ":'Ith which certain sectors of the military treated human nghts cases against them, Palparan has gone into hiding rather than face the charges against him. Meanwhile; the Armed Forces and the police appear not in the mood to capture .one of their own and make him face the music. . .. Like the parents of the missing students, ?dita Burgos has pursued all legal means to compel the military to produce her son. The family's petitions for a writ of amparo .and writ of habeas corpus are being heard by the Court of Appeals, The Department of Justice is con~ucting a prel~m.inary investigation of the kidnapping and llle~al de~~ntlOn - charges against Lt. Harry Baliaga Jr., who was identified by ------. --.-.- ..-.-..-.._--. --. --. -_. --. ----OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Emait add: oacpa~hpa@yahoo.com - Tel no. (02)892-1693, Local.: 5287,5295


the CHR as one of those who abducted Jonas. But the five"Year struggle has been mostly a story of setbacks rather than gains. The appeals court recently denied the Burgos family's motion for disclosure of the suspects' summary of information. The military had opposed it. Similarly, the parents of the missing students have been stumped by a civilian court that seems bent on protecting "the interest of the military. Palparan's co-accused in the '~ase are in military custody despite a motion from the par-ents for the Malolos regional trial court to have them .transferred to a civilianjail. Moreover, Philippine National . Police Director General Nicanor Bartolome couldn't pro.duce Palparan, saying it was hard to find him because the .fugitive had received the same training as his hunters. ;. Since Palparan became a fugitive of the law, blogs at-tributed to him and his supporters have alleged that the victims were members of the armed communist move.ment, and their parents should be hanged for wittingly or unwittingly causing their children to become communists. The same allegation has been made against Jonas "Burgos and his grieving mother. The twisted logic operates like this: He was working for the communists and he deserved what he got. All's fair in love and war. ,- Sad to say but the warped mindset continues to operate today among our military and police. The persistence of torture and instruments of violence in the work of people '-Who tasked to enforce the peace dates back obviously to are ~iheCold War, when mayhem 'and murder were supposed to' .be carried out in a war that was low-key and low-intensity .which means a war waged surreptitiously, clandestinely, but nonetheless brutal and ideologically twisted and, sadly enough, a war turned against the citizens themselves, .against noncombatants, against the motherland herself. Completely confusing the enemy, the military and the police have made war on the people they have sworn to . ~1?rotett,in effect turning as well against their own mothers.


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.Entertainment City and the Armed Forces
President.Aquinc-c-of 10 percent for AFP, then it could have an additional $250 million fund.forits_modemization~. Pageor's expected income from its Entertainment City is achievable. Pagcor Chainnan Cristino Naguiat's claim that Pagcor's ~ntertalnment City would rival have 500 rooms over a 165,000 sq. meter floor area. Manila' Bay Resorts of· Japanese . billionaire . Kazuo Okada will operate another integrated. resort complex and its planned operate is so huge that it

AT FIRST glance there seems to be no eooneetion between th'e Philippine Ammement and OIUlling CorporlltiOO;1I Entertainment City,' which will ri~e on 8,5 hectares of reclaimed land in the Manila Bay area, and the poorly-equipped
Armed Forces of the Philippines, which is helpless to respond to the bullying tactics of the People's Republic of China. But there could be. Pagcor's Entertainment City, which ambitiously aims to capture 10 percent share in the total global gaming market, could well provide the continuing funding for the much-needed modernization of the AFP which has been the laggard among the armed forces in the region. There is no question that· the administration of President Benigno Aquino ill is bent on giving the AFP the capability to give a credible response to bullying tactics of China, which is claiming territory that is Within the 200-mile exclusive economic zone of the Philippines under the United Nations law of the Sea The Pageor Entertainment City could be key. It is capable of giving institutionalized and long-term funding support to the AFP modernization if the Aquino' administration prioritizes the passage of a law that would earmark a certain percentage of income to be generated from the Pagcor Entertainment City to the AFP. Once it becomes fully operational Pagcor's Entertainment City is expected to generate yearly gaming revenues of$l 0 billion. Government share is 25 percent or about $2.5 billion. If AFP gets an automatic shareunder priority legislation to be pushed by

