Consolidated Product Price List

(Updated as of May 1, 2012) CHEESE Mozzarella Brand/Type Emborg (Block) Emborg (Shredded) Arla Finello Cheddar Brand/Type Emborg (German White) Emborg (Irish Colored) Bega (Mild) Cream Cheese Brand/Type Emborg Pauly Bega Parmesan Brand/Type Emborg (Grated) Millel (Grated) Millel (Shredded) DF (Block) Pizza Topping Brand/Type Emborg (Shredded Mozzarella) Emborg (Pizza Topping) Arla Finello (Pizza Topping) Emborg (Grated Parmesan) Emmental Brand/Type Emborg (German) President Emborg (Swiss) Emborg (Sliced Emmental) President (Shredded) Packaging 2.38 kg 200 g 2.3 kg Packaging 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg Packaging 1.5 kg 1.36 kg 2 kg Packaging 1 kg 2 kg 2 kg 1 kg Packaging 200 g 200 g 2.3 kg 1 kg Packaging 3 kg 1 kg 2.5 kg 200 g 70 g Price P475/kg P200/pack P725/kg Price P525/kg P575/kg P625/kg Price P425/kg P475/kg P525/kg Price P825/kg P875/kg P875/kg P800/kg Price P200/pack P200/pack P675/kg P825/kg Price P725/kg P925/kg P975/kg P200/pack P100/pack

Consolidated Product Price List
(Updated as of May 1, 2012) Feta Brand/Type Emborg Arla Apetina Blue Cheese Brand/Type Emborg Danablu Castello Blue Cheese Fontina Brand/Type Emborg Arla Assorted Specialty Cheese (Bulk) Brand/Type Emborg Camembert President Camembert President Petit Camembert de Campagne Emborg Brie President Brie Emborg Danablu President Le Terroir McLelland Seriously Strong Cheddar McLelland Seriously Double Gloucester Cheese McLelland Seriously Farmy Cheddar McLelland Seriously Mature Cheddar Mclelland Seriously Mild Red Cheddar McLelland Seriously Mild Cheddar McLelland Seriously Red Leicester Cheese Emborg Gouda Emborg Grana Padano Emborg Gruyere Emborg Edam Emborg Gran Moravia Packaging 4 kg 4 kg Packaging 3 kg 1 kg Packaging 5 kg 1 kg
Packaging (Case) 12 x 125 g 12 x 125 g 12 x 125 g 12 x 125 g 12 x 125 g 30 x 100 g 12 x 125 g 20 x 200 g 20x 200g 20x 200g 20x 200g 20x 200g 20x 200g 20x 200g 4.5 kg 1 kg 2.5 kg 2 kg

Price P475/kg P775/kg Price P825/kg P1125/kg Price P775/kg P1225/kg Price P1800/case (P150/pc) P2700/case (P225/pc) P2400/case (P200/pc) P1800/case (P150/pc) P2700/case (P225/pc) P3600/case (P120/pc) P2400/case (P200/pc) P4500/case (P225/pc) P4500/case (P225/pc) P4500/case (P225/pc) P4000/case (P200/pc) P4000/case (P200/pc) P4000/case (P200/pc) P4500/case (P225/pc) P675/kg P925/kg P1325/kg P625/kg P850/kg

1 kg

Consolidated Product Price List
BEEF U.S. BEEF BACK RIBS BEEF RIB FINGER BEEF TENDON BEEF FAT BEEF CHUCK B/LESS BEEF TRIMMINGS BRISKET ANGUS CHUCK EYEROLL HANGING TENDER OXTAIL OXTONGUE OXTRIPE RIBEYE PRIME ANGUS RIBEYE ANGUS RIBEYE CHOICE RIBEYE Bone-in (PRIME RIBS) SHINSHANK SHORTRIBS BONELESS SHORTRIBS BONELESS Prime SHORTRIBS BONE-IN SHORTLOIN ANGUS SHORTPLATE STRIPLOIN ANGUS TENDERLOIN ANGUS TENDERLOIN TOP SIRLOIN (knuckle) TOP BLADE AUSTRALIAN MELTIQUE BEEF (new Item) Flapmeat Chuck Loin Bless Striploin Cuberoll (Ribeye) Loin Fillet Thick Skirt PRICE/kg 230.00 385.00 300.00 120.00 275.00 220.00 360.00 385.00 340.00 420.00 385.00 120.00 1,560.00 1,140.00 1,020.00 900.00 440.00 1,020.00 1,200.00 600.00 960.00 220.00 1,020.00 1,560.00 720.00 360.00 600.00 AUSTRALIAN LAMB BREAST & FLAP BONE-IN FORESHANK LEG BONELESS, LEG BONE-IN RACKS FRENCH CUT, RACK STANDARD SHOULDER BONELESS SHOULDER BONE-IN PORK U.S. Patties Link Skinless 5oz Sausage Link Skinless 5oz Pork Back Skin, Belgian Bacon POULTRY U.S. Duck Breast Duck Confit (Leg) Duck Liver Extra (Foeigras) Duck Liver TV (Foiegras) Turkey Breast Whole Duck Whole Turkey Butterball Chicken Leg Quarter BRAZILIAN BEEF Beef Knuckle Beef Trimmings Forequarter, Alliance,AFCO Ground Beef Striploin, minerva PRICE/kg 265.00 440.00 940.00 600.00 1,680.00 940.00 820.00 420.00

100.00 100.00 85.00 300.00

1,140.00 1,450.00 3,750.00 3,500.00 480.00 360.00 265.00 120.00

960.00 900.00 1,080.00 1,140.00 1,560.00 900.00

360.00 220.00 240.00 230.00 480.00

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