can imagine what Pagcor, under Naguiat can do with a fully operational Pagcor Entertainment City. . "I'm pursuing this project 'nonstop because I know that with the Filipinos' world-class smiles and charms, Entertaimnent City could be the capital of gaming in Asia and even the world," Naguiat said. The Pageor Entertainment City is aptly named because it is much more than just casinos. Following the trend in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore, Entertainment City will be a resort with the full offering of leisure and entertainment attractions. It will offer theme parks, high-end. shops, hotels, restaurants, convention halls, performance centers and of course casinos. . Pageor Entertainment City is expected to be an anchor of the government's tourism program and it is expected to serve as the gateway to the rest of the Philippines. . Four companies/consortia are behind the development of Pagcor's Entertainment City. The four developers are gaming and resort titans from allover the globe and each was required to invest a minimum of$l billion, Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, owned by business tycoons whose international business empire includes among others port operations, will open Solaire Manila, an integrated resort complex with a five-star hotel which will

expects to· generate direct and indwct employment of 400,000 when it become; bout, tullyopmtional. , Under NlsWlt's wItch, PagOOf hu Another major player in Palcor'. bew regillterins record revmuell ..with Entertainment· City is Resorts World DO.significant additional fllCilities, We Bayshore City, The people behind it Macau, China's Monte Carlo, is DC) empty
already operates the highly successful Resorts World in Newport City fronting NAJA Terminal 3 as well Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. , Among the attractions Resorts World Baysbore City is planning to put up is a Grand OperaHouse with a 2,500seatiog capacity and which seeks to be a premier performing arts venue. The fourth major player in Pagcor Entertainment City is Helle Corporation which win put up Belle Grand, an integrated resort with gaming, restaurant, shopping and entertainment facilities with 250,000 meters gross floor area. It's good to note1:lJilt despite the controversy created by international casino operators who were unable to be part of the Pageor Entertainment City and who' are threatened by the prospective competition from the Pagcor's centerpiece project, Malaca.fiang-as well as other key government officials like Speaker Sonny Be1monte-has provided all-out support to Naguiat from what now appears as trumped-up accusations. Presidential Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda says MaIacanang is solidly behind the project which is expected to tum the Philippines into an international entertaimnent and tourism Mecca. "It will not just be a gaming complex; it will offer a comprehensive total entertainnient package designed to promote the Philippines as a tourism destination," Lacierda said . M. A


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OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295

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A ~I-.r

IS NAME may not be familiar, but the tragedy. .at befell Gregan Velez Cardefio more than two .ars ago, as far as his relatives and Supporters e concerned, is closely linked to the presence .American military troops that started arriving Mindanao 10 years ago, ostensibly to open a econd front" in the "war on terror" and to help {eat the Abu Sayyaf. On Jan. 30, 2010, 33-year-old Gregan, a nare of Zamboanga Sibugay, signed a threeonth contract a security guard with Skylink .curity and General Services, an agency based Zamboanga City and a subcontractor of Dynirp International, a contractor of the US miliry. His supposed' assignment was at Camp ongco in Maguindanao. However, three days ter, oh Feb. 2, 2010, he was found dead inside room in Camp Ranao, Marawi City. His US ilitary handlers reported that he committed icide. . But his wife and relatives suspected otherwise. them, the circumstances that attended Gren's death and the events that followed were ~hlysuspicious. ' Gregan was hired as a security guard for the nerican military personnel assigned to the Joint ecial Operations Task Force-Philippines ,OTF-P) in Maguindanao ..However, on Feb. 1, 10, Gregan was surprisingly brought to the DTF-P military barracks inside the Philippine my's 103rd Battalion Headquarters in Camp nao. He was not assigned as a security guard t was instead asked to be an "interpreter" for ~US troops. On Feb. 2, 2010, Gregan made several broken' Is to his wife Myrna and elder sister Carivel. these calls, Gregan was apparently upset and ing. He told his sister, among others: "Mi,dW man mao akong trabaho diri.: pait man ni kayo." lis is not the job I applied for; this is a very fieult assignment.) )n Feb. 2, 2010, to his wife, Gregan said: la ko sa Marawi karen, diri nila ko gidala." .

Carlos Isagani T. Zarate
lisod kaayo akong nasudlan ... kung makauli ko, modawat pa ba kaha ka naku?" (1 am in Marawi .now; they brought me here. What 1have gotten into is very difficult ... If Iwill come home, would you still accept me 7) . In the course of these exchanges, a decision was made for Gregan to quit his job, go home and. refund his employer the advance payment given to' him. But he did not come home alive. In the early morning of Feb. 3, 2010, US Army Capt. Michel Kay,team leader of the US troops in Camp Ranao, reported to the Marawi Police that Gregan . committed suicide. The local police, headed by one SP03 Ali Rangiris, went to the scene of the incident but left immediately after .making a cursory documentation. Rangiris also took Gregan's mobile phone and used it to inform Carivel about the death of her brother. Rangiris claimed that he saw Gregan hanging from a ceiling inside his room, a statement that 'he retracted two days later. On Feb. 5, 2010, Rangiris told Carivel that when he arrived at the scene of the incident, he found Gregan's body lying on the floor and the area was already "contaminated." Rangiris also claimed that all the messages contained in Gregan's mobile phone were' later erased by an unnamed army captain. On Feb. 5, 2010, without any permit or death certificate, Gregan's body was then brought by Skylink and.JSOTF-P personnel to Zamboanga City, where he was autopsied and; later, claimed by his relatives. His relatives noticed that Gregan's body. bore several puncture wounds, contusions and abrasions.


On Feb. 5, 2010, Gregan's family suspect: .that there was a "cover-up and concealment" the true cause of his death, They held a dialog! With the US troops, but to no avail. A certain I Army Capt. Boyer told them to.direct their cor plaints to Skylink. Meanwhile, Army officers Camp Ranao also gave a fact-finding missir that went to see the scene of the incident tl runaround. . Coincidentally, Capt. Javier Ignacio, the Phili pine Army officer who recruited Gregan to app for work with Skylink and who was also helpir Gregan's family in their investigation, was sb dead March 25 in Zamboanga City by rnotorc cle-riding gunmen. At that time of his death, 1 just arrived from the place where a re-autop: was conducted on Gregan's body and he was ( his way to meet Gregan's relatives. Although more investigations were conducte by the authorities, until now, the only finding n peatedly given to Gregan's family is that he die of "asphyxiation by ligature." Nothing more, thi begging the following questions: What was Gn gan's real job with the us troops? Why was 1 misled to believe that he was being hired as a 51 curity guard? What really happened during rhos two days that he was with the US troops in Cam Ranaoj What are US military personnel doing in Cam Ranao? Is Camp Ranao one of the US renderin camps for suspected terrorists, especially sine JSOTF-P is allegedly part of a highly secretiv elite military unit tasked to crack down on Amer ca's perceived enemies? Why is it that us troop are already permanently based here? On Feb. 5, 2QI0, Gregan's tragic case was nc the first; it will not be the last. It happened: b( fore; it will happen again. The recently conclude Balikatan 2012 exercises and the Aquino goverr . ment's consent to the expanded presence of U troops, particularly in Mindanao, do not rends justice to the memory of Gregan and 'others wh have fallen victims to militarism and a phony wa on terror.


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Chinese: values?
ERLIN-THERE can be little reasonable doubt iday that the People's Republic of China will aminate the world of the 21st century. The iuntry's rapid economic growth, strategic pomtial, huge internal market, and enormous inestment in infrastructure, education and re.arch and development, as well as its massive Ilitary buildup, will see to that. This means that, . political and economic terms, we are entering 1 East and Southeast Asian century. . Lest we forget, the outcome for the world would' rve been far worse if China's ascent had failed. It what will this world look like? We can foresee e power that will shape its geopolitics, but what dues will underlie the exercise of that power? The official policy of "Four Modernizations" (in-' istrial, agricultural, military, and scientific-techilogical) that has underpinned China's rise since elate 1970s failed to provide an answer.to that iestion, because the "fifth modernization"-the rergence of democracy and the rule of law-is IImissing. Indeed, political modernization faces assive opposition from the Chinese Communist tty, which has no interest in surrendering its onopoly of power. Moreover, the transition to a rralist system that channels, rather than supesses, political conflict would indeed be risky, . ough the risk willgrow the longer one-party rule nd the endemic corruption that accompanies it) rsists. Ideologically; the Chinese leadership's rejection human rights, democracy and the rule of law is sed on the contention that these supposedly uni[Salvalues are a mere stalking horse for Western erests, and that repudiating them should thus. viewed as a matter of self-respect. China Will ver again submit to the West militarily; so it iuld not submit to the West normatively either. And here we return to the concept of 'Asian ues," originally developed in Singapore and ilaysia. But until this day; three decades later, meaning remains unclear. Essentially, the con-


VI,EW Joschka Piscber
cept has served to justify collectivist-authoritarian rule by aligning it with local tradition and culture, with autonomy defined in terms of otherness-that is, differentiation from the West and its values. Thus, 'Asian values" are not universal 'norms, .but rather a self-preservation strategy harnessed to identity politics. Given the history of Western colonialism in Asia, the desire to maintain a distinct identity is both legitimate and understandable, as is the belief in many Asian countries-first and foremost China-that the time has come to settle' old scores. But the effort to preserve one's power, the need for a distinct "Asian" identity, and the desire to settle historical scores will not solve the normative question raised by China's emergence as the century's dominant power. . How that question is answered is crucially important, because it will determine the character of a global power, and thus how it deals with other, weaker countries; A state becomes a world power when its strategic significance and potential give it global reach. And, as a rule, such states then try to safeguard their interests by imposing their predominance (hegemony), which is a recipe for dangerous conflict if based on coercion rather than cooperation. The world's acclimation to a global hegemonic structure-in which world powers guarantee an international order-survived the Cold War. The Soviet Union wasn't ideologically anti-Western, because communism and socialism were Western inventions, but it was anti-Western in .political

terms. And it failed not only for economic re sons, but also because its internal and extern behavior was based on compulsion, not consent By contrast, the United States' economic ai political model, and that of the West, with its i dividual rights and open society; proved to be i sharpest weapon in the Cold War. The Unitt States prevailed not because of its military sup riority; but because of its soft power, and becau its hegemony was based' not on coerck (though there was some of that, too), butlarge on consent. . Which path will China choose? While Chit will not change its ancient and admirable civiliz tion, it owes its re-emergence to its embrace the contemporary Western model of moderniz tion-the huge achievement of Deng Xiaopin who put the country on its current path mo: than three decades ago. But the decisive questic of political modernization remains unanswered Clearly, national interests, and sometinu pure power, playa part in how the United stan and other Western countries apply values lil human rights, the rule of law, democracy; an pluralism. But "these values are not mere ide. logical window dressing for Western interest in fact, they are not that to any significante: tent. They are indeed universal, and all the moi so in an era of comprehensive globalization. The contribution of Asia-and of China, in pa ticular-to the development of this universal Sl of values is riot yet foreseeable, but itwill sure: come if the "fifth modernization" leads to China political transformation. China's course as world power will be determined to a signlficai extent by the way it confronts this question,

Project Syndicate/Institutefor Sciences .


Joschka Fischer, Germany's foreign minister an vice chancellorfrom 1998 to 2005, was a leader i the German GreenParty for almost 20 years. .

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jilantIa mimes I

Page: A,S"

.We are fortunate that our people ....••-.",. , . are now more aware Of the threat and . ..(; .' '\ ' . have aired their sentiments through ,:::·~:;~~,.._:T)'~ '. . . THE Chinese (ol,llinuni.y in th~ . letters to the editors Calling for unity ". ~,..'"",Jll :.<~..>tr. . . .:" Philippines seems to be so .quiet in action against the chinese inonSend (omm,ents to opinion@manilatimes.net or write to the Opinion Editor, about what is happening between . sions on Philippine territory. Even'" " • .'\ ~ TfieManiiaTimes,2/FSitioGrande, China and the Philippines, 'With rethe communists have sent a strong " 409 A.Soriano Avenue,lntramuros, Manila 10112' gards to the Panatag (Scarborough) rnessagetotheitfeilowChinesecom. munists.to "scram" out of-the stand-off. Where before when pothey ate the only persons who. can Iitical and social issues crop up, the . . Panatag Shoal and the other dis- . w'Q~ldto Iikewis~ mount demon. strations against China. . be called upon for help in remote puted areas. We likewise expect lawChinese community through Ms. makers to do the same. . . . China should heed these. grow.areas at all hours. Yes; it is true that Teresita Aug-See, the outspoken ram sure that what they will say anti-crime crusader and human ing protests as they are creating a medical, dental services, making bad image to the whole world and roads, buildiong schools, etc. are the will not be thrown like dust in the rights advocate, is all around us. more so to their Asian neighbors. responsibilities of government agenNow; it seems that her lips are sealed . air for they are well-respected and people look up to them since they A big thanks to-all Fil-Arns out . . des But; sadly, these important acWith regards to this issue. . there - they give strength and tivitiesare hard to get Immediately. The nation expects Ms. Ang-See . hold high positions in the governfrom the concerned government ofto support the Philippine claim for . ment and could influence our de- · hope to all Filipinos at home! cision-makers if it is for the interfice for the reason that we heed to she. is already a Filipina and has est of OUI nation. . JEAN B. ZENILLA . undergo many processes and' send lived in the Philippines or perhaps . I think today a'~d until the .::"..;g.ark, Pampanga was even born here. Her comfortrequest letters to these agencies beje;anunilla@yahoo.com.ph ing andwise words in the past when .. problem lasts, our lawmakers fore they act on me problem. . Another. thing is the basing of unfortunate victims of kidnap pings should be there for us, soldiers some of the school and heinous crimes were -at its IPSP unjustly buildings or even in nearby areas .. height is much needed at this time. . MARCO H. BENTIL' misinterpreted. Maybe those who are not livingor Such will manifest that she. Tacloban City working in remote, critical areas cares for her fellow FiliplnosandtnilTco.bentil@yahoo.com · THE Armed Forces of the philipcould easily say that the presence other'Isinoys who want to resolve . pines (AflJ) launched its Internal the problem as much as everyone of soldiers only brought. fear and fil-Ams raily defend Peace .and Security Plan (IPSP) does. Her voice should be heard insecurityto the students. But for our nation against . "Bayanihan" program last year. IPSP now. 'But is she so busy-she (Quid. us who are working in these remote China incursion . · "~ayailihan" aimed to Winthe peace not give a piece of. good' advice areas, soldiers give us the feeling .and not just defeat the enemy, It foor.a sound suggestion? Where is. of security riot. only for ourselves THIS coming May 11,2012 is an rused on helping rural areas bycon-. Ms. Teresita Ang-See now? personally but to the students arid important date for' Pilipinoor- . .snucdng school buildings and farm their families. Soldiers are not disganizations in the United States. . to market roads and domedical arid PETER B. CLAVER respectful. Instead they became are On-that day.global Pinoys .will dental operations arid many more: Manila friendly and participate in'sodal acconduct rallies and dernonstraUnjustlytheAFP's[PSPprogram petercJaver235@rahao.com.ph tivitieswith the. community such tions in front of Chinese embasWas misinterpreted by some civilas playing basketball. . sies and consulates to denounce!" ian'and other sectors of the corn-.' It really sounds that Iam defend- . the intrusion made by China in . .II).uhity. Though its main purpose Calling on lawmakers ing the soldiers. But that Is-just the Panatag (Scarborough] Shoal. . . is to~help dvilians especially.those . what we experience here in our . to speak out on It warms the heart that our PilwhoTare in remote areas and.who Panatag incursion area. If the Human Rights ComAm brothers and sisters have . are a good target for recruitment mission assigns even one personI AM just wondering ~hy our law-. banded together for the cause of' by insurgent groups such as the' nel forevery troop's activity, or makers are not expressing their . 'the Philippines. These Pinoys at New.People's Army (NPA) ... watch their implementation of opinions and making their voices heart have answered the' call to . In regard to the colurnmentary pf, WSP in different areas of ourcounheard regarding the Panataginvolve all Filipinos to come out . Bede Sheppard entitled "Some try, they will seewith their own eyes (Scarborough) Shoal dispute. It is. and participate in people's acthings don't mix,". 1, Editha.P .: what is really happening. That now time for them to getlI1:volyed. . tions to our nation's sovereignty' .' Cartojano, a teacher here in a remote would preventrnegativereaction for they represent the people and . over our o:Wri lands and waters. . . areaof Lanao del Sur, believe that and' misinterpretations. . our nation. They have been so en- ' To take time out. of their very this is another ca~ of rnisinterpretagrossed other matters of lesser busy schedules, thesePlnoygroups tion. Soldiersrnaybe a panofsome . EDITHA P CARTOJANO concern that perhaps they have . have started to makenoise and also activities such as school repair and ' Lala, Lanao del Nort~ neglected the Scarborough issue. .' called on. .all' Filipinos around the .-even the 'annual Brigada Escuela for cartojanoeditha@yniail.com :. .' .

Where is dearMs; Teresita Ang ..See?


'.r.... ·

E ':TT E R S '

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- Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287,5295


OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com

- Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295

~ D April 2012

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Ngayon nati n binabayaran ...
SA nagaganap nagirian ngayon sa Scarborough Shoal,. ngayon natin nararamdaman ang hina ng ating militar kumpara sa katunggali nating higanteng maton na China! At nararamdaman talaga ang kahinaang ito ng Philippine Air Force (PAF). Walang pangunahing panlaban na eroplano ngayon ang PAF. Hindi na pinalipad ang mga lumang F-5A Freedom Fighter dahil wala nang makuhang mga plyesa para rito, at luma na rtn para pakinabangan nang husto. Ang ating mga S-211 naman ay hlndlnarnan talagang mga panlaban na eroplano kundi mga trainer na nilagyan na lang , natin ng mga armas! Hindi ito makakapalag sa mga eroplano ng China kung sakaling mauwi na nga sa putukan para sa pag-aangkin nung nasabing lugar sa karagatan. ' Malunqkot ang estado ngayon ng PAF. Mabibilang na lang sa daJiri ang bawat klase ng eroplano na ginagamit ngayon ng PAF. Halimbawa, dalawa na lang yata ang lumilipad nating mga C-130 Hercules, na mahalagang-mahalaga sana para sa isang bansang maraming isla katulad natin. Ang mga OV-10 Bronco natin na panlaban sa mga insurekto ay iilan na rin lang. May mga aksidente nang nagaganap dahil na rin sa kalumaan nung mga eroplano. Mga lba pang eroplano ay bilang na rln, ganun din ang dahllan. Kung hindi; luma, wala nam,angbudget para mapanatiling nasa maayos,I na kundisyon palagi. . Ngayon natin binabayaran ang pagiging pabaya ng mga nakaraang administrasyon sa ating militar. partlkular ang PAF. Ang Philippine Navy ay nagkaroon na ngisang bagong barko, yung Hamilton-class cutter na ang BRP Gregorio del Pilar ngayon. Ito yung huhuli sana doon sa walong bangka ,. ng Chiha na nangingisda ng ilig<;1.1 Scarborough Shoal, sa t, pero hinarang ng dalawang barko ng China. Ang balita ko rnaqkakaroon pa tayo ng isa pang kaparehong barko bago matapos ang termino ni President Aquino. Mabutl naman. Pero ang atinq PAF ang talagang nangangailangan ng mga modernong eroplanong panlaban. Kung dati, ang PAF ang kinatatakutang hukbong himpapawid sa rehiyon, ngayon, sila na ang pinakakawawa kumpara sa ating mga kapit-bahay na ban sa. Ang hukbong himpapawid ang una laging sumasabak kapagmay potensyal na gulo 0 banta sa isang bansa. Ngayon, dahil wala nga tayong eroplano, ang mga eroplano naman ng China ang bumubulabog saatinq mga banqka na nasa Scarborough Shoal na wala man lanq tumututol sa kanilal Hindi ko alam kung makakayanan ng administrasyong ito na makakuha ng medyo bago-bagong eroplanong panlaban. Sana nga, lalo na ngayon.


OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa~hpa@yahoo.com

- Tel no, (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295

OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com

- Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5281, 5295

jb April2012



Bugsay Boracay, Triton share -PDBF-ICCdragonboat honors
By Marc Anthony Reyes
BORACAY-Bugsay Boracay won the premier 300-meter Open standard class by the slimmest of margins even as Triton Team A nailed a third gold Saturday in the Cobra PDBF International Club Crew Challenge here. Organizers had to turn to a photo of the finish before declaring Bugsay the winner over another homegrown team American 'Iourister-Gaud Boracay with a time of one minute 4.80 seconds. Gaud was second in 1;05.08. Onslaught Racing Dragons of Philippine Dragon Boat Federation secretary general Pinky Castillo finished third in 1:06.20, while Triton Dragon Boat Racing timed 1:11.14 to third and DLSU (1:27.61) was fourth. wind up fourth. La 'Salle prevailed in the 300m Triton Team A, which is assured of mixed standard in 1:07.84, nipping donning the Philippine colors in the Triton A, which docked 1:08.92. OnJuly Club Crew World Championships slaught and Sydney Fire Dragons in Hong Kong, ruled the 300m wom- placed third and fourth with 1:10.39 en's small boat competition after top- and 1:11.30 respectively. ping the 2,00b-meter women's and Gaud claimed the gold in the 300m mixed events Friday. Open small boat.in 1: 10.32 followed De La Salle University. seized the by Sydney Fire Dragons (1:12.16), gold in the 300m mixed standard Onslaught (1; 12.35) and Bugsay while Gaud atoned for its narrow loss (1:12.54). in the Open standard class by nailing The short races, where the Cobra the 300m Open small boat. PDBF paddlers won four of their five Triton A clocked 1:20.36 in the golds in the World Championships last" 300m woinen's small boat, beating year in Tampa Bay, Florida, provided Sydney Fire Dragons which timed more excitement as crews fought to 1:21.85. Triton B (1:27.02) placed .close finishes even during the heats.

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INANGKIN ng Team Army, sa pagdadala nina Elmer Sabal at Aileen Tolentino, ang titulo sa ginanap kahapong 10.8-. . km, Quezon City Leg ng Philippine Water Runs, na nakalatag sa pinakarnalaking rotondang Quezon Memorial Circle sa



QC Leg title n9 PhI Runs inangkin ng Team Army
Elliptical Road. Nasa ikaapat na bahagi na ng seryeng isinaayos ni Adi delos Reyes ngE-vento!ogists para sa Veepo Global Resources ni Erwin Po, tudla ng grupong makapagipon ng . pambili ng Lifestraw portable water filter, na ipagkakaloob sa iba't ibang barangay ng Lungsod Quezon. Sumakay lang sa paghawak ng trangko sa wang bahagi ng takbuhan ang30-anyosnasundaIong si Sabal, na kasapi ng Philippine Anny Special Services Uni, na tumantiya sa kakayanan ng kalaban, bago iniwan aug ruga ito para sa isang walang lingon-Iikod na panalo sa anim na ikot na 1.8-km. na ruta, Sa eksaktong 37 minuto marka, naitala ni Sabal aug panalo sa anim na ikot sa rutang sabra sa 10-kilomet. rang na sukat, (ED PAEI) )2)




892·1693, Local: 5287, 5295


OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa __ pa@yahoo.com - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287,5295 h


April 2012

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DEFENDING women's open champion ,Adamson University and Brunei's Kensei team led opening-day winners of the Cebuana-Lhuillier Summer Grandslam 6 National Softball Championships on Sunday at the sprawling Clark Field Parade Grounds insidethe former US military bas~ in Parnpanga. The Lady Falcons, the perennial University Athletic Association of the 'Philippines titlists, sort of felt their way into the tournament-as well as against their opponents from West Indonesia- by scoring' two runs in the first and fourth innings before exploding with three at the bottom sixth to score a 5-0 shutout of the visitors. Kensei, on the other hand, found a tough Philippine Navy side in its opening match, scoring a lO-inning 5-3 victory in the tournament organized by the Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines and hosted by the Clark Development Corp, Philippine Army scored a 5-2 win over West Java with GilmartIlao scoring three' runs, including two in the pivotal third inning, to make its presence felt in the -men's division of the weeklong tournament sponsored by Cebuana Pera Padala, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions,

Just [ewels, Cebuana Lh~iI1ier Bank, Le Solell de Boracay, Phiten, TJ Hotdogs, Purefnods Chicken .Nuggets, Smokey's Sausages, Hungry Juan and Department of Tourism Region 3. Angeles City defeated Ateneo coaches, 6-1, in the men's club division also on opening day, while the National Capital Regions women's team split its first two games, 105-' ing to Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 3-7, but beating Tarlac City, 8-4, The tournament kicked offwith a simple ' opening ceremony graced by CDC Executive Vice President Atty. Philip Jose Panlilio, with Asaphil Secretary-General Danny Francisco throwing the ceremonial pitch, "This is a perfect venue for softball and we would like to thank CDC for being our partner in this year's National Softball Open championships. This is the biggest number of teams we have attracted, including the' four foreign teams that joined, Asaphil will continue its developmental programs for softball, including bringing major softball events outside Metro Manila;' said Francisco. Thirty men's and women's teams are playing in the tournament that included for the first time a national club division championship ..

OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add:oacpa_hpa@yahoo.com - Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295